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shopify life story interview

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

10 Job Interview Questions and Answers- Shopify interview questions

what are the top questions that you can,antikipate during your job interview as,long as there might be a limitless,amount of questions asked keep in mind,that all those questions,will relate to number one personal,questions such as,to confirm your qualifications your job,history,to figure out who you are if you're a,good match for this role or not,questions such as tell me about yourself,or describe your weaknesses,or where do you see yourself in five,even though,i personally think this question is,really relevant given the pandemic,nature of our work now but anyways,recruiters keep asking these questions,again and again,why recruiters are still interested in,your past challenges because your past,predicts your future,i know it may sound a bit creepy and i,have my own opinion on this,for me your past behavior in a given,situation cannot,hundred percent predict your future just,because,people get better and better in what,they do,people have different circumstances that,influence their behavior in a team,or a company or a job that may differ,from the job that you apply today,by the way not all recruiters can,equally well assess your past,performance and,match it with the existing challenges in,the company,and tasks that you are to be hired for,that's why for me,it's more reasonable to ask candidates,situational questions,to assess their analytikal and problem,solving skills,given the context of the company for,example i found a situational case when,i was researching for vacancies,in companies that are trending right now,like top employers in north america such,as,shopify for example check out what the,situational,case looks like there and how relevant,it is for the position,i am interested to apply hypothetikally,well first of all,this is a vacant position in hr area and,the title is,workforce planning specialist this is,what their website says,along with a resume in the message to,hiring manager section,of application form please also answer,the below question with a character of,limit of 4,000 letters new lines of businesses are,constantly popping up throughout the,support,organization some without much,historical data,describe how you would approach,preparing the first version of a,forecast for a new team with only 12,months worth of historical demand data,shopify actually shares my vision on how,to screen candidates,i started digging to other questions,that they may,ask their candidates and look what i,found on glassdoor for example,so many questions were related to tell,me about your life story,meaning they are interested to know what,influenced you,to choose the career path so the,recruiter is interested to know,how did you end up applying to this,position,they are not interested to know your,family tree the challenges you cope with,during your life they are interested to,figure out the logic behind your career,path,another common question as i said will,be again for a specific case,to handle for example this question your,project went,viral and you got a lot of users what's,the problem now and,how can you manage it so as long as the,interview questions can vary and it's,useless to predict,every question and train your answers,but most of the questions you're gonna,be asked will relate to your background,and what do you know about the employer,and about the job that you applied for,check this out why do you want to work,for shopify,why do you want to be a merchant success,manager,why shopify why shopify plus,why shopify data analyst i would assume,and again i'm not a predicting,machine just assuming they wanted to see,the logic behind candidates actions,so if they ask you about what did you do,in school,you need to pick the right time frame of,your school years,and say when did you discover you have,interest in a relevant class that you,that brought you to choose your major in,college,to choose your future employer and so on,but the most difficult questions will,relate to your thinking skills and,subject knowledge for example,a question addressed to a software,developer your project went viral and,you got a lot of users,what's the problem now and how can you,manage it or,check this out a marketing data analyst,candidate was asked what experiment,could you perform on social media to,determine consumer intent,or how could you use the reddit and,pinterest api,for our analysis okay same goes for,tesla interviews,expect something personal what motivates,you how do you prefer,working there will be also some in-depth,questions related to your work,maybe an employer would be interested in,your past projects,just to have an idea about the scope,that you were working with,be sure to include numbers in your,answer and of course,the hiring manager who is the last stage,of the interview process,will assess both your case answers and,how would you fit their team how to,manage your best,check out this interview process,described by a job candidate at tesla,for manufacturing engineer interview,where,the person was asked more in-depth,experience questions,and engineering scenario questions the,candidate ended up,accepting the job offer and hopefully,till now working at,tesla which is i think so mind-blowing,especially now,just to come up with the typical,interview questions that you can expect,here is the list of most common,questions during your first,and second stage interviews of course,you can expect tell me about yourself,this is a no-brainer guys check out my,video about how to correctly answer,these questions,after you finish watching this video,second question,why should we hire you number three you,can expect,why did you decide to apply to this role,and company,number four what are your strengths and,weaknesses,number five what are you proud of aka,what's your accomplishment,number six describe a challenging,situation you encountered,and how you solved it this is a,behavioral type of question that will,help the interviewer connect,your past behavior and match it with a,future potential,problem and how you would cope with it,number seven where do you see yourself,in 3,5 10 years from now aka what are your,plans in terms of your career path,your career aspirations what do you want,to accomplish,professionally number eight why are you,living your job,be as positive and ambitious as you can,never badmouth your ex-employer number,nine,you can expect tell me about the time,when you had,something blah blah blah you can fill,the gap yourself it can either be your,conflict resolution skills,or stress resistant communication issues,when you had,when you didn't understand a task and,you had to deliver a presentation for,example,you made a mistake how did you correct,it how did you cope with the failures,when you had a difficult colleague for,example you had to cooperate with,these are the common questions and,depending on the position,this they can be asked number 10 do you,have any questions for us,of course antikipated 100 guys this is,your finest hour,ask questions to the point show that,you're interested in the position and,show you want to continue this job,hiring process,thank you guys for watching check out,the rest of my videos that can be,very helpful comment if you want to add,something press the most,beautiful like button subscribe to my,channel and i'll see you later bye,you

"Discussing Interviewing at Shopify, Recruitment & Selection Process"

good afternoon everyone welcome to our,session thank you so much for joining,the event today we really appreciate,everyone taking time out of their day to,be here i am joined by irem angel she is,a tiknical recruiter at shopify she has,seven plus years of experience in,recruiting and mentoring professionals,and anyone wanting to make a career,change within the tik space today,she'll be discussing interviewing at,shopify and the recruitment and,selection process so uh we really want,to make this session as interactive as,possible so if you have a question,but you're a little shy maybe sharing,your audio or video you can always post,your questions into the chat on the,right hand side of your screen there's a,little tab at the top that says session,make sure you click on that before you,post your question in there um and if,you are okay with sharing your audience,audio and video feel free to share and,uh you can actually discuss any of your,questions one on one with our speaker,today so um that's all from my end i'll,just come back near the end of the uh,session and i'll just help close things,out okay,everyone enjoy the session and uh,yeah um,that's all,i can take over,thank you sandra um i'm really glad to,everybody on the call of course it's a,very uh different way of i guess like,interacting and meeting for events uh,one of the things that i was asked um i,guess when i was invited for the event,was how i wanted it to be set out and,i've done a few of these now um during,the pandemic and i like to keep it very,interactive simply because,i i would rather answer things that you,guys are generally interested in and get,right into it rather than having a,presentation for you um so i'm more than,happy to kind of answer questions i'm,also reading the chat so uh if you're,not comfortable i mean i i think you,guys have the option to turn on your,audience video if i'm not too sure um,you guys can do that or if you're just,comfortable kind of asking a question on,chat more than happy to do that as well,um,i don't know how to oh okay i think i,just accepted someone oh hi dilly is,that what's your name right okay,i'm good how are you good good um i feel,so like,straight not strange strange in a good,way because i saw a lot of like job,posting on my like on my browser every,day like,shopify is looking for uh looking for,they're they're looking for someone,um so i wasn't even sure that they're,looking for uh like you your company is,looking for um,the uh tik,tax uh tiknical,uh people or just for business,so i,oh my god i don't know why,um because,it was so in a sudden so my question is,i know you're specialized in uh ux,designer so are you specifically,recruiting for ux designing area or are,you looking for some other areas as well,yeah so i mean yeah as you imagine like,these um especially with like the the,bigger the companies getting we do have,very siloed portfolios as recruiters um,but that's not to say that we're not in,contact with other recruiters so like,for me specifically i do work with the,design teams a lot so that's ux and i,work more on the marketing side so we,have two types of ux if that's like,where your interest is um there's,product ux which primarily focuses on,all of the products that we have within,the shopify admin so if you're i don't,know if you've ever started a shopify,store of yourself uh for yourself but if,you go in and you see all of those,categories and all the products that are,actually built in the system that's like,things that like the product side of ux,work on and then anything on the,marketing side which is kind of what i,support um would be anything outside of,the admin so it's more like attraction,for merchants attraction for just the,audience that the merchants are,targeting things like that of that,nature um and even things like on our,website right so um those are like the,areas of ux that primarily i focus on um,i did beat up a little bit more just,prior to coming to this event just so i,can kind of answer questions more,related to,development and software i'm not the,best person i enjoy but i can definitely,tell you like the kinds of software we,use the process it's pretty much the,same process,um so i can definitely answer to those,questions got it so uh i'm an estate uh,i'm a korean,qa tester so i was wondering if you're,looking for automation engineering tests,yeah so those rules are actually almost,always open um in general like anything,that falls under rnd um so like my,biggest recommendations would be you go,on right and you check and the the best,thing about shopify is that when we're,trying to bring on anybody we're not,necessarily bringing on like people that,have like specific,um set of skills like in terms of like,the tiknical like languages and stuff,unless it's already specified in the job,itself um a lot of times we just want to,bring on folks who are very confident in,like the languages you are using and,then trying to see if you can even adapt,to the languages that we're currently,also bringing in-house so um things like,that um of that nature um i don't know,if you've gotten a chance to apply or,ever speak to anybody at shopify but we,also do a lot of um bringing you on,board and just having to speak to teams,and then letting the teams kind of give,us feedback in terms of your,conversation with them so sometimes,they'll come back and say hey i spoke,with dilly and i think that should be,really good on say like the website on,the website of things rather than maybe,like the shop side of things so we're,able to kind of like take feedback in,that sense and then start pivoting you,to other teams um but it's about,starting that initial conversation right,and really like getting yourself out,there yeah so it's about like connecting,you can apply it um when you see an,application or you can reach out to,specific recruiters or managers that,work in those areas so it's also about,like doing a little bit of research on,your end yeah sure oh thank you so much,that's awesome,and i like your coffee uh culture so i'm,definitely gonna,check yeah,all right awesome thank you,um but yeah if anybody else has any,questions i'm more than happy to like,take those on um i can walk through the,recruitment process as well i think,that's something that a lot of people,might be,curious about um,so one of the things i i guess i can,speak more on the ux side oh something,happened okay sorry something happened,something really happened to my screen,but anyways um so on the ux side or,really majority of our roles um we have,what's called the initial vetting call,um so sometimes when you get contacted,by recruiter i don't know if any of you,have applied and actually gotten through,this process but we generally try and,keep our initial conversations,between candidates and managers as like,that very first conversation they're not,gonna be you most likely will not be,toking to a recruiter as your initial,call you could also be toking directly,with the manager and i think that's,amazing because you get a chance to kind,of see the culture itself you get to,speak to the manager get more insight on,the actual team and deliverables so it's,a really great opportunity to network um,and just stand out and then after that,it's usually um you having a recruiter,call and we call that phase a life story,uh round and it's a very shopify branded,interview and it's a chance for you to,narrate your story for the recruiter and,just kind of tell your journey um,from wherever you want to start right so,if you're like i tok to a lot of design,folks so we do end up toking a lot,about their artistik side and kind of,how they went into,say illustrations or even content,writing i do a lot of copyright um,copywriting um roles as well,so it's a lot of that and then once,those preliminary steps are done which,is the initial vetting call with the,manager and the recruiter call just kind,of toking about the journey we move,into shortlisting and um those are whe


Choking during my first interview (Shopify)

How many people have said stuff like,,"I choked on that interview!",But what they actually meant is that they came to interview if maybe a stain on the shirt and then said the interviewers name wrong,While stammering for five minutes. Well, although that sounds like a pretty horrible interview experience,But at least they didn't actually choke on their interview,Okay, let's pause and rewind... how in the world did I get to this point for an interview at,the * Shopify * no less,well.,It was old back when I was a high school student,Completing my final gear in preparation for University and I happened hear about a contest where I can make an app,Competing against other high school students and earn prizes me making this app and entering the contest is a whole video in itself,But basically I created an app pulled off an epic,Presentation won two awards and one of the sponsoring judges happened to be from Shopify,She was really impressed and she took my resume and set up an interview with me now,I didn't really know what the job was for or what Shopify even was,but I was buzzing from my wins and cash prize and I was like,Except dabbing wasn't a thing like for you years ago,The day ends. I probably just fall asleep or something and then the next day I returned to class I,Told my friend about my interview at Shopify and she says wait you got an interview at Shopify, the Shopify?,That place is so awesome to work at it's like working at Google what?,She goes online and she starts showing me the pictures of the inside. Their working spaces look beautiful,They give you free food and once I saw that they have a freaking slide inside their building,I was sold! It was from that point on that. I knew I wanted a job at Shopify,I started doing my research. I watched bad job interview advice on YouTube,I researched a company found out who they are what they do. I also found a whole bunch of interview reviews on Goss store,Where the saltiest were from people who didn't get the job I should have listened to those salty interviews,Reading through these interviews. There was a trend,people found the interview,'Strange but easy' and there was a mixed positive and negative experience,A lot of them reported that the initial interview question was 'what's your life story?',and for some reason I didn't really pick up on this I was like,Hmm. A lot of people are sure reporting this question,meh,Time passes exams finally finish. I win the chess tournament and literally three hours after my tournament. I,am on my way to my first interview which by the way,I'm not even sure which job this is for at this point,All I know is that I could fit with either design or programming.,I arrive, I wait for a bit and then I am greeted by my interviewer,Let's just call her at Lisa on this channel. We greet and shake hands and she takes me through to office,Meanwhile giving me a tour and giving me some background information on the office,This was actually my second time here, but it was just as awesome looking on the way,We passed by one of the office kitchens. She hands me a glass of water and I take it,I was really nervous and fidgety. And so I was just hey thankful to have something to hold on to,Finally we arrived at her interview destination a sunny and high up outdoor terrace if a picnic table to sit on it barbecue,nearby we get seated and this is the first thing she told me:,"I haven't read your resume",well, that's good news!,And finally, she asks me this question,Not what's your three strengths and weaknesses not like something programming or design related?,"What's your life story?",If I were to answer the same question again. I would answer this in relation to my programming and design skills,And sell it as an epic story how I always been passionate metal art in design and combine this with my vents in my life,You know,,I sold artwork at age 12, made my first video game at the age of 14 designed and programmed my first app at 17,Yada, yada. yada, and finally now I Here I am in my dream uni program doing both programming and design!,All this, leading me to you right now here at Shopify!,*wink wink hire me wink wink*,Well me now, was not me back then. First of all in high school,I was extremely awkward and I was extremely unprepared and I took this question way too literally,YeAh So I wAs BoRn iN 1998 aNd I wEnT tO kInDeRgArDeN iN oTtAwA,*face palm*,I moved here and there and then finally here,The more this goes on the more nervous I get,And I do end up mentioning how I programmed my first game and stuff like that and I mentioned some more programming related things,But she tells me she doesn't know what that is,And finally, I realized that she doesn't know any programming stuff since she's a human resources prison,at this point I just start drinking water just to hide my nervousness. The interview goes on and eventually I'm literally just,compulsively drinking water like,Uh-huh,Yep,And that's why I want a job,And then at that fated moment, it happened. Somehow in my dual state of semi-hyperventilation and,Compulsive water drinking I managed to *inhale* the water,At first I tried to hide in my choking and hold in the coughs,But all this does is make me do a really big cough causing me to literally spray the water out,Meanwhile, I still have more water in my mouth and I'm trying to hold it in while choking to death,Highly concerned it. Mildly disgusted Lisa asks, are you okay, which I respond I,Choke out the water through my hands and onto the floor, and then rasping, coughing,,and with slobbery hands, I'm like, yeah. *cough cough* I'm oKaAaAaYyY,This isn't even the worst part.,after this if the both of us just want to wrap it up we toked for about five more minutes about,potential positions I could fit into we say goodbye and she tells me she'll follow up with email and,Then it wasn't until I'm on my way home from the interview, and I'm just going over to interview...,Monstrosity in my head, and I finally realized something,When we said goodbye I shook her hand,that's right the same hand I was violently choking into and spraying my saliva and,Breathed-in water into just a few moments ago was shaking her hand,Well needless to say I didn't get that job and now three years later,I finally gotten over this trauma and I'm ready to apply again,I also learned some important lessons from this number one prepare and listen to the salty people on Glassdoor,- don't take defeat. You can apply again!,Once you get over the trauma and free most importantly do not drink water during your interviews,Do you have any funny interview stories?,Let me know in the comments and tell me what you want your character to look like if I get enough stories,I'll make a video the most hilarious one also like and subscribe and ring that Bell icon if you liked the video,This is actually my first animated video on but I've already started working on my second,Thanks for watching, Katarrr out!

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The man who converted a snowboard business into Shopify. The inspiring story of Tobi Lütke

When I hear stories about people dropping out of school to start enterprises, it always,fascinates me. I don't believe my parents would approve, and it sounds terrifying to,leave your comfortable life to embark on an adventure into the unknown at such a young,age. Tobi Lutke is a remarkable entrepreneur because he was not afraid of failure or the,business world. While most of the other successful entrepreneurs,dropped out of college to start their businesses, Tobi Lutke didn’t even get to college. He,dropped out of school and Tenth Grade but he didn’t start a company immediately! He,just wanted to be a programmer and write codes for a startup?,So what happened? At what point did he change his mind?,Sit back as we take you through the inspiring story of Tobi Lutke.,Hey everyone, and welcome to “Booked” where we inspire others with inspiring stories.,In today’s story we will go over the story of Tobi Lutke and his company Shopify.,Tobias "Tobi" Lütke is a millionaire German-Canadian entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of,Shopify, a company situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He was a founding member of the Ruby,on Rails framework's core team and is the author of open-source libraries such as Active,Merchant. But his successful journey into the tik world started at a very early age!,Thanks to his Parents who gifted him with a mini-computer at the age of six.,With his minicomputer, Tobi began altering computer hardware and rewriting the code of,the games he played. Tobi started falling in love more with programming and found school,boring. He also found it difficult to pass the examinations. He would later discover,the reason why he found school boring was because of a variety of problems, as he was,diagnosed with a lot of learning disorders. He finally decided to abandon school in 10th,grade to pursue something he is passionate about. With his continued interest in computer,programming, Tobi Lütke enrolled in a computer programming apprentikeship program at the,Koblenzer Carl-Benz School. Lütke's first employment after graduation,was at a Siemens subsidiary. Jürgen Starr, Lütke's supervisor, was a man who Lütke,idolized. His programming passion took flight and he was immediately hired by a Siemens,subsidiary to write code part-time. According to Tobi Lutke, his passion for tik increased,more while at this job especially because of his boss at work.,Tobi was drawn to his boss because he did things differently. For example, unlike other,Bosses who arrived at work in a Mercedes or a Ferrari, his employer arrived on a bike,and in casual attire. More importantly, his boss was leading a team of other nerds that,were working on some cool projects. Tobi wanted to be like them someday and it did work out,for him. By his second year in the company, Lütke joined the group of nerds and got paid,to program all day by the second year. In 2002, Lutke Tobi relocated from Germany,to Canada, and this is where his journey into entrepreneurship started. Tobi didn’t plan,on starting a company in Canada, he wanted to work in some hi-tik companies but fate,had other plans for him. As soon as he got to Canada, Lütke began,toking with local companies to join them but he soon realized he needed to have a work,permit before he could be allowed to work with any Canadian organization. I imagine,this must have been frustrating for Lutke Tobi, but he often refers to his girlfriend’s,parents to be his saviors at the beginning of his stay in Canada.,So what did his girlfriend’s parents do for him during his early days in Canada when,he couldn’t get a job? Let’s find out!,Launching his first company When Lutke moved to Canada, he met his girlfriend,,now a Wife who unlike Lutke was in school pursuing an undergraduate degree. But that,is not the gist, The Parents of Lutke allowed him to stay with them in the house while he,figured out what he wanted to do. Yes, you heard that right! Now imagine going to live,in the same house with your girlfriend’s parents. You probably would not dare think,about it or maybe not! But Lutke must have been a jolly good fellow to have earned a,spot in the hearts of his Girlfriend’s parents. Both his girlfriend and her parents took care,of Tobi Lutke. Tobi often refers to them as the coolest parents ever.,Now with a base in the house of his girlfriend, Lutke decided to start his own company since,no companies wanted to hire him. Since he loved snowboarding, he decided to start a,snowboarding business. Off his mind, he was just going to build a website and start selling,snowboards to people online. But on starting the journey, Tobi realized there was no available,support out there, he had to fall back on his programming skills to build a website,that was supportive of his newly founded business. This experience later shifted his idea from,just selling skateboards online to empowering others not just to sell Skateboards but also,every other business they want to sell online. After successfully launching his snowboarding,business in 2004 and receiving his first set of orders, it dawned on Tobi that he could,become an entrepreneur and employ others instead of trying to figure out how to get a work,permit. To make things a little more interesting, other online merchants were so impressed with,his tiknology that they approached Tobi to license his software to run their stores.,Tobi and his co-founder realized that their software had more potential than just selling,snowboards; they found a goldmine in their tiknology! In 2006 they developed Shopify,,an e-commerce platform that will let other entrepreneurs use the same tiknology that,helped them sell snowboards. Today the rest they say is history! You may have probably,heard of Shopify or maybe not, hang on a little bit as we take you through their journey so,far at Shopify and how Tobi and co are changing the world of e-commerce, one retailer at a,time!,Starting Shopify While Shopify has grown to be a multi billion,company, Tobi Lutke didn’t envisage it would get that big! He felt that the most he could,employ were 20 employees and run a fairly small company. But as his company continued,getting the attention of people around, he got an invite to pitch his company to investors,in Silicon Valley. His main concern about going to Silicon Valley was the cost of flying,there and staying a few days. He ended up riding a bike he acquired on Craigslist to,the Pitch sessions.,I am sure the investors must have wondered who this person that showed up on a bike was.,Anyway, the investors liked his idea and offered to invest in his company on the condition,that Shopify move to CaliforniaThe investors also thought Shopify needed an experienced,CEO so that Lutke could focus on the tiknical aspect of the company. Well, Lutke declined,their offers as he was very much in love with the role he played in the company and also,didn’t fancy a move to the US. Like I said earlier, he was not overhyped about all the,billion-dollar valuations just yet. E was happy with their pace and growth at the time.,I mean, he only wanted to sell snowboards for a few thousand, now they are making almost,a million yearly!,The twisted journey to Unicorn Maybe if there wasn’t a recession in 2008,,Shopify would have still been a relatively small company. It was late 2008, and Shopify,was running out of cash as it had to pay its staff who handled most of its operations.,Many people were losing their jobs as a result of the global meltdown. But this meltdown,twisted in favor of Shopify. A lot of people who lost their jobs were now,thinking about selling commodities online to stay afloat during the meltdown. As a result,,Shopify immediately saw a sharp rise in revenue as more people signed up for their online,infrastructure. In late 2008 and early 2009, Lütke watched as the figures grew and accelerated.,Now seeing the potential of what they had and a road map to grow it further, Lutke returned,to Silicon Valley and raised $7 million from investors on a $


happy Tuesday it is 6:30 a.m. so five,minutes out from work had it done early,today,[Music],think that I might be the first into the,office it's really dark from here the,lights are turning on,we are,this is my office everyone else has,monitors and stuff but they haven't,gotten me a monitor yet one of the top,perks but working for Shopify is just,food this is breakfast this morning,think we've got some breakfast burritos,some chia pudding fruit salad and a,smoothie of some kind as well as my chai,tea okay home from Shopify I'm pretty,tired I've been there all day I'm going,to lie down for a little bit maybe do,some catch-up I need to promo,yesterday's video because I didn't do,that at work and then maybe we'll do,something with my evening,I,so been a little overwhelming I've been,a little a little tired but it's really,fun work it's a lot better than school,but speaking of school I still have some,school work to do and I really need to,do that so maybe that's what I'll do,with my evening so I haven't been,shooting a lot of footage these last few,days for the vlog and the reason being,is that my life has has been crazy I've,been going from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 9:30,p.m. pretty consistently working the,full time a combination of Shopify and,school because I'm working full time as,well as studying for my exams right now,and I'm running so things are pretty,crazy and I guess that vlog is the first,thing to go,I'm still trying to release daily,content though and this should only be,for a few days but I figured because I,didn't really record a whole lot today I,want to tok about a question that a lot,of people have asked me recently which,is which is John how did you get hired,at Shopify right because Shopify is a,company that primarily hires University,students for the position that I'm in,which is a software developer intern,positions so typically you're looking at,a student in university occupying that,position and yet I occupy that position,last year on the summer of eleven and,this year in the summer of Grade twelve,as a high school student so how how did,I get there so for this we kind of have,to rewind back to 2015 and in 2015 I,attended a hackathon actually we have to,go back to this summer of 2015 my first,hackathon ever I honestly don't remember,what it was called yeah no I'm just I'm,drawing a blank but it was it was a high,school student only hackathon held at,the University of water,and I built the project with my friend,Alex Foley who called up mutation and,measured the alpha waves in your brain,using this meditation headband it's kind,of cool we didn't win anything but what,I did win is there is shelf buy,sponsored the event and so they ran a,little challenge which was to see if you,could have a program that could run in,exactly 40 seconds without using any,timing mechanism so basically write a,program that does a certain number of,calculations in my case I think is just,doing like a bunch of trigonometric,calculations repeatedly like millions of,times and then you kind of get as close,as we can to 40 I got pretty close I,think I caught like forty point two,because there's a limited time frame for,this as well I think we had like 15,minutes or 20 minutes so I I did pretty,well I came second I think and I want to,Shopify t-shirt and I also got to tok,to some of the developer advocates at,Shopify and that's the first,introduction that I had to Shopify so,fast forward a few months and I've,applied to and gotten intact the North,which is one of the biggest hackathons I,believe in the world definitely the,biggest in Canada held at the University,of Waterloo again but this time not just,for high school students but open to to,anybody and Shopify shop I was,sponsoring pack the North so shelf I,sponsored Hackman North as well as the,previous one and I toked to people at,shelf I there and I said hey do you hire,interns and they said yeah we do,I said you hire high school interns and,they said I don't know maybe and I,remember I when I toked to the Shopify,people at the first hackathon one of the,guys said yeah I started during high,school so I realized hey I could start,you in high school,so so after those two hackathons kind of,filed that away for a little bit and,then my uncle who is a financial planner,he was helping one of the guys who was,on board with Shopify early on had a,bunch of equity and then they went,public and then all of a sudden he has a,lot of money helping him manage his,portfolio,and I came up in conversation somehow,and this guy said hey connect me with,this guy I want to tok to him and so we,connected we toked a little bit just,kind of chatted and we toked a few,times just a bit kind of like life in,general I guess really cool guy really,really cool guy and eventually he was,out of Shopify event where the internal,coordinator I think at the time was that,and so he mentioned me to her and she,said hey give me an email address I'll,shoot him an email so she shot me an,email and we toked and then I did my,first interview with her which was just,a basic little tell me your story tell,me about your life and I think that went,pretty well so then I did a tiknical,interview online with a developer I,showed one of my projects that was,computing the convex hull in 3d which is,which is kind of neat there is an,algorithm where you can extend a simple,convex hull to arbitrary dimensions and,I just extended it from the typical case,which is two dimensions to three,dimensions and then I rendered it using,a game environment so you actually solve,a 3d polygon fun fact though that,program only works like 90% of the time,10% of the time it would crash so when I,clicked run and this guy was watching,even though all my code I think is,correct like I still don't know why when,I click run and this guy was watching,there's a 10% chance that my program,would have just would just died and it,wouldn't have made it but luckily it,worked and so I passed that interview,pretty well I think and well I made it,to the next one where I chatted with the,engineering lead who I had met at hack,the north and basically at that point I,was I was already in I can I could tell,that they were going to offer me the,position and but we chatted for a few,minutes there's a pretty informal,interview and then he said yeah so when,you come on we're going to be in a,different office and I was like,hi come on hey and then yeah the extend,is an offer to me and I assigned the,offer so that's kind of the story that,did my introduction to Shopify and it's,the company that I've definitely had the,the richest history with over the past,couple of years and I've connected with,a lot a lot of people there so yeah I've,got a lot of shelf buy stories but I,think this is a good one to start off,with over the summer I might tell a few,of the other ones but just kind of,introducing how I got hired at Shopify I,think might be valuable to some people,so that's going to that's going to,conclude it for the day I'm going to try,and get more footage tomorrow but,tomorrow is going to be a crazy day as,well and then Thursday is probably my,craziest day of the week because I have,two exams followed by a physio,appointment followed by a dinner at the,US Consul General so that's going to be,wild and then Friday should be like easy,so looking forward to Friday I just got,to make it through the next two days so,thanks for all your support thank you,for watching stay tuned,[Music]

How Shopify Went From Startup to IPO

the interpreters beginning was very hard,fast to get any kind of investment it,was mostly run on fumes on personal,savings by my family in France even in,situations where we had weeks of money,left in the bank I insisted on the,people who worked here to make plans and,think about products that we needed a,year later it's really really hard to,have his discipline but that's what made,the difference so this company honestly,would almost happened by accident when I,came to Canada I picked up the hobby of,snowboarding and eventually me and a few,friends decided he wouldn't be cool to,start Normand business selling,snowboards and that idea just ducted us,so we decided to do it and we ended up,calling it snow devil,I imagined setting up the online store,was going to be the smallest problem in,the business and it just became this,exercise in pure frustration the entire,industry was set up to service existing,businesses that I've gotten to a certain,kind of scale even though you know,Revere's toking 2004 it was clear that,no one has really thought about people,starting new businesses online,eventually I said like enough is enough,em sat down installed programming and,out came a software which ran the store,the way I wanted I had a lot of late,nights and it was really coming together,and I sort of took a step back and said,you know what I yeah god I think was it,I think I've written the last line of,code I remember like shaking before,hitting Enter it was just like it really,felt there was just so much energy which,was going to go into his one command,which might just change my life,arcing space - AR T space dot space snow,devil : and then came summer and and and,and we I I remember it really well we,sat down for a cup of coffee and at a,local coffee shop and this was saying,what is it going to be is it going to be,surfboards that they are going to sell,the summer is a girly skateboards we,should be terminals software company,be quite a Shopify and launched in 2006,a Canadian ecommerce startup is making,shoppers retailers and tik investors,sit up and take notike,Shopify made a name for itself helping,nurture - Jenny an attorney in Ottawa,all this means what in total they've,done really well they've got a really,really good company to this point but I,don't think theater yet there's a ton,more of us and a ton more get we need to,and want to accomplish and I want to,prefer to be one of history's great,companies and amazing how many more,people are able to see what I do because,of Shopify we thrive multiple solutions,nothing was working and to be very,honest with you Shopify just saved our,ass Canadian ecommerce software company,Shopify is going public the startup,plans to list them both Toronto and New,York shop provides tiknology uses what,Shopify has on a more macro level,fundamentally accomplished is that it,took a very complex thing and wrapped it,into a single well-crafted,easy-to-understand product when you sign,up for Shopify you're just getting a lot,you're getting the 10 years of hard work,by this entire company working to make,you look right as emergent the,sophistikation of business they were,created right now that use Shopify,vastly outstrip the capabilities of very,established business that might have,been around for 100 years at some points,this is something that Walmart,I have built for themselves or millions,are probably hundreds of millions of Rd,dollars they've gotten to the point,where they have data where holes that,can give them single views into,everything that's going on in these,large operations which we are giving to,people words starting out this sort of,consideration of enterprise quality,software is powerful as moving as,getting faster and it's everywhere and,Shopify is doing this for comments,so in 1876 a guy named John Wanamaker,created Wanamaker's department stores,actually was the first store in America,that had electricity and had a telephone,in there this was the first department,store meeting was the first time a bunch,of different brands were all being sold,under one roof my opinion is that retail,has been pretty boring ever since John,Wanamaker created Wanamaker's department,store and that for the first time in,about 130 years or so things are getting,pretty exciting again I think the next,five or ten years are getting the most,exciting times of retailing of Commerce,of the last 130 years and I think was,driving its tiknology tiknology is,making it easier for anyone to build an,online store tiknology is making it,easier to connect all these different,pieces our mission is to take the,concept of Commerce and redistribute it,amongst all of people not just give it,to the department stores or the,businesses do you think that commerce is,something massively partikipatory,something that everyone has a voice and,something that everyone should engage in,we both kind of dabbled in a bunch of,other different types of careers myself,partikularly I was in tiknology for a,number of years and I just kind of found,that to become increasingly less,fulfilling and wanted to put my time and,effort into something that was really,meaningful to me when it came time to,make a big move we kind of just decided,to do what was in front of us to do,which was kind of follow our dreams and,three fish studios was born from that,when we started the business three fish,studios com we got the website and that,was one of my first orders of business,was to put some type of e-commerce,engine onto it Shopify came onto my,radar and it extremely clean easy to use,interface that kind of fell out of the,box and so we moved over to Shopify,about four or five years ago and it has,been great for us so we've been very,happy with it it's really helped us grow,our business,I think if you go back in time and you,look at sort of the the building blocks,of what you need to be a successful,entrepreneur one of the biggest was,capital needed money,in fact you needed money to the extent,that it actually caused you'd be quite,risk adverse because even if you raise,money borrowed money you really only had,one shot of it what's really nice about,today is that I think what you need now,was worthy now is creativity not capital,and the fact that we've shifted away,from caffeine towards creativity is,really great,you don't necessary need a lot of money,to start a Shopify store if you have a,product you have an idea and you have,some passion around that you can build a,store for $29 a month and that store can,grow to be a hundred million dollar,company that was not possible ten years,ago we started mines iron with 2006,mines I wasn't always a shop it was a,blog before and we met some great,artists along the way I want to do,something that I really helped that,create a world so we started up mines I,creative shop we want to sell something,awesome sell something creative so we,started to pick toys so the design of,toys was just as awesome dating we,started to get into last year we started,to think about how to do a website so we,started to look around for e-commerce,platform that was flexible enough for me,that thought about mobile first and,and then we ended up choosing Shopify I,think the best thing about Shopify is,that it's made me not have to worry,about anything that has to do with the,e-commerce portion when I received my,first are online I remember the exact,moment that someone bought something and,it was only like a thirty dollar item,that I was just so excited just,validating all my thoughts,I'm validating everything and I was like,the best,the most important thing that have to do,is to have faith in yourself if you try,to make everything as perfect as you can,it's really going to show I think a lot,of people appreciate that in the end,Shopify is really helping people who,don't necessarily have the web,development skills to connect directly,to consumers I mean that's really an,incredible shift in what the,opportunities are we we started my,living room there was no equipment th