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shopify infinite options

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Shopify: Custom Product Options

okay, hey guys. so i've been getting a lot of questions on how to set up the app for infinite options by hulk. so if you want your shop to look like this, where you have your stylist, your customers can choose all different stylings with all different prices, and then for size to pop up, that can also have additional costs the higher the size, um, then i can show you how to do that. so first things first is, of course, you will download the infinite product options. you go to apps, customize your store. that'll pop up the shopify marketplace and then you can download from there. so once you go into it, you have to agree with their privacy settings, things like that. so the first thing that you want to do is it'll make you choose a plan. you will need to choose conditional logic if you would like to be able to have it, where i choose something and something else pops up. so conditional logic is where options are given to your customers based upon their previous choices. so if i choose beanie, then the beanie sizing will pop up. if i choose bloomers, then the bloomers will pop up and, as you can see, those are two totally different size sets and that's why you would want to have conditional logic. um, as well, as you know, there are also some styles that you may offer that have add-ons, whereas others do not. um, so this client specifically can do add-ons for you know just anything. but you know if you may have a certain style that can come with or without, maybe a cowl- you know it's getting colder, things like that- it's also something that you could use it for. so you'll want to choose the advanced plan, okay. then you'll want to go to option settings and let's go ahead and start the style list. so don't do the drop down, okay, so if your shop offers bummies, now your bummies are regularly, we'll say, 18. i don't actually know what those start out at. i make them each different. okay, so then you would go ahead and save this. you're going to add another one and then you'll choose size and then this is where you want to do. as you can see, it's got a bunch of the other ones from where i've done it for other clients. but you'll say: you know bummy sizing and then, as you can see, i've got a bunch of different ones on here. so drop down. i personally like drop down. it's a lot cleaner, especially when you have a lot of options, but you can always do the buttons or radios or whatever. um, it's just a lot cleaner. so i really recommend using the drop down, but you can do whatever. so this is a very small boutique. we can only do three to nine, since that's on property through twelve. that's what i'm feeling today. um, and you know, here you can do, if you wanna do, you know, two dollars extra for larger sizes. so that's how you do that. um, and just for you know purposes, i'll just kind of show you you'll have to do. you'll want to upload your size charts again and again, so one for each. that you did. so i think i did leo's- sorry, sizing is only available in six months. and then you'll want to go to option sets. so you want to create a full option set. so let's say, we'll do full clothing, full style list, and then, like i said, i only made two sizing um ones, but you'll want to have a sizing graph for each option. that of course require sizes. and then an important next step is to select your custom products. so select products. i only have one product, you know, one test product on right now, save, i didn't even know all right. well, they have crashed. so that was great. that happens sometimes, especially whenever you're in a test store. so this isn't a real store. this is what i just- um, you know, i can't even transfer to somebody, i can't even make this live store. see clothing options: cool style list sizing, funny size. okay, hey, sorry, i had a little tik malfunction there, um, but got the clothing option saved. so here's the clothing option set. now you want to come over to conditions: select, add new. so if full styling list is equal to bummies, then you'll want to show bummy size. add another one. if full styling list is equal to leo's, then show leo sizing. and that is how you create conditional logic to where you get this, where, if i choose beanie, only the beanie sizes will show up. my cheese pepper, only the peppermint sizes will show. let's go ahead and add it to the cart. this little shop has 93 discount codes. do work. i don't know what a discount code is for this store, um, but discount codes can still apply. you can check out and this will say 93 and it will say here what you all got, everything that you need. there you go.

Assign Options to Products with Infinite Options

hello. in this video i will go over different ways to assign options to products. assigning options will display them on your store's product pages. the two main ways to assign options to products on the infinite options dashboard is using the quick start feature or going to the option sets tab. if you are starting to create options, i would recommend using our quick start feature. you have three options to choose from. you can assign options by adding to all products, adding to selected products or adding to products of a specific type. to add to all products, click the get started button. fill in the field label, then fill in the field name. read the message on the next screen. after clicking next, a new option set has been created on the options tab that is assigned to all products on the store. to add to selected products, click the get started button. select a product or a few products. fill in the field label, then fill in the field name. read the message on the next screen. after clicking next, a new option set has been created on the optionsets tab that is assigned to selected products. to add to products of a specific type, click the get started button. start typing in your product type till it finds a match and select it. these product types are pulled from the products pages of your shopify admin. fill in the field label, then fill in the field name. read the message on the next screen. after clicking next, a new option set has been created on the option sets tab that is assigned to products of a specific type. if you have already created some options but would like to adjust what products they display on, i would recommend going directly to the option sets tab. let's say you have this option set candlesense displaying on one product. when clicking the handle drop down menu, you will be given five more options for assigning the option set, product tag, product vendor, product type, product url, product handle and all products. product tag, product vendor, product type, product url, product handled are pulled from the products page of your shopify admin. for example, looking at my product from the products page, here is where you can locate the product tag, product vendor, product type, product url and product handle. instead of assigning with the product handle, you would rather use a product tag. copy a tag from the product, go back to the option sets tab, select when product tag is, then add the tag you just copied. this is a great way for assigning options to multiple products. when the new assignment is in place, you can click the preview link to preview them on a product page before they display live on your store. once you are happy with how the options look like on the preview of your product page, make sure to click the save changes button at the top right to save your changes. doing this will apply the changes live on your store. now you're all set with assigning options to products. great work. if you would like to add more product assignments to the same option set, you can use our anon or function. check out the video at the bottom of this guide or click the link in this video for more information. thank you.

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Infinite Options for Custom Products Shopify App - Honest Review

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Conditional Logic for Multiple Engraving Initials with Infinite Options

hi there and thanks for checking out this tutorial video on conditional logic. in this tutorial video, i will be showing you how to create conditional logic options that will show more initial text boxes based on the number of letters selected in a drop down below. here is what that product looks like currently: if i select one, then one text box will show and two- two by text box- will show, and three, three text boxes will show and you can revert back. so, on the back end, on my admin, this is my conditional logic option fields and these are what have created those options. but i'm not just going to show you this, i'm actually going to show you how to build that. so i'm going to remove this- sad to see it go, but, yes, delete. so the first step in building these conditional option rules is to create a new option set. this option set is called option set 3 right now, but i want to call it something different. let's call it conditional logic for necklace, and i want to then assign it to the desired product. so i will use- let's use- url. i'll quick steal this url and then paste it in and i can see that it's now showing on one product. that's key, great, then i will create a label for this first option. this first option is the first drop down option that i showed you before. so this number of letters option set, so let's call it a number of letters for necklace and then for the field name, i'll just call it number of letters for necklace. it's kind of long, but i like to be clear with my field name so i know what is going on on the back end. and this, remember, is going to be a drop down option, so let's create it as a drop down here. the values for this are going to be 1, two and three and let's do some placeholder text, so maybe select number of initials desired. cool, so that's our first drop down menu option. if i save changes, you can then see on this product, if i refresh, that i simply have one option set here now. these options are not connected to any conditional option sets in the future. so no text boxes are showing. to create those text boxes you will have to add another custom field, this new custom field. let's call the first one initial one, the field name. again, i like to do these very similar. i'll call it initial one and this will be a text box. i'd like to open up the advanced field and i'm going to add some placeholder text. so add initial here, keep it nice and simple, and i want to make the character limit one so they can just enter one initial. and now i have a an option set that includes two options. you can see this initial one here, but that's not how i want it to show. i want it to be hidden if there is no option selection to hide that, you will want to go back to your option sets and you will want to create a new conditional rule, this conditional rule. i would actually like it to show this field if all of the following match and then you need to click into field name. the good news is the field name is already pre-selected. i just want to click into the field name and then click on that and for my case, i would like to show this field if the field is greater than zero. if the value is greater than zero, i should say what this is doing is this is telling the option to show every time the value of the first option that i created is greater than zero. in this case, it will show then for all of the values, because one, two and three are all greater than zero. so if i save this and i go back to my initial necklace and refresh, you should see that that text box is hidden. but if i select one or two or three, this initial text box shows: great. but that's not all i want to do. i want to create text boxes that will show for two and three initial selections as well. to do so, let's go back to our admin infinite options page, and i'm actually not going to add another custom field by clicking this button. i'm going to duplicate this initial one option. so let's duplicate it by clicking here, and i actually want to drag it beneath. so here it is, and i'm going to adjust this a little bit to resemble now initial 2. i actually like to duplicate it because this will save me some time. i want all these things to remain the same, except for this conditional logic field. i want this option to show when the value is greater than one. so now this will only show for values greater than one, which are in my case, only two and three. let's quick save our changes and then i will show you what this looks like on my end. so one, just one text box shows and two. now two text boxes show three. three is still not complete. i think by now you probably get the the picture of this, but i will show you how to create this last, third initial option. to do so, click this duplicate button again, then drag it beneath again. i want to then adjust this a little bit. make this initial three initial three. open up the advanced box. keep everything the same, except you want this to show on values greater than two, so this is only the value of three in my case. now, when i save my changes, go back to my product page and refresh. i should now see that the number of letters on necklace, if i select one, one initial shows two, two initials though show, and three, three initials show. great, i did it, and that is the tutorial video for conditional logic for this initial product example. thanks for watching.

How to add Product Personalization options to Shopify

hey everyone, this is jess from now taking entrepreneur. thank you for watching today. in this video we are going to go over how to add personalization options to shopify. one popular service that everyone loves to offer is product personalization. offering your customers the ability to personalize their purchases usually gets them excited to actually go through and make the purchase. adding this to your store means to have a place for them to add text or images, and it's attached to the order for you to properly organize. you can accomplish this with a shopify app called infinite product options. this app is by hulk apps and it has very good reviews, and i actually use this in a store for a client and it works flawlessly. in this you're able to set up product option choices, which you can do for engraving. you can do photos so you can give your customers the options to add in file uploads or just text. you can charge for the options that you make, so if they go past the character, you can have a certain amount of money per each option. you also have the option of doing swatches for your different fabrics, colors, any enhancement that you have for your shop, and when you add it to your shop, you're able to have it streamlined in with your options under your products so it will match the branding of your store and you can customize it to your liking. with pricing, you're able to have free plan and it gives you the price adjustment, unlimited options and option sets, image and color swatches, the file upload, 10 option types, help text and discount code to get the conditional logic and to both import an inventory. that comes with the pro plan, which runs you 9.99 a month. and then the next point up is the enterprise plan, which is for more higher ordered stores. so then we'll click add app and this will add this app to our shopify store, which you will see here. so, once added, there are a set of steps that you can do. you can have the installation wizard and they have additional services here below. so i will install and you can do automatik install, expert installer, manual installation. always start with your preferred theme and you'll see you're ready to get started so you can create your options. you can come in and add a new option, which will be what your customers will actually input the information in. so if you want to have custom text, you'll set up a unique name. so if this is for a partikular product, we'll have our mug text, be able to add in some tool tips and help text to let them know what is required of them to add this information in. you can set it to be a one-time charge and you can select your options for radio buttons. drop down swatches box, drop down short text paragraph text, email, phone. then once you select a type, you're able to see the values. so if you want to create a charge, you want to charge them for adding the extra text, then you can click create charge and put the actual cost in and the character limit that allows you to add in this option. so then it will show up in your box here and you're able to edit it as needed. once you create the option. you have to go through and create the option set which you're able to select for a partikular product. so you'll click add new and once you name it, so we'll have our. these are options for our mugs. you can pick the options from below which- this is that unique name that you will be choosing from- and you'll click use option. now we'll add it here below. you can check to have make sure that is validated is actually for the products and then you can select products by selecting all of them. so this option will be available across the board for all of your projects. or you can do for select products, which you can use by searching through product vendor, product type or just the list of your actual products, and once you select the product, then added, it will actually be added here and if there's another set that has options, it will let you know that there's already options for this product. so you can either take it out of your old one and add it to this one or make sure that you have a more general set of information. once you can create your set, then you'll click save and you will be able to view it, how it will look, based on the customizations of your store, and you can edit it. in. trash it back in the dashboard, you're able to see the revenue generated by the app. you still get your installation wizard and your services below. option settings is where you have your options and option sets. general settings is where you go through for your display settings and your general settings so you can add your colors, how you want your text to actually be aligned, the container style, how it's going to look. it was your outline, any text. everything is really customizable when you come down to it. with this partikular plug here in general settings, you can have it where they can edit your cart and you can enable a discount code box for your customers. so that is the infinite product options. if this video was helpful, then please take a moment and, like this video, leave a comment if you have any questions or if you are looking for any alternatives or looking to do something specific. i would love to help out. thank you so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more videos on the shopify platform in apps.

Conditional Logic for an Engraving Cost with Infinite Options

hi there and thanks for checking out this tutorial video on how to create an embroidery text box that increases the overall price of the customer's order. we will accomplish this by creating a bundled check box that will show or hide an embroidery text box. here's this in action. here you can see that when i select the yes please check box, an embroidery text shows. now, if i add mattes hat and add it to my cart, i will now see that i have my original hat and the embroidery charge in my cart. great, now let's take a look at how to set that up. if i navigate to my infinite options dashboard and then click on option sets, i should then click on create option set, open it up. maybe i can name it. i'll call it embroidery charge. i will then want to connect this with my shop pad hat product. nice. i then want a label for this first option. so this is my check box option and i will call it add embroidery question mark, and i like to keep the field name the same as the label. now i will create my option values. the first option value i want is: yes, please, plus five dollars. i like to include this plus five dollars in this value to inform the customer that this option will add five dollars to the order. my other option will be no thanks. now the important step of this option is to attach the bundling feature to this yes please option value. to do so, click this price tag button. i will then want to find the product i want to bundle with it, and i have already created an embroidery charge product on my products admin. i will select this, i will add it and i can see that this is a five dollar product, just as i mentioned in the label. i will then click done, and now i can see that the embroidery charge is attached to the yes please plus 5. now, if i save changes and go back to this product on my store, i will now see that i have this ad embroidery option, but there is no text box conditionally connected to either of the check boxes. to set this up, i will want to go back to my infinite options dashboard. i want to add another custom field. the label of this field will be something like embroidery text and again i want to have the same field name and this one actually will be a text. the key part of this option is to create the conditional logic to do so. i want to show advanced options, scroll down to conditional logic and create new. now i want to show this field if all of the following match. so the field name is of course at embroidery and i want it to contain the yes, please plus five dollars. so i'll copy that, add it in. and now, when i save my changes and navigate back to my shop pad hat product, when i click the yes, please, plus five dollars, i now see an embroidery text text box. now, if i add in an ops option, i'll call it math hat 3.0 and add it to the cart. i can now see that i again have my mats hat 3.0, the 10 product and the embroidery charge product worth five dollars in my cart. nice.