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shopify site not secure

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing SSL certificates, their importance in transmitting data securely, and how to get them in Shopify. We will also cover the benefits of SSL certificates for Google search results and website traffic.

Why SSL Certificates Are Important:

SSL certificates ensure secure transmission of credit card information, usernames, and passwords between the user's computer and the server. Without encryption, hackers can easily access and steal this information. Installing an SSL certificate helps build trust with merchants and ensures secure transmission of sensitive data.

Getting SSL Certificates in Shopify:

Shopify makes it easy to add SSL certificates to your website by allowing you to add your domain name and request verification. Shopify provides standard SSL certificates for regular users and extended CSVS certificates for larger merchants who want their organization's information displayed on the certificate lock screen. Shopify takes care of the annual renewal and certificate file generation, making it hassle-free for users.

Benefits of SSL Certificates:

Google prioritizes HTTPS traffic over unencrypted traffic, making SSL certificates important for improving website traffic and Google search results. SSL certificates also ensure secure transmission of data and build trust with users by displaying the secure lock on the website.

In conclusion, SSL certificates are an important aspect of transmitting sensitive data securely. Shopify makes it easy to add SSL certificates to your website, and there are benefits to having SSL certificates such as improved website traffic and Google search results. It is important for users to prioritize the security of their website by installing SSL certificates.

Not Secure To HTTPS Secure Wordpress Website!

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! In this video, I'll be showing you how to make your website secure. Many website owners face the issue of their website opening with a not secure tag, and we'll be addressing that in this video. I'll be using my own domain as an example to show you how to fix this issue.

Steps to Make Your Website Secure:

1. Change all HTTP to HTTPS: Go to the Settings General under your WordPress website tab and change all HTTP to HTTPS.

2. Install a SSL certificate: Make sure you have a legit or verified SSL certificate. If you're facing any issues, you can get a free SSL certificate.

3. Install the Really Simple SSL plugin: In the plugins section, search for SSL and install the Really Simple SSL plugin. This plugin has over 4 million users and is a trusted option.

4. Activate the plugin: Simply click on activate and the plugin will install.

5. Clear cache: Clear the cache of your website, as caching can sometimes cause issues.

That's it! Your website should now be secure. If you have any questions or face any issues, feel free to leave a comment below. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to this channel. Thanks for watching!

Can't Load Online Store | Shopify Website Not Working ✅ Fixed

Hey there, welcome to my YouTube channel! In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to fix a technical problem with Shopify that has prevented the space from loading. If you are a Shopify user and face such a problem that you cannot visit your store after login and getting an error message, then this video is for you. Here, I am going to share an easy and step-by-step solution to fix it without hiring any developer. So let's get started!

Problem Faced:

The real problem that I have faced was there was a problem connecting to Shopify, try to reload your browser or checking back later. I have logged in to my Shopify partner account and then tried to log in to one of my client websites, then I faced this problem.


Step 1: Clear Cookies and Histories

- Reload by clicking Ctrl + F, not Ctrl + R

- Close the browser and reopen it again and log in to the partner account

- Click on the login button of my client's site

If the above solution does not work, try the following steps:

Step 2: Restart Computer and Internet Connection

- Restart the computer and internet connection

- Try accessing by a different browser (Mozilla)

- Log in to the partner account and access my client's site again

Finally, we have fixed the issue. Thank you for your time to watch this video. If you think this video is helpful, then click on the like button and subscribe to my channel. If you need any service or support relevant to Shopify or WordPress for your e-commerce business, then you can contact me. Have a nice day! Bye!

STOP Paying for SSL! | How To Get SSL Certificate On Your Website for Free

- The importance of SSL certificates for websites

- Google's prioritization of SSL-certified sites

Why SSL is important:

- Even if your website doesn't deal with sensitive information, SSL is necessary for Google's algorithm and site security

- SSL used to be expensive, but now there are free options available

- Some hosts still charge for SSL certificates, but let's encrypt offers free certificates for many web hosts

CloudFlare as a workaround:

- CloudFlare is a free content delivery network with options for free SSL

- Flexible SSL is sufficient for displaying the lock icon and satisfying Google's algorithm

- For full SSL encryption, let's encrypt offers this for free on some web hosts

Paid SSL certificates:

- SSL certificates from different brands have the same encryption and security standards

- The difference between expensive and cheap certificates is the insurance/warranty offered

- Liability insurance may be a better option for high-risk websites

- GoDaddy's cheapest SSL certificate offers a $100,000 warranty

- There is little reason to pay for an SSL certificate when there are free options available

- CloudFlare offers a workaround for hosts that don't support let's encrypt

- Paid SSL certificates may be worth it for high-risk websites, but liability insurance may be a better option

Securing your Shopify Store Account with 2FA

In this article, Ori from Astral Web explains how to enable two factor authentication to secure Shopify accounts. She emphasizes the importance of having an extra layer of security to protect against hacking attempts and unauthorized access.

Why Use Two Factor Authentication:

Without two factor authentication, if someone gains access to a Shopify store owner or manager's email and password, they can log in and steal or manipulate information. Two factor authentication adds an extra authentication step, which significantly increases security.

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication:

1. Log in to the Shopify back end and click on Security.

2. Click on Two-Step Authentication and turn it on.

3. Choose one of the three methods of two factor authentication: authenticator app, SMS delivery, or security key.

4. If using the authenticator app, download an app like Authy or Google Authenticator and scan the QR code provided. Enter the unique code that changes every 30 seconds to log in.

5. If using SMS delivery, enter your phone number and receive a text message with a unique code to enter when logging in.

6. Keep recovery codes in a secure place, such as writing them on paper or printing them out.

Methods of Two Factor Authentication:

The most secure method of two factor authentication is the security key, followed by the authenticator app and SMS delivery. While SMS delivery is the least secure, all methods are still much more secure than one-step authentication.

Enabling two factor authentication is a simple and effective way to add an extra layer of security to Shopify accounts. By following these steps and keeping recovery codes secure, store owners and managers can protect against hacking attempts and unauthorized access.

How to secure your Shopify store: different levels of access and staff apps.

- Security issue for store holders

- Shopify provides tool for access control

- Importance of reviewing access control settings

Access Control Settings:

- XS can be found in account settings

- Can provide different levels of access to different users

- Can create staff account for content manager or troubleshooting

- Can choose which sections to provide access to

- Can deactivate or delete staff account

App Access Requests:

- Developers can request access for troubleshooting

- Should only request necessary access

- Can accept or reject request

- Can see last time developers logged in

- Importance of reviewing access control settings

- Reminder to communicate with companies with access

- Offers help for setting up Shopify store

- Encourages feedback and interaction with video.

Your Connection is Not Private on GoDaddy Domain / Any Website SOLVED!

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your GoDaddy Domain

Are you facing the issue of Your connection is not private on your site? This article will guide you on how to get a free SSL certificate for your GoDaddy domain and fix the problem.


1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account and go to the cPanel.

2. Click on SSL for Free and enter your website name.

3. Follow the instructions for manual verification and download the two files.

4. Create two folders in the cPanel's file manager and upload the downloaded files.

5. Verify the tokens and download the SSL certificate.

6. Upload the private key and certificate files in the SSL/TLS section of the security tab.

7. Install the certificate and manage it for your domain.

With these simple steps, you can get a free SSL certificate for your GoDaddy domain and secure your website. You can avoid paying extra costs and fix the error of Your connection is not private. Enjoy a secure and safe browsing experience for the next three to four months.

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