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shopify inbox app

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be reviewing the Shopify Inbox app, which allows you to chat directly with your customers while they are browsing and making purchases on your store. We will be discussing the benefits of using this app, how to set it up, and its different features.

Benefits of using Shopify Inbox:

- Customers who chat with you are more likely to make a purchase, especially for high-ticket items.

- Personalized recommendations can be made to customers who are unsure of what to buy.

- Chatting with customers allows you to better understand their needs and preferences.

- Shopify boasts that 70% of Shopify Inbox conversations lead to customers making a purchase decision.

- The app is completely free and of high quality.

Setting up Shopify Inbox:

- Shopify Inbox can be found under the Sales Channels section of your store's dashboard.

- You will need to customize the appearance of the chat window, including the icon, position, and color to match your store's theme.

- The welcome text can also be customized to greet customers and provide additional information.

- The app's visibility should be set to visible so that it can be seen by customers.

Using Shopify Inbox:

- The chat window will appear as a bubble in the bottom right corner of your store's website.

- Customers can message you directly and receive automated messages, including updates on their order status and frequently asked questions.

- Quick replies and discounts can also be added to messages, as well as photos of products.

- The app allows you to easily manage customer messages and respond to their inquiries in a personalized manner.

Shopify Inbox is a useful app for any store owner who wants to improve their customer service and increase sales. Its features allow for personalized recommendations, improved understanding of customer needs, and easy management of customer messages. Best of all, it is completely free and of high quality.

How to Set Up Shopify Inbox // Add a Live Chat to Shopify Store

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install and manage Shopify Inbox, which is a single mailbox for all your customer interactions.


1. Log in to your admin panel and click on Sales Channels

2. Click on the plus sign and search for Shopify Inbox

3. Click on the green plus sign to install it

4. Go to Overview and click on Appearance

5. Make sure to click on Visible under Online Store Chat Visibility and save

6. Go to the home page of your website and refresh to see the chat widget

7. Customers can initiate a chat conversation by clicking on the widget and typing in their name, email, and message

8. As a store owner, you can communicate with your customers and view messages in the inbox overview

9. Customize the appearance of the chat widget and add automated messages or FAQs

10. Shopify Inbox can be used in-browser or through the Google Play or Apple App Store

Shopify Inbox is an efficient way to manage customer interactions and improve communication with your customers. With its easy installation and customization options, it is a valuable tool for any online store owner.

How To Setup Shopify Chat On Your Store

In this article, we will discuss how to set up Shopify chat in your store and how to quickly share messages and discounts via chat. We will guide you step by step on how to add the Shopify chat app and customize its appearance, how to use quick replies and share discounts, and how to add team members to help you with the chat process.

Setting up Shopify Chat:

1. Go to your Shopify store and click on Apps.

2. Search for Shopify Chat and click on the first result.

3. Add the app and add it as a sales channel.

4. Go to Shopify Ping and log in with Shopify.

5. Change the appearance of the chat by choosing the button style, position, and color, and adding a welcome message.

Using Shopify Chat:

1. Test the experience by clicking on Text Experience.

2. Enable or disable the chat button by clicking on the button in the sales channel.

3. Use quick replies to answer frequently asked questions.

4. Share discounts with customers via the chat by clicking on the discount button.

5. Share specific products with customers by clicking on the tag button.

Adding Team Members:

1. Go to the Shopify Ping app and click on Store.

2. Click on Team Members and add team members to help with the chat process.

Shopify Chat is a great tool to enhance your customer service and improve your sales. By following these steps, you can easily set up and customize the chat app, use quick replies and share discounts, and add team members to help you with the chat process. Don't forget to leave a comment if you have any questions or want to learn more about using these tools for your store.

Top 6 Shopify Apps 2021 | Ecommerce UPDATE w/Gretta Van Riel

1. After Sell: This post-purchase upsell app allows you to increase your average order value without acquiring new customers. It offers a pop-up with exclusive discounts or complimentary products after a customer makes a purchase.

2. Lifetimely: This profit and lifetime value tracking app is crucial in e-commerce. It helps you track profitability and customer lifetime value to ensure you are making a profit on each sale.

3. Gorgeous: This customer service app offers better Shopify integration than Zendesk. It includes macros, pre-filled responses, and smart answers to reduce response times by 43%.

4. Inquire Post Purchase Surveys: This app helps you track where your customers heard about you, especially for organic channels like Instagram or TikTok. It offers a survey after purchase to gain insights into your customers' purchase journey.

5. Back in Stock Restock Alerts: This app sends automatic email or text message notifications to customers when a product is back in stock. It helps prevent lost sales and ensures customers can purchase their desired products.

Shopify Chat - New Features!

In this article, we will be discussing the new feature in Shopify inbox. It is important to note that this feature is exclusively for Shopify users, and it allows you to respond to messages through the original messaging service. Additionally, you can monitor your customers' activity on your website, share products, and send images in conversation.

Benefits of Shopify Inbox:

- Tailor your approach to customers based on their status.

- Keep customers engaged on your website for longer.

- Send images and product information directly to customers.

- Access Shopify inbox on desktop and mobile apps.

- Close conversations for better organization.

Overall, Shopify inbox is a useful feature for those who are looking to improve their customer engagement and organization. By monitoring your customers' activity and tailoring your approach, you can increase the chances of making sales. It is important to remember that this feature is only available for Shopify users, but if you are considering switching over, it is worth giving it a try.

Add An Amazing Free And Automated Shopify Live Chat App And Chat With Clients From Mobile | Tutorial

Adding a Free Live Chat App Using Shopify Inbox Sales Channels

Hi, I'm Sunil, and in this video, I'll be teaching you how to add a free live chat app using Shopify Inbox Sales Channels.


1. Go to the Apps section of your Shopify dashboard and click on the Inbox Sales Channel settings.

2. Open the Shopify App Store, and search for Shopify Chat Frameworks. Install the app and let it work.

3. Once installed, open the app and do some editing. Change the color to suit your theme and make other editing changes as needed.

4. Set up your instant and quick replies by turning them on and selecting your active hours and time zone.

5. Save your changes and test the live chat by sending a message to yourself.

6. You can view your messages and reply to customers directly from your Shopify account or install the app on your Android or iPhone for easy access.

By following these simple steps, you can add a free live chat app using Shopify Inbox Sales Channels to improve customer communication and increase sales. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

Hey everyone, Davey here! Welcome to our first video of 2022. Today, we're going to go through my 10 favorite Shopify apps. Shopify makes it so easy to install apps, it's one of its superpowers. Apps can increase conversion rate, increase average order value, and make you a ton more money. However, apps need to come with warnings. If you use the wrong apps, it can slow your website down and leave a ton of money off the table.

For those that have been following along in our Lemon Scrub series, you know that we've got our website all set up. Now, it's time to install apps. If you haven't been following along, that's okay. I'm just going to use the Lemon Scrub as an example in this video. None of these apps have paid me for this video. There are a couple of affiliate links down below, but I'm going to give you lots of alternatives and outline the pricing so you can make the best choice for your business.

Let's get into it!

## Introduction

In this article, we'll go through the top 10 Shopify apps that can help increase your conversion rate and average order value. We'll also discuss the importance of choosing the right apps for your business and avoiding apps that can slow down your website.

## Top 10 Shopify Apps

1. Ship Scout - Perfect if your product is low average order value, Ship Scout allows you to split test shipping thresholds and offer free shipping over a certain amount to entice more customers to purchase.

2. Neat A/B Test and Dexter - Both apps are incredible at split testing pricing, which is one of the most underrated split tests that entrepreneurs refuse to do.

3. Okendo and Loox - Both apps are great for customizable reviews, but Okendo offers more options for customization, such as reviewing the fit, softness, and other product-specific details.

4. Klaviyo - One of the most robust email marketing tools for e-commerce, Klaviyo offers a lot of segmentation and customization of emails.

5. Postscript - An SMS app that offers a lot of compliance and helps you become compliant before using SMS marketing.

6. Rebuy Personalization Engine - Allows highly personalized post-purchase upsells and in-cart order bumps.

7. Back in Stock - Helps notify customers when a product is back in stock, which can lead to more sales and loyal customers.

8. Bold Subscriptions - Allows customers to set up recurring orders for products they love, leading to more sales and loyal customers.

9. Privy - A great tool for creating pop-ups and email collection forms, which can help increase your email list and sales.

10. SEO Manager - Helps optimize your website for search engines, which can lead to more organic traffic and sales.

## Conclusion

When it comes to choosing the right Shopify apps for your business, it's important to consider your product, your target audience, and your business goals. While apps can be a great way to increase sales and revenue, it's important to avoid apps that can slow down your website or offer little value to your customers. By choosing the right apps and utilizing their features, you can take your e-commerce business to the next level.

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