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Shopify Phone Support: Get Help Fast

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Adding a contact page to your store can help customers get in touch with you. All Shopify themes come with a built-in contact form that can be added to any page. In this article, we will show you how to create a new page with a contact form and add it to your store's menu.


1. Create a new page: Go to your Shopify admin, click on Online Store, and then click on Pages. Click on Add page and type in a title for your contact page, such as Contact Us or Get in touch.

2. Add content: In the content box, you can add any text you want to appear above the contact form. This could include information about how customers can reach you by phone, mail, or in person. You can also add your store's address or business phone number here.

3. Choose a template: In the Template section, select Page.contact from the drop-down menu. This will create the contact form on the page.

4. Set visibility: Under visibility, you can choose to publish the page at a later date or hide it from your online store. If you leave Visible selected, the page will go live when you save it.

5. Create a link in your menu: Click on Navigation and decide whether you want to link the contact page in the footer menu or the main menu. Enter the name for the link you're creating, such as Contact Us, and select the Contact Us page you just created. Click on Add to save it.

6. Rearrange links: You can rearrange the links to appear in any order you'd like by clicking and dragging the six-dot icon of a link to a new area. Once done, click on Save.

7. Preview the page: Click on the eye icon beside Online store to see the new page. If you linked the page in the footer menu, scroll to the bottom and click on the link you created.

Adding a contact page to your store can make it easier for customers to get in touch with you. With Shopify's built-in contact form, creating a new page and adding it to your store's menu is quick and easy. Follow the steps outlined in this article to create a new contact page today. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact the Shopify support team.

How to Remove Phone From Shopify Contact Form

How to Remove the Phone Field from Your Shopify Contact Page

If you have a default Shopify contact page, you probably have fields for name, email, phone, and comment. However, you may not want to include the phone field on your site. In this article, we'll show you how to remove it in less than a minute.


1. Go to the back end of your Shopify store and click on Online Store, then Themes, and then Actions and Edit Code.

2. Find the Contact Form Liquid file by searching for it.

3. Look for the phone field by scrolling down or using the command/control + F search feature.

4. Identify the phone field within the div class field code block.

5. Comment out the phone field code by surrounding it with HTML comment tags.

6. Save the changes and refresh the contact page to see the phone field removed.


- Instead of deleting the phone field code, it's recommended to comment it out so that it can be easily restored if needed in the future.

- You can customize other aspects of the contact form, such as changing field labels and adding or removing fields.

By following these simple steps, you can remove the phone field from your Shopify contact page. Stay tuned for future videos on customizing your contact form and adding multiple forms to your site. If you have any topic requests, leave a comment below.

Editing Shopify Contact Forms Without an App - Part 1

Shopify's default contact form only includes basic information fields such as name, email, phone number, and a message field. However, if you need to ask your customers more questions or want to create a custom contact form, using an app is not always necessary. You can easily create custom fields by copying and pasting the existing form fields. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a custom contact form without using an app.

Advantages of creating a custom contact form:

- No need to pay for an app

- It will look nicer and be part of your theme design

- Avoids slowing down your site due to extra code

Part 1: Editing the contact form template

- Create a contact page using the contact template.

- Make a backup of your contact form template before making any changes.

- Remove a field or change the placeholder text by searching for the field's wrapping div class and commenting it out.

- Change the wording of the fields by editing the language file.

Part 2: Adding custom fields

- Add a simple text field, a large text area, a drop-down, or a checkbox by copying and pasting the existing form fields and modifying the code.

- Add a completely different form on different pages of your Shopify store using the built-in Shopify form.

Part 3: Conclusion

Creating a custom contact form without using an app has many advantages, including saving money and avoiding slowing down your site. By copying and pasting the existing form fields and modifying the code, you can easily add custom fields to your contact form. Remember to make a backup of your contact form template before making any changes.

How to create a contact us page || Shopify Help Center

In this video, we will guide you on how to add a contact us page to a modern online store 2.0 theme. Contact forms are an effective way to convert shoppers into customers, which is why it is crucial to have a contact form or email listed on your website. It can help build relationships with customers and drive sales.

Customizing the Default Contact Us Page:

- Start on the Shopify admin and click Online store

- Click Customize to go into your theme editor

- Use the page selector dropdown menu to go to Pages, then select contact

- Customize the page using the sidebar

- Click save when done

Adding a Contact Form to an Existing Page:

- Click Online store from your Shopify admin

- Click Customize to go into your theme editor

- Navigate to the page you want to customize or use the page selector dropdown menu

- Click Add section in the sidebar

- Click Contact form to add it to the page

- Customize the options in the sidebar

Making It Easy for Customers to Access:

- Click Online store from your Shopify admin

- Click Navigation

- Add a menu item with a custom title and link to your page

- Click Add

- Rearrange the order of the links using the six dot icon

- Click Save

By following these steps, you can create, customize, and add a contact page to your navigation. If you encounter any issues, refer to the resources linked in the description below. Thank you for watching.

Shopify how to edit the contact us page - how to create custom contact forms

Hey, this is Young from Let's Go Chopperfire and today I'll show you how to set up a contact page on your Shopify website. We'll also go through customizing the default contact form to suit your needs. The things we'll learn today are fairly simple, but still very important for freelancers and developers.

Setting up a Contact Page:

- Go to the Pages section of your Shopify admin dashboard.

- Click on Add Page and name it Contact or Contact Us.

- Add a short description for simplicity.

- Apply the Page Template to Page Contact and save it.

Customizing the Contact Form:

- Navigate to your theme files and create a new template called Contact Custom.

- Copy everything from the Page Template Contact to the new template and save it.

- Apply the new template to your Contact page.

- Identify the input fields and remove unwanted ones.

- Add a drop-down menu to segment concerns and prioritize emails.

- Add a text field for company information.

- Add radio buttons for discovering your website.

- Improve usability by wrapping plain text in label elements.

Setting up a contact page on Shopify is easy and customizable. By segmenting concerns and prioritizing emails, you can process them faster. Customizing the contact form can be done easily by identifying input fields and adding new ones. By improving usability, customers will have a better experience. In the next video, we'll talk about pricing yourself as a freelancer or web developer and show a practical use case of everything we learned today. Don't forget to subscribe and leave your questions in the comments section.

Shopify Contact Form Tutorial

In this quick Shopify tutorial, we'll be looking at how you can set up a contact form in your Shopify store. So, let's get started!

By default, Shopify includes a contact form when you sign up to Shopify. But you may have deleted that page by accident or even on purpose. However, you may not have deleted the template.

Creating a Contact Template:

- Go into your online store and into your theme customizer

- Click on Create Template and name it Contact

- Base it on the default page that Shopify creates

- Click on Create Template

Adding a Contact Form:

- Click on Add Section

- Select Contact Form

- This brings up a basic contact form that you can't customize much

- You can add a text section to give more information to your customers

- You may also want to add a location for your store

Creating a Page for Your Contact Form:

- Click on Add Page and name it Contact Us

- Under the template, select the contact template you just created

- Save the menu and preview your online store

Setting up a contact form in your Shopify store is easy and straightforward. With just a few clicks, you can create a custom contact form that suits your store's needs. Remember, having a contact form on your store is essential for customer service and support.

Easy Way to Add a Clickable Phone Number to Shopify Store

How to Add a Clickable Phone Number to Your Shopify Store

In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding a clickable phone number to your Shopify store. By doing this, you can make your website more trustworthy and legitimate, which will help build credibility with your customers.


1. Create a 14-day free trial in Shopify by going to your online store and clicking actions, then edit code.

2. Add a new section to your code by going to sections and creating a new section called top header.

3. Copy and paste the code provided in this article into the new section and save it.

4. Find a phone icon on Google and save it to your desktop. Then, upload the image to your Shopify store files.

5. Copy the URL of the image and paste it into the code where it says URL under the image source.

6. Navigate to the header section in your theme and find the second header.

7. Paste the provided code into the header section and save it.

8. Test your website to see how the clickable phone number appears to customers.

By following these simple steps, you can easily add a clickable phone number to your Shopify store. This will help build credibility with your customers and make it easier for them to contact you. Don't forget to change the phone number to your own, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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