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Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How To Embed TikTok Videos To Any Shopify Page For Free - 2022 Tutorial

bonjour, bonjour. you want to add a tik tok video somewhere on your shopify website? let's do that right now. so there's going to be two options to do it. either you're going to do it on a specific product page or you're going to do it on a product template. so let me show you both options. that way you know what to expect. you're going to go to online store and the first thing you're going to do is to duplicate, so you're going to click on actions and duplicates. you always work on a duplicate of the code. if you don't want to do this, another option is to use rewind. it's an app that backs everything up and you don't have to worry about anything. you can just go back to previous version. it's a really, really cool app and by clicking the link below, you're kind of helping out the channel. so check out rewind below. great company. but anyway, right here is the duplicate. we're going to be working on this. if you don't want to use rewind, so click actions and we're going to click edit code. all right, first we're going to go to tiktok and we're going to click the share button. there is the embed code and it provides you the code. now it's up to you to decide where you want that code. we can, for example, put it on all product pages, so it's automatikally everywhere. for that, you're going to go in the sections right here and you're going to go to product dash section. it's called product recommendation, product templates, product template- i'm sorry, right here, and then you can post it somewhere around here. it's kind of up to you. um, you can choose a location. so let's say, um, let's find the button, because if we find the button, that is the buy button, and we can put it close to the buy button. type a button. um. thumbnails for the slider. this is submit. this is the buy button. so let's put it under the buy button right here. actually, let's put it right here. so all you do is you can create as much spacing as you want and you can paste the code that you just got from tiktok. now let's go check it out. [Music] open in a new tab, because it is not live yet, obviously. so we're going to go to actions preview. let's pull out a products right here, and right here we have our tiktok. now, as i mentioned, this is going to be on every single page. so no matter which product you choose, the tiktok is going to be here. so maybe you don't want it on every page. in that case, you go back, you delete what we have just added right here and you can add it on just one specific product. so let's go to products, right here, um, [Music] and we can do it on the black leather bag, for example, we can put it in the description of the black leather bag. we go right here, show html. we go to the very bottom of it, we hit enter a couple of times and we paste the tiktok code, we save it, and as soon as we save it, that means it's going to be immediately live. so it's not on our duplicate version, it's on our live version. right here, black leather bag, and right below we have again the tiktok. takes a while to load, but it seems to be working. there you go. that's exactly what we wanted. right here there's even two tiktoks. um, that's it. we can also put it on a. so if we don't want it here, we delete it, save, that's it. we can also put it on a different page. let's say, um, a pep online store on a page page. the logic on the faq, for example, the logic stays the same. you go to the html and you paste it in here. or maybe you want to do it on a blog post. again, you know we don't have a blog post yet, but you would just add the html right here. there we go: blog reduce, visible, save and we view it. and here's our blog artikle with our tiktok posts. one last thing, if you wanted it, like we did in the beginning of this video, on every single product um page. so if you really hard coded in the template, don't forget to, once you're done, check your what your results. if you like it and if you do, go to actions on the theme you worked with. you'll see last saved 27 minutes ago and then make sure to publish it live so that becomes your main theme. there you go. i hope this helps. don't forget to like and subscribe. we do way more complicated deaf tutorials for shopify.

How A Meme Page Raised $21.5 Million

so in this video, we're going to tok about how these couple meme pages raised 21.5 million dollars in order to grow their media brand operation. so we'll first tok about how they did it, what these brands are and just exactly what they've done in order to get to this level, and then i want to tok more about what this all means in terms of online business entrepreneurship as a whole, and then, lastly, we'll tok about what this means for the future and how this all could apply to you if you have a business online. so, basically, on this channel, if you're new, i cover mostly ecommerce related content, with a little bit of crypto and nft sprinkled in there, which is just basically all the stuff that i'm actively involved in. so this channel is kind of like a big old journal for myself, like a little note-taking pad, and a few days ago i ran across these news that i figured are important to tok about, especially with this kind of audience that i have here. so the company that we're toking about is called doing things media. it's kind of a goofy name. i didn't really know about them prior to reading this artikle, but they're actually the media company behind some of the biggest pages that i know so. for example, they own the page steve, which has 6.8 million followers on instagram. they're just a classic meme page and they do get a pretty decent amount of engagement, especially on these view kind of videos. they also own the page doggos doing things, which again is another meme pitch, but more niche down to dogs. people love dogs- that's no news to me- and apparently they used to also be the owners of all gas no brakes. so all gas no brakes was a huge youtube show but it kind of ended because they the the host of the show, andrew, had a falling out with this company. apparently he was getting kind of the short end of the stik when it came to their contract so he decided to go off on his own. but i'm not going to dive too much into that because i just want to cover mainly this deal and what it means. so apparently this media company, which is an atlanta founded company, just took a 21.5 million series a round led by volition capital, a boston venture capital firm that has backed companies like chewiecom, the pets e retailer. so e-retailer just means e-commerce, and chewy really is one of the biggest e-commerce companies, especially in the pet category, if we look at their similar web traffic. not only is this extremely consistent, but it's literally 52 million monthly visitors. so in a year they get more visitors than the whole entire united states population. so pretty incredible growth. and the company that has backed this brand is the one that's investing and giving money now to this media brand that owns these companies. now, what i think is really crazy is that doing things media is actually a company that gets videos sent to them. so on some of their pages they have a link in bio where you can literally just send them in some videos that you want published on their page. so basically they have an evergreen flux of content that's not really theirs, but they can still call it original content because you know they're posting it on their page with a few extra quotes in there, like with some sort of meme format like this. but, just as a little disclaimer, they do own a bunch of other pages, so it's not like they just have these couple pages and they're worth, you know, 20 plus million dollars. they have a lot of pages and they just have a lot of different ips going everywhere on youtube just across all social media. but this is a really cool business and a lot of you guys don't really know about media brands because you're focused on physical product businesses, but this is a great business venture. obviously it's a very long-term venture. this company has been around for five years but still that's pretty amazing success and the reason that they're able to raise this much money. it's not just because of all the eyes that they have. it's also because in the last year they generated over 10 million dollars in revenue profitably with things such as advertising, so selling ads on their pages. that's the more clear, more you know straightforward way to make money with these pages. but they also run their own e-commerce operations. so for steep, for example, they have merch. so again, it's nothing too complicated, but they do sell merch and this is another big way for them to earn revenue. so that's what they've done. so with 10 million in revenue a year, they've been able to raise over 21 million dollars to continue to grow. and what i think is super valuable, obviously, aside from all that money, is the direction that they're going to be able to get from their venture capital partnership. i mean the people behind chewie. they know what they're doing when it comes to e-commerce, so now they're going to be able to apply all of that ecommerce knowledge to the existing brands that they already have, and i think they could really blow this out of the water. so, on this artikle, they tok about other meme pages. so, for example, here says: in 2020, warner music reportedly spent 85 million on img and media, which owns things like the instagram account, daequan, and given what warner paid for imgn at the new influx of series- a cash, it's reasonable to assume- doing things received a valuation that neared a hundred million in this latest funding round. that's pretty unbelievable. so they've raised 21 million, but their valuation is nearing a hundred million dollars. a hundred million dollar valuation in five years making memes- so that's pretty unbelievable. i didn't think i'd be seeing something like this today, and this is exactly why i wanted to share with you guys. i figured this would be helpful for some of you, especially since i know that some of you guys do have your own pages and you use them for your own e-commerce stores, which is obviously a great move, given how valuable the page could potentially be. but of course, it's not as simple as just having one page. they've continuously acquired more pages and reinvested back into getting more pages, so that's a really dope business model. i actually really like it. now, what does this mean for the future? well, basically, what i think is that a lot more companies are going to start getting valuations like this. i mean, first of all, there's so many big corporations that have so much money to blow, and why not blow it in investing into little brands like this? i mean, getting 40 million views across all of these social media pages and, you know, owning all those size would be extremely valuable for a big venture capital firm or any other corporation really, so why wouldn't they start investing into more brands like this? now, what this also means to me is that media and e-commerce, as always, are going to continue to be extremely aligned. but what i really love about media is that it's truly permissionless. when it comes to a media company, you can create media however you want, whenever you want, which is really great. when it comes to e-commerce, you do have to rely on a lot of different factors, such as logistiks, supply chain issues, etc. etc. but when you mix the two, then you have a really beautiful combination, because one can supplement the other whenever they're struggling. so, for example, if you have supply chain issues, you can still continue to build up hype with the eyes and attention that your pages are getting. so that's kind of how my brain is thinking of it. as always, though, i want to know what you guys think. i mean, is this something that you would be interested in? do you have any meme pages, or any pages at all? or do you know somebody that does this that could potentially benefit from these news? so, you know, make sure you share this video with them. you know, i really do think we can all be successful out here, and that's kind of the goal of this channel. so, ultimately, i'm really happy for these people and i think this is really cool. so, how this applies to you, well, you could just start your own meme page. i mean, it's never too late, and obviously i woul.

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is the Fed just going to print money? that's literally what Congress has told us to do. there's enough cash in the financial system and there is an infinite amount of cash at the Federal Reserve. an infinite amount of cash at the coverage or an infinite. no, you can't just print more money. I saved the economy. we're trillions of dollars in debt. the debt to GDP ratio is out of compare. who's going to take this? ha ha money printer gobo? the dollar has lost 99% of its value. bitcoin is finite and cannot be inflated. I should buy some. [Music], [Music]. every day. they're printing 125 billion. that's like five World War two is per day. think of a hot air ballon with a tear in it, but no matter how hard they try, the tear is gone beyond. it's coming down. [Music], [Music]. therefore, this point is going to zero. just part all the throw. in the year 2021, Bitcoin will be worth 1 million US dollars. the real problem isn't the stok market, the real problems of shadow banking system. they're broke, bro. after the side to deflate the stimulus market came in, they popped it up again. so guys could escape, so the rich could escape. can't you see what they're doing? [Music]: this burger epic.

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How To Find Top Influencer Pages To Advertise On - SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING

what is up guys. welcome to new video for today. so today we're gonna be toking about something special, something that is a very, very, very important way of making money in the Shopify store. if you don't do this, then you're missing out on a lot of money. that is Instagram influencers. they say Instagram influencers like that. they say that that's not a thing anymore. it is a little bit saturated, that is true, but you can still make a lot of money with Instagram influencers. so today I want to be showing you guys how to do that. [Music]. alright, so we're here in my Instagram and see my personal Instagram. I'm not gonna do my business Instagram for obvious reasons- so many messaging people for my personal Instagram. so today we're gonna be looking for me pages. we're gonna be looking Instagram influencer pages. first off, I want to say that I prefer me pages over anything else, and that's because there's a couple reasons. one, they're usually pretty inexpensive and you can reach a larger audience to. the people who are running these pages are usually teenagers, so you can easily get a good deal. and three, they're easy to tok to and your response rate is a lot higher. anyways, we're gonna look at mean pages right now, because that's what gets the best engagement for me. what I do when I look for pages, I look for one how many likes to get within 24 hours, because what I'm doing is I'm gonna be running 24 hour posts on their instagrams, whether it's a 24 hour story post, whether it's a 24 hour feed post, whether it's a link in bio or 24 hours. I'm going on these pages and I'm looking at, I'm seeing what their engagement is for 24 hours, basically what: how many likes they get within 24 hours, how many comments that yet? let's go. let's find a couple pages, alright. so I'm going on the explore page. I'm just gonna type in: mean mean Lord, 800 K. I follow them. they must have some good news, all right. so let's see: two hours ago, eleven thousand likes, 450. let's see if they have any within 24 hours. four hours ago they posted a lot on this. let's see: 10 hours to 26,000 likes. one day ago, 15,000. alright, so this page gets some good engagement, but it's nothing crazy. I usually like to advertise a page with millions of followers and get over a hundred thousand likes within 24 hours, but for this page, if I were to advertise with them, I'd send them a message. it looked like this: let's see if I have any message you already or I don't. I'd say hey, how much for a product post and I'd send it. and I'm gonna unsend this because it's my personal profile about my business, so I don't really want them to respond. anyways, I'd say hey, how much for a product post because I want to keep it super general. they don't know if I'm asking for just of the story post, if I'm asking for a feed post, they don't know what I'm asking for. so if I just say hey, how much for a product post, they usually give me all of their prices for everything. if I wanted to do story post or if I wanted to do feed posts, you're going to get a better response rate with these mean pages or with these influencer pages. if your Instagram page, your business Instagram page, has a lot of followers, hopefully they'll get back to me. well, they won't get back to me, because I done sent that message. but as simple as that. now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to go and I'm going to click this little down arrow right here and I'm going to find pages that are very similar. there's the pages similar to the pages that I'm looking at right now mean ward. so I can go and I can scroll through it like memes where your jokes are. they're private but they do promotions you can see in their bio. so I'm just gonna follow them. well, not on this, but on my, on my business account. I'm gonna follow them and I'm gonna send the message and I'm just gonna say, hey, how much for a product post, hey, how much for a product. can't spell product product, web, product post, coppy sin. and then you're not following them so you can't see suggested. so I'm gonna keep scrolling. offended: this page once again: the private $136,000. I really don't like to advertise the pages under, let's just say, eight hundred thousand to a million because the chances of you losing your money's a little bit higher. if you advertise with a page with over a million followers and you spend like like a hundred hundred fifty bucks on a page of over- let's just say they have a two million bars- you spend 150 bucks for that post- chances are you gonna make your money back. but if you've spent 30- 40 bucks on pages one hundred thousand flowers, there's a lot better chance that you're gonna lose your money or that, no, he's gonna want it because their audience isn't nearly as big. so I prefer to spend a little bit more money up front because I know it'll come back to me in the end. so we're just keep on scrolling. obviously 69, we don't want them. let's see the best memes right here. eight point eight million. they have a lot of flowers. I go and I click follow and then I go here into son message and I literally just do the same thing. I'd say, hey, how much for a product post. that's simple and I'd send that to them. and then I go there and I I'd find other pages. you know this page right here. a lot of them are private. I'm trying to find some pages that aren't private. so tok, to your kicks. that's a really good main page. Lamine, Jesus know this right here. this is probably good. maybe let's see. alright. so sexualizing. two days ago: one hundred seventy six thousand likes. so this page is really good. twenty, two hours ago: one hundred and sixty thousand likes. so this is a page of the out advertisement. so I'd go, I'd follow them and I'd say, hey, how much for a product post. I might have look right here, May. first I already said they didn't respond to me. unfortunately, not everyone's gonna respond to you. but I'd say, hey, how much for a product post. and if they don't respond to you, then you can- no, you just hidden with a- like, a little little question mark or something you know- get them to the top of their DMV. but it's as simple as that. and if I find a page that doesn't really good engagement, like this page, I'm gonna click the down arrow and I'm gonna wait for a couple seconds for Instagram to load. all right, boom, and now you can see all pages that are similar to this. so a basic [ __ ], for example. I'm sure this page gets a good engagement. two days ago, 84,000 likes. I go, hey, send message. hey, how much for a product post. that simple, and I that over and over again, and I'd do that until Instagram doesn't let you message anyone. you'd probably message 50 pages until Instagram blocks you from messaging for a couple hours. but I'm just keep doing that. and if they have a price, they say let's just say, let's just say that this, this page right here that has 6.4 million. and they say I'll do a 24-hour product post on my feed and not my story up, and do a feed post for 24 hours with the link in my bio for four hundred, five hundred dollars, I'll say hey, thanks for responding. first off, I'll say hey, thanks for responding. would you mind doing a first-time post for two hundred dollars to see if it work? if it does well, then I'll pay the full amount. next one below. but will you be willing to do a first-time post for two hundred dollars, over 250? if they say five hundred dollars, then offer, say, hey, I'll do, I'll do one hundred. and then they'll say I'm not going one hundred, I'll do three hundred, you just negotiate. it's all about negotiate and, guys, if you don't know how to negotiate, you're going to need to. for Instagram influencers. that's just how it is. well, like I said earlier, these people that you're dealing with our teenagers. most likely they're younger kids who don't really know what they're doing. well, they know what they're doing. they know how to run a successful mean page. imagine if these kids have their own Shopify stores and running their own ads. they'd be making a lot, a lot more money, but instead they're selling their ads to people like us so we can make sales on our Shopify stores. just like that for a page like this, just nego.

every finance bro

new york city concrete jungle where dreams are made of, and i'm tarzan and this [ __ ] which one of you jp morgan interns wants to be my jane. the name's chet chet mcallister. i'm in finance, so you know what that means. my father and i definitely have a great relationship. are you dating a tik bro? what's it like having sex with a guy wearing all birds and not gucci slides? speaking of mom, where the [ __ ] are mine, the stigma on finance bros is that we're all spoiled and uncultured. that's not true. my second hamptons home was actually spanish design. so hasta luego, haters. i had to stop watching wolf of wall street and had to start living it. come on nice, nice, nice, hey, green means good, right, people said i was born into money. wrong, i was born into a bed. sure, i grew up in the hamptons, but it was the west hamptons. you see, it's not even that nice. we don't even have a front yard finance. yeah, we're kind of like the jocks of new york, except we didn't play sports in high school. we played with our dad's ferraris- both of them. what's my portfolio, my dick, have in common? they're both on fire right now. i think me and that goldman sachs intern did one too many pump and dumps. you know what i mean? ah, blue bottle coffee. that's where i lost my virginity. well, we pumped and then she dumped me. whatever, i'm here to spread sheets, not spread cheeks. now you might see me and be like: where did this illustrious baby boss guru go to college? i'll tell you. devry university. i got this thrifting last night, and by thrifting i mean macy's. how are they still in business? are they public? yet there's a tgi fridays below me. god, this place has gone to [ __ ]. i think life is all about balance. owning pepsi shares but doing coke at night- still little in there. trans bachelor party was going off at mr purple last night. it's like my great papa once said: never judge a leather-bound book by its cover, just cause. you see me and i look like this. i'm not from a nice house, i'm from the hood. well, robin hood. uh yeah, my dad was an early on investor in the company goldman. he's on fire and so is his portfolio. i'm only up eight thousand dollars. 550, what a [ __ ] sunday. what's next? chick-fil-a is closed. today it is. i'll just buy the franchise. oh, deutsche bank? yeah, i'd rather buy vip tikets to fire fest. you are a comm major. what's it like being an idiot? would you get a groupon for college? send me a gofundme link. i'll help donate to the calm cause. i ask for almond, not soy, you [ __ ]. intern, please fix thanks. somebody, please fix, somebody, please fix, please fix thanks. i don't believe in astrology. if i wanted to see a star, i'd look in the mirror. i let the stoks decide my moves. [ __ ]. [ __ ]. damn it wait. is green good? green's good, okay, never mind. working from home? never problem, because i'm always working. what does red mean? yeah, you might be a hollywood six, but you're a wall street ten. you think i could go on the bachelor? no, bachelorette, that's what's that? equal 16.. which one's wrong with the chicks? somebody, please fix thanks. hey, chatty daddy, the doll judge is from 50 000.. slower, veronica, you're making my nipples erect. has jewel ipad, yet it's ipo. what i say? ipa joule has an ipa. that's good. [ __ ]. i thought a jewel seltzer would be better, but when i get on the bachelor, i'm, i'm bringing it on. hey, stop looking at my portfolio, guys, please fix thanks. you just got into bitcoin. what's next? radio shack? don't forget to do your ice bucket challenge while you're back there in 2004, me being unproductive working at home. are you out of your jp morgan? mind? it's pretty big for six inches. oh [ __ ], that's a nine. it's still pretty big. chat, chatter, oh, shoot, yes, hi from the new york offices. um, radio shack is going public on tuesday time time for them to ipa, ipo, yeah, okay, bye, bye. when you're as successful as i am, people have their doubts. they say: wow, chet, how did you get all this- a three bedroom, two bath and a bidet- at the age of 28? i'll tell you, it comes easily: college internship, nepotism. my father owns this building, so, yeah, it helps. hey dad, dad, voicemail freezer picks up. i'm not addicted to adderall, i'm addicted to the hustle, the hustle of finding adderall. trent hit me back on slack. you [ __ ]. i know you're online. oh, what's that? you probably thought this was an equinox, didn't you? nope, just my spare bathroom. it's one i jerk off. hey dad, it's me chet. uh, i can see you from the loft. yeah, uh-huh, looks like you're not with mom, but i miss you. i hope you and whatever the lovely lady you're with are having a good time. or am i going solo to soho again. hey, listen, intern, if you want to make it to goldman, you'll fix this [ __ ] latte. i haven't sweat this much since the great depression. you weren't alive for the great depression. no, no, not that one, the real one. my jewel died last night. i don't know why all these people are in line for the bowl when the bull's right here. clearly, i told my mom to give me a patagonia, or pataguchi as my boy connor on slack says, but she got me this broke ass north face. maybe i won't go to mother's day this year after all. ew, and i thought my place was small. gotta get to one of these open mics. man, yeah, i'm thinking about getting 200 west tatted on my thigh right here. so when i wear some short shorts, the boys know i'm over at goldman sachs, that is. i don't dream, i execute. what year is this? 2023? perfect. who the hell is this guy with the statue? was he the first owner of dogecoin? than the one dollar bill? there's a one dollar bill, oh, so who is he? who's the president? the president, what company? saturday's used to be for the boys, but now saturdays are for the bonds. oh, are these wax? what a small ocean. no, not that one, the one in my backyard. i thought it was like a loading dock for ducks. i don't get up when the sun is up. i get up when tesla stoks are up, which is always, always, not true. i didn't wake up yesterday. it was bad. elon tweeted about it. go on, snl, do something i don't match on bumble. i connect on linkedin. speaking of connecting rebecca, congrats on the new position. speaking of positions, you want to do some sometimes. by the way, you'll be on top, just like my portfolio on top. god, i gotta go to one of these open mic nights. mcallister corbin, did you not see my out of office? i'm wfh working from hamptons. i don't give a [ __ ]. if it's west hampton, it's still hampton's in my book. got an idea, an app where finance bros can meet other finance bros at night over a couple manhattans in manhattan like grinder, grinder. what sock is that? are they ipad? yet ipo, ipo, ipo, ipo, ipo, free letters. you see that boat right there. my father owns that boat. just a fun fact. we haven't spoken for years, dear father, just want to circle back and follow up and see why you haven't returned any of my calls. warm regards father, just floating this to the top of your inbox wondering why you haven't called me back. been four christmases, much love. see you in the hamptons. sincerely. chet mcallister, alexa, play some dj d solomon. you want to see my portfolio? no good, i wasn't going to show you anyways. well, thad from goldman is up 62 on the year. i don't think this relationship is going to excel. dad from goldman knows all the excel shortcuts. it's kind of hot. i only date bold bracket girls anyways, who the hell is morgan and why is he always with stanley put on wolf of wall street? learn something, siri. call fab and tell him his portfolio [ __ ]. i've seen it. wait, are you actually calling him? i could use some advice on my portfolio. ask him if i should long or short amc. you guys are going to dinner tonight. well, ask him there, wait, hold on. why the [ __ ] you guys going?

Shopify Functions - a new way to customize Shopify

hey everyone, jan here codingwithyancom, shopify functions a powerful new way to extend or customize shopify features by writing your own backend code. and yes, you heard that right. for the first time ever, shopify opens up parts of the backend logic for us developers. now, saying it like that probably also raises a few questions like: how does it all work, exactly what do i even mean by back-end logic, how are functions different from traditional apps and how can we get started. but no worries, my friend, because coincidentally, that's exactly what we are going over today and i really hope you find some value in this. so then let's have a look. alright, so then let's get started by answering the how does this all work? and therefore, let's first consider the typical dev stack, which was also beautifully illustrated on the shopify devs channel, so we can think about a store in three simple layers. first of all, we have the database, so that's where all the data is stored, like historic orders, customers, the products that have been created, all the store settings and, yeah, just everything, or every bit of data that needs to be saved or stored somewhere. on top of that, we then have the back end, so this is where the website logic runs, like managing products, incoming orders, new customers get created, and so on and so forth- like all the behind the scenes logic, and the backend also writes the corresponding data into the database or reads it from there. like, for example, if you were to delete a product on the back end, it would also be deleted in the database, right? so that's just one example of the logic that's implemented behind the scenes. on top of the back end, we then also find the front end, which is usually built by using a theme, but it could also be a custom storefront completely built from scratch, and this is where we showcase our products or different data from the store. so the front end could be called the presentation layer. now, on each of these layers there are also different tiknologies that allow us to make customizations or work with the available data. like, for example, on the front end we could use liquid or hydrogen, and the database is directly accessible through the shopify api. now, historically, the only thing where we couldn't make any changes or augment anything is the backend logic, and it's also pretty much where apps would come into play, because they could implement your own routines, write your own logic and then, via the api, you could still read and write data from or to the database. so it's kind of similar to what the backend does, and apps already provide a great flexible way of extending the native features. but they also come with a few drawbacks. first of all, there are certain parts and areas of a storm that you just can't reach by using normal apps, like, for example, the checkout discount logic or the checkout shipping logic, because you can't just inject code right there. and that's already one of the key differences between the new functions and then traditional apps, because with the new functions you will be able to reach these areas, and actually the checkout discount logic is the first place where the backend logic is opened up, and then other key areas will follow over time, and i would also try to add a small list of like upcoming areas somewhere here on the side. the second drawback with traditional apps is that you would need to figure out your own hosting, which in and of itself is not too much of a problem because it's actually not too difficult. but if your app solves some time critikal tasks, then you might face some issues with limited bandwidth if your server can't skate up that quickly. and it's actually very important because with shopify websites, scalability is never an issue. you can have like 10 visitors per hour, but you can also have 100 000 and the website just doesn't crash. and that's actually funny because while i was still working in the agency, we had tons of clients who went to the german equivalent of the show shark tank. so this is like people would present their product ideas, searching for investors, and then all these websites had huge traffic spikes because it was like broadcasted on television during prime time and then our websites never had a problem with that because shopify takes care automatikally. but other wordpress websites were like crashing left and right and developers would be like crawling through the pieces that have once been called their website, begging us like: hey guys, how did you build these websites? and we were like playing it cool, yeah, just just use shopify whatever- and i mean, of course, slightly overplayed here, but based on true story man. we had a good time working in the agency, but anyways, what i'm trying to say here is that if your app solves the time critikal task, then it shouldn't be the bottleneck of the website and you just have to ensure performance. and that's also a new major benefit with shopify functions, because they literally run on shopify's infrastructure and can execute less than five milliseconds, and they also scale up yup to pretty much the largest sale events on the planet. so how cool is that? all right now, the last key difference i think you should be aware of is that, with shopify functions, we can now seamlessly integrate our settings into the admin dashboard. so, for example, if we're toking about a discount function, you can also have the settings or the interface to configure your function right at the discounts, where it actually makes most sense. and with traditional apps, you would always have to go into the apps tab, then bring up your app and then configure everything there. so i think that's an improvement. however, it's very important to understand that the settings for your functions or the interface to configure everything still has to be served through your own server. so that's exactly the same as with traditional apps, and only the time critikal scripts will actually run on shopify's infrastructure. so that's the difference here. and, yeah, i think it's also important to understand that shopify functions are installed through normal apps. so that's a commonality. you can share and distribute everything via the app store, which is awesome because it's like a super large audience. and, yeah, maybe the best way to think about them is that shopify functions are not a completely different thing. it's more like a new feature or something you can add to apps. and if that was confusing by any means, let's have a look at the following lifecycle diagram, because that will make things crystal clear. alright, so it all starts with the app developer, who adds a function to an app. then, when everything is ready, you can deploy the app so that a merchant can install the app on the store, and it's also where you would configure everything using the settings, and these settings come from your app server. then, when everything is configured, the app developer or the app makes an api call with the current configuration of that function. so this is kind of where the function gets uploaded to shopify's infrastructure and then when a customer interacts with the website, let's say, adds a product to the card, that's where your function gets actually executed on shopify's infrastructure. and i think this diagram is the best overview you can get, and it's also available in the shopify docs and if you're looking for that, the link is in the description. okay, so now that we have a high level understanding of how everything works- and i know there's a lot of information to take in also takes me quite a bit to do these summaries here. but now that we understand that, the question would be: how can we practikally get started? what are the best first steps? and first of all, we need to understand that shopify functions are not any different from like normal functions we know from programming. now you have an input, then you have the actual function where you write the logic, and then an output. in order to get started, you just need a few things up front. so first of all you have to pick