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shopify main menu

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

How to Set Up Your Shopify Navigation Menus

- Importance of easy navigation for online consumers

- Jihab's YouTube channel and focus on e-commerce entrepreneurship

Tips for Organizing Navigation Menus:

- Put customers first and consider their search needs

- Use clear and concise names for menu tabs

- Condense tabs to no more than seven for easier navigation

- Ensure menu looks good on mobile devices

Creating Your Shopify Navigation Menu:

- Start with main tabs for top-level categories

- Create sub-level tabs for collections within categories

- Use Mega menu feature for added visual appeal

- Include promotion or best-selling items in Mega menu

- Importance of organizing navigation menu for better user experience

- Use Jihab's tips and Shopify's features to create a professional and easy-to-use menu for online store.

How to edit menu items || Shopify Help Center

In this article, we will discuss main menus and footer menus, what they should include, and how to edit them to fit your business. Menus are a group of clickable links that help customers navigate through your store's main pages and collections. A good main menu makes it easy for customers to browse and find what they're looking for.

Main Menu:

- The placement and style of your menu is determined by your store's theme.

- Some menu items you might want to include in your main menu are product collections, your about us page, and your blog page.

- Consider breaking up a lot of products into multiple menu items.

Footer Menu:

- Footer menus appear at the bottom of your online store and have menu items that link to information about your business.

- Frequently asked questions, shipping and refund policies, and contact information are great to have in your footer menu.

Editing Your Menu:

- To add a new menu item, click Add Menu Item and type in the name for your menu item.

- Select the pre-existing page or collection that you want the menu item to link to.

- It's also possible to create sub-categories in your menus using drop-down menu items.

- You can edit menu items that already exist and change the order of your menu items by clicking and dragging the six dot icon.

- You can delete menu items by clicking the delete button and then clicking Remove from the pop-up window.

A well-designed main menu and footer menu can improve your customers' experience on your online store. Consider including important information in your footer menu and breaking up a lot of products into multiple menu items. Editing your menu is easy and can be done by following a few simple steps.

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | How to Create Shopify Drop Down Menu

In this video tutorial, Edwin from ResolutionsDesign explains how to add collections to the main menu navigation of a Shopify store. He begins by discussing his previous videos on adding products and creating collections. Edwin then demonstrates how to access the navigation section of the online store and delete the default menu items. He advises against using the words Home and Catalog in the menu and suggests alternative labels such as Shop.

Edwin then shows how to add collections to the main menu and how to nest them under the Shop label to create submenus. He explains how to change the hierarchy level of the submenus and demonstrates how to add new menu items for pages such as Contact Us and Wholesale.

Overall, the tutorial is easy to follow and includes helpful tips for customizing the main menu navigation of a Shopify store. Edwin encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel and ask questions in the comments.

How to add Hover Effect On Main Navigation Bar In Shopify - 2022 FREE TUTORIAL

- Andrew from ecom experts dot io is here to show you how to add a hover option to your drop-down menu in Shopify.


1. Duplicate your theme: Go to Online Store, click on your theme, and click Duplicate.

2. Add code for hover menu: Go to the bottom of the team scss liquids file, create some white space, and add a comment for hover menu. Then, copy the code provided in step two and paste it below the comment.

3. Comment out double-clicking code: In the theme js file, find the code provided in step three, select it, and comment it out using forward slash and star at the beginning and end of the code block.

4. Preview and publish: Preview your changes, make sure they work, and publish them to your live version.


- Use the provided code exactly as it is.

- Comment your code to make it easier for future developers.

- Duplicate your theme before making any changes to avoid messing up your live version.

- Check your site speed and research the fastest Shopify themes.

- Adding a hover option to your Shopify drop-down menu is simple with the provided steps.

- Follow the tips to ensure a smooth process.

- Check out ecom experts dot io for more Shopify tips and app reviews.

How to create drop-down menus || Shopify Help Center

In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to create drop down menus for your online store. Drop down menus are a great way to organize products, collections, and pages in the main menu of your store, making it easier for customers to navigate and find what they're looking for.


1. Set up your header and footer menus before creating drop down menus.

2. Drop down menus are made up of top level menu items and nested menu items.

3. Top level menu items appear in the main menu of your store and nested menu items appear in a dropdown menu.

4. You can have up to two levels of nested menu items within a top level menu item.

5. To create a first level nested menu item, start in the Shopify admin and click Online Store, then Navigation, and then Main Menu.

6. If you haven't created the menu item that you want to nest, click Add menu item, give it a name, and link it to an existing collection or page.

7. To begin the nesting process, drag the icon next to the menu item you want to nest to the right under the top level menu item.

8. To create a second level nested item, click and hold the six dot icon next to the menu item you want to nest and move it under and to the right of the first level nested item.

9. Click Save to see what the nested menu looks like on your online store.

Creating drop down menus for your online store is a great way to organize your products and make it easier for customers to navigate and find what they're looking for. With just a few simple steps, you can create both first and second level nested menu items to improve the functionality of your store. For more information and tutorials, visit help.shopify.com.

Shopify Navigation Menus

In this video, Ori from Astral Web demonstrates how to manage the header and footer links on a Shopify website. He shows how to make changes to the navigation menu and footer sections.

Managing Header and Footer Links:

- Go to the online store and select navigation

- There are two things to manage: main menu (header) and footer

- Theme and design matter, but default header and footer are available

- To make changes to the main menu, click on it

- The title is for reference only, don't change it

- Links can have different levels (e.g. second, third, fourth)

- Add a new link by selecting the URL or searching for it

- Drag and drop to change the order of links

- Save changes and wait a few seconds for Shopify to catch up

- Add a level by dragging a link to the left-hand side

- Footer menu is managed separately, but the process is similar

- Save changes and enjoy the updated navigation and footer sections

Managing header and footer links on a Shopify website is easy and straightforward. By following the steps demonstrated by Ori from Astral Web, you can customize your website's navigation menu and footer sections to your liking. Remember to save changes and wait for Shopify to catch up. If you have any questions or need more details, let Ori know in the comments.

How to Create Mega Menu in Shopify ✅ Shopify Store Design Tutorial

Welcome to my YouTube channel! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a mega menu for Shopify without needing any developer or coding skills. Let's get started!

- The demo of Shopify's mega menu looks very nice

- To create a mega menu, go to the Shopify admin panel and website

- Click on the apps button and search for mega menu

- Select the Smart Mega Menu and Navigation by Quickify app

- The app is free forever and has unlimited menu items and real-time preview

- Add the app to your store and select a template for your mega menu

- Customize your menu by editing images, titles, and sub-menu items

- Add your menu to your store's header and design it with options like orientation and animation

- Save your menu and enjoy the new look of your store!

In conclusion, creating a mega menu for your Shopify store is easy and free with the Smart Mega Menu and Navigation by Quickify app. Don't hesitate to give it a try and improve your store's navigation. Thank you for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel!

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