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shopify plus wholesale

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

field for the business owner's name, email address, phone number, and any other information that you need from your wholesalers. Once you have added all the fields that you need, you can also rearrange them by dragging and dropping them to the desired position.

Now that you have created your wholesale page, you need to add it to your navigation menu so that your customers can easily find it. To do that, go to Online Store > Navigation > Main menu, and add a new link to your wholesale page. You can choose the name that you want for this link, and you can also select the position where you want it to appear in your menu.

Once you have created your wholesale page and added it to your navigation menu, you need to set up your wholesale customers as a separate customer group with a different tag. This will allow you to grant them special privileges and access to different products and collections that your regular customers cannot see.

To do that, go to Customers > Groups, and create a new customer group called Wholesalers or any other name that you prefer. Then, go to Customers > All customers, and select the customers that you want to add to this group. You can do that by selecting the checkbox next to their name, and then clicking on the Actions button and choosing Add tags.

In the tag field, enter the tag that you want to assign to your wholesale customers, which in this case is wholesalers. You can also create a new tag if you prefer, but make sure that it is unique and easy to remember. Once you have added the tag, click on Apply, and your wholesale customers will now belong to the Wholesalers group with the wholesalers tag.

Now that you have set up your wholesale customers as a separate group, you need to create a separate collection for them with different products and pricing. To do that, go to Products > Collections, and create a new collection called Wholesale or any other name that you prefer. Then, add the products that you want to offer to your wholesale customers to this collection, and set their wholesale price and quantity as you wish.

Once you have created your wholesale collection, you need to hide it from your regular customers and only show it to your wholesale customers. To do that, go to Online Store > Navigation, and click on the Edit button next to your wholesale collection. Then, scroll down to the Visibility section, and select Hidden from the dropdown menu next to Sales channels.

This will hide your wholesale collection from your regular customers, and only show it to your wholesale customers who have logged in and belong to the Wholesalers group with the wholesalers tag. You can also hide or show other collections, pages, or products to your wholesale or regular customers by using the same method.

In conclusion, adding a wholesale area to your Shopify store is not as difficult or expensive as you may think. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a wholesale page, set up your wholesale customers as a separate group, create a separate collection with different products and pricing, and hide or show it to your wholesale or regular customers as needed. This will help you attract more wholesale customers, increase your sales, and give your customers a better shopping experience on your store.

How To Add Wholesale Area To Your Shopify Store | Simple tutorial (2022)

can add a wholesale area to your Shopify store. Follow these steps:

In this video, we'll show you how to add a wholesale area to your Shopify store, so that your wholesale customers can access and see items that your regular customers cannot.


1. Click on Online Store and then Edit Code.

2. Find the code for content for layout and remove it.

3. Copy and paste the new code provided in the video into the same spot.

4. Create a new snippet called wholesale mode with the provided code.

5. Create three new templates: page, product, and collection, and save them as wholesale.

6. Tag your wholesale products with wholesale or switch the theme template to wholesale.

7. Create a customer account and give them access to the wholesale area manually.

By following these steps, you can easily add a wholesale area to your Shopify store and provide your wholesale customers with exclusive access to certain products. Remember to give special discounts to your wholesale customers manually, as there is no automatic way to do it.

Best Wholesale Shopify Apps 2022

Top Shopify Apps for Wholesale: Introduction

Hey everyone, it's Jamie from Shopify Masterclass, and today we're going to talk about the best Shopify apps for wholesale in 2022. In this video, we'll cover a few of these apps, their descriptions, UI, key features, pricing, and reviews. If you want to see the full list, you can check out our blog Ecommerce Educated. But before we get started, I just want to mention that we're on our way to 1,000 subscribers, so please hit that subscribe button below. And let's give a quick shout-out to our sponsor, Music Applause.

Wholesale on Shopify: The Challenges

As you might know, Shopify is not the best platform for wholesale, as it's mainly a B2C platform. However, there are some great apps for wholesale that can provide missing features for your wholesale business.

Top Shopify Apps for Wholesale: Wholesale Order Form and Reorder

The first app we're going to look at is Wholesale Order Form and Reorder. With this app, your customers can order multiple products from a quick order form. Some of the key features of the app include:

- Bulk orders in seconds with a single page order form

- Repeat orders in two clicks

- Customizable form to match your store

- Display product images and SKUs in a click

- Change colors and modify buttons to match your storefront

- Block ordered in seconds

- Set minimum and maximum increments for products in the order form

- Restrict specific products to specific customers and visitors

The pricing for this app ranges from $13 to $25 per month, and it has 106 five-star reviews.

Top Shopify Apps for Wholesale: Wholesale All in One

The next app we're going to discuss is Wholesale All in One. This app offers more features than the previous one, such as:

- Wholesale discounts

- Tiered pricing

- Order limits

- Shipping minimums

- Unlimited quantity breaks

- Multiple volume discounts

- Shipping in minimum order

- Special shipping rates

The app has a 14-day free trial and plans ranging from $24 to $39 per month. It has over 95 five-star reviews and a 5.0 rating.

In conclusion, there are many great Shopify apps for wholesale that can help your business thrive. It's essential to choose the right app that suits your business needs and budget. So, go ahead and check out these apps and let us know which one works best for you.

Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel - Verkauf an B2B und Geschäftskunden

Hello and welcome to Shopgate. My name is Patrick and I'm here to show you the hotel feature of Jobware Plus. Whether you're a Plus user or have your own Shopgate development shop, you can find the hotel sales channel links under the sales channel. Here, we will explore the settings for the hotel channel and how to create price lists and customers, as well as customize the design of your store.

Creating Price Lists:

To give a customer access to a specific price list, we can use the tags that we assign to customers in our shops. With this feature, we can offer discounts on selected collections or products. For example, we can offer a 30% discount on all products or a 10% discount on t-shirts, a 20% discount on luxury gifts, and a 30% discount on winter shirts. We can also set product-specific discounts for items such as t-shirts, shoes, and binis.

Customizing Your Wholesale Store:

Once you have created and set up your price lists, you need to grant access to the appropriate customers. This is done through the accounts action, where you can see the tags assigned to each customer and which price lists they have access to. You can also mark customers for invitation to the wholesale store, and they will receive an email with a link to activate their account.

Wholesale Store from a Customer's Perspective:

After logging in to the wholesale store, the customer can view the product catalog with the corresponding price list. They can sort and filter the catalog, and search for specific products or SKUs. Once they have selected their items, they can place their order and add any comments or instructions before submitting their order.

Managing Orders:

As the retailer, you will receive an email notification when a new order is placed. You can manage the order in the orders section of your Shopgate account. You can mark the order as paid or pending, and even add additional discounts or shipping costs before completing the order. You can also send an email notification to the customer with payment information, and they can pay for their order using the link provided in the email.

The wholesale feature of Jobware Plus is a powerful tool for retailers who want to offer customized pricing and discounts to their customers. With the ability to create price lists and assign tags to customers, you can easily offer targeted discounts on specific products or collections. Additionally, the wholesale store provides a seamless shopping experience for your customers, allowing them to easily browse and place orders.

How to Setup Wholesale Area on your shopify storewithout Shopify plus | No wholesale club app

Are you looking for a way to run a wholesale store on Shopify without purchasing the Shopify Plus plan? Look no further, as we have created a Shopify theme that allows you to do just that. Here's how it works:


- Wholesale store without Shopify Plus plan

- Visitor cannot see pricing

- Inquiry form for product details

- Quick order form for faster checkout

- Two options for account creation: basic and automatic

- Minimum threshold for checkout

- Set minimum order card pricing and other details

How it Works:

- Purchase the theme

- Add to cart or pay with PayPal

- Receive the theme and upload it to your Shopify basic plan

- Create a test user for testing purposes

- Add and view products

- Set minimum order card pricing and other details

- Customers can fill out inquiry form or use quick order form for faster checkout

- Minimum threshold for checkout

- Purchase the theme now before pricing increases

With our Shopify theme, you can run a wholesale store without purchasing the Shopify Plus plan. The theme includes features such as an inquiry form, quick order form, and minimum threshold for checkout. Purchase the theme now and start running your wholesale store on Shopify.

Setup a wholesale website in shopify | How to install b2b | selling wholesale | wholesale channel

Introducing the B2B Wholesale Theme for Shopify

Are you looking to grow your wholesale business? Look no further than the B2B Wholesale Theme for Shopify. This theme is designed to be a plug and play solution, making it easy for you to run your wholesale business on the Shopify platform.

Features of the B2B Wholesale Theme:

- Only approved customers can view product pricing and make purchases

- Inquiry form on product pages for easy communication with customers

- Drag and drop sign-up form for new customers

- Quick order form for easy purchasing

- Minimum threshold cart feature to ensure minimum pricing is met

How to Install and Use the B2B Wholesale Theme:

1. Purchase the theme and install it in the Shopify theme section

2. Enable automatic account creation in the theme settings if desired

3. Customize the theme in the customizer section

4. Create products and navigation as desired

5. Grow your wholesale business with ease

With the B2B Wholesale Theme, you don't need to install any additional apps to run your wholesale business. Simply purchase the theme and start selling to your approved customers. Plus, the theme is built on the Dawn 2.0 platform, ensuring all functionality and apps work seamlessly.

Don't wait, purchase the B2B Wholesale Theme today and take your wholesale business to the next level.

Best Wholesale App For Shopify

In this video, Rory Hughes from Acquire Convert discusses the best Shopify wholesale apps for those interested in running a B2B Shopify store or adding wholesale to their existing store. The two apps reviewed are Wholesale Club and Wholesale All in One. Rory highlights the common feature requests merchants have for wholesale app features and how both apps compare.

Key points from the video include:

- Rory Hughes from Acquire Convert discusses the best Shopify wholesale apps

- The video is for those interested in running a B2B Shopify store or adding wholesale to their existing store

- Common feature requests for wholesale apps are discussed

Wholesale Club:

- From Pixel Union

- Encourages bulk buying for discounts

- Starting price of $24/month for up to 300 monthly orders

- Offers a deal for $49/month for unlimited orders

- Average Shopify rating of 4.3 stars

- Positive features include wholesale discounts on selected collections and products, multiple pricing levels, customizable order minimums, tiered pricing system, net payment terms, and excellent merchant support

- Negative features include slightly higher pricing than other apps reviewed

Wholesale All in One:

- Helps create tiered discounts for specific groups of products and customers

- Starting price of $14.99/month for basic plan and $24.99/month for premium plan

- Offers a 14-day free trial

- Average Shopify rating of 4.8 stars

- Positive features include multiple wholesale pricing options, volume discounts, tagged-based customer pricing, special shipping rates, and checkout without coupon code

- Negative features include infrequent complaints about bugs and slow support

Shopify Plus:

- Recommended for those with at least $750,000/month in revenue

- Credit card fee savings alone make it worth the cost

- Otherwise, consider opening another Shopify store for wholesale and syncing inventory between the two

- Wholesale Club from Pixel Union is strongly recommended

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- Leave a comment below the video with any questions

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