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shopify mntd

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

MNTD Helium Hotspot Miner - How Long To ROI & Profit Breakdown ($HNT)

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey guys welcome back to the channel at,jimmy as promo and today we will be,getting right into it because right,after this video is published minted,will be doing their next inventory drop,so i'll be placing a link below the,video inside the description that'll,take you directly into the minted,website so you can either get the black,spot or gold spot now you can see here,that they wrote october 23rd which is,today 8 a.m pacific time or 10 a.m,central standard time now i wanted to,upload this video about 15 minutes,before it went live so then you can at,least watch how this one has performed i,have everything documented written out,broken down on how much it has earned,every day i'm going to show you how it's,done in the helium application for the,last 26 days i'm going to show you the,website and i'm going to show you the,differences between the gold spot and,black spot we'll take a look at trading,view on where it's sitting right now in,terms of the price of helium and where,it was a couple days ago because i did a,breakdown of the price of what you're,able to earn between two different price,points so first off you already saw the,information that's happening this,morning 8 a.m pacific standard time or,the 10 a.m central standard time so,we're going to go into the website,really quick so this way you can see,what is the difference between gold and,black so you can see the gold one is 479,the black one usd is 399,now purchasing this is super simple and,easy it's through shopify so you can use,a debit card and credit card now really,what the difference is between the two,is when you take a look at the gold,you're gonna have that limited edition,gold color and it'll also give you eight,gig of ram now the standard black one,the black spot is four gig of ram and if,you're curious on what that is,comparable to with the original rack,hotspot the original rack hotspot was 2,gig of ram so this one right here is,already double the ram but then this,gold is double that black spot so that's,really the only two key differences of,that eighty dollars is if you want eight,gig of ram which will help in the future,as this thing is still running and also,that limited color now i do also wanna,cover one more thing when it comes down,to purchasing these miners people always,ask the questions how long does it take,to get your doorstep the last time i,purchased these it took exactly seven,days to arrive they do not ship anything,on the weekend so because this is,happening on a saturday there will be a,one or two delay but still you should be,able to get it within about seven days,arrival to your doorstep my neighbor got,his in about five days which was two,days sooner than me so again these,things are super quick because they will,ship them off immediately because they,have these in stok once this is live,so now you know the difference between,the gold spot and the black spot we're,going pretty quick but again like i said,from before i want to show you pretty,much everything uh so right here is the,price of helium it's trading right under,uh,21.42 cents or right under that 21.50,range the other day we were trading at,24 dollars which in,later in this video you'll see that i'll,be doing a breakdown between 2150 and 24,on how much it has earned,and then i also want to show you the,application itself so how has this one,personally done uh for the last 26 days,so here's the 24 hour range of what,we've just got done doing so we are,right under half of a helium so we got,.49 helium in the last 24 hours in the,last 14 days we got 4.54,so about four and a half helium and then,after the 30 days which is actually not,a full 30 days it's right around 26 days,we got,11.42 now as you scroll through we got,point 12 point,62.38.81 point,and so i can go through this but i have,everything broken down in terms of the,average per day so here we are 26 days,and we got,11.42 now for the witnesses there is,only eight witnesses that i have so i,don't even have the full 10 but luckily,all of these ones are online they all,have that green little dot so now that,we've taken a look at the application on,how it's done 11.42 we took a look at,the trading view on what it has done and,what it is doing with its price we,toked about the two key differences,between the black and gold we were,toking about their twitter now let's,tok about everything broken down so,they've been running for 26 days the,total hnt is 11.42 which means the daily,average is 0.44 helium a day which at,the price of,21.50 was an average of,9.46 now if we were still sitting at,21.50 we kept doing this average of 0.44,so if we bought the black spot it would,take six weeks or 42 days to roi now if,you've got the gold spot it's at 479,dollars so that would take seven weeks,or 50 days again at that exact same,price point now we're taking a look at,this right here because this is how much,it would have earned if you would want,to see the dollar amount so again 21 and,50 cents if that's what helium is,sitting at then we would have earned,245.53 with how much we have earned,right there which is 11.42 now if helium,was back at 24,then we would have earned,274 dollars and eight cents now again,this number will keep on going up and up,and up as long as the price of helium,goes up so if we were sitting at 25 or,28 dollars and these would be higher,numbers and it would have taken less,days to pay off,and the biggest thing here too is just,you guys know it's not really a limit of,five per person it is a limit of five,per order so if you're looking to buy 10,of them you just have to do two orders,if you're looking to get maybe seven of,them you want to get a couple black a,couple gold then you want to order five,of them or three of them and then come,back and do another order of two or,three so again it is not a limit of five,per person it's five per order so that,is everything that i wanted to cover,today really that was every single,detailed piece of information everything,about the the purchasing the buying,everything about how much it's earth,it's earned where it's been and also all,of the breakdown honestly this is,probably my best video breakdown i've,done for helium now if you watch this,video from the moment it was uploaded uh,if you watch this entire full thing that,that means that now this is probably,live that you're able to go purchase it,it's probably going to be gone in the,next you know hour or two if it's based,on the last launch so click the link,below the video inside the description,it'll take you directly to the website,so you can purchase your minted helium,hotspot miners hope you guys appreciated,this video and if you guys did please,give it a big thumbs up don't forget to,hit subscribe subscribe right over here,in the very bottom left hand side and if,you like this video the more than likely,you'll also like this video and i'll see,you guys later,[Music],you

Get MNTD Sold Out In Minutes Double Dip Cash Back Rewards

what's going on everybody spencer here,again coming at you with another,video on the daily mint channel,welcome welcome everybody a lot of,exciting things are going on in crypto,before we jump into that we are sitting,at 2 350 subscribers here on youtube and,once we hit 3 000 subscribers i am gonna,be giving away a tron cool cat on the,tron blockchain uh once i hit 3 000,subscribers and on odyssey we're sitting,at 771,followers we're up thank you guys,everyone who's following me here as well,if you follow me here you do get free,lbc coins where it's kind of like an,airdrop only it's happening all the time,also once i hit a thousand subscribers,here on odyssey i'm also going to be,giving away a tron cool cat here so one,for youtube one for odyssey so you,definitely should follow me out on both,because then you'll get double the,chances to win an nft don't forget i am,launching my own nft line i like to call,this the selfie collection and then my,travels collection and i haven't decided,yet i want to try to offer something,more than just one of these nfts and i,can't decide what i want to offer more,and it would be for the original,purchaser so if you purchase one and,then resell it if you have purchased,from a reseller you wouldn't get the,bonus but i'm trying to think of what i,want to offer on top of the nft and i am,going to be doing more of these i have,been going through all of my pictures,throughout the years throughout all of,my travels i mean this is from uh,amsterdam this is from cinque terre,this one the mingwa this is from,shenzhen,in china so i'm big going through all of,my photos pretty sure this one was taken,in germany so,i have a huge backlog of photos and,travel photos that i'm going through,that i'm going to be editing for the,this nfts,but i'm trying to think of something to,also offer along with the picture so if,you guys have any ideas or thoughts on,that comment those down below now the,get minted drop for helium you know that,was dropped today in fact it was dropped,about 30 minutes ago as of recording,this video the black ones at least on my,computer literally were gone with like,less than two minutes so obviously i'm,gonna theorize that this was boughted a,lot of people in the nerdy dude stuff,discord were saying that shopify bots,are super easy to write um you know,obviously i've never written a bot so i,don't know maybe i should learn to code,for that specific reason but,yeah these were sold out super super,fast i did manage to get some in my cart,and try to hit the checkout but the,checkout page literally would never load,and then i finally got,some gold ones in i didn't set up so i,only set aside enough money for five,black ones i didn't set up enough money,for five gold ones because they're like,eighty dollars more so,that's a pr,that's a pretty significant price,difference when the prices is uh through,four hundred dollars to 480 so then i,try to get three of these and my card,was declined and i'm pretty sure so i,was using my crypto.com card,because i wanted to get that cash back,in crow and i'm pretty sure so i ended,up getting this message in my email your,payment couldn't be processed now i'm,pretty sure that the reason why that,happened is because i didn't check,international charges off,allow internationally on my krypto.com,card because last time i pretty sure,that this is an international that it's,connected to an international bank so,i'm pretty sure that is why it got,declined so i fixed that i turned that,on and,basically the moment i turn that on,which if you've done that in the app it,takes like less than 30 seconds to,change pretty much anything in the,crypto.com app so i changed that and the,moment i tried to recheck out again it,was then sold out so these pretty much,the black and the gold sold out within,like 10 minutes,10 15 minutes so,speculation there's definitely bots,involved but,well obviously allegedly you know i,can't say for sure but,also this drop was way,way more uh hyped up than the last one,the last,minted drop was basically a surprise i,didn't even know it was happening they,announced it on their twitter but they,had basically no twitter followers they,announced it like on their instagram a,few other people announced it but,honestly the only reason i knew that,this even happened is because another,youtuber had put out a short like,basically right when it happened i think,it was tactikal investing that i saw his,his short on that hey the drop is,happening and i saw that and i was like,oh i'm gonna get that,and so i went in and i ordered uh and i,got three gold ones so i do have three,of these gold ones but,when i tried to get on this one because,literally their twitter followers went,from basically like 50 to now a couple,thousand,already so,yeah this was definitely way more,announced everyone was toking a lot of,the helium uh specifically helium uh hnt,youtubers who tok about helium and hnt,a lot we're all toking about this drop,and a lot of people even toked about,this drop this morning and they put out,videos so this was sold out super fast,uh we'll just have to see hopefully i'll,get on the next one maybe or you know,just kind of expand out my network and,get other helium miners because now i,have three of these gold ones i was,definitely trying to get uh some black,ones i already have a few bobcats and,i'm trying and i have a lot more bobcats,that are probably gonna get here next,year uh in all honesty i mean i ordered,them like almost a month ago two months,ago and you know i was antikipating,maybe new year's but,honestly i probably won't get them until,like,like uh january probably sometime in,january so we're just gonna have to wait,on,that uh and you know because my goal was,to have a few more before the end of the,year but that's okay and the reason why,that's okay is because you know i put,all of the money on my crypto.com card,and now i'm just gonna go pay off some,bills i'm gonna go pay some credit card,bills and you know double dip on the,cash back because if you didn't know,pretty much any capital one credit card,you can actually call or go into a,capital one bank and make payments with,a debit card uh i also have a store,credit card with the buckle and a store,credit card with cabela's which the,cabela's one is capital one but you can,actually go into those stores and make,payments as well so,that's what i'm gonna be doing today as,well as uh doing some amazon returns but,you can double dip in the cash back guys,in case you haven't realized this you,can double dip is it extra work to go,into a capital one bank and make a,payment yeah but,now you got your you got your cash back,or your travel rewards or whatever when,you first spent it on that credit card,and then you can come back and get,another two percent on top of that for,making your credit card payments uh just,going into the bank which to me is not a,big deal because now i'm double dipping,on my uh,on on the returns i'm going to do that,every single like literally i'll do that,all day long i'll double dip on the,returns because uh,it could it adds up to be a lot of money,and so now you are putting savings into,your bank and all that good stuff in,probably within a week or so i'm going,to end up upgrading so right now i have,the let's see what card do i have,i have the ruby red card which is only,two percent but i am going to be,upgrading to,either the royal indigo or jade green,because i want to get that three percent,but the other big thing that i really,want is i get uh free netflix which,right now i don't have free netflix and,i get the airport lounge access and i'm,just antikipating uh basically traveling,more pretty soon and a lot of that so i,definitely want the airport lounge,access but what's really cool about,these cards is that this is just a stake,which means you don't actually,lose your money you lose you will lose a,value if the valuation of crow goes down,whereas if the valuation of chrome goes,up then

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MNTD Hotspot Miner Drop Dec. 15th CANCELLED | The Good The Bad and The MNTD

[Music],what's good everyone how you doing today,i'm out with h3 and today we're going to,tok about the minted drop and all my,fellow helium homies if you're new to,the channel please go ahead and,subscribe below,check out our instagram our twitter as,well we try to stay relevant on all,updates and all things helium,that being said stay tuned let's jump,right in,so over here you can see on telegram,minted stayed pretty active today,and minted if you're unfamiliar is a,company that does drops and they sell,out rather quickly and then they're,highly antikipated we were some of the,people that had been waiting quite a,while for today only to be,rather let down,but stay tuned because there's a light,at the end of the tunnel,so eu sold out fast not because of bots,but due to having only a limited,inventory,and so what you need to know is they've,launched in 26 countries,change the order limit to two miners per,unique address and we've fixed the,annoying checkout button or so they,claimed,and this was all posted at 6 a.m,pacific time,today,then comes 8.53 about 53 minutes after,the drop due to ongoing shopify issues,the u.s drop is being suspended until,further notike,no orders have been made or completed,please stay tuned for updates so let's,pause right there and go ahead and take,a look at their twitter and now let's,begin,on the play by play from their twitter,feed so you can see 10 hours ago we're,going live but experiencing shopify,issues so they were having an issue,before we even began the drop this was,the first red flag,then two hours later,or one hour later they post the eu and,ca drop sold out fast and had no issues,unfortunately due to ongoing shopify,issues the u.s drop is being suspended,until further notike,no orders have been made or completed,please stay tuned for updates,so we stay tuned and they give us an,update an hour later we do not plan on,opening up sales this week we hope to,get back up next week stay tuned,let's jump back over,to the twittergram or my back to the,telegram,and we're over here and they say we do,not plan same information and here's,where i gained my respect for the,company because once again not only did,they take full responsibility but they,owned up to it and they were very quick,to respond and let us know what to,expect and what went wrong and that to,me when when mistakes happen that's all,you can do and i tip my hat to mint it,and i appreciate this,because this is how we feel right now,we have worked closely with the shopify,team to make this us drop work,regrettably even with all the,improvements traditional checkout just,won't work especially when the demand,outweighs the supply,and you have these,hmm,special botters,we're throwing away our traditional,e-commerce and approaching it from,another angle stay tuned and sorry we,let you down so they owned up to it they,were very clear transparent and i have,high antikipation that they're going to,come back with this solution and with,the problem fixed and so,we wanted to just get that out to you,guys really quick i know a lot of you,were upset we were definitely let down,we was pretty hyped up we had,multiple people on dozens and dozens of,devices trying to get at least one,nobody got through and as far as we've,been as far as we understand not one,miner was sold in this drop so,don't be down on yourself stay vigilant,stay tuned we are going to find out when,the next drop is soon and if you want to,know,subscribe and like thanks for tuning in,h3 over and out,[Music],you

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MNTD Miner Drop UPDATE | How To Receive an HNT Miner by March & April

[Music],welcome back to the channel helium,miners if you're new consider joining,the community by smashing that subscribe,button if you,find value in our content so today we're,going to be toking about the minted,miner drop what's going on when's it,going to happen is it going to happen,and we also will be showing you at the,end of the video a great place to buy a,miner if you are not patient and don't,want to deal with the frustrations of a,limited drop so with that being said,let's jump right in all right guys if,you're anything like us i'm sure you've,been,scouring the minted twitter looking,through all the comments and,wondering what the heck is going on,there's a lot of antikipation,the only news we know so far right now,is we're looking at the first week of,january and as we're getting closer to,the end of this week it's looking a lot,like it's going to be next week so i'm,sure they're having troubles developing,a system that can handle the load,there's been a lot of suggestions in,some of these comments about um using a,system similar to i believe since a cap,they have like a lottery system,that,you pay a certain amount you actually,have to use h t to buy a token,to buy a coupon to get yourself in line,and then once you're in the queue they,walk you through the step to purchase it,so it's pretty cool that you actually do,not lose um,you know it's not a rush to see who can,check out the quickest you actually get,a turn you get a chance to you know,follow through and not just get pushed,out so,hopefully they're developing something,similar but as we can see people in,europe are getting their miners from,their last drop um they only dropped,about 2600 2800 over there so it wasn't,very much control uh compared to what,we're trying to,get in the u.s so there's a lot of uh,comments in here people toking about oh,i just received mine from this place he,paid double,um there's a lot of people asking you,know when's the u.s drop us drop,so thing is we're just gonna have to,stay patient if you guys haven't already,make sure you hit these notifications,right here so you'll be alerted as soon,as that is possible as well as going,into telegram and joining their telegram,group,which,you should be able to find,on their website,so let's go over here,and right here this is there where you,can find their twitter you can find,their facebook,right here,so there's no new news yet it's,basically they haven't even posted,anything from the first of the year on,here yet,so anyway we're keeping a close eye on,it we will let you know as soon as,there is news and as soon as we know,anything but,in the meantime if you guys are antsy,and cannot wait,there is a sense a cap which they,actually have um quite a few,distributors right now that,are actually have product that will be,able to be shipped in april and march so,if you go down to learn more i'll also,be linking this down in the description,below but basically you can choose which,frequency you need,and then it has a purchase through,distributor so this is something we,haven't done just to clarify this is,something we have not done,so we just wanted to show people this,avenue if they're interested it seems,very legit it is a manufacturer so,um i notiked on this website right here,you'll be able to get one by eight the,end of april,and on,i believe,fast miners,or digikey you could get one by march,but you'll be paying a little bit more,you'll be paying in the 600 range so,anyway i hope you guys found value in,this video if you did please smash the,like subscribe join our telegram,community we're always posting stuff in,there if you have questions about your,miner need help setting it up whatever,it may be,we are your resource so thanks again for,tuning in helium hotspot over and out,you

MNTD Drop BOTCHED Again? | Helium Mining

oh my gosh man that was painful all,right you guys so welcome back um,obviously today is wednesday the 15th,today is the big day,and i didn't go as planned but that's,kind of to be expected i mean honestly,it's kind of surprising how they could,do,worse,after the last drops you know um but,it was kind of expected honestly so,we're toking about you guys as the mint,minted drops um,today they're doing their you know their,three frequency drop whatever the eu,canada and the usa and unfortunately you,know sometimes things just don't work,out i guess the only positive note we,could say here is that nobody got him,apparently but um but yeah so,if you're looking on the twitter,um it shows that they're like oh yeah,the the eu drop went perfectly um there,was no you know there's no problems or,whatever,they said that they only had like less,than 3 000 units and there was over a,hundred thousand unique visits over,three million website visits and stuff,and then you know i mean,they're hyping these things up so much,and um there's a lot of people online,hyping them up and whatnot,and i i'm starting to think that maybe,this isn't the best um,form of marketing or the best form of,customer,uh,you know it's appreciation because what,they're doing is they're just pissing a,lot of people off and i mean i get it,you know i get they're trying to you,know get inventory out and stuff and,what it looks like it looks like they're,actually shipping all these units out of,china this time so i don't know if,that's um,if that's what they were doing before if,they were doing american made products,before if they're they're just shipping,them out of america before i'm pretty,sure last time they were shipping out of,california or something like that um,because they they go off of the pacific,standard time so i'm pretty sure that,they're you know they're basing,themselves out of california like that,but um yeah so the the drops can be,pushed back,i don't think that they have any word on,um when it's going to be pushed back,till yet uh but if i see it i'll try to,keep you guys updated and so on that,obviously is going to be kind of a hard,thing to get um,even the checkouts i mean like instantly,you know,why i was on there,and um,it wasn't even like registering that,there was having products and you would,refresh page and it would have proc and,then i got a couple into my cart a few,different times and then i made it,through to the checkout page with them,in my cart um and then it just like it,wouldn't load and stuff so it was kind,of a miserable time it's another waste,of another hour,last time at least the hour that i,wasted i actually came out with a couple,units so this time a lot of people are,upset i mean there's thousands of,comments on their twitter right now and,stuff uh people just very frustrated and,stuff so i don't know if this is the,best way to drop products or not um i,personally i'm going to be trying to get,some sense caps um i just feel like,those are the most reliable,best performing hotspots so i know,everyone's pushing the the minteds and,everyone's pushing you know the bobcats,and stuff and personally,i think bobcat has fallen down my list,very far not only just because they're,not shipping as quick anymore but just,as far as the performance i feel like,bobcats are just lagging um seems like,bobcats go down a lot more their,earnings are a lot more inconsistent and,stuff so,um you guys this is a rough day i'm,sorry if you know you were out there and,you're wasting your time or if you're,taking that time from work or whatever,it was it this definitely does not go as,planned they need to do something else,about their,their platform using shopify i don't,know if it's shopify it's not able to,support that or i mean they're they're,having millions of visits to the site,you know so they definitely need to have,some type of back-end server update and,stuff but um if you're still looking for,money guys keep keep at it uh,like i said this is this is where it,becomes like one of those questions is,it better to just go on ebay or is it,better to you know wait for a,a retail price one,but um i mean these drops are getting,harder and harder and harder especially,as more people are pushing you know to,go check them out and stuff so i hope,you guys have a good day and i'll catch,you soon all right peace

MNTD Hotspot Miner Drop Dec. 15th 8 am PT | Tips on Getting Order Through | Helium Hotspot Help

[Music],what's up everybody,welcome to the helium hotspot help,channel where you can find all things,helium,hope everybody's having a great day,today and is excited to learn about the,next minted hotspot miner drop on,december,15th,so if you're new to the channel,subscribe smash the like if you find,value in this content and let's jump,right in,first thing you're going to do is go up,into your search bar and type in get,minted,and then type in my,shopify,because that's gonna bring up the link,for the shopify for the store so this is,how people were able to get into,the um how people were able to get their,orders through on the last drop so,make sure you click that link i'll be,plugging that down in the description,below,so that's one of our biggest,recommendations is actually using the,shopify link,for securing your hotspots,let's see what happened here on the last,drop,so,they sold out obviously pretty quickly,and here's what to know about their,third drop is they had 2 900 more miners,they adjusted the orders down from five,to two at checkout and then they fixed,the american express credit card,checkout,so,they had 10 865 miners dropped plus sold,with an average miner,average two miners per order whoops,there was 5800,gold hot spots 5 000 blacks,and they had 21 million website visits,460 000 automated attempts blocked they,had 28 orders uh,canceled because they were over two,miners so even if you are able to get,through with more than two miners we,would not recommend it they'll cancel,your order and you will not receive your,miners so,um here's an apology,uh post that they had,sent out to everybody they were,disappointed in their drop they thought,that it would have went better they,tried to block all the bots i guess,there were 80 million bot attempts,on their website so um,that's why we recommend,using the shopify link which we'll plug,in the description below but,other than that um if you guys want to,know more about these miners between the,black and the gold you can look at the,video up in the descript,up in the screen above,and you can figure out which miner is,best for you so,um these things don't cost very much to,ship i believe it's literally if you,only buy one it's less than 500 for,shipping and tax depending on what state,you're in,so i hope this was informational and you,guys found value if you did please smash,the like subscribe,and consider joining the telegram group,especially if you're already mining you,need help we're constantly posting stuff,on our instagram we have been setting up,a lot of outdoor antennas so if you need,help or ideas with that,follow us at helium hot spot help on,instagram,so,that's basically going to take me to the,very end of this video i hope you guys,have a great weekend and happy mining,[Music]