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shopify order lookup

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

2020 Shopify Dropshipping Course - Apps: Order Lookup

[Music]. hey guys, Richard, here and in this video I will be toking to you guys about the order lookup app. and, guys, this is a must have app. if you guys are doing big numbers and sales, okay, so let's go ahead and click here. so what this app basically does is it gives you a tab on your page. Wow, look at this. I haven't come in here in a while. it gives you a little tab on your page, which you have to set up- set it up yourself. if you do not know how to set it up, they're very helpful. you can contact their customer support and they would actually start it, set it up for you. but what it basically does is that it gives you- it gives you a little tab on your page, or you can put it on your footer menu or wherever you want to have it. that basically lets your customers track their orders, so they don't have to be going on Google or anything like that. they can actually track their orders directly from your page. and I mean this ad. this ad. this is really good for branding and it gives your website a sense of authority. if someone, if someone orders from your website, they can track their order directly from your webs from your website. it gives you a big sense of authority, right? because they don't have to be going on Google or USPS, comm or any of that. so look at this: orders being tracked on- they- my customers- have used this a hundred and fourteen thousand times. orders looked up by customers: a hundred and eight thousand, and then lifetime tracked a hundred and forty thousand guys. so do you, can you guys imagine how, how much pressure this takes off of your customer support team? when someone, instead of sending your customer support team an email or your a live chat or whatever you guys have on your website, they can just come on your website and track their order, and I mean this is just. it gives your customer support team a lot less work. and I mean a lot of a lot of these emails are just very little unknowing emails where people are just saying, hey, where's my order? and and now, instead of looking it up yourself and doing all that stuff, you can say, look on our website, we have this, we have this cool on tab or app or whatever you guys want to call it- that you can track your own order. so then in the future, if they, if they order from you again, or if they just want to check up on their order again. they're not going to send you another email. all they're gonna do is go on your website and look up their order and yeah, that's basically it for this app. guys, I don't recommend having this app as soon as you open up your website, because it you guys, really. I mean if, if you have twenty orders, you can answer those emails, but as soon as you hit the 100 orders, mark 200, when you're already in the hundreds, then I I can, I would recommend to start looking into this up and getting it, and I think that they charge you depending on how many people are using it. so I am probably paying a lot of money for this, but it's definitely worth it because, if not, I would have to pay a VA to be answering all of these emails. so, yeah, guys, I'll pull. II recommend this app, especially if you're doing big numbers, and I'll catch you guys in the next video. bye.

HOW TO ADD A FREE TRACK YOUR ORDER PAGE ON SHOPIFY IN 2022! (Full Tutorial) #Dropshipping #Ecommerce

i'm gonna show you guys how to set up a track your order page on your shopify store with no shopify apps, and it's a hundred percent free. what's up you guys? my name is jaden, and welcome back to the youtube channel. i appreciate all of you guys for coming back for yet another video. this is gonna be a really quick tutorial on how you can set up a free track your order page on your shopify store. it's 2022 and if you do not have this on your shopify store, you're making a huge mistake, because customers want to know- you know- when their order is going to arrive to them, and they shouldn't have to contact your customer service team to be able to find that out. also, you're going to be saving your customer service team a lot of time if you have this on your shopify store, so that way, they won't have to reach out and answer questions that could just be answered by simply just going on your website. so if you're excited for that, make sure you go ahead and drop a like that lets me know that you guys are enjoying the content here on the channel, and also hit that subscribe button. we just hit 600 subscribers and we're on our way to 700 subscribers. i appreciate all the support that you guys have been showing me. you guys have been absolutely killing it and, without further ado, let's go ahead and hop right into my computer and get started. all right, you guys? so hopping right on my computer. like i said, i don't want this to be, you know, too long of a video. i don't want to waste up too much of your time, um, but anyways, this is the exact store that i used in my previous video. um, if you guys haven't checked out my previous video, it might be my most value-packed video i've ever dropped on my youtube channel. um, it's 40 minutes of straight value. i literally walk you step by step on how to make a drop shipping store. i go through all the online store settings. i mean, this video is crazy. so, um, if you want to check that out- i'm not sure what side is going to be on, but all you have to do is click the link and it'll take you right to the video and you can check that out. so, anyways, um, now i'm going to show you how to put a track your order page on your shopify store, completely, 100 free. so the first thing you're going to want to do is go to the pin comment in this video. i'm going to leave a link, so all you're going to have to do is put in your name and your email, i believe, and that is it. i promise we don't share any of your information. we don't share your email. it's literally just to be added to my email list so that way you can stay up to date with things that i'm doing. i'm literally giving you guys this for free. you can completely trust me on this. um, i promise so. anyways, once you do that, it's going to spit out this document. you can download it, save it, do whatever you want with it. save it for your references, um, whatever, right? um? so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to highlight this entire text. you're going to copy it. then you're going to go back to your shopify store and the first thing that you're going to want to do is you're going to want to go to online store and you're going to want to go to pages, because you're going to need to make the page first before you do anything else. okay, so you're going to want to add the page and then you're going to want to name it, track your track your order, okay, and you're going to want to click this button right here, which is show html. this is where you're going to be able to put the code in, okay, so you're going to want to paste that in there. and then you're going to want to scroll to the top of the code and, as you can see right here, it says: please enter your tracking number below. if your tracking number doesn't work, feel free to contact us at blah blah blah. okay, so you're going to want to delete this part up to the period and put in your store's email address, whatever your customer service email is okay, and then you're going to want to go ahead and click save. now what you're going to want to do is go to navigation. now you're going to want to add this to your navigation on your shopify store so that way, your customers can easily navigate to it. not sure what's going on, why that's not working, um, but once this loads up, okay, here we go- add menu item, and you're going to want to click on the link part. you're going to want to click on pages, and then you're going to click on the page that we just made, which is the track your order page. it's going to update it right here on the name and you're going to want to click add now. you're going to click save menu. now the next thing you're going to do is add it to your footer menu as well. it's just good to have it in multiple places so that way it's easy, easily accessible, um for your customers anywhere on your website. okay, so this is going to add it to the very bottom of your website, so you're going to want to do the same thing: add the menu item, go to link, go to pages- track your order. it's going to put it right there and you're going to want to click add now. you're going to want to click save and you're good to go. so, as you can see, we are on the shopify store from my previous video, um, and now we actually have a track your order button right here which you can easily just click on. okay, and now you have a track your order page. so now what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna actually take a tracking number from one of my other stores, from a customer who purchased from me, and i'm gonna put that in this box, just so you guys can see exactly how it's gonna work. but, like i said, it's very basic, but it gets the job done. okay, so you're gonna click track and now it's gonna bring up a spot where your customers can actually see where their package is, as you can see. here's the update for this specific tracking number and there you go. okay, so this is completely 100 free. now you can't customize this in any way, you can't add your logo or any of that stuff. but i mean, what else do you really need when you're first getting started? okay, but let's just say, for example, you wanted something a little bit more um, you know, a little bit more sophistikated, has more features, more customization options or anything like that. um, you could check out aftershift. i've used this company before. they basically allow the exact same thing. i don't know if you can see this, but it's pretty much like, um, you know what we have on our store, but a lot more customized. okay, so they got like pictures and 25 off gift card, like deals on here, like it looks really good. it also looks really good on mobile as well. um, so you can definitely check that out. that's how i would do it if i was personally doing this. but, um, this is a great way for you to be able to do this for free. it gives you everything that you need. so, yeah, that's gonna do it for this video. like i said, very quick tutorial. check out the pinned comment if you want this google doc that shows you exactly how to do it or gives you the code to be able to do this. um, if you did enjoy the video, make sure you go ahead and leave a like, subscribe all that good stuff. i appreciate all the support and, as always, i'll see you guys next week. [Music].

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How To Add Order Tracking Page On Shopify | Step By Step For Beginners

how to add order tracking page on Shopify, step by step for beginners. hi everyone, welcome back to another video. I hope you are all doing great. in this video, I will be showing you how you can add your very own tracking order page on Shopify. now, what that's going to do? it's going to basically create a tab on your main Shopify page which will basically allow the customers or users to track their orders from wherever they are or wherever they're present at the moment. so, basically, the basics that you need for all this is obviously a fully set it up and accessible Shopify store. so, yes, you'll need to log into your Shopify, obviously, and once you've logged in, you're just going to go on setup guide and complete your setup. once it's completed, all you're going to need to do is a few easy steps that I'm gonna guide you through right now and, uh, just keep watching and by the end of this video, you will be able to add a track your order page. so, first of all, what you're going to need to do is you're going to go on online store now. once you've gone over there, you're going to go to pages. so, once you go to pages over here, on the top right in the green box, it's going to say add page. so you're going to click on that. once you do, you're going to create a page over here by any type of name you want for your tracking tab. so I'm just going to name it order tracking. you can name it anything else. so once that is done, you're just going to go and click on Save. now, once it's saved, what you're going to need to do is open the Google Doc that I have mentioned in the description below. so here's the Google Doc, and I will have mentioned it in the description so you can just go and get it. okay, so you need to have this Google doc because this has the most crucial steps and codes in it that we're going to be using in our Shopify HTML codes. so, first of all, when we are over here, we're just going to go and click on show HTML. now we're going to go here, and down here it's going to say tracking page script. so we're just going to copy all of this copy. we're going to go ahead and paste it right here. now, once we've pasted it, we're just going to go on Save. now, once we've saved it, what we're going to do. if you want to see how our page looks like is that we're just going to go on view page. it's going to give us a preview of how our page is going to look and this is how it's going to look. it's going to say order tracking- enter your tracking number here to see your order status. so that's the basic interface. now, if we want to add the tab over here, along with home catalog and contact on our store, what we're going to do, okay, so first of all, something I forgot to tell you: you're going to copy this link. for now, just copy it and go and paste it in some other Tab and just keep it there. trust me, you're going to need it. so we're going to close the top for now. we're going to go back to our Shopify. now we're going to go in navigation and once we're on navigation, we're going to go on main menu. once we're we're there, we're going to go in add menu item. so here you're just going to go on link. once you click on link, you're going to see many of these options. you're just going to click on pages and once you click on that, it's automatikally going to give you your order tracking page. so you're just going to click on that and once you've done that, you're going to click on ADD, and once you've done that, you're going to click on Save. now I'm going to show you what it's going to look like. as it's saved, I'm just going to go on online store and I'm going to preview it and look at that. the order tracking tab is up here and if you click on it, look at that. that's the interface. so we're just going to close this. and now what I'm going to show you is the delivery script, that the tracking order. when someone triggers a tracking order code from their, a guest or a user, that triggers it, basically the message they're going to see. now I'm going to show you how to add that. so you're just going to need to go on settings. so once you're in settings, you're going to need to go on notifications. it's right down here. once you're on notification stations, you're going to scroll down into the shipping section and in the shipping section, you're going to go on shipping confirmation and once you're there, you're going to see this entire body of HTML. so we're just going to go and copy it all out, because we need to delete all of this. so copy, delete. now we're going to go here, scroll up and in the replace confirmation, Evo, we're just going to go and copy it all. now, before copying it all, I have to tell you over here I have this yellow highlighted link and this what you're going to do: in these annotations, we're going to add this link of ours, so that's why I had you keep this in a separate tab. so right now, let's go ahead and copy the link. let me just copy it all the way down here. make sure you copy all of it. here we go and we're going to copy and we're going to go and paste it right here. so when you go on around the 100 and second line- yeah, there you go in the 100 and second line, you can see there's the highlighted section. so we're just gonna go here, we're gonna copy this link of ours, which is going to be our tracking order link. we're going to go back to Shopify and here, right inside the annotations, we're just going to go and paste our link. once we've done that- we've successfully done that, we're just gonna go. it's gonna give us a safe prompt. we're just going to save it. and once all of this is done, in Dandy, we're just going to go on preview to see what it's going to look like. and look at that. this is what the message the user or the customer is going to get once they enter any tracking number, for example this number. if they enter it, it's going to say: your order is on the way, good news, we have to shipped out your order and they can track their order with this button and the down here. it's going to show them the item they send the order for, the tracking order for. and if you just want to be sure, if you want to have a second Assurance, you can send yourself a test email to see how it looks, and I'd recommend you do this because it just gives you a little bit of a confirmation and, yeah, just helps you, it gives you ease. so basically, as you can see, once you've added all of that, your page is going to look amazing and extremely presentable. for example, if you come here- I showed you this before, here's going to be your page- outlay your interface, just go on order tracking. once you're there, you're going to add any type of random order tracking address and basically it's going to give your order status. so if I add any random address and track it- I showed you the interface it will give you. and yeah, that's basically about it. and, uh, you can also set the theme of your order tracking page, but obviously that's this in this place. you can set different types of themes, because obviously right now it looks very Bland, but you can add colors. you can add different themes even in your alert message for the tracking order which the customer is going to receive once they put in the code. you can change the color and I'll lay up that as well. so, yeah, if you want to know how you can do that, please tell me and I will upload a tutorial for that too. so, yeah, basically that's uh about it. so that's how easy it was and nothing too difficult. and this was the Shopify how to add a tracking order page tutorial. so I hope this tutorial was extremely helpful to you and if you need any more videos like this, please do tell me. I am always available and I will give you the easiest step to step guides for any type of videos that you demand. and, uh, if you have any queries regarding this video, you can let me know down in the comments. and, yeah, I guess I'll see you next time. before signing off, please like And subscribe to the channel and leave down a nice comment if you watch the video, and please don't forget to share this video with the any of your friends in need or your family, and I hope you all have a great day. so until next.

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How to Add Order Tracking Page in Shopify Using Parcel Panel

how to add a custom order tracking page in your Shopify store, especially if you're Drop Shipping. that's exactly what we're going to cover in this video. as you know, there is no straightforward way in Shopify to create a custom order tracking page, and that's extremely important, especially if you're drop shipping, because you know you don't want to be dealing with angry customers asking for refunds, chargebacks and asking where are the orders right now, and so on and so forth. this will not only lead to frustration and consume all your time and energy, but also you lose you a lot of money on the sales that you worked hard to get. so investing in something like this is extremely important. making your store stand out from the ground by giving the best customer service to your customers is extremely important in 2022 and going forward, because you don't want to be part of the drop shipping stores and just push the sale and never actually care about their customers. that's, in fact, is going to give you a more sustainable business for the long term, allowing you to grow your store with satisfied and happy customers that keep coming back and buy from you, and in this short video, I'm going to give you the best solution to solve the order tracking issue with additional cool features that will help you build trust with your customers, because you have custom branding, consistent branding in your pages and also can offer the opportunity to upsell your customer even when they are in the older tracking page, which is amazing. we're gonna use an app called parcel panel. I'm Gonna Leave the link in the description. you can try it out for free- 30 days free trial. so let's jump into my screen and I'll show you exactly how to set this app in less than two to three minutes, all right. so the first step, of course, is you want to log into your Shopify dashboard. this is just a demo account. once we're logged in, we're gonna click the link in the description, as mentioned below the video, and then we're gonna have this app right here, which is called Parson panel over the tracking. all you have to do is just click add app. so you want to proceed with the steps. install the app. they have an extremely easy workflow to follow. you just have to follow the the quick start guide, click continue- yes, I am dropshipper- continue. and then you start choosing your templates, your colors. now you have a tracking page for your store. all you have to do is just copy this link. you click the button. it will take you directly to the navigation area where you can add the tracking page. so we've added the page into our Shopify store navigation menu and now we can even preview it from here inside of the app dashboard. and that's exactly how it looks like with custom branding. you can change all the colors in here. you can show anything you want and hide any step of this tracking. now you can add estimated delivery time in your tracking page. custom shipping status: you can choose your own status. this is the coolest part, to be honest, is to recommend products. once you enable the product recommendation, you can have something like this: so people check while checking out the status of their product. maybe it's on the way, almost there or delivered already, and now they have the option to. with one click of a button, they can buy another product from your store. that's the easiest way to upsell customers. they already trust you. they already bought from you, so there is no reason why they don't. they can't buy another product from you if it's something that will be add value to them. these are all cool features, but one of the most essential things to do is to remove this part of the tracking because it makes your store stand out more as, as it's not like the normal storage that ship from China. the app is extremely useful and easy to set up, but their support team is insanely helpful, so reach out if you got stuck with any stage. I want you to take full advantage of this up, especially that you have now 30 days free trial, and they also have a free plan if you're just starting out, so you don't have to pay any fees until you start. sign up and try this on your store. enjoy the benefits completely for free, at least for 30 days. see you in the next one. [Music].

Shopify Dropshipping Order Tracking Page | Rush App Full Tutorial

today i'm going to be showing you how to create a custom order tracking page for your shopify, drop shipping and e-commerce stores. now why might you want to do this? number one: it's going to drastikally reduce the amount of custom emails that you have to deal with, because i'm going to be showing you how to set up automatik email notifications, so anytime there is an update regarding your customers parcel, they will receive an automatik email, and it doesn't matter what courier you're using, so whether it's fedex, ups, usps or e-packets, they will receive these automatik updates. number two: you can blacklist countries with this order tracking page, so that means, if you are drop shipping from china, you can replace china with another country, such as the united states, and when the parcel reaches the united states, that's where the customer can actually track it from on your custom order tracking page, and this just helps to build trust and build a brand around your store, and it helps to bring customers coming back to your store. number three is that it will allow you to build more of a cohesive brand around your store and, once again, this just builds trust with your customers. and number four, which i think is super important for having a custom order tracking page is that you can actually offer upsells on your tracking page. so, rather than sending your customers to the couriers tracking page, you can keep them on your site and you can actually offer upsells on your order tracking page so that you can bring in more revenue when customers are tracking their orders. so let's jump right in and have a look at how to create this custom order tracking page for your shopify, drop shipping and e-commerce stores. so let me show you the branded tracking page that we will be building in today's tutorial. so the first thing you will notike is that the tracking page is completely branded to match the rest of my store, and this just helps to reinforce the brand around your store and build more trust with your customers. you will also be able to add an embedded faqs area to your order tracking page, and this allows customers to easily have their questions answered without having to navigate around your site, which will reduce the amount of emails you get from customers, and you can go and edit all of these different texts and questions for your faqs area, and then you can also go and add any relevant pages to your order tracking page. so you can see, here i've added the contact us and the refund policy. so if a customer clicks on this, it brings them directly over to the refund policy. they can also then go and track their order live. so all they have to do is enter in their order number or their email address and then they just have to have to hit track order and then it will come up with their order and it will show them the live tracking for their package. so anytime that they go and enter in their order number, it will go and show them all of the different updates for their package until it is delivered, and it will also show them on the map where their package is now. the really great thing about using the rush app is that you can blacklist countries and you can replace them with other countries. so if you are drop shipping from china, you could go and replace that with the united states, for example, and that way your package will show that it is being shipped from the united states, and then the part of the delivery where it actually starts getting shipped from the united states is where the customer will see the live updates. so this is really great if you are a dropshipper, like i say, because this allows to build more trust with your customers once again. now, not only this, but the rush app can connect with multiple different couriers. so, whether you're using epacket or fedex or usps or ups or royal mail or whatever courier that you are using, when you go and enter in the tracking number in the back end of your shopify dashboard, the rush app will then go and get this data to use to show the live updates for the customers. so, like i say, it doesn't matter what career you're using. you will be able to go and display the information to the customer based on any type of courier, and it will go and show the logo. and the final thing that i want to show you, which is the really amazing thing about having a custom order tracking page, is that you can offer upsells on your tracking page. so if we click on this arrow, we can see that the customers can then see recommended products and you can pick any collection or any number of products that you want to show in this area. and this is a great benefit of having a custom tracking page, because if the customer was directed straight to the couriers order tracking page, you wouldn't be able to offer them any upsells. and the final thing that i want to mention about building a custom order tracking page with the rush app is that you will be able to send email notifications to your customer anytime there is an update regarding their package, so you can see all of these different notification events- pick up, ready out for delivery, delivered. so anytime there is a new status for the package, they will receive an email and, once again, this just reduces the amount of customer emails that you need to answer for them, asking you where their packages are. so, like i say, we will be building this custom order tracking page using the rush app and it is super inexpensive, super affordable, so you can start from just nine dollars a month. and the great thing, like i mentioned, is you can actually recoup this amount of money that you spend on the app every month by offering those upsells, because you'll end up making more sales from your order tracking page. so that can cover the nine dollars a month that it actually costs. so, in order to start your free trial with the rush app, i will leave a link in the description and you can just click on start free trial from here. you can then click on add app to add the app to your store and then, from here, all you need to do is click on install app now. from here, you can watch the rush app demo, but of course, i'm going to be showing you how to set up in this tutorial. you can also join their facebook group, and they have lots of great engagement in here in terms of running your shopify store and running your shipment and tracking with a shopify store. and then, finally, all you need to do is enter in your contact details and click on save contact details. you will then be brought over to the rush app dashboard and from here we can start setting up the app. so, from here, the first thing that we are going to do is set up our custom order tracking page. so we're going to go to settings and then, from here, you will see tracking page configuration, and we are going to click on configure now. from here, you can go and choose your style. so rush has a few different styles that you can choose from. so if you click on pick another, you will see all of the different styles. so you have traditional, do it yourself, which allows you to add custom code, and then you have modern. now, i actually really like the modern one, so i'm going to go and choose modern. then you can go and choose the dark or light option. so i'm going to go for the dark option and then i'm going to hit select now. from here we can just scroll, and i'm going to hit save now. from here you can click on view your page to see what your order tracking page currently looks like. so what the rush app will do is it will go and take the information from your most recent order to show you what your order tracking page will look like from a customer's perspective. so you can see, for this partikular order, it was shipped with fedex and the customer can see all of the different steps for their order and track their package for every step of the way, so you can see that this partikular product has been delivered. but no matter what time that they come over to your tracking page, they can track it every step of the way before it has been delivered, so they can see al.

How To Fulfill Orders On Shopify - Step By Step Tutorial

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