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shopify monitoring

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Sneaker Monitor Series: Setup Sneaker Monitors (2022)

hello and welcome to this video. so today i'll be showing you how to set up the sneaker monsters- that on my github page. but before i get into it, please do like the video, drop a comment for future videos or any other features you want to see on these monitors and do subscribe. have a look at my other content as well. i'll be releasing loads and loads of new videos and new different projects that you can you can jump on. so before i get into it, you need to install python, and you can install python using the microsoft store if you're on windows or through pythonorg on other systems. you also need to have pip, which is a python package installer which should come pre-installed with your python distribution. but if not, just have a google around. you'll find a way of installing, uh, installing, pip. but once you've done those things, you can then download the monitors and get them set up. so let's first download the monitors so we can hit the green code button. under that you can either use this link to clone it using git or we can download the zip folder and click download zip. and there we go. the zip folder is there. i'm just going to drag it to my desktop and then i'm just going to extract all the files here. there we go, and i'm going to delete the zip folder. there we go. so now we've got that with an open up terminal. if you just want to just quickly check if you've got python installed, you just type in python version. give you a python version and the same with pip. oh, i spelt it wrong. uh version. i'll give you my pick version as well. okay, so we're going to use command prompt to set up the monitors. so what you want to do is use a cd command, which is change directories. we're going to navigate to the directory that houses this, the, the monitor folder. so this is on my desktop. so we can do cd desktop. but maybe you might download into your downloads folder. so instead, uh, you can do cd downloads and you might have notiked. i use the cd dot dot command which navigates backwards, so to the direction in the previous directory. so let's go into desktop and cls clears the screen and i want to navigate to this directory. so i just click rename, copy that and you see that. so i've gone into this folder. here i can use dir command to list all the contents of that directory. so now we're going to use pip to install all the dependencies and libraries that are listed in requirementstxt, and we can do that using pip: install our requirementstxt. it should install all the requirements that we need. there we go. i've already got everything to requirement already satisfied. if you have any yellow warnings, you can just ignore them. that should be fine. um, if things go on later on, do send a message to me through discord and we can solve it. once you've got all the libraries installed, we can. then i'm going to clear the screen and we can just start the monitors the way we do that is, just type in python sneaker monitors and it should start up the cli. so first thing we want to do is set up the. well, first thing we want to do is configure the monitor. so that's option two. and let's configure the sneakers monitor, which is option five. so first thing it says is: so we can type in the value you want. for if you want to keep the current value, just hit enter. if you want to keep the field empty, type null. so the current value of webhook is null. it is none. so what do we want the new value to be? so the web hook you can get from discord. so this is a discord server i made. this is a channel, so i'm going to take settings integration, create webhook copywork hook url. i'm just going to paste that in there. so the current value of the username is sneakersmart and i want to keep that the same. so i just hit enter. you can add in avatar url, which is uh, which should be a link to an image, and that'll be the avatar of the bot. the color of the web hook you can set as well. you can change the delay between requests and this is in seconds. you can add any keywords if you want to filter through different products. so, for example, if i want to look for dunks and jordans, i can type in dunk and jordan and if you so, if you want multiple keywords, just space them out, but i don't want any this time. proxies: if you have them, your own proxies- you can add them in here. and again, if you have multiple, just space them out. if you want to use the free proxy service that we've got enabled, you can just type in the country code of the uh, of the location that you want to use. you can find the different country codes, um. so if you go on to github and you click this link here, i'll take you to this page under configure and under free proxies. you can find a list of all the codes here and you can just type in the code there. so, for example, if i went to the us, us would just be us, but i don't want to use any details. so details is a monitor specific parameter. so different monitors might need extra things that you need just need to let it know. so in the case of sneakers, you need to let it know of the location and uh language so you can have you have a look at all the different monitors monitor specific parameters here. so there's only three monitors which really need it: sneakers, shopify and soul box. i'm setting up the sneakers one. so if i click on sneakers, it tells me that for under details, i need to write the country code and then the language code and you can get the two-letter country code and language codes here. so i'm using the united kingdom. so there's a gb and then ngb. so let's do gb and gb. and now it's updating. so now we can go back and let's run the sneakers monitor. so i can just type in one and the sneakers monitor is option five. but you can also run multiple monitors. so imagine you've set up sneakers supreme and shop a shopify site. you can run all three of them at the same time and the way you do that is just typing in each of those options spaced out. uh, do keep in mind that you shouldn't run too many monitors at the same time, because this can have a toll on your system. the this running lots of monitors. it uses a lot of computational power, so do keep in mind that if you run this on your system at home, it might stop you from doing other things. we can run the sneakers monitor by typing in five and just hitting 5 comes up with running sneakers monitor started and we can just leave it running after a while. you should get notifications coming up on your server, but this will only happen once a new item has released or restoked as a code, and this can happen literally at any time. so you might have to wait a while until something happens. but that is it. this is the end of the tutorials. very quick and simple, um, nothing too difficult. again, if you have any issues, there is um, there's a help option that you can go and check. but also do uh join the sneakers and code server. let me bring that out for you now. this is the sneakers and code server. please join it. uh, here we go through loads of different things, so all the other projects are on my github you can have a look at, and also my youtube channel. we tok about them here. we also have the sneaker monitors, so there's the guides and faqs and if you have any other issues here, you can join the server and get updates on new monitors that come out for for free, but also meet like-minded people and have some fun. we do have a load of interesting things happening with the server. we've got a few hackathons and few other things in the pipeline, so do join that. if you like the video, please give it a like, drop a comment for future videos or any other features you want to see on the monitors, and please again, do subscribe. i would appreciate it. but thanks again and i'll see you next time. [Music].

Get Your Own Sneaker Monitor 2022

finally, guys, monitors are finally available after a long time. you'll have access to three popular monitors such as snk, rs, shopify and full locker. they work for all regions and are regularly updated. stop getting monitors to stop working are services that are extremely expensive. my monitors takes less than 10 minutes to set up. it's super easy, quick, but extremely powerful. it comes with all the features you can think of taking advantage of 20 off your monitor using code monitor 20.. now let's watch how we can set up this monitor: [Music]. after less than 24 hours, you'll get access to the monitor. you'll be sent by email your personal monitor right now. i have foot locker, so when you'll be have, when you'll have your monitor, uh, make sure to right click on your zip file and then extra extract your files in this folder or any kind of folders you want. when you extract your files, you'll have the folder right here. you simply click on the folder and you'll have access to the entire monitor. the only thing you want to focus on is this text file. once you click on it, you can uh put your web hook link right here. you can put the delay of your monitor, so every 10 seconds it's going to look if an item is back to stok the keywords. if you want to change the name of uh, the username of, like the way it's going to show your name, so you can put your own name for your group and put the avatar image of uh, your, your bots, but this one. i'll just reduce the regular uh icon for um from discord. so once you're done that, you just control save and then the little star right there will disappear. here is the color of your task. once we're done that, we can simply uh, start our, but we need to add links for it or about to monitor different links. so how do you do that? so simply go on the full locker side. it could be a, you can be canada, us, any regions, and it will all work. what you want to do is you want to go on men's and you can go on any type of product and once you're done, let's say you want this product, you control, copy this, you control, save the link and i will give you guys the personal link that links to the monitor for you guys to input your own links. so here i have just made a quick example. so here i've inputted all my links for my monitor and these are all the links for that certain monitor. if you want to add more or delete a certain links, you can either delete it all, right, or you can add it by adding quotation and then pasting your link right here. and then, once you've done that, please save it and run the bot again for your bot to look for all those kind of products, for any type of restoks and these. but these monitors do work. so if you have any questions or any errors, i feel free to send me an email. so let's test out the bot. um, first thing we need to do is we need to create a web hook, or we have to create one. so it's really easy. if you go into settings, you want integrations, you can then uh, create a workbook here. so a new web hook. but here i have one created. so i'll just copy the webhook url and once i've done that, i can put it in my bot. so here i'll just delete this and i'll paste the new one. and again there's a starter ctrl, save. and now we have a new link and i'll put it uh, till, uh, five seconds. make sure to not put it to one second, or else you may be bend from the site itself right. so once you're done and you've extracted all the files, we're ready to run the bot. so it's really easy. what you want to do is you want to go on command prompt. you can also run this bot on a server, but this course will be for the service will be available for the people who bought the course, or, sorry, the, the monitor, uh, in the file section. so how you want to run the bot is you want to go to your certain folders right now. ideally that's my use, the user that i am on um. i want to go to 3d objects folder. so you want to do is you want to write cd and you want to go to 3d and then up jacks, and now i'm entered in this folder. but now i need to go in this folder to run the python program. so again, i'll write cd and then foot locker, au and then restok again. now i'm in the folder, but now i want to run the full locker python script. so how you're going to do that? again, you're not gonna write td, you're gonna write python, because you wanna run a python program, and you're gonna say footlockerpi and it's gonna start your program. now let it run again. we got tracked, it's looking for all those kind of products and it's going to send notification when they do restok. from the time that you started the bot again, we got a notification saying that our bot has successfully- successfully connected to our web hook. now we just have to let this command prompt just run for for us to catch uh restoks again. for s and krs it will be the exact same thing. you would have your personal link. you'll paste uh the products that you want, you will paste it in here for uh restoks and that's about it. same thing for shopify: your personal links. you'll put it here, the exact same way, and you can either find the keywords or any type of way you want to do it. and what's cool with snekers, it will give you the amount of stok if it's high or low for different products. if you guys have any questions regarding the course, please email me at shoebot0 gmailcom. again, i wanted to make this this month as as affordable as possible. um, and feel free, guys, to look at my other courses. um, for shoebot. um, i made a bunch of new course and some requests are coming out for uh, shopify supreme, for locker and if you want to get the io. again, a lot of questions are regarding the mobile course, and this course is if you want to create a perfect ui bot with a bunch of little task profiles, a bunch of different buttons, so it's very worth it if you really want to get into the bottom community, if you want to, um, have your own bot on desktop, on app store, on google play store. so i really check out this course. if not, you can just get the monitors and use the code again: monitor 20 at checkout for 20 off again, those are very cheap monitors, but again, um, you're getting unlimited updates for the modders. so i'll see you guys inside or in my emails box. [Music].

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Shopify Page Monitor (Lightning Guides)

in this video i will demonstrate how to use the page monitor and what to expect when using the page monitor. while the page monitor supports both shopify sites and supreme, i will be using it on a shopify site- telfair- as background information. telfair will be releasing the ugg bag at 12 pm eastern time, in approximately 5 minutes, all right. first to enable the monitor, click the pop-up menu, enable the extension, enable monitor, and proceed to the home page of a shopify site. the monitor will appear in the upper left hand corner. the shopify page monitor only requires an input. the other three sizes are optional. the monitor uses one of three input types to find products: keywords, variants or url. keywords are based on the product title and offer the most flexibility of input. keywords require formatting. for positive keywords, these keywords must be in the product title place a plus sign before the word. for negative keywords, the keyword cannot be in the product title place a minus before the word for this drop. i want the ugg telfair medium shopping bag. therefore, i could use the keywords plus ugg, plus medium, plus bag. telfer also loads the product before the drop. therefore, i can monitor the early link, as you'll see the products already loaded and i can monitor this link. i will just enter the link as shown. lastly, you can use variants. variants are unique string identifiers for a certain product and for a specific size. variants are rare but exist on site such as shop nice, kicks, shoe pals and, in this case, telfair. variants are entered by themselves. for this drop, i'll be using variants. variants are the fastest input to monitor, followed by early links, followed by keywords. size refers to the size you want to cart. if you are using variants, you do not need to enter size, as the variant already corresponds to a size. discount code is straightforward: just enter the code if you have one. if you would like the monitor to automatikally start at a certain time, enter the time here to start the monitor. click start monitoring. it is recommended to start monitoring 15 to 20 seconds before the drop. since this drop is at 12 pm eastern time, i will start monitoring at approximately 11: 59.45. lastly, i will enable autopay. this will automatikally submit payment at checkout. now we will sit back and watch the monitor in action. a few things to note. the monitor will cart the product once live and proceed to checkout. you will need to solve the captcha. from there, lightning will continue through everything, filling in your information. without autopay, you will need to manually submit payment. if you choose to enable autopay, it will automatikally submit for you. as you'll see, we're approaching about 15 seconds before the drop, so i will start monitoring. the monitor is currently refreshing the back end looking for product. the product will go live at about 12 so we should expect it to cart any second. the item is found, we proceed to solve the captcha. i saw the captcha. it is submitting for me. we move, fills in my information, submits payment and now we're processing. once shopify processes our order, we will get an order confirmation and it will be a successful checkout.

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How To Cop! Shopify Monitors Walkthrough for Discord!

hey, what's going on everybody? um, this is a video tutorial that i'm putting together to essentially walk through the new shopify monitors that were added to the collection family discord of raffy collects. um, if you are watching this video off of youtube, please consider checking out raffy's channel in the description below and also subscribe. if you are outside of the collection family discord and would like to have access to these monitors, you can get all these shopify monitors for only two bucks a month by being a youtube member to raffy. uh, this deal is actually it's very cheap, especially compared to other cook groups that have these shopify monitors already set in place. but without further ado, let's pretty much just get right into it. upon joining, you will notike that if you're a free member, you'll have only access to certain channels here, but if you become a youtube member, you will have the aio shopify monitors and the shopify monitors category. um, the first thing i want to discuss and tok through is how these work. so these monitors are an external thing that's provided to us by a service. what they do is they essentially scrape shopify websites to find new products, as they are loaded on the website, and when they find a new product, they are automatikally sent into the monitors themselves. this is a very, very, very useful tool and i'm hoping that everybody can get some good use out of it. if you're a member of the collection family discord again, so to have access to these shopify monitors, you need to go to the collection family discord. if you do not have access to the collection family discord, feel free to hop in in some of rafi's live stream videos and he'll pretty much just send the vid, send the link out to the discord upon request. but once you have joined the discord itself and you are paying the two dollar uh per month. uh, youtube membership to raffy- uh, you can. actually you need to connect your youtube um to discord and there's a channel in here that's called youtube membership and rafi put together a tutorial on how to actually establish that connection. sometimes it is finicky: you either have to connect it on your device or connect it on pc so you can actually get the youtube membership by typing question mark, member and any of the channels themselves, and the abot will come back and just provide the the link to become a member to raffy collects. also, i did add the link in the description below. so if you do want to become a youtube member to raffy. feel free to join in, or you can always just join in on the streams and just by clicking the little join button. so, once everything is completed, you become a youtube member. you completed all the previous steps. um, like i said earlier, the thing you will notike is this. there's this new little youtube members thing. that's a general chat, general announcements that we'll put in only this youtube members area, another little short monitor guides and tips and voice chat channel. but the biggest things obviously are these two categories. here we have the aio shopify monitors as well as the shopify monitors. um, so actually, what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and start with the filtered us, so i'm going to run through each of these and describe what they are. if you want a quick short description, you can click on monitor's guides and tips, and i have pretty much all the descriptions of the shopify channel breakdowns as well as the shopify monitor stuff that are under here. um, so, filtered us- in my personal opinion, this is going to be your best friend. so anything that is released, anything on any website across the board that comes through a filtered keyword, will show up here. so, as we can see, uh, cream321. uh, the- the website at 2, 10p, 201 pm- or you can look in the footer here- at 201 pm, completely released. uh, the barbershop dunk and they released it in all these sizes here. so filtered us is a very useful, very useful tool. i always recommend it, as you can see, just personally, i usually have all the others muted and just have filtered on, because throughout the day i'll typically just have this open in the background and i'll keep an eye out. um. this is also useful if you are, if a big shoe is releasing um and you need to, you're not really sure what website to go for. at 10 am eastern time, this is the. this is the um site for you to pretty much go through and and check out as easy as you can. um. so, moving on to the next one, unfiltered us, very cluttered channel um that basically just has everything that comes up on any shopify website. it's something i would recommend not watching because on a- typically on a weekday, this thing is flying with updates that are coming because websites are dropping many different things, even from socks, so socks and stuff will show up here. filtered eu and unfiltered eu essentially are the exact same thing, but they are catered toward our eu friends that have those links and websites. so all these websites under these two will be for europe. so i'm in the us, so i just pretty much will use these two. the next thing in here is checkpoint. uh, so checkpoint is actually something that is phenomenal and is very, very useful, because what a checkpoint is is it's any time that a website loads a captcha page. so when you typically add a product to cart, you'll go to a captcha page. we have to solve a captcha and then you'll go to checkout. the reason that this checkpoint thing is useful is because if a website like rsvp gallery loads a checkpoint, they typically load it a few minutes before they release. so this is a perfect way to say, hey, this company or this website is about to drop something. i'm going to keep an eye out. a beautiful thing, for this is a website like gallery. excuse me, canary, the canary yellow. the website, the, does off-white restoks. um, for the off-white twos, i actually was able to get a personal pair by the use of these monitors, because about 15 minutes before they restoked all of them, they loaded the checkpoint page, and that's just as a perfect way to say, hey, i'm going to watch- filtered or unfiltered us just depending on keywords- and make sure that if it does release, i will be able to be there to actually check it out, um. moving over to password: uh, this is anytime a website loads a password page. this is something that is very useful, similar to the checkpoint page. this will tell you: hey, this website's gonna release something, probably um. so you can see here releaseskithcom: at 5: 13 am, they disabled a password page, um, and then they reactivated it. so another very useful thing: oftentimes you'll see travis scott website will load a password page. here that is a perfect way again to say, hey, they're going to drop something, i'm going to be ready for it. variance, on the other hand, is something that i really don't personally keep an eye on. this is something that anytime a website loads a product on the back end but it's not ready for lease, you can have these variants here, which are pretty much just good for bots, but it's essentially a variant is just the code of the size of product. so each website has its own unique variant, um, and it's just. if you have a bot, you are familiar, probably, with what variance means um, so that's pretty much just the aio shopify monitors. moving over to the shopify monitor, so this is essentially just another type of filtered monitor. everything that shows up in unfiltered us will show up in these, but these are catered more toward websites like undefeated um and kith, and also products like collectibles- um, funko- uh, there hasn't been any since we uploaded it- and hats. so if you're a big fitted person, this is gonna be a perfect channel for you. um, and you know if a web, so if some website's gonna release a fitted that you know of, you can keep this monitor open in the background and if it loads up in here, you can quickly click one of these links and it will take you right to that product, so you don't have to worry about trying to find it on the page. so these are super useful. so if you know that a website is,

Shopify Monitor - Introduction

hey guys. so this is a project of them working on for about a week now and I'm when I just present, but I've had so far. I'm pretty busy with my school schedule- midterms, yeah, although it should not too much intense as a sophomore book, it's pretty annoying, but, um, I'm going to show you what I have so far. um. so over here, this is a repository and there's a pretty detailed readme and just want to quickly mention that the readme kind of has a lot of really felt on documenting the readme in the wiki. so the wiki um has the guide from settings of slack. it's going to have a slack integration and even, if you want to add, the Twitter integration. so that's just a quick note. so the first thing you want to do is one thing I recommend is having get - SCM if you're on a Windows machine, if you're on links or Mac OS, you should have Mac OS developer tools which you can easily install. oh, I can't exactly remember what you have to do. I know every time I use a Mac I ended up installing the first minute I set up a Mac, so it's pretty easy to have get working. if you have Xcode installed, you should have get already there. just another quick note: a lot of people are using my Shopify monitor needed not download it as a zip file. everyone seems to be downloading a zip get Clooney best way to do it. so I'm seeing in the instructions you can get clone seaming. let's say you're on your desktop, for example: yeah, you could be on your desktop. yeah, when you're on your desktop, we can just probably do it. here you can get clone PDQ Shopify monitor and then taking CL FSG over here, readme API to everything. simply, all you have to do is just type in npm install and installed all the necessary dependencies to have this thing working again. um, for the people are using this. for example, let's say I make a tweet thing, hey, new update out that I made. all you have to really do is, rather than downloading it they have been extracting onto your desktop again, just type in git pull and that will pull the new changes. um, so over here we actually have a config file. so if you can see, here is a config example JSON file. I'm just simply going to open that up into atom and show you guys how to run that. alright, so this is some basic stuff. what you do is you can have certain keywords associated with what you want: all tributes, easy, all sorts of keywords associated, which what you're seeking for. but what this can also do is it will detect for new items, restok, sellout items and removed items from stores. so with this, underneath the site's array, you can add the sitemap products XML for ml URL on that's applicable um and there's other options. there's only two actually. I could add more- a SSP, antisocial social club, and you can also add house if you really wanted to. don't really need this, no, but here are the two sitemaps and I can actually provide you guys with a whole lid of sitemaps that inside the repository that people might find useful. so that's pretty cool. I'm just gonna, yeah. so yeah, those are just an example of slice. you can add, if you want to have it tweet out new items, the Twitter feature which only tweets out new items or restoked items, then over here, you just put in your Twitter API consumer key, secret access token to access secret, and then over here, if you want to set up a black thought like what I'm about to show, I'll show you what the slack thought looks like. it's pretty self-explanatory. you just get the bought token and you can change the image if you are the user name of the bot and what channel. so I have a channel called monitor and that's why I want to go to know image URL. if there's no image available for a product, then this will be like the image that it's a placeholder image that you can have. that's just an m3 link I have up there and then over here notify one on keyword matches and all that stuff on this magic, magical jazz. over here it's just in one place. but one important thing is this interval right here this is millisecond. so be careful with the amount of sites that you have and be cautious, knowing your internet speed and your computer kit and your computer's capacity of how fast it would be able to process things in and out. learn an experiment with the interval. do not have a interval 300 links in one second, because it doesn't work like that. um, that being said, I'm going to show you a currently running instance of it. a current running instance of it. so right here this is an example of a couple key words I had and it found all the key words for me alongside it actually found a new item and tweeted it out and add it to my black. so in slack. I'm going to show you an example. this is what it looks like. my father newly added item is found out at 4:41. it's 500 for it now and these are all my keyword matches and even if I screw up a little bit of kid, even fun removed items. so, yeah, that's a mousepad from kit that they removed from this store and it also provides you with the stok count of the items if available- and not all brands have available stok count- and also provides you with the prize and the brand and everything basically that one would love to know there. anything else I need to mention there's. I've been spending a lot of time buffing out the book. it's sort of Douglass right now. um, but stay cautious. um, also, in addition, you- oh, whoops, wrong thing. yeah, also, in addition, you don't have to [Music] have just a sitemap that I recommend using the side that you can also add slides, that you can just add the site name, but not all sites will work because some have blocked the products that Jason's URL, so you rather want to go using sitemap? um, yeah, so it just it builds that again. as I said, whenever there's a new update, for example, if I were say there's a new update. you can also run get poll. you know close already. it's already up to date. but yeah, thank you so much for watching. if you haven't question to me through email, make a github issue or whatever. Thanks,


what's up, guys? this is dennis from seo bots, and in this video, i'm going to show you how to monitor prices of a shopify store using one of our bots. before i continue, please support the channel by giving us a thumbs up and if you would like to see more about tutorials in the future, make sure to subscribe to the channel right now. make sure to browse our collection of ready-made bots and, of course, if you're looking for something customized, make sure to visit our custom bots page and submit a request. okay, the infomercial is over and let's get back to the bot. you can find the bot by using our search function here, so let's look for shop fight, if i could spell it, and we have a bunch of shopify bots, so make sure to check them out, and the one we're going to tok about in this video is right here: shopify product price monitor. click on that and make sure to go through the documentation and read and understand the details of how the bot works exactly. but i'm going to skip it and click the start butt button now i will emphasize this again: this is a shopify bot and it will work only on shopify stores exclusively. if it's not a shopify store, if it's a wordpress, if it's woocommerce, if it's custom made, this partikular bot is not going to work. but we do have options for other systems. so go ahead and search for the appropriate bot and if you don't find anything, um, contact us and we'll think of something for you. if you're not sure whether a website you're going to track prices on is built using shopify, you can use something like built with to check it. i'm going to put a link in the description and you can try it on your own, but if you want a tutorial on built with, just, uh, leave a comment. but i guess it's pretty straightforward. so i found this website on the internet with the gym gear and we're going to track the price of this wonderful balance pod. so let's start filling out our form. first, i'm going to name the job which the bot will be performing. so, balance pod. this is an optional step, but naming your job really helps you understand what kind of a product you're tracking, so i really recommend you do that. next, we need to fill out the products url. so for that, go on to the website, open the page, the product page- and just copy this link from here into here. right next, you will need to set up the notification condition. you can ask the bot to notify you on any price change. so, for example, our current price is 12.97, but let's say i want to get notified whether it's going up or down, so i'm just going to leave this option as is. however, if you want to get notified once the price falls below a certain level or goes above or equals exactly a certain amount, you will need to select the second option and indicate the amount that you're looking for. so let's say you want to the bot to send you a notification only when the price of this product falls below 10. now, i'm not going to uh, do this, i'm just going to go with the first option. and next you need to specify the time settings of when the bot will trigger and run the check, so you can specify whether you want to run it every 10 minutes, every 30 minutes, every day or twice a day at a certain time. setting the expiration date is also an option. for example, let's say you want the bot to stop checking for the price on the 22nd. again, i'm not going to do that, i'm just going to run the bot until i manually stop it. finally, you will need to select the notifications. so you can either get an email notification or you can add slack notifications to that, or, if you're a telegram user, you can select that option. one last extra option that we provide is sending a notification even on no price change. so, for example, if the bot runs the check and the price of this balance pod remains the same, you can check this check box and you will get a notification even though there was no price change. now i'm not going to do that. i'm going to leave this blank and i'm going to go ahead and click the start this bot button. okay, now you can see that the job balance pod had been created and is now scheduled. now the bot had already run the job once to store the initial price of the product, so it would have a number to compare the future pricings to. now, if you click on the jobs title, you will go into the jobs page and you will see that we have 12.97 point on this chart, and this bot will also draw a chart for you of, so you can monitor the price changes visually. down below you can see the monitoring log from 19 may 1pm and the recorded price was 12.97. you can play with the job settings and change the notification conditions. you can change your scheduling settings, you can set the expiration date here and you can also control some other options, like if you change your mind and if you and you want to get notified on no changes, you can select this option right here now. i'm not going to wait for the bot to run the job in- uh well, it runs every 10 minutes- but i'm going to show you what's going to happen. if i click the run now button, the bot will ignore the scheduling and will fetch the current price of the product immediately. because i want to show you the kind of email i will get and since the price will probably not going to change, i'm going to pick this notify no change option and click the run now button. okay, so the job has been completed. you can see that the chart was updated and we and we have this 12.97 price indicated here and now. let's have a look at my inbox and you'll see that i did get an email from robot at seobotsio with the report and the current recorded price. well, this is practikally it. make sure to like the video if you found it useful. make sure to leave a comment of what kind of bots you would like to see us build and subscribe to the channel if you would like to see more bot tutorials in the future, and i'll see you soon.