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shopify removes citing support for violence

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

This Is How I Unblocked My Suspended Facebook Marketplace Account: Everything You Need To Know

my facebook marketplace account was suspended and i was able to get it reinstated just the other day, and that is exactly what i'm going to teach you guys in this video. after all of the trial and error, i was finally able to get it up and online again. it's selling. i'm making my profits again. stay tuned for this video. it's gonna be a very important one. quick intro and let's begin. [Music]. what's up everybody? hope you're all having a wonderful day today. my name is lyron from autods. i'm the content manager and i've also been drop shipping for the last several years, and this video i'm going to tok to you guys about the facebook marketplace account: how to get it back online after being suspended, after getting your account locked. it just happened to me on my account and my va was able to get the account reinstated after following all of the steps i'm going to tok about in this video. one second before we get started. quick reminder: if you are new to a youtube channel, this is the part where you need to subscribe to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that are coming out in the dropshipping world, including product finding, suppliers, marketplaces, tips and tricks, strategies and ways to get out of suspensions and account locks, like this video. so hit that subscribe button, enable those notifications and let's begin. so, as i've mentioned, i was able to get my facebook marketplace account reinstated. these are all of the steps that i took, everything that i went through, all of the trial and error until i finally was able to get my account reinstated. so one bright morning i wake up to the many cells that i'm used to having and, by the way, i will show you guys a live case study of my facebook marketplace account, all of the items that i'm selling and how much i'm profiting from them, and all of that. but that is all coming up. so stay tuned on our video channel. so one bright morning i wake up. i got this error message that you can see over here: you can't buy or sell on facebook. that is because you didn't follow our community standards. i don't know what they are. i know about facebook's commerce policies. i think everything was okay on my side. if you still think we've made a mistake, you can request another review to restore your ability to buy and sell on facebook. then you get a link to click which says request review. so after clicking on this link. i wasn't able to write any text, i wasn't able to add any photos or any documentation to prove to them that i am who i say i am and i am doing the right kind of work here. so you just click on a link and your account gets submitted for review, and then you simply have to wait for an answer. so that is the first thing that i did: i click on that request review button and i waited. the next step after that is i opened a tiket with support. so i clicked on the facebook help and contact on the top right and i went to their support section. i tried to open a tiket. didn't really get an answer there. after that, i sent an email to many facebook departments, hoping that one of them will get back to me and tell me why my account was suspended and what i can do to reinstate it. here's the list of the departments and the email addresses that i sent an email to. only two of them got back to me and they both told me the same thing: you didn't reach the right department. please forward this email to the relevant department. the next thing that i tried is writing on facebook's official business page, so i created a post on their page told them about my issue, didn't really get an answer there. next thing that i tried is deleting all of my listings on my facebook marketplace and also updating tracking information. i am pretty sure that this did have a positive effect on my appeal. i will get to that later, but what i do want to tell you guys is when your facebook marketplace account is locked or suspended, you cannot log into the marketplace and update tracking numbers and also delete your listings because you don't have access to it. but there is a neat little trick where you can access your facebook marketplace account even though it's locked or suspended. i will leave a link to that video right at the end of this video. so stay tuned for that, and when you do that, when you'll use that trick, you'll be able to log into your facebook marketplace account, update tracking numbers on all orders that didn't get tracking numbers yet and delete listings that weren't sold. because you won't be able to delete the listings that were sold. do delete the listings that weren't sold and then you can go ahead and try to make the appeal again. i'm going to get to that in a minute. the next thing i did was i registered my facebook account as a business account. then i tried contacting them by chat on the facebook business account, because you cannot get facebook on chat on a regular facebook account. so i tried that method too. so, after trying all of these methods, i finally got an answer from facebook when i clicked on that request review link that i showed you in the beginning of this video. that's how everything started. so they got back to me regarding that appeal and they told me that they declined my request to appeal for the account. so i was pretty sad when i saw that and even after trying all of the attempts that i just toked to you guys about- but the good news about that is- a few hours later tried logging into my facebook marketplace account again and i saw that same link again. so after they declined my request, the link showed up again where i can request a review again. this time when i clicked on it, it didn't simply send my account details to facebook, it actually let me write an appeal. so something happened here. out of all of those methods that i tried, something worked and it triggered facebook to let me make the appeal on my account again. so when i got the link, it was the same link in the same location when you try to access the facebook marketplace. and once again, this time, when i clicked on the review request link, i was able to make an appeal and this is exactly what my va did in that appeal session. let me show you guys the video. i asked to record the screen because i did want to document this and it is a good idea that we did so. here we are logging into the facebook marketplace. then we get that you can buy or sell on facebook request review. click on the link, and this time it did. let me make a real appeal. so marketplace appeals. please fill out all of the fields. so first we're going to start with a name. copy the name, paste it exactly as it is: last name in the last name field, middle name in the middle name field, and then what is your issue. so i'm going to fast forward the typing. i'm going to get to the end of it, okay. so the message went like this: i started to use the facebook marketplace as a new opportunity to sell online. after the first sales, my marketplace account got disabled. i can't access my marketplace account anymore and i can just have an option to appeal. i didn't break any rules and i always made honest trades. if anything was done wrong on my side, i simply was not aware about it. i deleted all my listings from the marketplace and i'm reading all of the rules and policies presented on the facebook marketplace so that nothing will go wrong in the future. please restore my access to the marketplace. i really believe in it. best regards first name, last name. now, what happened here was 18 minutes on the clock. what happened? after clicking that send button, i get a notification from facebook again. i counted the time: it was 18 minutes after clicking that submit button, i got this notification. your access to the marketplace has been restored and here's the actual reply. thank you for contacting facebook. i'm sorry about the problem you had using the marketplace. i've reviewed your account and i'm happy to let you know that you can use marketplace on facebook again. you may need to refresh your app or browser, close it, reopen. if you see the marketplace, please let us know right.

How Police Can Extract All Your Cellphone Data in Minutes

hi, everyone, welcome. thank you so much for joining us today. today's event will be recorded and shared with folks who are not able to join us live. i'll first introduce myself before providing a bit of context for this presentation and then passing it off to our wonderful presenters. my name is jennifer lee- i use she and they pronouns- and i'm the tik policy lead at the aclu of washington, where i work on drafting and advocating for laws that protect people's civil rights and civil liberties in the face of new and game-changing tiknologies. i'll be facilitating today's presentation and conversation about mobile device forensic tools, or mdfts, which are cell phone extraction tiknologies that allow police to extract and examine the contents of your cell phone, including your call logs, contacts, text, emails, social media, location information and even your search history, in just minutes. we thought that this presentation would be timely because in seattle we're currently reviewing uh seattle police department's use of mdfts under the seattle surveillance ordinance implementation process. a quick background for folks who aren't familiar with the seattle surveillance ordinance: it's a law that requires any seattle government agency using a surveillance tiknology to undergo a public release process and get approval from city council to use that tiknology before it's deployed. currently we're in the process of retroactively reviewing existing tiknologies in use, and one of the tiknologies in this last batch of tiknologies we are retroactively reviewing is mdfts, or cell phone and computer extraction tools. as a co-chair of the community surveillance working group that's tasked with providing recommendations about mdfts to seattle city council, i think it's really important that members of the public and lawmakers are knowledgeable about how this tik works and the impacts it can have on individuals, communities and our collective rates and liberties. after the presentation we're going to have a q a session, so please feel free to drop questions in there, either during the presentation or afterwards. i'm so excited for us to be joined today by emma wile and logan kepcke from upturn, a nonprofit organization in washington dc that works to promote equity and justike in the design, governance and use of digital tiknology. emma weil, who uses they them pronouns, is a policy analyst at upturn. emma's work has included major research into the scope of law enforcement's power to search cell phones, and also tiknical assistance and advocacy concerning access to social safety net programs, such as work with legal aid to maintain and reinstate people's enrollment in medicaid and supplemental security income. emma has a background in computer science and is interested in how tiknology can both obscure and be the site of politikal issues. emma previously interned at the berkman client center for internet and society, researching writing about the internet of things surveillance. logan catkey, who uses he in pronouns, is a project director at upturn. logan's research broadly focuses on the use of new tiknologies and their impact on criminal justike and financial justike issues. recently, logan has led major research efforts on pre-trial risk assessment tools and law enforcement's use of mobile device forensic tools, though his first project at upturn led google to ban ads for payday loans. thank you so much, emma and logan, and with that i'll pass it over to you both. great, okay. so i will share my screen to show the presentation. um, right, i assume everyone can see that. great, okay. so hello, um uh, as jen introduced us, i'm emma, this is logan um, and we're here to tok to you about our uh, somewhat recent report, mass extraction, which is about how police can extract all the data from your cell phone in minutes. um, so, basically, we spent the past few years researching mobile device forensics tools or just cell phone search tools. we sent hundreds of public information requests to various police departments across the country, including small local police departments, state police departments and also from federal agencies. the subject matter of these records requests were records of use for how police use these tools, purchase orders for what they've bought and any policies they have. we also did a lot of tiknical research on how the tools actually are able to get information off of your cell phone and any security protokols they can bypass, and we've basically found that these are extremely invasive tools that are a major expansion of police investigatory power. um, so why do cell phone searches matter? um, what's on our phones in the first place? so our phones keep track of everywhere we go and everything we do. some people have called them a window into the soul. they have a lot of information that we're used to seeing on our phones, so tons of photos, videos, texts, call logs, things that are to your friends and family, regular contacts, calendars and other information like this. that's really obvious. but there's also some less obvious information on your phone. so there's online account information, so your email, your social media and login information for those accounts, and then there's also things like internet browsing and search history and also location history data. that's all stored on your phone. there's also metadata, which is data about data. so, for example, when you last opened an app, which apps you use the most frequently? um, and also sometimes there's location information embedded into files like image files, and this is stuff that we don't always control- that the operating system uses and keeps track of on your phone, um, so there's tons of information on your phone. uh, it's basically centralized and stored in a way that is really, uh, very different from any point in human history where we have not kept as much information on our phones. in order to extract it, police have tools called mobile device forensic tools that look like this. so they're a combination of software and hardware where the police or investigator will plug your phone into these tools in order to extract the data off of it. this is it working on a tablet and you can see it's plugged into the phone and this is sold by a vendor called celebrate, which is one of the main vendors. so these cell phone search tools: if there is security on your phone, a lot of times these cell phone search tools will allow them to get around passwords and other security. if your phone is locked, um, this doesn't really factor in if you unlock your phone for the police or if you don't have a lock on your phone, but it's in service of being able to copy all of the data off of your phone, um. they can also narrow what they do by category or by date, um, so they can do just text, just photos, just calendars or call logs, or they can just extract all the data off your phone, um, and once they have this information, they can analyze it extremely efficiently. this is really different from just having your phone physically in their hands and scrolling through things. this is basically being able to search for different keywords on your phone and pull up everything that has that keyword in it immediately. they also can sort the information on your phone by category, so maybe you they can see all of the images or all the text messages on your phone when it when what data was created, and they can also use different tools, like artificial intelligence tools, to sort data by uh content of the images or even the topic of text conversations, which is implicit information in the data on your phone. so what this looks like, here's a screenshot from the pre-extraction phase of this software. so you can see they're extracting data off of a samsung galaxy s10e and they're checking either the categories of information they want or they could also just check all of the data and once they have done the extraction, this is what it would look like on their computer. so it's a little bit blurry, but hopefully you can see on the sidebar there's different cate.

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Facebook Ads - Watch This Before Launching an Ad! - First Step in Setting Up a Facebook Ad

hey there guys, Mike wagon here and in this video I just like to share with you one of the most important things that you need to know before starting with your Facebook ads for your e-commerce business. so what is the main thing that you need to know before is starting with your Facebook Ads. so number one is that you really need to study the Facebook Ads policy, primarily because if you don't review it and study it word-for-word, you will have a lot of problems along your journey with Facebook Ads. so mainly, they have a page specifically for this, so just go to this link- Facebook addcom, slash policies, slash pads- and from here you can see all of the information that you will need to know before even launching your first ad. so with this document, it already shows you the overview there ad review process and what are the steps to take if you are disapproved, because you will immediately experience this once you start your Facebook ads, especially if you are in e-commerce and you are testing out a lot of different products. and then there's also what you need to understand is the prohibited content, because sometimes you might not be aware that your product or the the ads that you are presenting on the Facebook ad platform is actually prohibited. and then there's also the restricted content. so also some of the policies on their video ads, policies on their targeting policies on their positioning and also their rules on the text and the image lead ads and using also the brand assets of Facebook or Instagram or any of their brands actually. so a lot of ads might say that you can like those ads or share those ads, share those posts, but actually those are prohibited if you just study this, and those ads oftentimes get disapproved, you know. so there's the there data use restrictions and also, finally, things you should know with their advertising policies. so before even starting with your Facebook ads, of course you need to set up your business ad account first, but definitely you will need to read through all this policies set by Facebook. so if you can go to the link personally, you can go through it, please do, but in this video we'll also go through it as well so that it can save you some time also reading. so the overview: we understand our policies. so here are also some common points of confusion to help you build a compliant and user-friendly as experience. here are some highlights of the areas of confusion. so so in the personal attributes, you cannot use those. so what do those include? so it does not. the ads must not contain content that asserts are implies personal attributes. this includes direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person's race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practikes, gender identity, disability, medical, medical condition, physical or mental, financial status, membership in a trade or union, criminal record or name. so you cannot use any of those personal attributes. so they set some examples here: that creative that describes her shows promoting product or service. so that is allowed. but this is not allowed. text referencing or alluding to personal attributes or characteristiks of the targeted group or individual. using the word other to reference a personal characteristik. so here are more examples. so for the race, this is allowed me to Hispanic man, but you cannot indicate that you know or you have a sense of what their race is. so with other men, other black men near you, so you cannot imply that you know that they are black men or black singles. so with religion also, you can use these examples, but you cannot imply that you know that they are a Christian or you know that they are Buddhist. also, with the age, you cannot use other seniors. so because this one implies that you know that they are seniors and you know their age. so we cannot use those kind of copy. then force actual orientation, error, behavior. so if you go through all of this examples you get a sense of what they want to convey here. so basically, you don't want your ad copy to let the, the viewer or the reader know that the ad, the advertiser, knows their characteristiks. so, example: for the names: you cannot target people named Billy and create exact copy named with the words that pertain to their names. again for a criminal record as well. example: are you a convicted felon? so that is prohibited. so in the trade union, if you are a member, dislike your union rep, join our Union today, so that is disallowed. again, for financial status, you cannot say broke, bankrupt, check our services, so this is implying that you know that they are broke or bankrupt. so for the, also: medical conditions: do you have diabetes? you cannot use that. you cannot also imply that they have depression, cannot also imply that they have an anxiety. so any medical conditions, you cannot imply that the visitor or the viewer or reader has that kind of condition. okay, index is sexually suggestive content. so if we read through these, okay. basically, in facebook ads you are not allowed to use adult content. so this includes nudity, depiction of people in explicit or suggestive positions or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually proactive. so the ads that assert or imply the ability to meet someone, connect with them or view content created by them must not be positioned in a sexual way or with an and intent to sexualize the person featured in the ad. so here are some examples that they already showed here. so a lot of these are suggestive with, yeah, sexually suggestive content. again, this images are not prohibited. I mean prohibited, okay. and then, lastly, our Facebook brands, Facebook's assets and brands. so, basically, when you are using Facebook's name in your ads, this is the the rule that you really want to understand. so ads linking to Facebook or Instagram content, including pages, groups, events or sites that use facebook login me make limited references to Facebook or Instagram in an ad text for the purpose of clarifying the destination of the add. ads should not represent Facebook brand in any way. that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature of the creative Facebook brand assets- should not be modified in any way, such as by changing the design or color or for the purpose of special effects or animation. so they created some examples here as well. so do always display the word Facebook in the same font size and style as the text surrounding it. do always capitalize the word Facebook, except when it's part of a web address. and then these are the prohibited examples: no PluralEyes Facebook trademark. abbreviate it as FB or use it as a verb. now use the small letter F or Facebook logos in place of the word Facebook in a and ad copy. and also an example of prohibited is don't use the Facebook corporate logo in an ad. so the best practike here is don't use the logo of Facebook in your ads. don't especially note Facebook or make contests saying that or suggesting that it is on Facebook, and basically avoid using the word Facebook or Instagram in your ad copy or even suggesting that Facebook is part of your brand strategy. and then number tone. the advertising policies is the and review process. so before the I'll show up on Facebook or Instagram, they are reviewed to make sure they meet our advertising policies. the making: typically most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer. so in my experience it is shorter than 24 hours usually. so what we consider during the ad review process: we will check your ads images, text, targeting and positioning in the addition to the content on your ads landing pages. your ad may not be approved if the landing page content is fully function isn't fully functional, so make sure that your website is fully functional. it doesn't match the product or service promoted in your ad and doesn't fully comply with our advertising policies, so it needs to make sure that your ad is actually linking to the landing page that is describing your product or service. so if it links to a different product, so that mean

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Your Missing The SCARIEST Thing About Trumps Banning From Twitter, Facebook, Shopify & More

all remaining systems will bow to the first order and we'll remember this as the last day of the republic. [Music]. [Music]. what's going on? everyone, jeremy, here from the quartering and i will implore you to leave your partisan politiks at the door. this topic is far, far more important than owning trump. okay, there are far too many people on both sides of the aisle right now watching the systematik deplatforming of the president of the united states and reacting emotionally to it, whether they think, haha, take that orange man, cheeto man, drumpf, or they're genuinely mad. most people are not mad for the right reasons. most people don't see this for what this really is, and that is that this is the single greatest power grab by silicon valley in history, and it went unchallenged. nobody stopped them, nobody questioned them. they unpersoned the sitting president of the united states, and most people's reaction are: ha, own drum. you are being so short-sighted if that's how you're looking at this, if you're obsessed with the fact, if you are like enjoying the ducks, oh, shopify, shut them down. ha, take that trump. if you don't wake up, you're just gonna be another cog in the machine of censorship. that's what they want you to do. trump, trump's banning is like a red herring practikally to what's really happening. we saw facebook, youtube, twitter, par or uh uh uh shopify every major silicon valley company act in unison to not only unperson again the sitting president. so what hope do the rest of us have but to squash competition at the most important time? donald trump had 80 million followers on twitter. half of them probably hated him, don't care, right. 80 million. if he would have been, if he had been able to quickly transfer to parlor, what do you think would have happened? 20 million users come over. 10 million users come over, at least right immediately, overnight. parlor is a legitimate, legitimate competitor for twitter. couldn't let that happen. it was so convenient, so convenient that apple happened to issue a 24-hour ultimatum the very same day they battled donald trump. it was just convenient that the google play store removed parlor on the very day they banned donald trump from twitter. what a kawinki dink. but take that, drumpf. ha ha ha. take that right wingers, you're willingly walking to the gallows of censorship to own the right. that's how these people sound. they're literally cutting off the nose, their own noses, despite their face. that's how stupid of a take. that is right now, and i'm sorry if that offends you as one of my viewers. look, i've dropped a couple thousand subscribers this week, a lot of people that subscribed to me when i was covering cyberpunk and all this stuff didn't like that. i also covered, you know, tik, censorship issues and other type of issues. that's okay. that's okay. but you know what? if you're watching this and you aren't currently subscribed, please take a second to hit that red subscribe button right below the video. support this channel, support all tik. i'm doing a whole separate video today about how to get involved with alt tik. parlor bit shoot minds because the mainstream media is literally in cahoots with silicon valley to squash competition. last night we saw shopify takes trump organization and campaign stores offline. reddit bans are donald trump discord bans pro trump server. the donald google pulls parlor from the play store. i'm sorry, this after twitter permanently banning trump. okay, we've seen this playbook before. all we need now is mastercard to cancel his credit cards and we'll have basically what they did to alex jones. but but lost in all of this, lost in everybody on the far left celebrating saying you didn't go far enough. who else should we ban? who? how else can we secure the echo chamber that is twitter? the same people that whine about parlor being echo chamber, also demanding anybody with opposing views be removed from twitter. these people are so dumb. don't be that. don't be that dumb. don't let them suck you in to the partisan conversation. what we saw in the last 24 hours was the single largest power grab silicon valley has ever had, might be one of the- you know, if you adjust for the eras- one of the biggest power grabs in history in the united states, given the amount of control that silicon valley has over communications. this would be like in the 50s when, when there's two major newspapers across the nation and they were suddenly owned by one person overnight, while everyone was- haha, drunk. look, i leave your partisan crap at the door. okay, fine. if you don't like trump, awesome. if you did like them, awesome. i don't care about that. i care about everybody willingly being censored and then demanding more of it. this is dangerous. and then the monopolistik move. oh my god, so perfect, right, such a co-winky dink that the day twitter bans donald trump, google play removes parlor from their app store. what a kawinki dink. oh, what a coincidence on that timing. huh, so convenient that the day twitter bans donald trump, apple issues a 24-hour ultimatum to parlor. and, by the way, everything they say about parlor can be said about twitter. there are extreme posts that happen on twitter all the time and there are extreme posts that happen on parlor. it happens on facebook, happens on reddit, happens everywhere, but when they want you to, uh, care. now it's the first time ever that somebody's posted something heinous. there are bad posts on parlor. i have 165 000 followers there and i've never once seen one in my replies. but obviously there are screenshots of now banned accounts- no, mostly. and now you have amazon employees- amazon employees- oh, this other thing i want to tok about. so a lot of people said: well, trump wasn't the pl, the president wasn't d platformed, he still had the potus account actually, no, he didn't, because he went to the potus account and twitter immediately removed the posts and locked him out of that account. so, yes, silicon valley, specifically on person, the sitting president of this nation and amazon workers now demand parlor be removed from amazon's web hosting service. enough is enough. amazon hosts parlor on the amazon web services cloud. as amazon workers, we demand amazon deny parlor services until it removes posts doing: say, amazon our parlor already had. this is a such another hilarious lie spread by the mainstream media. amazon already has a policy. our parlor already has a policy against this stuff. parlor needs to find a way to stay on the play store and stay on on the apple uh app store. now, that's an uncomfortable, that's an look i. i said this on my parlor account and i basically got ratioed by my own viewers saying: no, we can't, you can't bend the knee, you can't bend the knee. well, that's fine if you want to be gab. i'm not saying to bend the knee, but what i'm saying is figure out a way to stay on the platform. don't miss this opportunity. what a kawinkidink that google removed it when 80 million people are potentially looking for a new home. 80 million people follow donald trump, half of which probably hated him. right, they're like the trump. reply guys or journalists and all this crap. another 20 million bots. let's say that's still 20 million new potential users coming over overnight. overnight, we saw this happen already. once i went from like 20 000 followers on gab to 160 000 overnight the last time there was a mass exodus. i probably would have had 500 000 after this one, but in a coincidence, in a colossal coincidence- people couldn't download the app. parlor was basically down all day yesterday too, from the huge influx. this is what mainstream media does. i don't care if you don't like trump, look, he's gonna be out office in two weeks, okay, all right, that makes you uncomfortable, it's just the overwhelming likelihood, all right. so now you've got biden, who isn't going to push back against this stuff, and you're going to have 10 years of this. biden's going to be here for two years and he's going to step down and campbell is going to run and and be president for 10 years. you can have 10 years- 8 to 10 years- of this o.

WARNING: Are Anti-Biden T-Shirts NO LONGER ALLOWED? [Amazon Merch]

hey, what's up, guys? in today's video i wanted to tok about joe biden t-shirts because i did a video not too long ago toking about how we're making some pretty easy sales, uh, playing the same you know obvious politikal niche and playing it both ways. however, i've notiked an uptik in community members toking about getting biden shirts removed. now, i don't want to tell you specifically to remove any shirts right now, but i want to put some, um feedback that i've seen on your radar, assuming you may be selling some joe biden related shirts and really, um, i don't even know how to call like, we just call it the politikal niche. uh, this is kind of uncharted territory with what, uh, amazon's been doing lately. so that's what we're gonna tok about in this video. let's get started. [Music]. quick reminder: take advantage of the weekly print on demand giveaway. it's free. two winners are gonna be randomly selected and announced this sunday. they're going to receive a license to merge titans, upload automation, merch ninja, research tools, all sunsets, premium graphics and bubble scout, the premier redbubble niche research and validation tool. you'll find a link at the top of the description, all right. so, as mentioned before, uh, it wasn't that long ago- i did a video toking about how we can make print-on-demand sales selling t-shirts and whatever else related to um, basically, i mean i i say joe biden, but what is it really? it's really just whatever the tv is toking about. all right, i don't watch a lot of tv, but i can kind of guess what the mainstream news has been uh covering recently by just doing niche research on amazon. like i don't even need to go to the source, i can just see what t-shirts are selling and make a pretty educated guess because, like we always say, like out of sight, out of mind, you know what is the tv not toking about. i think that's a lot more relevant than what the tv toks about half the well, more than half the time, almost exclusively. anyways, the purpose of me saying that is that when the tv toks about something and the people that the toking heads read their script, that's what people are thinking about. and what people are thinking about is like step one to generating sales. so a lot of us were selling politiks, joe biden, what do i call it anymore, i don't even know. we're selling joe biden shirts and a lot of them were removed lately. so first thing i thought of was: is it trademarked? you know why are they getting removed? all right, and i know when i say a lot, it's um, it's subjective, right, it's relative, like we don't. what does a lot really mean? you know, because there's not some graveyard that we can just go to and see all of the shirts that were removed and kind of figure out why. all right, and i'm going to show you some of what the community members were saying about their removals. but first, i think you know was? was it trademarked? did we miss something? is there a word that's being included in the ones that get removed? that is trademarked. so i looked at, uh, fjb in this case, because i had somebody message me directly saying that they had multiple fjb shirts removed. and when i look at the uspto website, i see three fjb's with the live dead indicator and two of the three have a registered number. so let's check out those two records. the first one says that it is protected on the following goods and services: fjb balloons, sail boards, trampolines, archery bows, badminton rackets, billiard tables- a lot of fun activities, but nothing related to the clothing: t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. okay, so we're good to go there. the next fjb protected on entertainment, namely live music and concerts performed by musical artist or musical group and a website on a global computer network. okay, good, so we're good to go here. nothing related to shirts, clothing, um, even by like some fringe broad description. no, we're good. okay, so it's not that. so then, what the heck is going on now? we're just left to guess, and again, the big part of me making this video is to like just kind of inform you that, uh, we've seen this before and actually i'll wrap the video with toking about that. but let's look at what some people had to say, and i blurred out their names. but so this was the person that sent me this screenshot that had multiple removed and they had uploaded to merch by amazon, um, multiple shirts that were in that fjb niche. that was crushing, you know. it was like an overnight success, came out of nowhere, um, and was the best-selling shirt for a while, and you can see their title was fjb, pro-america ford joe biden, fjb. okay, now, fjb, we know that. i'm pretty sure f in fjb was for um, it was meant to represent the word for f-o-r right, for joe biden, pro-biden right. we're selling it to biden supporters. um, look at why they were removed. it says we are contacting you because your submission appears to violate our content policy. and then they cite the content policy part that says content using profanity to attack a group or individual. so they're saying that there was some profanity included in the listing. however, they confirmed that they didn't have any profanity in the listing. so what do we do here? right, because there's still fjb shirts on merch by amazon and there's still new ones getting through. yet for some reason, some people are getting theirs removed, and not just one, but multiple, and we know that is like you gotta avoid the rejections. you gotta avoid this. wasn't, i guess, a rejection? um, was it your recent design submission? um, okay, maybe it was a rejection, so maybe it never got live. uh, i always wonder, because if they start like doing algorithmic sweeps of live shirts and pulling them down too, that's also one that we really need to be aware of, um, but anyways, so i want to put that on your radar. there's a second one here. they said: be careful with your auntie biden shirts. they seem to be souring to them. mine was funny and not hateful like i see a lot of them, and i got this nasty reject. it was an original theme with the word sh, apostrophe t in it. they have since redlined that word and i got this rejection after about a week of them holding it under review, um, so basically it's like the takeaway here is: it may be that it was a biden shirt that, in this case, actually did have profanity, whereas the previous ones that i just showed you did not- i mean, i didn't show you the actual shirt, but he confirmed that they did not- whereas this one did have the word in it, uh, although, look at this one right? so this one says the one that didn't have profanity cites the rule content using profanity to attack a group or individual that didn't use profanity, and then the one that did use profanity links to content that promotes, incites or glorifies hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views. so, and the person that posts this, by the way, is very active in the merch by amazon group, um, i trust them when they share um feedback and whatnot. they're very, like i said, very active doing well with their merch account. so they did this just as a public service announcement and i wanted to kind of pass that along to everybody on youtube. just be careful, i don't know what's going on. i don't know what's changing. it's interesting that merch by amazon's, like algorithmic rejections, are mixing up the content policy violations and not neces. it doesn't seem like they're pulling the right ones, but anyways, um. one last one. this person says i put an anti-biden shirt and it's on manual review. i regret it. and then someone posted in the comments: mine got rejected too. it's my best seller on t public and redbubble guys, i don't know what to tell you. you know, it's a weird time to be alive right now, as we know, because it wasn't that long ago. what was it less than a year ago where we were in the same boat? we were doing the same thing- just swap out the word biden for trump- and we were making- hopefully everybody was making- a lot of sales catering to the pro-trump crowd and the anti-trump crowd, right, um? but as we all remember, i'm sure one day out of the blue pro-tru.

Parler BANNED From Apple App Store

conservative social media app, parlor has been banned from the google play store and apple is threatening to completely remove the app by monday. in this video, we're going to review what does that mean for social media censorship, why are they threatening to take it away and how does this affect us? it's going to be an interesting video. what's been an interesting week of crazy events: trump getting hard block, trump getting censored, trump getting banned. i hate to get into politiks, but we gotta do it. let's get right into it. welcome back to shadow band with bobby krieger. i'm your host, bobby- where we tok about everything- social media censorship. now, the way i try to format these videos is by giving you the facts, by showing you exactly what's happening, and then i'll try to interject a little opinion at the end. this is not a politikal channel. it's gonna seem like that because everything surrounding social media censorship right now is just too big to ignore. but we cover everything, from hip-hop artists to influencers, from celebrities- anyone who is being censored or shadow banned on social media. we cover it and we give a really tiknical analysis. so if you have any politikal opinions, feel free to drop them below. trust me, i understand both sides of the situation. so let's get right into it. oh, but before we do, make sure to like. this video helps us out within the algorithm because, you can never know, we say a lot of trigger words, quote unquote, meaning these videos get picked up as spam. so it really helps us so we don't get shadow bad. all right, let's look into it. so google suspends parlor from the app store. urges tighter content modulation. now just a quick backstory. parlor is essentially conservative twitter. they kind of base themselves as the free speech app, but, trust me, plenty of people get banned on parlor. so google on friday suspended social media platform parlor from its app store, while joining apple and calling on the platform to tighten its content moderation rules or risk permanent removal. google said in a statement that it's suspending parlor, an app popular among conservatives that has gained popularity in the recent months over its hands-off approach to content moderation, due to the continued position in the app that it says to incite to, and see seeks to incite, ongoing violence in the us. in order to protect user safety on google play, our long-standing policies require that apps, just by user-generated content, have moderation policies and enforcement that removes irrigenious contents like spots that incite violence. and as a result of this, what happens? parlor jumps to number one on the app store after facebook and twitter banned trump. so the idea is everybody is kind of flocking to download it before apple, supposedly, is going to delete it. this is what i saw happening from the very beginning. now, from the very start, once trump was banned off twitter, i said he's just going to move to parlor and it's going to create a worse environment because he's creating an echo chamber on parlor. now, whether you agree or disagree, we could all certainly agree that having too much of the one-sided opinion isn't good for anybody and only the most radical people will jump to parlor. uh, you know, because they're the ones that already are agreeing with everything. so it just creates an echo chamber. it's not good for anybody. you kind of want people out in the open. now, the libertarian perspective has always been this. so check out this comment from alexstep. he says, now that trump has been banned on twitter, he can only get his messages out by using checks, notes, newspapers, magazines, books, radio, broadcast tv, cable tv, movies, press conferences, blogs, podcast, email, text messages, every other social media. so the idea behind trump being banned on a platform has always been: twitter is a private company. facebook is a private company. they can do whatever they want. and by kicking trump off a platform, there will be a demand for a new app, which trump will move to, which makes complete sense. trump moves to another platform and there's a demand for a conservative version of twitter or a free speech version of whatever, or something that's just marketed as such makes complete sense. well, what do you do when apple and google play cut the demand off right away and they say: no, this cannot exist. you cannot do this without content moderation. very, very interesting. now, as a response, some people are saying: hey, what are you going to do if you get banned? a lot of conservatives are saying: what am i going to do if i get banned? he says it doesn't matter, because if i, i have nowhere to go if i get banned on twitter. now some people on the other side are applauding this and they're saying it's dangerous to have an app that has moderation. they're saying that you know, the people that are looking for this type of content don't deserve to have a voice, don't deserve to have a platform. so we're seeing applause from both sides and it's really, really tricky. now. this is a growing list, so platforms that president trump has been banned on: twitter, google, spotify, snapchat, instagram, tiktok, pinterest, youtube, twitch, reddit, shopify and the nike sneakers app- nike way to take a bold stance. uh, and this is kind of the only opinion that i agree with here: i can't wait till twitter is five people who all agree with each other. then it will be good then at last. and then somebody responded: no, twitter needs to do the right thing, just delete all of our accounts. that's kind of the only way to free us here. so the important question here is: what exactly does incite violence mean? because this is all under the premise of inciting violence, and that's the new trigger word that we have to tok about in 2021: inciting violence. essentially, what twitter, facebook, instagram are saying is that trump is such a threat that it overrules freedom of speech. now, keep in mind, he's a private company, so this gets a bit tricky. but but listen to me here. there's certain things you can't do. you can't dox somebody or publicly give out someone's information. you can't yell fire in an airport, and the reasons behind this are: there's a view that statistikally, there is enough of a chance that will lead to danger. so you could yell fire in an airport and nothing could happen. you could give someone's information out. nothing could happen, or the person whose information you leak could not care. but there is a greater risk that something could happen. so it's worth giving up a little freedom of speech. what facebook, twitter, instagram have said is that trump essentially falls under the same category. he is such a threat to incite violence that he is not allowed on the platform. now my only question to facebook, instagram would be: okay, what are the numbers here? for example, if you're yelling fire or you're doxing someone, we could look at the data. we can see how many people have been doxxed, how many fbi raids have happened because somebody has been doxxed, how many people have been put at stake. we can look at how many people have yelled fire. what exactly is the number, the figure, the data, what is the reference that we're looking at for donald trump? is it number of violence, statistik? and how do you statistikally link it? and i understand there's people yelling at me right now going he incited a riot. that's maybe true, but how do you prove and put it and tie it directly? and then, how do you correlate it specifically to social media? because if you're going to limit freedom of speech. i would at least say: i would just at least say: you at least have to argue that and there has to be merit to the argument and you have to show and prove to us that you're at least trying to make the argument, because it is a big thing you're doing, you're censoring here and i think that the people deserve to know the principles behind what's happening and we deserve transparency at the very least. twitter from a consumer perspective, because you're you may be saying, bobby, it's a private company, they can do what they want. from a consumer perspe,