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shopify removes trump stores citing for

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

This Is The Worst Company In The World: A Case Study on PayPal

- Imagine paying back a friend for dinner and being asked to use a service with terrible reviews

- PayPal has a market cap of over 300 billion dollars, but a reputation as one of the worst companies in the world

- Centralized financial services like PayPal have too much power over people's money

The Problem with Centralized Financial Services

- Financial companies have a responsibility to their shareholders, which can lead to bad practices

- PayPal's terms of service redefine what money means, making it a permissioned tender

- PayPal's acceptable use policy is too broad and restricts people's ability to use their funds as they see fit

- PayPal uses automated filters to flag certain transactions, which can lead to innocent people being censored

The Dangers of Financial Censorship

- Financial censorship is inevitable with centralized financial services

- Innocent people and perfectly legal transactions are often caught in the crossfire

- Financial censorship excludes those living at or below the poverty line

- PayPal is a perfect case study for why we should not trust any single authority with our money

- Peer-to-peer mechanisms, without intermediaries or third parties, are the best way to handle digital payments

- Financial censorship is a dangerous practice that should be avoided at all costs.

Your Missing The SCARIEST Thing About Trumps Banning From Twitter, Facebook, Shopify & More

- Silicon Valley's power grab through deplatforming the sitting president is a dangerous move that went unchallenged.

- Both sides of the aisle are reacting emotionally without seeing the bigger picture.

Main Points:

- Deplatforming Trump was a red herring to the real issue of Silicon Valley's monopoly and censorship.

- Trump's ban was a convenient excuse to squash competition and maintain control.

- The power grab by Silicon Valley is one of the largest in history and has dangerous implications for free speech.

- Both Twitter and Parler have extreme posts, but only Parler was targeted because it posed a threat to Twitter's monopoly.

- Amazon employees are now demanding Parler be removed from Amazon's web hosting service.

- It is important to recognize the dangerous implications of Silicon Valley's power grab and not let partisanship blind us to the bigger issue at hand.

- We need to support alternative platforms and challenge the monopoly of Silicon Valley.

Trump's Next Target: DROPSHIPPING [Trade War UPDATE for Shopify and Amazon FBA Sellers]

Trump's new update for ecommerce sellers may benefit Amazon sellers but not dropshippers. The update comes after the recent tariff updates which raised import taxes and duties for items shipped in bulk from China. The new update involves pulling out of the Universal Postal Union treaty which allows for subsidized foreign shipping to make it cheaper to ship goods into the US. This has resulted in cheaper shipping from China to the US compared to shipping within the US. Dropshippers may be impacted by the removal of the packet program, which was introduced in 2010 and falls under the treaty. This program allows for very cheap shipping on small and light packages. Amazon sellers and brand owners may benefit from the update as it may lead to less counterfeit products being sold. The pros and cons of the update are mostly in favor of Amazon sellers and against dropshippers. To be successful in ecommerce, it is important to keep up with updates and changes in the industry.

Trump Just F*cked DropShipping...? (No More Cheap Shipping Rates??)

President Trump Withdraws from International Postal Treaty: What Does It Mean for Dropshippers?

Recently, news surfaced that President Trump was withdrawing from a 144-year-old international postal treaty. This treaty allowed for easier shipping methods between countries, particularly developing countries. However, as China has developed rapidly, they have gained a privileged position in the treaty. For dropshippers, this means the potential loss of the ePacket shipping method, which is cheaper and more reliable than alternatives.

What are the implications for dropshippers?

- The process of withdrawing from the treaty will take at least a year, so there is time to adapt.

- Chinese suppliers may start housing products in warehouses in larger countries, like the US and UK, which is already happening to some extent.

- This could lead to faster shipping times and the ability to compete with Amazon in terms of shipping.

- This could also benefit smaller brands and businesses by allowing them to access faster and more reliable shipping methods.

While the withdrawal from the international postal treaty may seem daunting at first, there are potential benefits for dropshippers in the long run. It may force suppliers to adapt and provide faster shipping methods, which could level the playing field for smaller businesses. As always, it is important to stay up-to-date with industry news and adapt to changes as they arise.

Parler BANNED From Apple App Store

Conservative social media app Parlor has been banned from the Google Play store, and Apple is threatening to completely remove the app by Monday. This video aims to review what this means for social media censorship, why they are threatening to take it away, and how this affects us. It has been an interesting week of crazy events, with Trump getting hard block, censored, and banned. This is not a political channel, but we cover everything surrounding social media censorship right now, giving a technical analysis.

Google suspended Parlor from its app store, while calling on the platform to tighten its content moderation rules, or risk permanent removal. Parlor is essentially conservative Twitter and has gained popularity in recent months over its hands-off approach to content moderation. The idea is that everybody is flocking to download it before Apple supposedly deletes it. However, Trump moving to Parlor creates an echo chamber, and only the most radical people will jump to Parlor.

Platforms that President Trump has been banned on include Twitter, Google, Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Shopify, and the Nike sneakers app. Inciting violence is the new trigger word that we have to talk about in 2021, and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are saying that Trump is such a threat that it overrules freedom of speech. However, there is a greater risk that something could happen, so it's worth giving up a little freedom of speech.

My only question would be, what are the numbers here? How do you statistically link Trump to inciting violence, and how do you correlate it specifically to social media? If you're going to limit freedom of speech, at least show and prove to us that you're at least trying to make the argument, and there has to be merit to the argument. We deserve transparency at the very least from a consumer perspective.

Will Trumps New Policy Kill Dropshipping? The Death Of E-packet Shopify Dropshipping

- Donald Trump's recent attack on package shipping has caused concern among dropshippers

- However, the impact on Australian dropshippers may not be as significant as initially thought

Points to consider:

1. Trump may not completely eliminate package shipping, but rather increase the cost by 10-30%

- This may lead to a slight increase in shipping costs, but not enough to significantly harm dropshippers

- Dropshippers may need to raise their prices to account for the increased shipping costs

- This may benefit established dropshippers who can negotiate better rates with their suppliers

2. The US is not the only market for dropshippers

- Other countries, such as Norway, Sweden, Brazil, and Argentina, may offer opportunities for dropshippers

- Dropshippers may have an advantage in these markets as they are less crowded than the US market

- While Trump's attack on package shipping may have some impact on dropshippers, it is not necessarily a cause for concern

- Dropshippers may need to adjust their strategies and explore other markets to continue to be successful

- Ultimately, the full impact of Trump's policy remains uncertain and dropshippers should not panic, but instead remain adaptable and prepared for any changes that may occur.

Facebook, Instagram ban Donald Trump indefinitely after supporters storm U.S. Capitol

Mark Zuckerberg Blocks President Trump on Facebook and Instagram Indefinitely

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced that they will block President Trump on Facebook and Instagram indefinitely due to the risks of allowing him to use the platform. This move is significant as Zuckerberg has always sided with free speech and has been against regulation on the platform. However, the recent events at the Capitol have led to this decision.


- Zuckerberg believes that the risks of allowing the president to continue to use the platform are too great.

- The block is an extension of the 24-hour block that began last night.

- Facebook has always allowed political speech, even controversial speech, but the current context is fundamentally different.

- Zuckerberg and Facebook have been criticized for enabling the organization of the events at the Capitol and not being quick enough to take things down.

- The block will last at least for the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.

- The move is significant as Facebook has always been against regulation and has called for guidelines to limit speech on the platform.


- Is Facebook trying to get ahead of tighter regulations with this move?

- Will Facebook revisit its policy of elevating reputable news content permanently?

- Will Facebook be more stringent in preventing the use of the platform for bad?

Mark Zuckerberg's decision to block President Trump on Facebook and Instagram indefinitely is a dramatic move for Facebook. This move shows the shift in Facebook's stance on free speech and the need to prevent the platform from being used as a tool for bad. This move also raises questions about Facebook's policies regarding credible news content and its bias in regulating content on the platform.

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