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shopify ipo filing

Published on: June 30 2023 by pipiads

Hello everyone, and welcome to IPO Market Watch, the channel that covers all initial public offerings directly, including blank check companies and private companies that are going public on the stock market. My name is Mike, and I want to thank you for watching. If you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing so you won't miss out on any IPOs. In this video, we will be discussing Shopify and Affirm, and how their partnership is going to benefit both companies and investors.

Partnership Between Shopify and Affirm:

- Shopify is poised to take up to a $500 million stake in payment firm Affirm.

- Affirm is a San Francisco-based company that lets people pay for goods and services by installment instead of using credit cards.

- Affirm is going public soon, and Shopify has the option to buy 20.3 million shares in the company.

- Shopify was given warrants to buy shares in Affirm for a penny a piece.

- Affirm was granted access to Shopify's network of U.S. retailers that sell via the Shopify system.

- Affirm will be able to reach new customers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials who are looking for more transparent and flexible ways to pay.

- More than 60 million customers have used Shopify's payment services.

Potential Benefits and Concerns:

- This partnership is great for Shopify store owners and Affirm, as Affirm will get its foot in the door of the online businesses that use Shopify.

- Affirm's revenue will increase significantly, and they will no longer be reliant on just a few thousand customers, like fitness app Peloton, for more than a quarter of their revenue.

- Affirm's IPO could potentially put them in the same neighborhood as PayPal, Square, Visa, and Mastercard in terms of stock price.

- There is concern about the few thousand retail partners Affirm currently has, as they need to build a more solid base under their company.

- It is not known how many of the warrants Shopify will cash in, or if they will exercise their right to buy all of them.

Overall, the partnership between Shopify and Affirm is a smart move for both companies and investors. Affirm will benefit from reaching more customers and increasing their revenue, while Shopify store owners will have access to a more flexible payment option for their customers. There is potential for Affirm's IPO to be very successful, but they need to focus on building a more solid customer base. This partnership is something to keep an eye on in the coming months. Thank you for watching, and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

This Ecom Brand Is IPO'ing (Profit + Store Breakdown)

- Are there any publicly traded direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands?

- If so, how are they succeeding in the competitive e-commerce industry?

- This article will explore the latest IPO from a D2C e-commerce company and their success.

Company Overview:

- The company is called Figs and they sell fitted scrubs made of a special fabric called PhyOnyx or Fionx.

- They have a cult-like following on Instagram and have turned a boring industry into something revolutionary.

- They have 13 main SKUs and 82% of their sales come from these products.


- Figs has filed to raise $100 million by IPOing on the NYSE under the ticker FIGS.

- The company has seen 138% YoY growth and went from $110.5 million in annual revenue in 2019 to $260 million in 2020.

- Figs was unprofitable in 2018 but made a net profit of $57.9 million in 2020.

- They have a 26.3% EBITDA margin and 60% of their customers are returning customers.

Website and Marketing:

- Figs has a clean and professional website that promotes their products and brand image.

- Their social media presence is strong and promotes positivity in the medical industry.

- Figs has done well in important areas like email marketing and social media following.

- Figs is a successful D2C e-commerce company with a unique product and strong marketing strategy.

- Their financials show impressive growth and profitability.

- Figs is an example of how a D2C brand can succeed in a competitive e-commerce industry.

Bigcommerce Files For IPO New 2020 Shopify Rival To Go Public

In this article, we will discuss the recent IPO market and focus on BigCommerce, an e-commerce design platform that filed for an IPO.

Crazy Day in the Stock Market:

On July 14, 2020, the stock market saw a crazy day with an IPO in China that went live at an alarming price of $71 per share.

BigCommerce Filing for an IPO:

BigCommerce has filed for an IPO and is set to go public under the symbol BIGC. It is the biggest competitor to Shopify, and for good reason.

Why BigCommerce is a Good Company:

BigCommerce provides businesses with all the central features they need to run an online store, from robust site security to fantastic themes. It also has a great long-term growth potential.

Why Shopify is Better Than BigCommerce:

While BigCommerce is a great company, Shopify has the advantage of offering more essential integrations with third-party providers, which makes it easier for online stores to operate seamlessly.

BigCommerce is a good company that is set to do well in the IPO market, but it falls short compared to Shopify. Regardless, it is a great platform for businesses looking to build their online stores.

Allbirds IPO shows how far Shopify can take you

- All Birds, a brand built on Shopify, made $118 million in the last six months

- Tim Brown founded the most eco-friendly shoe brand in the world

- All Birds is focused on sustainability but their vision is more than that

- The brand started with a Kickstarter campaign

Shoe Design:

- All Birds started off with one minimalist shoe

- The shoe is popular among celebrities and in Silicon Valley

- The shoes are eco-friendly and made of wool, eucalyptus fiber, and crab shells

- Tim Brown believes that people buy good products, not just sustainability


- Tim Brown wanted to create a natural shoe made from natural materials

- He teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, who thinks differently from him, to tackle problems

- All Birds is not just a sustainability brand, but a brand that focuses on fewer better things


- All Birds started off on Shopify but has since expanded into brick and mortar retail stores

- They have outlets in London, New York, and Auckland

- All Birds is legally bound to meet sustainability targets as a B Corp

- Tim Brown believes that businesses need to reduce their carbon footprint for their future

Practical Advice:

- Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger focus on achieving three things a day instead of having a sequence checklist

- Tim Brown believes that it's important to know when to ignore feedback and filter it through your own lens

- All Birds believes in focusing on a stable foundation instead of exponential growth

- All Birds is a successful brand that was built on sustainability but has a vision that goes beyond that

- Tim Brown's partnership with Joey Zwillinger shows the importance of having a partner who thinks differently from you

- All Birds' expansion into brick and mortar retail stores shows that online and physical retail can coexist

- Tim Brown's focus on achieving three things a day and filtering feedback through his own lens can help entrepreneurs and creators achieve success

SHOP Stock vs BIGC Stock: Analysis of Bigcommerce IPO And Shopify IPO Financials

Hey guys, this is Nick from financiallyaware, and in this video, I want to compare BigCommerce and Shopify, two e-commerce companies, and see which one is a better buy in terms of stock return over the next year or so. Let's dive in and compare their numbers!

- Comparison between BigCommerce and Shopify

- Analyzing revenue, customers, and market cap

- Evaluating which one is a better buy for stock return

Comparison of Numbers:

- Shopify IPO'd in 2015 with 162,000 customers, while BigCommerce has only 60,000 customers currently.

- Shopify's revenue in Q1 2015 was $33 million, while BigCommerce's revenue in Q1 2020 was $37 million.

- Both companies had a similar loss in their first quarter of going public.

- Shopify's market cap was $1.9 billion after its first day of trading, while BigCommerce's market cap is $5.2 billion currently.

- BigCommerce is trading at 44 times its 2020 revenue, while Shopify is trading at 50 times its 2020 revenue.

- If we divide the market cap by the number of customers, Shopify is 7 times cheaper than BigCommerce.

Comparison of Stock Return:

- Shopify's market cap is $126 billion currently, 20 times more than BigCommerce.

- Shopify has over 1 million customers currently, while BigCommerce has only 60,000 customers.

- Shopify's revenue is 20 times more than BigCommerce's revenue.

- The payback period for acquiring a customer for BigCommerce is 39 years, while for Shopify, it was 13 years during their IPO.

- Shopify's stock has returned over 40 times the initial investment over the past 5 years.

- Both companies are expensive in terms of market cap and revenue.

- Shopify has a better customer base and revenue than BigCommerce.

- BigCommerce is similarly priced to Shopify, but its payback period for acquiring a customer is longer.

- Shopify has a better stock return over the past 5 years.

- It is hard to say which company will have a better stock return going forward, but Shopify has a proven track record of growth and success.

IPO Prospectus Launch

- Good morning to distinguished guests, members of the media, ladies and gentlemen.

- Welcome to the virtual launch of Coraza Integrated Technology's prospectus.

- The company will be undertaking an IPO exercise on the ACE market of Bursa Malaysia Securities.

Corporate Video:

- Coraza is an established integrated engineering supporting services provider in Malaysia.

- The company produces metal piece parts, enclosures, precision machine components, and structural racks and frames.

- Coraza serves customers in various industries, including semiconductor, instrumentation, life science, medical device, telecommunications, aerospace, and electrical and electronics.

- The company's competitive strengths and commitment to quality have earned them a reputation as a reputable and reliable integrated engineering supporting services provider.

- Coraza supports customers in various industries, including semiconductor, instrumentation, life science, medical device, telecommunications, aerospace, and electrical and electronics.

Speech from Managing Director:

- Coraza's roots can be traced back to over two decades from a humble beginning as a sheet metal fabricator located in Sabrang Prime.

- The company now provides a comprehensive range of services, including fabricator of sheet metal, precision engineering components, design and development, and value-added submodular assembly to customers across a diverse range of industries.

- Coraza's focus is to provide integrated engineering support to its customers.

- The company is a proud Malaysian company with business extending to Singapore, the United States of America, China, other Asian countries, and European countries.

- Coraza's ability to provide quality products and services in a consistent manner coupled with its remarkable accreditations have enabled the company to receive recurring orders from its customers and has eventually cemented its position as a preferred supplier.

- The IPO is now open for subscription from today until the 6th of January 2022.

- Thank you for your support, and we wish you a great day ahead.

New IPO Shopify Backed Ecommerce Platform Global-E $GLBE Goin Public May 12 2021

Welcome to IPR Marketwatch! My name is Mike, and today we're talking about the upcoming initial public offering of Global E-Online Ltd, backed by Shopify, one of the biggest and most expensive stocks in the stock market.

So, what is Global E-Online Ltd? It's a software publisher based in Israel that develops a cross-border e-commerce platform called Global E. The platform is built for international shoppers to buy seamlessly online and for merchants to sell from and to anywhere in the world. Their mission is to make e-commerce border agnostic, and they are fastly integrated with Shopify, making them a company that's helping merchants sell globally.

On May 12th, Global E-Online Ltd is going public, and they will be selling 15 million shares at $24 per share, valuing the firm at about $3.6 billion. The company has received a non-binding expression of interest from funds affiliated with Dragon Ear Investment Group to buy 2 million shares at the IPO price, which is positive news for the company.

Global E-Online Ltd has produced a net dollar retention rate of 172% for the calendar year 2020, indicating high product market fit, growing revenue from its existing cohort of customers, and efficient sales and marketing efforts. The company has grown revenue and gross profit rapidly and is profitable, generating free cash flow and operating in a growing industry segment.

The firm's financials show very strong top-line revenue, gross profit growth, swinging to operating and net profits increase, operating cash flow, and free cash flow in 2020, which was impressive at $29 million.

Overall, Global E-Online Ltd is an awesome company backed by big investors like Shopify, Dragon Ear Investment Group, and DHL International. At $24 per share, it's a bit expensive, but with its profitability and strong financials, it's definitely worth considering for long-term investment.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a good IPO to invest in, Global E-Online Ltd is definitely a top contender. With its innovative cross-border e-commerce platform and strong financials, it's a company that's poised for success in the global market.

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