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shopify product types

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Product Type, Vendor and Tags | Shopify Tutorial

this answer is powered by a squashy comm,get help with your Shopify questions or,tasks on demand that is database at home,so this is one Incan cart its website,where we have divided many products as,per its category and it's tagged so I'm,taking one example this is the product,it is vendor there is product type and,also we have tagged relative to this,product,there are many tags available for this,individual product I am explaining you,how all these things working together in,the side before I am going further I'm,just giving a brief what is product type,the vendor collection and tag product I,can simply be defined as what type of,product it is in this case it is ink,cartage product so the base product type,it is as in cottage now the fender we,can consider vendor as who is making,this product in this case the lake's,what is the vendor who is making this,product so we have considered this,Lexmark as the vendor collection,collection means what are the category,where this product can fit finca,supplies this product ink cartridge is a,part of printer supplies so we have fake,this thing into printer supplies and the,race of the thing it is totally,depending upon you like in which,category you want to prove this product,tag tag is something that we can relate,to this product we have,several tags as per the printer supplies,suppose in the printer said 7:35 this,frame this ink is fitted properly so we,have considered this as tag we can tag,anything that is related to the product,now I am showing you how this tag will,give us the benefit in our website you,can definitely see that this product,type the vendor and the collection is,showing directly in the website if we go,to printer supplies you can say this,product and if you open this product,directly you can see the vendor the,product type now I am going to the,product section,sorry the collection section and in the,collection section if we just find by,this tag you can see on the product that,is tagged but this one will come up in,this collection page so right now I'm in,the printer supplies collection page and,if we add this one means I'm filtering,all the printer supplies product with,the tag is 8 7 3 5 you can see two,products have come up it means two,products has tagged with this is 8 7 3 5,do the same with more products like more,tags consider hardtails,if there is any space in the bag it is,replaced by the bass right what this URL,is doing this URL is opening the,collection printer supplies and within,the printer supplies it is opening all,the products that is tagged as hardtails,there are many products there are 191,products that is tagged as hard deals to,find it easily I am just shorting the,product as per its price here is the,product now coming to the last question,that is given over here if I have,defined a product type as Vanity's can I,have the same tag name added Vanity's in,the tank it is completely up to you that,you want to add the vanities as product,type and tagged as Vanity's if you,tagged the product as finish vanities,you will get the advantage over here if,you add the product as product type as,Vanity's you can show the Vanity's,product type in the product details page,like here it is completely valid you are,doing nothing wrong by adding the same,value to the product type and the tag,thank you,was this helpful ask a Shopify question,now ask rusty calm

How To Add Product Categories In Shopify (Step By Step)

how to add product categories in Shopify,step by step hi guys welcome back to the,channel and for today's video I will,show you how you can easily add product,categories inside your Shopify store and,how you can add different pages for your,categories especially if you are selling,different kind of products inside your,Shopify store it's very important to,categorize everything for your customer,to easily find the product so for,example you can create categories for,all the clothing for all the Footwear,for all the appliances so something like,that and I will show you how you can,easily do that in step by step so,without further Ado let's get started so,first you need to make sure you have,your Shopify store and also you have,your Shopify account so if you don't,have you just need to visit shopify.com,and then you can just sign up for free,the good thing about Shopify is they,offer a free line account so that you,can explore the premium account for a,free 47 days so here once you log into,your account this is the main home page,so to show you how you can add different,product categories then I will just go,ahead and click the online store located,here on the left hand side panel,so over here I will go ahead and first,check our online store so here I will,just go ahead and click our view your,store and this is what our store look,like so this is just for a default and I,already add the product here,so for this one as you can see we only,have three menus here which is the home,catalog and contact so what we will be,doing is that we will be adding,additional menu here and then inside,this menu we have different categories,for our product so to do that let me,just go ahead and close this one and,then going back here I will first go to,the navigation tab located here in the,left hand side and then I will just go,ahead and go here inside the menus so as,you can see here we have our menu so for,the footer we knew we have the search,and for the main menu we have the three,menus that I showed you earlier so we,can go ahead and click this main menu,over here for us to add the additional,menu so here we have the button to add,menu items so just click on it and then,here just name the new menu so I will,just go ahead and and name this one as,product categories,and then over here you can just link,this if you already created the pages,but we did not create the pages yet for,our category so I will just go ahead and,click here and you can just,um click the home page,for you now so click add,and then over here if you want to,organize your menu you can also drag,this one so let me go ahead and add this,one next to the catalog,and then I will just go ahead and add,menu item,and for the next one I will go ahead and,name this one for clothing categories,and for this don't forget to add it in,the home page for now but we will be,changing that one later on so over here,you can also drag this one under the,product categories and if you move this,one to the right you can see that you,can add this one as a sub menu so here,as you can see we have now the sub menu,under your product categories which is,the closing and I will go ahead and add,another Sub menu which is the,Footwear,click add,I'm sorry I always forget to link this,one to the home page for now,and then the last one I will go ahead,and add for the appliances,and then home page and then click add so,now we have the three categories here,for our products so the next thing that,we can do is I will go ahead and save,this menu so don't forget to save it,and once it's saved go ahead and go to,the pages here on the left hand side,panel,and then over here we can add our Pages,for those categories that we added to,our online store so I will go ahead and,click this add page located here on the,right hand side,and then I will go ahead and title our,page so it's going to be for clothing,and then of course you can also add your,description or content here if you like,to,but for now I will not add anything here,and then I can click save,so as you can see we save our clothing,page and if you want to create another,page you can do it manually the same,thing that we did earlier or you can,also do it like duplicate this page,I will just go ahead and duplicate this,one and then what we can do here is that,we can rename the duplicate pages so let,me go ahead and,name this one for Footwear,duplicate,and then,I will duplicate again this one,and I will name this one as appliances,duplicate,all right so with that I will go ahead,and click this back arrow,and as you can see we have now three,pages here that we created the closing,Footwear and appliances,so going back here,to our navigation tab,I will go ahead and click the main menu,again,and then over here I will go ahead and,click this arrow for the product,categories,and over here we can now edit this and,then change the link so now we have the,pages that we just created so I will,just go ahead and click pages,and then over here I will go ahead and,Link this to the clothing page,and then,apply changes and then I will also do,the same thing to this two categories,pages and then Footwear,apply changes and the last one,chance,and the,appliances,all right so with that we already link,our categories here to the specific,pages so I will go ahead and save this,one,and now let's go ahead and visit our,website,so I will go ahead and click view your,store,so over here as you can see we have now,the additional menu here which is the,product categories and you can see that,the product categories there is a there,is a down arrow showing that this one,has a sub menu so you just need to click,on it and as you can see here we have,now the categories for clothing footwear,and appliances and if you click on this,it will redirect you to the closing,pages and for the Footwear it's gonna be,for Footwear uh Pages as you can see so,I guess that's all for today's video so,that's how you can easily add your own,product categories inside the Shopify so,I hope that you learned something today,and if you have any questions don't,hesitate to comment down below and thank,you for watching

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How To Add Product Categories In Shopify | For Dropshipping (2022)

how to add product categories in shopify,hey guys welcome back to the youtube,channel in this video i'm going to be,showing you how you can add your product,categories on shopify so let's get into,it now the first thing that you might be,wondering is i have logged onto my,shopify store i'm editing the online,store how do i add categories well you,don't add product categories from the,online store editor you're gonna do that,before you actually go into editing your,store so just log on to your shopify,store this is going to be your homepage,and now what you're going to do is,you're going to click on online store,over here,once you click on that you're going to,click on navigation and once you click,on navigation you're going to click on,add menu so or you can just click on,main menu over here and from your main,menu what you're going to do this is,your product catalog so to add,categories and subcategories you're,going to click on add menu item you're,going to write let's say bose and then,what you're going to do is you're going,to click on add and then you're going to,add a page over here so we're going to,later on add those pages but what you're,going to do is you're going to drag this,over here drag it above and if you move,it to the right over here this is going,to be created as a sub page so you can,see over here in our catalog we have the,sub page of bose now after that you can,keep on adding more sub pages and,another thing that you can do is click,on add menu item you can write small,bows and click on add over here we're,just going to add the home page and then,what you can do is you can move this to,the right as well and now bose has one,category as well which is called small,bows so this has its own categories and,these categories have their own,subcategories and let's say you add,large bows and you're going to click on,add and then you have these two,subcategories now after that you can,just click on add menu item let's say we,have t-shirts we're going to add that,other subcategory and you're just going,to click on save,and you're going to add that so these,are two basic subcategories in the,catalog section,the bose and the t-shirt and then the,bose has two other subcategories now how,to actually go on about to that page now,after you have added those categories,you're going to click on view online,store and you're going to begin editing,your online store so you can see over,here this is your online store you're,going to click on edit home page and,what you're going to do basically is,once you go on to your home page you're,going to go,and you're going to go into your pages,so you're going to click on catalog over,here and what you're going to do is,you're going to create the pages that,you just named over here on your menu,item so,we're going to go back into our little,editor,and what you're going to do is in the,collection section you're going to add,your pages so you can click on over here,click on the collection section and you,can see these uh categories are going to,be loaded up over here and you're just,going to add the pages so we're going to,go back,and then,we're gonna go into collections create a,template and you're just going to click,on add collection and the collection is,going to be close create template and,now in the collections i have added the,bose collection so you can see over here,this collection has been added now once,you add collections over here what you,can do is go back into your shopify,dashboard go into your product section,and then you can see over here this is,an item and what you're going to do is,you're going to add the collection for,this item so my product is currently,looking like and what i'm going to do is,if i take a look over here that i have,assigned to collections 0 collections so,in the bow section what you're going to,do is from your bose you have your,little item over here and what you're,going to do is you're just going to go,back into your product and then you're,going to have a type and product,organization and you can see all of,these custom fields that we have over,here and you're going to click on browse,all or if you can't find the collection,that you created just add custom type,you can add both and you're just going,to,make sure that this is added all of the,variants and options you're going to,click on save,and now once you have added all of that,what you're going to do is create the,pages so for that you're going to go,back into your dashboard you're going to,click on the online store and then,you're going to click on pages over here,and once you do that you're going to,click on add page and now i'm going to,add the page called bose and then you,can click on save over here and then,what you're going to do is once i've,added the bose page i'm going to go back,into my navigation i'm going to click on,main menu and i'm going to click on,the,catalog i'm going to add the main menu,those i forgot to save it previously but,now i'm going to link it to the bose,page so,let's say this is just the bose page so,i'm going to click on add over here,and now i'm going to move this up and,make it a sub page of catalog,just like that and now i'm just going to,save it over here and once you have done,all of these steps you're just going to,view your online store this is like a,very blank online store this is just a,sample for you to better understand how,to do it on your own but if i click on,catalog i have the subcategory of bose,and if i click on bose over here i have,the bose page this page is called bose,and obviously i haven't added any,products but once i add products then i,can view them over here so if i go into,my products and if you take a look at,your product what you can do is you can,click on over here in your collection,section you can see over here i've added,it to the home page but what you can do,is add more pages as well so if i go,onto the bose collection you can add,that over here as well and you can you,know add as many variants you want as,many uh options you want of your product,now just like that you have your product,categories and subcategories in shopify,you can add as many as you want but i,would recommend that you don't go,overboard with creating your product,categories and subcategories because if,you do you know it might make your,navigation panel a bit too confusing and,a bit irritating but you can add like,all the basic categories that you want,and you can add different active and,draft statuses on your product as well,so that is how simple and easy it is for,you to create your product categories so,although shopify is a great ecommerce,storefront creator and you can create a,beautiful ecommerce storefront and,create different product categories and,customize your shopify store as much as,you like it is not available for free so,shopify starts at 29 per month where you,can add two staff members in four,locations and you have to pay two,percent of transactional fees for all,payment providers and you have a,currency conversion fee of two percent,as well and you have all of the basic,things that are available on any other,e-commerce platform now the shopify plan,which starts at 49 per month has up to,five staff members five locations for,analysis and professional reports so,that is one of their more pay and like,one of the more premium versions and,they only have a transactional fee of,one percent so that is with every,shopify version the higher paid version,that you opt for on shopify the lower,transactional fees you have to pay,although you have to pay the same,currency conversion free on all three,versions now on your advanced shopify,plan you have up to 15 staff members,eight locations fraud analysis reporting,advanced report builders international,pricing and duties and import taxes as,well so that is another plan that you,can opt for if you're looking for a,higher-end version of shopify i think,for most people using the basic version,and adding your own code and cus

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How to add Shopify product tags and types, step-by-step | What are Tags On Shopify | Shopify Q&A

shopify tags okay are these things,useful,what are shopify tags why should i need,it,do i even need it and if i need it how,should i create a shopify tag,and add to those to my products okay,don't worry okay because in this video,i've gone an,in-depth description about the shopify,tags why you need them,how to use them and how to use your,products to,add to different tags and how to use,different tags,so that it can increase the amount of,time people want to search,amount of time duration people need to,search for a partikular product to in,your site okay,so watch this video till the end to get,an in-depth knowledge and end up,about how to add and use tags features,in shopify,to your own benefit okay so watch this,video till the end to get to know about,the whole process,okay so let's get started okay so,you want to add text to your products,okay,adding tags to your products okay,let's say we are selling,okay let's say you're selling men,okay next okay,but you can see nothing is appearing,okay but we have a product,which is related okay so how are people,gonna find it if they discuss it,you have to,okay now in this section see,here's the tags option okay as you can,see i've already,added a couple of tags okay,let's just do men's dependence,okay,you can do men's,necklace,okay and item okay so as you can see we,have added,two more tags to all of those tags now,just click on save,okay product save the tags are added,okay,you can see this items start appearing,okay,and if you go remove the tag,and send it in next save,you can see okay,wait for some time reload the page,wait a second,okay,and,it takes some time to load okay,like you can see if you remove the,attack from yes it's not going over here,okay,so whenever you are adding the product,to your website,try to add related tags to them,is,so that whenever someone searches it,it's gonna have to display in front of,them okay,so this is how easily you can use the,tag feature,and then add that to your products and,then how useful,it is to add text to your website okay i,hope you found this video,useful as i already just said this video,is the part of a shopify series in which,i'm taking you on a journey from,creating your own shopify store,to adding products to advertising to,making real profit,so to get notified when i upload my next,video please subscribe my channel,and press the bell icon button to get,notified when i upload my video,thank you very much

How To Create Collections from Product Types in Shopify

hey good morning kiddos so on today we,got our,we got our voltaire cycles Denville New,Jersey if you'll see up here franchisee,website going and what we need henry,Barham who's done the design of the,store he's created use the theme,template and created the pictures and,the layout and then uploaded our,products to the site but what we need to,do here requires a little bit of detail,or data work here so what you need to do,is go to products and into collections,and then we need to go over here to,create collections okay we have to,create a collection or to click the,button create collection in essence we,have to create a collection for every,product group so let me give you let me,go back over here to products if you,look at products here you'll notike that,when you create a filter you have,different ways of finding product groups,you can find them by vendor you can find,it by product type you can find it about,from inventory availability publishing,air tagged with what we want to do is we,want to look at product type so if you,click on select a filter then product,type,then,what it's going to ask you well what,product type do you want to look at and,you'll see that we have here I don't,know some,I'm gonna say 20 40 60 probably about 60,maybe 70 different product types and,bicycle chains bicycle seeds bicycle,cassettes all of these here each one of,these product types we need to create,into a collection alright so I started,already doing the basics of an electric,bike an electric skateboard but I'm,going to show you how to do the rest and,yes we need all of these and it's very,very simple to do just want you to maybe,take some notes down because you'll have,to come back here and write down all of,these product groups product types I'm,sorry because you won't be able to get,to it from collection but for a second,here let's let's just humor me so we're,going to come back to collections,we're going to cut create a collection,here,once you hit the create collection,similar to how you create a product but,with fewer categories under create a,collection come down here to the,conditions for this collection and what,this collection will do what you're,telling the computer and the data system,to do is follow these convictions,conditions that I outlined and the,resulting group of products will will,represent the collection so you're,telling the data base you're you're,putting in a conditional logic algorithm,so what we want to do is use,automatikally select products based on,these conditions the product must match,all conditions so those default you,don't need to touch those come over here,to product and you want to choose,product type right there all right,so that's where you're going to find you,know the product type and then here is,equal to alright you don't need to worry,about it defaults T is equal to the,product type is equal to if you hit this,number you're going to get up all the,product groups right so you could start,with apparel let's start with the first,one I'm going to do it for you click,apparel and that's it now when you hit,save,I'm sorry before I hit save I actually,have to put apparel up here so exactly,the way it appears in the,in the product type box you want it to,appear in the menu into the title you,want to put anything descriptions and,you don't need to upload anything yet,just do that and click Save once you hit,the save then you'll see all of those,products from the product type apparel,have appeared all right that's all you,have to do the last is you need to,choose an image for this collection,otherwise it won't appear on the website,so choose an image an board hoodie here,looks like a good one,so probably the best thing to do here is,open this in a new link,and then look at view in a new link,and guess what where this is under store,let me see if I can do it this way you,might be able to save the image you,might be able to save the image just by,cooking and dragging it off I'm going to,try and do that but I don't think it's,going to work no no,you'll have to go to our website and,find a suitable picture or maybe even,better inboard buddy just do a google,search of images there it is,right click Save image,Desktop get rid of any coating that,might be trademarked or patented,Voltaire cycles and voila,come back here,come back here upload that image,save and that's it,you got your cover image and you've got,your product group so I did Apparel's,I come back to collection you'll see all,right I have apparel I've done electric,scooters Electric skateboards,conventional bicycle all electric bikes,and now I'm going to go to the next one,so create collection,drop down here these default write,product title,as product type,and since I did apparel I can do bags,now bags,look save,great title can't be break that can't be,blank so bags that's got to be the title,here,save,there we go now it's finding all of the,bags in our shop what you want to do is,you want to choose a really cool looking,bag I like the walnut Studio lololo so I,put up walnut,dude de work strange business name,see what this comes up here,images all right beautiful images here,you can choose any of these because,we've got them all but I think this one,looks good not too small too small to,make sure that images you choose,are large enough there we go and this is,from our website,says electric spokes do image right,click save image,bingo come back to your home base here,and upload that image,I think this is pretty self-explanatory,now I've created,peril and bags and we still have,all the other product types to create,collections for,hope that helps make sure to save your,work make sure to prove your work and I,will tok to you later

How to Create a Product on Shopify - Title, Description, SEO and Types Tutorial

in this video we'll be looking at how to,create a product manually in shopify,products can be accessed from products,in the left hand menu than all products,here the list of products which have,been created,the status of a product can be active or,draft,active means it will be available in,your shop and draft means it won't be,available,we click on a product title,we can see the details for the product,this is a physical product you can opt,to track the quantity of the product so,you can toggle this on and off,at which point you can then change the,quantity available,if you click inventory history you will,see the history of inventory movements,for this product tiking continue,selling when out of stok will allow you,to go into negative inventory,if you take this as a physical product,you can add the weight which will be,used for shipping purposes for example,if you set a shipping table which,calculates the rates based on weight,then that weight will be used,customs information can be added here,this is sometimes passed to a courier if,the product is being exported you can,set country of origin for example china,and also the hs code you can search an,hs code here,and you'll have a,selection of different hs codes hs codes,are used when items are being exported,across borders,different products may incur different,duty and that will be based on the hs,code,if you do not include an hs code on the,product which is being exported it may,hold up the product from being delivered,or it may mean the product is returned,so far we've created the single product,ie product which comes only in one,design,clicking save will save the product,if you have a product which comes in,multiple options such as sizes or colors,you can create the product as a variant,product,a product can be variated in on multiple,levels so we might choose to variate it,by size so we'd have size one i'm,pressing maternal after entering each,item size two and size three,and another item might be the color,and we can have blue,green green and black,this will then create down here the,different options so you have size one,blue size one green size one black etc,each can have a different price and a,different quantity and a different skew,so we'd call that one,blue,and we'll call this dash one dash green,once you've added the variance and saved,it the inventory option for the,individual product will be removed and,you'll only be able to add the inventory,at the variant level,each variant has its own quantity its,own price its own sku and its own,barcode by clicking edit next to the,variant you will be able to edit all the,different attributes for each variant,you can toggle between them,here you can change the options add,images which are specifically for that,variant change the pricing cost per item,the skew the quantity the shipping,everything like for a single product,to see how product would look on the,live side click view on the top right,hand side,this is a variant product so we get drop,drop-downs for different sizes so i want,to buy size two,in green,that is what will be added to the cart,if that that is what we added the cart,when the buy button is selected it was a,single lighting would not see these drop,downs,on the right i know some other options,you have the product type you can set,the standard product type for the,product which will help you with,reporting,you can also add tags tags can be used,to filter products and also to,automatikally add products to,collections down the bottom here we have,the search engine preview that'll show,you how the search engine information,the title and the metadata is created,from the description the title you have,created it'll automatikally use the the,title here but you can amend that so,i've just added the name of the brand at,the end and the description will be used,for the mesh description,and you can also change the handle so,you could say,i just added blue on the end that will,be the url for this product,and we'll just save the details,with products you have the option to add,an unlimited number of meta fields these,are additional attributes which can be,used to record information about the,product,so i've created a field here called,example field which is a color so you,can select that's the six letter hex,code or you can just type in,green,and then it's automatikally selected,green there,these meta fields are created from,settings,in meta fields you can create a number,of different meta fields i'm going to,click,here that's the example field i'll add a,definition let's call this,size,and,you can select the content type which is,a measurement,a weight measurement for example and,you can then add a minimum weight which,could be one gram and a maximum grade,which could be,10 000,grams and then,save that and it will appear on the,product,so if we go back to the product,and look at the product,we will see,size can be entered here,the inventory levels for products can be,manually edited by clicking the,inventory option we can either add to,the current quantity or we can set it at,that level so,if i want to add five,that'll move that to six but if i want,to set it to,10,then it'll change six to ten,and you can see here you've got the,single products and each of the variant,options here you can see what it'll do,when it's when it's sold out it'll stop,selling if we change the option here to,continue selling one out of stok and,then save that,and then go back to inventory it'll say,continue selling for that product