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shopify jewelry theme

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

How to create & design a beautiful Jewelry ( Jewellery) store in shopify 2022

hello everybody, welcome back to the channel. this is ani here from the learning class, so today's video is about uh creating uh actual shopify store. uh, we'll be creating a jewelry store, so i'm gonna show you, uh, how to create a jewelry store like right from the scratch. uh, we are dealing here with the design part. jewellery stores are clearly one of the most profitable stores because of the huge profit margins that you can get in jewelry stores. profit margins usually, uh are between 50 to 300- 400 percent, so it's a great uh store to have. uh, there are tons of videos online about how to make a shopify store, but nobody is really focusing on the design aspect, on how to actually create a good eye-catching website, uh, so, yeah, so today we'll be focusing on, you know, how to make a jewelry store. of course, this is a creative process and everybody's idea is different. uh, the way everybody looks at uh stores are different. you know the visual appeal, things like that. so i'm just gonna do something that i like, uh, and, of course, you can get inspired and, uh, you know, have your own. you know design. but, yeah, today i'll be actually creating a complete uh jewelry stove. so, without further ado, let's straight away, get into it, uh. but yeah, before that, uh, please, uh like, subscribe, share, comment, do all of those good stuff. we are a brand new channel so, yeah, any kind of support is will be much appreciated. so, uh, let's straight get into it. so what you see in front of me is basically, uh, shopify store. this is the. this is the back end. so, uh, let's move. i'll quickly just have a browse through, uh as to what the back end looks like. uh, so on the left hand side you can see all the tabs: home orders, orders- are where you know once a customer places an order, that's where you can see. products are where all your products, uh, that you have on the website you can see. now, for this video, i have already migrated the products, so i've got heaps of products which are already available. so i do have a video on how to migrate products and if you guys want to check that out, i will leave the link below in the description, so feel free to check that out. uh, then you got your inventory. uh, you've got, uh, your transfers. uh, this is usually uh, for you know, if you have an actual brick and mortar store and your inventory, you know, is going to be coming from a partikular business location or a b2b business, so this is not, uh really applicable for us. collections very important. so, as you can see, i have uh made some collections already. so, again, uh, if you see my, if you see the video, uh, my previous video- you'll be able to see how to create a collection, but here i've already made those. then you got gift cards. so if you want to- you know, have issue a gift card, or you want to sell a gift card, or if you want to give a gift card to your current customers, you can create those over here. then you got your customers, so all your customer details will be here. then you got analytiks, so here you can find all your store information, reports, live view, things like that. so i'm not going to spend too much time on this because this will take, uh, you know, too much of the time. so, uh, if you guys want me to create a video explaining, you know, certain factors or certain aspects of shopify, do let me know. i'll be happy to oblige, uh. but yeah, this video is specifically on design aspect, so let's just quickly now get into it. so what we are concerned here with the design part is your themes, right? so if you click themes, you get this option. so shopify gives you some free theme. so if you just click that, so these are shopify's own free theme, so you can use any of these, right? so the way to use them is: let's say you want to use, uh, let's say craft, so you just click craft, add to theme library and you can see. you know, the craft theme is now loading here. so let's just wait for it to load, let's just sometime. it just takes, like, depending on the file size, yeah, sometimes a minute. uh, sometimes 30 seconds. uh, in the meantime i'll show you, uh, the shopify theme. so so this, this free themes that you see, these are from shopify and they are great. some of them are really good to be, good to use. and then you also have shopify theme store. so this is where you can buy third-party themes. so a whole lot of themes available. here you can see collections so you can choose from these options. you can choose by industry. so let's say you are going to be doing clothing and accessories, electronics store, home and garden, so ours is probably clothing and accessories, so you can click those and then you've got lots of themes available, but keep in mind they are paid, obviously. so you can see 280 dollars, 350 dollars, so you can actually also have a quick overview. so this one is stokholm. you can see a view demo store. so there you go. so this is how the theme is gonna look like if you buy it and, of course, you know you can customize it. [Music]. so, [Music]. yeah, so this way, you know, uh, feel free to kind of browse through all the theme store that uh, shopify has. so, yeah, in a free option from shopify, which are pretty good. uh, if you're looking to create a basic store, if you've never done design or things like that, it's a great idea to just uh go with the, you know, the free store. or if you are willing to, you know, shell out some cash and you know you want to go with one of these premium themes, then you can go with them. they have, like, different style as well, so you can click those, you can check those styles, okay. so, uh, let's just look at uh craft. so, uh, you know, once you have downloaded the theme, you have to just click on the actions and just to publish. right now you do publish. so once you have published, now you need to go on your front end, right? so what you, what i like to do, is i like to just copy this, because i want to have access to my back end as well, and i'm just going to paste it here, okay, okay. and then you just click on customize. so this is, this is the free craft theme from shopify and, as you can see, it's got different sections. this is how it's going to look. so this is basically the front view in, uh, you know, in in an editable mode, right? so you can see, on the left hand side you've got all the different sections. and then you've got, you can play around with this the way you like. let me just quickly show you. if you click like and it says the heading which is here, tok, about your brand, you know? so here you can type, you know, whatever you want. you can decide on the size. so this is, this is a whole lot of customization that you can actually do. and then you got the color section. so here you can select a collection, right? so let's just see, you know you select the collection, let's say it will change, and then you can see the brooches over here, right? so this is, uh, the free shopify thing. now, i already have a theme, uh, which i use, so which is over here, so i'm just going to publish that, okay, okay, publish that. and i'm just gonna click on customize, okay. so you know, this is already a theme, uh, which i have put some information in, you know. so, feel free to, you know, add your own information, feel free to keep it like this, and it's really up to you, uh, basically, uh, what i like to do is i like to, uh, you know, for the jewelry store, i've kept like the black theme and, uh, as you can see, this is basically the layout. so by the end of this tutorial, uh, we should have a fully functioning joinery store. so let's get into, uh, actually, the design thing. so the first, the first section i have is the slide show, right, so let's celebrate you. so, here, once you click that, you're gonna see this image. now i have certain images that i would like to import, so i'm just going to click on this, this, i'm going to get the images from here. so i have some images here which i'm just going to import, so you can import multiple images if you like. so i've selected the image now. i have taken a screenshot of the website that i basically, so i actually made the website before and i'm on my website to look like this. okay, so by the end of this tutorial, my website will look like this: okay, let's see if the pho.

🔥 Shopify Jewelry Stores ✅ Shopify For Jewelry Websites

shopify for jewelry stores. hey guys, welcome back to the channel. in this video, i'm gonna be showing you how you can use shopify as your ecommerce partner when you are creating your online jewelry store, and how shopify can be a good fit for you or not. so let's get into it now. first off, you're just going to go on to shopifycom and you're going to click on start free trial over here and you can use, have a 14 day free trial of shopify and you don't have to worry about your store name. you can change all of that later on. so once you have started with your free trial, this is going to be your basic dashboard once you have created your account. so on your left you have your entire navigation. then on your top right, you have your account settings. you can manage your account and you can create multiple stores from a singular account as well. so shopify has a bunch of great features, but i'm just going to show you the features that i personally really like, and i'm going to go over the entire platform as a whole for you to create your own jewelry store or your own accessory store, and i was creating a scrunchie business last year and i found some of these features to be so, so helpful and generally keeping data and managing my inventory. so, first off, you need to go on to the product section and if you already have a csv file, you can just click on import over here and you will be adding all of your existing products. if you don't have a file like that, you can just click on add product over here and then you're just gonna add the title of the product that you want. so we're creating a jewelry store, so i'm just gonna do a few jewelry items and then you have your description. so it could be 0.5 mm square cut. whatever detail you might want to add about the product, like so, and make sure your descriptions are actually accurate, because these are the descriptions that are going to appear on your actual website. so make sure you're writing your descriptions accordingly now. after that, what i'm going to do is i'm going to change this from a draft to a active product and after that you're gonna add your media file so you can just click on add files over here and you can upload your file, uh, directly onto the shopify platform. below that you have your pricing. so this is something that i really found helpful when i was selling scrunchies is that whatever price i added, i could also add my cost per item, and this would really help me manage my profit. so let's say we're going for 35 dollars for this product and then you can add a cost per item. so let's say, if these earrings cost me around twenty dollars to source, so i have a forty two point nine percent profit margin and i'm getting fifteen dollars of profit every time i sell one pair of earrings, and this is something that i find to be pretty useful. especially if you're selling small items like jewelry and accessories and scrunchies and all that. it's a lot more effective and efficient to have your cost per items calculated directly on shopify now. after that, you have your stokkeeping unit so you can add whatever sku code you want. so you can add whatever skus you have, and then you can add barcodes as well. you can choose to track the quantity of your product or not. that's totally up to you- and you can choose to continue selling out of stok or not. so this is an option very helpful, and this feature is very helpful especially if you're running a drop shipping business. so if you don't have your own products and you are just sourcing products from other places. you can definitely continue selling one out of stok. so let's say you have a hundred items in stok, but you can order items and they will. they would usually arrive in a week so you can continue to sell, sell this product even when it is out of stok and then you can order more items as soon as you hit the margin where people are purchasing and you're already out of stok. so this is a great feature for you to continue sales even when you don't have any stok present. then you add your shipping details and all of that and then you can choose if this product has options. so let's say, if this is a square cut ruby earrings, you can choose that. maybe they have a certain style, so you could add the style and then you could add the- uh, different values. so let's say i have a square cut and then i could add the second option, which could be round cut. then it could be oval cut, whatever it might be. so you can add different values like that and you're just going to click on done over here and then you can change the prices for the item as well. so if you want the prices for one item to be more than the other. maybe a square cut is going to be a bit more expensive, and then the round cut. you can also edit those on shopify. so you can see over here now, after you have added all of your different variants, you can just click on edit website seo to optimize the overall listing of how it is going to appear on google or any other platform. and now i'm just going to click on save and save this product that i have and just like that, i have added my first product with different variations onto my product list. now you can see that i have one product right now. now, below that, you can monitor your inventory for your products as well. now, this is more useful when you're running or operating on a larger scale and if you're keeping track of items. multiple items is going to be a lot more useful for you. but for people that are just starting out now, if you go on to the analytiks section over here, this is something that is going to be a very useful feature for you to monitor your overall success for your business, because over here you can see the average order values, total orders or returning customer rate, online store sessions, how much time people are spending on your website, what kind of traffic are you getting, what people are actually purchasing the product and what people are browsing, and you get all of those details directly from the singular dashboard, which is going to really help you in optimizing the business that you are running. now, below that, you have your reports as well, and these are a bit more detailed and you can find a lot more information in the report section. so you can see in your report: you have your sales, you have acquisition, you have profit margins, you have customer behaviors, customers and customer marketing finances. all of that is present over here, and the most important i find out of all this is your customer behavior. so if you go onto the customer behavior section, go into the show, all section- you can find different specific reports for how customers are purchasing your products and whether they are just browsing, purchasing, what kind of devices they're using. all that you can find on in these reports, and these are some of the most important ones that i would definitely suggest that you check out frequently. once you're running your own business here on shopify- now, this was just for your overall business keeping- then you have to build your storefront, so you're just going to click on online store over here and then you're just going to scroll down, you're going to go into your team library. you have explore free themes and you can just explore any free theme that is provided by shopify. if you are a bit more aware of html or any coding language, you can code your own website as well, but if you don't, just don't worry, you can use any free theme you want. and then you're just going to click on customize over here. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to first off, you can see this name over here. it's not changed from the website editor, so i'll show you guys how to change that later on. but what you're going to do is you're just going to click on the section you want to change over here. you're going to click on change image like this and you can just click on free images and make sure to click that link in the description box down below to get started with your own shopify store. and the thing is that with shopify, you can get started today.

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How To Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping Jewelry (In 2022)

hey guys, mike bastille here, and in this video we're toking about how to make money on shopify drop shipping jewelry and, more importantly, how beginners can earn 100 to 700 per day more with that. after the intro: hey guys, how's it going? mike vasile here. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online? sign up for it in the link below. so a couple years back, i was really excited to start like a drop shipping company, but only centered around jewelry. it was really interesting. it was like with my sister and i just thought, oh my god, we can make a bunch of money. you know, i saw this website right here, pura vida bracelets- that essentially sells these bracelets right here for like 12 or 30 dollars. and the craziest thing is, you could literally find the exact same bracelets on aliexpress for as little as like one penny. so it's like, oh my god, this is a huge opportunity. and not only that, but just recently, this exact same company just sold for 130 million dollars, right, so think about this, right, there's huge opportunity in the fact that. okay, here is, you know, like a simple bracelet, and here's the actual product that you could get for like literally dirt cheap. now how can you actually reverse engineer to go ahead and try it? so that's literally what i did. uh, we did a bunch of things in the beginning, but one of the things that i want to share with you is, if you did not think that jewelry was a lucrative business, or you never thought in a million years that you were going to sell jewelry online or dropship, i want to encourage you to just watch this entire video, because you will see exactly just how powerful it will be with very, very little risk to you. now, the first step you need to understand is you need to understand that drop shipping is just a form of market research. so, for example, when i first saw this exact company right here, i did the hard way. okay, you could decide if you want to do the easy way or the hard way. i chose the hard way. i literally went to um aliexpress, a company in china that actually gets a bunch of suppliers and products that are over there and ships it over you. do you actually go ahead and sell in the us? i literally bought a bunch of different variations, you know, like so many different variations and i just like like several thousand dollars worth, and i literally shipped it to my place and for the next couple of days- me, my sister and her friends- who were all like like late high school, like early college years- we were all just like taking pictures just trying to sell these bracelets. the problem with that is not a lot of these bracelets were actually what people wanted, right? and not only that, but we also wasted a bunch of money on products that we did not know was actually going to sell. so what i wish i did in the past would actually just go ahead and create a shopify store. shopify store is easy because i mean, if you think about, this exact website that is literally valued at 130 million dollars, according to forbes- is also built on shopify right. within literally five minutes, you could go ahead and create a custom website and just put all your ecommerce products, instead of me literally getting hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of inventory and jewelry from china. i wish i would have just got like you know the top, you know five or ten right, and instead i would have just taken pictures of that and just put it on my website and then i would decide to see if it would sell or not. if a product would sell, i would then go ahead to china, take the customer's money and then order it from them and then i would ship them to the customer directly. but if you really think about it, after a couple of weeks and a couple of months you'll start to realize that there's certain variations and certain different designs that actually do well more than others. at that point, that is when i would actually go ahead and decide to buy more of that in bulk and then create like custom packaging. like if i just type in jewelry packaging, i can even just order a bunch of these like cool artsy jewelry bags and send them over, and that way, when people actually go ahead and receive it, it's only going to be like an extra, like two cents or like 30 cents or whatnot, but it's gonna give customers a better- you know- feeling when they're actually going ahead and buying it. so the first step is actually drop shipping to find out which one of these are going to be your best sellers, because if you do not, you are going to spend a lot of time and a lot of money literally wasting it away, not knowing exactly what to do. the second thing i would actually do is, once you get those samples, literally take professional pictures. right, you can even use your iphone. iphones are like super amazing nowadays. the thing about aliexpress- if you literally just dropped it from aliexpress, which is like a bunch of chinese suppliers, this is what everyone else is looking and they kind of look, you know, very cheesy. right like what we did is we literally took some of the products and we had my sister and her friends wear. we created like lifestyle pictures. we created like a strong brand around it. well, you guys got to understand, when you're dropshipping, for you to succeed, especially this year, more so than any year ever, you need to create a strong brand around your product and that's why you know, just like literally taking a couple of cents, shipping it to you and taking pictures that are really high quality, you know, with like models or your cousin or your daughter or your sister or whatever, like i use my sister and her friends because i was a cheapskate, right, and i literally just paid them chipotle. that would add so much to your branding. now the third step that you need to understand what to do is you get to figure out how to actually go ahead and partner with influencers. so, if you see this, the reason why you know purevita ended up becoming so valuable is because they weren't just like running facebook ads, like what most dropshippers actually go ahead and do. they built a strong community around influencers that were going ahead and promoting their you know, bracelets like. if you look at this right here, you'll literally see them get like tik-tok influencers and instagramers and travel influencers. like all these people they literally use like models and instagram influencers and whatnot and people with audiences to go ahead and promote these products for them and they create like a brand around it where they can literally get a bunch of press for free, like the fact that you know pure pura vita has that strong brand. literally, influencers will shout them out for free just because it looks like artsy and beautiful. and that's one thing that you also gotta understand with like jewelry is: you know women love sharing jewelry. they love showing it off, they love sharing it on social media. that is free marketing. if you could leverage on that opportunity, it is huge. now the third step on exactly how to do that is: shopify will give you promo codes for that. you could go ahead and create and you could give out to certain influencers so that if someone purchases through that promo code, you could find out exactly which influencers are bringing in the most money. when that is the case, you can literally make a deal with the influence and be like: hey, i will literally give you 50 of all the profits for all the sales that you generate through your special promo code. now, this is actually huge, because a lot of influencers don't actually know how to make money. like, for example- i use this example over and over again- i just type in cat tips. right, see, i'm like selling cat jewelry. right, what i would actually go ahead and do if i was selling cats jewelry is i would literally create promo codes in my shopify account. then i would go over to all these people that have a bunch of views and very little subscribers like: look at this, 2.8 million views.


Building A Jewelry Shopify Store From Scratch (Episode #1)

hey guys, welcome to a new video. today i'm going to be starting a series where i'm going to be using the jewelry god theme from theme ocean to uh do a step-by-step tutorial series building the- the- essentially a shopify store, with this theme. um, i've seen this theme before and i purchased it before for clients and i've had virtual assistants work on it for me, for my clients, and get things done. the- the theme is priced very, very, uh, i guess you could say cheaply: it's 59.99. the only theme that i could really compare this to- that's even close of like the concepts of things that you could do- is if you guys are familiar with the turbo theme from out of the sandbox, um, but this theme is literally like almost five times 100, 10 times the price, excuse me. um, if you add the product to your cart, it's 400 and then if you check out, it's 450 after tax. i think, um, let's just go ahead and see here, this is from a different company and, like i said, so the theme is priced kind of cheaply. so if you're looking to build your first jewelry store, uh, welcome to the series. we're gonna have a playlist link in the description box down below and i'm gonna be taking you guys through every single step of building out your first shopify jewelry store. um, so welcome guys. like i said, we'll get into it. so i already bought the theme for everybody who's curious. i mean, you guys can go look at their website and all the things they tok about. but, um, it is a shopify 2.0 theme and the way to install is, after you purchase the, the theme, we're going gonna go over here to the online store and we're going to upload it. i've actually had like, literally- and my channel small, so i had like four or five comments before in the past asking me to do to, to do a tutorial with this theme and actually show how things work. so this is really my first tutorial ever. so this is not something i planned on doing, but let's go ahead and do it. so, basically, what you do is you take the zip file, you drag and drop it into shopify and hit upload. so we're gonna have to sit here and wait a few minutes for it to do its thing and upload and get all that stuff taken care of. but we can get rid of this right here. we'll wait for it to upload and while it's waiting for it to upload, we might as well have a little conversation. you guys can view the demo. we can actually view the demo in an incognito tab here and i'll just type in the word ocean, because that's what their password is. and as i'm viewing the demo, like i said, we, we can do all this. we're gonna, we're gonna figure out how to do all this cool stuff here. um, we're gonna add newsletter section, we're gonna add a banner section, uh, all this, all this really cool stuff, and you know it's not gonna be too hard. you guys are gonna be able, like i said, to follow everything along with me, um, and you guys are gonna be able to see everything. this is probably like a countdown timer and we're gonna get all this stuff done. so you guys are gonna see how it works. let's see if it's fully uploaded. all right, there we go. it's fully uploaded. well, what i like to do is i like to hit publish on the theme and just hit publish right here, right away, uh, so that it's active, so i can go into the theme right now and preview how it looks, and what you're seeing now is nothing like what it's actually gonna be there. so, um, like i said, i have no products. i have nothing on this store. it's literally brand new. so we have the area for a banner, we have two images here, we have an area here, we have some text right here, so it's going to be cool, all right. so the first thing i need to do is i need to find my actual products now. this: you guys are going to see me upload the products by the second episode, but this is what you guys should do in the meantime, right, if you, if you haven't done anything yet on shopify, this is how you can create products on shopify. so what you want to do is you want to go over your products section on shopify after you upload your shopify theme and, like i said, we're using the jewelry god 2.0 shopify theme from thememotion and what we're going to do is we're going to go over here to our products and we're going to see the screen. it says first up, what are you selling. and what we could do is we could click find products to sell. we can click add new products. so if i click find products to sell, this is gonna be like a whole drop shipping type of kind of game plan right now. you guys can get into that, but you're gonna have to install applications. as you can see, with shopify, i like to upload my products personally. that's what i do and that's how i set it up. but, like i said, it's up to you how you want to set things up. now, just to give you guys familiarity around the um, the shopify landscape, the sharpify architecture here, if you're brand new to shopify and you're not really sure how it works, here you have the title of your product, your description, your media, your pricing, okay, and tracking quantity. now, tracking quantity is up to you. uh, if you're selling quantity, like if you're selling products and you want to track the actual quantity, uh, track how many you have like stok count inventory system, you can do that. there are other people who pay for software separately to do that. uh, you don't have to worry about this theme template like at all. you don't have to worry about it at all, literally, um, i'll show you how it works later into the future as we're working on the theme and for different themes. this right here is different, like different sections for different things, different templates, uh, for different themes, like i said. so it's not all the same for everybody. okay, make sure that when you finally save your product work, like if you give your product a title, you give it a description when you say make sure the product status is active. there have been so many times where i have chosen, uh, to add new products but they weren't active and i was like going crazy, like what's going on with my store? why are my products showing? it's simply because of that. it has to say active, okay, or else it's not going to show on your website. now for the organization, all this kind of stuff. you don't have to really worry about this too much. uh, collections we'll get into in the future and tags we'll get into just a few minutes here. basically, these are ways that you can categorize your products. so tags is a great way to to explain what the product is, whether it be a color, whether it be material type, whether it be a size, you know whatever it is. and then collections is a place where you can add main categories for the products. so, for example, if i have, let's say, rings, necklaces and hats that i'm selling in my store, then one of the collections for the product might be rings or hats, right, and those are the main categories for the product. so here we have options. now, the options is a little bit different because the options creates variation to the product. so, for example, if i have a ring, i might want to change the size for 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, right. so what i would do is type in size and then what i would do is type in 6, size 6, size 7, size 8, size 9 right, size 9 and then size ten, right, that might be an idea. uh, if i add, if i wanna add another variation, like, for example, material, i might type in material and i might have something like gold right or silver right as a material, or copper right. so there's different things that i can do in this circumstance, in this scenario. so that's something you want to be aware of now. once you get all this stuff uploaded, everything saved, you're going to have a product list. so let me just give this product the name, let's go ahead and hit save here, and then what we could do is we can check out our product list here in our products and then, once you have your whole product list- right, you're gonna have a bunch of products listed here. you're gonna go to your collections. this is where you're gonna create some collections for your business. so let's say i have a collection of, let's say, rings, then i might want to create rings, i might want to do it automat.

The Best Shopify Theme For Jewelry, Clothing & Beauty Products (Cheap Shopify Theme)

hey guys, welcome to today's video. in today's video, we're going to be taking a look at a forty dollar shopify theme and we're gonna be seeing if it has any merit. does it have any value, a forty dollar shopify theme? we've seen shopify themes for 400, 700, 300, 100, but we've never seen a 40 shopify theme. so we're going to be reviewing the shopify theme, but without 40 dollar theme is provided by a website called theme ocean dot store. theme ocean dot store. uh, they're relatively new, from what i know. i haven't seen these guys before. i'll tell you the guys this: already i bought every theme that they sell. uh, i have an agency, as you know, so i have a lot of clients. they- they, you know, decide certain things and i outsource all the work, of course, and i want to give my employees, my virtual assistants, as many uh, different things to choose from, right, so i always kind of reinvest into the company and things like that. and uh, not to mention, there was a deal going on, so i figured: why not? right? uh, 129 dollars for all three themes, no big deal. so right now, currently, to date, they have three themes. they have, um, or three themes or two themes. no, they have three themes. sorry, they have a. let me go over here, hit shop all themes and once again, guys, this is theme oceanstore. uh, i will use the affiliate link. okay, i will be getting commission if you guys click on my link and buy a theme. but don't feel uh like you're pushed or anything like that to buy the theme. i'm just simply sharing what i've seen. i'm not telling you guys to buy it whatsoever. okay, they have a brand new theme that they that says a new arrival here. uh, it's 99.99, but for sale it's 79.99, which is it's called matilda bikini shopify theme. if you click on it you can uh take a look at kind of what they offer and how it looks and things like that, um, but today we're not reviewing that theme, obviously, because it's not forty dollars. we're reviewing this theme, the fruity land theme. now there's another theme here that they sell called bikify 2.0 shopify theme. i'm not going to be looking at that. i'm looking at this one called fruityland shopify theme and uh, it's um, it seems like a good theme. i i'm just gonna tell you guys this: already i did buy it, i already know how it works, i already know how to use it, all that kind of stuff. um, but we're gonna go ahead and view it here. so, in order to view the theme when you're on the website, you just hit this like read more button and you can see here. it gives you the details. it says click the link. so i'm going to open the link in a new tab and it says use password: ocean. i already logged in previously, so i have access to it already. okay, now this is how it looks. there are so many features to the theme. i mean, all these bullet points are different features that the theme has, and it is for forty dollars. i'm just going to tell you guys this right now: if you're looking for a budget theme, uh, if you're on a budget and you're looking for a decent theme to represent your brand, whether you're building a shopify store- uh, you know, for clothing, a shopify store for, uh, you know. if you're gonna be selling, uh, you know. shopify store for for wigs, a shopify store for a beauty brand. if a shopify store for selling waste trainers, a shopify store for selling merch, uh, print on demand, uh, if a shopify store, even for drop shipping, this uh theme will work okay. um, it has 100 responsive layout. uh, it's got google fonts. it's got. uh, it supports multiple currencies. it's got top bar functionality- uh, which this is a top bar right here where it says shop. now it also comes with a button. um, it's got, you know, a whole bunch of different features. it's got call to actions. some of the pages includes is a contact page, compare page, frequently asked questions, wish list about page, product catalog page. so there's a lot of pages there. it's got, um, you know, it's got a comments feature on the product page so people can make comments. i just want to go ahead and show this to you guys. i thought it was pretty unique, so it's a little bit different from what i've seen in the past. if you go over here, there's a comments button. uh, you can share comments right there. i thought that was pretty interesting. um, and there's, they got some little ads here in the comments, um, and people can like, ask questions about, you know, the products that you're selling for your shopify store. so i thought that was pretty interesting. um, they got like, uh, you know, social media compatibility. it works on all major browsers. um, just a whole bunch of you know awesome features to the theme. so let's go ahead and take a look at the website. uh, we have all these links. we have the catalog link. okay, you guys can see it. the catalog has a filter section, on the left, a search. uh, it's got you know, all the products in the middle also call. i want to call your attention to the products. it does have a swatch feature right. so it's got colored swatches right here and the swatches are, um, basically variations, just in a colorful way to to make it easier for people to select what color they want. and it's also got this little sale text right. if you look at the actual images of the products, these images are not built into the actual. uh, these little like i guess you could say promos on the corners here on the edges, that's a sale 59 off. um, these are not built into the actual image. if i expand the image, it's just a regular image. these- this is text that pops on top of the image. when a product happens to be on sale, when a product is happens to be sold out, it will have the same thing here and say sold out. right, and if you take your mouse and you hover over the product, it will say sold out, won't allow you to buy. but if we now, if we just call your attention here to the product page, we have a breadcrumb banner. we have some nice creative little text here. we have an add to cart button, we have a compare button, we have an add to wish list and we have a buy it now. the buy it now is a true buy now button. it takes customers straight to the checkout page. uh, for the price of the actual product. uh, which is a great, tremendous feature to have. i always tok about, uh, you know, increasing your conversion rate, increasing the amount of sales that you get out of the people that join that come and visit your website, this buy it now button will make a difference. for that you have add to cart button. of course, if customers want to buy multiple products, that's always a great feature. you have a compare and you have an add to wish list. you have reviews, comments, shipping policy, size chart and, of course, an upsell slash, cross sell feature here, which this is a great feature- that once you know a customer is looking a certain product maybe scrolls down they see other related products. this is a great way to increase the amount of sales you get per customer. here you have the contact page. the contact page is also tremendous. uh, you know, it does exactly what it's supposed to. sometimes all you need is a simple contact page with a simple check out. you know, contact form. that's all you need and it works great. here you have the about page. the about page is, you know, it's got some image and text features with some buttons. it's got some more text features. it's got some- uh, you know, meet the team kind of uh banner here. it's got a gallery here. uh, you know, that is slidable. it's got a newsletter section. so it's got a lot. it's it's very packed. um, we have a wish list section. so when you go to the products, when you're either when you're looking on the product from a catalog view or you're on the actual product page, similar to like this, you can always add a product to the wishlist or you can add to the compare list. okay, so if i want to add this orange to the wishlist, if i want to add this- uh, you know- this apple, whatever you want to call it- and this raspberry to the wish list, i could do that also. call your attention to: when i take the mouse, i hover over the product, it switches the image. do you guys notike that if there's more than one image, it will automatikally switch through the.

The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

in today's video, i'm going to show you how you can make one of the best online stores out there with ecommerce themes that are a designed to be fast and also high converting. so shopify has rolled out five new free themes and 65 updated paid themes that work with online store 2.0 features- literally so exciting. so i'm going to take you guys through some incredible shopify themes so that you guys can decide which one is right for your business in 2022.. each one of these offers industry leading performance and deep customization. but can we just get a little sneak peek here? okay, let's look at some of these amazing themes. so, first of all, look at this one- this one's called context, and i just feel like it would be perfect for someone who is starting like a clothing store but maybe wants a bit more of an editorial vibe. and then this one over here. look at this one- this one's called loft, and i feel like it would be so good for anyone selling home goods. so that's just a little preview, but definitely stik around till the end of this video, because i'm going to go through a ton of themes and just discuss the specifics on who they're good for and how they can work for you and your business. [Music]. okay, guys, so what exactly is a theme? so, if you think about it, themes are kind of like the skeleton of your online store. it's just going to define what your store is going to look like. so, for example, in this theme over here, this has one main image for the banner, but if you look at this one, it's going to allow you to put two images for the banner, and a theme is also going to define some of the functionality of your store. so, for example, when i click the cart on this theme, it pops up as a sidebar and then when i click the cart on this theme, it's just going to take up the whole page. so, if you guys don't already know, when you create your online store with shopify, you can choose between either free themes or premium themes, and it's really nice because there are more and more free themes that are being released recently. so there's tons of options there. and then, as of now, there's also 60 paid themes and you can find a theme that works really easily for yourself because you can narrow it down by industry price and then just basically find the design that you're after. okay, i know you guys are wondering: are shopify themes better than other themes out there? and i just want to say really quickly, just want to say this from the jump: shopify themes are amazing. they're amazing. first of all, if you are not tik savvy, shopify themes were going to be perfect for you because all of the features that you need already come built into your theme. you're probably never going to need to hire developer because 99, if not 100, of what you need already comes built into your theme. but but if you are a perfectionist like me and let's say, you do want to do like a little tweaks and like edit, you can edit your store without touching any code. so let's just look at my screen here for one sec, because i actually do think this is really important. so if we look here, you can see that i can easily edit these sections and these blocks to look exactly how i want and i can add apps, and i can add apps through app blocks. like there's so much flexibility here. obviously, hiring a developer can get really expensive really quickly, so this is a really good option if you are just starting. maybe you're trying to save a bit of money. and another thing that i really like about shopify themes is that you can get set up in literally less than 24 hours, like that is not an exaggeration. it is so fast. you could get set up between zoo meetings. you can get set up while your bagel is toasting. you can get set up before your roommate is done with the shower. okay, i don't know, probably not that fast, but one thing is for sure: you can definitely get set up before the pandemic is over. that's a little food for that. so this could be your sign to get going. so it is really quick to get set up. but it's also really good at getting your vision into the real world. you know when you have like an idea in your head and then you're like, okay, like i know what i want this to look like. i have this idea in my head and then you put it out into the universe and it's just like not really what you were hoping it would look like. i feel like that's definitely happened to me before. but i feel like with shopify themes, you can. you can get your branding and your vision out into the real world because you just have so much control over styling, over everything. and have you ever been on a website on your phone? and it's just like not as good as it would be on desktop. but with shopify, since themes are responsive, i feel like that just pretty much guarantees that your store is going to look dope, whether it's on the phone, whether it's on the desktop, wherever. we've all gotten to be very impatient creatures and, let's be real, no one really has the time to wait for even like four seconds for a page to load. but with the online store 2.0, let me tell you the speed and performance. it's good, as long as we don't overdo it with the heavy videos and like heavy images and that kind of thing. these themes are going to be so fast, guys. not nearly enough people pay attention to this, but shopify's themes are going to be highly accessible by design, and i think this is really important to me because everyone has different abilities, like, for example: some people might not be able to read small type, maybe they're just unable to see, maybe they're color blind. some people are unable to use a mouse to click on products to purchase, so they're going to rely on a keyboard alone to navigate the web. and with any shopify free theme that you choose, or paid theme, you can be sure that it's meeting the latest accessibility standards baked in by default. shopify actually requires the people who are making these themes to make sure that users can navigate through an entire theme with only a keyboard and a screen reader. i love it. i'm here for the inclusivity. last thing that i really like about the new online store 2.0 themes is that you are fully covered when it comes to support. like, if you decide to get any free shopify theme today, you would get an hour of free design time and in those sessions, the support advisors just have tons of ideas on how you can get more sales. and if you got a paid theme, you can chat with someone who can give you ideas on how to get sales too. so, literally, support in every direction. all right, guys, this is the age-old question: should you go for a free theme? should you go for a paid theme? all right, here's the t. so i feel like if you are just starting out, if you're just getting your feet wet, a free theme is a good option, because there's going to be light, they're going to be flexible and if you're looking to have the ability to tweak, the ability to get your theme super on brand, you can definitely do that with a- a free theme you can get so granular to the point where, like, you can choose whether your buttons are going to have rounded corners or sharp edges. you know what i'm saying. so i do love a free theme, but nothing hits like a good paid theme. this is just my opinion. i find that with premium themes is just such a breath of fresh air because you have so much more control. you can get really granular with your settings and your designs in a way that's just not as possible to that level with free themes. for example, you can add animations, you can have product details pop up on hover, you can even change the spacing between letters, and those are just to name a few. and i think i mean these themes aren't just made by random people. they're literally made by shopify's theme store partners, who have been building themes for over a decade. developing good themes for you is their entire business, so they always want to ensure that their themes are on point, that they're giving you incredible customer support. so, yeah, there's just nothing like a good premium theme. so if you are new, a free theme is going to be great, but if