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shopify plus differences

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

- Shopify and Shopify Plus are two popular ecommerce platforms.

- Clients often ask if they should switch from Shopify to Shopify Plus, especially when their business is growing.

- In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two platforms and when it makes sense to switch.

Functionalities of Shopify vs Shopify Plus

- The biggest advantage of Shopify Plus is the ability to optimize the checkout, which is important for conversion rate optimization.

- Other functionalities that are available only on Shopify Plus include e-signature functionality, post-checkout upsells, and the ability to alter the checkout and add custom fields.

- Shopify Plus also offers better rates on credit card processing, which can offset the monthly fee of $2,000 to $2,500.

- Shopify Plus is ideal for B2B functionalities, as it allows for managing multiple stores from one admin, integrating inventory and pricing, and offering multi-ship-to and terms on checkout.

- Shopify Pro is suitable for businesses that sell only a few products and do not require B2B functionalities or checkout optimization.

When to Switch to Shopify Plus

- As a general rule, businesses that are doing over $1.5 million in sales should consider switching to Shopify Plus.

- The cost of Shopify Plus may seem high, but the ROI can be significant, especially with features like one-click upsells that can increase the average order volume by 30%.

- Switching to Shopify Plus can also increase the bottom line for new client acquisitions.

- Shopify Plus offers advanced functionalities that are essential for growing businesses.

- While the monthly fee may seem high, the ROI can be significant, especially with features like one-click upsells that can increase revenue.

- As businesses grow and require more advanced functionalities, switching to Shopify Plus is a smart investment.

Shopify Basic Vs Shopify Plus (Shopify Plans Difference Explained)

In this video, we will be discussing the differences between Shopify Basic and Shopify Plus. If you are just starting out with e-commerce, Shopify Basic is the way to go. However, if you are looking to scale your business and have already experienced significant sales, Shopify Plus is the better option.

Differences between Shopify Basic and Shopify Plus:

1. Pricing:

- Shopify Basic starts at $29/month while Shopify Plus starts at $2,000/month.

2. Features:

- Shopify Basic offers all the basic features for starting a new business.

- Shopify Plus offers powerful features for complex high-volume businesses.

3. Online Stores:

- Shopify Basic and Shopify Plus both offer unlimited products, bandwidth, and transactions for staff accounts.

- Shopify Plus offers up to 20 locations, compared to Shopify Basic's four.

4. Sales Channels:

- Shopify Basic offers manual order creation, discount codes, SSL certificate, abandoned cart recovery, and gift cards.

- Shopify Plus offers professional reports, advanced report builder, third-party calculated shipping rates, and nine free expansion stores.

5. Point of Sale (POS):

- Shopify Basic offers Shopify POS Lite, while Shopify Plus offers Shopify POS Pro.

- Shopify Plus also offers store management tools and omni-channel features essential for brick and mortar businesses.

6. Global Selling:

- Shopify Basic and Shopify Plus offer the same features except for multiple languages, which Shopify Plus offers up to 20.

7. E-commerce Support:

- Shopify Plus offers priority support, merchant success program, plus partners, Shopify Plus certified app partners, Shopify Plus academy, beta programs, and the Shopify Plus Facebook community.

Shopify Basic is ideal for those who are just getting started with e-commerce and want to test the waters. Shopify Plus is perfect for those looking to seriously scale their business and have already experienced significant sales. The features and support offered by Shopify Plus are geared towards high-volume businesses. Ultimately, it comes down to your business's needs and budget.

Shopify Plus Vs Shopify 2023 ❇️ Pros and Cons Review Comparison (Which One Is Better?)

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: Which One Is Right for You?

In this article, we will compare Shopify and Shopify Plus, and give you an overview of their features and tools. We will also explain why they are different from each other, and help you decide which one is right for your business.


- Signing up is simple and easy.

- Add products, customize themes, add pages, and domains.

- Manage orders, products, customers, analytics, marketing, discounts, and applications.

- Promote your shop through various online campaigns.

- Add different sale channels, such as Facebook and Instagram.

- Customize your online store with themes, blog posts, pages, navigations, domains, and preferences.

- Add different products manually or through the Umbrella app.

Shopify Plus:

- A more advanced platform for high-volume businesses.

- Partnerships with big names such as Staples, Heinz, and Steve Madden.

- Advanced AI and AR experiences for mobile devices.

- Build custom apps, rebrand, and specialize your service.

- Tailored education content and online courses for e-commerce success.

- Strategies and success stories for business growth.

- Pricing starts at $2,000 per month or a variable fee for higher volume businesses.

- Benefits include higher conversions, faster checkout, localized shopping experience, advanced discounts and shipping rates, and more.

Both Shopify and Shopify Plus offer a wide range of features and tools for businesses of all sizes. While Shopify is more suitable for smaller businesses, Shopify Plus is designed for high-volume businesses that need more advanced features and customization options. It's important to evaluate your business needs and budget before deciding which one is right for you.

5 Reasons To Choose Shopify Plus In 2022

- Shopify is a popular e-commerce product used by almost 2 million stores

- However, there is a mystery behind Shopify Plus and why it's worth the high cost

- In this article, we will demystify Shopify Plus

What is Shopify Plus?

- Shopify Plus is the highest tier of the Shopify plan for rapidly scaling stores

- Major brands like Kylie Jenner's cosmetic stores, Netflix, and MVMT Watches use it

- It's worth the cost for its extreme speed and reliability during major promotions

- You can also spin up nine completely different stores under one Shopify Plus account

Advantages of Shopify Plus:

- Launchpad is a useful app for creating flash sales in advance and testing them before the launch date

- Shopify Flow automates repetitive tasks like notifying builders when a product is low on stock

- Shopify Scripts allow pre-coded features like buy one get one free or automatic cart additions

- Shopify Plus offers a higher level of service with sales consultants, solution engineers, and merchant success programs

- Lower credit card fees are a significant advantage for high-revenue stores

Is Shopify Plus right for you?

- It's a numbers game, and if your revenue is high enough, the cost of Shopify Plus can quickly become a no-brainer

- However, if a significant portion of your revenue comes from PayPal or international credit cards, the advantage may not be as significant

- Shopify Plus is an excellent choice for rapidly scaling stores with high revenue and domestic credit card transactions

- Its advantages include extreme speed and reliability, the ability to spin up nine different stores, and helpful apps like Launchpad and Shopify Flow

- Shopify Plus also offers a higher level of service and lower credit card fees

- Before deciding if Shopify Plus is right for you, consider your revenue sources and do the math to see if the cost is worth it.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus | How to upgrade to Shopify Plus

- Thanking the audience for joining to learn about Shopify Plus

- Introducing herself as Gillian from the Merchant Growth team at Shopify

- Mentioning the benefits of upgrading to Shopify Plus

- Highlighting Shopify Plus's clients, which include over 10,000 leading brands

Front-end Features:

- Explaining how Shopify Plus can optimize the checkout process for increased conversion rates

- Emphasizing the ability to customize the checkout process through access to the checkout liquid file

- Highlighting the use of Google Tag Manager to track customer behavior during checkout

- Introducing the use of Shopify Scripts for advanced discounts

Back-end Features:

- Describing how Shopify Plus's admin allows for managing multiple stores in one place

- Highlighting the use of expansion stores to sell in different currencies and languages

- Explaining how Shopify Flow automates e-commerce workflows and saves time

- Demonstrating how to create custom workflows using Shopify Flow's drag and drop workflow builder

- Introducing Shopify Scripts for creating custom promotions and discounts

- Demonstrating how to create a new script using templates or copying and pasting code

- Introducing Launchpad for scheduling promotions, product launches, and theme updates

- Describing how the wholesale channel simplifies B2B selling by creating a separate password-protected storefront for wholesale customers

- Explaining how the Shopify Plus Academy app provides self-serve training resources to help businesses make the most of the platform and its features

- Encouraging the audience to try out Shopify Plus's features by upgrading or speaking to an expert in the live chat

- Thanking the audience for their interest and attention

What is Shopify Plus? | Your ecommerce enterprise platform

- Shopify Plus is a cost-effective enterprise commerce platform for big brands

- It offers a reliable and flexible platform with an army of commerce experts behind it

Selling Everywhere:

- Shopify Plus allows you to sell in person, online, and on any screen

- You can upload your entire product catalog and optimize your listings for search engines

- Choose from hundreds of responsive themes or create your own for a tailor-made experience

- Customize your online store using drag-and-drop technology or access the code directly

- Innovative features like augmented reality and automated promotions boost average order value

- The world's most powerful checkout, including accelerated checkout with Shop Pay, backs it all up

- You can expand globally by localizing languages and currencies or creating separate storefronts for individual geographies

- Sell on more channels like online marketplaces and social channels

Managing Your Business:

- Shopify Plus makes it easy to manage your entire business with the organization admin

- Get a high-level picture of your performance and dive deeper into analytics with custom reports or APIs

- Manage your team by adding users and assigning roles

- Automate tasks with Shopify Flow and pick from over 100 commonly used templates or create your own

- Schedule store-wide sales and promotional events with Launchpad

- Tap into Shopify's merchant success program and network of certified partners and apps

- Access 24/7 priority support

Integration and Scalability:

- Shopify Plus integrates with all existing systems like ERP and CRM software

- Choose from thousands of apps in the Shopify app store or use robust REST and GraphQL APIs to go beyond the platform

- Scale alongside some of the world's biggest brands

- Shopify Plus offers the freedom to think outside the box without added complexity

- Thousands of enterprise brands partner with Shopify Plus to push their businesses into the future

- Whether just starting out or already successful, Shopify Plus can help take your business to the next level.

Shopify Plus vs Adobe Commerce ❇️ Top 7 Differences

Shopify vs. Adobe Commerce: Which eCommerce Platform is Right for Your Business?

If you're looking for an eCommerce platform to run your business, you have a lot to consider. The decision you make will have a long-lasting impact on your company. You'll need to conduct research, analyze all the features, and narrow down your options to the best ones. Ultimately, you'll end up with a shortlist that likely includes Shopify and Adobe Commerce - two of the biggest names in the eCommerce industry. In this article, we'll compare these two platforms, highlight their strengths and weaknesses, and explain when you should choose Magento or Shopify.

Platform Types:

Shopify Plus is a SaaS platform that is distributed as a turnkey solution with automatic updates. It's designed for mid-sized to large companies that want to get up and running quickly. Some of the companies that rely on Shopify Plus include Gymshark, Snug, Heinz, and Good American.

Adobe Commerce, on the other hand, is a Platform as a Service with two versions - Adobe Commerce On-Premises and Adobe Commerce Cloud. Adobe Commerce serves mid-sized, large, and enterprise-level businesses, and its clients include Colgate-Palmolive, Helly Hansen, Lafayette, Asus, and many others.

Controversial Products:

When it comes to controversial products, there's a big difference between the two platforms. Shopify Plus determines who and what sells using its eCommerce platform, and it doesn't allow controversial products like ammunition, vapes, online pharmacies, and weapons. A few years ago, merchants could sell these products on Shopify, but the rules have changed. As a result, sellers had to migrate to another platform and rebuild their stores. With Adobe Commerce, you can sell any products that are legal, including ammunition, weapons, tobacco, and related products.


Price isn't the only factor you should consider when choosing between the two platforms, but it's an important one. Adobe Commerce's price starts at $22,000 per year for the on-premises version and $40,000 per year for the cloud-based edition. You can even pay monthly for the first year. Adobe calculates the final price based on the average gross revenue on a project basis. You can contact Adobe to get a price for your business, and we can help you negotiate the most suitable terms.

Shopify Plus's price starts at $2,000 per month, and it depends on the gross merchandise volume. Shopify also charges transaction fees when you use an external payment processor like PayPal or Klarna. Shopify Payments is free, but you'll still need to pay for custom development, third-party apps, and a theme for your store.

Multiple Stores:

When it comes to multiple stores, Adobe Commerce is the clear winner. You can manage an unlimited number of stores from a single admin dashboard, synchronize inventory across stores, and share the product catalog across different websites, stores, and store views. You can set product attributes at a global or local level, which is crucial for international sales.

Shopify Plus lets you manage up to 10 clone stores, and you have to manage each clone separately. Shopify recently launched Shopify Markets, which is

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