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shopify hosting costs

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Pricing Plans (2022) — Which One is Best for Your Business?

Hey there, it’s Matt from Style Factory, the go-to website for ecommerce reviews and advice. In today’s video, I’m going to discuss Shopify pricing plans. Stay tuned to the end to get our top tips on how to access the best Shopify free trial, pick the best value plan and get a good discount on your Shopify subscription. Before I dive in, though, it’d be great if you could take a moment to like this video, subscribe to our channel and hit the notifications bell. This helps us out and will give you easy access to all our other Shopify tips in future. Right, so let’s get started with a key question: can you actually use Shopify for free? Unlike some competing ecommerce platforms like Big Cartel or Ecwid, you can’t use Shopify entirely for free. However, there are free trials of Shopify available, and these are usually extendable by request. The key thing to note before starting a free Shopify trial is that there are actually two types of trial available. The regular free trial, which you’ll find a link to in the video description, can be accessed easily from the Shopify website. This trial lasts 14 days and is best suited to merchants who want to stok and sell their own products. However, if you’re interested in using Shopify to dropship products, there’s a better trial available — one that guides you through the process of setting up a dropshipping business and gives you a lot of really useful resources to help you do it successfully. This special dropshipping trial is actually a little bit tricky to come across if you’re not looking for it — but you’ll find a link to it in the video description below. Once you’ve finished your free trial, you’ll need to pick a Shopify plan. Let’s go through the available plans now, starting with the ‘Starter’ plan. The ‘Starter’ plan At $5 per month, Shopify’s ‘Starter’ represents one of the cheapest ways into selling products online — but you need to be aware that it doesn’t provide you with a fully-functional standalone online store. Instead, it allows you to sell products: products on an existing website, sell on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and sell on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. A key feature of the ‘Shopify Starter’ plan is a ‘Buy Button’ that lets you embed your products on another website. You simply add a snippet of code to your website and your Shopify products or catalogs appear on it. Once you’ve added a buy button to your website, any changes you make to your products in Shopify will be automatikally updated on it. However, the Shopify Starter plan won’t be for everyone. First, the transaction fees are very high — 5% of each sale. Second, unlike the other Shopify plans, the Starter plan doesn’t come with any point of sale features, meaning that you can’t use it to sell products in physical locations. And finally, the fact that you can’t build a standalone website with the Starter plan will rule it out for a lot of merchants, So a lot of potential Shopify users tend to skip the Starter plan and head straight for the ‘Basic’ one. Let’s take a look at that: The ‘Basic’ plan. At $29 per month, the ‘Basic’ plan is the cheapest Shopify plan that enables you to create a fully-functional standalone online store. Importantly, it also lets you sell products at point of sale, meaning that you can use your Shopify account to sell products in physical locations like retail stores, market stalls and pop-up shops. You also get content marketing tools like a blog, the option to present your store in multiple languages and full control over your store’s SEO. And finally, on the ‘Basic’ plan, you’ll pay lower credit card fees and transaction fees — in fact, if you use Shopify’s built-in payment processor, Shopify Payments, you won’t have to pay any transaction fees at all. All in all, the ‘Basic’ Shopify plan is a great starting point for most merchants — you’ll find a link to more information about it in the video description. Now let’s take a look at the ‘Shopify’ plan. The Shopify plan costs $79 per month — a considerable step up from the ‘Basic’ plan in terms of monthly outgoings. But you do get some key additional functionality for this extra investment. For a start, you get more user accounts — 5 people can log into your account if you’re on the ‘Shopify’ plan, as opposed to just 2 if you’re on the ‘Basic’ plan. You also get more inventory locations to play with — while the ‘Basic plan limits you to managing your products in 4 locations, you can do so with 5 on the ‘Shopify’ plan. Additionally, you get lower transaction and credit card processing fees. The analytiks are better too — while the reports available on the ‘Basic’ plan mainly involve simple dashboards, you get access to a lot more detailed ecommerce data on the ‘Shopify’ plan. But most significantly, you get access to ecommerce automation tools. The ‘Shopify’ plan lets you add the ‘Shopify Flow’ app, which gives you sophistikated ways to automate tasks and processes within your store and across your apps. In short, the ‘Shopify’ plan is a good option for ‘power’ sellers that want more detailed data on their customers and more ways to automate aspects of their ecommerce business. But if you want to take things up a notch further on the functionality front, you might need to take a look at Shopify’s ‘Advanced’ plan. Let’s go through that now: The ‘Advanced’ plan. The ‘Advanced’ plan costs $299 per month and is the most fully-featured Shopify plan aimed at small businesses and solopreneurs. It gives you 8 inventory locations, 15 user accounts, lower transaction and credit card processing fees and advanced customizable reporting tools. But the most significant thing that the ‘Advanced’ plan brings to the table is much stronger functionality for selling internationally. Unlike all the other Shopify plans I’ve covered in this video so far, the ‘Advanced’ plan lets you set individual product prices for individual countries. This lets you price products accurately for local markets rather than rely on a currency conversion that might not reflect market realities. You can also set duties and import taxes using the ‘Advanced’ plan, something that the other plans I’ve discussed don’t facilitate. So for me, the main reason you might want to use the ‘Advanced’ plan over the others is if you want to sell internationally — it really gives you a lot of functionality and flexibility on this front. Now, so far we’ve gone through the Shopify plans that are aimed at individuals and small businesses. But there’s one more Shopify plan to consider, and that’s one that’s been designed with more corporate entities in mind. Let’s take a look at it: The ‘Shopify Plus’ plan. The pricing for ‘Shopify Plus’ is negotiable, but you’re typically looking at around $2000 per month. For this. you get all the functionality provided by the ‘Advanced’ Plan — but Shopify Plus also gives you a host of features typically required by larger ecommerce businesses. These include a dedicated account manager, full control over the checkout process, automatik currency conversion based on IP address, better access to Shopify’s API, an unlimited number of user accounts and enhanced security features. Perhaps most significantly, Shopify Plus lets you create and manage up to 10 stores at once. So if you are running a lot of ecommerce websites and need a lot of advanced features for them, Shopify Plus arguably represents your best value option. But for a full lowdown of how Shopify Plus differs from the other Shopify plans and to see if it really is worth the investment, I’d suggest taking a look at our Shopify vs Shopify Plus comparison. You’ll find a link to this in the video description. What’s the best value Shopify plan? So, after all that, what’s the best value Shopify plan for you? Well, for merchants starting out, I normally recommend the ‘Basic’ plan. It’s a well-rounded option that gives you the core ecommerce tools you need without breaking the bank.

🔥 Shopify Pricing Plans 2023 ✅ Prices, Costs, Options, And Discount!

shopify pricing plans. hey guys, in this video, i am going to show you all you need to know about shopify and the different pricing plans that it has available, and what are the features that you can find in one that are not going to be available in the other one. so welcome back to the channel and let's get into it now. the first thing you might be wondering is: what is shopify, what are the price plans and what is the difference between all of these different plans that you can opt for on shopify? well, shopify is a e-commerce partner and you can create your own e-commerce store and create your own store in the form of a blog or a website on shopify, and you can not only have your storefront managed by shopify, but all of your internal store, inventories, products- all of that is going to be managed by shopify. now there are three versions that are available for shopify, and they don't have a free version. they start at 29, then they have their 79 version and then they have the almost 300 advanced shopify premium account. so what are the features that are available for all of these and what are the- uh, distinct features that you're only gonna get on the premium versions? well, you can create your online stores. you can add unlimited products on all three versions. so if you go onto your shopify store- and i will leave a link down below in the description box where you can sign up for shopify, so make sure to click on that to sign up on shopify, to create your own shopify account and start selling your own product. so what you're going to do is just sell your products. you're just gonna click on products over here and you can add as many products as you want, and this is the best part about job. if i i started my own scrunchie business last year. i started my own scrunchie business, so i was just selling scrunchies and i added around 158 different scrunchies, and shopify allowed me to add so many different products, even on their lowest paid 39 version- and this is why i actually chose shopify- is that they allow you to use unlimited products, and this is a feature that i find especially helpful for a person like me that is trying to sell as many variety as they can. so that is one feature that i find to be one of the standout features: that you really don't need to worry about the price plans on shopify, but following that, i would actually tell you that if you have inventory location- so if i go onto my shopify account and if i go on to inventory over here in my products, i can add the inventory for a certain product and i can add different skus for the product as well. but you can see that this for this product. this is going to be added to my online store again, but this product- this is not going to be sold once it is sold out. so there isn't going to be a restok on this product. but i can only add four of these uh options for four different physical locations. after four, i cannot add them. on the 30 version. i would have to opt for the 80 version, which allows me to add five different physical locations, and the premium version, which allows me to add age. so if you have more than four different physical locations or pop-up stores and you want to keep track of your inventory, i would suggest that you actually opt for the premium version instead of opting for the 30 basic version. now. after that, if you take a look at the reports, you don't get any reports on your analytiks section over here on your basic dashboard. so you can see that this is a basic dashboard, but if you want detailed reports, like if i click on the report section over here, you can get all of these different reports like your behavior, your customers, marketing orders, profit margins- all of these are detailed reports on my actual account and on the actual reach that i have for my market. so my finances, my inventory and custom reports. i can just click on create a custom report over here. and let's say i want to create a customers by order value, so i want a customer report. i can just click on create customer report over here and now i have a good timeline to see what customers are providing the most value to me as a seller. and this is a feature that is so helpful and i found it to be definitely worth upgrading to a premium version. so you don't get this: on the lowest paid version you don't get any kind of report, and then on the um 70 or 80 version you get the standard reporting and then on the premium version that starts at 299, you get advanced reporting and just with standard reports i find it to be so much more useful for me to retarget my marketing, retarget the customer behavior, see what people are interested in, and it allows me to get a good overall view of my business and this is something that i would suggest is worth upgrading. if you're running a large enough business and if your business is growing, this is going to help you in many ways. it doesn't just help you with marketing, but you can also target sales and acquisitions and see your profit margins and see where you can take some cuts and where you actually are making low profits. now after that, if we take a look at their pricing and the shopify shipping, you get up to a 77 discount on the shell shipping ups or usps on the basic version, then 88 and then 88 on the premium versions, and the issue with the lowest paid version of shopify is that you don't get usps priority mail cubic pricing and that is something that is not really that important. if you're running your own business, you probably have a good idea of how and when you're going to ship your product and it's not going to be that big of a deal, so it's not something that i would suggest that you really need the premium version of shopify. it's fine if you're using the 30 dollar version of shopify to actually understand and go through with your business, especially if you're still just setting up. then you definitely don't need to upgrade for premium shipping only now. after that, you have all of your basic shopify payment systems. you have online credit card rates for fraud analysis and all of that, and if you are using shopify payments, you get a two percent transaction fee. uh, if people don't use the shopify payment methods on your website, so you have to pay two percent on each of your orders. so if i have these products over here and if, whatever the price i may set for them, i would have to pay two percent as they sell speed of shopify. but if i am using the premium versions, it is reduced to one percent on the 80 version and then it is reduced to 0.5 on the premium version of shopify. so that is something to keep in mind when you are creating your um store. and with my large value of scrunchies, when i was selling scrunchies using shopify, i actually found it to be pretty high when i had to pay two percent as a sales tax but, uh, as a shopify fee, you could say. but i found it a lot more manageable paying one percent on each of my scrunchies when i was selling, uh, on the 70 or 80 version of shopify. now, next up, if we were to compare their point of sales, you can see that all three versions have point of sales and with global selling, you can do it on all three versions, but you can only sell it in up to 20 languages. but that is more than enough. so if you go on to your online store over here, you can create it in different languages so you can see that you can create blog posts, you can manage the navigation pages- all of that from over here and you can create it in a different language for a different region of the world and that is going to help you in optimizing the overall globalization of your business. but after that you cannot do international pricing. you cannot do uh international domains on the 30 version of shopify. so you can see over here that if i go onto products and if i just click on add product over here and if i am just selling, i am already selling jewelry. so i'm going to do a bird necklace and whatever the item may be. if i actually click on over here and i want to set the price to 14 uh in the united states, if i want to change this up to maybe.

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Ways You Are Overpaying For Shopify Without Realizing It

when it comes to starting your own online store. shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms out there, but the main problem with shopify is that it can be hard to decide which shopify plan to go with, or how much it really costs when you factor in the cost of third-party apps. now, the right shopify plan for your online store depends on a variety of factors, which include your monthly revenue, your required feature set and your customization needs. now this video will enumerate all the costs and benefits for each shopify plan and prevent you from wasting money on unnecessary features, and my ultimate goal here is to help you understand how much shopify costs and choose the cheapest possible shopify pricing plan that meets your minimum requirements. now, the first question i always get asked is: is shopify free? shopify is not free, but they do offer a 14 day free trial, and during this free trial, you can build an online store and have access to all their tools. however, in order to take transactions online, you have to sign up for a paid plan, and right now, shopify offers five plans. there's shopify lite and nine bucks a month, shopify basic at 29 a month, shopify regular at 79 a month, shopify advanced at 2.99 a month. and shopify plus, which costs over 2 000 a month. now, which shopify plan should you choose now? the following table here is actually taken directly from shopify's website and enumerates all the features for each pricing plan. if you look at this table, you notike a couple things. first of all, the shopify lite plan and the shopify plus plan are missing, and the reason is because the shopify plus plan and the lite plan have very specific use cases which i'll discuss in depth later on this video. second of all, there's actually very little difference between the basic, regular and advanced plans outside of a couple of features and processing fees. so, as a result, your decision between shopify basic, regular and advanced primarily depends on your monthly sales volume and how much you value the extra features versus paying for third-party apps. alright, so here are the features available on all shopify pricing plans. now they all offer abandoned cart recovery, and abandoned cart recovery is a feature where your shopping cart automatikally reaches out to customers who abandon their cart and convince them to complete their purchase. now, shopify's built-in abandoned cart recovery feature is extremely limited because it only allows you to send a single email to customers and, realistikally, any serious ecommerce store owner will use a third-party abandoned cart recovery solution, like clayview. all shopify plans also offer a point of sale solution as well. shopify pos, or point of sale, is their point of sale solution that allows you to access in-person payments at pop-ups, markets, fairs and trade shows. and then, finally, all shopify plans offer a free ssl certificate, discount codes, real-time carrier shipping quotes and unlimited products. now let's tok about the plans. if you have a website and you want to sell just a couple of products, then shopify lite is for you, and it's nine bucks a month. so if you run a popular blog or an existing website and simply want to just add the ability to sell a couple products here and there, then the light plan is for you. the light plan costs nine bucks a month. it allows you to sell on facebook and on your own site through the use of custom buy buttons. now, the important thing to realize about shopify lite is that this plan does not provide you with an online store website. in fact, the lite plan is only for people who already have their own website and would like to accept transactions online. so, for example, if i want to sell widgets on mywifecritterjobcom, i might want to sign up for the shopify lite plan so i can include buy buttons on my blog to sell my products. now if i had a popular facebook page or group, i might want to sign up for shopify lite to sell directly on facebook. so bottom line: the shopify lite plan is only for people who already have a website and would like to accept transactions online, and in addition to the nine dollars a month fee, you'll also have to pay 2.9 percent plus 30 cents in credit card transaction fees if you use shopify payments. now, if your online store makes less than 16 333 dollars per month, go with shopify basic and for more stores out there, the basic plan makes the most economical sense until you start generating more than sixteen thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars in monthly revenue. now here's how to calculate the break-even point: the basic shopify plan charges 2.9 percent plus 30 cents in credit card transaction fees, whereas the main shopify plan charges 2.6 plus 30 cents in credit card transaction fees. that is a difference of 0.3 percent on fees. now the main shopify plan costs 79, whereas the basic shopify plan costs only 29, a difference of 50 bucks. now to make up for that fifty dollar difference in cost, you have to process fifty dollars divided by point three percent or sixteen thousand three hundred thirty three dollars to break even in terms of credit card fees. now feature wise. the one major difference between the main shopify plan and the basic plan is that the main plan offers gift cards and an advanced report builder. now, at first glance, the lack of gift card capability sounds like a deal breaker, but there's actually many shopify third-party apps that will implement this functionality for you. so, for example, the bold discount app offers a very powerful discount engine for only 15 a month. now, while the professional reports you get with the main plan are useful, they alone do not justify the added fifty dollar cost of the main plan. now, if your online store makes between sixteen thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars a month- and a hundred and ten thousand dollars a month go with the shopify main plan. in fact, feature wise- there's almost zero reason to sign up for the advanced shopify plan until you exceed 110 000 a month. now, if you look at the main shopify plan, you literally get 99 of the features of the advanced shopify plan for only 79 bucks, which makes this plan the sweet spot for most six and seven figure store owners. now the only reason it's time for the advanced shopify plan at this revenue tier is if you require more than 15 staff accounts, but realistikally a store at this level you're not going to have 15 employees. if you aren't using shopify payments, then shopify charges you a credit card transaction fee, which are drastikally reduced on the advanced shopify plan. so instead of paying one percent in extra fees on the basic plan you only get charge point five percent. if you want to show calculated shipping rates at checkout, then go with the advanced plan. but in my experience showing the exact shipping rate during checkout is overrated. but for some businesses it might be important. now. if your online store makes between 110k a month and 680k per month, go with the shopify advance plan. now. the advanced shopify plan offers the lowest credit card transaction fees of all the main plans, including a couple of extra nice to have features. so, for example, at this revenue level, you're probably already handling your shipping via a third-party vendor like ship station or shipping easy. as a result, it might be nice to show you calculated rates during checkout instead of using a table rate or a flat rate solution. now, if you don't have a bookkeeper or an analytiks member on your staff, shopify's advanced reports will come in handy for projecting your future revenue. but outside of that, you should just stik with the advanced shopify plan until you hit 680k a month in revenue or, if you require the advanced feature set of shopify plus, if your online store makes over 680k per month, go with shopify plus, just for the savings on credit card transaction fees alone. at this tier, your credit card processing fees plummet to only 2.15, which is on par with what you can get with a regular merchant account and gateway combo, but outside


Shopify Fees 2020 | How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Shopify?

is it actually cheaper to sell on Shopify than Etsy? let's find out. hey guys, welcome back to confessions of a girlboss. my name is Kristy and I help women turn their passion into their business. today we are gonna find out if it's actually cheaper to sell on Shopify versus Etsy. I have a few videos toking about Etsy fees, how it's broken down my biggest Etsy bill ever- so I will leave them linked up in the right-hand corner. I believe it's up here. yeah, I believe it's up here for you to check out in case you have missed them. but today we're going to go through Shopify fees and kind of break down the different pricing structures that they offer and we're really gonna find out if it is cheaper to sell on Shopify vs Etsy. if you haven't already and you do like these types of videos, and be sure to hit that red button down below and subscribe to my channel- I post new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all about turning your passion into your business. if you are still on the fence about opening a Shopify store, be sure to sign up for my free five-day crash course in migrating from Etsy to Shopify. it'll walk you through absolutely everything you need to know to get your Shopify website up and running all of my hints and tricks that I used when I opened my Shopify store, and it's really chock-full of so much information that it's totally free. so click that link in the description box down below to get access to that crash course. so Shopify's fee structure is very different to Etsy's. first of all, there are no listing fees, and I was so happy when I figured this out because I was paying so much to Etsy in listing fees every month and it was just a huge chunk that was taken off of my bill in my finances. it was awesome. but basically what Shopify does is they charge different transaction fee rates based on what plan you have. so I'm gonna come over to my computer now and walk through the different plans that Shopify offers- kind of the different perks of having each plan- and then we're gonna come on back and tok about an example of how much money I've saved if I was using Shopify 100% the biggest year of my business. okay, so we are currently on the Shopify pricing page. so, as of right now, they are actually extending their free trial to 90 days. so if you are on the fence, now is the perfect time to try Shopify out 90 days. it's like amazing. so basically, Shopify has three fee structures and these are all monthly prices. so you have basic, which is 29, regular, 79 and advanced- $2.99. so for this first section, you basically get all of these same features with each tier. there's just a few discrepancies, like in the staff accounts. you get some more with the more expensive plan and with the locations for the Shopify point-of-sale you also get more locations with the more expensive plan. but each each plan features an online store, unlimited products and no listing B's, staff accounts, 24/7 support, a sales channel, locations, manual order creation, discount codes, free SSL certificate, abandoned cart recovery and gift cards. so abandoned cart recovery is one of my favorite features and I don't believe this was available in the basic plan when I had my store. but basically what you can do is if somebody adds stuff to their cart and they go to check out but they abandon the checkout process, you can send them an email a certain amount of time later saying, oh hey, did you forget this was here? and hopefully bring some more people back to your store to finish that purchase. so the biggest difference in this section is the reports. so you do get some more detailed reporting with the to more advanced plans and you get the advanced report builder with the most expensive $2.99 plan. and then the $2.99 plan is the only plan that has the third party calculated shipping rates. okay. so as for shipping, again, basically, all the same, you do get a bit of a bigger discount when you go up to that 299 plan. I didn't really use Shopify for shipping. I toked about this on Monday's video, but I used a different app to do all of my shipping on. so stay tuned for Monday's video to take a look at that. but the app that I also use to give you a discount on shipping too. and then the two advanced plans are the only ones that have the Priority Mail Kubik pricing- okay. so payment and fee structure is probably the biggest thing you're here for. so basically, all plans will get the fraud analysis, which is awesome. Shopify will basically tell you if you should be on the alert for a fraudulent order or if it is safe to ship it. so basically, a Shopify has a Shopify payments platform, so it's a built in platform within Shopify. it's very similar to Etsy payments. it's kind of how they capture orders and how they process orders. so if you sign up for that, which I do, suggest you do sign up for it if it is available in your country, because it is really easy to use and it is a lot cheaper to use that with Shopify. so if you sign up for that, you don't have any additional processing fees for your orders, which is huge. you literally only have the credit card rates that you see here. so the online credit card rates are again pretty comparable: 2.9 percent plus 30 cents, and then that goes down to 2.4 percent plus 30 cents. I believe the 2.9 percent plus 30 cents is also what you would pay on PayPal. it is really comparable to all e-commerce platforms. and then you do have the in-person credit card rates that go from 2.7 percent down to 2.4 percent, and then this is the fee that you will pay if you decide not to use Shopify payments. so this is the fee you will pay, plus the additional fees from that third-party vendor, if you decide to not use Shopify payments. and then, last but not least, is the point-of-sale. so all plans are compatible with the point-of-sale and they are all 89 dollars a month if you want to do the point-of-sale Pro or you can try it out until the end of October 2020. so that is everything. they also have a Shopify Lite plan for nine dollars, which means you could just sell on Facebook. so if you're into that, maybe give that a try, and then they also have Shopify plus, but that is basically everything. if you are on the fence, like I said, I would definitely take advantage of this because that is huge. ok, so hopefully that breakdown made sense to you. I will leave a link in the description box down below to that page I just showed you in case you want to dive into it a little bit deeper, but I feel like it is pretty straightforward. so now let's go back and do a comparison. so if you watched my biggest Etsy bill ever video, which I will leave a link up here or up here, I honestly I have no idea. I have no idea which site I should really get that down, but if you watch that video, you will know that when I made 108 thousand dollars, I paid Etsy eleven thousand one hundred twenty dollars in fees, which is nuts. so for fun, I had to go back and I have to see how much money I would have saved if I had that same here with my Shopify site. one hundred percent. so, since a Shopify doesn't charge card processing fees and they also don't charge listing fees. that is a huge chunk that is taken off of my bill already, because those were three thousand one hundred ninety-eight dollars and four thousand four hundred dollars respectively. so that's a lot. so I went through on. I just did the calculations manually. so for that year I had a four thousand two hundred and twenty seven orders. so for those orders I did the thirty cents which is part of the transaction fees for Shopify, and I did calculate this on the basic plan and I am looking down because I have my computer here with the numbers. I calculated this on the basic plan, so the two point nine percent, so just wait. so for the transaction fees I would have paid a four thousand four hundred and seventeen dollars in transaction fees for my one hundred and eight thousand dollar-a-year. now I didn't want to just forget about the monthly fee, so I did just do the twenty nine dollars a month. this is give or take because, as you will see in Monday's video, the

The Hidden Costs of Shopify, Part 1 - Marketing Rocketfuel

good morning and welcome to the marketing rocket fuel show. my name is michael, this is drew. good morning, drew. how are you? good morning, michael. it's good to see you again. always glad to be toking marketing and, uh, i've got my coffee ready. uh, so got my own little version of rocket fuel right here. nice, nice, how have you been? it's been uh. we usually sort of uh chat back and forth during the week, um, but we're both busy. so, uh, anything notable, newsworthy and notable in uh in the life of drew over the last week, you know it's it's really exciting. we got the uh, we got our uh first episode of the podcast out last week and um, and so got a few subscribers starting to get a little bit of attention there. um, but, um, you know, good attention or bad attention, drew, is it good attention or bad attention? you know what any press is: good prep, no, it's that's what they say. i i like to think it's some good attention. but, um, but uh, you know we're in the middle of summer and so there's all kinds of stuff going on. you know, family vacations are all done and now, you know, we've spent time with the kids and now we're ready for the kids to go back to school. um, yes, yes, this is around this time, you know, i'm, i'm uh, all about the traditional school calendar until about halfway through the summer, and then i'm you know what this year around, this year-round school thing, may have. they may have something there, but, uh, anyway, good, well, i've seen you and you got to think about, uh, so i, i've got an unusual situation. my kids are nine years apart, and so i've got one that's actually getting ready to go go to college, and so we're purchasing all of the stuff that he needs for college, um, and then i've got one that's going into fourth grade, um, and so, you know, we've got all of the school supplies and back to school sales and uniforms and and all that stuff. um, i get it, i get it. and my pro tip: it's good that you're buying stuff away from the college town. i think the college walmarts and the college targets, they know it's like disney world there and the prices are just a little off. that was our experience with our oldest daughter when we took her to college. it was like i don't think this cost um this at our local walmart, right? so good job, good on you to to get that stuff. so you know we, until we get a professional intro outro, uh, i want to touch on each time before we get to the main topic of the day. why are we doing this, drew? who is this for, uh, and what can people be looking forward to? all right, so, uh, we started the marketing rocket fuel podcast or show, whatever we want to call it to to help people understand, um that when you're doing marketing for your business, that um, there's a lot of things that maybe you don't think about, that are gonna be expenses involved with it. a lot of things that maybe look like good deals aren't such good deals, and some things that maybe a little bit more expensive up front, actually end up making you more money, and so there's a difference between the cost and the price of something. but there's also, um a lot of things that that sometimes you just don't realize that you're gonna need to do with your marketing, and so we started the marketing rocket fuel podcast. specifically season one here is all about those hidden costs that you're going to find in different aspects of your marketing, and i i tend to focus more on digital marketing because that's my area of expertise. michael and i both are um, experts in our field. we've both been in marketing for a long time. i've i've been in over 25 years. uh, michael, i don't think you're 25 years old yet, so i'm getting there next, next week, i think. maybe next year, maybe next week, um, yeah, and i'm gonna. so half my life i've been in marketing- um, so, um, but um, we also tend to run into um, a lot of the same questions when we're toking to clients and potential clients, um and so for. for me, the three people that i'm really toking to in this podcast are that, uh, that solopreneur, or that, that person who's starting a business or maybe has never done any marketing for their business, that just needs to know: what do i need to do to market my new business, what do i need to do to kind of get this thing off the ground, and what are some things that i need to consider? consider when i'm making my business plan. maybe you're applying for an sba loan or something like that and you need to know what it's going to cost you to market things. the second person is that business has been in business for a while and you're kind of growing to that next level, um, and this is who we typically work with at my company, at escape plan marketing, um, that mid-sized company that's shooting for between a million and 20 million in sales and maybe you started the company out of your garage but now you've got facilities and people and and, um, you know a lot more customers to deal with and you're you're making the things, but it's time for you to take your hands off of your marketing and and bring somebody else in to do that. but you're not really sure where to start and how to how to make that happen. so that's that second person that we toked to. and then the third person we toked to typically works for that second person. maybe you brought in a marketing director or somebody just to kind of take control of the marketing, but there's still a single person. and they need to outsource things, they need to, they need to go buy the software, they need to go subscribe to the, to the tools online, and they and they need some guidance on how to do that. so those are the three people that this podcast is really for. well, and that's um a great segue into this week's topic, which is, uh, i know the overarching theme for the season one is hidden costs. well, we're going to look at hidden costs for one of these tools and softwares that you were just alluding to, which is, uh, shopify. the little engine that could right no, shopify is enormous. it's a big bear to um, to wrestle to the ground. if you're a solopreneur, uh, even if you are running, if you have a, if, if you're a dedicated marketing director, very rarely are you going to run into somebody in-house that's going to have sort of the expertise that you need in shopify. shopify, excuse me. so what drew's going to do is he's going to share his screen, and i apologize up front for those who view that are listening to this in the car. it's going to get a little dry. this is going to be a walk through, a visual walk through a shopify. i'm going to do my best to keep up with drew and he's going to do his best to keep up with me, but i encourage you, if you're listening to this, go to youtube and, uh, if you want to see the insides of shopify- the admin panel, uh, sort of a spreadsheet that we're going to be looking at- i encourage you guys to catch us on video. so back to whoever is looking at this on video: drew, go ahead and share your screen. all right, i'm going to go ahead and share my screen, but before i do that, um, i just want to say this: these podcasts, we're not necessarily saying you should or shouldn't use shopify, right, each tool has its place. and so, you know, we- we just know that we've done some shopify websites, and these are some of the things that we've run into that maybe you're not going to be aware of, and so i'm going to say right out the bat: shopify is a great tool. it's, it's an excellent tool, but it's going to cost you more than you know to get involved with that, and you're going to have to make sure that you account for all of the work that's going to be involved in making sure that you have a great shopify site that's going to move your product. um, and that's that's really kind of the point of this. it's not necessarily to say, oh well, we like this tool or we don't like this. sometimes we will say that because if we, if we think something's not going to be a good tool, uh, for specific situations, we're going to let you know, yeah, and you know, if and if shopify is listening and they want to sponsor this podcast, that that's another story. but while drew is pulling up um the screen, share, if you can go ahead and pu.

Top 3 Shopify Alternatives - Cheaper and Better

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