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shopify plus sla

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Shopify and Shopify Plus are two popular e-commerce platforms. Many store owners often wonder whether to switch from Shopify to Shopify Plus, and what the benefits are of doing so. In this article, we will explore the differences between the two platforms and what functionalities are available to Shopify Plus users that Shopify users do not have access to.

Functionalities of Shopify and Shopify Plus:

- The ability to optimize checkout

- Tax benefits with systems like Avalara

- E-signature functionality

- Post-checkout upsells (Shopify Plus only)

- One-click upsells (Shopify Plus only)

- Custom fields in checkout (Shopify Plus only)

- Better rates on credit card fees (Shopify Plus only)

When to switch to Shopify Plus:

- If your store is doing 1.5 million or more

- When the benefits of Shopify Plus outweigh the monthly fee of $2,000 - $2,500

- If you want to optimize your checkout to increase average order volume by 30%

Other functionalities of Shopify Plus:

- Multi-store management from one admin

- Multi-ship to for gifts and B2B

- Integration with ERP and other software

- Validation of commercial vs. residential addresses

- Faster website speed due to semi-dedicated servers

Shopify Plus offers many functionalities that Shopify does not, but the monthly fee can be a barrier for some store owners. However, if the benefits of Shopify Plus outweigh the cost, such as increasing average order volume, then it is worth the investment. As your business grows, it may be time to consider switching to Shopify Plus to take advantage of its advanced features and functionality.

BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus 2019

Are you in the process of creating an online store and trying to decide which platform to use? Look no further than BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus. In this article, we will compare the two platforms and show you why BigCommerce Enterprise is the preferred choice for fast-growing and established brands.

Features and Benefits:

BigCommerce Enterprise offers powerful features that Shopify Plus doesn't, such as:

- Advanced features to drive sales

- Native faceted search

- Customizable single-page checkout

- Powerful shipping rules engine

- Customer groups and pricing segmentation

- Advanced discounts and promotion

- Unmatched flexibility and performance

- Local development environment testing with live product catalog application of time

- Guaranteed advanced fraud monitoring and analytics

- Unrestricted API calls

- Optimal category structure for large catalogs

- Industry-leading service

- Onboarding and catalog transfer services

- Premium account services

- Strategic account management

- 24/7 priority support and express routing

- Early access to new features

- Fair predictable pricing

Native Faceted Search:

Native faceted search increases sales by more than 10% by helping customers find products more quickly. BigCommerce Enterprise's built-in faceted search supports large catalogs and custom facets, all at no additional cost. Similar functionality on Shopify Plus requires a third-party solution and can cost over $500 a month.

Best-in-Class Checkout and Shipping:

BigCommerce Enterprise's highly customizable single-page checkout can increase conversion by over 12%. We build in shipping quotes from Shipper HQ, the industry's leading shipping rate rule engine, which has helped BigCommerce retailers save up to $60,000 per year in misquoted shipping costs. This feature is not available on Shopify Plus.

Search Engine Optimization:

Shopify Plus offers limited ability to customize your metadata, whereas all BigCommerce Enterprise sites are designed to rank with optimized URL structures, full metadata access, sitewide HTTP, and fast page loads.

Discounting and Segmentation:

BigCommerce Enterprise's robust discount rules and customer groups allow you to offer wholesaling and run targeted campaigns to encourage repeat business. Shopify Plus requires additional apps and expenses to do the same.

Flexible Hosted Storefront Framework:

BigCommerce Enterprise's industry-best storefront framework features non-proprietary coding languages in the local development environment that uses your live product catalog. Our platform supports big catalogs using an intuitive category structure with the ability to add and manage subcategories. Shopify Plus doesn't offer categories.

Uptime and Security:

BigCommerce Enterprise's high-capacity servers have delivered 100% uptime during Cyber Week for four years straight, and we offer an SLA for added insurance. Level one PCI compliance, cutting-edge dose mitigation, and automatic fraud detection are all built-in to protect you and your customers.

Open Architecture and Robust Partner Network:

BigCommerce Enterprise's powerful API processes updates up to 100x faster than Shopify. Our certified partner networks award-winning design and integration specialists care about helping you grow your business and support world-class service.

Onboarding and Support:

BigCommerce Enterprise empowers you to launch and grow faster and get the best support available with services not offered on Shopify Plus. Our onboarding services include project management resources to help you launch your store quickly, a catalog transfer team to help move your products, images, and customers, premium services advice on new features and integrations, exclusive webinars and training, strategic account managers available to offer advice tailored to your needs, and 24/7 support.

If you're looking for a powerful and flexible platform to grow your online business, choose BigCommerce Enterprise. With unmatched features, benefits, and support, BigCommerce Enterprise is the preferred platform of fast-growing and established brands. Start your 15-day free trial today, no credit card required.

Building Shopify Apps for Shopify Plus Merchants (Shopify Unite 2017)

Hello, today we're discussing how to make apps for Plus merchants and what it takes to make a Plus ready app. As a Solutions Engineer at Shopify Plus, I work with high-volume merchants every day who need solutions outside of what Shopify offers. App builders and partners in our ecosystem play a vital role in meeting these requirements.

The first topic we'll cover is what makes Plus merchants different. Plus merchants have a going concern and are managing more back-end activity and logistics. For example, they have an average of 512 weekly orders versus 4 for regular Shopify merchants. Plus merchants also have more collections, products, and apps in their store, making app scalability and front-end management more complex.

To build trust with Plus merchants, you need to commit to the solution, be part of our team, and invest in your social proof. Establish SLAs for customer support and have a phone line for merchants to reach you. Also, have excellent FAQs and a sales rep available to handle further conversations. A disaster plan for when things go wrong is also vital.

Seamlessness is essential for Plus merchants. Embed your app with our embedded app SDK and invest in app design to ensure that it is professional and flows nicely. Use our design system tools to make the experience seamless for merchants.

Sophistication is also crucial for Plus merchants, as they manage more complex operations. Ensure that your app reflects this sophistication and doesn't interfere with inventory management or clone stores. Offering an API or extensibility for custom functionality is also a big win.

In conclusion, building for Plus merchants requires a commitment to scalability, high-quality support, seamlessness, and sophistication. By following these five essential points, app builders and partners can establish trust and build a strong presence in our ecosystem.

Inside Intercom: Shopify’s Hana Abaza on sales and marketing

In this article, we revisit an interview with Hana Abaza, Director of Global Marketing for Shopify, about sales and marketing. We learn about the value of marketing operations, tools for better partnering with sales, and the pitfalls of chasing growth hacks.

Career Background:

- Hana started in marketing while running martial arts studios.

- She moved on to consulting and eventually worked at Uberflip before joining Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus:

- Shopify Plus is tailored towards high-volume, fast-growing businesses.

- Hana oversees marketing for Shopify Plus, which focuses on mid-market to enterprise.

Tips for Moving to a Larger Company:

- Take the time to understand the new environment and learn the market and audience.

- Find a balance between coming in too strong and waiting too long to take action.

Marketing Operations:

- Startups should invest in marketing operations when complexity becomes a problem.

- Common problems include leads not being routed properly and data not being collected correctly.

- A healthy feedback loop between sales and marketing is crucial for optimizing the conversion rate.

Win Loss Analysis:

- Analyzing why deals are won or lost is essential for improving sales and product.

- Regular reviews of win loss analysis can be done face to face or in a living document.

- Content that equips sales teams can be topical, educational, or product-specific.

Hana Abaza provides valuable insights into sales and marketing for high-growth businesses. Her experience in marketing operations and building a cohesive revenue team demonstrates the importance of a healthy feedback loop between sales and marketing. Additionally, analyzing why deals are won or lost can improve both sales and product.

Best Shopify App to Increase Sales and Conversions

In this article, we will be discussing the Vitals app, which includes over 40 essential apps that can help boost revenue, conversions, and improve overall customer experience on your Shopify store. We will be highlighting the importance of page speed and how Vitals can help with that, as well as the different apps included in the bundle.

- The Vitals app is an all-inclusive bundle of apps for your Shopify store.

- It includes over 40 essential apps to help boost revenue, conversions, and improve customer experience.

- The app is a game-changer for the Shopify app world, and many people are unaware of its capabilities.

Importance of Page Speed:

- Load speed is directly proportionate to bounce rate.

- Vitals helps optimize code and minimize external requests to improve page speed.

- Three levels of caching are automatically done to increase page speed.

Apps Included in Vitals:

- Apps are broken up into different sections, including conversions, improving experience, building trust, reducing cart abandonment, and protecting your store.

- Apps can be turned on and off, and there are options for customization.

- Apps include currency converter, shipping information, product review display, trust seals, payment logos, and more.


- Vitals currently integrates with MailChimp, with Klaviyo integration coming soon.

- The Vitals app is an essential tool for any Shopify store owner.

- It offers an all-in-one solution for improving revenue, conversions, and customer experience.

- With over 40 essential apps included, Vitals is a game-changer in the Shopify app world.

Create An Exceptional Order Experience For Your Shopify Business To Drastically Impact Conversion...

In this article, we will discuss the problems that Fenix Commerce solves for Shopify brands, its unique features, and the story behind its founding team.

Problems solved by Fenix Commerce:

- Providing a clear delivery promise on the product page to enhance the customer shopping journey.

- Offering personalized delivery options through real-time carrier rate shopping, reducing cart abandonment and shipping spend.

- Leveraging inventory management capabilities to provide buy online pickup in-store options, improving customer convenience.

Unique Features of Fenix Commerce:

- Machine learning AI models that predict the most cost-effective and timely carrier for delivery.

- Dashboards that offer complete control to business operators, providing real-time data on order delivery, 3PL performance, and customer experience.

- Integration with 3PLs and the ability to work with multiple locations, including warehouses and physical stores.

Fenix Commerce's Story:

- Founded by Akalish in 2015 after his experience at eBay Marketplaces.

- The company started by providing solutions for Shopify Plus and Shopify merchants.

- Fenix Commerce is now a SaaS platform and has been bootstrapped for several years.

- In 2020, the company received a seed round to expand its team and product offerings.

Fenix Commerce solves several problems faced by Shopify brands, including providing clear delivery promises, personalized delivery options, and inventory management capabilities. Its unique features, such as machine learning AI models and real-time data dashboards, set it apart from other platforms. The company's story began with Akalish's experience at eBay Marketplaces and has since expanded to become a leading SaaS platform for e-commerce retailers.

Monitoring Upstream Dependencies and SLAs | Cloud Posse Explains

The conversation revolves around monitoring for upstream dependencies and setting up something to regularly check for third-party service outages. The use of Ops Genie and Status Page for monitoring and getting events or alerts from any service that uses Status Page.io is also discussed.

Points discussed in the conversation:

- CFO wanting to make claims and defend claims by customers related to uptime.

- DataDog being used to take care of making claims related to uptime.

- Setting up something to regularly check for third-party service outages.

- Two ways of monitoring, including using Synthetics or setting up a set of endpoints.

- Consideration of expenses related to Synthetics.

- Looking at what can be achieved by using Ops Genie and Status Page.

- Use of SLOs and observability at the app level.

- Possibility of a business opportunity for a company to monitor the status of all these SaaS services and help claim discounts based on SLA violations.

- Need for access to CloudTrail logs.

- The argument for multi-cloud in case of an AWS outage.

- DataDog providing metrics on third-party uptime and having a Status Page.io integration.

The conversation highlights the need for monitoring upstream dependencies and setting up a system to regularly check for third-party service outages. It also discusses the use of Ops Genie and Status Page for monitoring and getting events or alerts from any service that uses Status Page.io. The conversation ends with the possibility of a business opportunity for a company to monitor the status of all these SaaS services and help claim discounts based on SLA violations.

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