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shopify on demand printing

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Print On Demand 3 Month Results (Beginner)

I've been trying pretty on demand for the last few months with some not so great results. since the last couple videos, I've been studying the print on demand, YouTube gurus and I think I know what I have to do. for this video, I'm giving myself a whopping 300 budget. so if you want to see how things work out, then make sure to watch till the end. make sure to hit that like button, because it does really help out the channel. let's start by toking about what's happened since the last two videos, because there's some not so good but pretty interesting news. if you haven't already, I would highly recommend you guys watch the first two videos in this series just to get an understanding for what's going on. maybe you can learn from my mistakes. but anyway, let's start toking about what's happened since then. so one good thing is that I've actually been getting some natural exposure onto my Etsy page. I've been getting a little bit of traffic here and there, but I don't have to pay for any of it. so it's really nice to see that somebody's still finding the store. but that's about as far as the good stuff goes. so here's all the bad stuff. I had a really bad experience with shipping to a customer. something actually happened internationally. maybe it got lost or whatever, but I had to figure that out and it was just a whole hassle to do that. after that, apparently printful had some kind of glitch in their system or whatever, but all Etsy stores were disconnected from printful. so that was a hassle. and finally, the biggest one- my Etsy store was closed. it was suspended. I don't know why or what happened. this one was by far the worst one to happen because just out of nowhere, my Etsy store is closed. one day I popped up to try to look at some analytiks and it said that the store was suspended. I hadn't received any emails about it. I didn't have any reason for why it happened. so I obviously sent out a support tiket to Etsy and said: what's going on? I don't even know. after around two weeks they finally got my store unsuspended and it was back there. everything was fine. but it was just really odd that I ran into that. obviously during that time my print on demand Journey had to take a pause. I didn't get anywhere. I didn't get many sales. there was just nothing really going on. after this big hiccup with Etsy I decided maybe I should try a different storefront, maybe I should go over to Shopify, and there were a lot of reasons why not just this one hiccup. since I was already planning on switching from Etsy, I decided this time I'm going to switch everything up. I decided I was gonna go into a different Niche, get different designs. I was going to make a Shopify store instead of Etsy, because there was just too much competition on Etsy. plus, I wanted to see what Shopify was all about. I was gonna try different advertising tikniques and I was going to switch to printify as my fulfillment company instead of printful, because I realized that if I use printify, the prices were lower, the shipping times were lower, the production times were lower and I could just have better profit margins. and the best part about this whole switch up, I'm going to give myself a 300 budget to see if throwing money at a problem can actually solve it in this whole pretty on demand business. the idea I had is simple: I'm gonna make a good looking Shopify store, advertise it well, and then I have a successful print on demand business. that's making me some money and I can just sit back and think about the next sports car that I want to buy- really I, since I plan on starting everything fresh. I needed a new Niche and this time I decided I was going to go with something a little bit more General to hit more people, have a wider audience, so that maybe I can get more sales. this time I decided to go for the pet Niche, but more specifically dogs. I was gonna have clothing with all these funny dog texts or just funny things for specific dog breeds and everything that you could possibly imagine. I was thinking in my head: if I have breathe specific clothing, then I could probably reach out to breed specific theme pages on Instagram and advertise it perfectly there. next was switching over to a Shopify store instead of etsy. now there was a huge learning curve for creating a Shopify store. I've actually never made a Shopify store before and your first time is actually kind of complicated. the main reason I wanted to switch over to Shopify stores because I'd have a lot more control over it. I could make it look any way I wanted, I could change the theme colors, I could put my clothing wherever, and there was just so much more customizability and control over a Shopify store than there was with Etsy. another reason is because I do think that I lost quite a few customers on Etsy. just to like the related searches, people could find other merch that was similar to mine and maybe they bought that instead. and lastly, it was the fees on Etsy that were really killing me. I was losing so much of my profit margins to these fees. it was six and a half percent transaction fee, another two point something percent for processing fee. it was just getting way too high for me to keep up with it. obviously there are still some drawbacks to Shopify. nothing is perfect in this world. as for Shopify, you do have monthly payments. the nice thing is you can have a two-week free trial and that's what I was kind of banking on along with switching to Shopify. I also switched from printful to printify and, as I said before, it's because I could just have better profit margins if I worked through printify. the product prices and the shipping were lower. you can actually choose where you want your fulfillment center to be located, and I actually ordered some samples and found that production time and shipping time were a lot faster than the samples that I got from printful. and the thing is these samples don't even look bad like. these are actually really nice quality samples. here's one of the shirts I made for my dog, Niche. if you want to buy something, let me know I can hook you up. and there's also this really really comfy, nice hoodie right here. it has just a nice simple design in the top left corner, but the quality of my products was actually really nice, so I felt pretty good selling this to other people. if you guys want to switch over to printify or if you want to start doing print on Demand with printify, then go ahead and check the description. there will be a link there where you guys can sign up and start with printify. now we're on to one of the biggest things for print on demand and that is advertisements. this time I had a budget of 300 and I know that might not sound like a lot, but for somebody like me who doesn't make a crazy amount of money all the time and knowing that my first Trials of print out a man didn't go as well, it can be a little bit worrying to just put this money somewhere and say, oh, it might just disappear like think about it. 300 is somewhere around 30 meals from Chipotle and if you're not on the Chipotle currency then I don't really know what you're on. the plan for advertising was to try three main form terms of paid advertising, along with the free social media exposure. the three forms of advertising would be Facebook ads, Instagram ads and theme page or influencer advertising. as for the free social media exposure, I would have to make a new account on Instagram and tik tok for this Niche, for my dog Niche, and try to be posting on there as often as I can. I think if you get a lucky break on tiktok and one of your videos goes viral for your print on demand business, that could actually be really, really amazing for the longevity of your business and for the sales in the current moment. now that you know the ins and outs of this plan that I have, you might as well know the timeline. I was planning to do this all within two weeks because the Shopify free trial ends after two weeks. so with everything planned out and ready, it was time to execute this process and create a successful print on a man business. well,

Stop Selling T-Shirts With Printful On Etsy/Shopify Print On Demand Stores In 2022

what are the biggest problems facing print-on-demand sellers in the year 2022? it's not the continuation of the rising facebook ad costs or even the big mystery around why some people get banned from running facebook ads. it's also not the continuation of the increases to fees on etsy. it's also not the inability by some to actually get approved to sell products on merch by amazon. in fact, the biggest problem facing print-on-demand sellers is the constant promotion of selling t-shirts by some of the most popular youtube channel. in 2019, i made this video here, where i started to tok about not selling t-shirts. in 2020, i made this video here, where i continued to make that point. and in 2021, i continued with more videos trying to tell people not to sell shirt. on those videos, i got comments like these: it's not about the t-shirt or whatever you're selling. people buy your stuff because they like your design. if they like your design, they'll spend that money. or this one guy who failed with shopify and printful is all over youtube toking about nothing. or even this one here for every here is how to make money video. there is a don't do this or you will lose money video and people wonder why everyone is so indecisive and, honestly, the majority of the people that made comments like that likely closed their print-on-demand store a long time ago because it probably didn't work out. there was, however, a lot of really positive comments on those videos that i just referenced, so before you comment on this one, please watch the whole video so that way you can understand exactly what i am trying to say. so now, in 2022, i am still going, and over the last few months inside of my print on demand facebook group, i've been giving tips and keeping people updated as i've scaled one of my newest stores to over six figures in sales. now i certainly don't claim to have all the answers, but what i do try to do is share some of the most up-to-date information about what's working right now with print on demand. a lot of the other channels out there just sort of recycle content about things that they did back in 2017, trying to convince you that those things still work today. now here's the basic premise of what i do with my print-on-demand stores. the first is i need to choose a great niche. this is what gets people interested. secondly, i choose high profit products and then i make a great design, and the key here is: i really do recommend shopify and i recommend people to go all in on paid traffic, whether it's with an instagram ad or a facebook ad. to me, that is the quickest way to make real money with print on demand in the year 2022, and i know there are other ways to sell print on demand products and i'm sure there are people out there that do very well. i will even address some of those other methods in this video today and tok about why i think, as beginners out there, you might not have as much success with those methods. now, before you say what some of the other people on some of those other videos said, keep in mind i started my first print on demand store in 2016.. i eventually had some success with t-shirts in 2017.. i had a store where i was selling shirts. i was using facebook ads, i was using instagram influencers and i was growing my own social media pages to make my sales. i eventually ended up selling that store on something called the shopify store exchange. this is a website where you can list stores for sale. shopify handles the entire transaction to make sure that both sides cannot get ripped off. basically, what i'm saying is: i've had success with shirts. however, it was a long time ago and then something happened. not only were facebook ad costs continuing to rise, but tons of different print on demand companies started to innovate and they started to offer some much cooler product, and when i say cooler, i mean things that customers were going to get much more excited about. i also mean products that were going to make a lot more profit margins for me on my store. now i've been making print-on-demand content and posting about my journey for a while, and i dug up some of these old posts. this one here was made back in 2018, when i started selling hooded blankets from a print-on-demand company called wc fulfillment. over the years, even throughout 2019, 2020 and 2021, and even now, i've continued to try to sell a lot more unique products that make me a lot more profits on my stores. i'm toking about things like car seat covers from the pillow profits print on demand company. toking about all over print hoodies or other oliver printed apparel from companies like printfy or subliminator. toking about print-on-demand jewelry from a print-on-demand company called shine on, and so many more. if you want to check out some of the other videos on my channel, i show some of these awesome products all the time. so this takes us to today, where i'm still making videos like this, and there will definitely be people out there that don't want to hear it. they want to continue to try and sell t-shirts on etsy or on shopify or wherever, and ultimately those people can do what they want. but for those that are interested in learning some things that might be a little bit different than what you're used to hearing, definitely stik around, because in this video i'm going to be breaking down a whole bunch of things that can help you to be successful with some of these higher profit products. so i'm not sure if i actually said this earlier, but my name is joe robert. i make videos here on my channel to help you start grower scale your print on demand store on shopify. if you want to access my free course, there's over 20 step-by-step videos that will help you to get started to actually build your store and get started with facebook and instagram ads. check the link down in the description. you can also check out the pod ninjas facebook group. there's over 50 000 store members inside of that group. there's a link for that as well down in the description. now, the first reason to not sell shirts in the year 2022 is the saturation, no matter what platform you are selling on, whether it is shopify, amazon, etsy, redbubble or anywhere else- they are all saturated. now, this book here was written by someone named dan kennedy, and he is a marketing genius. he toks about a concept called a red ocean, and this, right here, is a red ocean: tons of different sellers, tons of sharks eating all of the fish, causing the water to be red. if you're starting an etsy store in 2022, you're instantly putting yourself in direct competition with hundreds of thousands of other sellers, and if you're doing t-shirts or even mugs, it's likely that your designs look exactly like everybody else's. that's because with those products, it's pretty difficult to make your stuff actually stand out. in this book, he also toks about a concept called a blue ocean, which is an ocean that doesn't have a lot of sharks in it. there's not a lot of blood in the water, which means there is less competition. this to me, in the year 2022, means building your own website where you are actually off on your own and you're not competing with everybody else on a platform for limited amounts of organic traffic. what i would say to do from there is to build your own communities on social media and go all in on driving paid traffic to your store. some of the biggest print on demand stores out there are doing just that, and one of the keys to actually succeeding with that method is choosing better products, things that make you more profits, and avoiding things like a t-shirt or a mug. now let's break this down. earlier, i mentioned that facebook ad costs have been rising. this certainly doesn't mean that we cannot use them. it just means that we need to do things a little bit differently than we did back in 2017.. it means we just have to adapt and choose new products and get out of our comfort zone and get away from some of the things that we are so used to seeing when it comes to print on demand product. take a look at this study here it shows on aver.

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Print On Demand 1 Week Results (Beginner)

i try to do print on demand for one week with printful and etsy. let's tok about how it went before we tok about my results. i think it's really important that we tok about what print on demand actually is. print on demand is a very interesting business model. it's actually where you create the design and then you have a fulfillment center such as printful take care of all the details behind the scenes, so they'll take your design and print it onto the hoodie or the crewneck or whatever item you have that you're selling. they'll also ship it out to your customer and hopefully they'll get it on time. now the second part to that is that you have to create a store. people usually like to go with shopify or etsy. in my case, i went with etsy and so what happens is when you get a sale on etsy, it's going to be automatikally linked back to printful. printful will take care of all the stuff behind the scenes. they'll print it on to the hoodie, they'll ship it out to your customer. etsy will take a little cut of the profits and obviously printful will take what you have to pay for the supplies and then you keep whatever is in the middle, those little margins, and that's basically how print on demand works and now that you know what print on demand is, we can tok about my experience with it in this one week trial. now i'm not gonna stop after this one week. i'm gonna keep going. i'm gonna try to grow this business and make more and more profit from it. but i thought it would be cool to let you guys know how this one week went and what you can expect to see if you're trying it yourself- realistik beginners stuff in a week trial. so on day one it was all about setup. i went over to printfulcom, created my account, got all the billing stuff done and then i went over to etsy, created an account, created my store, linked those two together, made sure that they work together and that's when i can start creating my product designs. now over the next few days i was creating more and more designs to put on that store, but on day one i created one simple design, put it on the store, launched the store and was hoping to see some results. i think you're probably just as shocked as i am when i say on day one we didn't sell anything, we didn't get any sales, and i mean we didn't really market anything either. right, we just put one product on our store on etsy and hope for the best. and that leads us into day two now. on day two, i was set out to make a few more products, just so that the etsy store had some more stuff to bring people in. right, we wanted people to find our stuff on the etsy explorer page and hopefully entike him to buy something. i mean, that was as much as i could figure out at the time. so we created a few more designs there and we hoped for the best. i was starting to think: how can i advertise all these things? can i do instagram promotions? can i do facebook advertising? maybe tik tok advertising? but on day two, it was still just about making sure everything worked out. at the end of day two, i did order a sample of our product so that we could create more customized advertising in the hopes that in the future we can do more customized instagram advertising for for this business, along with tiktok and facebook or whatever we decide, but to make it seem more legit- not just a picture, not just a mock-up that we got from printful. on day three, we woke up again to no sales. now, that's not really that surprising, as we still hadn't done any advertising for our store. but i did run into some problems with the order for the sample. now there were some back end issues on printful, something about the digitization that didn't really work out the right way. they offered a different image to put onto the mock-up. i responded to them with some changes, some things that i wanted to see. i was hoping that we could hear back from them and get that sample come in our way so we can make those custom advertisements as soon as possible. now, on day three we did make a few more. i believe we made two more product designs, posted those on there and we also found out about etsy advertising. so it turns out that you have a choice to have your post advertised on etsy. if somebody searches up your product, something with your product's name and it'll be posted at the top and says advertised by seller. and once i saw this i decided that we're gonna put a few dollars per day into this advertising and see how it goes. so i first started with five dollars per day and the results weren't all that great. we started getting a few more views and a few more clicks. it didn't go too well. we didn't get any sales on day three. now on day four and five, there isn't much to say. i kind of messed around with some designs and some ideas, but we didn't really make too many changes. we got more views and more clicks on our posts from etsy advertising, but no sales still. so i guess that's going into day six now. on day six we started to try something a little bit different. i created a tiktok account for the business. i also created an instagram account for the business. now i was hoping to use these two accounts to advertise our store and maybe pull in some more buyers. on day six, i tried to post a few of the products onto the instagram, but they didn't seem to get much traction. and on tiktok i did happen to get 500 ish views on one of the videos that i posted, but i only got likes, no followers. now on day 7- and you're hearing me say: no sales, no sales, no sales for all these days. well, that's kind of on me. i didn't really know what i was doing. i jumped into this head first and i was thinking i'll figure it out on the fly. the good thing is, we figured out a lot about etsy advertising, about tiktok advertising, instagram advertising. here we also learned that you can make your products look a lot better if you use placeitcom. you can just create a free account on there and put your design on it and it'll look a lot better than using the standard mock-ups from printful. so i've gone ahead and posted on instagram with these new mock-ups. i've also changed the images on our etsy store to make it seem a little bit more appealing. but since the week is over, since it's day seven, let's tok about the numbers that we see on etsy. so on etsy, through the advertising, we've spent 26.53, got 9451 ad views, 87 ad clicks and zero orders from the advertising. ah, now, it's not just zero sales from the advertising, it's also zero sales in total. but if we look at it a little bit closer, we do see that we got at least a few favorites, and somebody did put it in a cart. we've created these sales and discounts to shoot out automatik emails for people who favorite our stuff. or if they had it in their cart and they abandoned it, it'll send them a 10 off coupon hoping to get that sale back. but at the end of these seven days we have nothing to show for everything we've done other than experience and knowledge- knowledge. this isn't the end. i'm going to keep going forward with this account. i'm going to keep going forward with this business, and i think what i got to do is gain more followers on instagram so that i can promote it on there, keep posting on tiktok and see if i can link it to my instagram so that people can come there and basically just try to advertise this a lot better and outside of etsy. i think i might actually try to create a shopify account for this as well, in a shopify store instead of an etsy store, because i think the shopify store will look a lot more professional and it won't let people see the competition. if you guys like this video, found it at all entertaining or learned anything from it, be sure to leave a like and don't forget to subscribe, because in the coming weeks, i'll be posting more about this print on demand journey. i'll try to be as transparent about it as possible, and i'll be showing you everything that i'm doing in hopes to create a successful business. that's all for me today, though. thanks for watching, guys, and i'll see you in the next one.

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How To Make Money With Print On Demand Shopify (For Beginners)

hey guys, nick vasil here, and in this video we are going to go over how to make money online with shopify print on demand, even if you're a complete beginner, and, more importantly, how you can make 100 to 700 per day, or that. after the intro, hey guys, mike fasil here, welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots open up for this week's free workshop, which is literally the fastest and easiest way to make money online, sign up for it in the link below. okay, guys, so let's tok about how to make money with print on demand in shopify. let me just break down the rules, guys. so in the beginning, before we actually begin, all print on demand and shopify is is you create a shopify store. it literally takes like five seconds to go ahead and open up and what happens is you could literally upload designs on shopify. you could connect it with a service like printful, which is essentially print on demand, drop shipping. you never have to actually buy the products yourself until you actually go ahead and make a sale. don't worry if you don't know how to make a sale, if you don't know how to get customers, we'll show you exactly how in this full tutorial. but it's actually pretty simple, right? you create this e-commerce store, you link it with printful and then you can see exactly how the profit works. like to make a hundred dollars a day. all you need to do is sell something for i don't know, like 24 bucks. you sell less, maybe like seven a day. that's already a hundred and eleven dollars profit. if you sell 20 a day, which the methods that i'm going to show you, you can make 300 a day profit. if you sell 30- nine a day- a really interesting number- that's 623 profit per day. now that you understand how this exactly works, like i said, you put you link printful with shopify. the moment someone makes a sale, you take the 20 bucks, you literally go and it automatikally orders it from printful. they charge you eight dollars. remember you already got 24 or 20 from the sale. you could put it on a travel awards credit card, meaning you get free credit card points for free travel. like that's how i literally got millions of free travel rewards points. i lived in vegas for 30 days for free. i lived in hotels for free. i fled business costs for free. because of this method, you guys should be grateful actually that they're charging you because you could put it on a credit card the moment you understand that. now it's time to understand the business side of things. how are you actually going to make the sale number one? 99 of all of the entire print-on-demand businesses are based off of designs. so the first step is: how can you find a good design that is proven to make sales? the first thing that i like doing is going to aliexpress and i just like typing in animal t-shirt or whatever t-shirt that you want to sell, right, and the moment i'm there i would literally go and sort things by orders, because what it shows me are all the popular themes that work right now in the entire marketplace. you can see animals are very popular with like. i think this is a wave and a line. this is like a yin-yang style, so it's like with wolves, and this one's also a yin-yang style, but with cats. so just this idea. i'm already thinking, wow, this is a really good theme that i could go and create. i would go and screenshot this and keep it in a separate folder so that you could give it to a very cheap designer to go ahead and create a lot of designs for you like this, because this one design you can maybe create hundreds of different types of designs to put on your store. right? just think about this. if this works for cats, you could probably put cows on there, beagles on there, uh, bali dogs on there, bears on there, tigers on there. the fact that there's two different animals that have the same exact style and it's on the most orders just shows that this is a good concept to have. so just screenshot a bunch of those that already are working. i would even do the exact same thing. now that i see cats, i'm gonna type in cat t-shirt and do the exact same thing. what is actually gonna work? because, like i said, they're telling me all the things that work. look at this. there's two different stores that have this as the highest. there's even this that got sold the highest. so these are just all designs that i think i could at least model when it comes in time to actually selling on the store. oh, but, mike, i'm not good at designing. i'm not good at art skills. i don't know how to share my crayons. i'm gonna show you exactly how to do that, even if you don't have any of those skills at all. that's the first step: going to aliexpress and just seeing what products are already making sales. the next step that you can also go ahead and do is just go to redbubble and type in the exact same keyword, based off of the niche that you want to center your shopify, your ecommerce store, around. so if i scroll down, it's very interesting because you also see the very similar design katana thing right here that is also making some sales, but also are shown here on aliexpress with a bunch of sales- coincidence? i think not. you could see why a lot of the successful designs are the things that are modeled off of other places as well. what i like doing here also is when you have a certain design, you can model it on the most popular things and the most best-selling things, right? the thing about starting your own shopify store compared to you know putting your designs on print on redbubble, is: no one can find you on shopify unless you know your marketing and if they do, you want to make sure that you can convert them into a sale. how you know you can convert them on a sale is by seeing which ones are the best selling ones, like you could see the most relevant. oh, let's go back. you can see these are the best-selling style things. right, it's like this cat spaceship. so what if i put like a wolf in there? what if i put a bear in there? what if i put a dog in there? you know there's all these other like interesting sailor meow cats, so it's like mixing it with like anime parodies and then look at this kind of like halloween kitty shirt thingy and all these things. like i said, just screenshot a bunch of these. i'd also do this with cafe press type in cat t-shirt or whatever niche that you want to get into. right, like i said, all the designs already created. all you got to do is just find something that best, better serves you. and the thing is that you're selling on shopify. you're not having to compete against all these other people that are posting all their designs on here. so what i would do is scroll down and, if ever you like some certain type of theme, like this number one, ask yourself: can i duplicate this with like another niche or another type of theme? right, this is cats. you could do with dogs, horses, cows, pigs, dogs, doesn't matter. we did it for elephants and jesus and whatnot. um, same thing with here. cats make me happy, you, not so much. dogs make me happy, you not so much. women make me happy, you not so much. my mom makes me happy, you not so much. all these things play to a certain theme that you go ahead and sell on here. another thing that i would do is also do a lot of research- is go on to pinterest, type in all pins and just do the exact same thing. what are people actively bookmarking to buy later? look at this. you see certain things that are starting to be more consistent with all the other research that you did. right, i saw this multiple times. right, um, certified cat lover. pause, have claws. you had me at meow. start screenshotting the things that you think your audience, your customers, would rather resonate with. the moment you have all those designs, all you got to do is go to upwork and type in graphic designer, scroll down, go to hourly rate less than 10 or below. go over here, because this is going to be the best quality, i guarantee it- and you just type in philippines. the reason why is because a lot of them are english speaking. uh, like, literally all the philippines are just designed to serve, i guess, like the american race when it c.

How To Start Print On Demand On Shopify In 2022 (FOR BEGINNERS)

right now, print on demand is growing. currently, there are well over 1 million sellers trying to sell their products to the world and, at the same time, there is an abundance of content online, some of which will show print on demand as a business model, as some sort of a get rich quick type of business that, if you just follow the simple tutorials and turn the store on, you will begin to make sales. and the problem is that most of these step-by-step tutorials just show you what buttons to click to customize the look of your store or change your logo or just simply to create products. but in this video, i want to take things a step further and walk you through everything from a strategy perspective that you need to think about in order to succeed with print on demand in the year 2022, and by the end of this video, hopefully, you will be in a much better spot to actually open a successful print on demand business, because that's really, when it comes down to it, what this is all about: creating a real business- and if you're not treating it that way, you're going to fail before you even get started now. right now, only a small portion of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed. so if you enjoy watching this print on demand content, hit the subscribe button. it is free and you can change your mind anytime. okay, so in this video, i'm going to give you a strategy to follow. all the topics in this video are going to be time stamped in the pinned comment of this video, so if you want to skip around, you definitely can. this is for anyone that is looking to succeed with print on demand in the year 2022, so if you do get value out of this, make sure to drop a like on it. that's going to help youtube to push this video out to a wider audience and hopefully help someone else out if they are trying to start their print on demand store as well. okay, so for the absolute beginners out there, what the heck is print on demand? simply put, this is a business model where we create designs and upload them to a print-on-demand company's app and when we make a sale, that company will then print our item and ship it to our customer. our items are printed on demand and there is no need for you to pay for inventory in advance. we find these print-on-demand companies on the shopify app store and once we install their app to our store. we are able to upload our designs to them when you create your product. the product is then listed on your store for sale and when it actually sells, your customer will receive the item from the print on demand company. now, when you make a sale, the funds from your customer will go into your shopify payments account. it will then take a couple of days for those funds to arrive in your bank account. so you do need to make sure that you have a payment method on file with the print on demand company so that way, you can actually pay for your order. and if you want to go through step-by-step training to see exactly how all this works and how to set it all up, make sure to check out the free course down in the description. there's over 20 step-by-step videos which will show you how to actually open your store, set up print on demand apps and also install payment options on your store. the link for that is down in the description. so how much money can you actually make with print on demand in the year 2022, and is this even still profitable? for starters, this is a subject that i discussed at length in this video here. throughout this video today, i'll be showing you various videos that i also have on my youtube channel where i discuss some of these subjects in a lot more detail. you can check all of them out. they will be linked down in the description. so the short answer is yes, print on demand is still a profitable business model, but obviously this is going to depend largely on how many sales you are actually making. this is also going to be based on what strategy you are actually using to make your sales. most of your success is going to be based on what products you're actually choosing, because if you're choosing low profit products, you might not make as much money. what i can say is i've personally coached a lot of people. at this point, i have two people that i've worked with that have done over a million dollars on their own stores, and i've also worked with tons of others. i created something called the pod ninjas mug club, which is a mug that i send to people for various sales milestones that they achieve on their stores. i say all that to tell you that, yes, this is a profitable business model. you just have to have a real strategy here, because you're creating a real business and hopefully, throughout this video, i'll be able to give you some really good pointers to help you to actually start yours. so first things first, you're going to have to decide where you're actually going to open your print on demand store. the most popular options are places like shopify, etsy, amazon or even places like teespring or red bubble. essentially, you can open a print-on-demand store where you are starting your own website, or you can sell products on a platform. when it comes to selling on a platform like etsy, you would create an account and then begin uploading your products. you then would be able to get people searching those platforms for various products to potentially see your item and, in terms of what it costs, you are only going to pay when you actually make a sale or when you actually upload a product. there are going to be some other fees that you might potentially pay on amazon or etsy or any of these other platforms, so make sure to do your own research on these fees so that way you're not surprised when you might be charged something. when you're selling on your own website on a place like shopify, you're actually building your own store. you're building a website, you have to get a domain name, you're naming the store and then you are going to be driving your own traffic to it. selling on your own site, like on shopify, is also going to cost money. you will have to pay a monthly subscription to have the store. when it comes to pros and cons, if you're selling on a platform like etsy, it's basically free. you're not going to have to pay that monthly subscription and, like i said before, you're only paying when you're making sales or when you are uploading a design. now, a lot of people think that with platforms like etsy or amazon, that the organic traffic that you could receive is a major pro, but i happen to think it is a little bit of a con. while it is certainly attractive to think that you can get free traffic to your items, i think for the most part, when you're thinking long term, that is not something that is going to lead to the highest amount of success. the reason is because when people go on a place like etsy and they begin searching for products, there's going to be a lot of things for them to look at. there is just so much saturation on these platforms. when people are typing different things in relating to your niche, they're going to see thousands and thousands of products that relate to what they're searching for and, honestly, most people selling on these platforms have a tough time standing out. there's also going to be several pages of results showing on their screens and oftentimes it's going to be very difficult for someone with a new etsy account to actually show up on one of the first pages. think about, when you are searching on google, how often do you actually look at the results that are on page two? now, i haven't personally sold a lot on a place like etsy. i have sold a few things, but i have toked to a lot of people who have had some success on etsy and one of the things that they say is that it is so important to upload as many designs as possible. essentially, try and upload like 200 designs and get maybe five percent of them to sell on a weekly basis. essentially, if you can upload 200 designs and get five percent of them to sell, that's going to be 10 of your designs selling, and if you can get those to sell a couple times,

The SAD Truth About Shopify Print On Demand (Beginners Beware)

hey, joe, it's folks here. this video is going to either depress you or it's going to make you very excited, and not excited like in a weird way- in a good way. and i say depressed because today i'm going to be showing you some real print-on-demand stores and highlighting some things that i advise not to do. and if you've done some of those things well, maybe you will end up being depressed, but don't be, because i actually got all the stores from my print-on-demand facebook group. every single tuesday i make this post right here where i ask people to share their store url so that way i can review it in videos like this. so if you're watching this video and you're not a member, check it out. there's a link down in the description. you can share your url and you can maybe get some help. and this video might also excite you, because i'm also going to be showing some awesome print-on-demand stores. so maybe, if your store is sort of like the ones that i'm showing, you're going to be excited about that, but again, not excited like in a weird way, or anything like that. some of you have probably wondered what makes certain people successful with print on demand and what makes people not successful with their print-on-demand store, and i think really, for this video to sink in, we first have to define what i mean by success. for me, success just means making consistent sales every single day, sales that actually make you money. toking about the big bucks? no, actually not the big bucks. what i'm toking about is just being able to make five to ten sales a day, profiting like a hundred bucks or so every single day on your store, and then doing that for an entire month or so and having thousands of dollars in profit. for me, that is what success really means, and if you agree with that, smash the like button. it sounds silly, but that's going to help this video get recommended to a wider audience and, honestly, too, it does help my small channel to grow. now some of you guys won't want to believe what i am actually saying. keep in mind there's a chance i could be completely wrong. i just want to share some of the experience i have running my own stores, reviewing hundreds of yours and also working directly with students on theirs. at this point, students of mine have achieved about five million dollars in sales. so basically, what i'm saying is today is all about my experience. if you disagree, that is perfectly fine. so the first thing you don't want to do with a print-on-demand store is something like this. this is shop bengal athletiks. essentially, the store owner discovered print on demand and wanted to create their own clothing line, so they came up with a name and a logo and they started putting it on a bunch of print on demand products, as you can see here on the page. in a few minutes i'll tok about why that is actually a bad idea. and the second thing you want to avoid is creating stores like this with really abstract designs placed on a bunch of different products. don't get me wrong. this is really cool, these designs look awesome, but honestly, at the end of the day, this is all just really abstract stuff that is just thrown on a bunch of different products. and i know what you're thinking. but why, joe? why should we avoid doing this with print on demand? and that brings us, honestly, to the sad truth about print on demand. the fact is is that print on demand is a business model that is best done with direct response marketing, meaning people that you see that are successful- and remember before we define successful as just consistent sales on a store- are using direct response marketing. they're on social media, whether it's organic, on a pinterest page or instagram or tiktok or facebook, or they are using some sort of paid advertisement. shopify stores that are successful are doing stuff like this. you can see all of these ads here really actually represent specific niches and in order to make these work, you have to realize that the sad truth about print on demand is that it is all about creating tacky niche designs, and when i say tacky, i don't mean it in a negative way. i mean doing stuff like this and creating simple and unique designs that represent specific niches. and this is what i call the sad truth, because a lot of people starting print on demand want to sell their art or they want to create some sort of a clothing line, and they see people online sharing big numbers from their store and they wonder why they are struggling. and that's because the people that are successful have realized that print on demand is about the niche and they've created tacky niche products for them. our niche is what's actually going to get people interested in our stuff. if someone was scrolling on social media and saw these designs here being ran as a facebook ad, for example, or an instagram post, they might think they're cool, they might click the like button, they might even visit the store, but when it comes to actually purchasing, they have no reason to do it. our niche is what gets people interested. our niche is the reason they buy our tacky niche design. now, a niche is just defined as a specialized subsection of the population. in other words, it is a group of people that share a common interest, a common passion or maybe a common identity that they have could be something that you choose as your niche. back to these ads here. they all represent a niche that someone is really interested in and when they see this stuff they say, whoa, that is super unique, i'm going to buy it. i love the fire pit, i love to camp. or, if we scroll down more, i love my dog. or, if we scroll down even further, i love to read books and i need this super unique item. essentially, print on demand is all about creating impulse purchases with people on social media to buy tacky niche designs like this. this store here has done a fantastik job at doing that. you can see all of their designs just really represent the beach. the store is called coastalpassioncom. all of their designs have imagery of the beach, sea turtles, stuff like that, where, when people who do love the beach see this stuff, they're going to be inclined to buy it because the niche actually gives them a reason. essentially what i'm saying: if you're jumping into print on demand, the sad truth is you have to realize that really, if your goal is to be successful in my definition of successful, which is making five to ten sales a day relatively on autopilot by using social media- you need to actually choose a niche. you can't do abstract art, you can't create a clothing line, and you actually need to create a niche, specific item. now, of course, if you wanted to sell your art, or if you did want to start a clothing line, you could certainly do that, but your strategy for success would be much different than what most of you are actually trying to do. what i mean by this is all the time, like inside of my print-on-demand facebook group, i will see someone make a post. they'll say something like: i've been running my store for six months, i'm running ads, i'm posting on social media, i'm getting people visiting the store, but not a single person has purchased. when they share the url, they end up having something like this that does not represent a specific niche. i've seen this time and time again where people make posts, they tok about trying social media marketing and then not making sales, and then they're doing stuff like this where they don't have a niche. they're creating abstract designs and then expecting people that have never seen their store before to want to buy it. if you are doing direct response marketing, which is showing your product to people that are not currently shopping, for example, social media- you need to give them a reason to buy, and that reason is the niche. that is what print on demand is all about. and if you're someone that is not excited- and again, not like excited in a weird way- at the beginning i said there would be two types of people watching this: those that are excited, not in a weird way, and also people that are now depressed because i