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shopify mailchimp

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

Mailchimp Tutorial 2022 | Learn Mailchimp FAST in 15 Minutes

in this video you're going to learn,everything you need to know to get,started with the email marketing,software mailchimp i'm going to show you,how to set up your mailchimp account the,right way how to connect your website to,mailchimp so you can start growing your,email list and how to create and send,out beautiful email campaigns using,mailchimp and you're also going to learn,how to use email automations which you,can set up once and then they will run,fully automated so grab yourself a cup,of coffee and then let's get started,awesome so we're gonna start here on,mailchimp.com where we can go ahead and,sign up for a new mailchimp account so,go to the top right and click on sign up,free,then here simply type in your email,address decide on a username and on a,password and then click on sign up,now we need to go and confirm the email,address that we have just used to sign,up for mailchimp so we're gonna go to,our inbox and then look for this email,right here and click on activate account,then click on i'm not a robot and then,we get to the account setup where the,first thing is to choose a plan with,mailchimp now i usually recommend to,simply go for the free plan to start out,and whenever you need to have more,contacts or you need features that are,only available with the pay plan you can,always upgrade to one of these plans,right here so i'm going to choose the,free plan and then i'm going to click on,next here simply type in your name,business name and then click on continue,and then they ask you for a physical,address because every email that you,send out using mailchimp needs to have a,physical address at the bottom of every,email because of international auntie,spam laws so i would recommend to simply,use a business address or to use a po,box that you put in here then simply go,through these steps as well here you can,also skip some of it it doesn't really,matter here i wouldn't tik anything,because otherwise you will get,promotional emails from mailchimp then,click on continue and that will take us,inside of our new mailchimp dashboard so,the first thing that we want to do is,set up the email address that we want to,use to send emails with so we're going,to go to website here on the left side,and then click on domains,and then we're going to scroll down to,email domains and click on add and,verify,here i'm going to choose the email,address that i want to use to send out,emails from so in my case this would be,simon at medicsmedia.com,then i'm going to click on send,verification email,and then we have to go into the email,inbox of the mail we have just typed in,and we're going to get a verification,code that we have to copy and paste into,this field right here then click on,verify,and now the domain is successfully,verified now we want to go to our,audience settings so we're going to go,to audience,preference center,settings and audience name and defaults,here we want to scroll down and go to,campaign defaults and here we can decide,on our from name that people will see,when they receive emails from us so i'm,gonna simply put in simon,medics media so they know exactly what,my name is and what company i'm from and,then also here we can change the from,email address which i want to show up as,simon as medics media.gov,so that's fine then we can scroll down,and click on save audience and campaign,defaults,so now let's look at how we can connect,your website with mailchimp so what we,want to do is we want to create a,registration form that we can put on,your website so people can sign up to,your email list so we're going to go to,create on the top left,and then we're going to go to sign up,form and what we're going to do in this,video is we're going to create a pop-up,form that will appear after a couple of,seconds on your website so people can,sign up to your newsletter so we're,going to click on pop-up form,and then we're going to choose the,audience and click on begin and now we,are in the editor where we can design,our popup form so first we're going to,choose a layout here on the right side,i'm going to simply stik with the one,that is here by default and then we can,start to populate this signup form by,maybe selecting an image we can upload,it here and then we can also change the,text right here,and decide on what we want to ask for so,you can also ask for the first name for,example and the email obviously is,mandatory and then the subscribe button,we can change maybe the color to a green,and the hover color to a lighter green,and also center this here in the middle,and,we don't need a disclaimer note right,here,then you can also change the success,message so once people have actually,signed up so thanks for subscribing is,fine for now,and then we also want to go to style and,here we can change all the the fonts and,stuff,and then we want to go to settings and,here we can change the opacity of the,background of your website which will be,grayed out once the pop-up will appear,and then when should the pop-up show up,so i usually do it after like 20 seconds,or when people scroll um past a certain,part of the website for the sake of this,video i'm going to simply do after five,seconds to kind of demonstrate how this,works,and then you can either make this a,slide form that will slide out from the,bottom right or we can make it modal,which will just appear in the middle of,your website so i'm going to choose this,for now,and then,this is basically finished so now we,need to go ahead and connect the website,so we're going to go to connect website,right here,and then we need to type in the url of,your website i'm going to simply use a,website that i'm working on right now,and then click on get started,and what we need to do now is we need to,copy and paste this html code in the,header of our website so if you have a,wix website or a website with,squarespace for example simply go to the,part where you can edit your header or,contact support if you don't know where,that is and then paste that code in the,header of your website i'm going to show,you how to do it with wordpress so i'm,going to go to my wordpress dashboard,and i'm going to use a plugin to paste,this code in my header so i'm going to,go to plugins right here add new,then i'm going to look for something,called insert,headers,and footers,and it's this first one that comes up,right here i'm gonna click on install,now,then activate,and now we can go to settings here on,the right side go to insert headers and,footers and here where it says scripts,in header here we want to,paste this html code so we're going to,click on copy to clipboard,then,paste this right here scroll down click,on save,and then we go back to mailchimp and,we're going to click on check connection,right here and there we go our site is,now connected now we can actually turn,it on right here click on close and then,we also need to click on save and,publish to make this available on our,website,so now we can test it out by going to,our website and see if this actually,shows up after five seconds,and there we go here is our pop-up form,where we can now type in an example,address so let's say simon,at matiks media.com,click on subscribe,thanks for subscribing our success,message and now we can go back to,mailchimp,close out of this here,and here we can go to audience all,contacts,and now we can see we have a new contact,which is the one we have just signed up,with on our website,and now if you want to send out a,welcome email to your email subscribers,and give them the lead magnet the gif,that you have promised them for signing,up to your email newsletter there is,basically two possibilities the first,one is to use an automation right here,however you're gonna have to use a pay,you're gonna have to go for a paid plan,in order to have access to this feature,now one workaround that you can do is,you can go to audience preference center,and then you can go to settings audience,name and defaults,and here you want to scroll down

How To Set Up Mailchimp & Shopify | Easy For Beginners In (2022)

how to set up mailchimp and shopify hi,guys welcome back to another video and,in this video i'm going to be telling,you how you can set up your mailchimp,account with your shopify account so,having said that let's just jump into,the video so over here first things what,you're going to do is you're going to go,ahead and set up your account on both of,these two uh websites so you gotta,create a mailchimp account and at the,exact same time you gotta create a you,know shopify account now it's pretty,simple it's really easy all you have to,do is just simply click on sign up and,the signup process is completely free,you don't have to worry about it and,then you just simply enter in your email,address your username and a password and,then just simply click on signup well,you're good to go after that it'll ask,you some questions but you are basically,signed up and then you can go ahead and,log in so i already have an account so,i'm just simply going to go ahead and,log in so that you guys can know so once,you have logged in this is going to be,your dashboard over here so this is how,it looks like so over here you can send,in your first email you can start an,automation create a website it's,mailchimp is a pretty amazing website,and it gives you a lot of different,options so once you've set up let's go,ahead and create our shopify account and,shopify account can be created exactly,the same way just enter in your email,address over here and just simply click,on start free trial and your account,will be created and you will get a 14,day free trial as well and it's pretty,simple now already have an account so,i'm just simply gonna go ahead and log,in as well and wait for a couple of,seconds and you are now logged in let's,go ahead and create our store over here,so,simply click on create and now it's,going to create your store,wait for a couple of seconds boom there,you go your success has been created,and now over here you will have to and,tell a little bit about yourself like,what are you selling uh what is your,current revenue which industry will you,be operating in so you can answer these,questions to,you know get a better response from,shopify or you can just go ahead and,skip these questions all together,it all depends on you i'm simply going,to go ahead and skip this question and,then boom they are going to ask you to,add an address so that you can get paid,so over here just add in your country,your first name your last name your,address and click on enter my store and,you are good to go and boom there we go,and now we are logged in into our,shopify account and we are good to go so,now you both have your accounts ready,now what you're gonna need to do is,you're gonna need to go into mailchimp,and over here come on to the right side,and you will see a bunch of different,options over here so you have audience,campaign automation website content,studio and integration and search what,you're going to need to do is you're,going to go ahead and click onto,integrations and over here you're going,to click on add new now you will see,over here these are some of the,integrations that are already added so,you can go ahead and manage them and,over here you can get all the connected,integration over here just simply click,on find your integration and you're good,to go so let's go ahead and add a new,integration and it's going to take us,over here onto this page onto this site,where we can connect apps to our,mailchimp account now over here we just,simply have to search for a name so as,you can see it already says shopify so,and over here we just simply search for,shopify and boom,here we go so now we have this over here,shopify we just simply click on shopify,we click on the integration and we,simply click on get started and then,it's going to take you over to the,shopify app store as well so then over,there you can cut at it as well so just,simply click on find app and just simply,connect your account you could even do,this over here from shopify as well from,shopify if you wanted to do from shopify,just simply click on apps and over here,it's going to take you to the app store,and over here just simply click on view,more apps in this collection and then,it's going to take you over to the,integration or the app store for shopify,and over here just simply search for,mailchimp and then you will see the,option over here,and so over here as you can see it's,asking you to install the application,just simply click on install and boom,wait for a couple of seconds,and over here you're now you know,connected your mailchimp account you,have now installed it but you haven't,yet connected it now before installing,you have to import you know you must,archive not just pause any automated,welcome emails to prevent you know,rendering and stuff like that so you,gotta set up over here you gotta create,a backup you know create a template you,gotta learn more about mailchimp's user,levels you know and all the existing,carts and emails over that you'll have,to recreate after the installation so,keep that in mind and then once you've,done all of this just simply click on,continue and over here connect your,mailchimp account over here create a new,account or connect an existing account,to authentikate and sync men to,mailchimp we just simply click on,connect over here it's going to open up,the mailchimp's uh you know,pop-up and over here just enter in your,username and your password and click on,login and boom there you go just simply,click on allow it's going to ask you for,your authorization and now you just have,to sync so you just if you have an,audience just simply click on select the,audience and click on and then just,simply click on sync,and then just simply click on continue,to overview now it's pending your store,is in queue to start syncing any moment,this page will automatikally refresh and,show you the progress so you don't have,to worry about that uh it's syncing,everything so just leave it at that and,after that while it does that you can,come over here and view all of your,codes your promo codes that have been,sent,your you know shopify counter customer,tag mapper over here you can enter in,tags like add customer tags which must,be kept in sync with your mailchimp,audience you can add them over here and,then you have your settings option as,well you can create new customers over,here choose whether or not to create new,customers when someone signs up for your,you know newsletter on continuum which,is our audience list off from mailchimp,in turn on or off the double opt-in,settings to continue changing these,settings will also change the current,double offline settings for your,mailchimp account so i would suggest uh,you know keep these things over here if,you want to add new customers you can,and stuff like that so over here as you,can see it is now been synced we are,good to go so mailchimp is currently,being live updates from your customer in,order and boom you're good to go now,over here you can just simply refresh,the page and you are good to go now your,shopify store is now connected over to,your mailchimp's account and now you can,you know manage all of your customers,through mailchimp as well you can send,out a promo code you can sell now on,emails you can create new customers you,can you know keep a track of all of your,things and stuff like that so it's,pretty amazing it's really cool and over,here as you can see we have the shopify,account ready it has the green tik over,here which means that it is now active,and ready to work so it's pretty simple,as well and uh you can go ahead and you,know you can add other integrations as,well and if you click on shopify's you,can you know,manage your sites over here so if you,click on manage your sites you can,actually see all of your website,settings over here so you have abandoned,email cards you have order on,notifications data processing you can,enable them and you can add these,settings over here so you can add,another


Mailchimp vs Shopify Email - Which Is Better?

hey there guys my name is marcus and in,this video i'm going to compare,mailchimp,and shopify email so let's start i'm not,paid by shopify,or mailchimp to say one is better,comparing to the other i'm just going to,give you my honest opinion,uh the truth so let's start first i will,look on the pricing plans then i will go,how the workflow how both of these,platforms work,and then some advantages and,disadvantages i personally see,so shopify is cheap,because you got the basic plan or the,advance plan that you're paying right,now monthly or yearly,and then there is like shopify email,cost which works like this first 2,500 emails you get completely for free,so that's amazing,so if you're gonna say i don't know you,got 1 000 subscribers you would send two,emails per month,that means you're not going to pay a lot,of money but after that,let's say sending 1000 emails would cost,you,one dollar additional so let's say that,you want to send,40 000 emails and that's like 40 dollars,that you would pay,additionally every single month but,still,it's better comparing to mailchimp let,me explain,if you would go to mailchimp pricing,plan so mailchimp pricing plan,you get free account which is up to 2000,subscribers,uh 2 000 contacts that you can have but,let's say that you want to have 10 000,contacts and you would say 4,40 000 emails to the four emails per,month,you would pay on essential 79,it's still much better to use,shopify at this position and let's just,tok about the work for or what do i,think about it,so it's really great to use a shopify,email because it's directly,with working with shopify mailchimp you,can get lost sometimes,and from the design standpoint a,mailchimp is much harder to master,comparing to shopify,you have options to go with the campaign,in shopify and you just click,create campaign email shopify email,click new and now what let's just wait,until it's going to load,now you have like templates that you can,actually use and it's really great that,you can target it directly,with for example let's say that you have,a gift card or you have some coupon that,you can use,it's directly going to connect with your,email campaign so holiday ship,chipping select,and now it's going to load and as you,can see to all subscribers you just add,a subject preview text,let's just move my camera here create,your email,you just click here plus you can add a,button,learn more or you can add a gift card or,a simple product directly from your,um from your products so that this is,really great because you can,get directly connected with shopify the,shopify email,now this is how you do it and then just,like send test another thing we can do,is to actually click automations and,create automation,and you can go for,email and shopify app store if you want,to and then,also find it in shopify app store and,sms,so this is the way you can do it now,it's not integrated directly,you can have google ads as automations,on mailchimp you have automations but,it's not that easy to,learn and master let's move my camera,again sorry,so what i would do is this if you want,to use extensive application with,shopify,go with the clavio go with the shop uh,send in blue,in which you got advancements for,customer card etc,let me show you so if you would go to,send in blue,there's thing that i really like you,have a link down below in description,click automations email templates,oh no sorry just automations,create a workflow and you have like,increased revenue here and you got,templates that you can use and for,example,mailchimp doesn't have it abundant card,product purchase marketing activity,and you can actually integrate it with,shopify and also it's based it's much,cheaper comparing to mailchimp,and i would go this way so if you're,deciding if you want to actually use,a mailchimp go with ascendant blue is,much better the customer reviews are,better,the customer support is better and,the templates and creating campaigns is,much easier comparing to mailchimp,so thank you very much everybody for,watching if you have any questions guys,ask me download comments i'm really,happy to help you and provide you some,guidance and support and let me down,below,if any questions see ya

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Mailchimp vs Shopify Email - Which Is The Better Email Marketing Software?

MailChimp versus Shopify email now this,video is going to be a quick comparison,I'm going to make this video as short,and compact as possible I don't really,want to waste any of your guys's time so,what I'm going to do is compare these,show you basically everything that you,need to know about these two and which,one is better so the first thing that I,want to mention and uh this is a pretty,big point right if you don't use Shopify,so if you don't have an Ecom store or,you just don't use Shopify at all then,you can't use Shopify email so as it,says right here you basically need a,paid Shopify plan and you get 10 000,free emails to use at the beginning of,every month so what this means is you,can basically send 10 000 free emails,per month as long as you have one of the,Shopify plans which is awesome like 10,000 emails per month is that a,ridiculous amount no especially if you,have a pretty big email list if you have,a big brand then that is pretty much not,a lot but it is something right,especially if you have a small business,maybe you will even get all of the,emails that you will need to spend for,free now after that it says emails are,counted based on each individual email,address that this is sent to and you can,send additional emails beyond the 10 000,free emails at a cost of,0.001 US dollar per additional email so,that would mean that if you go ahead and,send 100,000 additional emails that is going to,cost you 100 so that is how that works,now that is pretty cool to be honest and,as I said that that actually probably,works out cheaper than MailChimp it,really depends on how many emails you,send so for example if we go to like 10,000 because this allows you to send out,100 000 emails and we switch this to DDD,dollars we can see it actually cost 87 a,month so realistik so actually MailChimp,is going to work out slightly cheaper uh,87 a month for 100 000 emails compared,to Shopify costing a hundred dollars for,a hundred thousand emails however guys,that that is only true like MailChimp is,only cheaper if you actually send out,100 000 emails like maybe you have 10,000 people on your list so you need to,pay 87 per month but maybe you only send,out fifty thousand emails then you are,literally just wasting fifty dollars,then if you just went on Shopify,so as I say it really depends on how,many emails you will send every single,month to which one you go for but apart,from that how do these basically compare,now if you are using Shopify like if you,are literally using this email as an,extension of your brand so let's say,that you have a brand that sells cookies,on Shopify then of course you want to,use Shopify email because it integrates,it's all in one platform and it's like,10 times easier however if you're not,really using Shopify or maybe you have,like multiple different brands then then,MailChimp is going to work way better,because even if you have like multiple,Shopify Brands they can all be in one,place on MailChimp so as I said it,really depends like how your business is,set up how many emails you send and what,you do so you probably want to spend,like five or ten minutes just figuring,this out how many stores you have if you,use Shopify how many subscribers you,have how many emails you send per month,and that is going to give you uh like,which one you should go for now before,we end this uh the final thing that I,want to say MailChimp is probably easier,to use like this is literally built for,creating emails you can do like these,awesome automations you can get AI and,analytiks like it is an email platform,built for sending emails where is,Shopify this is a website built for,creating stores and Ecom Brands and,emails is like a little add-on so like,overall MailChimp is slightly better in,terms of like the user interface how you,can send emails and all of that good,stuff so as I said it depends on what,you use this for now the only other,thing I would say is uh if you basically,look at this and you think okay so,Shopify it doesn't really make sense for,me and I want to go with MailChimp what,I would say is MailChimp is not the best,option so if you have looked at this and,you said okay so I don't really want to,use Shopify like it doesn't really make,sense to me either you have multiple,businesses or you don't even use Shopify,then look MailChimp is okay I used it in,my business for about out one year and,it worked fine I didn't really have any,issues with it and everything went fine,for me however if we come over to,trustpilot and we actually look at,MailChimp you can see that a lot of,people don't like this it's got 1.4,stars out of 5 and it's rated as bad now,is it really this bad like do I think it,deserves 1.4 Stars not really the reason,for this and I know the exact reason why,it's got such a bad rating and that's,because the customer service sucks like,the actual MailChimp platform is,absolutely fine it works pretty,fantastikally you can send emails it's,very easy to use but if you ever like,get charged wrong or you need to access,customer support good luck honestly that,is all I would say because they really,don't seem to care about customer,service and that is what all of these,one star reviews are about what I would,say is on top of the customer service,being bad it is pretty expensive as well,so I know this video is like a MailChimp,versus Shopify review but I started I,would just help you guys out and show,you the personal email software that I'm,using now keep in mind I am not,specifically paid to mention this like I,do have affiliate links in the,description so if you take a look in the,description there's going to be three,links right there and if you sign up,with any of them I'm going to be getting,paid a commission so to me it doesn't,really matter which one you sign up with,I basically get paid the same amount so,just keep in mind guys that I'm not like,financially incentivized to mention this,because people have kind of got that,miscommunication in other videos but,what I would say is Miller Lite is,better now to be honest I would actually,probably make more money if I told you,to sign up to MailChimp because it's,more expensive like look at this for 10,000 subscribers uh it's 47 a month on,Miller Lite whereas MailChimp is 87 so,if you signed up to MailChimp I would,get paid out more money but either way,guys I wouldn't recommend it a Miller,Lite is just better the reason for this,is because look on this 10 000 contacts,you get a hundred thousand emails per,month whereas on Miller Lite unlimited,it's cheaper the customer service is,better and just to prove this if I go,for Miller Lite look at this 4.7 stars,out of five absolutely fantastik and,that is why I would recommend it but,guys that is basically everything that,you need to know about MailChimp versus,Shopify once again MailChimp does have,better deliverability it's easier to use,but if you do have a Shopify store and,that is what you are using this for like,emails as an extension of your brand,then Shopify is a great option as well,so guys that is MailChimp versus Shopify,if you learned something from this video,don't forget to smash that like button,and tap that subscribe button and until,next time guys take it easy

NEW! Shopify Marketing Automation | NO MAILCHIMP!

if you are tired of responding to the,same questions or sending the same,emails i'm going to show you how to take,back your time by automating your most,common marketing tasks for anyone who's,unfamiliar with automations what this,essentially does is take tasks that you,would normally do for example maybe you,like to send a discount code to,customers that have purchased from me in,the past to entike them back well,instead of you keeping track and writing,out an email to every single customer,you can now tell shopify if a customer,has purchased from me in the past i want,you to send them a discount code you can,adjust your settings to send that email,30 days after the first purchase one to,two days whatever you like setting up,these automations is going to free up,your time and continue to work for you,day and night shopify has five new,marketing automations for you to use and,in today's video we're going to check,them all out,before we get into the video if you like,videos about winning products drop,shipping shopify themes apps and,tutorials do us a favor and hit that,subscribe button and turn notifications,on now let's get into the video from,your shopify dashboard click marketing,automations,and click create automation,now you can see all the available,automations here,the first one is welcome new subscriber,with this feature you can email a new,subscriber a discount code this is great,because you no longer have to worry,about learning mailchimp or a different,third-party app you can set this all up,within shopify with just a few clicks,one thing to note though is that it,currently only works with the email,signup form in your store footer,the second new email automation is first,purchase upsell,with this one after customer makes a,purchase it will then wait a certain,amount of time by default it is 14 days,but you can change this to fewer days or,even change it to a certain number of,minutes or seconds instead after that,time has elapsed it will send an email,with other product offers to the,customer shopify provides a default,template to work with i would highly,recommend adding a time sensitive,discount code to both entike your,customers and add a sense of urgency,the third automation is customer win,back this one is similar to the previous,one in that once a customer makes a,purchase it will wait a certain amount,of time which you can set and then it,will send an email with a discount code,the template shopify provides for this,one is really nice we have the apply,discount code button nicely formatted so,given the option between the first,purchase upsell and the customer win,back i would suggest using the customer,win back,the fourth option is to create your own,custom automation this is going to,streamline your tasks and save you a lot,of time for example if you normally send,an email when a refund is created you,can now automate that process so that,when a refund is created it,automatikally sends an email to your,customer,you can start with any of these actions,you see here and then set it up by,saying if this occurs then do this,the fifth and final option is,third-party automations you can set up,automations for apps for things like,email sms and ads,if you'd like to see a video on how to,set any of these up leave me a comment,down below and let me know which of the,following you'd like a tutorial on if,you like this video and want to see more,content like this you can let me know by,giving this video a thumbs up or leaving,me a comment down below and if you,haven't already make sure to subscribe,we post a lot of time-sensitive content,such as winning products and updates,that affect you so turning on,notifications for this channel will let,you know as soon as we upload

MAILCHIMP TUTORIAL 2022 (For Beginners) - Step by Step Email Marketing Guide

hey everyone welcome back to the channel,in this video i'll be showing you,everything you need to know to,successfully use mailchimp so this is a,full tutorial for beginners no matter,what you're doing whether that's a,simple email campaign you just want to,send an email to a short list of email,subscribers or you want to manage email,lists or you want to do any of the newer,things that mailchimp allows you to do,such as make an entire website run ads,create graphics or any of the other,things that i'll be showing you in this,video so mailchimp is incredibly,powerful and like i said this is a full,tutorial to show you everything very,easily so that by the end of this video,you can go from being a total beginner,to an expert with mailchimp which is a,fantastik tool honestly if you're doing,any kind of personal brand work or a,fundraiser or an online store a small,business it doesn't matter what you're,doing mailchimp is a fantastik marketing,tool not only because they've always,been a really good source for email,marketing but now they're actually,adding more and more features as i,mentioned and so mailchimp is honestly a,fantastik skill to learn for anybody,looking at marketing and so that's why,we're going to tok about it in this,video i want to start off on my laptop,here and the good thing is this is,totally web-based so it doesn't matter,if you start on one computer and you end,up on your phone or a tablet or another,computer all of your work is going to be,saved online everything's done online so,you don't have to download software and,it's really easy to use so we want to,start off on whatever browser you like,i'm just using google chrome here and,i'm going to go to,centralmedia.com,mailchimp or you can click on the link,in the top of the description and that,will make sure we're all starting off on,the same page it should look something,like this they might change the graphics,but the main thing is that you want to,go up to the top right and say sign up,for free assuming you don't already have,an account we're going to sign up create,our account and something i want to,mention is that mailchimp has a couple,different tiers the good thing is they,start off free so you can easily use,free mailchimp and and really do a lot,with that or if you want something more,powerful you have the option to upgrade,and pay for some other plans and have,much larger audiences and more,capabilities but starting off free at,the very least allows you to learn stuff,it's not just a free trial it's,literally free indefinitely as long as,you stay within their limit so we're,going to start off with my email so,we're going to say mike we're going to,say tutorials at centralmedia.com,so following that will bring us to this,page where we can choose the plan we,want and obviously you can see it it,gets very expensive if you have a,massive massive brand,but you can start off for free which is,what we're going to do in this video and,the free one gives you 2 000 contacts,and 10 000 email sends so i mean,obviously it's more than enough to get,you started if you have no email list,yet and now we're going to set this up,so i'm going to say first name last name,and then business name i'm just going to,say central,tutorials,and then website url this is optional,phone number is optional i'm going to,include my website url for now so we're,going to say centralmedia.com,and you can import your brand if you,want which is going to essentially allow,you to do a little bit of extra stuff,with brand stuff i'll show you later on,in in the video but we are going to say,continue so then we have to add our,address this is something that is,required if you're going to be sending,out any kind of emails so don't give,them like a fake address you want it to,be a real address or at least like a ups,box or something,but for international spam laws as it,says right there we're going to add our,address,and then it says do you have a list of,contacts if you're going to import a,list from somewhere else you would say,yes obviously right now i do not we're,going to start from scratch and i'll,show you guys how you can start,collecting your own list,through social media whatever you're,doing but now it's going to ask us a,couple other things just to kind of,tailor to us what we plan on doing,so i'm going to say like maybe services,tiknology software actually original,content let's just say that we're going,to be maybe a blog a hypothetikal blog,here and we are going to say continue of,course you could skip all of this if you,want,but i'm going to say that maybe this,right here is my own website,continue,and it's going to say we're ready to go,do you want to get emails for mailchimp,uh personally i do not i already know,enough about mailchimp right now but,with that being said we'll say continue,and that will bring us over to the next,page and so that's gonna bring you back,to a page that looks something like this,if for some reason it doesn't you can,always just go to the end of the url and,delete everything after mailchimp.com,hit enter and it will bring you to this,page right here now this page is a lot,different than it was in even just last,year's tutorial but more importantly all,the older ones if you've seen anything,from the past if you've ever tried to,use mailchimp in the past it's,completely different right now when i,first started using it in about 2015,2016 it was way way harder to use so now,they have a really nice dashboard,honestly so in the middle they have a,whole bunch of things that you can you,know kind of click and walk you through,stuff but really we want to focus on,what's on the left side this is all of,the menu you have and so they really,categorize it into a bunch of different,features they have the audience so,managing your contacts we're going to go,through that in a second you have,campaigns so sending out emails,essentially automations which means when,something triggers an automation you can,send an email or do a bunch of different,stuff and really automate what you're,doing based on events that happen you,can actually build an entire website,here you can go to content studio which,is similar to like canva.com and we have,integrations as well or you can add a,search if you're looking for something,specific and you can't find it but on,the very top you actually have create so,as you come back to this website more,and more frequently you go to,mailchimp.com,to send out email campaigns whatever,you're probably going to end up using,this one the most so we're going to come,to this one last just because i want to,show everything first before we go into,create because create is kind of just a,quick summary of what you want to make,if you want to make an email if you want,to make an email template you can do all,of that right here you can go down and,make a landing page a survey an ad,social media post all kinds of different,stuff,all in one location so it's very easy to,just log on to mailchimp go over to,create and start making whatever you,want to make so with that being said,let's go down the left side first and,tok about some of the tools we have,available and what mailchimp is really,all about before we get into making that,the first thing is actually audience,here and if we click on audience you'll,see again we have a bunch of options,within audience and again they're making,it easier over time to manage mailchimp,it's something i really like to see but,we have audience dashboard without an,audience right now we're not going to,see much here but i can tell you from my,other brands that it's going to show you,how many people are subscribed how many,are unsubscribed it's going to show you,stuff about who's in what tags how many,people are in different different tagged,groups because you can add tags when,people sign up for your email list based,on where they came or all kinds of,different parameters and we'll get into,that in a second but going down to all,contacts this is