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shopify secure logo for shopify store

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to Ecom Ranks! In this video, I will guide you on how to add trust badges to your product page. Trust badges are important as they help build customer trust and increase conversion rates.

Steps to add trust badges:

1. Install two apps: Ultimate Trust Badge and Trusted Site Certification.

2. Adjust the badges on the Ultimate Trust Badge dashboard.

3. Enable the badges and adjust their size.

4. Reload your product page to see the badges added.

Additional details:

- Trusted Site Certification helps to build customer trust.

- The Ultimate Trust Badge allows you to customize the heading and adjust the font.

- You can choose from various payment options to add badges for.

- The size of the badges can be adjusted.

- If you need any information related to your Shopify store audit, you can contact the video creator through the link provided in the video description.

Adding trust badges to your product page can significantly increase your conversion rates by building customer trust. Follow the above steps to easily add trust badges to your Shopify store. Don't forget to subscribe to the video creator's channel for more informative content.

How to add a trust badge or an image on your shopify product page

In this tutorial, Karen from Speed Ecom teaches us how to add a trust badge on a Shopify product page. She provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to ensure success.


1. Find the image you want to use and add it to your Shopify files.

2. Copy the image URL and paste it in a txt or word file.

3. Copy the code provided in the tutorial and paste it below the image URL.

4. Replace ad in the code with the image URL.

5. Go to your Shopify admin page, select online store themes, and click edit code.

6. Open the sections folder and find the product-template.liquid file.

7. Use the shortcut control+f to find the line of code that says end form.

8. Paste the code you copied right before end form.

9. Click save and refresh the product page to see the added trust badge.


- Make a copy of your theme before making any changes.

- Use the older versions button to go back to previous modifications.

- You can add any type of image, not just a trust badge.

With Karen's tutorial, adding a trust badge to your Shopify product page is easy and straightforward. By following her steps and tips, you can improve the trustworthiness of your store and increase sales. Don't forget to subscribe to the Speed Ecom channel for more helpful tutorials.


In this video, the presenter shows how to add a payment trust badge on a Shopify store and explains why it is important. Posting the badge on every single product can be time-consuming and unproductive. Therefore, the presenter will illustrate how to get the secure badge on all products without having to do it manually.

Steps to Add Payment Trust Badge:

1. Log in to the back end of the Shopify store and obtain a specific code for the secure badge.

2. Download the trust badge and upload it to the files section of the Shopify store.

3. Copy the URL of the uploaded trust badge.

4. Go to the product template section and search for product.description.

5. Insert a division tag and paste the code from the word document.

6. Save the changes.

Adding a payment trust badge on a Shopify store can improve customer trust and increase sales. By following the steps illustrated in the video, it can be done quickly and efficiently. If assistance is needed with building a Shopify store or advertising on social media, the presenter offers their help.


Welcome back graduates! Today, we will be discussing value props and cold trust badges. These badges are great for giving customers a sneak peek of what your business is about and building trust with them. In this article, we will show you how to install and customize these badges on your Shopify store.


1. Go to the back end of your Shopify store and download the HTML and section files.

2. Open your theme.liquid file and add the section under the footer.

3. Create a new section called Trust Badges and paste the code from the section file.

4. Customize the badges by changing the text and using custom or free SVG icons.


1. Go to the customize section and scroll down to Trust Badges.

2. Add the badges to your product pages by selecting the Trust Badges block.

3. Change the text and SVG icons to fit your brand and messaging.

4. Keep the size consistent for all icons to maintain a clean and professional look.

Value props and cold trust badges are a great way to give your customers a sneak peek of what your business is about and build trust with them. By following these simple installation and customization steps, you can easily add these badges to your Shopify store and stand out from the competition. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. And don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tutorials!

How to create a footer with trust badges on your Shopify store

In this tutorial, Coren from Speed Ecom shows us how to create a footer with trust badges on our Shopify store. These badges reassure visitors and help to convert them into clients. The tutorial is easy to follow and can be found in the description of the video.

To create the footer, start by copying the code from the written tutorial. Duplicate your theme before making any modifications. Open the theme liquid file and scroll down to the section footer. Paste the copied code before the line section footer. Save the changes and refresh the page to see the badges.

If you want to modify the content or images, it's easy to do so by changing the text or adding a new image to your Shopify files and replacing the URL in the code. The display style can also be changed by modifying the background and width of each section.

To limit the footer section to the home page, copy the first and second lines of the code and paste them at the beginning and end of the code. If you have a dark background, there's a code provided in the tutorial to change the color of the text.

Overall, this tutorial is useful and easy to follow. Don't forget to subscribe for more free tutorials and leave a comment with any suggestions for future videos.

How to add trust badges anywhere on your Shopify Store For FREE (Online Store 2.0)

Hello and welcome everyone! This is Daniel from Section Store, and in this video, I'm going to show you how to add a trust badge section anywhere on your Shopify store.


1. Install Section Store, it's completely free, and the section we're going to work with today is also free.

2. Go to the sections tab and find the one called Feature One, which is free.

3. Click it, and you can see some information about the section.

4. Click Get Section, and it will take you to the home page where the section is going to be added to your My Sections.

5. Click Add to Theme, and it will install the section in your theme, and you can edit it from the theme editor.

6. Click Add Section, find the section that we just added, which is called Feature Section One, and click that section.

7. Customize the section, move it to where you want it, change colors, change font size, etc.

8. Save it, and check the live site.

If you want to add the section to a different page, it requires you to have a theme that is 2.0 online store compliant. Most of the new themes are compliant, and if you want to add it to the cart page, for instance, you go to the templates, click Cart, and the process is the same.

If you want to spice up your store with some different designs, we have some premium sections in the app, which start from nine dollars, and it's a one-time fee. You can find them in the sections tab, and it works the same way as the free sections.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed the video and that you will use some of the free or premium sections in the Section Store.

Shopify - Adding Payment Icons under Add to Cart Button

Adding Payment Icons to Your Shopify Store

In this quick and easy tutorial, we will show you how to add payment icons to your Shopify store. These icons are typically found in the footer, but we will show you how to move them to any location you want within the product info section.

Method 1:

The first method is simple but not the cleanest. Open your product page in a new tab, scroll down to the footer, and right-click on the ul containing all the payment icons. Click on inspect to open the Chrome inspector, highlight the ul class list list payment, and hit control/command C to copy the code. Then, go back to your theme editor, click add block custom liquid, and paste the code. Drag the icons under the buy button and use the style attribute to align them differently.

Method 2:

The second method is cleaner and more dynamic. Find the footer code in your theme editor, search for the word payment, and copy the ul containing all the payment icons. Paste the code in the custom liquid block and align it as desired using the style attribute.

Additional Tip:

If you're interested in adding a Complete the Look section to your store, check out our related products section add-on at edcodes.gumroad.com.

Adding payment icons to your Shopify store is easy and can be done in two methods. Choose the one that works best for you and align the icons as desired using the style attribute. Don't forget to check out our related products section add-on for more customization options.

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