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shopify product video

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to Add Video to Shopify Product Pages

what's up, guys? paul here from e-commerce gold, and in this quick shopify tutorial, i'm going to show you how you can add a video to your shopify product page. so let's get started right. so there's two ways you can add a video to your shopify product page, and i'm going to show you both of these methods in this video. the first one is to add it to your media gallery. so basically, this goes where all of your product images go, and there's two ways you can add this video. the first one is you can upload it directly to shopify, but there are some requirements for this. the first one is it has to be a maximum of 10 minutes long and two has to be a maximum of one gigabyte in file size, but you can upload up to 4k resolution, which is quite good. the second method is to add the video from a url, and to do this, what you do is click on add from url and then you just copy and paste the videos url. so, whether it's hosted on youtube or vimeo, just get the url for that video, copy it, paste it in this box and then you'll add this file to your media gallery. now i've tried both of these out and my personal preference would be to upload it directly to shopify, because i tried adding the video from url from youtube, because obviously i'm a youtuber, and what i found was at the end of the video. it showed things like suggested videos, which may be distracting to your potential customers because it's based on their recommendations, on what they've been watching on youtube, and it could take their attention away from the actual buying process, whereas the videos that are uploaded directly to shopify just play the video and that's it. there's no kind of distracting things at the end of it. so that would be my personal preference if i was going to add a video to the shopify media gallery. so the second option is you can embed a video in your product description. now, for this, the video does have to be hosted elsewhere. you can't upload it directly to shopify using this method. now i'm going to show you how you can embed a video that's posted on youtube. the reason is i know how youtube works. i'm not 100 sure how vimeo works, but it is a bit more of an involved process than just copy and pasting the url, because you need the embed code and to get this you need to go to basically what the video looks like on the front end of youtube. so if somebody was watching your video, you can't get this code from the creator studio to the back end of your youtube studio. and to get this code, what you want to do is click on share. as you can see, this is one of my videos. click on embed and it will bring up this option and there's a couple of options you can actually select from this as well, so you can choose a specific start time. so if it's say, you got a video hosted and you only tok about this product in one certain part of the video, you can choose to start it when you start toking about that product. you can also choose to remove the player controls as well, if you want to, and you can also enable enhanced privacy mode, which means that youtube won't store any information about the video that's on your page until somebody actually watches that video. but it just been embedded and not been played. they won't actually store any information around that, which is quite nice if privacy is one of your concerns. then, once you've got it- so you've set all these settings up, simply click on copy. so you've copied that code to your clipboard. go back into your shopify dashboard. click on this little play icon here- insert video. then you want to just paste that code that you copied from youtube and then click insert video and you'll see the video is then available in your shopify description and if we preview this on the front end of our site, you'll see that's the shopify uploaded video and there's the video from youtube in the description. so that's how that works. so it's very simple and very easy to add a video to a shopify page and it definitely enhances the user experience and when user experience is enhanced, it can lead to more conversions, which is more money in your pocket. so if this video has been helpful in any way, a like would be absolutely awesome, because it helps me out with the youtube algorithm. so thank you so much for watching. i really do appreciate it. stay awesome and i'll see you in the next one. you

How to Add Video on Shopify Product Page (2021)

what's up? youtubers? edwin anthony here again back at it with another video from resolutions design teaching you everything related to shopify. if you're watching this video, what we're going to learn today is how to add a video product into your product description. why is this important, you might ask? well, let's say you have a product. a picture sometimes might just not be enough. you want to showcase the product. you want to do different things in a video that people can watch. it educate themselves. for many reasons, rather, if it be for sales presentations or just to tok about the benefits of your partikular product. there's tons of ideas. if you don't know how to, one of them could be yourself you explaining it, just like in a video like this of how amazing your product is. it could be anything here. an example you know you could say: this usb is from so and so and this is amazing and this is how to. all you have to do is plug and play and that's about it. you could describe something like that from the owner. or you could run a contest with your clients and then tell them to record an unboxing experience. when they open the unboxing experience, they get to see the packaging. it shows the world what they can antikipate when they receive the product, and then you share it not just on social media, but also on your website. someone that's non-biased, an actual customer right that they really love your products. so that's what we're going to learn in this video today: a very quick process, and let's just go right to it. let's go to the drawing board. all right, let's see what we're working. uh, what are we working with here? let me get this microphone a little bit closer, okay, all right. so in this partikular example, we're back again using turbo. i'm always using turbo. i'm leaving that flag because it's a very good theme and it's very well-rounded, but in reality, you could do this with any theme, so don't think that this is something that's exclusive for turbo, just in case. okay. so if you do run into any issues, then you might need to question your theme developer, whoever gave you your theme. but anyways, let's pretend we have a product that looks like this. okay, so we have a product looks like this and we're planning to have the video fall right under this description. so first we're toking about a yoga block. what i'm going to do is i'm going to go on, then i'm going to go on youtube and i'm just going to go right here and just focus on a random youtuber who toks about yoga blocks. so i guess, shout out to yoga with you, yulinia melania. anyways, shout out to you, right? um? and what we're gonna do here for this example purpose is that we're just going to share this video via embedding. we're going to go right here to the share button. see my mouse. we're going to click on right here where it says share and we're going to click from these options. we're going to click where it says embed, right, so we're going to embed this and let's see some options. let's go ahead and enable privacy enhancement mode and basically what that means is that youtube is not collecting any information until the user actually clicks on the video itself. and, if you want, you could show player controls or you could disable that. you could have it start on a specific time frame of that video, but let's pretend that you're happy with it. we're going to go ahead and copy this code. we're going to copy this code that you see right here. then we're going to go back to shopify. let's go back to shopify. we see this product right here, but we want to go to the admin section of shopify. we want to go to where you see the admin and products, etc. so let's go over here. if you guys don't know how to get here, it's very simple. all you have to do is on this here. let's let's see if we could zoom in so you guys could see the screen. okay, hopefully, hopefully, you guys can see that, okay. so let's increase this monitor view size. okay, click on products. let's look for this specific product. okay, we're going to go ahead and athletik door block. we're going to click in here and this is the product. so, right here, on this product description, you're notiking that it's regular text or, in tiknical terms, it's rich text, because we have all types of abilities that we could do here. we could do, uh, bold, we could do this one. that that's not the area we want to do this at. we want to go into html mode for this. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to hover over right here where it says show html. you see this button right here where it's the less than greater than next to each other. we're going to click on that and we're going to look at our product description. your product description might be less, might be more, i don't know. point is you're trying to search for the last piece of code that was involved in this and in this case we have a closing paragraph code that's listed here. i'm gonna go ahead and press return or enter on your keyboard two times and what i'm gonna do is i'm going to press ctrl paste or ctrl v or copy paste, whatever it is right, and we're going to paste that code right there and press save. once i press save, you'll notike not too much changed here. but when we click this button back to where it says show editor, you'll notike that there is a video there. now, how does this look like on the front end of your website? let's go here where it says preview, on the upper right hand corner. click on preview and you'll notike. we're back to the product and there we have it. we have a video that's showing on shopify. click on it and you get to see juliana. i think that was her name, right? so questions that you might ask yourself is: well, how do i get rid of, like, the title at the top? how do i get rid of the youtube symbol at the bottom? i don't want people to think that it's off of youtube. how do you get the player out. well, i think we toked about the player. there's something in the embedding that you could disable the player. uh, you might have questions such as: how do i make it auto play? that's a whole different topic. we could tok about that real quickly. but long story short, the way that this tiknologically works, in very layman's terms, is that the video needs to live somewhere, and where it's living is inside of youtube server. so, whatever youtube comes with it, you know, uh, they're not charging you tiknically to so that you could house your video into that, like they're not charging you, right, um, and therefore youtube is going to put all their bells and whistles to it, right? um, you could try to do vimeo or vimeo, and they also have like an embedding option which you could just follow the same procedure. uh, and, and, of course, you probably might have a little bit more control when it comes to what should show, what should not show, and mind you that there are some themes that are probably not vimeo friendly. i want to say that all around, these themes are more youtube friendly, uh, due to the html, html code versus the mail. now you might ask yourself: well, what about if i wanted this video natively. i don't want it to pull from youtube. i don't want it to pull from the veil, i wanted to pull from shopify. that gets a little tricky- i'm not saying that it's not possible, but it gets a bit hairy, because now you want to add more things to the server on shopify and chances are it is possible, but you might need to hire a developer to actually do this for you, not to upload the video but to actually embed a code so that it, kind of like, can live there. it gets a little bit complicated, right. so i'd say that what is the best approach? the best approach is the approach that i'm showing you. your customers are not going to care. if there is a youtube symbol, it's fine, and you know personally. if it's up to me, i encourage you to do that, because google- excuse me, youtube- is a platform from who? google? and if it's a platform from google, that means this has to do with what? seo, and if you got videos playing from youtube, right, that's a google business, and then you're trying to do some seo. the points are just gonna go up. so this all just makes sens.

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How to Add Video to Your Shopify Product Description

good day folks, and welcome to the frustrated dropshipper. in this video, i'm going to show you how to add video to your product listings on your shopify store. so, uh, when you go to create a product, shopify doesn't provide any native support in order to add videos to the product description, but they do provide support for adding videos to your image gallery. so, over here, if you had multiple images for your product, you can also have one of those images or one of those slots to be a video. that part is fairly simple to do, but to add a video to your product description is a little harder, and i'm going to show you how to do both. so let's get right down to it. it's pretty simple, both is, but just a bit bit of a process involved with it. so, uh, without further ado, let's go ahead and go to our product page. so when you're on your shopify page, obviously you want to go into your product, choose one of your products and you want to go ahead and add media. so this way here, uh, if you were, add a thumbnail and stuff to your uh or thumbnail if you had multiple images for your product, you just add them here and you do the same thing here for your videos. so i have this video here, downloaded from youtube. it's just just a short little video that i downloaded just for testing purposes. so i'm going to go ahead and click this video and i'm going to go ahead and click on open and this video is going to upload to shopify's server and they're going to process it and make it available. so it might take a couple seconds to in order to for this to complete. now wallets are processing it. there is a message that actually says that to show video and 3d models on your online store, you may need to update your theme. so, depending on the theme that you've chosen with shopify, they may or may not have the support built into the theme so that you can actually display it. if they don't, you can have your theme modified and if they do, then everything's fine. so, as of right now, everything is done here for adding a product to your image gallery or adding a video- sorry- to your image gallery. so i'm going to go ahead and preview this so you can see what it's like. so you can see the videos right here. now it's processed, i'm going to go ahead and hit preview and, as you can see, right now we got our main image here and we also have our video and, as you can see, the video just starts playing automatikally when we click on it. so that's, uh, one way of doing it. the other way there's- uh, we can imbed this video here under the product description. now there's a button here to insert video. but all this does is give you the option to insert a code- snippet of code- that starts with an iframe- to your shopify description. now, that's if you had the video on youtube and they provided an iframe, or you had a video in some other online video hosting service that provides an iframe, a bill code, in order to embed that video. so this is not what we're trying to do here. we're trying to actually use shopify storage for our video. so i don't know why shopify lets you upload a video but doesn't let you just use it in the description. so it's a little weird. so it's still pretty easy to do it. so you go ahead and have your description, and then what you want to do is you're going to add some code and i'll go ahead and put the code in the description here and and you'll see the code pop up here now in a second. but you're going to add this code into the product description to actually have have the video displayed. so let me go ahead and switch, click on right here where it says show html, and then go. i'm going to go to the bottom, i'm going to paste in this code. so this code is fairly simple. it's just a video controls, a video segment, i guess, or block of code. pretty simple. max width is 100, the height is auto. you put in your source code and your video type is mp4. so that's important to note as well. um, you need to specify the type of video and i recommend that you use mp4. not sure if this video control actually supports other videos, i haven't tested it, but i recommend mp4 anyway, and the video i uploaded is an mp4. so there's a couple ways of actually getting the url to your video. the first one i'm going to show you is easy, if you want to have the video here. so if you wanted the video here under your product, like we, not this one, like we've done right here- but you also want it in your product description, then i would do this. but be careful with this, because i don't know if, if shopify authorizes this option so you can do it, and if they tell you you got to stop, then just stop so. but i'm going to show you two different ways to do it. in one way, i think it's more legit either way to continue on. so you got your video uploaded here. you can click on your video. i'm using chrome. once you're in here, you right click on your video and you copy the video address. once you have the video address copied, you go back to your video, go to your source code here, where it says source equals, and replace the your, your, your url goes here with the url you just copied, uh from what we just did. so once you do that, you can now go ahead and save it, reload your product page and, as you can see here, the uh video is here and it's also here as well. so this is a way of getting it in both locations, but only having to upload it once. the other options: if you don't want to have the video here or if you don't want to take the risk that this is actually not the proper way of doing it, then what you have to do is go into your settings. i'm going to open a new tab so i don't have to close down my product description. i'm going to close down these extra tabs here. once you're into the settings here on the bottom left, go ahead and click on files and then click on upload file and then go and select your file and upload it- i've already done it here, as you can see- and once you upload it, shopify gives you the url to where it's stored on their servers. once you have that, then we do the exact same thing again. we go back to our shopify description. we make sure that we're into the show html, we copy and paste in our code, we replace the your url goes here section with the url that shopify provides to you under that upload screen and then you go ahead and save it. and if you go back and look at it here, you'll see that the same thing happens, that it goes and applies the changes and you can go ahead and play your video now from the product description, same as we did before. so that's it. that's three different ways of getting video into your uh product page for shopify. uh, one way is just uploading it directly as a- just the same as you would any other product image- and having it there. the other way is to uploading it as a product image, using the url from that and embedding that url into your product page with the source code that i i'm going to provide. and the third way is to go into the settings and upload and in the files and uploading the file there, grabbing the website address, the url from there, going back into your product description, pasting in your code, pasting in that url that you got a second ago, saving your changes and that's it. so i hope you like this video. i hope you found it useful. if you have any questions, comment below. don't forget. i really appreciate you uh following along and i hope that you uh subscribe to my channel, and that's it. have a great night. see you later.

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Shopify Tutorial: Adding Videos to Product Pages

guys. so today we're going to look at videos on your product pages for Shopify, so don't forget to subscribe to our channel, like the video, etc. etc. so let's get straight into this. why do you want to put videos on your product pages? first off, Google loves videos, so it's great for your SEO. okay, that's the first and most probably most important thing. secondly, you can really give your customers some contextual information about the product, whether it's showing the products and 360 degree turn, whether it's showing them how to use the product, whether it's showing them some care instructions or maybe some information about who made the product, depending on who you're toking to. but videos are great for transmitting information. so let's go and have a look at a product page. I actually took this video out, so that I was just testing it, so let's refresh that. you can see that this is our just green beans sample product page and we do not have any video in it. okay, so we want to place a video here and I'm just going to put a random video in. it's not going to be contextualized to this product, it's not going to make any sense, but we're gonna put a video in there, one of our videos off YouTube. so let's go and have a look at how to do that. so we're gonna go to the admin, we're gonna go to products, we're gonna find that product and when you're in the product here, you work out where you want to put it, put your cursor there and then you'll see this insert video option. here we can insert the video. it's gonna ask you for the embedded script from a third-party website. so you're gonna, first of all, you're gonna upload your video to some of emo or YouTube and that's gonna give you this embed script. I've got my video on YouTube, as you know, so let me just close that sure, this is the normal play screen for YouTube video, and I'm gonna go and have a look at the share option here and I'm gonna click on the embed code, a pretty couple of things. by default, this will not be checked. make sure you check this, because this is basically saying to you: YouTube, do not follow, do not take any information from my website about my customers. and in your privacy statement you've on your website, you've probably got something that says we do not share our information with third-party websites, or along those lines. if you do not check that box, you are, in effect, sharing your information with the third-party service. so let's copy that code and let's go back to our website and paste that code in there and insert the video, click Save, go back to my product page and click f5 to refresh it and my video should be there. perfect, okay. so that is how you essentially insert a video into your Shopify product page. videos are great for SEO. so, yeah, that, put as many videos out there as you can. it's going to be good for your website, good for your customers. make sure the video is a good quality and relevant and it should bring you some more traffic. to see you in the next video.

Easily make videos for your Shopify store | Promo.com app for Shopify

hey guys, my name is Tamar and I'm from promo com. promo com is an online video maker for small business and agencies, but our next challenge was to create a direct solution for ecommerce sites like yours. now we all know what a huge impact a simple product video can make on the purchasing funnel. just like any brick-and-mortar. if someone simply walks into your store, that doesn't mean they're gonna make a purchase. now, research has shown that over 50% of online consumers actually want to see a video before they make a purchasing decision. that's why we're really, really excited to announce our brand-new Shopify video making app, where you can easily make videos just like this one: [Music]. pretty great, right? well, I'm gonna show you how easy it is. let's dive in. so this is my demo store and, as you just saw, this is the product it chose to promote. now, once you install the promo com app, you'll find it here in your Shopify admin. opening the app will bring you to the Welcome page, where I'm going to go ahead and press make a video. first, I'll choose the type of video I want to create. you'll choose one depending on your needs. I'm gonna go with a product video, so here you can see all of my products. I chose this jacket. it's a Teddy bomber jacket. trust me, it's a thing. next I'll browse through these templates. this square video will work best on my product page, but you can choose whatever works better for you. so now I'm in the editor where I can start to customize my video. so this is my preview window and this is my scene selector, and this is where I've all my editing tools. this is where I can select media. I can change my colors. I could choose background music. okay, now I'm going to replace the default image with one of my own product images. I'll select one of my existing photos from our product page. now I'm going to change the text. I'll write something short and sweet like: hot new sale. I can also click enter to break the lines of the text. now, in the preview window, I can scale and position my text by dragging it so that it fits perfectly around my image. after that, I'm going to move on to my next scene in this template. it's the outro. again, I'm going to replace the image. I'll select a version of my logo that best suits my video and again I'm gonna change the text. [Music]. okay, let's preview the video and see if it needs some more tweaking. [Music]. perfect, if I do say so myself. now I'm gonna go ahead and publish it. [Music]. okay, now for the very best part. from here, I can either directly upload it to my product page or publish it to any of my social channels. for now, I'm going to upload it to my product page. let's take a look, and that's pretty much it. like I said before, this is a brand new app. it's free for anyone who installs it now. we really made it for you to use and enjoy and increase your sales. we would love to hear any feedback you have. just leave it in the comment section. we can't wait to see you next time. bye, you.

How To Embed a Video On Your Shopify Product & Home Page

what's up everybody? so today we are going to cover a very hot topic around shopify. we're going to show you we are on a home page here of a shopify store that i'm working on. i want to show you exactly what we're going to do. so you see, there's a video right here. it doesn't have all that youtube gunk up there. a lot of people, if they're just embedding a video from youtube, it's gonna show the youtube channel and everything up there, and if you just made a youtube just for the video to embed it, like a lot of other people are showing you, it's gonna show that you have a youtube channel with one video, no subscribers, brand new, and it's gonna crash your credibility. so if you see, right here, this video will play seamlessly from the home page, and we're gonna show you how to do that right now, especially if you don't know how to code, and this is something that is crucial to gaining the trust or a little bit of an extra step. so the first thing we're going to do is you're going to go to your back end now. this is the product page. we're going to show you how to add it to the product page and the home page as well, a lot of people will tell you to add media right here and plug your video in. but then you're going to get a little error message, more than likely- that says: if you don't know how to code, you're screwed. so we're going to show you how to work around that. so the first thing you're going to do is you're going to go down to settings on the bottom left. you're going to click files in the center column here and then on the top right of the page you're going to click upload file. as you can see down here, i already have the mp4 uploaded here. that mp4 is reflective of this video right here. so what you're going to do is you're going to upload file, you're going to select the video and open it and it's going to create this file. now what you're going to do is you're going to copy this right here, because we're going to use it in just a second and we're going to use it in this code right here. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to put that right there and this top code right here i will put in the description so you guys have it or you can just type it out watching this video here, but this code right here. when you get that up, you're going to see there's one section right here that says your url here. we're gonna copy this right here as such and we're just gonna plug it right in to where it says your url here. okay, ctrl v, and we're going to plug that in. so now we have this full thing here and this is going to be what we're going to use to plug it into the different locations. so i'm going to ctrl c and copy it. first let's show you how to put it onto the home page and then we'll show you how to put it onto the product page. so this one that we have up here. i'm gonna hide that, okay, so there's no video here. and on the left side we're gonna add a section and on the top of the new pop-up we're going to click custom html and then select. now it is going to pop up with this code right here. we're going to select it and delete it, so we have a blank html spot and then the code that we have here. so that is the complete initial code plus this guy that is plugged in. we don't need this guy down here anymore. but this code we're going to copy it, we're going to take it and we're going to paste it right there and you'll see. now we have this seamless video play right here on our home page. let me mute that so you can see. that will play seamlessly, without any icons or anything, any youtube channels around it. so now we're going to show you how to put it on the product page. okay, i'm going to delete this and i'm going to visible that that way we have it here. i don't want two of them. that will tank your page speed. okay, now what we're going to do to add it to the product page, and i will show you what that looks like here. so if we click on full details to go to the product page in the live store and we scroll down, you'll see that here again, we have the video that will play seamlessly in the product page. okay, so in order to do that, we're going to go back to the the back end of your shopify. go ahead and click on products. click on the product you want to add your video to. again, we're going to use this same code here, but it'll end up looking like this: now, on the right side of your options, we're going to click show html and it's going to be this jumbled mess of stuff right here. but if you notike down here at the bottom, we have a code that looks very, very familiar because the two codes are one in the same. so you're gonna take this code and you're gonna plug it in wherever you wanna see it. so if i was to say, put it after the first header, i'm going to give it its own line control v. there's the code and i'm going to save it. now i'm going to go back to the live store and it should pop up right after this header, right here. so let's go ahead and refresh that and there you have it. there's your video. so now we have the video at the top and at the bottom. of course, we don't want that. i just want it to show up at the bottom. so i'm going to go back to my product page and i'm just going to delete that code from the top and i'm just going to leave it down here on the bottom. so there you have it, guys. there is the best way, in my opinion, and a fairly easy way to get your video posted directly into a product page or your home page on shopify. if this helped you in any way, definitely hit the thumbs up button, as that helps this video get visibility in the youtube algorithm, and if you did learn something, hit that subscribe button as well, as we constantly have new content coming out. have a good day, guys.