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shopify merchant services

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Payments Setup | Super SIMPLE Tutorial (Step by Step)

hey guys, this is Jake Alexander with casual e-commerce, and in this video, I'm going to be showing you how you can set up your Shopify payments account so that way you can start receiving payouts when you begin making sales with your Shopify store. so, in order to get started, you just need to log in to the dashboard of your store and then we're gonna come down here to settings and then, once where its settings, we're gonna go to payment providers, and this is where we can go ahead and choose which payment providers we want to go ahead and use, and you can see that there's a lot of options here. now, really quickly, before we do this, I do want to scroll down and just confirm that your payment authorization is set to automatik. this makes things a lot easier and it also saves you the hassle if somebody, for example, purchases an order and you know you fulfill it accidentally before you actually get the payment and then you never just get the payment. so it's a lot easier to just keep this at automatik. so, when it comes to setting up your payment providers, there's really only two that you're gonna be using. one is Shopify payments into his paypal, so we're gonna go ahead and get into Shopify payments here. so, if you don't know, Shopify payments is essentially just stripe. it's just Shopify has partnered with stripe and it's kind of a custom setup of stripe. but tripe is a third-party payment provider and they process credit card transactions. so Shopify payments is literally just stripe. so they've just partnered together. so Shopify payments is the easiest one to set up. there are others you can do if you go to change provider. you can select a third-party credit provider here and you can see there's a bunch of different ones here. but I would recommend just stiking with Shopify payments. now I am located in the United States, so if you're outside of the United States, in another country, you might need to use something different. so we're going to go ahead and do now. when it comes to setting up Shopify payments, it's pretty simple. you just need to complete account setup in here and now you just have to enter some sensitive information so you can see. here you type in your business type, so most likely you're an individual or sole proprietor, but if you already have an LLC or if you're in a partnership or if you've registered a corporation, you'd go ahead and do that and then you would enter your EIN number, if you have one and then your business address and then you enter your personal details here and then right here is actually pretty important- in product details. so you just kind of want to tok about what you are selling. so in this sample store here I was selling acne products so I could put in online retailer of skin care products. so you just want to put something like this in here: just a little brief description of what you're selling. that way, stripe knows, because they have to have some sort of vetting process, but you know pretty much I've never seen anyone not get approved before, but I still wouldn't risk, you know, putting something stupid in here. definitely just put a nice clean-looking description of what you're selling and then down here you can go ahead and put in- I wouldn't put like a personal number in like this is a Google Voice number. so you can put in a Google Voice number or your business number if you have a 1-800 number, because this information will be shown on your customers credit card statements. so if it was me, I you know I don't like having my personal number anywhere out there, so I wouldn't want that here. and then the statement descriptor right here. you can see if we change it. you can see this is what's going to show up on our customers credit card history. so if you want to put the name of your store here, or you can put the name of like- if you have the actual company name, you could put like, company, LLC, and then down here- you just go ahead and put your information and then complete account setup and most likely you're going to be approved instantly and you'll be good to go. so once you're approved, you're gonna be all set, and then what you'll be able to do actually, once you're approved, is you can edit here and you'll see that you can actually change which types of credit cards you want to accept. so if you don't want to accept certain credit cards, you can go ahead and edit that here. I'm not really sure why you wouldn't want to accept certain credit cards, to be honest, but that is something you can do. all right. so now that Shopify payments is set up, you're pretty much good to go. so I just wanted to quickly let you know how the process works once it's set up and you start to get your first orders coming in. so let's say, a customer buys your product for $30, so obviously you're not going to receive that entire 30 dollars because Shopify is gonna take a small transaction fee and then stripes going to take their transaction fee and if you open this up here, you can see the payment processing right here. so if you were to make a $30 sale, it would. you would lose 2.4 percent of that plus 30 cents. and whenever you upgrade your Shopify plan to go ahead and get a higher pain Shopify plan, what it does is it lowers this processing fee right here. so what I normally recommend is the only time that you really need to upgrade beyond the basic Shopify plan is when you're making enough sales to where you'll actually just make more money to go ahead and get a lower payment processing rate. so that is the main draw of upgrading your Shopify plan is to get in a actual lower payment processing rate, because eventually you do hit a point where you're losing money by staying on the basic plan because of this percentage right here. and as far as the payment delay, payments aren't going to be transferred to the Associated Bank account immediately- know there's a two to three day delay. so normally you will receive all of the money from the sales that you made a few days ago and if you receive any refunds or get any. if you issue any refunds, rather within the products or orders section, it's going to be withdrawn from the linked bank account. it's not going to be withdrawn from the pending balance. it's gonna come from the bank count and if you get any charge backs, that's also going to come out of your bank account as well. so, with that said, I think I've pretty much covered everything in regards to setting up Shopify payments and how it works. if I miss something, be sure to let me know in the comments and I'll try and answer as quickly as possible. if you liked this video and found it helpful, go ahead and leave it a thumbs up, be sure to subscribe to the channel for more content and I will see you guys in the next video.

Shopify Payments Setup 2022 | Shopify For Beginners

shopify payment setup. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video, i'm going to be telling you how you can set up payments within shopify. so, having said that, let's just jump into the video. so i'm over here on shopify right now and what you'll do is just simply log in right now, if you already have an account, you can just simply log in. if you don't, you can just sign up by entering in your email address over here and starting your free trial. uh, there is a pricing plan, however, so let me just show you, if you were interested in that one. so, over here, as you can see, these are the plans. we have: the basic, the shopify and the advance. you can see their payments over here, how much they cost. the basic one is going to be 29 per month, the shopify is going to be 79 and the advanced one is going to be 299, and you can see all of the rates and features that they have over here, and if you scroll down, you can see more stuff as well. over here, you can see more features as well within each plan in a more comprehensive and detailed manner, so that you can know which plan you want to try out. but yeah, then you're good to go. so first, i'm just simply going to go ahead and log into my store and i'll show you how you can set up payments. so we'll just simply log in into my store over here now. once you have logged in, you've arrived over to your dashboard, or your admin. what you're going to do is you scroll down. what you're going to do is just navigate yourself over here at the bottom left corner, click on settings and open up settings, and over here you will see you have billings plans, payments, checkouts and all of that. just simply click on payments and over here you will have three options. you will have payment providers, supported payment methods and manual payment methods as well. so, over here, choose whichever payment method you want and then, for example, if you wanted to have like payment providers, you just simply click on choose a provider and choose a provider from this list that you can see over here. if you want to add a payment method yourself, you can add that. over here. you can search for a payment method. over here, as you can see, we have visa, mastercard, diners and all of that. let's say you want a visa, mastercard, right, and then you will have skrill, ocean payments, ping pong checkouts to check out, convert plus i pay, hit pay, credit card, debit card- all of that. you can choose that, or you can add like a manual payment system, like a bank deposit, money order or cash on delivery. it all depends on you. so for me, i think that going into payment providers and choosing one of these is much better. like you will see, you will have if a payment method is not available in your country, it will just say unavailable within your country and it will show you the ones that are available at the top. so currently, to check out is available within my country, so i'm going to be choosing that one. it does support a very large number of cards, such as visa, mastercards, american express, discovery, jcb and diners club as well. yeah, so we're going to click onto checkouts account. we have a server error, but it still works. now. over here, you can choose which type of card you support, so i'll just support all of them and then, over here, they basically give you like a set up instruction on how to get it working. so they have like a 10 step account which is very simple to you know. get started. so, first things first, we have to create a to checkout account, so let's go ahead and click over here. actually, i need to open it up in under the tab so that it's much more convenient, so i'll just open it up in another tab over here. so over here, it's very simple. you can sign up for free by just simply clicking on this button over here and adding in your details, such as your first name, your last name, your business email, password, website and your country, and it's very easy. so over here, i'll just say i'll just enter in john doe and then, over here, we'll add in our business email, which is my temporary email. so i'll just go ahead and do that. i'll copy the email, come back over here and paste it, and then i'll enter in the password. and for the website, we'll just, you know, copy this one, copy the link address and come over here and paste it. i'll get rid of that. yeah, that looks good. then we have our country, we check the robot and then we click on. get started. there you go, it's done. now what we need to do is: what type of products do you want to sell with? to check out, online service, digital products for retail, offline service or others, since this is a shopify store. so we'll just say retail and we'll click on create account. now i do have to mention that creating a to checkout account is not easy, like it's not. it is easy, but it's just not very, you know, short. it's very detailed. you got to do a lot of things. you got to input a lot of information to actually get started with two checkouts account, which is pretty. you know hectik. they just ask you for a lot of information in order to actually get started with it. so over here they're: basically, if you are a partner slash seller, click here. so i don't think this is it. i haven't created my account, but i'll, let's see. yeah, okay, that works. so now we are here, we just have to activate our account. now, in order to activate your account, it's very simple: you have to input all this information, right? so before you start, you gotta provide this. you gotta add information about your business: you know your company name, your business type, where it is address, all of that. then you gotta input your financial details, such as the company registration id, uh, tax registration, ad id, annual online transaction volume and everything else. you will also have a stakeholders option over here. if you have some, you can go ahead and add your stakeholders over here. if not, you are good to go. then you have about your products and services. so you have to input your information about your product and all of the services that you provide. then you have account settings- okay, and then you have your documents as well. so you got to input your business document, company ownership document, tax identification, valid proof of address, other documents, and then, down below, you will have your summary. so you gotta make sure you input all of these information. then, once it's done, once you've submitted it, you wait for a couple of days to hear from to check out. they'll send you an email and then they'll activate your account and you are good to go. but, uh, since i don't have time for that and i don't have all this information, we'll just save that for later and i'll show you how you can basically activate it, right? so to activate it, as you can see over here, we have to log into a checkout account. once we've activated it, we have to access the integrations option. then we have to go into web hooks and api sections in your cpanel. all right, so let's go over there- integrations. over here on the left side, and underneath integrations, we have web hooks and api. we'll go into there. there we go, as you can see right here now. next, under api section, copy the merchant code and paste it within the merchant code field on this page over here. as you can see, we have the merchant code over here and we have the secret word over here. so over here you will see, underneath api keys, this is the secret word right here, this is the ins and we have it over here and this is the secret key and this is the merchant code. so we'll just copy the merchant code. we'll come over here and paste the merchant code right here. then we have to input the secret word. so, over here, go back, scroll down. this is the ins sacred word. we just have to click on generate to generate the word and click copy and then click on save. there we go, it's saved. then we just come over here and we paste it right here. then, over here, what we need to do is- we've already done save settings, yeah, and then in the redirect url section, click enable return after sale. so scroll down below over here. this is the ins notification. we don't need to do that, we need to d.


Best Shopify Merchant Community 2022

hey, it's klaus here with another quick tip episode of the ecommerce coffee break. today i want to tok a little bit on the status of e-commerce and shopify and what you can do to increase your business, your revenue, your average order value, etc. now we have been all through the pandemic and after a huge boost in e-commerce, um, it came out at the end of the day, people were burning through their savings. and now we also see through the crisis that is going on worldwide that, um, the recession is going to start and um that people are really, um clinging to their money. so e-commerce still huge, still growing, but not as easy as it was maybe a year ago. so what can we do about this? how can you optimize your business? um, to continue your past and work online, potentially run an e-commerce business, and grow and scale your business. now, one way to do this is learn from others. um, there is a lot of other merchants in the same shoes as you. you might be a small startup, a small brick-and-mortar motor business moving into e-commerce. you might be a solopreneur or site hustler who wants to get out of the nine-to-five and start their own business. so all of these are good reasons to see for or look for ways on how you can optimize your shopify business, and a community is a good way to do so. you want to surround yourself with like-minded people, with people that either have been through issues that you are having right now or are in the same situation right now and are looking for solutions to these problems. a community of light, light-minded people is also a good way to get tips, referrals, direct access to external resources and so on and so forth. for that reason being, we have started our own get conversions community for shopify merchants. it's a private membership community and the advantage of the community is that, um you are among other shopify merchants there, our members see an average 50 conversion uplift and 37 increase in average water value within weeks of joining us. so that should be already a good reason to consider joining our community, and, on top of that, you also get access to our full training class, um in regards of optimizing your store for higher conversions and average order value. so this has a value of 1 500 usually, but once you're a member of our community, you get this for free. inside the get conversions community, shopify merchants like you come together to learn from experts on how to turn more website traffic into sales, to meet and support each other, to get answers to questions and much more. why our community and why not a facebook group? because our community is so much better than facebook groups. becoming a member of a quality community of shopify merchants, without keyboard warriors, without haters, imager members, tire kickers or non-starters, will give you much better results and get you faster to where you want to get to. also, our community platform delivers this targeted content without any other platforms, noisy distractions or privacy risks. so that was the reason why we said we're moving away from facebook. we're not going into linkedin groups or whatsoever. there is just too much noise, there's too much distraction on there. you don't want to have this. you really want to focus and be in a group of people that are working on the same goals like you. so therefore, we prevent any kind of unnecessary spam or low quality content in the community. so really track the community and only shopify merchants will allowed to join the community. so we won't allow any kind of freelancers, any agencies, virtual assistants etc. in there. so really have a vetting process there to make sure that in the community you only will find other shopify merchants in there. in the master class training. our members will be taken through the entire process of optimizing their shopify store so that they can make consistent progress towards their revenue goals, and with that they get access to actionable mythologies, step-by-step templates that they can implement basically from day one. so all the support, guidance, knowledge and training is for you if you join our community, and we want to make sure that it is affordable. we know that money is tight right now, so the get conversion community is a month-to-month membership, which means you can basically cancel at any given point of time in time and starts at 99 per month. so that's basically a bargain because with the 99 per month, you will immediately have access to the master class training, which is valued at 1 500 us dollars, and you can start immediately to work your way through. now for whom is this community? different groups there. first of all, if you have successfully launched your store but your conversion rates are low and you want to increase sales and revenue without spending any money on paid ads, then this community is for you. if you're a shopify merchant, an entrepreneur, a startup founder who is interested in learning more about e-commerce conversion rate optimization, then this group is for you. if you're running a brick and mortar business and you would like to move into an e-commerce business with a custom action plan, this group is for you. and if you're ready to pursue your site hustle full-time and you're looking to scale your online sales sustainably and profitably, then our membership is for you. just to summarize what you get when you join us in the get conversions membership community: you connect with gross minded shopify merchants. you get access to the master class training. you get access to our resource library with step, step-by-step worksheets, fill in the blank templates, our 200 point e-commerce conversion optimization checklist printable, swipe files and so on and so forth. you can access our member forums where we, by topic, have organized conversations to help and inspire you and get you to where you want to get to. we provide super helpful answers to questions in our support community and groups. you will get a updated hotlist of the best business books, courses and other resources in every area to help your business. and if you decide to become a premium member, then you will be able to join our weekly live question answer calls. and if you're one-to-one membership mentorship, then you will have unlimited one-to-one calls with one of our coaches and on top of that you will get a monthly store review where we check your store on opportunities where you can optimize your store for higher conversions. so all of that is included and more so. i would recommend to check out our get conversions community and masterclass and see if you're a good fit. and if you think you're a good fit, then you can join us easily directly from the side. now one thing is that your investment is fully guaranteed. obviously, i can't guarantee your success- no one can that- but there's one thing i can do. the training and coaching community has been tested and proven by clients around the world and i guarantee you a proven step-by-step process in a methodology that is designed to increase your results. so, because i'm so confident that you will see results, i guarantee you, or give you a guarantee with a 14 day money back guarantee so you can test drive the community, the master class, risk free for two weeks. if you don't love the community and or the master class, after two weeks just cancel and you get a full refund on your membership fee. beside of that, again, you can be a member of the community as long as you want, but you also can cancel on a monthly basis your membership whenever you want. so there's nothing to lose, so much to gain. um, how do you get into the membership? in the comments you will find the link that takes you to the detail page. read to the text then. step number one: join the get conversions community by clicking the green button. create your profile and finalize the payment, and then you will get access details from our site and you can start right away with instant access. as said, 14 days money back guarantee, monthly membership and you can cancel any time. so join us now get ecommerce that.

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6 BEST High Risk Payment Processors [Review]

Is your business in the high-risk merchant category? And once you've been classified as "high-risk", how do you go about finding a good processor- ethical, honest and experienced in the field- and who will do their best to get you a decent deal on a merchant account? Don't search anywhere else. Let me show you in this video the 6 best high-risk payment processors, And stik with me 'till the end? as I will share our best advice. Hey, what's good, mavericks? So before we go over the best high-risk payment processors, make sure you hit the subscribe button And if you're already part of our growing community, Welcome back. So, even within the category of high-risk processors that are the good, the bad and the ugly. That's why we are here to help you. The high risk specialists mentioned here will usually be able to get you a deal that might not be the best, but is above the industry average. So let's start with Payment Cloud. Payment Cloud specializes in placing high-risk businesses relying on a network of third-party processors and acquiring banks to get you approved for an account. While it can't place every merchant, the company has a higher success rate than many of its competitors. Best of all, Payment Cloud does the extra work required to accept a high risk account without charging you any application or account setup fees. For retail merchants, Payment Cloud provides now a free EMV- compliant terminal with each account, And "free" here means you're free to use it as long as you maintain your account. Pros: -good for e-commerce businesses. good for high-risk businesses: no account setup fee. no monthly minimum for low-risk businesses. free credit card terminal. excellent customer support. few public complaints. Cons: no publicly disclosed pricing. website needs improvement. Like almost all high risk specialists, the company doesn't disclose its processing rates or account fees, so you can give them a call and speak to one of their sales teammates to see how their offer stacks up against other providers. Click our link below if you're curious in knowing more about them Now. Durango merchant services has an excellent reputation for honesty, fair rates and great customer service and support. Durango offers a variety of terminals, pin pads and mobile card swipers for sale right on its website. Options include both wired and wireless models, with some offerings that support EMV and NFC payments. Check out also their iprocess app, which can be used with both iOS and android devices. Durango supports e-commerce through its proprietary Durango Pay gateway. The gateway integrates with the numerous payment processors the company uses and includes support for most of the popular online shopping carts. Because Durango works with such a wide variety of third-party processors to set you up with a high-risk merchant account. it doesn't list rates or fees on their website, But you can click on our artikle to connect to them for more info. Pros: specialists in placing high-risk merchants offers. offshore accounts for international merchants. fair pricing and contract terms. offers. EMV compliant mobile card reader. dedicated account manager for customer service. Cons: early termination fee in some cases. A nice touch at Durango is that they assign you with a dedicated account manager, which means you'll be toking to the same person every time you have an issue. Host Merchant Services doesn't claim to be a high-risk specialist, but it lists several high-risk business categories that it can accommodate. Its interchange-plus only pricing and a full range of products and services make it an excellent choice if you can get approved. HMS is a former web hosting company, so it's ideally suited for e-commerce merchants. For retail merchants, HMS offers a variety of terminals for sale. as HMS does not lease equipment, If you process over 20k per month, you may qualify for at least one free EMC card terminal. While HMS does not disclose terminal prices on its website, you should be able to negotiate a very reasonable deal, especially if you need more than one. If you already have a compatible terminal, they'll reprogram it for free. Pros: transparent interchange-plus pricing, no early termination fee, no setup or application fees, no monthly minimums, good customer support, good website and advertising. Cons: can be expensive for low volume merchants. As a tik-focused company, eCommerce is HMS specialty, but if your business falls into one of the categories of high-risk activities that the company can accommodate, HMS is an excellent choice for a merchant account. Before I review a relatively new company, Soar payments, don't forget to stik with us, as in a few minutes I will share important bonus information for you. SOAR specializes in serving the high-risk community, but it also has very competitive pricing and terms that are attractive to non-high-risk companies as well. It offers a small selection of terminals and you can get a free lease if you are low-risk merchant. Note that you'll have to return the equipment if you cancel your account with soar. It also offers the Maxpay POS system and the Maxpay mini wireless terminal for retail merchants. Soar, however, is mostly focused on e-commerce services. It no longer publishes pricing information on its website, But for high-risk accounts this is fairly standard practike, So it's nothing to be alarmed about. Pros: ideal for high-risk merchants. automated custom price quoting. automated application process. fast underwriting. no application fees. Cons: only works with us based businesses. currently cannot accept CBD oil merchants. Overall Soar payments. offers very competitive terms for high-risk merchants. Another texas company, Easy Pay Direct. This company's primary product is its proprietary EPD gateway. It also provides full service merchant accounts for both high-risk and non-high-risk merchants. As always, High-risk merchants will have to pay a premium in terms of processing rates and account fees. However, the additional expense is entirely reasonable under the circumstances. One very positive feature of Easy Pay Direct's contract is that they don't have early termination fee, even for high-risk businesses. While this isn't quite the same thing as true month-to-month billing, it does make it much easier to close your account without penalty if you have to. Pros: accepts a wide variety of high-risk industries. load balancing feature for high-risk merchants. no equipment leases. no early termination fees for most merchants. in-house sales team. Cons: $99 account setup fee. a 3-year contract with an automatik renewal clause. Although Easy Pay Direct doesn't get as much attention as other better known processors, it's a solid choice for merchants in the high-risk category. We partikularly recommend the company for high-risk e-commerce businesses due to the robust feature set of its EPD gateway. Now don't forget that right after we've reviewed our last- one of our 6 best high-risk payment processor, I'll give you Merchant Maverick's best advice. So on to the sixth provider, SMB Global. Using a variety of back-end processors, SMB Global can approve a merchant account for almost any high-risk business, including those selling CBD oils. It has an excellent reputation for fair prices and top-notch customer service. As a newly established business, SMB Global is still a little rough around the edges, lacking a mobile processing system and credit card terminals for retail merchants, But at the same time, it offers a full range of services for e-commerce merchants. Pros: offers high-risk merchant accounts to a wide variety of industries. offers offshore merchant accounts. reasonable pricing, reasonable contract terms, excellent customer service. Cons: no mobile app and the website lacks detailed account information. While we highly recommend that you request an Interchange-plus pricing plan, be prepared to have to acce.

Selling Services on Shopify | The SOLD ON SHOPIFY Show | Ep #5

hey, it's peter from click click e-commerce. in this video, i want to show you how you could sell on shopify without having a tangible product. that's right. you do not need a physical product to start making money on shopify. there are other creative ways you could build a business, like a service course, digital products and much more. so here are some great examples of some of these merchants that are doing just that. without further ado, let's roll the [Music]. hey, it's peter from click click ecommerce. so, like i mentioned, you do not need a physical product to use this shopify platform. that's right. if you wanted to start a business in the service industry, in the rental industry, if you're selling a digital product- maybe you're a teacher or an instructor that wants to sell classes, workshops or lessons- you can use shopify, and here are some great examples of some of the shopify merchants that fit under this category. okay, up first is ifimadecom. this is an online learning website where this shopify merchant offers classes and workshops as their product. so if you're looking at starting your own business in the wedding industry, this might be right up your alley, because they offer courses on how to start your own rental company, how to run a profitable wedding venue, even how to do cake design. take a look at ifimadecom for a great example of how to sell classes and courses on shopify. okay, up next we've got healthyhabitslivingcom. so this merchant actually sells quite a bit of product, as you can see here. but one thing that they also sell is consultation. so if you're looking at starting a consultation business, here is a great example. they used a phone as their product picture, which i thought was a cool idea. this merchant's selling it for free, but of course you charge for it, and here i click, click. we can also implement a calendar so your customers can book a specific time and date for your services and add to carton so they can start proceeding to check out. so take a look at healthyhabitslivingcom for a great example of consultation as a product. last, but certainly not least, is partycastlesca- and i say that because i am actually the owner of partycastlesca, and if you want to start your own rental company, take a look at this website. here i have created a website where people can go on and book a castle at any partikular date they need it for. so we have a wide variety of it, from kids castles to the all-white wedding castle. customers can just go on here, select the time, select a date and add to cart, and the feature that i have implemented here allows it. so there is never a double booking, ever, and everyone gets notified leading up to the date. so take a look at partycastlesca if you want to start your own rental company, and there you have it. there are many different ways you could set up your business on shopify and at click click. we would love to help out. so if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, but that's it for me. if you are wondering, sage is finally back in school. it took eight days to get the results back- absolutely ludicrous. please be safe out there and thanks, as always, for watching and have yourself a great week. bye.

Understanding the Shopify API

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