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shopify responsive themes

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

Download Easily Editable & Fully Responsive Shopify Themes

friends,if you want free shopify themes download,visit,ready stores,teams.com,restore themes.com,[Music],many shopify themes,available,[Music],on this store,free download shopify themes,[Music],if you want see,this theme preview,click on view demo button,now show this store preview,[Music],if you want,[Music],see this theme preview,click on view demo button,password demo,now see this theme look,[Music],if you want,download this theme,[Music],click on,download button,click on download now button,now downloading this,theme,if you want,paid more shopify themes,this theme for,pets product selling,this theme for,women fashion,product selling,accessories,[Music],click on view all button,[Music],many themes available,[Music],if you want,by this theme,first you see this,theme,look click on view detail,copy demo,click on view demo button,paste demo,[Music],[Music],now,see this theme look,[Music],if you want to buy this theme,[Music],go back,[Music],click on buy now button,continue to chat,use whatsapp,[Music],[Music],copy theme name,[Music],send message,i want,this,send a message,if you,[Music],if you like my,video,share with,friends,and subscribe my,youtube channel,thanks for watching,video

10 Best Shopify Themes With Beautiful eCommerce Designs

it's essential to make sure you pick the,exact right e-commerce platform and the,best site theme,here are the best shopify themes with,beautiful ecommerce designs,whether you need a theme for your online,store or to use for your next client,website project,we have you covered woki is one of the,best shopify themes,you could find if you're looking for,versatility it's the latest update,included 16 new skins,loads of blocks to help you build the,ecommerce layout,you want bizzell is a multi-purpose,shopify theme,offering a classic looking storefront,for all kinds of ecommerce businesses,including fashion,electronics and food and drink,shella is all about performance it,includes features such as,advanced filters a banner builder and a,mega menu builder if you want one of the,best shopify templates,this is a great option,gecko is a responsive shopify theme with,a range of,subtly different home pages and layouts,it's bright and inviting and takes,advantage of all the shopify selling,features,under the moniker of fast store version,4 this multi-purpose theme has seen,plenty of updates since the original,version,it's now faster with less complexity and,has seen support for shopify features,like shopify sections added as well,handy is a stylish responsive and easy,to use shopify theme it's a great choice,if you are looking to start a shop,selling handmade products,the theme comes with plenty of features,like an out of the box layout,configurator,that allows you to set custom layouts,mega menus video slideshows,live searches and more,the bell shopify theme by elite author,adorn themes,is worth taking a look at its latest,version includes,four new christmas themed layouts for,when the festive season,comes around this is one of the coolest,shopify themes for sale,on themeforest featuring more than 225,home pages,40 plus drag and drop sections and over,10 headers so you can build your perfect,shopify store,porto shopify theme is not only a,shopify theme it is a powerful package,that has everything you need,for your shopify store,[Music],this theme provides many different,layouts and design styles,powerful theme settings and is easy to,customize for any business or store,while also providing over 45 preset,homepage layouts,great for launching your store,immediately,and if you're looking to learn about all,things design why not check out some of,the other excellent videos that,envirotouch plus,has to offer if you like this video and,would like to see more,consider giving us a like and even,subscribing if you haven't already,and don't forget to click the little,bell icon to be notified of all new,videos including tips tricks,and tutorials

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The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

in today's video i'm going to show you,how you can make one of the best online,stores out there with ecommerce themes,that are a designed to be fast and also,high converting so,shopify has rolled out five new free,themes and 65 updated paid themes that,work with online store 2.0 features,literally so exciting so i'm going to,take you guys through some incredible,shopify themes so that you guys can,decide which one is right for your,business in 2022. each one of these,offers industry leading performance and,deep customization but can we just get a,little sneak peek here okay let's look,at some of these amazing themes so first,of all look at this one this one's,called context and i just feel like it,would be perfect for someone who is,starting like a clothing store but maybe,wants a bit more of an editorial vibe,and then this one over here look at this,one this one's called loft and i feel,like it would be so good for anyone,selling home goods so that's just a,little preview but definitely stik,around till the end of this video,because i'm going to go through a ton of,themes and just discuss the specifics on,who they're good for and how they can,work for you and your business,[Music],okay guys so what exactly is a theme so,if you think about it themes are kind of,like the skeleton of your online store,it's just going to define what your,store is going to look like so for,example,in this theme over here,this has one main image for the banner,but if you look at this one it's going,to allow you to put two images for the,banner and a theme is also going to,define some of the functionality of your,store so for example when i click the,cart on this theme it pops up as a,sidebar and then when i click the cart,on this theme it's just going to take up,the whole page,so if you guys don't already know when,you create your online store with,shopify you can choose between either,free themes or premium themes and it's,really nice because there are more and,more free themes that are being released,recently so there's tons of options,there and then as of now there's also 60,paid themes and you can find a theme,that works really easily for yourself,because you can narrow it down by,industry price and then just basically,find the design that you're after okay i,know you guys are wondering are shopify,themes better than other themes out,there and i just want to say really,quickly just want to say this from the,jump shopify themes,are,amazing they're amazing first of all if,you are not tik savvy shopify themes,were going to be perfect for you because,all of the features that you need,already come built into your theme,you're probably,never going to need to hire developer,because 99 if not 100 of what you need,already comes built into your theme,but but if you are a perfectionist like,me and let's say you do want to do like,a little tweaks and like edit,you can edit your store without touching,any code so let's just look at my screen,here for one sec because i actually do,think this is really important so if we,look here you can see that i can easily,edit these sections and these blocks,to look exactly how i want and i can add,apps and i can add apps through app,blocks like there's so much flexibility,here obviously hiring a developer can,get really expensive really quickly so,this is a really good option if you are,just starting maybe you're trying to,save a bit of money and another thing,that i really like about shopify themes,is that you can get set up in literally,less than 24 hours like that is not an,exaggeration it is so fast you could get,set up,between zoo meetings you can get set up,while your bagel,is toasting you can get set up before,your roommate is done with the shower,okay i don't know probably not that fast,but one thing is for sure you can,definitely get set up before the,pandemic is over,that's a little food for that so this,could be your sign,to get going so it is really quick to,get set up but it's also really good at,getting your vision into the real world,you know when you have like an idea in,your head and then you're like okay like,i know what i want this to look like i,have this idea in my head and then you,put it out into the universe and it's,just like not really what you were,hoping it would look like i feel like,that's definitely happened to me before,but i feel like with shopify themes you,can you can get your branding and your,vision out into the real world because,you just have so much control over,styling,over everything and,have you ever been on a website on your,phone and it's just like not as good as,it would be on desktop but with shopify,since themes are responsive i feel like,that just pretty much guarantees that,your store is going to look dope whether,it's on the phone whether it's on the,desktop,wherever we've all gotten to be very,impatient creatures and let's be real no,one really has the time to wait for even,like four seconds for a page to load but,with the online store 2.0 let me tell,you the speed and performance,it's good as long as we don't overdo it,with the heavy videos and like heavy,images and that kind of thing these,themes are going to be,so fast guys not nearly enough people,pay attention to this but shopify's,themes are going to be highly accessible,by design and i think this is really,important to me because everyone has,different abilities like for example,some people might not be able to read,small type maybe they're just unable to,see maybe they're color blind,some people are unable to use a mouse to,click on products to purchase so they're,going to rely on a keyboard alone to,navigate the web and with any shopify,free theme that you choose or paid theme,you can be sure that it's meeting the,latest accessibility standards baked in,by default shopify actually requires the,people who are making these themes to,make sure that users can navigate,through an entire theme with only a,keyboard and a screen reader i love it,i'm here for the inclusivity,last thing that i really like about the,new online store 2.0 themes is that you,are fully covered when it comes to,support like,if you decide to get any free shopify,theme today you would get an hour of,free design time and in those sessions,the support advisors just have tons of,ideas on how you can get more sales and,if you got a paid theme you can chat,with someone who can give you ideas on,how to get sales too so literally,support in every direction,all right guys this is the age-old,question should you go for a free theme,should you go for a paid theme all right,here's the t so i feel like if you are,just starting out if you're just getting,your feet wet a free theme is a good,option because there's going to be light,they're going to be flexible and if,you're looking to have the ability to,tweak the ability to get your theme,super on brand you can definitely do,that with a a free theme you can get so,granular to the point where like you can,choose whether your buttons are going to,have rounded corners,or sharp edges you know what i'm saying,so i do love a free theme,but nothing hits,like a good paid theme this is just my,opinion,i find that with premium themes is just,such a breath of fresh air because you,have so much more control you can get,really granular with your settings and,your designs,in a way that's just not as possible to,that level with free themes for example,you can add animations,you can have product details pop up on,hover you can even change the spacing,between letters and those are just to,name a few and i think i mean these,themes aren't just made by random people,they're literally made by shopify's,theme store partners who have been,building themes for over a decade,developing good themes,for you is their entire business so they,always want to ensure that their themes,are on point that they're giving you,incredible customer support so yeah,there's just nothing like a good premium,theme so if you are new a free theme is,going to be great but if

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Responsive Shopify Theme Review

hey guys gable & p.m. today here at,shopping on calm and today we are,reviewing once again another team at,Shopify teen star and today we have,we've got responsive we've got this for,a one hundred and sixty dollars by the,team of out of the sandbox we've come,across them before yes and so this theme,responsive and it's highly customizable,it's got beautiful typography drop-down,menus quick shop buttons optional,collection sidebar slideshows and,product page videos and we love product,videos exactly okay so let's have a look,at these it comes with four styles once,again they use cities as the style they,have San Francisco New York London and,Paris we absolutely love Paris we do I,love London so much messy city but Paris,booked a leader is Lee okay we have some,some stores using this team already all,type of stores I like that already and,there's amazing amazing lots of great,reviews amazing green smiles again so so,far awesome like a possum let's have a,look at a demo to see what we can spank,and I'm actually excited about this team,it's kind of sad I'm it's a boy should,we fight the environment side about this,team why is that because I like Mitch,themes and this is,delicious this is delicious wow I like,these themes so far okay let's have a,look a little bit absol we have a space,you put the logo on top very cool the,menu bar on top I really like the social,media profiles what do you like about,these uh we've got the search function,at the top we've got a currency,conversion at the top super important,for us in other countries is not the,u.s. that's it and I like how this the,diameter and the the size of this,slideshow is not one of those who take,the whole um store that's right they're,using their um their spice quite a bit,better exactly a we have content,underneath super important for SEO,search engine optimization go and check,out more information about SEO at,shopping on and here we have the,categories and cupcake customer,favorites there we go so so that's great,to have a little category where you can,put your best selling products,absolutely and it looks fantastik we,have one of the products you can,actually buy automatikally we have kind,of information about the blog um there's,not instagram i wish you can add that,and if i click here to see what happens,coffee aha wow look at the way they put,information here okay so this is the,coffee that must be like a cat category,yes um there's two of them here let's,look at the cupcakes and here we go I,love the sidebar on the left side yeah,yeah great function isn't a messiah I,kind of person and I love the way this,display let's click on one of them,and yeah this looks a little bit like,Amazon I'm in the selection of images,here for some reason the images are bit,small so it looks a bit weird and we,have drill it oh I know how I did that,was kind of magical let's go back again,I see other products their overall very,easy to use and we have this tweet share,and paint on the product page it's,fantastik they've actually got their,their social profiles in two different,spots yeah and this is for social,sharing I think and this is for actually,for the social networks yeah okay so,overall looks great let's look at the,way the blog looks okay so looks kind of,like a magazine-style ver easy to read,let's click on one of the artikles here,and yeah it's looking fantastik they've,got a great little contact section there,as well the novice actually leave a,comment oh sorry hmm ok let's go back,and have a look at another team our,style of this team to see exactly what,they have done how they can actually,make it different what are the things,that we can see when we review these is,aren't here yes there we guy is how,different they look and let's have a,look at New York bicycles,well this one looks fun okay I like this,I never thought I mean a bicycle team,store and very similar once again a bit,more simplistik a bit more sin very very,clean and i love the way they integrate,the blog um whoa oh here we go on,twitter integration fantastik this is,looks so awesome I mean literally I want,to borrow from these guys I don't even,know what your like this all the,bodies thing for the bicycle that i've,been using epoxy without a bike we,should tell people that you bought me a,bike for Christmas I did buy you a bike,for Christmas and what happened um well,it's still sitting downstairs having use,it you know but I want to use it we're,very busy maybe I need one of these,bicycle seats right okay so there we go,so overall I mean we are I mean pretty,happy with this theme the theme is,called responsive for one hundred and,sixty dollars by the guys out of out of,the sandbox and it with four styles San,Francisco New York London and Paris and,over all the reviews are pretty amazing,and how many thumbs up give to these,guys for responsive I actually give them,a three thumbs up I want to give him,three times I deserve that the team is,fantastik I mean I like the functions,and you know what highly customized,options for beautiful typography yes you,guys are right three super thumbs up I,want to buy this team um it's great i,love it i can see so many products,getting here absolutely it's so,versatile and we see you in the demos,already i mean if you see right now how,many different stores have things okay,from alcohol to UM to give two cautions,to murmur late okay to fashion all these,people saw your overall grade team the,guise of responsive 160 dollars and if,you guys listen to these want to check,more information about other teams apps,or read interviews with awesome opossum,experts about shall be fine go and check,yup a hunt com we have all the,information for you guys addicted to,shop if I and trying to improve your,ecommerce lifestyle so yeah that's it,for today thanks again for listening

Shopify Theme Lowdown | Responsive Vs Turbo | Out of the Sandbox Themes

Hey ladies I wanted to or gentlemen I,wanted to go over my favorite two themes,with you these are both out of the,sandbox which I gave you a link for in,my blog too so although turbo you can,only get through out of the sandbox,boxes website responsive you can,tiknically play around with right on,Shopify just so you know some other,Shopify themes that I've been loving,lately that are directly on Shopify it,would be impulse symmetry and still,Testament is kind of a tried-and-true,frame favourite Testament will not have,the fancier page templates that I'm,gonna tok about on this video though so,just keep that in mind that's something,I feels really important that you may or,may not need now but if you need it in,the future and it's not on your theme it,could be a pain in the booty so yeah so,okay but the ones that I'm gonna go over,in this video are my two favorite which,are turbo and responsive so I actually,use turbo after going through multiple,themes for each business I use it for,both my boutique and hot mass so that's,the testament to you know I really do,love this theme okay so I'm gonna go,over with you some of my favorite things,unlike most themes you have a couple,options for how your menu looks and one,is to split it up the other is not to,split it up you also have a secondary,menu available up here which is nice,because it gives you an area for your,phone number which people can just click,right on and it'll call and it allows,you to focus on what's most important,which as a boutique owner is gonna be,your products but at the same time you,can list some other things that should,be shown on your main page up here so,this would be a good place for your,about contact and shipping and returns,at the least,these can't drop down though so just an,FYI on that,okay so the other thing that I like,about this theme which responsive has,this as well and as far as the other,things I mentioned um symmetry did I,check on that feel free to send me an,email if you ever have a specific,question support at hot mess hustle comm,or this is also a great thing that we,can cover and offer support on in the,workshop which is still only 333 right,now as of December 31st it's going up to,795 and we are also revamping at January,14th so anybody that gets in there,before January 14th will have access to,will also have access to the revamp once,that's done but anyway that's not what,this video is about um why wasn't even,going there the fancier page templates,um a lot of themes I'll chop if I do,have them but it's definitely not like,like again Testament doesn't have these,so if you've ever messed around with,Shopify's page editor it's very limited,now word on the street is that Shopify,is working on their page template editor,to be more drag-and-drop like your home,page and I don't think it'll be too far,out but I still don't know what that's,gonna look like compared to what we're,able to do with these theme templates so,keep that in mind because not only,especially turbo well responsive too,they have a cool page template called,details but they also have which I'm,going to show you some page examples but,they also have some other page templates,that are just totally unique meant for,certain scenarios so the paint the,details template just allows you to,basically set up your page as you want,with sections kind of like you would on,your home page so there's a variety of,things that you can do with that the,with the page template sorry now the,page template there's only one details,available on your theme but you can go,into the coding and duplicate it which,is a little trickier than it sounds but,it's you know it's an option so if you,needed multiple so,pages you could make that happen the,other thing is it comes with a a team,like I meet the team template sort of,thing and so it's meant to have your a,little about and then highlight you and,your employees which I use for both,websites and obviously this is gonna,depend on your branding and graphic,design and all of that as well,and then the other thing that's nice,here on turbo specifically is if you,click on a product at least on desktop,well it shows on mobile too but in a,different way so on desktop you're,allowed to have like a page that is a,panel so I was able to put my sizing,information right here now on mobile how,it looked as sizing guidelines was at,the top and there was a little arrow,that you could click and then you would,see the same graphic so that was really,cool too and then of course things like,you know using your size markers as,swatches just trying to say there's name,else on this website I want to show you,okay so these are also all using the,details template and there's just,there's just so much that you can do on,this theme like that the possibilities,really are endless,they also have a fairly decent blog,setup Shopify's blog isn't amazing,either way and I could have had a header,image which I probably will eventually,and as well as like we need to start,having featured graphics or photos for,our blog so this page is a little,fancier but at least there was the,option to have this here which is,something so another thing that you can,do and this is both so both turbo and,responsive have these fancier page,templates and so like for a like a,boutique for,example if you go to their about page,it's definitely quite fancy and again,photos and branding play a big role here,too and copy that this is their about,page so another thing that both,responsive and turbo have are an FAQ,page template so it basically allows,these accordion style you know FA cues,but it could be used for different,purposes so with this client we did use,it for her shipping and returns and,again there's different ways to set it,up different things you can do so I,wouldn't normally do this for shipping,returns actually but they actually had a,lot of information so it was kind of a,lot for one page so it helped to break,it down this is another example of the,details page template her full catalog,so new releases sale items this is a,featured page with the sizing icons that,you can click on to show just what's in,suck in small etc the rest of her,categories and then her latest arrivals,so this is kind of like that full,catalog page both of them have the,options for color swatches which is,always nice there is a little bit of Sun,up involved there but it's a cool,feature which is why you see these,basically you have to load your color,swatches as pngs,into the assets of your theme coding,it's actually not as hard as it sounds,on that one,whereas copying the page template is a,little trickier than it sounds the page,details template um,adding the color swatches is not quite,as difficult as it sounds but anyway,let's see,the difference is between the two which,right now responsive is 180 turbo is 350,do I personally think it's worth it,absolutely the you know turbo versus,responsive that the differences are,fairly minimal but they do make a big,difference to me okay so one is between,the two is that your main menu all that,you can edit without digging into the,coding right relying on the theme itself,with the menu is these outlines whether,you don't want that one in there at all,you want the solid line you could do a,double line or you can do dots but this,is the only layout for the logo and menu,whereas again on this theme you'll have,a couple different options and you also,have the secondary menu up top here so,the other thing is it's not relevant on,this side I don't have a row of products,but on turbo you're able to do a,slideshow or you don't have to it could,just be a statik list of a row of items,you can't do that on responsive the,other thing that responsive has that's,kind of cool is you're actually able to,add a row of recently viewed items so,this is going to be partikular to the,person that's looking at it so I haven't,looked at my own website in a while so,right now it's only showing that I've,looked at this one right but

10 Best Single-Product Shopify Themes

do you want to build an online store,focused on a single product,then shopify is a great platform to,choose,it's easy to use integrates with several,payment processors,and has tons of great features and,third-party apps,themeforest offers hundreds of themes to,help you build the perfect shopify one,product store,for a low one-time fee you can download,a professional theme,that will take your store to the next,level,in this video we'll share 10 of the best,single product shopify themes out there,you can find,all the links in the description below,so click through to check them out,and see if they're right for you first,up is boom,a one product shopify store for,electronics,boom is one of the best shopify themes,to choose if you want to sell single,products,it offers a stylish slider different,mega menu styles,a cart summary drop down and much more,the first theme was aimed at a,partikular niche so how about something,more versatile now,shella offers a modern multi-purpose,design,that can be used for any type of one,product shopify store,shella loads fast giving your customers,a great user experience,and on top of that the theme comes with,pre-made skins,a hundred pre-made pages to choose from,built-in support for 3d,and video product views and more,the illoma's theme is a responsive,shopify theme,with over 14 homepage layouts to choose,from,and 20 pre-made designs for inner pages,the main features of this one product,shopify store,include a drag-and-drop page builder,built-in product color swatches,and built-in social media integration,the theme,also supports mega menus and is fully,responsive,entercost is a great choice for stores,selling organic beauty products,handmade products cosmetiks and similar,products,this single product shopify template has,plenty of pre-made pages to choose from,making it easy to get your site built,quickly,it also includes product filters,customer testimonials,product quick views and plenty of other,features,[Music],a watch store is a great idea for,shopify one product store,chrono dial is a fully responsive theme,with,amazing features including five,different mega menu styles,a unique blog design and multiple,currency support,the elegant theme will work perfectly,for you,one page themes are ideal for stores,selling a single product,so why not give citrus a try it offers,an,awesome parallax effect and just because,it's only one page,doesn't mean it's short on features you,get wish list,options a custom styled checkout,support for product variant images and,lots more customization features that,will help your store stand out,[Music],next up is bikes a shopify one product,theme to help you sell that perfect buy,more and more people are cycling these,days as a way to get exercise and save,the planet at the same time,so why not jump on the trend by creating,a one product shopify store,built around bikin bikes offers a,powerful admin panel,it's coated with html5 and css3,and it's seo optimized try it today,who wants to look at plain flat images,of a product,the best ecommerce sites or for 360,degree views of their products,to help customers see exactly what,they're getting,and you can include that feature on your,site with the mixture single product,shopify,theme mixture is a very flexible theme,that comes with three pre-made home,pages,to help you get up and running quickly,it offers a stunning horizontal gallery,layout,and is compatible with right-to-left,languages such as,arabic if you're worried about being,able to customize your theme go for,quark it offers a simple,intuitive theme customizer so you can,change colors,fonts and other options with a few,clicks the quark 1 product shopify store,has a trendy design and it's super,flexible,you can use it to sell anything from,drones,to digital products it offers mega menus,revolution slider integration and,built-in seo best practikes,last on our list today is the lumina,shopify one product theme,this beautiful theme has a clean and,minimal design,and you can use it to sell a single,product or a single product line,lumina was built with the latest version,of bootstrap and is super easy to,customize,it also comes with three pre-made home,pages,that you can use as a starting point for,your design,that's it for our list of the best,shopify themes for single product stores,all of the shopify themes we've looked,at today are available to download on,themeforest,click the links in the description below,to find out more about each theme,and see which one is right for your,online store don't forget to like this,video,and subscribe to envato tuts plus,youtube channel,for more roundups and training videos,including a free course,on how to build a shopify store