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shopify paparazzi

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Basic Shopify Training

hey everyone, my name is Andrea Hutchison and on this video I'm just going to teach you the basis on how to use Shopify, which is an e-commerce site. what I love about Shopify is that it is synced to my business account, to my paparazzi Facebook page. I love it that they can shop through the paparazzi Facebook page, that we don't have that with our replicated size. so when they go to my fanpage, they can just click on shop and all of the products that I have available will show up here and they get to shop. not only that, one thing that I also found with Shopify is that when people message me through my business page- and I'm just gonna show you an example- like my hostess, Ana Bailey, she was toking to me through messenger and she just kept asking: SHOP NOW and he will show her all the categories and she will browse and then he will show her the items that she may like and she was able to look at that and shop through Shopify. now, today is March, the 18th and/or Eastern Time. you may hear my husband snore on the background. you may not actually in a hotel, so I'm just gonna give you a few pointers and hopefully, if you have any other questions, just drop them below and, if not, just search on youtube: how did you Shopify? but I hope that this video will be a help to you. this is my Shopify site and I actually linked a domain name called Dre's bling com. I like my website to be clean and simple. I don't want too much on it. so where I say join the movement, it directs them to a site where he has more information about joining. I have my catalog. I have booked a party with me, join our team, and also resources for those that are my team members. I use the background picture, put a nickel net free in it and then, as you scroll down, you see the different categories. they can click on that and it will be able to take them to all the items that I have available. another thing that I love about Shopify is that you can put the quantities of how many items you have and, as you can see, as people have been shopping, the items will say so that once it's been sold out. so I love that it keeps track of that. now, if you're just starting with paparazzi and you do not have the money to be able to get this side, because it does cost $29 a month. not only that, if we look at the pricing over here, it will tell you that on the basic is $29 a month and they will also charge you for a fee. so for any online credit card rates or for in-person credit cards, they will they will charge your fee. so be aware of that, because it does cost and makes your life easier. don't get me wrong, but it does cost. to make your life easier, you can try. a start is you can start a free trial with them and it's awesome. people will not be able to shop yet with you, but you get the feeling of how everything works and I love it, because I actually created this website on March, the 15th. I got it done within 2, 3 hours and I decided to go make a life so that people can shop, and I did that on Sunday. it was Saturday at 3 o'clock Eastern Time and people were already shopping at 5 o'clock on that Sunday. so just yesterday they were shopping. so just that was just a background on why you should use Shopify. it was. it was very awesome. it was very simple. so when you started the free trial, you enter it- an email and a password in your store name. I already created mine. they're gonna start asking you questions. of course, we sell the jewelry. make sure that you're making close to $5,000 and below so they can help you with that. you can learn more about anything that you need over here, and so we're gonna go into it. so I and I was saying, if you do not want to spend money on a website, I really encourage you to use a business page. go to photos, you guys, go to photos, go to see all and, as you can see, I have albums for everything. we have taken the time to take pictures of everything. in another video, I'm going to show you how is it that we take pictures. and, yes, you can go back to your orders, which I'll show you in a minute. you can go back to your orders, but sometimes it just helps. like, right now, I have the hot new pieces and is the back-office pictures, but if I take my own pictures, you can see more, even more detail, and people tend to buy even more as well, even though they have already seen it here. they have already seen it on a live video. so make sure that you are taking your own pictures as well. so what is I was saying: create an album. I have a last chance album which our items, that I only have one of them off and hostess rewards as well, and then I separate. if I have more than one, I put them in the different color album. so all I have- red accessories, silver accessories, rings available, gold, silver, white wrap bracelets- and I separated them by category and I absolutely love it. and the fun thing is I just have everything in inventory and I also posted on my business page. I say how many I have of each, so that I know how many I have. so I have five of them available and people can shop from that, and it's just. it has made it easier. I can tell you that I sell 200 to 300 pieces a week just on album sales, which is awesome. now, make sure that you're aware that you're gonna meet help, because it's really you have to have a system for you to be able to find all the pieces easier for you. so make sure that you do that, and so that's that's what I have, and so now I'm going to transfer all of this into my Shopify site. it's actually going to make it easier for me and plus, I want to make my 29- thought $29- worth a month. okay, and I also have a sold-out album, so make sure that you create a solo album because you want to. once your item has been sold out on the picture, you put it in that solo album, but you don't lose it, okay? so that's just, and if you want more information about business page, just look onto my youtube channel. you'll be able to find that. that pick that video. all right, so we're gonna get into Shopify. the fun thing about Shopify is that whenever you come into your homepage, they will start giving you. they will help you step by step on what is that you need to do, every little thing that you need to get done first. they will help you with that. one of the things that I started with was what I went down to: settings and I started with all of them and I'm gonna go into this right now. so you have your general general details. you have your store, the name of your store, you have your email, you have your address and everything, all your personal stuff. the second one is taxes, and remember, we pay sales tax up front with paparazzi. so what I did was I went to the United States and I click on edit and then I put my state tax in there and, of course, since we're moving to Georgia, its 7% of everything that I pay for the jewelry. so I charge them tax and I just put 7, 7, 7, 7, 7 all the way down on every single state of the United States and I just click on save. I don't need to have the tax offer rights. I don't also click on calculate tax automatikally. I just put 7, 7, 7, 7, 7 and everything is calculated once they go check out. then we have the sales channel. it helps you manage the channels you use to sell your products and services, which in this case, is Facebook Messenger, the online store and, of course, you can also sell in person. you have the payment providers. that is an awesome thing. I love the Shopify house Shopify payments. it has PayPal and I have linked it to my PayPal account. it also has Amazon pay, which is so cool. it just makes it easier for the customer to shop and I love it. then you got the locations for your stok, which is your own house, and then I have accounts, manage your accounts. in this case, I'm the owner and you can add other people. if you need some money to start adding items to your account, such as a virtual assistant you can. then you have the check out. the check out is customize your checkout. you can add your logo and the fonts when people are checking out. so I have all of that in here. I just click on change or edit and see this is what they see once they come in. so I like it. you can click on that. you have you.

Paparazzi Premiere vs Shopify vs CommentSold

foreign. Bellas, ciao, Bellas, I'm Natalie Mack and I want to tok with you just today a quick few minutes. all right, um, about Premiere: the premiere at paparazzi's Premiere app versus Shopify, versus comment, sold. so, first, please make sure that you like and subscribe to this YouTube channel. I have several other uh recordings that are on the YouTube and hopefully they bless you. please leave me some comments and share with teams and other anyone else that you feel this would be useful. okay, so let's get going. let's get going. I'll be glancing over here at some notes that I have, um, but I wanted to go ahead and just do this because, um, I've gotten a few questions and I'm just gonna share my perspective. um, I was not a beta tester. um, I am new to this, like just most everyone else. all right, but this is just some thoughts and I thought it would be helpful to just kind of share my thoughts and unpack them. and, you know, give me some feedback, some comments and, um, and let me know what you've decided. all right, because this is awesome. the paparazzi premiere app is fantastik for what I've seen and I just have some thoughts about that. versus Shopify, versus comment, so, because I have all three. all right, so, but those who don't know- and, um, and maybe you already do know, right, because a lot of the trainings, the information is available. the dorks have done an incredible great job with all of that, as does Paparazzi in general. so Premiere is the app that Paparazzi just released to those who attended convention. okay, they have said it should be released soon to all others and as of now, from what I see, it functions mainly to maintain your inventory, which is a big deal. you all, uh, you can use it for point of sale, or commonly known as POS. so when you're out bending, that makes it really easy for you to quickly uh ring up someone and they can pay and they can shop your entire uh inventory, also online as an online store. so those are the three main things. as of now that I see, functions as an inventory management system: uh, you can use it for point of sale and your customers, or anyone else who will become a customer, can shop it as an online store. now, um, Paparazzi has said that they do plan on expanding um, and there'll be other features, but I can't speak to that and I don't know what those will be and when that will happen. so, one of the good things- like really, really awesome things is what I should call it- is that your Paparazzi orders- those that you make when you go into your back office and you shop- those orders can easily, easily be synced over into your app, really, really super duper quick, without like any of the work that was that you used to have to do, even the work that you have to do to get your inventory into Shopify or comments. so so it's really really super duper quick. okay, I'm gonna just show you real quickly my app. I'm gonna show you my Shopify, my front, um and common. so for those who just like- sometimes people haven't even seen and they're like: what Shopify? what does it look like? all right, so that is uh, uh, oh. and the last thing I wanted to mention: as as of now, with the paparazzi Premiere, you are given a URL, so that URL you can easily put in emails, you can post on Facebook, you can text message, you can send them in Messengers, anywhere that anyone can click on a link, you can get it and it takes them directly to your Paparazzi premiere app, your online store, and they can shop. okay, so that's super duper, fantastik and awesome. what I have not seen yet okay is that it is not searchable on search engines, so that is a factor that has implications that you need to look into and to consider. now. I have done some trainings here on my YouTube channel about search engine optimization, Shopify, some other things. I do intend to do more as I can as time permits, but I do want to mention that it has partikular implications that you want to consider. now that good, not bad, okay, but just something that you want to consider. and again, these are all my opinions, right, as a consultant. um, I am not speaking for paparazzi because, um, they do an awesome job at doing that as well, so hopefully you're getting, uh, the trainings directly from them. this is just my opinions and my insights and thoughts, okay, just to be sure that I've said that. so all right, now let's switch to Shopify. Shopify is an online store platform which allows customers to shop online, just like Premiere allows customers to shop, and you also have point-of-sale capabilities, just like the premier app does. now I should go back and say: Premiere is seven dollars and fifty cents a year right to get to do, to get started. that's it now. if you want to add your shipping capabilities through, I think it's ship easy, which is awesome, and and you get a great benefit that you don't have to weigh your inventory like you do now. uh, all the pizzas are automatikally weighed, they're already, the weight is already inputted, and so when you pay the 1999- I think it is a month- for ship easy with the paparazzi premiere app, it is an easy thing for you because you don't have to weigh your pizza, so it just depends on how much time you have and convenience and what you want to do. all these things are tax write-offs, right, so, um, consult your tax account, but for me, I consider them tax write-offs is what I should say. so let's go back to Shopify, what I was saying, and so it has the same capabilities- you have your online store and the point of sale, right that you have with your Premier app. uh, it also, uh, Shopify also syncs to Facebook and it seems to come and sold, unlike the paparazzi premiere app currently, currently, now, again, my Verizon has said that they that there will be probably likely uh, uh, Advanced features. I don't know what those are going to be, but for right now, for what I've seen, uh, the premiere app does not sync to Facebook nor to comment, so, so it really depends on where you are what you want. okay, now let me keep going. um, Shopify is 29 a month, uh, but they do have a lesser cost version. I think it's maybe around 9.99, is under 10. it doesn't have as many capabilities but, like, if you're just getting started and you just want to input your inventory, then it's not a bad deal, just to get your feet wet, because the more inventory you have, the longer it takes, right, that just makes sense. so don't wait till you have inventory and you got to get it in there, because, uh, although I do a quick import, I don't use an Excel to import my orders from Paparazzi into my Shopify. I have a quicker way of doing it that a lot of people already probably use as well. um, but it still takes a little bit of time. so you don't want to wait. that's a sidebar. don't wait. if you have inventory and you don't want to pay the 29, then you wanna maybe- I think it's like- under ten dollars- to get the light uh version, the lit Shopify like. I'm looking at my notes to make sure, okay, so, um, and again, you can fairly quickly upload your orders from Paparazzi into Shopify, but not nearly as fast, as we have the premiere app. the premiere app is like golden, oh my gosh. like wow, wow, wow, if it would sync to Facebook and if I could use it live, wow. so, and maybe it will be in the future- I don't know. again, I can't speak to that. so comment so for those who don't know, and I get asked: what in the world's? comment so, or what I call it, CS, like a lot of people do. it's a live selling platform which allows you to go live on Facebook and Instagram. right, it's lowest price per month is 49 a month, and that gives you quite a bit. that's the one I have and I'm satisfied with it. but listen, you can. you can expand the capabilities of comments. so pay more per month and you can get your own app which allows people to shop live when you're alive by really just literally, instead of commenting a word or number, they just uh, touch the picture and then it can go into the cart. so, uh, people love that too, right, apps people love, so I- it's ingenious Paparazzi coming out with an app. all right, so so if you have a Shopify store, you can also easily sync your inventory from Shopify into comments. so


Shopify Team training for Paparazzi

hey everybody, it is mel, excuse me. marilyn peavy and miranda asked me to come on here and share with you all some shopify um basics and tips in the other day and i that i have scheduled it, so i am here live with you guys, um, so y'all come in and say hello. hey everybody, it is now, so hopefully y'all can see this. i'm hoping it works with my this um program i'm using, because this is what i used to go live with on my business page. hey everybody, y'all come in, we're gonna go over shopify y'all. i uh been using shopify for um since the end of august and my sales have grown, so i am going to show you all how to use and i don't know if anybody can see this or not. we don't know. let's see. i don't see anybody viewing lord and mercy. all right, hello everybody. it is marilyn peavy and i am an independent paparazzi consultant and i am on uh marissa crawford's team, you guys, and miranda has asked me to come and show. show you all how to uh hold on a minute got feedback. show you guys how to um if your comments show up in streaming or this is example. um, okay, i've never done this before, not in a group. i've done it on my business page, but i'm going to show y'all how to use shopify y'all. so if you're watching the replay, you might want to skip forward a little bit. uh, hopefully y'all will do this. and if you see the link up in the comments, just click on that link. it just gives you permission to comment. so if y'all have any questions, you can. but i have been using shopify for um about three months now and my sales have grown by 80 percent. so i'm gonna show y'all how, the basics about shopify, the cost of shopify and, um, some tips and tricks that you can use to get yourself started. um, and i love- and i'll tell you i love- shopify and um, to get started, you have you can try it out for 14 days for free. okay, that free is limited. you will not go live. you, your uh shop will not be live on shopify, um, until you choose a plan and we'll discuss the plans, because you can get a plan for nine dollars a month. so, um, hopefully this information will be uh good to y'all and y'all can pass it on to your teams or whatever. but this is team training for shopify. so, um, and i've been with paparazzi for a year now and i have tried oth different platforms to um promote my business and um shopify. i was scared at first because i did not want to invest the money into it because i am on the 29 plan, but let's discuss plans first. okay, first off, again, there is a 14-day trial and y'all, if y'all ask any questions, i will answer them um at the end. um, if i don't see any questions on here, then we'll see. so, um, i don't know who's viewing or not, and it is not showing up with this stream yard, because normally i use stream yard for um. uh, this is the platform i'm using to do this video on my computer through my business page. now there's two different plans that i'm going to tok about today. the first one is the nine dollar plan, because i told you there is a nine dollar plan for shopify. it is shop a shopify light, shopify light. so, um, it is nine dollars a month and, and i don't know anything about the shopify light, um, but there is a shopify light uh for nine dollars a month if you want to try that out. so i don't know the basics of the shopify light, but you can only hook it up to your face. uh, facebook, okay, and that's a business page. if you don't have a business page, then it's not going to help you. the um difference and then the the next plan is 29, which is the basic plan, um, and that's the one i am on because i wanted a website to show my products that i have in stok, um, in stok, so, um, that's what i'm using, and so i have a personal website on shopify and um i also have can link that uh to my facebook. if y'all don't know it yet or not, but, um, facebook has had for a month, um years, a shopify shop. now they have uh re did all that and so now you have a shopify shop on your business page. so you have to have a business page in order to see it, and when you, if you go to um my shop, which is maryland's jewelry corner, you can see the little box and it you can shop. now, that's what the light is for if you just want that, but if you also want a web page, um, along with that, then you will have to pay the 29 a month and it's the basic service and why i like shopify. it has benefits to you. the shopify is, it is cloud, it's a cloud-based um hosting and so, in other words, what sense is cloud-based? it doesn't need updating it's, it's, it's there, it's all it updates for you. shopify does it on their end and all you need for the a shopify store is a wi-fi service. so those are the differences between uh, shopify light, which is um, which is nine dollars a month, or this basic, which is 29 a month, and the difference between is that the 29 a month you're getting the shopify uh website plus the um. uh, you can connect to facebook and instagram. with the light, you can only connect it with to instagram. you do not get a website. now you can go with um your own uh, because if you get a shopify site, it's it'll be my shop, shopify dot com, whatever, and that's what you would give them uh people for marketing for um, your website. i reached out because if i said, if i was gonna pay 29 a month, i wanted my own website. so i got the um, my own website, so you can choose godaddy or uh. uh, shopify has their own websites that they will charge you a yearly rate for. i paid 14.99 for my shopify site, so um, and it connects to that shopify store. so you cannot do that with the light. now you can with the light. you can integrate it to your own website if you have another one. i don't know how you do that, but you you would have to check into it. there's all kinds of youtube videos out there and that's how i learned about shopify. but, um, and for three months of me poking and i'm still learning, learning stuff about shopify, like i said, i said my sales has grown by eighty percent of shopify and i'm using this platform that i'm recording this on for you guys so i can share my screen, so i can show you, um the ins and outs of some of the basics of shopify. so i am going to share you my screen and hopefully it will work. so i will go ahead and share you my screen. this is my shopify store. so this is the um. when you sign up, even for the 14-day trial um, you get a uh, you can do all the stuff on the 14-day trial um, you can add your products, you can um. the only thing you're not going to be able to do is make it live where you can make sales. okay, you, when you get a shopify store to pay the 29, you are on the google search engine, so it's going to be dragging in customers, new customers, and i've got new customers, you guys, new customers through the shopify, um, through google. so this over here on this, uh, on your left hand side, this is from a desktop. you guys, i do not, i have not done the um shopify through my um, my phone, but although i can check on my shopify with my phone, so you probably can do the same things that i'm showing you on your phone. i just not showing you now because i haven't done it, because i just do everything on desktop, because it's easier for me. i'm old and i can't see and don't know how to operate a lot of stuff on my phone, like some of you young people do, but anyways. so on the left hand side is your uh dashboard, uh for uh, the shopify. so, um, the products are easy um to uh install. you could you need to make your collections. so this is the collections and if i was going to make a collection of uh new releases, necklaces, like i have here, earrings, bracelets, the z collection, all those goes into a collection and, um, when you're uploading a, a piece of jewelry, okay, you can do it manually and i and you can also do it with the csb file through paparazzi. that uh on your orders and i'll show you all that in a few minutes on how to do that. now, if y'all are commenting and i'm not seeing it, i will answer your questions here in a minute, because i cannot. when i share my screen i can't, i can't see comments. so anyway, you guys, um the uh, you uh to add a product to the collection. you first got to set a collection up, so i'm gonna go in here to the new releas.

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How to Import Paparazzi Orders to Shopify

okay, everyone. so here's what we do. we're going to show you the steps. as soon as i purchase from paparazzi- and i almost do monday through friday- at 3 pm, i'm going to go to my back office, i'm going to go to my profile and then i'm going to click on complete order history. okay, so after that, all i have to do is enter the inventory that i have bought. so let's check some orders that i can put into the system. i totally believe i already did this one, so we may have to go back for a minute. so we, as we already did this one and we're gonna go to the second order right here and we're gonna choose that one. all i have to do is click on the order export csv. all right, so i'm going to click on there. it's all ready and done. i got to remember the order numbers, so i already select this, i copy it and i make sure that i remember this, because that's going to be my uh stationary sku. okay, this is what's going to help me find all these items right here. so then we're going to go into shopify, we're going to be there, we're going to click on products and then, on the top right corner, i'm going to click on import. of course you can see download a sample of the csv, but paparazzi is so awesome, paparazzi, dork shout out. we can put the item in there, the order number, and i'm going to go ahead and upload and continue. the fun thing about this, as i'm waiting for this to upload, is that if i have any items that i have bought in the past before, it's not gonna um put the same information into my shopify store. i'm gonna know that that happened, okay, so now you don't see anything happening, right, we're going to go on to the sort button and then we're going to go into created the newest first, and the pieces that i just added are going to appear there. so we have this one right here and it seems like we have already done that one because it's not appearing. hello, okay. so the reason why it's not appearing is because we have already added the fashion fix. that was the fashion fix orders that we had. but see, it did appear this one right here, so we have that in there. now we're gonna go back to products again and we're gonna do the same thing again to add more products um into the system. so i can show you a little bit more. so same again. this is some of the fashion fix, so i'm going to export it. same same process, okay, but we have this one right here. so we're going to click on this one, i'm going to make it a draft, and i'm going to click on manage and i'm going to not select anything. okay, so there's zero channels available. the other thing that i'm going to change is i'm going to put the price in there, which is 275, so that it helps with my reports, and then i just keep adding some tags in there. of course, these are earrings, they are silver, and anything else that you want to put in here, such as like the fashion fix, because they're a part of the fashion fix. and then i scroll down and here, right here, i'm going to change it to my sku. so remember, i told you that was the order number. all i have to add is stg, which means stationary or station, and i gotta click on track quantity. okay, so i keep it at zero until the product arrives and i keep the way out, and then i do change like united states, so i put united states in there and then i just click on save and that's all i do, and i do the same thing with all of the ones that i'm going to enter again. so, as you can see, it is in a draft inventory, is tracking as all of my other orders, and i'm going to show you why we do that and how we use common sold to help us pre-sell items. i don't really like selling and i'm using two different platforms, but shopify does not allow me to do the waitlist the way that i want it. they can do the wait list, but that i don't like it how they do it. so in another video i'm going to show you how you use shopify for the wait list and, if you have watched our videos right here, we show you how to create your vip chat and that's basically how we sell our jewelry and how we pre-sell the jewelry. so watch for the other video. thank you so much. bye.

How to Create a Collection in Shopify for Paparazzi Accessories

hi everybody. my name is marcy and today i'm going to show you quickly how to create a collection in shopify. so when you are on the back end of your shopify store, it should look something like this- and i'm doing this on my laptop, but you can do it from your phone as well, using your shopify app. so the easiest way to get to collections, or really to navigate shopify in general, is to come up here to this search bar and you're just going to type in collections. it's going to give you this drop down menu and it'll it's going to show you all of my collections that i already have created. but what you're looking for is this quick action where it says create collection. so you're going to click that and then you're going to create your collection over here. so what you want to do is you want to name your collection. now for me, with my paparazzi business, i have collections for styling trends such as oil spill, leather, feathers, etc. i also have collections according to the color and i have collections according to the accessory type. so let's say you want to make a trend that has um for feathers. let's just do feathers as an example. we're going to type that into the title. now you can add something in here to your description. you don't have to, and then you're just going to be scrolling down here where it says collection type. you can either choose manual- hashtag- do not recommend- or you can choose automated. so what that means is, anytime you add something to your inventory in shopify that meets the criteria for this collection that you are going to set, then it automatikally gets put into that collection. so you are not manually editing your collections piece by piece. okay, and that's what we want. we want to automate it so that it's done quickly. so you want to make sure and select automated there. and then you're going to say products must match all conditions or products must match any condition. now i recommend putting in all conditions just because that's going to help keep, keep your collection nice and neat. some items that you want in the collection might be missed, but in general i recommend doing all conditions. so we are doing feathers right. so we want our product tag and if you click those little arrows you can say the product title, the type, the, the price, the vendor, inventory stok, the title, whatever. okay, so i am going to leave this with a tag because i know that whenever i upload stuff into my shopify store from my csv file, i have it set up where it's automatikally tagged with the words in the descriptions. so i know that any um, any accessory i have that has a feather in it, the word feather will be in that product description, which means it will also be um a tag for mine. so i'm gonna say feather there. so product tag is equal to feather. now i'm going to add another condition and i'm going to say this: one inventory stok is greater than zero, because i don't want items that i'm sold out of to show up into the collection. now you might want your sold out items to to show up, so then this second condition would not be applicable to you. i do not want those things to show up. then you can edit your seo so that people can find those collections easily when they're searching. you can also add an image. for example, i just made an image that had a feather on it and put it there. all right. so that is how you're going to set up your collection and set up your criteria. so just remember that if you want it to be automatik, you need to have this automated and your product must match all conditions. okay, so that's how you do it. and, of course, in shopify, that save button in the upper right hand corner is super duper important. don't forget to click that. okay, i hope that helps. if you have any questions, just drop them into the comments, all right.

How to audit your Paparazzi inventory in Shopify

hey everybody, this is julie with julie's five dollar jewelry. how are you? hey, i just finished my st patrick's day show. so, as you can tell, there's like a whole bunch of st patrick's day stuff in the back. but i'm gonna do a quick video and show you guys how you can audit your inventory in shopify. so i have all my jewelry um set up in these boxes. i'm gonna kind of show you um, all of my boxes are labeled by the sku number, okay. so this is skew number um two, ending in 254 through 259. okay, so what i was notiking with my inventory was i was notiking people would place an order on my shopify and sometimes, every once in a while, the piece wouldn't be there and i'm like i need to audit my inventory link. so how do i do that? so i worked with my upline and she helped me figure it out. so i wanted to do a quick little video to show you guys, if you use a shopify account and you organize your jewelry by sku, how you can do an audit so that you- i mean it's- you can go through the box and and make sure that the pieces that are in the box are on your website. but how do you know that the pieces on your website are in the box? let me show you how to do that, all right. so what you want to do is you want to log into your shopify- okay, and then you want to click on um- products, right here. now it says products, okay. then you want to go to inventory? okay, we're going to go to inventory, all right, okay. so there's all the inventory, okay. so let's, let's. let's say you've got your box organized by sku, and i can show you how to do this, if you organize it by color or anything else like that. but we're gonna do skew first. okay, we're gonna skew, all right. so the skew ends in this partikular piece, because if you have a shopify, you already know what i'm toking about. this ends in 257.. so if you don't know what i'm toking about, okay, that ends in 257.. see it: 257, okay. so this box, everything in this box, is skew, ending 254 through 259.. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to go to search inventory and i'm going to put in the in the number 254, 254, okay, and it's going to bring up all the skus. all right, that end in 254, all right. but now i want to know. i don't want to go through and search through all of these and find out which ones are mine. so in the website, so i'm going to go to available descending. this is super important. remember this available descending. if i click on available descending, it's going to tell me how many i've got. okay now, as you can see these on fire- silver earrings. i thought these were really going to be on fire but my customers just didn't like them. i've got 48 in stok. i actually have, um, i actually have 51. i just counted them because i didn't want to count them on while i was making the video, because i'm like, oh my god, i have a lot of those earrings. so i have 51 of these earrings. i know i have 51.. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to go up and i'm going to switch these to 51.. you see how i can go in there and switch. so i just go, okay, i'm going to take it up to 51 here in the yellow box. it's going to tell me how many and then i just push save. okay, so that's the first one on my list, okay, and then i go down and it says i'm supposed to have one of gypsy golf. now i chose a very small box, so just bear with me. um, i chose a very small box, gypsy golf- yep, i've got one in black, i'm good there. i put it in another box and now i don't have any more in this box with that sku number ending in 254.. so i'm going to go and i'm going to switch it to 255.. so i go up here and i switch it to 255 right up here. see this. now it's going to go find all the ones. now i'm supposed to have spring day dream- two of them. if i look in the box and i go, i'm supposed to have two of those. i don't. they're not in there. so that is something on my website right here: this necklace, spring daydream red necklace- i suppose i have two. i don't have any in my box and all my jewelry is put away and everything is organized. so i know i don't have those. so i'm gonna bump that number down to zero right here. see that zero and then push save. okay, that's saving me the embarrassment of somebody ordering that piece now. it's gonna take me forever to go through all my inventory, but that's okay. what i'm doing is i'm going live and i'm doing the audit. live. i take a box down and i go, hey, we're gonna audit a box, you know, like in the middle of the day, and i picked up several new customers just by doing that. um, they love the box audit because it's just a random box of jewelry and i just i show the jewelry and then i fix it in the system. if i'm gonna take the time to fix it in the system, i might as well be showing it while i'm fixing it. right, why sit up in the middle of the night and do it when just do it live, go live and and audit your inventory. it's a great way to go live and just fix it. so i take that out. speaking of timeless in silver, so i'm gonna look real quick and i'm supposed to have two of those yep. i've got two. i've got two. speaking of timeless desert medallions: one of those yup. it says i'm supposed to have one yep. okay, so then i go and i'm going to 256.. the- the key here is to go sort by available, descending here, right over here. that's the key party. princess white, i'm supposed to have one of those. yup got one of those. only fame in town. black fury one of those. yup got one of those, and now i'm gonna switch to 257 because my i'm down to zero. key keepsake: a key necklace. i'm supposed to have two of those- i do- that's a pretty necklace- two fabulously floral pink necklace- one of those. yep have one of those, and now i'm down to zero here. so i go to 258: pearl spectacular. it's a small box. i'm almost done. you guys got one of those yep. and then i go to 259. i'm on my last number, and then i'll show you what to do if there's something in the box that doesn't show up. okay, and then this should be glow rider. i should have two of those, okay. now, look, there's something in the box that didn't show up on the inventory and sometimes it's in the wrong box. so i'll find it and i'll go. well, that didn't show up in my inventory. um, so with this box, what this is in the right, it's in the right box. so what we found, it just in this small box that we went through. we found things that were on the website that weren't in the box, and we found things in the box that weren't on the website, in my inventory. so we're going to go back in and add this and i'm just going to do: um, i'm going to go, i'm going to do a search up here in the thing i'm just going to put rural restoration- blue bracelet and it should bring it up. see, and it's got zero. so i'm gonna go in make sure it's the right one. yep, that's the right one, and i'm gonna add one, because i have one and i want that showing up on my website. i'm gonna go to save, so that's everything. i've done that whole box. most of my boxes are way bigger than this, but i chose, um, any box to make the video to kind of show you guys what to do. so that's how you can do an easy, easy audit. okay, now let's just go over. i don't, i haven't really tested this theory, so i don't really know how this would work. let's say you. let's say you um, have all of your inventory sorted by color or style or something. you would just kind of do it the same way. so you would go like you might do: um, blue necklace, you make sure that you're in inventory, okay, wait, let's go back to make sure you go to inventory under product. so make sure that the inventory tag is showing here. okay, so you might go like blue earrings, okay, blue earrings. and then you want to sort by descending- available descending. so it's going to show you: oh, just ignore that homeless piece of jewelry. that's what i use for rogue jewelry, anything. [Music]. oh, i think it's gonna show me all my earrings. it didn't show me blue search inventory blue. oops, let me try it again. blue earrings. so maybe this won't work for just. oh, see now, well, it will okay. so it's just going to show all the blue earrings. it says i've got 36 of these macrame earrings, 27 of sky high, 22 of these rainbow macrame earrings, 17 of the bring back piece. you should see m.