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shopify scam

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

13 MASSIVE Shopify Scams Happening RIGHT NOW

what does everybody welcome to a new,video for today my name is Baird and in,today's video we're going to be toking,about Facebook scams so massive massive,scams with Facebook ads just shop five,stores who are promoting products that,are really expensive the product might,cost three hundred dollars but they're,selling for like 20 bucks 30 bucks,so it's an easy buy but obviously the,order never gets fulfilled and just,crazy scam I've seen this all over my,Facebook feeds in this video I've,brought up about at least ten different,scams and I'm going to be showing you,guys one with the scam is to what to,watch out for three what they all have,in common forward to some common-sense,stuff and a whole bunch of other things,to look out for when you're doing your,credit research because these are very,very big scams honestly some of them,have been running for a while and I'm,not really sure why Facebook hasn't shut,them down yet it's so clearly a scam and,it's obviously pretty crazy so we're,gonna get right into it but before we do,you guys know I gave away one free,consulting call every single video last,videos consultant called winner is,drowsy comps drowsy said income I've,been trying to have a successful,dropshipping store since the past seven,months the consultation call would,really help me so congratulations guys,you have won this videos consulting call,just messaged me on Instagram right here,with your name number and a time you,want to tok and we will set up a call,and we will go over anything you need,help with so congratulations once again,if you guys want to win a free,consulting call it's really easy all you,have to do is one be subscribed to like,this video and three comment econ ec om,and that's it you're entered to win a,free consulting call so now what we,covered that let's get running into the,video I'm gonna hop into my laptop and,start showing you guys some of these,Facebook scams alright so the first game,this page is called shopper Rivers it's,a weird name and they're basically,selling this intelligent electric,skateboard it's more like a scooter I,don't know why they're calling it a,skateboard this is obviously a scooter,but it's a pretty crazy electric scooter,I've seen this before I've seen this on,GI gadgets and like other impressive,things just big Facebook pages cool,products really really cool product and,you know if I was song this I'd be,interested in clicking on the shop now,button so this they posted this July 4th,at 10:50 a.m. so just like two three,days ago and it already has 14,000 likes,813 comments and almost 4,000 shares,this has gotten insane engagement in the,past four days they're probably scaling,this up like crazy now the fun part is,seeing what they're selling this for,let's click on shop,and see the offer alright so they're,selling this for seventy nine ninety,five by two twenty percent off while,blah blah now let's see how much he's,actually cost I was gonna click on a,couple different websites that are,selling them and we will see what their,price ranges are alright so this site is,selling them for $3,400 let's see what,this site sending them for this site is,selling them for two thousand nine,hundred and ninety nine dollars this,one's a little bit different than the,other one this is what it looks like,I wouldn't act actually exactly the same,it's exactly the same nevermind they've,got different versions of the actual,scooter one with like a little thing on,the back in front and this one obviously,has none so I'm not really sure which,one they're selling but red flag right,there alright and for this website you,can't even buy you have to preorder it,and this is four thousand dollars for,the same exact product it's pretty easy,to see that this is an obvious scam this,is a new product this is a new scooter,it literally just at the market I think,last year and it would make sense for it,to cost $4,000 and if a boosted board,costs $1,500 to K then this obviously,would cost probably twice that but,they're selling it for good 7995,obviously none of these orders are going,to be fulfilled,this is just acquir scam it's just way,too good to be true let's see what other,products they're selling now if you go,to the products that they're actually,selling this is pretty crazy every,single one of these is a scam well maybe,not every single one and maybe this RSU,tank isn't a scam or these drones are in,the scam because I look pretty cheap but,this right here robots foldable scooter,clearly a scam this is not a $74 product,this is not a $74 product and this is,not an $80.00 product this scooter is,definitely much much more than 70,dollars you can just tell by the quality,of it it's a really high quality scooter,like there's just no no absolute reason,clearly a scam this one's also clearly a,scam just like look at these there's no,way that's 75 dollars and then the last,right here electric unicycle 78 dollars,this is wheel riders and smart ride,they've got watermarks on it in motions,smart right so they have different logos,on their actual product because they,don't even care honestly they just they,know you're gonna buy it for $78 like,that's just too good of a deal so you're,going to click Add to Cart no matter,what,let's look up in motion smart right same,exact thing,$1400 you can see the difference in,price range,clearly this just it's not going to get,fulfilled and that's a scam number one,this these guys actually are running the,debut theme which is different than all,of the other scams so you guys will see,over the next couple stores one thing,that they all have in common I'm not,going to say yeah but you guys will,definitely see shoppers scam number one,all right so this one's actually,supermassive RC helicopter this thing is,giant you will see once it flies by a,person these things are absolutely,massive really cool really fancy flying,helicopter they can do a whole bunch of,cool stuff and this ad is just a really,really interesting ad it was posted July,4th this page is called Aloha story one,it's in Shenzhen interesting you can see,it's already got a good amount of,engagement and to the top come on right,here is david dowell has anyone bought,one and got to order no LOL interesting,very very interesting let's click on,shop now and see what they're selling,this for so they are selling this for,thirty one dollars thirty one bucks you,can get that massive help that's just,weird,now the enhanced version is $41 what's,the difference who knows but look how,big this thing is,made in the USA interesting very,interesting water droplets dot store,water droplet stok store okay and it's,showing that it's like shooting missiles,and stuff oh I guess this RC helicopter,can shoot missiles alright so this was,pretty similar I believe this one's very,very similar to the one we just saw,this one's RC universe calm and their,song is for $4,200 now you see that,makes sense that thing is massive that,is a crazy-ass helicopter I wouldn't,expect I bet you for forty one dollars I,can get one of those small small gas,station RC helicopters that barely,worked so now maybe the deal is just way,too good so clearly either I'm just,stupid and it's just an insane deal and,obviously I should buy it or it's just a,clear clear scam there's no way that,just way too good to be true but a lot,of these people on Facebook are just,falling for it and it sucks because you,know just it gives a bad rep to every,single drop shipper Facebook's probably,to craft,eventually it's just such a clear scam I,just want to know how much these people,are making these people must be making,so so much money they have no like what,is this Allen Allen is the shop five,store I guess really weird name I'm not,going to check out well you guys can see,this has a Brooklyn theme you will,notike that a lot of these scams have,one thing in common and that is the,Brooklyn theme I'm not sure why maybe,it's because they have photos on the,side this is something that Brooklyn,theme ha

Exposing FAKE Guru Mikey Kass | $17 Shopify SCAM

lately i have been getting bombarded,with advertisements from this kid right,here named mikey cass you know claiming,he's the drop shipping ecom millionaire,giving away eight shopify stores for,only 17,so naturally my bs meter went,but not immediately at first i was like,okay this is just another dumb ecom ad,and i didn't pay any real sense to it,until a couple months pass you know one,month two months and maybe even we've,gone three months at this point where,he's been giving away eight stores like,okay he's giving away more than eight,stores at this point so that's when i,started doing a little bit of research,now we have got,comment proof from real people who have,bought it we've got professionals who,have reviewed the store we've got,receipts when it goes to social media,and i've tracked back his actual you,know real social media accounts we're,gonna figure out if this is a scam or,not now if you get any value or,entertainment out of today's video i'd,appreciate it if you hit that like and,subscribe button and comment down below,if you have seen this guy's ads because,i guarantee most of you if you watch,kind of things in the finance drop,shipping world you have so today we are,potentially exposing a fake guru so,first naturally i clicked on the ad and,it took me to his youtube channel which,has a few thousand subscribers and i i,don't have the ad pulled up i mean i do,have the ad pulled up but i don't have,it from his website i don't have the,actual ad with the links but i i should,have screenshotted it but i didn't,anyway he has no content on there a few,thousand subscribers because his ad has,over 1.2 million views so this guy is,obviously making a good return if he's,promoting this video so much and keep in,mind he has like five different versions,of it but interestingly if you click on,the ad you cannot like or dislike well,you can but you can't see the numbers,and you cannot comment so what i'm,saying is i'm sure you've seen on some,videos where the like and dislike ratio,is shut off and the comments are shut,off now that is a,obvious red flag that is an obvious sign,that people are overwhelmingly,unhappy with the ad i was like you know,i really wish i could see what people,were commenting and saying about these,ads but you know unfortunately we,couldn't so i went to other youtubers,who had maybe toked about the same,topics we're toking about today and got,the comments from their youtube channels,to kind of you know see what people are,saying so we've got all that coming up,and more but first i want to go through,his most popular ad now sometimes when,you go to his website depending on you,know every 30 seconds or whatever when,you refresh it he kind of has a,different version of the ad coming up so,hopefully we can get the main one with,him holding the numbers up against the,screen yes this is the one we are,looking for so we're gonna play this ad,and i'm just gonna kind of,call out when my bs meter goes off and,you know the ad is the least of our,worries you guys just wait for what,we've got,anyway let's roll it,hey guys i finally convinced my team and,we're giving away eight of our pre-built,and we are going to go through his,website landing page as well shopify,stores away these eight stores are exact,duplicates of this one that's generating,me around seven thousand dollars,yesterday it has the same exact branding,the same color schemes the same products,everything is,okay so seven thousand dollars a day,let's do some quick maps here seven,thousand dollars a day times thirty is,two hundred and ten thousand dollars a,month but he's giving away for 17,so if he's doing that eight times he's,giving away 1.7 million just under 1.7,million dollars per year for oh no so,he's giving away just under 1.7 million,dollars away per,month for 17 dollars a pop so you know,210 000 a month each since you know he's,saying they're exact replicas right so,you know so that's how much one store is,making that store is making a month but,you know eight times eight that's how i,got the 1.7 figure but per year he is,supposedly making about,20.1 million dollars per year,and so instead of making you know,exactly duplicates right 20 million,dollars a year you know this is kind of,a crazy example and obviously it's not,all,net profit but let's say 17 times eight,so that's 136 dollars and if he only has,eight of them so he's trading basically,136 dollars for 20 million dollars now,that doesn't make a whole lot of sense,and not to mention that it takes you,know to build a really good shopify,store days and if you don't have days,you have a team and as you'll explain or,as he explains he does have a team and,it's cost a lot of time money and effort,to build these stores which it doesn't,make sense to give it away for 17,especially because shopify itself costs,29 dollars a month so you're not even,covering the entire monthly subscription,at 17,so that's when my bs meter first went,okay this kid's full of crap,it's ready to go we've done all the hard,work we've done the photoshop we've done,the copywriting in the past couple,months leading towards this holiday,season and you might be asking mikey is,it too good to be true why are you,giving away these eight stores for only,seventeen dollars if it's so profitable,because you're scamming you don't,actually have any e-commerce businesses,and if you do hey good for you but still,this ad is in my opinion is scam and the,thing is we're focusing all of our,efforts and marketing efforts on this,one store leaving us with eight of them,ready to go if you were to ask me this,for a couple months ago we've literally,had clients pay me anywhere from five to,ten thousand dollars as it literally,takes my whole team,so five to ten thousand dollars is how,much he's saying so we're going to,average that at about 7 500 a pop so 7,500 let me go back to full screen here 7,500 times,sixty thousand dollars is how much he,should be making on these stores but,once again he's making 136. so it,doesn't matter how you run the numbers,it obviously doesn't make any sense and,of course i don't believe that all of,his stores are making he says he only,has one i guess is what he said he's,focusing on one and i guess it's that,one so i know i don't believe it's,making 210 000,every single month like clockwork and of,course that's not net profit if you know,the shopify drop shipping model you know,that you know it's like 30 20 margins,sometimes sometimes even less,and yeah no matter how you run the,numbers it just simply doesn't make,sense,let's keep going team of eight people to,create these stores anywhere i have,people oh and i also don't believe he's,charging ten thousand dollars for the,shopify store because i could build you,a shopify store in half a day that'd be,professional and high converting if i,spent you know a hundred percent of my,gas on it and i would charge you maybe,like a couple grand if that,you know designed for photoshop we have,pro oh and we're going to see one of his,stories by the way and they are awful so,just wait for that selectors we have,copywriters and we've literally you know,we're literally going to use these,stores however they're literally up for,grabs on my whole marketing agency side,of things uh that's you know why people,would charge me anywhere from five to,ten thousand dollars as a little bit of,consulting and making their own stores,however we've already made these stores,we've already you know made these for,ourselves so it literally has no product,cost on our side of things so you might,as well give it away for 17,so come follow me down here,doesn't make sense might as well give it,away for 17 and listen there's so many,free shopify because you know,i had to build my shopify store by,myself i didn't pay anybody to do it and,all i did was watch a couple youtube,videos and then did it my you know it's,it's very simple no one would be,building shopify stores if it was that,hard right like shopify is not going to,

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Exposing The Truth About Shopify Dropshipping..

i'm gonna be honest with you drop,shipping is not as great as people make,it out to be now don't get me wrong,hit is a great way to start making money,online and it has changed my life in so,many ways but the business model,is just not sustainable in the long term,but by approaching this business in a,slightly different way in the last few,years i've generated multiple seven,figures and as you can see this year i'm,on track to do over two million dollars,in sales without drop shipping so in,this video,i'm gonna be exposing the raw truth,about drop shipping and why i moved on,my exact approach that's generating me,over a hundred thousand dollars a month,consistently and we're even going to be,toking to one of my friends who has,built an,empire on shopify with multiple brands,worth,over 250 million dollars to get his,opinion on this,so let's break down the three biggest,problems with traditional drop shipping,this first problem is the main reason,why drop shipping stores don't succeed,in the long term,most traditional drop shipping stores,provide a terrible customer experience,we do not care when you're drop shipping,directly from aliexpress you have next,to no quality control over your products,you have zero control over the shipping,lines your supplier is using which,causes your customers to have to wait an,extremely long time for a product that,might not even be that good,it's not all bad though there's still a,decent amount of good suppliers on,aliexpress,though it's the lack of control that's,the issue and almost always leads to a,poor customer experience i want to take,a look at one of the biggest aliexpress,drop shipping stores of all time this,store actually shut down a couple months,ago because of this exact reason,so if we take a look at the reviews of,this store seconds,you can see that they have a ton of,reviews they have over a thousand,reviews,and this single-handedly killed their,business people are complaining about,the exact things that i just mentioned,they're complaining about slow delivery,times low quality,products six weeks to arrive these are,the exact issues that you're gonna run,into when drop shipping from aliexpress,if this store made this small change,that we're gonna tok about later in,this video,they would still be thriving and making,sales to this day,but as you can see the poor customer,experience pretty much just killed the,opportunity,let's tok about the second biggest,problem it is extremely easy for,somebody to come and steal your winning,product,as long as they come in and apply the,same tweak that i'm using,they're gonna be able to kick you out of,the marketplace and outscale you on your,own product i've seen this happen time,and time again and i've done this to,drop shipping stores using my method,competition is okay and it's actually,really healthy but you have to build a,business that makes it difficult for,people to come in and compete with you,think of it as if you were building a,castle and trying to keep people out the,best structures always have a gate,a bridge and a moat making it extremely,complicated for somebody to break in,you need to approach building your,business in the same way and we'll tok,about how to do that very shortly and,the last problem which gets super,annoying when you're scaling,is that everybody wants to shut you down,paypal and shopify payments,do not like it when you dropship at a,high level because since people have to,wait a really long time for their,product,a lot of times they will do a chargeback,which really hurts their reputation with,the banks which makes shopify and paypal,look at you as an unsatisfactory client,which usually will end up with them,holding a portion of your money or even,shutting you down entirely,so for these three reasons i'm out but,there actually is a way to use drop,shipping to build a long-term business,it all comes down to using it for the,right reasons drop shipping is,extremely good for one thing finding,your first winning product since you,don't have to order inventory it's,pretty simple to try out a bunch of,products until you find one that's,selling consistently and once you find,that product you should transition as,soon as possible to this,this is exactly what the top 100,companies on shopify are doing,let me explain instead of focusing on,making as much money as possible with,drop shipping,my goal is to build a long term brand,with real value,i simply use drop shipping as a means to,an end once i had a product that was,selling consistently and had,potential to grow i decided to build a,brand around that product,immediately by the way if you need help,with that testing process i made a,detailed video on how to get started,so make sure to check that out but for,making this simple change,i immediately saw a higher conversion,rate much cheaper ad costs,people were spending more money on my,store and the word started to spread,which brought in more repeat customers,this simple change took my business to,the next level if we look at the graph,from day one of starting this business,you can,see exactly what i'm toking about so in,the first month of testing products i,made around seven thousand dollars in,sales,in the following month i made around,sixteen thousand dollars and this is,when i found that winning product,and i transitioned it into a brand at,the end of this month and you can see,the following month i almost,5xed my revenue just for making that,simple change and by the end of the year,i had surpassed over a hundred thousand,dollars a month in sales and have done,that,every month ever since so now i'm going,to share with you three simple steps to,transition your drop shipping store into,a brand,the first thing i did was completely,redesign my store to focus entirely on,this product now there's,two ways to do this the first way would,be to fill your store up with a bunch of,products that are similar and go hand in,hand with your winning product so this,store actually started by scaling this,product and since then they expanded by,adding a ton of other products,and selling those to their list as you,can see this brand is bringing in over,500 000 monthly visitors and they're,absolutely crushing it,the other way is to build out a store,entirely for that product itself,and build out a suite of products that,you can use alongside it,so as you can see with one of the,biggest shopify stores snow teeth,whitening,they have the teeth whitening kit,whitening wands serum,toothpaste and floss it's all really,solving the same problem,and they go hand in hand together and,this store is making millions of dollars,a month and they even made it on ellen,the other day which is really cool,the second step is to work with an agent,in china to brand your product,order inventory and provide faster,shipping for your customers now i've,made a whole dedicated video on this,topic so if you want to check that i'm,going to put it in the card up above,once you have a winning product this,process is extremely simple these,companies are excited to work with you,and they're going to do what they can to,get you the best price and the best,experience for your customers,though be careful because there are some,untrustworthy agents out there,though i can recommend you a good one in,the description down below,and the third step which literally cut,my advertising cost in half,was taking that new branded product and,making custom content with it so instead,of using ads with footage i found online,i shot my own ads with my iphone and,some friends,and this literally sliced my cost per,purchase in half,i also took nice and clean photos with,our branded product,which really helped with our conversion,rate these three changes alone,will allow you to take that leap from,running a drop shipping store,to building your own brand of course,there's a lot more that goes into it but,these changes alone will set you apart,from 99,of people that are trying to sell the,same product which will all

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Shopify Dropshipping is a Scam? (Exposing The Industry)

all the shopify gurus are gonna hate me,for this one,you want the truth from someone on the,inside,it's only fair with my focus being more,on youtube than ever lately every single,one of you who shows up and tunes into,my videos deserves to know the insider,information and the truths about shopify,dropshipping in 2022.,first of all to gain a better idea about,what the hell is actually going on in,the drop shipping world right now we,need to clear up the most common,misconception you see most people,believe that drop shipping is some sort,of gimmicky hack or even side hustle to,make quick money online but that just,could not be more false i don't care,what anyone wants to say at the end of,the day drop shipping is simply a,fulfillment method that's it instead of,the traditional way of running a product,based business by holding your own,inventory maybe in a garage or a,warehouse the only real difference here,is that we're cutting out the holding,costs the hassle the fulfillment and,everything that happens in between when,it comes to dealing with inventory and,we simply just have our manufacturers or,suppliers send the product directly to,our customers so we don't have to mess,around with any of that stuff that goes,on in between,the only catch is you need to create,amazing ads so that the product can,practikally sell itself i mean makes,sense right and that is why drop,shipping is so appealing and that is the,exact reason why i jumped into it as one,of the first business models i ever,tried you can literally start a business,with next to no money to your name start,learning building skills gaining,experience all without taking immense,financial risk but at the end of the day,please please remember that all drop,shipping is is a glorified name for a,way for you to fulfill your orders in,your direct-to-consumer product-based,business,okay now that we're all on the same page,let's start with the first truth about,shopify drop shipping that is seldom,known and that is that there's actually,two main types the first method is just,rapidly searching for the most viral,winning products that are selling like,crazy right now building a cheap looking,website and throwing up some facebook ad,traffic hoping to make some sales now,this method is what i like to call the,winning product trap don't let the name,and the way that i'm toking about it,fool you you can actually make a lot of,money using this method there are,increasing problems with this winning,product trap type of drop shipping high,level competition drop shipping has been,around for quite a while now and is even,reaching mainstream status what happens,when another brand does it the right way,and starts scaling way more effectively,than you well i'll tell you your,profitability in your market share will,start to go down and you'll lose the,initial leverage that you had hopping on,that winning viral product and trust me,i've experienced this time and time,again second issue is no longevity let's,say best case scenario you make some,insanely good advertising creatives,better than humanly possible and you,somehow amass a near one possible 100,market share but what happens after a,couple months when the hype for that,product just simply dies out oh okay,take fidget spinners for example they,quite literally blew up overnight and,sold millions if not billions of units,within a couple months and then nobody,ever heard about them ever again and,it's gone but like i said don't get me,wrong you can still get in get out make,a quick buck here there it's exactly,what i did and a lot of people have done,with these winning products now the,second method the one that i currently,use and in some ways more challenging,but a lot more sustainable is what i,like to call the drop branding approach,like i said before my goal with drop,shipping is to test out products markets,and offers and only then once i've,validated my offer and i know that,there's a line of hungry buyers,practikally waiting to purchase my,product then i'll start to position,myself as an authority and a brand in,the space essentially building a real,business but you started with drop,shipping if that makes sense you first,have to understand what the major issues,and setbacks with drop shipping are,number one we have long shipping times,number two we have poor quality and,reliability number three we have scaling,and payment processor issues and number,four we have ad fatiguing and or,copycats starting to creep in like i was,toking about earlier nailing down a,private agent or supplier is gonna be,crucial this way you can have better,insight into the quality of the product,you can have more reliability and you,can actually negotiate for healthy,profit margins this is a massive topic,in and of itself so i'll leave up a,video somewhere around here which will,tok about the private suppliers and how,to go about finding them etc etc now,shortly after that another key to the,drop branding approach is to move your,product a lot closer to your customer,base so essentially what i mean by that,is having 3pl fulfillment centers or,warehousing wherever your customers are,domestik shipping really is a game,changer when it comes to taking your,drop shipping store to the next level,and will instantly crush all your,competition that starts creeping in if,you want to shortcut the learning curve,get access to some of my unique,suppliers that i've built great,relationships with for years and also,get a holistik look into the drop,branding approach i'll have a link down,below for an application to my education,company and mentorship program they'll,only be a few spots to see if you can,grab one as they will fill up extremely,fast and also with the next few,applicants from this specific video i'll,be picking one of you guys who comes,into my program to be flown out to me,here in vancouver canada where we'll,work directly one-on-one with each other,for two weeks for case study on youtube,and it'll be amazing so looking forward,to that check out that link down below,if you're interested now by dealing with,your shipping times your product,reliability having the product uh,domestikally you'll naturally negate a,lot of issues that come with drop,shipping but you'll also start to fix,the payment processor issues that you,had when you were starting to scale for,example due to the faster shipping,you'll be able to upload the tracking,information a lot faster to the payment,processors such as paypal in which they,can take the money off hold a lot,quicker freeing up liquidity for you to,go back and pump into advertisements and,continue scaling your business and,lastly arguably most importantly you're,gonna have to rethink throwing up a,couple crappy ripped off ads onto,facebook you'll need to swiftly move to,other marketing channels gain,omnipresence and build a bulletproof,marketing strategy that is sustainable,and not just gonna die out after a,couple weeks now on to truth number two,i want to make it abundantly clear that,the overwhelming majority of people who,jump into shipping fail it is only the,persistent ones that will succeed anyone,who tells you that you are guaranteed to,make money drop shipping is straight up,line what,that lying bastard because it isn't easy,if you have a proven process to follow,it can be simple but even then it's,still not going to be easy but that's,life right to be successful and reach,the top of any respective field there,are no shortcuts to the grind of course,there's working smart and learning,quickly those who stay consistent are,the ones that understand that if they,keep trying they simply can't lose,those are the ones that succeed time and,time again so typically the skills you,need to be successful in drop shipping,are copywriting your marketing or,creatives your website and landing page,design and lastly running the,advertisements now what i've discovered,is you actually don't need to be,exceptional at all of them to find,success and there is

How I got scam 1k from Shopify scammers #shopify #ecommerce #scam

hi welcome back this is damn nathan so,today i'm going to be toking about the,um,the scam that exists in shopify that,most people don't actually know about so,sorry guys kind of windy at this moment,but um i just want to make a quick video,so um,so there's a lot of like downside of,shopify most people don't actually know,about that most people don't tell don't,tok about they always show like the,positive side of it but there's more,negative side to it than positive okay,so like i've seen a lot of videos about,oh you can you can start making ten,thousand dollars like god tell me,hundred thousand dollars but,it's a lot of downside to it like most,people don't actually understand of it,all okay so um i'm gonna show you about,how i got scammed okay so um,so 2017 i was like watching youtube,video where ad pop-up like a kid saying,oh,um,i move out of my parents house at 17,years old,through uh doing shopify so i decided to,learn through um,so i decided to learn through um,to youtube,so i started so i learned how to build,the page um doing like the page drop,shipping on aliexpress and all those,things and then i i decided to take that,it takes me like two or three days to,actually build the page by itself,and then um and then um after like so,after i learned how to build the page,and everything by myself and then i have,to pay someone for um i have to pay,someone for the uh,facebook page pixel because i didn't,know how to i even though i tried to,learn from youtube i was not able to and,i was messing up the i was messing up so,many things that i didn't know i was,trying to make sure i don't mess stuff,up like a lot of things up so i decided,to uh hire someone from fiverr most,people don't know you can actually hire,people from fiverr and actually make a,lot of money so um,to happen i just had to hire someone,from fiverr,and i paid like five to six dollars just,like i think ten dollars that was the,least i paid,to um hire someone from fiverr to,actually um,to actually,set up the thing for me i gave him the,code and everything he set up in the,court for me and then like in less than,an hour or two i started doing i think,the next day because,because that i posted at night and then,the stuff was not ready to to um,the next morning so i decided to um,use that time to actually drop ship a,lot of stuff from aliexpress,so,i think the days were taking like 31,days which i actually posted on the page,like i'm telling people out there if,you're really trying to get started in,shopify especially doing um aliexpress,trying to make sure you put it down,trying to make sure you actually put the,like how long it's gonna take,because you don't want you don't want,customers to actually,uh think that you're gonna ship it in,two or three days and then you take like,more than a month or two you know so um,i always put down like i think shen um,shen the clothing um business from china,actually put down it's gonna take,like two one or two months and then it,kind of kind of show people that oh,you're buying this thing for cheap,that's why that's what's going to take a,long time right most people don't don't,mind waiting for that much amount of,time if you actually tell them okay let,me tell people who trying to get started,over there trying to make sure you tell,people how long it's going to take don't,don't be out here trying to,think that uh uh uh people should know,how long it's gonna take okay,and then um let me continue explaining,so i i start placing an ad,i stopped placing that i think that i,was from mexico so uh but they're paying,dollars so i think so i didn't actually,care,about where it was from so it was like,the first day was like 300,and then the second day was like 400,and then um,like the first day was like 500 so um so,what happens like i i start shipping,some of the item right i start shipping,some of the items so this how much i was,like a thousand dollars right like you,keep ordering every day like every every,day like three dollars i was making like,300 400 like oh that's a lot of money,right sample,i decided to ship the item,to um to them right to mexico and stuff,like that i put the address it was all,shipping like a week from now already,got like it was,it was on track and stuff like that but,when it comes to aliexpress most people,don't actually tell you about,like aliexpress don't actually give you,tracking number the tracking number is,kind of weird so,i can say like the tracking number was,kind of weird,and and so i tried to put it into the,tracking it was it was impossible in a,second too i didn't want i didn't want,to know people didn't know i was,shipping from china so for my league,spread so um so i didn't actually put in,the um,so i didn't actually put in the um,the tracking number so what happened it,was shipped to them right like a week,because that was faster like it was,shipped like,in a in a month or two right,like i think like in 20 days like 10 or,15 days it was shipped to them because,it was that fast right so um,later on i shipped all the item all,these i'll just spend my um,the money to actually buy bought this,item it was shipped already it was,confirming stuff like that,so,what happened next is i was so,irritated that happened so um,this is what most people don't know,about like all these people say they,make hundred thousand dollars,you gotta pay facebook ad right you,gotta worry about facebook ad you gotta,take away the profit you gotta take away,the the product cost of it most of them,never tell you about the product cost,and how much it costs for real and then,let me show you so what happened is that,i actually paid for the item the,shipping because it was cheaper so i was,getting around 34 um,so i was getting around three to four on,feeding four dollars profit in each of,them something around that time like,hundred dollars off that prom of that um,of that product right,so,so after that i ship them and then a,week a week aft after the item was,shipped,i got a notification that um,for my bank that uh um because like oh,they could use their credit card,they used your card to pay online right,so uh later on i got the the alert that,um,i got a lot that,uh there was a claim on my account and,then someone take over like almost,almost a thousand dollars because,someone claimed that,uh they use fake account that that on,that that is um carter was stolen,and they decided um to do a claim on my,account and then there's nothing i can,do because the because the person said,my card was stolen and then uh and then,it said uh,uh the card is stolen so,so so that i mean the project that they,did was,in um,it was hard to get back okay so secondly,to this,there's no way i can get my money back,because it's in mexico i'm i'm not going,to go all the way to mexico for a,thousand dollars so,it's not gonna be worth it so,i basically lost a thousand dollars,because people do a claim so i'm saying,people out there be careful there's a,lot of negative,negativity and so many uh downside of um,drop shipping most people don't know,about and people just out here telling,lies about how to take zero dollars to,get started,how you can get started like first of,all it takes so long time and it's up,sometimes some of the product will,actually get lost,once we don't know someone put up we,actually get lost doing uh um the,shipment like for example like doing,that tank kobe started like 2018 2019,kobe started starting and it was taking,a long time where like the ship was like,like there's so many things that would,happen during that time where some of,the ship was um,one of the sheep was um it was a,blockage in the mediterranean um sea,where some of the um,um the shipment was taking like months,and stuff like that so i had to refund,some of the money back and it was hard,and that's that's the most strict people,don't actually tell you about shopify,that,you're gonna lost a lot of money there's,so much money that i lost that most,people actually realize that most peop

Why 99% Of Shopify Dropshipping Gurus Are FAKE! (Dropshipping Exposed)

hey how's it going everyone my name is,michael,and today we're going to tok about why,99,of these shopify drop shipping gurus are,fake,now this isn't my typical videos i make,but i wanted to make this because it's,an important topic to tok about,because so many people watch these gurus,and think they can get rich,like them but the sad reality is most,people won't,i do make videos on store and conversion,rate optimization,which a lot of people don't know,or they don't watch these videos about,so if you want to know how to increase,your conversion rates how to get more,sales without spending more money on ads,and how to actually create a high,converting store then i would suggest to,subscribe to my channel,now you might be asking why are they,fake well here's why,so many of them like to sell the,lifestyle of becoming successful and,rich in ecommerce to drop shipping,that you don't need to work a 9 to 5 job,but in reality,95 to 99 percent of the people who get,into drop shipping,fail most of these group channels,only focus on finding winning products,or facebook ads,and not the store side of things to,actually create a high converting store,you don't need to become a facebook ads,expert to get sales or to scale,so if you've been running ads for a,while then chances are,you're actually decent at ads most of,them they make their money from selling,courses and,and mentorships not drop shipping itself,they also never tok about or very,little about store optimization,and how to actually get more sales,without spending more money on ads,that's what we all want to do and lastly,they show their followers how to create,typical aliexpress dropship stores that,bring no value to customers,and yes they might give some good value,here and there but i'm not gonna lie,i bought a course a few years ago from,someone and when sales were down,turned out i lost a thousand dollars and,my store looked like the typical,aliexpress garbage store,now that i think about now here's two,examples from guru showing off how easy,it is,and that you can be easily making,thousands of dollars and showing the,lifestyle,it's not that easy people,you can see well as drop shipping okay,that's good,all right fine trending products that,will cost that's good,running facebook ads this is so easy,getting social proof okay,okay sell the product for a higher cost,that's what every business tries to do,and bam yeah i can make four hundred and,fifty thousand dollars that see,that easy and now we got another one,finding training winning products,build a store build a store,run some facebook ads and that can be,easily making three hundred thousand,dollars in eight months,and work whatever i mean come on people,this is garbage,and here's a person you might have seen,before trying to sell people a pre-built,shopify store,for 17 dollars i think do you do you,really think you can succeed with a 17,store come on and of course he's showing,off the lifestyle at a rented,house in in the hollywood hills i mean i,can rent the same house on airbnb,and do the same thing it's not that hard,now here's a popular,ecom king so many people love him but,i'm not sure why,pretty much all of his videos are about,winning products and facebook ads,i'm not seeing any content on the main,reason why people fail in drop shipping,which is the source side of things like,i said you don't have to become a,facebook ads expert to get sales,and another thing is pretty much any,product can be a winning product,but that's for another video here's,another popular guru,vrm ecom same problem like most of these,most of these crews,they only tok about facebook ads and,winning products,you can see that they have that he has a,first successful,shopify store but if you actually watch,the video,he makes the store look like the typical,dropship store which is not,good in his latest video he toks about,the top five problems that cause,storage to fail so let's check it out,in the video he toks about weak,products about ads,shipping and maybe supplier issues which,is important,but and he also toks about getting,giving up,nothing about store optimization or,making a high converting store which is,key,and then finally finally we have ac,hampton,people love him because he's friendly,but the same exact story like before,his content is only about facebook ads,and winning products,most people are already good at getting,traffic to their store but not,converting customers to purchase,on the store itself,actually i actually looked at some of,the comments sections in his videos,and saw this lady ask him a great,question that she's getting traffic but,no sales,of course he replied but didn't even,take five to ten minutes of his day,to see the store and give her some tips,he just,redirects her to message him and maybe,sell her,his courser mentorship and the funny,thing is i joined his facebook group to,see if i can help people,like i do in a lot of these groups but,it came to me,that people aren't getting the actual,help they need for example,here's another person from his group,saying he's getting traction to his,store,but seeing a lot of abandoned checkouts,he even links to his store which is good,but i looked at the comments to see no,actual real advice or,suggestions to stop the abandoned,checkouts so you can see i,also commented redirect into one of my,videos because i saw he was missing a,lot of key information on his product,pages,that can cause abandoned car and,checkout issues,and here's another so-called drop,shipping guru that he reviewed,his subscriber stores which is nice but,he only bases the stores off,for simple things not the buying process,to actually get the sales,but he just says the logo the colors,images,description and reviews and then you,start to wonder why so many people fail,at drop shipping,because all these gurus teaches nonsense,to to people,i actually was toking to someone,yesterday that was having a lot of,abandoned carts and gave them a lot of,suggestions for the product page,because it was a total mess so i asked,him if he watched any video on how to,set up a product page,and he told me ecom ecom kong,he even admitted that he didn't realize,that econ kong,gave him so many errors after my review,and here's another convo i had with,someone saying they got,f'ed by a fake gurus and they listened,to their advice,now you see his he said his sales,exploded after taking my advice and,should,suggestions that you can see at the top,so what now well i would take what these,channels,say and think about if it actually makes,sense,you can watch my videos on soaring,conversion rate optimization which i,gave a lot of,free value and i'm not selling anything,to people,and you can still make money from drop,shipping in 2021,but it's not that easy how how it used,to be,and that's pretty much it for this video,if you want me need to make,more of uh videos on store,optimization and how to make more sales,without spending more money,please like and subscribe it really,helps the channel to grow,so more people can get recommended to,them thank you for watching