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shopify model

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How Shopify Dropshipping Works

There's a trendy e-commerce fad. behind those obscure, eye-catching products that fill our feeds on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube: It's called dropshipping. It's definitely an industry that is growing. You're seeing companies going public now just based on this premise of dropshipping. The model relies on targeted ads designed to stop consumers from scrolling long enough to make an impulse purchase, usually from a Shopify store set up solely for that product. Many of those same younger consumers. they are also looking for creative ways to make money, And this really is the rise of the young merchant. It's like salesmen. Salesmen are like the old school version of marketing. If you're a good salesman, you can sell anything to anybody At age 21,. Ka mil Sattar's dropshipping sales topped 1.7 million dollars in 2020.. You basically only buy the product when you get the payment, And then you get the product from a supplier in the US or China. Then they send the product directly to the consumer and you never see it or never touch it. Some sellers say dropshipping is a get-rich-quick scheme to make easy millions without ever leaving your couch. Others call it a serious business that takes major hustle to pull off properly. There are more nefarious actors in this industry, and there are legitimate ones. We toked to some big name dropshippers about how they made millions with viral products and asked e-commerce experts how copycats and cutting corners could tarnish the industry for everyone. Dropshipping in its simplest form is when the seller acts as a middleman without ever touching the merchandise. Nick Peroni does dropshipping full-time, sourcing sites like AliExpress for low-cost products available directly from suppliers, usually in China. If you have a supplier you can trust, you can do the quality control with the supplier. They can send me pictures of it- 3D video of it, so that I can see exactly how it looks. After a customer places an order on Peroni's Shopify store, he purchases the product from the supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer, which can take some time. If you find products that are unique enough, then people are generally willing to wait. Take this laptop sleeve that I ordered on June 30th last year. It shipped directly from China and took two months to get to California Products, where it takes 30 days, 60 days, even 90 days to even get to you. Now that is what I call poor dropshipping. Where people really tend to get annoyed with dropshipping is if they waited for two weeks and then they get their product and it sucks anyway. I ordered these boots on October 28th last year and they arrived December 7th. I never got a shipping or a tracking notification And when they did finally get here, they came in this ripped bag from China Post and they were stuffed loosely inside. They smelled pretty awful and they were the wrong size. I thought about returning them, but returns with dropshipped items from overseas can be pretty complicated. I looked for a customer service number on the store where I bought these and I couldn't find one, and I opted not to return them because I would have had to pay for my own return. p ostage- False advertising is definitely a big problem in the dropshipping world. The product is aligned with you, aligned with your interests, and you want to buy it. So you buy it And it does not match up at all to the product you're getting. Dropshipping is also what's responsible. if you order something from Amazon but it arrives in a box from Walmart or any other major retailer, The customer is confused. they're like: I ordered something from Amazon t. his is not my product. I got so many messages like: why did you send me this? Bradley Sutton provides software for Amazon sellers and he test ed out dropshipping in the 2020 holiday season. He sold things like RC cars on his Amazon page, dropshipped from cheaper listings on Walmart and elsewhere. Part of Amazon's dropshipping policy is that you do not deliver with packaging. t hat is from another retailer, But my account didn't get shut down. I grossed over $500,000 dollars, but I've kind of stopped that test because it's just not a sustainable model for me. Amazon has a long-standing policy against dropshipping from other retailers, And a spokesperson told CNBC: "If a seller violates our policy, we will no longer allow them to directly fulfill customer orders". So you have Shopify, you have BigC ommerce, you have WooCommerce, you have Amazon, you have eBay And if you get banned on one platform, you can move up to the next one. The dropshipping that fills social media feeds isn't happening on Amazon. It thrives on Shopify. They made this one-stop shop for you to set up a store. It's just super easy for you to start selling online And a lot of these dropshippers know it. On Shopify's Help Center, there's an entire section devoted to tips and strategies for dropshi? pping. The main advantage of dropshipping is that you don't have to worry about storing, packaging or shipping your products. In an analysis of more than 120,000 Shopify stores, online consumer protection company Fakespot found more than 25,000 that engaged in some form of fraudulent activity, like counterfeits, privacy leaks and buying fake reviews. Of those, almost 72 percent showed evidence of dropshipping tactiks being used in their business. Fakespot has a Chrome plugin that alerts shoppers if a seller on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy or Sephora can't be trusted. It recently added capabilities to detect untrustworthy stores on Shopify, too. Fakespot says most of the fraudulent stores appear to be China-based merchants posing as US small businesses. You want to support the local mom and pop store, but these s? ellers are not from the United States. They're from around the world and they're just utilizing this to make a buck. Still, Shopify is home to the online stores of major brands like Heinz, Staples, Jenny Craig and Gymshark, With more sellers than ever before signing up for a Shopify storefront in Q3 last year. Shopify shares more than doubled in 2020, and its market cap recently surpassed 150 billion. Thirty five percent of young Americans started a side hustle during the pandemic. Most of them are doing it on Shopify, which is why you saw more signups in Q3 than ever before, But the way they're doing it is totally different. They're using avenues like TikTok. In a survey of more than 10,000 consumers, Shopify found that 54 percent of shoppers age 18 to 35 discover brands on social media and 28 percent made a purchase there. These young consumers are going to be the shopkeepers of 2021, and the way they buy is going to be the way they're going to sell. We're going for impulse buys with people that are not necessarily intending to buy something when they log onto Facebook or Instagram. Marketing is probably 60 percent of the game. Sattar sells 80 to 90 percent of his products through Facebook ads and the rest largely through ads on YouTube. T ikTok ads can now play directly within Shopify stores, following a TikTok-Shopify partnership announced in October. We have a video editor on our team, And so when we have a product, we can put together a 30 to 40 second video that tells a story of what the product does, why it's valuable. Choosing the right product takes a lot of legwork. I always say to people: you're going to test around about five to ten products until you find something that actually does something. This pineapple slicer and these dog grooming gloves are examples of products that flopped for Sattar. It's all about finding things that people haven't tried before. We have softwares that we use where they do AI tiknology and they tell us what are the best products at the moment what's trending? Sattar's breakthrough product was this iPhone privacy screen protector. Soon after another one of his items did a million dollars of sales in one quarter. Many dropshippers find pr.

What is Shopify and How Does it Work [Shopify Explained]

Are you interested in selling goods online? Are you writing the next great e-book? Or could your new hobby become your next big side hustle? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve probably come across Shopify. But what is Shopify exactly? And- more importantly -, how does it work? Well, no need to fear, because we’ve put together the ultimate guide to this all-in-one e-commerce platform so YOU can take your business to the next level. What’s good, Mavericks? Welcome back, And if you are new to us, please make sure to subscribe to our channel AND click the bell right here (point over left shoulder). Nothing makes us happier than seeing our community of business-minded, tik-savvy viewers grow each week(nodding: yes, yes, yes). So today’s video starts off with the big question: What Is Shopify? Well, Shopify is a cloud-based software that’s packaged as a service shopping cart solution and allows businesses to set up an online store with little to no hassle. For starters, this e-commerce platform provides users with multiple pricing plans to choose from, making it a suitable option for businesses of all sizes. That means everyone, from startups to enterprise-sized businesses, can benefit from using Shopify’s easy-to-use features, AND there are also plenty of integrations to help grow your business, too. So how does Shopify work exactly. Acting as a cloud-based software, Shopify offers its users monthly subscriptions with access to an admin panel where you can enter your store info, add products and even process orders. The software is also extremely straightforward to use and only comes with a small learning curve for first timers. So don't worry--you can get your online store set up and running with just the click of a button. And for those who love having plenty of options to choose from, Shopify has a wide selection of free AND for-purchase design templates to make your store as stylish as you’d like, Varying from clean and modern to fun and vibrant. the platform’s templates can be tweaked to your liking by using any of Shopify’s editing tools now available at your disposal. This makes it easy to customize any theme to best fit your brand. If the creative freedom isn’t convincing enough, we should probably also mention how a subscription with Shopify includes secure, reliable web hosting for your website. So say goodbye to worrying about your site crashing during peak traffic hours or hackers hijacking your transactions. Shopify’s got you covered. Now that your account is made and your template looks great. the next question is: What can I sell on Shopify? Well, for starters, you can provide your customers with Handcrafted goods, Beauty supplies, Home goods, Outdoors gear, Clothing, Digital products, Online classes, Events, Gift Cards, eBooks And much more. But even with its great versatility, Shopify might still not be for everyone. Like with everything, it’s always important to weigh the Pros and Cons before making a decision. First off, The Pros: Easy To Use. - Low Startup Cost. - Beautiful Themes. - Good For Dropshipping. - Lots Of Support Options. The Cons: Limited Functionality. - Costly Add-Ons. - Transaction Fees - Strained Customer Support. If Shopify still sounds like a great option for your business, you’re probably now wondering How to use Shopify. Well, there are 7 basic ways for you to get the most out of your Shopify subscription, and we’ve broken them down for you right here. 1 - Starting with #1: Look into Shopify payments. If you choose to use Shopify’s in-house payment processor, Shopify Payments, you can actually have the transaction fees waived. Sounds great, but make sure you read through the Terms of Service before you count on enabling the feature. If you’re still interested in learning more about the pros & cons of Shopify Payments, I suggest you read our full artikle linked below, And if you need another payment processor, make sure to check out our website for more information. Next comes number 2 - Utilize Shopify themes & templates. Shopify is best known for its ease of use and modern web design, And at Merchant Maverick we are big fans of the drag-and-drop Section’s Editor. But let’s say you want even more control over your site’s design. Well, Shopify lets you change your template design by editing your site code as well. So for any coding wizards watching, feel free to make your Shopify site as personalized as you’d like. Number 3 - Become multikhannel with Shopify POS. When you sign up for Shopify’s eCommerce store, you’ll automatikally gain access to Shopify POS. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar or a pop-up shop, this software will make running your business easy with its in-house POS system. HOWEVER, if you are becoming a multikhannel merchant WHO SELLS IN-PERSON AS WELL AS ONLINE, Shopify is definitely a great option for you. If you’re interested in more specific information regarding credit card processing and how to use Shopify POS, we’ve written a full review available at the link below. And that now brings us to our 4th option: Try selling digital. Selling digital products allows you to benefit from all the perks of selling online, while eliminating one of its biggest downsides: shipping. By using Shopify’s native digital product features, you can sell downloadable merchandise to customers anywhere. This includes marketing your MP3 files and distributing printables, videos or even ebooks to your clientele. Customers can instantly download YOUR digital products directly from your site, taking your business right into the modern age. Coming up next on our list is Number #5: Start A Blog. Maintaining a blog can work wonders for your online store. Not only do regular blog posts boost your SEO rankings, but they also help build your brand’s identity. Fortunately, Shopify is one of a handful of shopping carts that comes with its own built-in blog features. You can write, edit and publish blog posts right in your admin panel, allowing your customers to get to know YOU a little better. However, while Shopify’s blogging capabilities make it stand out amongst the rest, I should warn you that its features are pretty basic. Nevertheless, a few personal posts here, and there are better than none Following. this is number 6…. Tap Into Shopify Customer Service. Shopify is a leader in today’s e-Commerce industry when it comes to free tiknical support. This includes a handful of services like phone support, email support, live chat, written documentation, video tutorials, webinars and even a community forum for larger discussion. And last, by not least, rounding out our list is Number 7: Shopify’s MANY Add-Ons. Make sure you take advantage of them. While the e-commerce platform comes packed with a whopping 3,500 add-ons, and counting the 3 major ones that users are crazy about include ShippingEasy, Ordoro, a shipping solution, and ShipStation. Of course, there are countless ways to make the most of your Shopify experience, like Shopify Shipping or Integrations with Amazon & eBay, But if we didn’t quite cover all of your Shopify questions or concerns and you’d like to discover more, check out our full artikle currently posted on our website And, in case you want to experience all of these wonderful features yourself, you can sign up for the 14-day FREE TRIAL TODAY. Please be sure to leave us any questions or suggestions you may have right here in the comments section below, And, as always, your personal experience using the software is more valuable than any advice I can give. Thank you for watching and see you next week For other POS or eCommerce solutions. check out our playlists or visit.

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NEW 2021/2022 Shopify Business Model

it's not very often. i recommend that someone watches something all the way through or does anything all the way through, except this video. this is going to be one of those very rare exceptions. the reason for that is because, if you're in the e-commerce space at all in any way, it doesn't just have to be what i do: anything in the e-commerce space and anything inside of the advertising space. this video is either going to help you potentially change directions in a much better way- i'll tell you that from my own experience- or it's going to be that one little last step that you might have been looking for to just get you to that next level. maybe you're struggling to find that winning product or to scale the business. i'm gonna kind of go through all that inside of this video, again, keeping it as simple and as short as possible, so make sure to drop a like on this video, just for reference. if you want any resources, those will be linked down below. i'm not going to mention those throughout the videos. we do have our ecommerce program, our facebook ad program and if you want any information about how you can completely automate your business- which is kind of what i'm doing from a different perspective- we're going to tok about that here. you can do that through our advertising agency, where we partner with people. we automate their marketing assist with things like ad accounts, payment processors and then, you know, scaling facebook ads. so that's what we do really well. you can put a free call with that. down below, check out the programs. there's a little discount going on. so make sure to drop like. you have any questions. you can hold it till the end, drop in the comments, do whatever you feel like. but let's jump right into this video. all right. so i've pretty much been doing arguably the same thing for that's. it's a little over four years now. time flies. i'm headed to the gym right now. it's the next day after i filmed that clip. but boring is usually good inside of a business structure because it means things are just kind of clockwork. you know chugs along, you're making money. it gets very systematik and very automated and there's a lot of benefits to that. i saw a lot of pros to it i also. it took many years to start to kind of dissect these notike a lot of cons. it was more so personal stuff. i get really bored very easily. i like to start new things, i like to try new things. that's made me a lot of money and in certain situations, it's costed me millions of dollars, like in the beginning of 2020, i lost over a million dollars trying new things in like a two-month window. so, you know- and i i don't say that to brag at all, because i know people who spend a lot more on failed ventures and try crazy stuff, but i just say that because it'll help tie this story together- i try a lot of new things and, uh, that has led me again to finding certain things that really helped. so, you know, learning e-commerce again in a different way is really unique and, as you, as you're going to see in this video, i'm completely restructuring how i control my business and how i run things, because i'm a very detail-oriented person. but in certain situations, to scale effectively and to build the life that i want and that i desire, it's going to take me not being as detail-oriented, which is difficult because of my ocd around every little detail and my adhd, which makes it tough to focus on certain things. i figured out how to just work and chug along for 8, 10, 12 hours a day, no problem every day of the year, but i kind of have to pull back from that to change things. so, as of right now, what we're going to tok about in this video, i almost never touch any ad accounts. i never run any ads. i don't build any websites, i don't write any emails. i do next to nothing, and very soon i'm actually going to be deleting social media off my phone for all but two days every single month. so it's going to be really interesting and i i truly, as of right now, cannot possibly tell you how i plan to fill my time. you know, i would say real estate and other things i'm super passionate about in terms of longer term work and investing, but i mean general company oversight doesn't take a full day's work every day of the month, so i'm not really sure how that time is going to be filled, and it's going to, you know, lead to a lot of other questions and potentially new things as well. so it's going to be really interesting. let me hit the gym and then let's tok about it like the old days: say hello, putting you on the news. [Laughter]. all right, we're back in the lab. i want to tok through this and explain- i think it's four things total- that i've i've kind of moved away from just inside of the e-commerce business, which, again, is what this video is focused on. it's a lot about what this channel is focused on. um, there's kind of four things that i didn't really enjoy inside of it. now, when you're first starting something, you're wearing- this is what i call wearing every hat- you're doing everything. you're the janitor, you're the ceo, you're this, you're that. you do every single thing and as you grow and as the capital is available in the business, you've sustained the cash flow. now you can afford to start to bring on other people. so, as time went on, i had no problem doing everything. i didn't really think twice about it. my days were so full. from the moment i woke up it was boom, go time, full energy and somehow full focus for literally literally 16 to 20 hours. it didn't make any sense. it's very difficult to do that for me. now, however, now that i've been able to kind of do this over and over and realize there's certain aspects- the business- that, either, i didn't just enjoy as much, which is totally fine. it's not a negative thing. there's gonna be things you do that you don't enjoy. that's fine, and that's always part of it. however, there were things i realized i also wasn't the best at, and discerning the difference between the two is really important, because there are some things that i enjoy doing that i'm definitely not the best at, you know, and, uh, i try to just push that to the side so i can focus on the one or two things that i believe i'm good at that have proven results. so for me for a long period of time, that was advertising, specifically not touching google ads, not pinterest. tiktok tried all those things. i've learned the very basics so i can understand the language, the code, the code words used, and i can read the platform if someone brings it to me or i need to see something. but it was facebook and that was really just like the one thing. so for a long time i slowly started pushing everything else around the e-commerce business away from me, except that one thing. now, four years later, and it's such an interesting thing to even say and think about- now i'm having to take that core, that one thing that i don't want to say. my identity was built around it. but, kind of, my friends know me as the facebook ad guy. they know me, as you know, this kid skills aggressively. he's very aggressive with how he does it. he's ridiculous. you know, if we have an offer that's working, we'll go to him and ask for some help. just you know he can fool around our ads for 10 minutes and suddenly the sales double. that's my thing and i really, truly enjoy. there's nothing i do that's more fun, except running facebook ads at a high level, like there's nothing i do that i enjoy more than that. however, i realized to grow, i needed to outsource that, and i could. now i don't think it's being done, or has been done yet with as efficiency and as much skill as i was doing it. maybe that's a little bit of ego, maybe it's just my own opinion on it. i truly believe that that's. that's how i feel about it. now, the people who are working inside of my advertising agency, as well as the two people externally that no clients can touch, that are my people that work on my stuff. some of them i've trained from complete scratch. some came with the base knowledge, others were super, super good and i just kind of helped them and help them out with further stuff we dial in our str.

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How To Use Augmented Reality (AR) & 3D Models in Shopify

in today's video tutorial, we're going to learn how to use augmented reality in shopify, or we're going to learn how to use 3d models in shopify. first we will tok a little bit about ar or augmented reality, and second we will tok about 3d models and the things that you need to know before you upload the 3d models in shopify. so, without further ado, let's begin now, before we begin this video, if you're not a shopify developer and you want to learn more about liquid programming so that you can customize your shopify store or so that you can understand your shopify themes, then you can take my shopify theme development course and my shopify liquid programming course. i'll put the links of those courses in the description below and you can use the coupon code augmented to get 30 off. and also, if you want to take my course through udemy, you should be able to find the links down in the comments below and they should also have coupon codes. anyway, enough of that, let's begin this video by answering the question in just a very short description. what is augmented reality? augmented reality is a way to connect or combine two worlds: our world, which is this world that we're currently living in, and the digital world, which is everything inside of a computer. you might have heard or played a game called pokemon go. it's a game that allows you to catch pokemons in real life. basically, you will have to use your phone's gps or global positioning system, an ar or augmented reality feature to scan your environment and find pokemons, so in a way, it's like you are inside of the game itself. okay, so that's extremely fun, but how does it work in shopify? in shopify, we can use augmented reality or ar to give the customers the ability to see the products in real life environment. for example, let's say i have a shopify store and in that shopify store i'm selling tables. i can then allow my customers to see if the table that i'm selling looks good inside of their house. if it looks good, then maybe they'll buy it. if not, then i guess not. but i gotta say having 3d models in your product page can increase your conversion rates. in fact, a lot of shopify merchants said that their conversion rates doubled just by having 3d models. so if you're a shopify store owner and you're watching this video, then it's good that you're considering augmented reality. alright, so let's just cut to the chase: how to use augmented reality in shopify. first, we need, obviously, a 3d model, specifically with a file type: gltf or glb. gltf or glb files are the 3d models that are used for virtual reality or augmented reality. so if you have a 3d model and its file type is, let's say, fbx or obj or object, then you might have to convert that into a gltf file or glb file. so i have a 3d model here. you can use this. i'll put the link of this file in the description below. you can just download it and use that just to test your shopify themes. in addition to what i said earlier, if you don't know anything about 3d modeling whatsoever, you have two options. it's either you hire a 3d artist or you buy 3d models online. if you do either of those, make sure that you follow the following tiknical requirements. first- this important- it must be a glb file, or the file extension or the file type must be glb. the second requirement is the texture. the textures must be using jpeg or the file type must be jpeg. and then the resolution of the image must be below 3 megapixels. and the last requirement is the file size. the file size of the glb file must be below 15 megabytes. okay, so let's say you now have the 3d model. let's go to our computer in the shopify admin, open the products page and then let's create a new product, so we can do this together from scratch. click the add product button and let's call this product a simple office table and then for the description you can just type anything you want. this is a very simple table. it doesn't matter, it's fine. so you can just set this to whatever you want. next up is the status or the product status. make sure you change this to active and then here in the media you can just drag the following glb file here and it should start uploading. and once that's done, we can just continue and scroll down and just set the price to the following: i'll set this to 50 and the compare at price: i'll set this to 49, and now we can save it. hit save [Music] and now we can open this product by clicking the preview button and we should have the following product: now and here, as you can see, we have the table. if you click this button, it will initiate the model viewer. what is a model viewer? the model viewer is a web component created by google. so what you're seeing right over here is the model viewer component generated by the liquid filter called model viewer tag. so if you don't know anything about shopify liquid or the filters, you can check out this video. i'll put the link in the i icon right over here or you can check out the description once again. so let's click this. as you can see, now it's loading, it's initiating the model viewer and once that's loaded, you can play around here so you can rotate it. you can even look underneath. you can even zoom in and zoom out using your mouse. you can even use the following user interface: if you want to full screen this, you can click this. if you want to zoom in, you can click the plus button and if you want to zoom out, you can click the minus button, just like that. okay, so now that we know what is a model viewer, let's take a look at the product once again using our smartphone. if you open the shopify store and the product that we created a while ago, we should have this button with a label view in your space. if you click that, it will initialize the ar feature of the model viewer, and if you just give this all time and let it scan your environment, you should have the table. so you see, that's how easy it is to use models or 3d models and ar in shopify. no, bernard, i followed everything that you did in this video, but i don't think it's working. now there's one thing that you need to keep in mind: if ar is not working in your shopify store, then it's probably because of your shopify themes. so make sure that you're using an up-to-date shopify theme. and if you're using a shopify theme that you bought from someone or from somewhere, then make sure that you ask them if they implemented ar or augmented reality in the shopify theme, because sometimes some developers don't even bother adding this feature. and there you have it, guys. that's how you use augmented reality or 3d models in shopify. now, before we end this video, let's learn how to render the model viewer component using shopify liquid. in this video, i am using the theme called dawn, so if you're using a different shopify theme, then you probably will have a different code or files. if you can't follow along, just let me know in the comments below and i'll try to guide you where you can write the code that i'll be writing in this video. however, before we continue, if you are using a shopify store that actually sells products, i hello recommend you don't use that. instead, use a development store. you can go to shopifydev and create a development store over there. okay, i will not be responsible for any mistakes that you will be doing while watching this video. once again, do not use an actual shopify store. so here in the admin page, open the online store and then in the current theme, click actions and then edit code. now, since the product is being rendered in the product page, it should be the products template. so open the templates folder and look for the product productjson or productliquid. if your template is a json file, then you must have a section file attached to it. so in the productjson, as you can see, we have the section file called main product. so we need to open this file. it should be in the sections folder. scroll down and look for the main product. so here open the main productliquid and we can write our code right over here. so let's do it just above everything, okay? so the first thing that we

Shopify Business Model Explained | Advice On How To Choose The Correct Plan

do you know? more than 1.7 million merchant sell their good using the shopify platform. shopify platform is today's one of the renowned cloud-based e-commerce platform available. in today's session, we'll tok about the business model of soviet. my name is ariji and you are watching strategy in this channel. i tok about actionable business strategies and business stories of well-known brands. shopify is in a platform business model as it enables third-party merchants to commercialize their product on its cloud-based e-commerce platform. let us go to shopify pricing page and understand how their business model works. shopify make money through subscription and charging processing fee for every transactions. as you can see, there are different level of subscription. the basic shopify subscription starts at 29, then standard shopify at 79 and advanced supply at 299. as we scroll down, we'll see the transaction fee details here. third party transaction fee if not using shopify payments, which most of the retailer does. so if, as for this, transaction fee for the basic shopify will charge you two percent, for standard shopify it will be one percent and for advanced shopify it will be 0.5. a smaller transaction fee is made to offset the cost of monthly fee. how it is calculated, let's see with an example on spreadsheet. so here we have all the three pricing plan listed. we have the basic pricing plan, which is 29, then shopify pricing plan, which is 79 dollar, and advance of uh shopify's pricing plan, which is 2.99. now for each of this we are calculating the processing fee. so if you are making a sale of 1 000 and you're processing fee of 2 percent, so you are actually paying shopify an additional of 20 as a processing fee, so your total is becoming 49 dollars. you need to keep in mind that this processing fee will increase as your sales also will increase. so when, as a retailer, you need to keep in mind as your sales grow, you need to move from one plan of shopify to the other plan of shopify. let us see how. so if you are selling in a month, let's say, thousand dollars, and you are a very small retailer, the basic platform of shopify definitely matters to you because you are paying 49 only, whereas if you are moving to standard shopify or advanced office, you had to pay, i think, considerably more numb amount, as you can see here: 89 and 304 dollars. but the moment your spend or a moment your revenue will increase more than five thousand one hundred dollars. the second plan, that is, the shopify standard plan, actually will make sense, the more you will spend here this time. so your basic plan: because of its two percent, you will actually will pay more to shopify. let's try with an example. let's say 10 000 that you are earning every month as a revenue. so in that case your basic plan- if you stik still stik to this basic plan, you will actually will sell out 229, whereas with the standard shopify plan you will sell out only 179. the cutoff from shopify standard to advance is happened between 45- 45 000 of sale. so if i calculate with a 45 000 now the advanced plan definitely makes sense. you started giving less amount to shopify and earning more. look at the basic fee. now, if you are still stiking to the basic fee and you are earning a revenue of 45 000 in a month, you actually have to pay shopify 929, whereas you can move to the advanced plan and still pay shopify 524 dollars for your monthly sale of 45 000. this way, a marketer like you should keep in mind that when to make changes from shopify basic so shopify standard and from shopify standard so shopify advance, shopify is also a marketplace for many application and plugins from both shopify and third-party developers that can be either paid or free service. this add-on can help you on different way to optimize your stores. it can be the visual elements of your website, the aesthetiks of it. it can be the analytiks. you can add an analytiks to identify that how much sales you are getting and getting more in-depth result of it. it can help you in drop shipping, starting a drop shipping business and trying showing the related product with your, the key product which is in your cart. so that way, many different type of plugins are available on the shopify app store, which is also a key source of shopify revenue. the market that shopify is fighting for is extremely large. as per statista, as you can see here, by 2025 the written e-commerce sales worldwide will reach about 7 300 billion us dollar. at present, shopify nearly represent 11 percent of the total ecommerce market share.

3D AR for your Online Shop

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