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shopify show quantity in stock

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How to show inventory quantity on the product page on Shopify

hey everyone, this is coren from the speedycom team and i'm bringing you today a new tutorial in which we are going to see how you can display the stok in your shopify product pages. you will find in the description of this video the link to the written tutorial where you will have access to the code that we will be using. before we begin, i suggest you make a copy of your theme files. that way you don't lose your work in case you make any big mistakes. so it's fairly easy. all you have to do is click on actions, then duplicate, and once it's done, go back to the tutorial and let's copy the code. there you go. then, once again, we come back to the store, click on actions, then edit code. after that you will have to open the sections folder and find the product template, that liquid file. let's see there it is. once you've opened this file, you will have to look for the line that contains the word price. to make it easy, i'm going to use the search bar so you can open it with ctrl f or command f if you're on apple. so then you type price, you scroll a bit, let's see. there you go. you will have to find a line similar to this. if you're on debut theme, this is exactly what you need, but in most of the themes that's going to look something similar. so once you've found this line, you will create some space and you will paste the code that you just copied. then, of course, always click on save, and now it's all done. let me give you a quick tip before we continue. if you're not sure where you have to place the code, you can try to add a random word somewhere in the code itself. so let's say, i don't know, you add a word here, you just add test or whatever you want. then you will have to go to your product page and see where that word is displayed. if the word is exactly where you want to put the stok, then you have to just replace the word by the code. if it's not, then you keep trying until you find the exact spot where you want to add the code. so right now, i know i have added it to the right place. so we are going to go to the product page and see how it looks. alright, so let's open the store and find a product page. there you go and you can see that i have displayed the leftover stok exactly where i wanted it to be, right underneath the price. and to finish things up, i'm going to show you how you can add a couple of customizations. so, for example, you go back to the code itself and here you can change the text. you can see there are, then there is the quantity and then units left in stok, so you can customize this text however you want. and, of course, aside from the text itself, you can change its color. by modifying this color code, you can change its font size. this is the font size. you can change the spacings. you can change the icon itself. this is the source of the icon here. this is the link. you can change it with any icon you want, and i think this is pretty much anything you can or need to modify. this is a fairly easy tutorial and you will have something really cool that will display the stok left. i should, i think, remind you that this is not really useful for dropshippers, because in most cases, dropshippers don't have any stok, so it's i don't know. if you can, if you want to show any scarcity, maybe you can use this, but you will have to manually change your stoks in the product files. all right, so this is it for this tutorial. i really hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. if that's the case, please like the video. maybe leave us a comment if you have any ideas for other tutorials, and don't forget to subscribe to the channel, because we will be adding a lot more tutorials in the coming weeks. [Music] you.

[2022 Free] Show The Number Of Products Left In Stock In The Product Page - Easy Shopify Tutorial

bonjour, shopify world. my name is andrew from ecom experts dot. io got the green hoodie, so we're gonna do some coding and in this video, we are going to show you how you can display a little message to say how many elements there are left in stok. we're gonna jump in the code for this and this is useful if you want to create some scarcity and push up your sales by showing how many are there still left in stok. all right, let's jump straight to our online store right here. um so, welcome in our little online store. let me first show you how it currently looks. i can go to products. i will go to the color product because i'm tracking the stok on the color product, so it makes the most sense there. i do view and, as you can see, i have no idea how many black, yellow and red are currently in stok. alright, so i'm gonna close all of that and we're going to get to work. in the description below, right next to the subscribe button, you will have a link and on the link we explain to you exactly what pieces of code you need to paste and where you need to paste them. so i'm just going to copy that code from that document and paste it inside before you start- and this is super important, especially on this video, is that you make a duplicate of your theme. if you're not gonna make a duplicate of your theme, stop right here. stop watching this video. it's not worth it. don't even try. we're going to be playing in the javascript and the chances of you messing up in the javascript are real. by having a backup version, you can just always rely on your backup in case you mess up, and you don't have to hire a developer, and so you're gonna save a lot of money. so, please make a duplicate before you do anything else. we're going to do that by going to online store or right here, and then on the online store, we're going to create on actions and we're going to say duplicate. it's going to take a second and the theme is duplicating, as you can see right here and here is the duplicate version being created. okay, the copy is done and we are going to be working on this version right here. so not on our live version, but on our duplicate version. again, in case we mess up. it doesn't affect the live version. great, you got that, okay, great, so you can just click on actions right here and you can click on edit code. welcome in the code editor. and right here on the left side, we're going to go down to sections. if you don't have sections on your shopify store, it is time to update your theme. i don't have a video for that. you're going to have to contact your theme producer, the person that built your theme, and ask them how to update it. we do it for a fixed fee as well, so you can always reach out to us anyway in these sections. right here we're going to go into product template um, which is right here, product dash template dot liquid. we're going to click on it and basically this is our product page, sort of. so the next element is we're going to copy and paste the html code saying how many items left in inventory. now it's kind of up to us where we want to put that piece of code on the product page. i like to put it right above the add to cart button, and to do that we can do command if on a mac, or ctrl f on windows, there's this little search box that will pop up and we can type in btn. so we're looking for buttons and here it says: here isn't a button, but this button has a class link, medium up height thumbnail slider that does not look like our add to cart. but so we type in enter again. it's going to show us another btn and another btn. you can see. now we're selecting this one. if we type enter yet again, oh here we go. button type: button class link, medium up thumbnail slider. that still doesn't look like add to cart. so let's type enter a couple of more times. we're selecting through them. here's another button: button type submit: ah, this looks like an add to cart button. um name ads or yeah. so this is. oh, here you. product form submit. you see these are are terms related to an add to cart button. so it's pretty safe to say that this button is our add to cart button. that's the little code for add to cart. but so if we want to put it above it, well, you just click right before the start of the code. you hit enter a couple of times so you create some space and then in the empty space make sure it's 100 empty. so not here, because then you're in this block of code, which is something else, right? for example, here or here you're going to paste the codes that i've provided in step one. there you go and there is a nice little commenting right here that says inventory tracking on product page. basically, this code says it looks at the variant id inventory. um, if there's only one, we have current variant inventory quantity, so there's like one or five- it checks the quantity uh in stok. okay, now that that is pasted, we can save it now in case you don't have variance on your products. you're pretty much good to go for this part. there's still more code you need to add now in case you have variants on your product. so, just as our color product there's multiple variants. or if you sell t-shirts, the sizes and the colors, those are all variants. if you have variants on your product, you need to add a little bit more of code right here, um, so let's do that right now. we're going to be pasting that piece of code right above what we've just pasted here. so that's in step 1.2. i guess in the document we're gonna hit paste and this is basically making sure that our little this product is available or showing how many they are still in stok. um, works for all of the variants on your uh product. if you don't have variants, don't worry about this little piece of code. if you do have variance, you need to paste that in. okay, cool, now let's click on save. the next step is where it gets a little bit tricky. we're going to scroll all the way down here on the left and we're going to go to assets. in assets we're going to look for the javascript file, so teamjs, not vendor, not vnc, something like, not password, something like fee, something global. if you don't have team, then try to look for a global name. theme is pretty global. uh, password is just one little fraction of your, of your site. anyway, you get the point themejs. now i'm having the debut team, just um for your reference. and again, here we're gonna do command f on a mac or control f on windows and the search box box will pop up. now in the document i provided a little term called variant change. we're looking for variant change in this folder. now i have two of them, but i'm in the debut team, so for you this might be a little bit different, but on the debut team there should be two of them out of the box. i'm gonna tell you the lines. but the lines is really just rough, because if someone entered and added a little uh spacing somewhere, then the line numbers will be off, so use the line numbers just as a reference. i have a variant change around line number 6431 and i have another one and i have an another variant change around line number 742. we need the one that's around a line number 742 and basically this little comment says exactly what this piece of code does. it's an event handler for when a variant input changes. so when someone clicks on a different variant, that's an event handler. it's going to trigger a new picture and a new price and this and that, and this is the little piece of code that does that. now we need to add our little piece of code to check the inventory of this new variant that the person has just clicked on. in order to do that, we need to insert our code in this block. you see this entire block, toks about event handler for variant input changes, like i said. so our code needs to be in here. this little curly bracket signifies the end of that code, but we're going to put it here right after. if variant then return, we're going to do a couple of spaces to create some space and then we're going to be pasting our first line of code. that should look something like this: paste let inventory hash equal to documentqueryselectorall inventory management, and then a little debug.

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Shopify Dawn Theme: Display Inventory On Product Page, No App

today i'm going to show you the easiest way to add your product inventory uh or your stok level uh onto the product page on dawn and on other modern shopify things. this is really easy to do if your product does not have variance like color or like size. unfortunately, it gets pretty complicated if your product does have variants, so i won't be covering that in today's video, but if that's actually what you're looking for, just leave a comment below and i'll make that video for you. and, like i said, this is a tutorial using dawn, which is shopify's new default theme on shopify online store 2.0. but you can do the same thing on any theme that has the custom liquid code block available on the product page. so, as you can see here, i am on my product page on my development store and i have this line right under the price that says we have six items remaining. this is a product without any variance, so this is really easy to do. first, we're going to add a block and that block type is going to be custom liquid, okay, so this is a block where you can add custom code. now i'm just going to write test so that it shows up here. it is at the bottom test and i'm just going to drag it up to where i want it to be, so like right under the price. there it is, and i'll just hide my other block right now, because i'm just going to show you step by step how to do this. first thing i'm going to do is write stok or something like that, and then i'm going to add these curly braces like this and we're going to write product dot, variance, dot, first, dot, inventory quantity- okay, with an underscore, and that will show up our inventory quantity. great. so the next thing you might want to do is add text to other parts. so if you want to put it in a sentence, like mine was, then i would write something like we have, and then this code and then items remaining at the end here, and we can also wrap this in a paragraph so that it's neat. you know, don't forget the closing tag. all right, this is just normal html, right, paragraph tags. now, another thing you might want to do is only show it when you're low in stok on a partikular product, right, so we can add an if statement that says: if you have less than five products, then show this, otherwise do nothing. so let's do this. let's open a logic block in liquid, okay, and we're going to write if, and then here is where we write the condition: okay, and we're going to write and if, once again in a logic block, and if, after the code that we want to show up, okay, so, and what is our condition? the condition is that this number that we're outputting is less than 5. so you can literally copy this, paste it here, and we're going to write: less than 5. product variance first, inventory quantity is less than 5. show this. so, as you can see, it's disappeared from here because we have more than 5.. if i had less than 10, it would reappear. there you go. so that's all, guys. it is pretty simple. i'll also add this code in the video description and, like i said, if you have a product with variants, this won't work. the process is actually much more complicated. you have to edit your actual template code, you have to add some javascript, and the reason why it's more complicated is that you need this number to update every time. when you- when you actually change the color or when you change the size, right, you need this number to change as well. that's why you need to write javascript. so it's dynamic and that's why it's more complicated. so really i recommend using a developer. you can hire a developer from a company like store tasker, for example, that specializes in small tasks and they're quite affordable and they have very fast turnaround. but if you really want to do it yourself, i can create a tutorial for you. just leave a comment below and if i see enough comments, or if your comment gets a couple of likes, then i will create that tutorial. that's all, guys. leave a like if that was helpful, leave a comment if you have any questions and subscribe for more videos like this one. see you next time.

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How To Show Products Left In Stock on Shopify- Easy Shopify Tutorial

welcome back graduate. so today i'm gonna be teaching you how to add this blue bar right here and you're probably like, oh cool, a blue bar, awesome. what does it do? well, what it does? it gives people a clear indication on how many items are left in your inventory and it kind of it- well, not kind of it actually does. it adds a sense of urgency. it's like currently, we only have 20 items in star, in stok, in stok in stok. act fast, buy now. you know um. you know. so people think, oh, my god, i finally found this product, but, holy crap, there's only 20 items left. i gotta, i gotta, you know, purchase this fast. and we got the shaky at the cart thing going on too, which you can check this video here if you want to learn how to add that to your store, because it helps. it does every little thing, helps every little tidbit thing that you add to your store. it's going to help you. it's going to help improve conversion rates, it's going to make you more money and you're going to be thanking me later. you're going to be like, wow, glenn, you are the man like you and ecom graduates, i don't. what would i do without you? i know, i know you would, um, so, anyways, let's get, let's get right to it. i'm stuttering over my words, as always, but you know you keep coming back for this amazing content, so we keep delivering. and while you're at it, smash the subscribe button and the like button too, because it helps. it really does. you know, all these big youtubers are like: hey, the algorithm? i think it does, you know, but we'll find out once you actually hit the button. i'm waiting, i'm waiting. click the button, come on, do it. alright, thanks, thank you so much. three, two, one. here we go. so when you get the snippet you're gonna be, you're gonna have a folder stok indicator, you're gonna have an html file. we're just gonna open this up. ignore these videos, uh, because what we do is we add these videos in after we upload, so you'll see a how-to video on here and then, like a next video, ignore this section, um, and then the next part is that the actual code. so you're gonna, when we get to that that part, you'll, uh, yeah, we'll give you the code. so, anyways, what we're gonna do is going to go to the first step is go to our snippets, but the first and foremost, we've got to go click on online store, because you're in your admin dashboard, and click on the theme that you want to edit. we're going to use dawn, no stok. you want to know why? because it doesn't have this feature yet, but we're going to add it. so we'll click on preview and we're also going to click on edit code- awesome. now we just need to go back to our readme file and we're going to go to our snippets folder and we're going to create a file called eg stok indicator bar. you'll see, you're going to click on snippets and click on add snippet and we're going to go back and paste this in great snippet- awesome, cool, sorry, and my own freaking tutorials, i don't even know how to do it all right. so now we're gonna do is: um, we have to also have to actually add the code to the file. so what we're gonna do is we're going to go here, click on this rtf file right here, and we're going to copy all this: ctrl c, close out of this. and now we're going to go to themeliquid, just like it says here: layout themeliquid. we're going to look for the footer. so it's ctrl c and let's go and find footer. so, in order to get that little search bar. you just do command f or control f if you're on windows, and we found it, we found the bar. oh my god, we did it. we did it. did it guys? all right, render. now we gotta render the file, make it visible, make it viewable. we're gonna put it underneath the footer, like it says, you know, add the following code just below it, and i like to add it at the, at the very end here, and let's just fix this formatting, because just fix that, let's fix that. there we go, all right, hit save. and then we did it. we're hitting save. so now add the tag stok indicator bar for the products that you want to show. so we want. so you got to add this tag, right, and what we're going to do is we're going to go into our products. we're going to go and view our products and see which product we want it to show for. so there's no stok indicator bar anywhere on here, right? so now what we're going to do is we're going to go and find cold brew bottle, or our product called cold brew bottle. i can't tok. why are you watching me? i can't tok, all right. so now there's no indicator bar here, right? so we're going to add that. and now for inventories: um, you don't want. what you don't want to do- and i'm trying to find this setting here somewhere- is you don't want, you want to uncheck, uh, the inventories, the track inventory option, like, like, basically, what i'm saying is you want to, um, not have it continue to sell when it runs out of inventory, right, so what you want to do is, if you have variants, you want to select all of these. open bulk editor. then what you need to do is you got to go to your columns here, right, and enable this: continue selling with went out of stok. now, this is annoying, but you have to, i think. actually, i think we can drag this. yeah, we can. there, we go, shopify being intuitive and stuff. wow, thanks, shopify. all right, so we're going to scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, keep scrolling. you don't want to sell it. you don't want to keep selling it when it's out of stok. that's bad, hit save. so, while that's saving- because shopify likes to take forever- edit the settings at the top of the snippet to your own preferences. so inside of the file itself, there are some code snippet settings. um, in here, that's. where are you? i add the snippet. i thought i did. there we go. so there's some settings here, different messages that you can edit. unfortunately, this item is sold out. only count are left. so you know, you kind of get the idea. if you, if you have any questions on how to get this to work and everything, just let me know. we'll. you know in the comments below we'll, we'll respond to you. we're very, you know we very responsive with our viewers because we want you guys to you know, do well, we care about you. um, so that is all set. let's see, let's refresh. here we go. 450 items are left in stok. unfortunately, this item is sold out. unfortunately, this item is also sold out, and so is this one. oh no, it's not okay. there you go, you can see that it works. it works quite well. smash that like button and hit the subscribe button, because i notiked a lot of you guys aren't actually subscribed. you're just kind of coming here and watching us, just that's it. i mean, it's nice, i like you watching me, but i really want you to click that button like. click it now. do it now. no, like right now. yes, i'm toking to you. click the button. thank you, see you later, until next time.

How to add Product Quantity Breaks and Discount bundle on Shopify Product Page | 2022

welcome back graduates. so today i'm going to show you how to use and set up your quantity breaks. now this is specifically displayed on the product page, just like this, and it basically allows to buy in bulk and save for a discount. so i'm going to show you how to set it up and install and so i'm going to show you the functionality. so let's say i want to purchase instead- there's nothing in my- i want to buy five for this price off, for five percent, and it'll be this price. so what i would do is add to cart but notike how it says: no discounts will be applied during checkout. so this will reflect ad checkout. it won't display on. it won't reflect on the card, however. but let's just add this to cart and now i have five and it says at the original price. but remember, it's only at checkout it's displayed. let's just view checkout and it's 64.95. now, when i view checkout, it should come up with the same price, five percent off, and then also 61.71, which is- and that's what you want to see. so let's get right into it. three, two, one. here we go, and what you're going to want to do is go into your theme. i don't have it on this theme, because if i go and preview this theme and i go and click on studio brew, you'll see on my product page i only have this but i don't have the quantity break so we can apply it to this theme. so, as always, you are going to get a html file right over here and then a rtf file to open up. so what i want to do first is open up my html and it's going to look like this. so what's going to first tell me to do is add the section eg quantity break. so that's what i'll do. i'm going to go into here edit code and i am going to go and close out of those and add a new section and i'm going to call it eg 20 breaks as a section. and then what i want to do is i want to open up this file right here for the section. it's going to give me this text. i'm just going to copy and paste, copy and paste. the next thing it has me do is, you know, go into my footer in the themeliquid. so i'm going to close out of this. i'm going to go into my themeliquid at the layout and you can control- control f for find- and i'm going to the footer. now i'm going to just go and add the string, eg quantity breaks, into underneath my footer. so i have a lot of these already, but i'm just going to add them right like that and i'm going to click save. now that's basically it. the hard part's over. so what i'm going to want to do is now add the tag quantity break to the products that i want this feature on. so i believe that the studio brew was already tagged. um, and to make sure, you're just gonna go into your products here and i'm gonna start adding them. so studio cold brew or studio brew actually go down sometimes. uh, shopify has a scroll bug, so you just gotta refresh a little bit and you'll notike that the tag is now quantity break. so i'm just copying and pasting that and then i can add it to another one as well if i want to work on that. so, cold brew bottle. so once this loads, i'm just going to add this tag just to kind of show you what it looks like i wanted to break. now i can either have it on this product or on the other product, um, and so this only applies when you add the tag to that specific product. so, cold brew bottle. i'm going to go into my theme editor. there's a little um work. they have to set up online store and i'm gonna go and click custom and now i'm gonna go and just type in cold brew bottle. i got the- uh, you know, stok indicator right over here. if you haven't seen that, check out the video here. and we got the beautiful swatches here, very, very nice. and then i got the shaky add to cart as well and the add to wish list right. so right down here i have here um and then right right over here it's going to have this: you know, discounts will be displayed automatikally. i will scroll all the way down to the bottom where i see eg, quantity breaks. now i'm just going to add blocks and we have it kind of, you know, where it says five percent off, um, and then you can change it within the blocks here and get five, five discount code, five off. and now you do have to create the discount code in the back in order to reflect this as well. so if the discount code is five percent off, then it's by five and you fi and you select the five and you click save. the next block i'm going to do is by 10 and have 10 off and save. so the quantity is going to be 10 at 10 and i'm going to save 10 percent. so these numbers- quantity and the discount code- do have to be the same. and then 5. i'm going to do 15 and 15.. 15 and i'm going to save it. so now i need a 15 and a 10. um, so i'm just here and just make. you'll have a 15 percent off, ten percent off, a percent, which is so i have those. and now, now it's working. so if i go and view this on studio co, on code brew bottle, view this, get my nice handy dandy calculator here. i'm going to close it, clean it out. i'm just going to refresh again and i'm going to go into that product that i tagged for quantity breaks and it should be right over here. so let's say i want to buy 10 of these at 15.29. that's going to be a discount percent off. when i add this to cart, let's do the math: uh, 15.29 times 10.. i should get this number at checkout. let's just add this to cart so it's showing right now this price. i'm gonna go and click checkout and once it loads it should show the 152.90 and it does 152.91. perfect with an automatik 10 off. so it is working. here is displayed on um. if you have any questions, uh, please let me know. this kind of works, the same as the spin to win with the blocks. if you haven't uh seen that video, check it out. let me know. if you have any questions. please like, subscribe and comment. if you have any comments down below, you need to email us. you can email us at support ecom graduates dot com and we will gladly be able to help you in. and thank you so much and i hope that worked out for you.

How To Set Minimum Quantity For Product To Buy In Shopify | Set Minimum Order Quantity For Product

[Music]. hello everyone, my name is rahul. in this video we will see that how to set minimum quantity for a product to buy. suppose i want that users should buy minimum five quantity of the product from this website. so how we will do that. okay, so firstly, i will go to the products. i will create a new product. okay, so i have it. product status: i will set to active. okay, i will add the image. okay, pricing: i will set here quantity. i will set around 40 quantity. okay, so i will save this product. now i will prove it. okay, so now the quantity is not coming to the product. okay, so how we will show the quantity in this, indeed, product. okay, you have to go to the online store, customize. just select here from. from here you have to select products: default product: okay, show quantity selector. okay, now just save it, just refresh it. okay, now the minimum quantity is bonus, but i want the user should be able to buy a minimum quantity of around five. below five quantity, the user won't be able to buy this product. okay, suppose to card. okay, the one quantity is adding to the card, but i don't want it. i want the user should buy minimum or minimum quantity of around five. how we will do that? okay, so firstly we have to go to the edit code. okay, you have to go to the product template dot liquid file. just search it, okay so. okay, see this: the minimum quantity is around 1. ok, now i will change it. this is my code. so after label you have to put that code. ok, so i have refreshed, like i have replaced the code with my code. okay, and here the minimum quantity is five. okay, in this we have added the content of the product text: contain minimum five. okay, so i have. i will show you how to do that. firstly, save this code and just refresh the product. see, now the quantity is like around one. only then i will go to the products, new product two: just add the tag around min 5, just save it. see, now the quantity is around five. minimum quantities: around five. you can increase it, but you can't decrease below the five. okay, so when i had to cut, so the five quantity will be added to the card, not the one. okay, so in that in this way you can set the minimum quantity of the product. okay, suppose you want the user should buy around minimum two quantity. so you can do the changes in that code. okay, so this code we have added. okay, so i will put put. i will put this code in the description so you can find it from the here and paste it to the website. okay, and in this we are using the w thing debut theme. okay, so in that way, in this way, you can do this. okay. the minimum quantity: okay, you, you can set the minimum quantity of the product so that the user can buy. okay. so thanks for watching. hope you like it. please subscribe to my channel, thank you.