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shopify product variants

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

How to Create Products in Shopify with Variants

[Music],hi I'm Alma kin from curious themes web,development studio in Nashville,Tennessee and in this video tutorial I,am going to go through and show you how,to add different product sizes and,colors and add different images for that,so that it switches automatikally so,we'll first go to a product on our site,here that's Tomo fit comm and let's,scroll down and I'm going to go to this,strong product so you can see here,there's different sizes as well as,different colors so what we're wanting,to accomplish is not only having the,capability of letting customers add in,different sizes or products that they,can purchase but also making it to where,it switches so for example it's,automatikally doing a slideshow on the,left hand side but if we click on one of,these it'll automatikally go to that,image as well so this is what we're,wanting to set up and so let's head into,the backend of Shopify and we'll go,ahead and set up a product so this is,the the product that we just saw so you,can get a glimpse of how that set up but,let's go in and create our own now so I,am in the backend of Shopify under,products all products and the first,thing I'm going to do is just hit add,product in this top right hand corner,and I'm gonna go in and add a name for,it,okay and you can add in your description,here,and I'm just going to put a description,goes here and now I'm going to add in my,images so I already have these created,so I'm just going to hit upload image,and I'm going to select all of the ones,that are the different colors so it's,these right here and hit open next I'm,going to come over here to organization,and I'm going to choose my type so it's,a tank top as well as the vendor which,is Tomo fit and I'm going to add it to,the featured products collection as well,as to the tank top designs so this is,just kind of general product setup so,next we want to add in a price so let's,go back and see what this other prices,it's 25 so we'll keep that the same and,then we want to create a SKU for this so,I am doing a drop shipping printer for,this so a printing on demand called,printful which I will have another,tutorial linked here for you to view as,well if you're interested in doing any,printing on demand but it's important to,have because of this the colors and the,SKU setup so that everything can connect,over really nicely and that there's no,confusion so I'm going to just put in a,skew and I'm gonna say the east and then,I'm gonna leave it just like this,and whenever we add in the different,sizes and color options and I can build,onto the SKU there and then I'm not,going to attract the product inventory,just because this is a printing on,demand so I can always print more make,sure that it says shipping and if you,wanted to you can put your weight here,for the product and choose between,ounces or pounds and then the last step,is where we're going in and adding the,variance so I'm gonna hit ver,here and you can instantly see that you,have this option of size so let's go,ahead and add in our size options so I'm,going to just take a second here and,type all these in and if you hit a comma,after you enter it it'll automatikally,make it this box and you can add in,another item okay so that's my sizes so,you can see as I was creating it here it,instantly started doing it down here as,well so we'll go ahead and we'll add in,another one of color so this,automatikally puts in color here however,you could change this to whatever you,wanted it to be like if it was a,necklace you could put length or just,you know change that however you want to,describe your product so I'm going to,put in the color options now and again,I'm keeping these the same name the,color name as what my dropshippers using,just to avoid confusion you can name,your colors however you want them to be,okay so now that I've added all of the,colors in as well you can see now it has,this green which is our size and then,the purple which is the color option so,now I could come in and I could do this,skews how I want them so I'm going to,make this first option be the size so,I'm going to say excess and just an e4,envy I'm going to come in here and do,all of these real quick,I'm actually just gonna do this first,extra small set and I'll come back later,on my own time and finish doing the rest,of it I'll finish out this here and,again you can make your skews whatever,you want them to be this is just an easy,way for me to look at them and instantly,know what it is so now that we've got,all of our variants added in of our,sizes and colors as well as all the,other product information added I'm just,going to hit save so now we have it to,where the customer can select to,purchase a specific size or color,however we do want to link up the images,so that way back in our example over,here whenever we click on it it changes,the image on the left so we'll come back,here and the way to select these images,now is to actually go in and click on,this image so you do need to have the,images already uploaded or you can,upload it from here we'll click here and,this is mb so i'm going to just select,the MV product so if you don't already,have your images already uploaded you,could click add image here and add it in,there so I'll hit save and I'm going to,continue this process as I'm going so,heather white so you'll go through and,do this for all of your different ones,so the more images and sizes and color,options you have the more this is going,to take a little bit longer however it,does make it look really nice and,polished on your site and it helps your,customers feel very confident in what,they're purchasing so I'm going to go,ahead and just leave it like that for,the extra smalls but you would continue,through all of these that are,automatikally created so I want to also,show you how to change your order that,they're showing in so for example right,now we have this env color first and,then the rest are following it after,that so let's move this blue around and,then we want to move the variance so,that they match so let's go ahead and,view this product so I'm just going to,view this so this is it on our site so,we have the green and then white so it's,automatikally switching here now you'll,notike here though these the black and,the turquoise are out of order so it's,going to skip by the turquoise and so,we're having to do this extra scroll,back and forth so it's nice to be able,to put it right in order so to do that,we're going to just come back here to,the back end and I'm gonna hit reorder,variants so I'm just gonna switch the,placement of the turquoise and the black,which were the images that I switched,over and I'm gonna hit save and the last,thing I want to show you for this is if,you want to go in and add another color,or another size it's really easy to do,that so you're gonna just go in and I'm,gonna select all of the extra smalls,actually I'm gonna come in I'm gonna,deselect the extra small and let's say,we want to add a different color so I'm,going to come in and select all of the,MB colors because I want to do it in,every size okay so I've got all the MVS,and then what I would do is I would come,up here to action and I would say,duplicate duplicate variants in another,color so this is going to automatikally,recreate these variants of the different,sizes of extra small small medium large,and it'll do it in another color that we,decide upon so if you click on this you,can name your color and then once you,hit done it'll automatikally create,those as well also if you have for,example a product that you don't have in,a specific color you can just come in,and delete that if it's already added in,or if you're having inventory tracking,you can automatikally set that to zero,inventory and that's how you can create,a product and instantly sync up the,sizes and the colors with your images so,that it's a great experience for your,customer thank you so much for watching,and I,hope you enjoyed this tutorial make sure,to subscrib

How to Add Variants in Shopify 2021

okay everyone so in this shopify,tutorial how to add,variants to shopify store in 2021,so we're gonna do this we're gonna add,size color and material,but you can do other variants as well,using this tutorial,so let's do this okay so in your shopify,dashboard,go to the left sidebar to this one,products now locate the product you want,to add,variants on i'm gonna choose this one,just click on the product okay so this,is just an example product to,demonstrate,variants we're gonna go down to this one,media so we're gonna add variants for,color with a white t-shirt,and a red t-shirt so i'm just gonna go,and add a red,t-shirt image go and click on this one,add media,and choose your image click on open,and that's it now we're gonna go down,to this one variance check this box,and now this will open options we have,option 1 we have size you can,change this to color material,style and title i'm gonna choose,size and then we have this one separate,options,with comma first do your,options i have small comma,medium comma and to keep this,demonstration short i'm just gonna do,small and medium after that we're gonna,go and click on add another option,so for this one we're gonna add color so,i have,white separate with comma,and red separate with comma,like that we can also add another option,we can choose material style or title,i'm gonna choose material so in this,t-shirt you can choose between,cotton and wool,like that so when you are satisfied with,your options,we can go down to preview so now you see,that,we have different variants we have small,white cotton and the price,and quantity and skew so skew is a,unique,identifier an identifier needs to be,numbers and letters so let's say i have,small white cotton we can add,s w c,and maybe t-shirt zero zero one,so whatever you like and then you know,that if you got this,skew that you need to,get these variant all right,i'm just gonna leave that as blank so,the price,we can add special price for each,variant so let's say,wool is more expensive for me to buy,from the manufacturer so i need to sell,this,at a 15 cost like that,and also quantity i have small,white wound of a quantity of let's say,20 like that but to edit things faster,we're just going to go and save this,in the top right corner and now you can,see that we have,these options we can choose all or we,can choose,some of them like that but we also have,this one select so let's say i want to,change,the price for all the wool i can click,on this,link wool text and now you can see that,all the wool t-shirts are checked,now we can go to more actions,click on edit prices and just add a,price,so 15 for all of these wool,t-shirts and click on apply to all,now all of these wool t-shirts has a,price,of 15 let's go and click on done,so then you will save a lot of time okay,same thing,with the red t-shirts,we can click on red and all of the red,t-shirts are selected,and now we can click on more actions,click on add images and just add a red,image go down and click on done,and now we can see that you have red,t-shirt images on,red color so let's go and just do this,for white,i'm going to click on white click on,more actions click on add images,and choose white image click on done,fast and easy so now let's go up to the,top right corner,click on save and we also have another,option,if i click on this one add variant,we have a more detailed view so if i,click on this one,small white cotton we can see that we,have this,more in detail view for each variant so,now we can see our options,in more detail for each variant so we,have,size color and material we have pricing,inventory shipping okay so that's,nice to know if you want to have a nicer,overview of each variant i'm just going,to go and click on,back to product,and i'm just going to go and add,quantity to all of these,i'm just going to click on more actions,click on,quantities and in my case i'm going to,get 20,for all i'm going to click on apply to,all,click on save but in your case it may be,different quantities for each variant,all right,let's go and click on preview,okay so now we have size color and,material,so let's choose a t-shirt i'm gonna,choose,size medium and now notike the image,when i choose from color white to red,it changes the image because i change,color to red so that's a nice feature,we have material cotton now look on the,price,when i change the material cotton to,wool,it changes to 15. all right,okay everyone so this is how you can add,variants to your shopify store if you,like this video,please check out my full shopify,playlist in the description below,and also check out my other videos have,awesome day take care and bye


How To Add Customized Options To Your Products On Shopify

[Music],hi guys,man it has been a while,so i have man i don't even remember the,last time i put a video up,and the reason for that is we are in the,middle of a move,yes again so we sold our house in,december and we have been in this rental,ever since but we finally found a home,and we are closing in six days,so that is great news,but,it just made things really hard to,continue recording the way,our setup was so the first round first,go round of our move,moving out of our house we left our etsy,open our website open we were still,taking orders,and that was horrific i mean,we couldn't get caught up it was so,difficult and we didn't move and mark,boxes appropriately because,a lot of them would even close all the,way um,we were just we're trying to move and,work at the same time and it was just a,huge mess we couldn't find things we,needed and,i was up for weeks crying didn't sleep,just to get caught it was so bad it was,so bad okay so,this time we decided to go ahead and,deactivate everything on etsy to dwindle,down our orders so that we could pack,and move correctly this time we want to,make sure we mark all the boxes the way,we're supposed to we want to organize,everything,um i'm moving into a gigantik craft,space so i want to make sure that when,we move in there i am able to locate the,boxes i need when i need them,organize everything,i just want a much smoother move this,time so um my sales are gonna go down um,for about a month and a half but that's,okay it'll all work out,and i'm gonna have my dream craft room,finally we'll be all moved and settled,and then um,we can move on like and try to fill all,of our goals and dreams for this year,we do have some orders left over they,were working on for some companies,um one is a janitorial company they were,working on safety vests and shirts and,aprons for,another one is a a church that we're,working on to decor for their ministry,party,uh we have a few events left between now,and,um,move time so we're still very busy now,with etsy orders but still very busy,i'll walk in there um,and a little bit and kind of show you,guys what we have going on it's a,disaster,boxes everywhere,um that we still have to fill,but,um they're empty all the boxes that are,packed are labeled and either in storage,or in a garage,so we're making great progress,but with all that said i've received a,lot of questions from viewers wanting to,know how i have my shopify website set,up the way i do,with being able to request customers to,enter in their customization information,and adding that to the cart so i'm gonna,walk you guys through that so follow me,along and i hope you guys find this,helpful,all right guys so i have gotten quite a,few comments,on my um,youtube channel and and also my direct,messages on instagram about how i'm able,to add in these option selections,into my shopify website,so because i do make custom outfits,um i need to know,for the sake of someone's birthday or,other occasion,maybe their age their name the,need-by-date of this special outfit,any other customization notes so i had,to figure out a way,to have this all on here,as a requirement before my customers,check out and add to cart,so i'm gonna kind of walk you guys,through how i was able to do this,so from your shopify um,you will go to apps,and you will need to look up the app,called variant option product,um this is an add-on that you're gonna,have to add into your shop,um,it does cost some it's 8.95 a month,which is going to be add on to your,shopify fees,but in my opinion it's well worth it if,you make,customized items for your customers,so once you add that on,it'll show up in your apps list,and you would just select it,and then everything in your shop will,pull up and you'll select whatever it is,in your shop that you want to add these,customization options to,for me it's mostly everything um,so,these are all done,but i'm gonna show you one that i,haven't done to kind of walk you through,the steps so,okay um,obviously this one's not going to be,purchased right now because easter is,over but just for the sake of it let's,try this one,you would select your product from your,store list,here's your add option box,everything you add and create in this,little area is going to end up,down here in your preview section,so,this outfit doesn't require a name,but just for the sake of it and for,showing you guys let's say,that we need to know their name,here's different ways you can have your,customers enter information,um i'm gonna select text and make this,required field that way my customer,cannot add to cart and check out without,this information that way it's not,forgotten,um you want to make sure you have a,little box that says visible selected,and then you add option,now it puts it down here in the little,preview section,now,if you add half width i'll show you what,that does in the next option,so now let's say i need their age say,it's going to be a birthday shirt and,either age,i would also want them to select enter,by text,make it required,visible and if you select half width,it just changes the way it looks let me,show you what that looks like,so to make it look like this rather than,like that that's the only difference,let's say we also need their need by,date that's very important right,so here you can have select text,or you can select date if you select,date,it will give them kind of a range when,they would need it so you can do that,or you can just select text and make,them like,you know have to actually type it in,whichever you prefer,um select required,add that option,and just depends on how you like the,look you can do it half width or the,full length whatever works for you,um,let's say we also need,let's just say we want to also give them,the opportunity to add,um,let's say um,notes,and customization,just in case they want to add something,different,so of course you would select text,it doesn't it's not required um they,don't have to put anything in there so,you don't have to select this little box,make sure visible is selected,if you want customization to cost,anything extra you would put that in,there like say any further customization,would be,two dollars whatever,you just add that in right there,so now you have all these different,add-ons,um,what i like to do is i like to add a bow,too so let's give them an option to add,on a few items at the end that is kind,of a benefit to you you know you're,going to up sale,so let's do let's call this um,outfit,add-ons,and let's,add multiples we're gonna select the,check box multiple choice,it's not required again,um,let's put in here,hair bow,[Music],and for that let's say we're gonna if,they select that it's an additional,eight dollars,let's also say,a diaper cover,diaper covers diaper,cover slash bloomer,let's say that's another eight dollars,what else can we add,say you make sparkly shoes and that's in,your pictures i don't but um say you do,i don't know what do people charge for,that i'm just going to throw something,out there i don't know,um,so you just add your list of different,upsale items on there,add the option,oh why is it not working,oh i forgot it doesn't,doesn't like that sorry guys isn't like,the apostrophes,i mean yeah it doesn't like those extra,characters so,app add-on and then because we selected,the from here we selected a multiple,choice checkbox it appears this way so,they'll enter the name of the child the,age their need by date any additional,notes,oh yeah i want a hair bow oh you know,what yes add a diaper cover,that's gonna continue adding money to,their cart you see that how it went up,by 16,or they don't have to and it'll just be,the price of the outfit,so you can test,what this looks like,by hitting live product,let's find that item here it is,so here's the bunny outfit and,everything we added to it,um,bunny unicorn easter tutu outfit,select they would select their size,they don't want you to only say they,want the tutu and the shirt,the name,cindy they would enter that her

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Shopify Development: color swatches to product page (variant switch explained)

das ist ja nun from let's build off in,today's video ever built out some cars,which is for kate and instead of drag,drop down when you will have die skala,von buttons in monza click on one the,end is changing entsteht das was,arrested videos so konnte vor der input,zu heftig die os x disclaimer wie,costing das ist eine band tutorial and,if you seek the death simply copyright,by using a team gemeinsam basic,understanding vor javascript html dass,dominik des aim prozess will den energie,team austria und ried anyone to train,your thing we can't jump into the video,the development and created the project,on when you thought to mac die scala,switches work is very important to,understand how die setcard mechanisms,working in general and therefore not,that every product hesse unique id wird,dir kein feind in der url so lag mit,capitis texteditor suite ist jetzt matt,redman / products and product id,and the same whole truth be very end,blackberry und edita und let's say we,klicken es blue,wenn die url wayne stu,mettmann / verlagsprodukte die agenden,variance and very end and the city ist,der only thing you need to tok to go,kart wii action,do is simple kopie meister space etwas,ändern,/ karten question marx sowie parameter,idea now that simply copy of the,bavarian,mackenzie wird der shopping card ist mt,but once a god is created url,ähnlich schätzt sie der esflow t shirt,ist added to card das ist exakt what,happened on the perfect page zuletzt die,kinder litten die papiere von simply red,click and go to inspect,genau wie somewhere in between the,product form so 24,ein monster ec-karten ist klicken sie,das format post ergänzt / card services,master select oder value des master,select woody will holt in dem moment des,master select has only difference cfds,wenn wir dort options and then we have a,very nice and actually des select ist,hinten rechts sowie can make das visible,bei an checking der display non,properties in der cssr,the disasters select always holst der,combined value for the us that is blue s,green in ones are change one of the,single options sektors so let's change,this to blue men the master select will,simply be updated to win you combine,trient,jack green screens ohne zuvor in einer,clique to cut the value of his master's,select bietet zu kalt jetzt reicht s,green parrot,i have to build kallas watches der able,to update des master select in der same,way that this drop down skindred die,single option selected combined into the,master select,ok for the next step grübel grote ort,den teils sogar live wie monkey music,endet,starting with the assets fulda,tjs einlädt um eine little bezirken ried,first thing the search for the very very,inspektor slack change and exchange von,berlin change am keywords live search,query and maybe,solitude oder variance action script and,description ist in händels change events,for the very end inputs witches brew,promising,the very first interesting cars starts,here with the change event auf der,single option selector is tight to von,select change that no one ever the value,of single inputs lektor changes von,select change that it will be called,so bekennt er gelobt interselect change,made it right here,devito demonstrated letzte yukon soll,dort lockt,input change,ändern,ändere die hälfte des council of here,open up with the right click inspect,again and go to ganze,erna page and what happens when it,change war noch dies in puts,you're simply lockt input change that is,called a change in den pott,zuletzte glück und what that actually,das endet first choice to get the orient,based on the current selected options,and monetary and wait trigger in event,called the change and that we're,updating master select the standard,variante updater image based on the area,network,enrico zur hebelung,haut des update master select market is,working and single ein oft endet simply,setzte value of the master select würden,selected berlin idea sodass es natur in,trust inc,but what is interesting ist des variant,ist retreat von der options to heaven,förder look at this widget,hier,das metal works bei firstgate options,embedded software ios android will,compare selected views to all the plans,and once it has returned and mary and,max über iclear letzte konsole,information konnte,und wenn kapitels barry hier,headlines today is coming from,letzte konsole dort lockt,nn selected views,capelli statements,und bei o2 on to lock all de produkt,merians red hier so,old produktvarianten lockt das label,einer philippe mexes as to local,matching won,do,die sims to match the blog the found,very end,the weekend refresh the front and einer,4 dead space letzten dreck des bereit,damit ihr das auto petionville happens,when saints to access the change and,selected views,der sv optima nennt blut option to,and here we have a couple of information,lag die idee titel the options amisen,projektes und fördern den user data for,one very end,and that stars des komplett prozess web,kompass der selected options with the,parents and distance to match the team's,like the way i and as and blue matches,selected options,so hofft es gibt weder understanding und,haut des komplett prozess works of,what's the mystery or unknown to assist,audis optionstarif vom der input,entlassen,bis auf der passenden bildautor swatch,ist okay so let's verloren options,method,der disney jetix selected options vom,der tecart form and work with vom input,elements which is great,winter functions madworld der single,option selector,denn at web value of the moment and data,stores in der data attribut colt,indexende map des treppchens internet,will return dies könnt options and that,works with radio buttons checkbox is,just the killer drop down the price of,the day before and all dies tue lines of,code am most important because they tell,us that we need to provide an option,value and option indexende des hol,mechanisms of work out of the box,belletti ein bild des rogers,so in order to build des watchers we,have to make some changes to take,everything goes the template folder and,search for the project dort liquid,und in der jugend c bet most of that,actually like the section control act as,templates section voller,denn search for the product template,and that while the search for the single,options electronic search for single,option,hier können sie den master select which,contains a very end the previously,showed you and right here you can cia,lässt the product es toren von barry and,we want to build a single top select,oder options within the black ops,bild konnte schnell statement und let's,move für markac wurde die four c leg,that to the body concept,wie kohls color,swatch ist allah weiß so ist optional,ist,wenn just what the default selector,entwendet worden,bild autonews label,das label will simply contender ob james,dazu optionen dort nehmen,newport von color values ersetzt do for,value option dort values,form,and for everyone to date und input,oft im radio,entwickelt so die klare label fonds,input zum label gern,label kennt simply contento value chain,gift das label so werden aus momente des,fonds durch simple kardashian agentur,vorlag index,dort index so dass the way for the first,car to the second world ends,dort index,label vie speedway in puderbach,the last picture donau ist nahm das,input entwickelt simply mit colour zur,disco radio buttons sowie toni one can,be check the time that said,frontend,red,mackenzie radio button for every car,that is what we have one for that one,blue green and only one can be check.de,time so dass es wie gestern ein,profiteam okay sagte max radio buttons,functional and wireless inc javascript,we saw the troops are very important to,value add reviewed and one ist der data,attribut colt index entwickeln simply,kopie des attributs von the default,selector der value add reviews right,here publica vier teenager input,data attribut should be some way around,here der data index,eine kopie des swr,nrw tn,mit,neu ist diesmal problem because the data,index oder optio

Multiple Variants with Shopify via Printful - Shopify Multiple Variants [Create your Shopify Store]

hey everybody Tanya from shooting star,SVG back and tonight I am going to tok,about how to create a multiple variant,product inside of your Shopify store so,I'm just going to show you guys a few,things I've been messing around with,that I discovered the other day so you,can see here if I type in galaxy,leggings it's going to come up with like,nine different variants right when I,haven't slept this one over yet so we,will go through converting that one in,printful and Shopify to get this all,under one but I've already gone through,and done that for these face coverings,here that come in multiple options so if,you click on this camouflage face,covering it's not just this green camo,print it's actually multiple different,styles so instead of listing the same,product six times you can list,everything under one listing which makes,the site look a little bit cleaner that,way you don't have like hundreds and,hundreds of products overwhelming people,right I also went ahead and did this for,the zodiac sign coffee mugs I used to,have 12 different listings and now I,have each zodiac sign listed and one fun,listing and you can also do this for,clothing as well and I have already gone,ahead and done that on a couple of the,legging sets that I have,so if you click on the comic-book,leggings you can see that this white,pair will show up here you can actually,click on the size and choose what size,you want as well as the color and it,will show you what that looks like so I,just thought it was a cool thing that I,stumbled upon the other night when I was,sitting down trying to sleep and,couldn't so I was messed around and I,was like huh there has to be a way to do,this and kind of figured it out so there,is a kind of long way and I kind of have,a short way to do this I'm going to show,you the quickest way and for me since I,create a lot of the same products for,print-on-demand,I'm just gonna do like a basic copy but,for now since I know that I'm going to,focus on these galaxy leggings what,you're going to do is you're going to,pull up your product page and if you,already have,a bunch of variants that are separated,that you want to put together this,process is probably the easiest one so,I'm just going to click on the black,galaxy leggings here okay and,you can see there's a bunch of media and,I'll probably um get rid of a lot of,this these ones take a little bit of,time so maybe it's a bad one to start,with but I'm going to go through a,couple and then I'll pause it and finish,it up and then we'll hop over to,printful so I'm gonna go ahead and click,on add variant whoops that's not what I,wanted to do first I'm sorry you want to,go to your product that you want to add,more to so in this case we're going to,add more colors you're going to click on,more options and edit options and you're,going to add another option and that's,going to be color right so we're going,to start with black and I can only add,one variant at a time because that's,what I have so I'm going to click on,done and you can see that it populates,that blackberry you're going to click on,save and then what you're gonna do is,you are going to click on add variant,and here's where it gets a little,tedious right you can go here you can,duplicate the extra small and then add,your color so we'll just start from the,top and click Save and you're going to,go ahead and do that for all the colors,duplicate that red click Save but if you,don't want to type red in every time you,can just duplicate what you just made,medium,large,extra-large okay and then mm-hmm you can,see that this image is staying the same,and that's fine these will change as we,push them through the printful app so,I'm just going to go ahead and pause,this real quick and I'm going to fill,out the rest of the colors that I have,okay so now I have all 40 of the,variants entered into here by size and,color of the galaxy print now since I,already have these broken up into my,shop getting these on to printful is,going to be pretty seamless because I'm,just gonna end up deleting the base,products after I move them over to here,when I'm done with that I'm gonna go,ahead and show you how to do this in an,entirely different way in case you don't,have products to pull from but it'll be,a very similar process so you're going,to want to go over to your print pull,store and click on View store and at,this point the product should have,synced,you,to the store and I'm just gonna have to,find it here galaxy and what help if I,went back and saved it,you'll see that it shows up on Shopify,here,with all the different variants right,and I'm going to have to go find this,black galaxy leggings and you can see,that 35 or not sync that 35 is going to,account for these colors here right okay,I'm going to go ahead and click on this,and what you'll see is the black galaxy,leggings are going to be here and filled,in,and for this we're starting with the,large dark purple I wonder if there is,easier way to do this,there's not you're just gonna have to go,through and choose your product so in,this case I can go to synched items and,I can click purple galaxy and I'm going,to click on dark purple galaxy leggings,and we're going to go ahead and choose,the large,and bam that's all I need to do so here,we're gonna do Green Green Galaxy and,again we are going to choose the large,there we go and you're gonna keep doing,that like purple and again choosing the,large and if you want to do it like in a,simpler way you just click on whatever,very you're looking to do extra small,small medium large extra large and kind,of go from there or not I thought that,would show me but I guess if your,product isn't synced you can't do that,so we're gonna go ahead and fill all,these out so I'm just gonna do the same,process for all these because I already,have previous products,whoops that I can pull from,so I'm going to go ahead and fill these,out and then when I'm done I'm going to,show you the next step okay so now that,that's completed I should have eight,variants in each one of the categories,and I can do this just by going back and,looking at 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 right so a,quick way to check this is just clicking,on each variant using the drop down you,can see I have 8 variants selected and,the same thing for small medium large,and extra-large and you just want to,double check that this matches this,because if it doesn't then you're in,trouble because the person could order,an extra large and you could be giving,them a small so you just want to go,through and double check on that I've,already done that for all these variants,so I know that they all check out,because I did actually have an extra,small in the extra large so if you could,imagine as somebody who would be extra,small you order an extra small and,receive an extra large it's probably not,going to fit you so you just want to be,mindful when you're going through these,that you're picking the right variants,for the right product so now that that's,there,you should be able to refresh your,product,and it will now give you all of the,variants from printful but one thing you,need to notike here is that the mock-up,file is actually all the same and so,you're going to have to go ahead and,change that mock-up file because it did,duplicate in,Shopify which is not what I wanted so,one thing that you can do is just go,ahead and download the mock-ups on,printful for your variants,when I go ahead and do that really fast,if you've made the Miss same mistake I,did and you can go in and you can change,the image,and you can drop those into,you,you,Shopify then all you have to do is click,on change image,and do that for all of them so I'm gonna,go ahead and do that and then I'll be,back don't make the same mistake I just,did okay so now that I mix fixed my,little screw-up I shouldn't have picked,such a large example to do you can see,that each one has now,gotten their mock-up change to the color,that corresponds with the variant so you,can go back here

Best Variant Apps for Shopify 2022

[Music],what's going on everyone it's jamie here,from shopify masterclass and in today's,video we're going to go over the best,bearing apps for shopify shopify's,existing variant options make it,extremely difficult for partikular,stores to really let the customer pick,the exact variant you're looking for,thankfully there are a lot of really,good shopify apps to help and in today's,video we're gonna hand pick a few of the,apps from our list of the best 26 parent,apps for shopify i'm going to leave a,link in the description so you can,access to the full blog post for each of,these apps we'll take a look at the,description of each of them along with,the key features the ui as well as the,pricing and then lastly the total,reviews for each app and how each app,has performed before i go any further,though i actually want to show a quick,message from our sponsor,[Applause],so,so the first app we have here today is,variant options color swatch it's by,star app studio some of the benefits of,this app are that allows you to redesign,your product options you can show your,variants as image swatches color,swatches image drop downs or buttons,making it easier for the users to find,all the color bearings in a snap you can,also have variants on collection pages,as well as related products as swatches,frames of the ui here you can see the,automated varied image swatch for a,product setup here so you can see,they're shown below we also get,collection page swatches so if a,customer is scrolling through a,collection of products they don't,necessarily want to click into them they,can easily switch the color on this,collection page making it easy to see,all the colors there they also have,connecting similar products as swatches,making it really easy to group products,together on a single page they also have,the prevention of auto selection with,the wrong size they also make it easy if,you do have products out of stok as you,can cross them out as they have a grayed,out appearance so overall it's a very,clean ui and definitely accomplishes its,tasks of having a color swatch and,variant options in terms of pricing they,do have a 30 day free trial starting at,15 a month all the way up to 50 a month,they also have select plans based on if,your shopify staff store a partner store,a trial store or you paused and you're,building your store now which is nice to,see as it allows the users to test,things out in terms of ratings they have,an excellent five-star rating with 614 5,star reviews the second option we're,going to have here is product options,and variant options by px app allowing,for personalized options as well as bulk,variant options along with a colored,swatch it's great for personalization of,your products if you offer that for your,store the shoppers can easily customize,their products for engraving,monogramming custom printing and more,pod products also easy to use for,consumers and allows them to increase,their card size which is beneficial for,your store as it increases your aov in,terms of the ui you can see they have a,color swatch option along with different,sizing and different add-ons it's not,going to show up nicely in your cart and,it's going to easily show up on your,shopify ordered listing making it easy,to sort through terms of the ui looks to,be quite basic and quite clean and easy,to use for your store in terms of,pricing they have a free plan but it,only includes one product at 10 a month,you get unlimited products so it sounds,like the free plan here is really just,to test things out if you do like it you,can access their paid plan in terms of,reviews just ignoring this latest review,here they have an excellent rating of,4.8 with a 134 five-star reviews the,last app we'll take a look here is,global color swatches by globo apps here,and allows you to show product variants,as color swatches or varied images so,some of the key features is the variant,image plus color swatch a customizable,swatch it allows you to customize the,buttons and overall the claim is going,to improve the user experience by,viewing everything as swatches here so,in terms of the ui you can see just like,the first app it's gonna allow you to,add color swatches to collection pages,making it easier for the customer to,shop through your store also gonna cross,out certain variants if they're not in,stok as well it's gonna show automated,variant images swatches and group of,variant images making it easier for the,customer to scroll through you can also,configure multiple options with,different display types and set up,option colors and image swatches by,importing them as bulk as well which can,be extremely beneficial if you have a,large selection of shopify products,overall that is the ui of this product,and its pricing is free which is pretty,hard to beat here and in terms of,reviews they have an overall rating of,4.8 stars with a 152 five-star rating so,overall it is hard to beat as it is free,so i would encourage you to check it out,i encourage you to check out all the,apps on this list as they all have a,free option or a free trial option so,this concludes the best variant apps for,shopify in 2022 i hope you enjoyed this,video i would love if you hit that like,and subscribe button below if you did if,you have any questions leave a comment,again thank you so much for watching and,i'll see you in our next video,[Music]