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Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

Facebook Commerce Account Not Approved AGAIN? Do This…

your facebook commerce account was not approved. you keep trying to list items and everything keeps getting shut down. every time you try to post something, you're shut down, rejected and you can't seem to solve it because facebook isn't really helping you out. in this video, i'm going to go over some of the policies and some of the tips and tricks i can give you to help get reinstated, or maybe something that you missed along the way of setting up your shop, to get you started selling or reselling again. just stik around to the end of this video, because i also have a bonus giveaway. at the end of this video, i'm giving away a copy of youtube formula by derral eves when we get to 1500 subscribers. all you got to do is leave a comment and subscribe to this video down below [Music]. let me tell you how i got here. i create a lot of youtube content. i create content on flipping stuff on facebook marketplace and running ads, and a lot of people have been asking me why they keep getting shut down, and there's a few tips i learned along the way that i'd like to share with you. first, we're going to go over the policy, so we're clear. you may have looked at them before, but we have to read a little bit between the lines to actually understand what is going on with these policies. under business help is the commerce eligibility requirements. in order to sell on facebook, you have to meet some of these. some of them are clear, some of them are very vague, so we'll go down all five and i'll give you my tips and tricks on how they actually break down and maybe relating to your issue, and if they're not helping or if you solve your problem, make sure you leave a comment down below so i can make more content to help you in the future if this isn't working and we can have a conversation one-on-one and try to solve this issue. number one complies with our policies. your facebook account page must comply with the terms of service, commercial terms, community standards and your instagram terms of use and guidelines. most of these guidelines don't really cause issues with. your terms of use and community standards should be very simple. you're not doing anything that violates- uh, that is criminal- any intent like that it's. it's not going to fly if you have anything like that associated with your page. that's that could be one reason it's not actually working out. community guidelines, too is: uh, you can't. obviously the big thing is nothing racy and nothing stolen. same with your merchant agreement and your commerce policies. i made another video about all of the areas of which you might be getting flagged when you post something. there's about 17 things that you can't sell on facebook and a lot of people have sent me messages down below that they're listing something that's not approved and maybe they didn't finish watching the video because it's one of those things that you're not allowed to sell. so you're really going to look at all of those policies. the ads policy tends to be an issue with a lot of people that they're missing, because they'll go and make a page and try to run an ad immediately with no followers. this facebook likes to build relationships with people that are actually posting on their page and selling, because they don't want people spamming and they don't want to turn into a dumpster fire like craigslist. how you build out and start running ads is you have to get some attention. the quickest way to get that is to do something called the likes campaign. a likes campaign is essentially just getting people to tap your page and to show up in their feed. let's say, one of my pages has 1500 subscribers or followers on it where they've just liked the page. so every time i post something for my page it goes into their feed and then they can interact with it, whether they can watch videos i'm posting or a picture or just commentary, as long as they're clicking and liking and engaging with those posts in my page. that shows engagement, that shows trust. that will give facebook the ability to actually start letting you run more ads and spend more money. so i recommend like 20- 25 worth and try to get somewhere to 500- a thousand followers and that should help you show facebook that you're serious and that you they'll promote your stuff. the other thing you can do: if you're already up to that amount and your pages may be dead, i'd recommend maybe running like an engagement ad: take a post or two and throw 5-10 bucks behind it and just market it out to people that you're trying to reach to get them to kind of interact with your page a bit more, to show that your page isn't dead and it's not spam. so those two reasons might be why you're getting flagged and, even though you don't think you're violating any of these policies, they really want people to be engaged in coming to facebook and staying on facebook, you could be having the same issue with your, your groups and events. make sure your engagement is up and people are interacting. so those are the big things: nothing illegal and make sure that people are interacting. there'll be more on this in a second. two: represent your business or your domain. your facebook and instagram professional account must contain product listings that are available for direct purchase from your website or checkout or facebook or instagram. and then it mentions: here you have to use single, non-shortened domains. okay, you can't use bitly those kind of shorteners, anything that like that- that takes that account or pretty link is what it's called- and shortens that actual domain. that is going to get flagged. so if you've been doing that or have that um or you're trying to boost a post that has that in there, that might be an issue. so make sure you're using wwwlet's say, kevinjpinocom- forward slash success and not like bitly dot l y success. that will get flagged. so those are simple fixes. if you're using that strategy, get rid of the pretty links, no shorteners, just use the actual url and that you actually own the url and it's going to a legitimate finished page. make sure that you have all your legalese links on the bottom of the page, any uh things with cookies relative to that. that has to be specific to your page if that is your own website. three, i get this a lot from people all around the world and it's be located in a supported market and many of these people aren't. a lot of you guys are in the united states. i've gotten comments from california, from michigan, missouri, florida, all over the place. thank you for commenting, but some people will be commenting from, let's say, india or pakistan or just any other country around the world and unfortunately, in some of these markets it's just not supported yet it is expanding, especially now that facebook is now meta and expanding to multiple businesses. they might open this up to those markets in the future. so stay tuned. subscribe, because i will cover that when it's available. demonstrate trustworthiness, including an authentik, established presence and maintaining a sufficient follower base. this is something i pretty much already covered. on number one, you have to have some sort of engagement and you have to have a base. try to get to a thousand and, honestly, if you don't have a lot of money, you can grow a base up to a thousand for like 20 bucks if you do a worldwide campaign, just simply when you're typing out your ad, just type in worldwide. don't type in any countries, just worldwide and it'll spread out across the entire globe and you can get likes, if your campaign is good, from anywhere to one to two per penny. so that can grow your page really fast. just 20 bucks would get you up to that thousand. now you're still going to want people in your niche and some of them might not be able to buy, but you'll have the engagement you need to start marketing more to people, maybe in the united states, bigger countries, english-speaking countries, that you might want to sell to, because that engagement and trustworthiness is a huge thing, even though it's such a gray area and everyone's annoyed with the.

Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

hey, everyone davey here, welcome to our first video of 2022. today we're going to go through my 10 favorite shopify apps. shopify makes it so easy to install apps. it's one of its super powers. apps can increase conversion rate, increase average order value and make you a ton more money. apps need to come with the warnings, though. if you use the wrong apps, it can slow your website down and leave a ton of money off the table. for those that have been following along in our lemon scrub series, you know that we've got our website all set up. now it's time to install apps. if you haven't been following on, that's okay. i'm just going to use the lemon scrub as an example in this video. none of these apps have paid me for this video. there are a couple of affiliate links down below, but i'm going to give you lots of alternatives and outline the pricing so you can make the best choice for your business. let's get into it. the first app that we're going to cover today is perfect if your product is low average order value, so basically under 70 or so. with products like that, shipping costs a lot of money compared to the actual revenue that you can bring in per order. the app is called ship scout. it's always difficult to understand when you launch your product whether you should offer free shipping or charge a little bit. free shipping should be more appealing to customers and therefore increase your conversion rate, so the more people that go to your store will actually end up checking out. a lot of brands will actually just add the cost of shipping onto the price of their product, making their product just a little bit more expensive. to cover that cost, what ship scout does is it allows you to actually split test that concept. what this allows you to do is actually test shipping thresholds. for lemon scrub, for example, if we're selling for 40 and we have a free shipping over 50 offer on the header bar, it would entike people to actually purchase two of the product, drastikally increasing our average order value. naturally, with all split tests, if you're trying to raise prices- which in this case you are- for the people that only wanted to buy one lemon scrub because you're going to charge them shipping, you should expect a conversion rate decrease because less people buy, because there's less value. i've been following along on twitter and there's been some really strange results for this app. not only have people been receiving an aov increase with their orders, but a lot of people are actually reporting that conversion rate also increases, which is completely counterintuitive. one theory behind this is users are just thinking they're getting a better deal with a free shipping offer over the threshold. if you're currently charging free shipping and you've got low margin products where people can buy a couple of them, i definitely recommend trying it out. to find the app, all we need to do is go to the app store right in ship scout and it's just here. there isn't a huge amount of reviews on it yet because i do think it is still early. the reviews are good. we can just add the app. as you can see, it's 49 a month and a seven day free trial. so maybe try to run a significant test within that seven days to hedge your bets. as with installing all new apps, if you are doing a lot of traffic through your store, you may need to vet the app from a speed perspective first. you can have a dummy store and install the app and check the speed in google analytiks. one disclaimer about this app is that you will need to be using the advanced shopify plan, which is 299 dollars a month. so if you are a new brand, then it may not be right for you. one option is that you can upgrade your shopify plan to the 299 option, use the free trial of ship scout at the same time and then just revert your shopify plan back. so the actual cost of using the shopify app is just the difference between the basic and the advanced shopify plan. the next app that i highly recommend that you use this year is called dexter, or neat a b test. both of these apps are incredible at split testing pricing. pricing is one of the most underrated split tests that entrepreneurs just refuse to do. there's a few reasons why they refuse to do this. firstly, they're worried that customers will see both pricing. this is very unlikely. even if you're a huge brand, customers definitely don't pay this much attention to your business. much like ship scout, price changes will affect a few things. they'll affect conversion rate, but they'll also increase the revenue that we can create per visitors. so therefore the profits. i suggest using these apps to split test pricing in intervals that are relative to the product price. for example, if your product is around fifty dollars, split test the pricing by five to ten dollars. if your products five hundred dollars, maybe you wanna split test by fifty dollars. this is great to do early on, but also as your brand adapts over time, especially with the current fears of inflation, what will happen is prices will go up across the board. this is the perfect opportunity for you to raise prices because your suppliers, your freight forwarders and your couriers- they're all raising their prices. so you need to pass those costs on. reasonable price raises shouldn't affect your brand as much as you think. one of the worst things that you can do is just constantly keep absorbing those costs until your business stops being profitable and therefore you actually go out of business. so to find these apps, i'll start with neat a b test. neat a forward slash b, and it should be this first one just here. so it's got 39 reviews. you can see the dexter app is an ad above it, um, which is the other one that i have used. um, that's that one is actually charged out at 3.99 per 100 visitors approximately. so the more people that you use the split test with, they'll actually charge you, which can add up to be quite expensive, but it is a really effective app. i like it. and neat a b testing is around 29 a month, um, and you get the the 14 day trial there as well, so i'm just going to add that up to our store so we can use it later. the other option that you do have with split testing is to use a big, robust tool like google optimize or optimizely. google optimize is free, but it is quite hard to use. you will need to use something like google tag manager to set up events. if you've got a clothing store, google optimize can be a really good way to split test all your pricing at once. you can actually duplicate all your products and create a split test, pushing people to one collection page of one pricing and the other page with the new pricing. these apps that i just mentioned, though, are far simpler, and you can just test single product variants very, very easily. the next app that i recommend is okendo. these guys are doing some really cool stuff. reviews are incredibly important to make your shopify look trustworthy and increase conversion rate. a kendo seems to be a really robust tool that is offering lots of customizable review options, so, for example, if you're a clothing store, you can actually ask people to review things like the fit- is it true to size, or even the softness- is it comfortable? these reviews can then be paired with photos and videos to really make sure that the customer believes the review is real and guide their decision making. a kendo starts at around 29 a month. the alternative that a lot of people use is luke's. however, what seems to be happening with luke's is a lot of dropshippers are actually using the brand, which is decreasing the credibility. there are a lot of review apps out there. make sure that your one isn't slowing down the website speed so we can come into here and go ekendo and you can see the product reviews right here. it's got 424 reviews at 5 stars. people are loving it. the customer service is really, really strong. the alternative they did mention was luke's, which is here. it's obviously far more popular at this stage. definitely hit scale, but a kendo might catch it. luke's is cheaper, at 9.99 a mont.

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Facebook Ads 2021 vs NEW Apple iOS Update

apple is changing how information is tracked by companies like facebook for paid ads with their upcoming ios 14 update. it gives individuals more control over their personal information, which personally i like, but honestly, as an online advertiser and small business owner, it really sucks. so let's tok about how your paid ads are going to be impacted negatively- because they will be- and ways to still give your business an advantage. okay, so we have got so much to cover in this video, so let's just jump right in. in this video, i'm going to cover what's included in the upcoming ios update, what this means for your online ads, a few changes you need to implement on your facebook ads account asap, plus a few other ways to try and improve your paid ads once this update takes effect. first, let's tok about the new apple ios update, version 14.. it hasn't been released yet and we don't have a specific date yet for when it will be released, but it's expected to come out in january or february of 2021.. with this update, apple is focusing heavily on privacy concerns and once an apple user upgrades to this version, anytime they open an app, they will be prompted with options to give permissions or not for the app to track their behavior. tim cook, the ceo of apple, actually shared a screenshot of it in action, stating: facebook can continue to track users across apps and websites as before. app tracking, transparency and ios 14 will just require that they ask your permission first. the user then will be prompted with the options in this pop-up to ask app not to track or allow. i think a lot of people will choose to not let the app track, but we won't really know till it's out there how many users will choose this option. just an fyi, though, that this will affect all advertisers, so that means you'll see this pop up with apps for pinterest, linkedin, snapchat, tiktok, youtube and google as well. facebook has been the most outspoken against it because they are such a huge online advertising platform, because they also own instagram, whatsapp and oculus and are collecting a lot of data about their users. facebook was even so upset about these changes and being called out by apple that they even ran a full page advertisement in the wall street journal, the new york times and the washington post, trying to get more small business owners on their side and to stop the new changes. so what does this mean for you personally and your store? if you're running paid ads? honestly, this is where it sucks for small businesses, because we're going to lose information on tracking people to make our ads more effective and the price of ads will inevitably increase. then the biggest problem will be with reporting for how your ads on facebook and instagram are actually performing. you will still get leads and sales from ios devices. you just won't see them all in the ads manager reports unless the user clicked to allow tracking. this means that your ads may be showing that they are doing poorly, however, they're actually doing well. you just aren't getting the conversion data from this correctly. we'll come back to this in a bit with a workaround solution later in this video, so just stay with me. also affected will be your ability to build out custom audiences for people that have taken specific action on your site, like for retargeting ads or look-alike audiences. any audience you created based on their interests or demographics will be unaffected, other than not being able to track them when they actually get to your site. retargeting audiences, for example, can be set up for people who went on your site in the last seven days and didn't purchase. however, now, unless they choose, allow tracking with the new ios update, you won't be able to build this out as an audience with them. that also means that any custom look-alike audience you created off of a previous retargeting audience will also be ineffective. hopefully this makes sense. and again, just to clarify: you will still be able to get leads and sales from paid ads. you just won't have all these specific information about their performance like before. so less status, specific targeting plus an increase in ad cost equals it being harder for small businesses to advertise online. but don't lose hope, because there are a few things that you can do. first let's tok about the specific changes facebook recommends you make to your ad account to help with performance. step number one is to get your domain verified in your facebook ads account. i'm not really sure why facebook considers this important now, but it's something that they are suggesting to do and it's a good idea anyways to do this. log into your facebook ads account and go to business settings and then, under brand safety, click on domains. here you can add in your root domain- so don't worry about any subdomains that you own- and then it'll give you a code to place on your site. you have a few different options, but i find the fastest and easiest for shopify stores is the option meta tag verification. just select the bold code listed here and copy it, and then head over to your shopify store, back in and go to online store and then click actions- edit code for your active theme. you want to be careful when you're in this section now, because it is your theme's code. but click on themeliquid in the left hand column to open this file. then scroll down the page so you find the ending head tag and place the code above it. then click save. once you have done this, you can head back to facebook ads manager to verify that it's done and then connect the domain to a page in the connected assets area if you have multiple pages under one ads account. step number two is to choose which facebook conversions events you will use if you have more than eight, because with the ios update they are limiting it to only eight events now. this includes add to cart, purchase leads, complete registration and any other custom conversions that you have set up. to see what conversion events you currently have with your pixel, go to events manager and you'll see all the current events being tracked by your facebook pixel here. if you have more than eight, you will need to remove some, since the limit facebook is setting now is eight. however, if you have eight or under, you are totally fine and you don't need to do anything else. step number three is to start understanding what leads and purchases you're already getting from ads that are coming specifically from ios devices. you can see this by going to your ads overview, selecting a campaign and the ads in the campaign and then clicking on breakdown by delivery and impression device. by doing this, you can start to see how your reporting might be impacted, based on how many users are showing up for conversions with ios devices. okay, so i know i've already dropped a lot of information for you in this video, so make sure to just pause this video and go back to anything if you want to see me go again, step by step, through facebook's ad account changes with me. also, don't forget to hit the like button below this video and hit subscribe if you're getting value out of this. it really helps my channel out. plus, it helps the video get showcased to more small business owners just like you that really could use the help with the new apple changes. thank you so much for your support. it really means so much to me. okay, now let's tok about other changes you can make to your ads to help improve their performance. so my biggest tip here is to focus your marketing efforts on getting email addresses so that you can rely less on pixel optimization for retargeting. this means promoting people to sign up to your email newsletter in multiple places on your site, including a pop-up. i actually already have a video on growing your email newsletter list fast with pop-ups that you can see up here, and i will also link it in the description below as well. you can also create a lead magnet like a downloadable guide that you run lead generation ads for, so you can try and get more email newsletter sig.

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Shopify Settings That Matter & Store Logo Design For Free! - (Day 2/30) #Bizathon3

hey, my name is rito and i am building out a shopify store from scratch in 30 days. today is day number two and in the first day we've already selected our store name and it's going to be a chubby little common panda. all right, so yesterday we were facing some troubles connecting the domain name, but that was just because, like, it takes a bit of time for the dns to propagate. i won't get into the tiknical details of it all, but right now, today, we are going to be setting up all of the basic store settings and also try and get some other things out of the way. um, it's an exciting session planned up ahead for you guys and if you are ready, let us be there doing this now. listen, if you're not subscribed to the channel- seriously, like, are you so lazy? just hit that subscribe button below and subscribe to the flying start online channel and follow along as i build a shopify store from scratch and make sure you are building your shopify store along with me. all right, you have literally no excuses anymore. shopify is pretty much the easiest platform for starting your e-com business, and you don't even need any uh products and you can sell products. that's like the best thing ever. so, keeping that in mind, let us dive into my screen and let me get started. all right, so, first off, what i have to do here is, really quickly, let me show you, uh, this is my online store, which we created yesterday, and here, as you can see, inside domains, uh, we have commonpandacom. pay close attention, a lot of things i'm about to cover today. as you can see, this is connected with, like, pandavin, and all of this thing was set up. so, if you, by the way, if you, you, you also have the option of, like, buying your own domain, like this, you can just buy with shopify. you won't have to do all the dns things that we were doing that day yesterday, so like, yeah. so, anyways, today we're going to go over some settings, but before i actually go into all the settings- uh, part of this all- let me just quickly, um, share some interesting things with you. all right, so, now that you have your uh shopify account set up- by the way, if you haven't set up your shopify account, uh, i'll just draw this down for you. there's a link below this video, in the description. just click on that and set up your shopify store right now. literally, just pause this video. set it up right now. then resume it when you've set it up. all right, so now we're going to go into some prep work. all right, so, because we are not just building a store, we are building a business- people, we are building a business, and in order to build a business, we need some interesting things here. so remember, like when you have your shopify store up, uh, you need a few like things, and i'll quickly like, write them down here. the first thing you need is a us address. all right, because the first uh country that we're going to target in our ads is going to be united states. our primary currency is going to be united states dollar. so we're going to need a us address now. for all those people who are like, but i don't stay in the us, what can i do? well, don't, don't be afraid, because i have a solution for you and i'm going to just quickly write down in dashes. i'll be filling it out in in just a couple of minutes. all right, the second thing you need is a phone number. all right, for all those who are already in the us. that's pretty easy for you guys to do, but for those who are not in the us. again, i'll give you a phone number solution that you can get really quickly. all right, the next thing you need is somewhere to collect your payments right now. to collect your payments, you need a stripe account. all right, for those in the developed countries, it's pretty easy to get a stripe account. you just need to link a bank account and you have a stripe account with you. um, just go to stripecom and set it up. for those who are in, uh, india and all these other places, you can just use a paypal connection and an indian paypal account works just fine. so that's fine. and the final thing you need is a support email. all right, support email now. yesterday you saw me set up support commonpandacom and, like, literally all i did was just set up a free gmail account and then forwarded, uh, the email that comes into support at common panda to like commonpandersupportgmailcom or something whatever email we set that up. so we've already done this one, so let me just quickly uh, take it in green. all right, so this is done, and today i'm actually going to in the store settings, i'm going to set all of these things up, because this, this is all what you need, man, this is what you need to set it up and you want to do it right, right, you're building out a proper business. now, all of these cost really simple. let me just quickly write these down in a believe: uh, in order to create a us address. if you're in the us, you can just give your address because, uh, the address that you give is going to be sent in like invoice email, so it's not really a big deal if you give out your personal address. but if you're outside the us and you want a us address, here's one thing where you can go. you can go to virtual post, mailcom. all right, just go to virtualpostmailcom, they'll set it up. i'll actually quickly just show you. if you want a us phone number, then you just go to grasshoppercom. you can actually set up a toll free number as well, where people can call you if they need to, but, again, most you won't be getting any calls. uh, in many cases, like 90 percent, 95 of your customers won't even call you. but it's just good to have it. um, and if your customers need to tok to you, you can just give them this, and basically what grasshopper does, is it? it just generates a virtual number for you and whoever calls, that number is going to be us phone number. by the way, whoever calls that number, they'll just record a message and you can check that out in a web-based console. all right now. if you don't have a stripe account, don't worry, there are so, so, so, so, so many other payment gateways out there. i'll quickly show you when we set all of this up today. all right now. again, if you're not set up a shopify account already, just click the link below. it's in the description. just do that. all right, let me just quickly save this so that i can give you all the notes. hold on, it should be number five. all right, so let's get on with the prep work. let me just quickly show you virtual post mail. if you're wondering, what can, what, what's that all about? as you can see, virtual postman- we scan your us postal main. you read it online, anytime, anywhere. literally. they'll give you an address that you can use and whatever mail comes into that address- let's say somebody returns a product- it'll just arrive there and they'll scan it and you can just check it in your email like what, what mail came in? like? it's so simple and the pricing starts at like 10 dollars per month. all right, this is all you need and in many cases you can just give your own personal address, so that's not really required. if you're in the us, just give your own personal address, right, so that's fine. next up, grasshoppercom. that is where you get your business phone number again. uh, pretty, pretty simple, uh pricing with them. you can create your own. hold on. let me just quickly quit skype so people don't disturb me. stop quit disturbing me, guys. all right, so you can just get on with 24 a month. again. if you have a us phone number- uh, already, then there's no need to do that. if you need one, this is one place where you can go again. these are all optional, but this definitely helps if you are scaling up your business. i just want to give you all the information before you go. um, you know, scale it up into like tens of thousands of dollars a month. next up is stripe atlas. so stripe atlas is for those people who are not in the us and want to open up a stripe account. this is for them. if you're already in the us, just go to stripecom and set it up. if you're outside the us, you can just join stripe atlas. they have a two-week two to they take two to three weeks. i have applied just recently with them.

Is Shopify Dead 2018? Wall Street Journal Exposes Shopify Dropshipping Scam! (This Is Clickbait)

so lately I haven't been feeling like myself. you know, I've been in a. I've sort of been in a funk or a slump, whatever you want to call it. I haven't really felt motivated or inspired to do anything. so I figured I just need something to use as a source of motivation, write something to kick me back into high gear. so what I decided to do was go take a look at my green car, a car that cost a whopping four hundred and eighty six thousand dollars. now you're probably wondering: what car is this? well, if you have me on snapchat, you know exactly what car did, and if you don't have me on snapchat, go ahead and add me and enjoy this clip: [Music], [Music], [Music]. after sitting inside that lamborghini aventador, yes, I did feel much more motivated and I'm back in action. let's get started in today's video. wait, wait, I forgot to introduce myself. my name is ebony zur Frimpong, and welcome back to the channel. the title of this video literally says this is clickbait, but yet you clicked on it anyway. you're different, you're real and i truly appreciate you. so what's going on? well, of course, dropshipping isn't dead, but the Wall Street Journal published a story to make it seem like it was some type of shoddy business model right that internet crooks were up to. they published the story about a woman who saw an ad on Facebook for a $70 cotton hoodie. I believe she went ahead, bought the hoodie, received it three weeks later in the package from China. of course, she opened it, took the hoodie out. the quality of the hoodie was not what was described and the ad that she originally saw and top dog had a huge like nasty chemical smell that hit her right in the face the minute she took that package. this happens a lot. the customer had a bad customer experience. that doesn't necessarily mean that drop shipping is a scam. the store that she bought from is. it's a great store. I've seen their layout, but they they're working with a supplier who doesn't care about the customer experience, so then the negative feedback falls onto the store and now it's falling on the entire dropship community. so what do you guys need to do as a precaution to this when it comes to looking for suppliers? find suppliers that you can build a relationship with, for the 5-star suppliers are the only ones you want to work with. anything below that, do not work with them. email your supplier, not email them. message them, whatsapp them, build that relationship. you can get pictures of what your package looks like before it even gets sent out to. you can actually repress different packaging. you can do all of this to build a better customer experience, to avoid this negative feedback. in the artikle they explained the dropship business model and then in the comments a lot of people are making it seem like this is something that's completely unheard of. but drop shipping is no different than a regular retailer. the only difference is we don't have inventory. we just buy low, sell high, we buy low, we mark it up in so high. alright, just like any other retailer. Walmart, does it target, does it right, fashion stores, they all. that's what retail is. a lot of people are getting scared because they feel like this artikle will make more people self aware. but the ads that they see on Facebook know it would. it's gonna push people away. they won't want to click and buy. that's sort of true. Facebook is actually rolling out a new policy, a new update, where potential customers and customers will actually be able to rate ads and rate the products that they receive from ads that they click on. if you get a lot of negative feedback on your ad, Facebook will actually ban you from the platform. so now the game on Facebook is definitely going to change, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna kill drop shipping. just build better stores and think like a customer. when you're building your store, think like a customer and think about the customer experience. there's so many things you can do to prevent customers from having a bad experience. yes, you could give them free, to send them free products. the hoodie that lady bought was $70 and on Aliexpress that same hoodie is $20. look at the markup. they could have sent her a different product. they could have sent her something else to make up for it, but they didn't. that's all I have for you guys today. drop shipping isn't dead. just be wiser and treat it like a business. treat it like a business and take your customers experience into account. build relationships with your suppliers to create a better customer experience. thank you guys. so much for watching. be sure to LIKE, comment, share and, most definitely, subscribe. can I change it? keep off in the bay. in Manila we, like Kate McCain, drop the top, pop it, let it bad, but is life? I cannot change it. keep up in the man.

Shopify got this WRONG! Entrepreneur reacts to 2022 Business Ideas 🤨

hey, what's up. it's pat flynn here, and spotify just published this artikle titled 26 lucrative and low-cost small business ideas to start this year, and the truth is i'm a little worried about this. some of the ideas in this artikle are just not actually very viable in today's environment. they're all possible, but many are harder than they seem. and don't get me wrong, i love shopify and i even use shopify to sell one of my products online. the thing is, an artikle like this could put you down a path that you don't want to be on. my name is pat flynn. i've been an entrepreneur and business owner for 13 years now and i wrote the book on choosing a business idea, one that doesn't waste your time and money. and when i read this artikle- you know my spidey sense- is my my peter tingle- please do not start calling it my peter tingle- sort of fired up, and i wanted to make sure i was here to tell you the truth about these things and unpack some of the ones that are probably going to be a little bit too difficult to start with. so what we're going to do is we're going to dive through a few of these ideas and discuss and tok about them right now all right, 26 lucrative and low-cost small business ideas to start this year coming down here. you know, at least they don't say these are things that can happen overnight. they all say that you know it comes with some hard work here. that says you still need to come up with a solid idea, build a brand, put effort into marketing and provide excellent customer service. and that's where i have a problem, because the very, very first idea here is drop shipping, and the unfortunate thing about drop shipping is it's very, very difficult to control the customer experience. you know drop shipping is great because you don't have to hold inventory. all you have to do is find great products and serve them up on a website and then try to get people to find that. so you can save a lot of money by doing it this way. however, when it comes to building a long-term successful business, customer service is really, really key. you have very little control over the product and what's inside the packaging and how that customer experiences that product. it's all up to that other company, so your brand is in the hands of somebody else and that's always a very, very dangerous situation to be in. now i know a lot of people who are making a lot of money with drop shipping and they either fall into one of two camps. camp number one: they love it and they're promoting products and they're making a lot of money and they're happy. number two: they're also making a lot of money, but they're not fulfilled because they are pushing out products that just don't even really matter to them. they might be, you know, selling thousands of a special kind of a lint roller and that's kind of what they're known for and it's like: well, how fulfilling can that be as a side hustle, just for temporary purposes? yeah, i think it's a great place to start and what you might be able to do is to create a brand around a partikular niche- not a product, but a niche to serve that audience- and you might be able to come up and create your own products down the road. next up on the list, right below drop shipping, is design and sell print on demand t-shirts. print on demand is great. it's very low cost because you don't need to print anything and hold any inventory until a person actually makes a purchase. then that company who prints the thing will send it out on your behalf and you get to split the cost. now i also know a few people who do this very well. however, the trouble is, from what i hear, is that oftentimes what sells really well are very niche products and stuff that only lasts for a short period of time. it's very rare to create a shirt that might be very popular for a long period of time. my friend, he was creating t-shirts around silly things that donald trump would say, and he would create these shirts and fire him out almost as soon as the thing came out of his mouth and he would do pretty well, but then all of a sudden, you know, two days later he'd say something else and that initial shirt just wouldn't sell anymore. and if you have to keep redesigning things like that, it could become very pricey and eat up into your profits again. and this is going to be a theme here for stuff that works when selling anything online and that is the riches in the niches. as you can see here, the example that shopify uses is somebody who's in the sort of pet industry, or dogs specifically- crazy dog lady, and you know i should soon not don't demonetize me for that- uh, that's pretty cool because if you find that, you know you have clever and creative shirts, people might spread them around and wear them and people are going to ask: where did you get that? if you have a good brand name and creative to go along with it, you know you could do pretty well, but it is going to be a little bit of a a slow grind at the start and the more that you can niche down and create something that's specific to the culture of that niche that you're in, the more likely you are to succeed. number three here: launch your own book. i don't think that's a great business idea at all. i have three books personally myself. number one: they were some of the hardest things that i've ever created in my entire life. number two: the books themselves don't make a ton of money, relatively speaking to other things that you could promote. i think a book is a great idea for building awareness and using marketplaces like amazon to be found, so that then a person is in your environment. you get them on your email list, you can tok to them, you can sell them services, you can sell them on other products that are just much more profitable from there. but a book, yes, it's great because you can create it once and it can work for you over and over again. but, man, there's so much required to make a great book that stands out, plus some of the examples they use here, like cookbooks, picture books, comic books, photo books- these things cost a lot more money than a regular sort of text black and white version of a book. the more color and the more sort of design there is, the more that you're gonna have to spend and, of course, the more that's gonna eat into your profits. starting a launch a book business is very difficult. i think, again, picking a niche audience and and then monetizing that way, perhaps with a book, is the right way to go. number four: create digital products or online courses. yes, absolutely. this is what has helped me and my- my business- make millions of dollars selling courses about podcasting and email marketing and webinars and things like that. creating digital products or online courses is great, uh. however, it's much easier once you've built an audience, which is why there's a number down here. i think it's number here. number 10: build an audience you can monetize. i think that this is the way to go for long-term business success, because when you build an audience, you are building a relationship, you are building trust, you're building authority and then they will help you, they will tell you what it is that they would want to buy. now a part of building an audience is stepping into the spotlight to become an authority, to become an influencer, and that can often times scare a lot of people, because now all the attention's on you and you have to be very careful about how you navigate that world that you are entering in, and it comes with a lot of things like trolls and haters and other people who want to try and take you down. you got to grow a thick skin- and this is something that i've toked about before and how haters have almost stopped me in my businesses- but it's a mental game more than anything. so the more that you can be there for your audience and serve them first, your earnings become a byproduct of how well you serve your audience. all right, now this is the one that i have maybe the biggest problem with, and that is number six. in order to like a business idea is number six: start a charitable business, and my issue with this and