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shopify hazmat

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Shopify shipping within the USA & internationally made easy with FedEx, USPS, UPS & DHL

the shopify multi-carrier shipping label app helps you grow your online store by enabling you to ship with top shipping companies in the usa, helping you reach more zip codes and expand internationally. it seamlessly integrates with the united states postal service, giving you extensive residential outreach within the us, and with fedex, ups and dhl for global reach. let me now explain why the app is an important part of your shopify store in greater detail. when shipping both domestikally and internationally, shipping cost is one of the major factors to consider. while shipping carriers like the united states postal service are cost effective for low weight shipments, other carriers like ups and fedex are best for heavy products. in order to save significant shipping costs, the app can automate the selection of carriers based on the product weight: the us postal service, flat rate boxes, ups ground boxes or fedex one rate. choosing the right boxes help you save shipping costs. the app makes it easy by choosing flat rate boxes or your own custom boxes based on the product dimension and weight. also, if your business needs a convenient option for broader outreach than services such as fedex smart post and ups short post are the best options. their partnership with the united states postal service helps you reach remote residential addresses smoothly at a much lower cost. the app helps you integrate these services into your shopify store. with the e-commerce boom, top global carriers are extending their negotiated rates for small businesses as well. alternatively, plug-in hive has partnered with carriers globally to offer merchants negotiated rates which can save up to 82 percent in shipping costs. the app increases your daily shipment numbers by printing hundreds of shipping labels in one click and speeds up international shipping by filing commercial invoices and other export documentation electronically and error-free. thus, you get a chance to improve customer satisfaction and retention by reducing the order fulfillment time, resulting in quicker deliveries. the app saves you both time and effort by completely automating your shipping, by displaying real-time rates at checkout, print shipping labels, live tracking, scheduling, pickup, generating return labels, packaging with your own boxes and much more. so you and your employees can focus on what matters. plug-in hive has the expertise your business needs for shipping special orders. whether you're shipping beauty products, alcoholic beverages, large furniture, perishables with dry ice or hazmat, plug-in hive helps automate shipping for you by integrating with carriers like fedex and ups that ship all of these effortlessly and with special care. plug-in hive's multi-carrier shipping label app offers the most affordable shipping solutions for your shopify based e-commerce business starting at nine dollars per month.

Shopify Multi Carrier Shipping Label App - Display Live Rates, Print Labels & Track Orders

plug-in hive's multi-carrier shipping label app automates the complete shipping process right from the shopify dashboard. the app calculates and displays accurate shipping rates and delivery estimates at checkout, allows you to print hundreds of shipping labels without copy pasting each package detail, and handles the where's my package query from hundreds of customers by automatikally adding the tracking details to the order completion emails. plug-in hive is globally certified by shipping carriers like ups, fedex, purelader, canada post, australia post and more. the app helps you seamlessly integrate and ships with multiple shipping carriers without any installation or compatibility issues. whether you're shipping beauty products, alcoholic beverages, large furniture, perishable items with dry ice or products categorized as hazmat, plugin hive understands your shipping specifications and helps you automate. the app considers all factors like recipient address, shipper address, product weight, packaging using own box or carrier packaging, supplies, delivery to residence or commercial address, cod collection, insurance, special services like delivery confirmation signatures and, finally, your carrier negotiated rates in calculating accurate shipping costs, saving you from overcharging or undercharging customers. plugin hive saves you a lot of time and money by choosing the available low-cost shipping options from multiple carriers and, with the address validation feature, it eliminates any chances of human error. plug-in hive leaves no stones unturned in shipping integration, be it scheduling pickup, generating return labels, shipping insurance, ltl freight, saturday delivery, cod collection, address classification, weight and volume based packaging option to add your own packaging boxes, and the list goes on. shipping internationally. plug-in hive supports paperless invoices and allows you to file commercial invoices, certificates of origin and other export documentation electronically to speed up the customs clearance. live order tracking details on the shopify dashboard and automatik updating of order status to fulfilled makes it easy for store owners to manage the order processing and to ensure the best delivery experience for the customer. the best part is: plug and hive shipping experts work tirelessly to set up your business specific shipping requirements. thousands of five-star reviews from plug-in hive customers echo the same. the app supports 30-plus shipping carriers across the globe, including ups, usps, dhl, fedex, canada post and australia post. whether you are a merchant from the usa, canada, uk, australia, india, germany or anywhere else in the 220 countries, plug-in hive supports your business wherever the carriers operate. with all these features, plug-in hive's multi-carrier shipping label app is the best shipping app for your shopify store. the complete multi-carrier shipping solution for your shopify store starts at nine dollars per month and the best part is the complete payment is handled by shopify, so no more hidden charges for managing multiple invoices. so what are you waiting for? get the complete multi-carrier shipping solution for your shopify store today. for any inquiry, please log on to pluginhivecom and click on support.

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How to Offer a VIP Experience for Your e-Commerce Shopify?

[Music]. welcome to the relationship commerce podcast, where we feature top e-commerce entrepreneurs and marketers and share their stories and real strategies to scale. now let's get started. hey guys, dean deutscher here. i'm the host of the relationship commerce podcast, where we feature top businesses in e-commerce. there's stories, struggles and strategies that are working to scale now. past guests include nate lynn from website closers, ryan the best from the ask method and jeremy weiss from inspired insider. this episode is brought to you by worthy commerce and email marketing agency. what if your email marketing could generate over 30 of your total online sales almost entirely on autopilot? our mission is to help any small and medium-sized ecommerce business business generate more than a million dollars a year in revenue using just email. an email list, unlike social media ad platforms, is a business asset that you own and control. it was the first form digital marketing. it outperforms almost every other channel on roi. in fact, for every dollar you spend an email, you see an average 38 dollar return with vm. joking, you're saying yourself: yeah right, people don't open emails anymore, let's buy from them. i've got to tell you. the truth is, your email list is like an atm machine that prints money and profit. in fact, we've helped over 500 e-commerce stores leverage email to grow not just their revenue but their profits. we've run two multi-million dollar ecommerce brands ourselves. if you're doing over half a million dollars in yearly revenue in your e-commerce store, then we can help. you don't even need an email list. to start on today's show, we've got yuri vasay, the e-commerce general manager for madameglamcom. over the past three years, he's helped madam glam grow into a high seven figure e-commerce company, using his expertise in search engine marketing, online advertising and email marketing and other automation tools. before madam glam, he was a general manager for the psja soccer club in miami. before that, he was the marketing manager for dating site, adding up to over 10 years of e-commerce and digital marketing experience. yuri, thanks for joining the show. dean, thank you for having me. i'm, uh, i'm- i'm really excited to connect with you today and we're toking a little bit before the show. uh, because a lot of the people that we have on the chair actually commerce business owners and i'm curious to tok to you as more the general manager, as an expert marketer. you know about your thoughts in e-commerce and your expertise and how you've helped you know different brands grow and i'm curious, before the show, you mentioned that you had your own store, but how did you get started in the e-commerce space? so i um, i have a background in marketing and in finance. i did a master degree, which i graduated in 2009, and right after school i saw that already in 2009, you had several websites- not as advanced as they are right now- and i decided to launch a loyalty program in the south of france, between france and spain, and the idea was to collect miles- uh, with a contactless car from you know the butcher, from like any shops in the in the program and you could spend the miles within the program. so basically, it was a loyalty program very advanced, because in 2009 you can imagine that you didn't have that many contactless cards and, like the readers were not like super implemented in the commerce and at the same time, we sold some you know mini tools. that goes with loyalty for uh, for uh, you know business owners. and after that, i arrived in the united states where i um worked as a marketing manager and then working for like some kind of an incubator in miami for for five, six years, where i, you know, improve myself the skills that i have right now in in marketing and in e-commerce and i have to say that right now, with my current position at madame glam, i've been really fortunate to see how deep and fast e-commerce accelerated over the last three years. it has been crazy, you know. if we go back just three years before, e-commerce was really good, but now you have even commercials on the subway for shopify. you have companies as such, as a mate team, that are not even advertising themselves because they are well known, and you have, like a new competitors like clavio, uh, the, you know marketing tools. that is uh, uh right now in the in the business, uh, plus, not toking about like the, the major actors, uh, shopify, magento, prestashop, etc. etc. it's booming. it's booming, yeah, it's. it's wild to see the growth of not just stores but also services and, uh, sas, you know software companies and and how they're all trying to get market share and really grow. and one of the things that i've notiked is, uh, culture often seems to play, you know, a big part in customer experience for the companies that really have grown these last three years. uh, you mentioned clavio. i love those guys. they, uh, their culture and their customer experience is great, where some others aren't. you know, you don't hear about some of the others as much. um, but i'm curious, you know, as as you've been working at madam glam, what's been kind of your core role there? how did it start? you know, your first few months to what? what are you doing now for them? um, when i first started at madame glam, uh, the company was already, uh, three years old. uh, they had their own, um, you know, supply chain, manufacturers, product etc. etc. and when i took the company over, i saw right away, immediately, an opportunity to make this company grow by launching constantly new products. so we used to work on magento. before, you know, it came to our attention that magento was migrating to a v2 with no, i would say, really good track records. nobody knew exactly what it was and shopify was offering some very good onboarding processes and they were really attractive back in those days saying, hey guys, we will be the future of e-commerce. so at some point we had a couple of options. the first one was either we migrate and we move to magento 2 or we move everything to shopify and honestly, it has been like one of the best decision we took for the business to move to shopify plus, um, you know, as a reminder for for the audience. you have a few options on on shopify, which is the first one, the basics. you pretty much don't pay anything. you have a 2.9 percent on the on the, uh, the gateway, the payment gateway that they take, and the solution is pretty much free uh all the way up to the plus, and the plus gives you, like, tons of tools, tons of things that you can use to enhance the, the website, and it has been really the, the best move, that that we need to move everything uh from magento to shopify. now, on a pure business development, we decided a year and a half ago to start launching. one collection equals about 10 products a month cycle, that every month we bring something new to our clients. so we have to think about, you know, the overall marketing strategy. when you launch a product, it's not just: oh, we are going to learn something. you have to create the concept, you have to source the product, you have to get the product at the warehouse to start distributing it to on on your website. so it takes quite some time and and to be where we are right now, it took us roughly six months, seven months, to really, you know, get up and running, have everything ready, know exactly how to do a marketing launch. when do we want to do it? um, how do we communicate with our audience? because it's not about just hey, i'm gonna learn something. if you don't tell the audience the right one at the right time with the right message, it's really hard, you know, to get the product basically, uh, sold on the website. yeah, so we took madame glam from a level that was really great in the industry, but none not super well known by, you know, influencers, by the big majors in the in the industry, and right now we know for a fact that our products are loved because we have distributors worldwide. we are working with the business owners for salon, you know, like the professionals, um, the beauty salon and everyone that has.

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Top Amazon FBA Mistakes - Hazmat Products

hey, what's up, guys? Kareem city here with another video. in this video, we are going to tok about one thing that you should absolutely avoid if you don't want to lose money doing online arbitrage on Amazon. alright, so I want to tok about something that recently happened to me while I was buying a bunch of products. okay, bye, yeah, sourcing with the with the deal arbitrage method. okay, I found a great trade deal that I wanted to resell on Amazon. basically, ship the product into FBA and, yeah, make some great profits. it was CBD oil and what happened is that I was not able to ship it into Amazon because it was a so called hazmat product. okay, so this video is going to be about hazmat products and why you should avoid them when you do an online arbitrage and how you can check products to be hazmat products on that. okay, so it's very, very important that you check this little little detail, okay, before you want to purchase a product that you want to ship to Amazon. basically, because this will be just a hassle to get this product back up, just to sell this product in the end. okay, so first of all, let's check what a hazmat product in Amazon's terms, basically is. okay, so my opened Amazon's website here. okay, I just googled hazmat Amazon and this ul just popped up and basically, yeah, it says that dangerous goods identification guide. okay, hazmat, dangerous goods, also called, has hazardous materials or has meant a substances or materials that may pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. why storing, handling or transporting because they contain flammable, pressurized, corrosive or otherwise harmful substances? okay, so this is basically what they understand on the has been product. but what is very interesting as well as here, this next sentence, which says why the term danger is good- is often thought of it as a highly corrosive or toxic product. it actually also refers to consumer products used on a daily basis by millions of people, okay, such as laptops, phones, household cleaners or even cosmetiks. so, as you just could read with me, it's not really those are not really just products that you would think of being a dangerous good, like a knife or I don't know, maybe some medical drugs or something like that. it could also be a foam that is seen as a hazmat product. and then you purchased that phone or their laptop and you think, okay, great, I may, I'll make some great profits by selling this product and in the end is it has my product. you are stuck with this product now. you purchase it, you spend some money and you cannot resell it on Amazon, and then you have a little problem. you probably can ship it back, but even then it's just a hassle, okay, you have to pay for the photo shipping back to the, to the seller, okay, and wait for your money to get back on your credit card or your bank account or whatever. okay, it's just a hassle, okay, just a pain in the ass, and you absolutely want to avoid it. okay, because me, for example. yeah, I wanted to get some CBD oil, because obviously you know CBD oil is all the hype about CBD oil in the moment is: yeah, it's real, actually. okay, it sells like crazy on Amazon. okay, I found a great deal purchased, like ten pieces okay with with a great great profit margin, and yeah, then basically I wanted to create my Amazon FBA listing and let me show you just what the note is when I wanted to send in the inventory of that CBD oil. okay, so basically this is how it will look if you have a product where you want to send some invent taury into FBA. but yeah, it's a hazmat product. okay, it says this product has completed dangerous goes review. okay, okay, now it has already completed the dangers- good review. but before it will say that this product is under review, we take until five days, I believe, until, yeah, the the, the team, the amazon team, has checked the product on being a hazmat product or not. okay, if it's classified as a hazmat product, then you will get this notike that I got right there. okay, that could could not be classified and basically, yeah, some additional information is required from me to classify this product. a, you can provide some additional classification information, but the problem is you are not the producer of this product. all right, so basically, it'll be very hard to provide some additional classification information and, yeah, as we are just reselling their product, yeah, just ship their product back or try to sell it elsewhere. okay, if you can, or, in this case, you can sell it as the FBM seller, which I will probably do, and this was probably the first thing that should have lighted a red flag in in in my eyes, basically because actually, the only seller that is selling this product, so that the owner of this product only sells this product via fbm, okay, so he ships this product himself to customers, because, yeah, probably he's not allowed to. yeah, to sell it via FBA and yeah, like I said, that should like a red flag in my head already. okay, why isn't the owner of this product not selling in via FBA? okay, but I didn't really think much of it. okay, I didn't do a hazmat check and now can show you how you can actually do the hazmat check. okay, it's pretty simple. on the same page that I was, basically I learned it there again. I just googled hazmat, Amazon and then it brought me to this page and then you see, right here, use the lookup Aysen tool to check the classification status of your FB ID, ace, and okay, you can also find that when, when you in sell a central, you click on help and in the search bar of, yeah, that opens. basically, when you click on help, you just type in a hazmat and then there's a link to look up if you a Singh is a hazmat product. okay, and here I wouldn't signed in, then I signed in, then you get to this page and you get to this lookup Aysen tool. okay, you just click on lookup ACN week. we can try it. actually, I not sure if it will work because this Aysen is from you, Rob, what right now? but it's raised pretty straightforward, just put in the ACE and okay, okay, yeah, as I said, it doesn't really work out okay, because my products in Europe this side is from amazoncom right now, but I tried it a bunch of times okay, in Europe as well. so it definitely works okay and it will tell you if it's a dangerous good or not. and, especially, maybe you doing wholesale or something, that's a big, big, big detail that you have to watch out for. okay, if you buying products and book, you're spending a lot of money and then in the end, it has my product, then you are in some serious trouble right there. okay, so you don't want to want that to happen. basically, that's why I wanted to make this video. okay, I wanted to prevent you from, yeah, getting into trouble just because of this little detail. okay, it can potentially, yeah, make you lose a lot of money. okay, we don't want this to happen, guys. okay, and this basically, yeah, everything that I wanted to say in this video: okay, don't lose money because of hazmat products. okay, I make mistake, stupid mistake, because, yeah, I knew about has my products, but I, yeah, in this case, I was checking it, I should have done it and but it's all good, right, so I see you in the next video. I hope you like this video. if you like this video, give me a thumbs up comment below this video. ok, and please make sure to subscribe to this channel if you like my content. and yeah, I see you in the next one. bye.

UPC New Seller Proof of Affiliation on Amazon

hey guys and welcome back to the econ Freedom YouTube channel. some recent issues that have come to my attention in regards to Amazon, new Sellers and kind of getting their accounts approved on Amazon when they're setting up their initial listing. basically, what's going on here is that Amazon is looking for proof of affiliation between you, the brand owner, and the UPC code that you obtained off of gs1. so there are a couple of ways that we can get this approved for you new sellers out there. you're kind of going to be restricted to a few of these options. some of the options that you have to kind of prove your affiliation between your UPC and you, the brand owner are a copy of the certificate issued to you by gs1 showing your legal entity and Associated gcin prefixes. that's an option we're going to go over proof. the legal entity on the certificate is related to your brand, such as a trademark registration or website which displays your products or brand and relationship with the UPC owner. we only consider official websites owned by by the brand manufacturer or the UPC owner. the affiliation should be clearly called out a lot of times. for you guys, new sellers, you might not have that website set up right. you most likely don't have a trademark right, because before you bring a product to Market, before you get a trademark on a product, you're going to prove Demand right, so you're usually going to go through one inventory churn before you actually go ahead and apply for that trademark. another thing that we can prove and give to Amazon in um, just to confirm that we are the UPC owner, is a copy of a letter, a legal agreement from the manufacturer or brand stating that the gcin you are using to list this product is valid and owned by them, or that you are allowed to use your own gtin to sell unique products with their brand. if you are using your own gtin, which you are, the letter should establish that there is a relationship between the legal entity which is you associated with your prefix and the brand which you both own. the email or letter must also include the point of contact at the brand or manufacturer that Amazon can contact to verify AI. this can be found in the footer of the email or indicated in the text. so we're actually going to put together a proof of attestation for Amazon in this regard. if you are using your own gtin to sell unique products with your brand, please provide a copy of the certificate issued to you by gs1 showing your legal entity and Associated gtin prefixes. so we're going to go over how to get this gtin and gs1 certificate in the next frame of this video and we're going to go over a little template that me and the team at Econ Freedom put together that you guys can use when you guys do get this error because, um, in the last few months it seems that everybody- you know, almost 90 percent of the students in econ Freedom- are actually getting this error. this is going to clear the air a lot for any uncertainty that we're gonna have going forward when it comes to this. Amazon is always, you know, tightening up the restrictions when it comes to upcs and gtins. basically, what they did was in the beginning they kind of messed up because they were allowing sellers to use third-party gtins and ubcs, so from companies such as Wireless Beauty barcodes, whereas, you know, in the last two years they've really tightened that up. they are really, uh, accounting for all the new PCS and gs1s that are obtained from gs1. they should actually state that you are the brand owner on gs1 and on Amazon. so there is, they're using just like a API application programming interface. they're basically just grabbing the information off gs1 and a bot is confirming that both of these brand names or, you know, company names match what is going into Amazon to get rid of that uncertainty that they had before. now this isn't not going to affect the sellers from three, four years ago that actually use these third-party barcodes. I think you guys are going to be fine, but this is only going to be for your new sellers out there. so, without further Ado, I'm gonna kind of walk you guys through how to obtain the actual gs1 certificate. then we're going to go over a letter of attestation to prove to Amazon that you are actually the brand owner, you own the business and you in fact, on the UPC code when you made a claim to Amazon with all this information, you should be able to wait three to five business days and they should basically allow you to set up your listing. all right, guys. so when it comes to getting approved for Amazon and proving that to Amazon, that you are actually affiliated with the UPC or gs1 barcode that you obtained, not gs1- there's essentially two steps that we're going to have to go over. so if we come to my screen here, so this is going to be a template or guide that I'm going to provide you guys in the description of the video. I'm going to provide the screenshot error message as well in the description of the video so you guys can just like kind of revert back and check it out. but here are all the steps. but I'm going to go over that in this video right now. the first step is to obtain our gs1 certificate off of gs1usorg. so we're going to come to this website here. so this is where the link is going to take you in that guide. we're going to come up here to the right say print identifier certificate. over here says identifier certificates. so we're going to click download here and this is going to give us our gs1 certificate that we were going to add in the case with Amazon. so this is the gs1 certificate that is going to be provided to us when we download it. this is just an example here. so it's going to say license to your business slash name. so if you've got it under your business name, it's going to say blah, blah, blah, LLC. blah blah, incorporated. or if you got under your name, let's just say my name is Jim buckins, it's going to say license two, Jim buckins, and it's going to show you your UPC company prefix down here. okay, so what is the next step that we need to do? that is to put together our letter of attestation, which is down here. we have a template put together for you guys. if you guys use this template, you should be fine and you just should basically have to fill in the blanks here. so, as you can see here, I use New Garden society as the header. ideally, you want to complete your template and your letter of attestation and enter your own details. kind of save it as a PDF and then upload it as an attached file when you open a case with Amazon to whom this may concern. this letter serves as evidence and accessation. that brand name which you are trying to set up- in this case we are using new ground society as an example- is fully owned and operated by LLC name, which is mentioned on the gs1 certificate of the document that we just seen. furthermore, both LLC name, which is mentioned on the gs1 certificate document, and brand name which you are trying to set up are fully authorized to use and operate as well as own the UPC. enter UPC number then please see attach Trigger 1 gs1 certification document which we got- we just obtained off gs1 and make sure you include this. so then you're going to say thank you for your review, your name, your Signature, Title, you're the owner and CEO, so it's going to be you- and you're going to add your LLC, you know, or incorporation, depending on if you're in the United States or Canada or where else, and you're going to save this as a PDF and attach to the file when you open a case of Amazon. so the next step here is to come to Amazon. you're going to go to help here in the top right corner. we're going to come down to say: need more help, get support selling on Amazon gs1 certificate affiliation. we can just say that a lot of times your issue is not going to be here, so we're just going to say we could just say my issue is not listed. or we could say: browse other issues. we can come to products listings or inventory. we can then come to inventory file upload issue. we can copy and paste our letter of apps in a.

Selling products online | end-to-end guide | how I created & sold my Fin productivity journals

what's up youtube. today i'm going to be doing a very special unboxing. this is an unboxing of my own product called the finn journals, my productivity journal that i use every single day. what i really want to do is share with you how i took this from an idea to selling on my own shopify store. this isn't intended to be an ad for these. if you want to pick some up, there's a link in the description below with a discount code. i'm going to walk through all the steps i took, so stik around for that and let's get into it. let's get this unboxed and opened up. here are all 250 fin journals hot off the presses. so the first thing you'll want to do once you have your design is to start looking around and seeing how you can make this a reality. for this project, that meant finding a printer. looked around on google and came across a couple different options, and one really stood out to me, which is a company called scout books. they print in portland, so it's made in the us, and they use 100 recycled paper and vegetable-based ink. so i went on their website and started looking at the options. they have quantity paper cover. this helps me get a sense of how much it will cost to order these books and what i might need to price them at in order to make some sort of profit. when you're working on a print project, one of the most important things to get started with is a template. most printers will provide templates that you can download to ensure that the designs you're creating fit and conform to that template. so there are no issues when it comes time to printing. once i had the template, i brought it into my design tool of choice, which is called figma. figma is an absolutely incredible tool that runs completely in your web browser. you can also download a desktop app for both mac and windows. it's a very powerful tool used by some of the best designers in the world at some of the top companies in the world, and the best part is you can get started with it completely for free. so in the design you can see it's laid out. here are all the pages. it's a 32 page book in total. finn journal helps you focus on a small number of tasks every day, starting with the one most important task, two secondary tasks and three additional tasks. every day, the journal opens up to a two-page spread with tasks on the left and notes and ideas, on the right, with a dot grid for drawing and sketching and three lines for notes, and then i also have a cover page for the book as well. here you can see it's just black and white, whereas the print is a black paper with a gold ink. tok with your printer about what is possible, what the different paper and ink combinations are going to be. now these are the final designs i landed on, and it actually took several iterations to get to this point. this brings me to my next important topic, which is prototyping. once i had the designs, i would actually print them out just on printer paper and then use them on a daily basis and go through and highlight words that i thought could be better or issues. this is a really important step to evaluate the effectiveness of an idea once you actually start using it. is it something that you want to use, that you look forward to using, that improves your life, or is this just an idea that was interesting for a little bit, but now you've gotten into it and it's not worth pursuing? i use these printed out sheets for probably three months making tweaks. physical products are really expensive to manufacture if you have a misprint or something that you didn't catch in this prototyping step, you can waste a lot of money. next let's tok about shipping and how you're actually going to get these products delivered to the people who buy them. for this i bought boxes and envelopes off of uline, which sells almost anything you can think of for a company: hazmat, suits, boxes, forklifts, anything that a company could need. they sell it. there's a huge variety of boxes so you can measure how big your product is, that you're shipping and find the exact right box or envelope. if someone orders just two journals, i have this envelope that i can mail that in, and if someone orders more than that, i have these boxes that that fold up. so in this i can put a bunch of tissue paper and six journals, or 12 journals, which takes up almost the entire space. and if someone orders a year supply, i just take two of these boxes and tape them together. the unboxing experience is really important to your product because the first time that a customer is interacting with your product opens up like this. but it's kind of hard to tell. do you pull on this? do you just tear it open with your hands? so i created these stikers to show people when they're opening it, where to cut and then what part of the box to lift, also for the shipping. i bought some black tissue paper on amazon, so i wrap the journals in this and also use it as extra padding in the boxes. this gives the unboxing a really nice, elegant experience with the black paper. and then an added touch is i created these. i can use one of these stikers to hold the wrapping paper in place. i'm truly appreciative of every single person who has bought a fin journal or downloaded and used one of my apps. these products improved my life and i really hope that they improve the lives of the people who buy them. i also include a thank you card with a discount code and a hashtag to share on social media and then on the flip side, information about my two apps: carpe, my habit tracking app, and dm, my daily journaling app. all of this i once again designed in figma. so here's the front and back of the card. have the designs here for the stikers- for the small stikers and the large cut stikers- and to get these printed, i went with another eco-friendly option called no issue tissue, which is packing and print branded supplies that you can order: tissue paper, stikers, cards, any number of things to improve the unboxing experience of your product, and it's all created through recycled materials and eco-friendly. so now that i've taken my idea from the idea phase to the design, to the prototype, i'm really happy with it. i'm ready to order my journals. i've got all my printing materials ready: my boxes, my envelopes, the unboxing experience, the stikers, the packaging. i'm now ready to sell the product, and the best way to sell physical products hands down is through shopify. it's an absolutely incredible system that makes it so easy to create product listings, web pages, take orders and fulfill those orders. once i had the first prints of my journals, i did a photo shoot with them. so i took several photos that you can see on the fin website showing the left page, the right page, showing the different counts of journals i was selling, trying to really give customers a good understanding of what it is they're going to be getting, and this entire website was then created in shopify. shopify has great templates where you can connect your inventory to the website and then create different blocks and configurations for your home page and product pages. so if i click here on, say, the six pack, i show the six journals in this page an overview of the product and then also a gallery view. so then, once an order comes in, shopify sends me an email letting me know that an order has been placed. i then log in, look at the order information, putting that whole package together and printing out the shipping label. this is another area that shopify makes incredibly easy for shipping products to customers. you can purchase the shipping label right from the shopify portal and then, using a label printer like this one, you can print the label out right at home, pay for the shipping, then put the label on the box and send it off. you don't have to wait in line at the post office. so that's an end-to-end overview of how i took this product from idea to something i'm selling on my website to customers today. if you are interested in these finn journals and want to check them out again, i use them every single day and it's a key piece of my productivity arsenal, which