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Shopify Size Chart: Perfect Fit Guaranteed!

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will learn how to add size charts to your product page without using any apps. Size charts are essential for e-commerce customer experience, and not having accurate size charts can result in a lot of product returns. We will use the Dawn theme to showcase different size charts depending on the product.

Steps to Add Size Charts:

1. Go to settings and scroll down to Metafields.

2. Add the Metafield of size chart definition and give it a name and description.

3. Click on select and choose a reference to a page.

4. Create a page and upload the image of the size chart.

5. Add the size chart to the product page by selecting the specific page for that product.

6. Go to the online store theme customizer and add a collapsible row for the size chart.

7. Connect the dynamic source to the Metafield for the size chart.

8. Preview the product page to see the size chart in action.

Other Uses for Dynamic Sources:

1. Display model info for each product.

2. Display different types of information for each product using a dropdown menu.

Adding accurate size charts to your product page is essential for e-commerce customer experience. By using the steps mentioned above, you can showcase different size charts depending on the product without using any apps. Dynamic sources can also be used to display other types of information on your product page, making it more dynamic and personalized for your customers.

How To Add a Size Chart to Shopify Product Page Using Shopify 2.0 Metafields - DAWN theme

Setting up a Size Guide for Shopify Store

In this article, we will learn how to set up a size guide for the Shopify store using the collapsible tabs.


1. Create a new page: The first step is to create a new page for the size guide. Go to the dashboard of your Shopify store and create a new page. Rename it to Size Guide Hoodies or any other product type you want.

2. Add content: Copy and paste the content you want to display on the size guide page.

3. Create a metafield: Go to the settings of your Shopify store and click on meta fields. Add a definition for the size chart hoodie and select the content type as a reference. Reference the page you created earlier.

4. Choose an icon: Choose an icon that represents your product type. For example, for hoodies, choose a hoodie icon.

5. Assign the product template: If you want to create a custom product page, create a new product template based on the default one. Assign the product template to the product type you want to show the size guide on.

6. Save and publish: Save the changes and publish the size guide.

Setting up a size guide for your Shopify store is easy and can be done using collapsible tabs. You can create a custom product page and assign the product template to the product type you want to show the size guide on. This will help your customers to choose the right size and reduce the number of returns.

Shopify Tutorial: Size Chart Tutorial Guide (2022)

Hello everyone and welcome to the video! My name is Mitch and I'm part of the content creation team here at Clean Canvas. Today, I'm going to show you a tutorial about how to set up the size chart on your store. I'm going through it from start to finish on my test store so if you follow along, hopefully, you'll have no issues and I'll be able to point out any key parts that you might be finding difficult with this setup.

Step 1: Creating a Size Chart Page

- Go to online store and click on pages.

- Add a new page and name it Size Chart.

- Insert an image, table, or type it out.

- Insert alt text and image name for SEO purposes.

Step 2: Customize Theme

- Go to the theme section and click on Customize Theme.

- Go to product pages and find the Size Chart option.

- Enable size chart and select where to place it on the page.

- Select the size chart page created earlier and adjust image size if needed.

- Click save to see changes.

Thanks for watching! I hope this tutorial was able to help you set up your size chart on your website. If you're still unsure about anything, just drop a comment below and we'll be happy to help. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more content and updates on features added to our themes. We want to elevate your website to its fullest potential through our themes and your feedback is always appreciated. Have a great day!

How To Add a Size Chart to Shopify Product Page Using Shopify 2.0 Metafields - No App needed!

Adding size charts to your product pages can greatly improve your store's conversion rate, especially if you sell items such as shoes and clothes. In this video, I will show you three methods to add size charts to your product pages using Shopify 2.0.

Method 1: Image Text Blocks

- Create a template called choose template

- Assign this template to the relevant product

- Create a meta field called size chart image

- Upload the size chart image for the product

- Add a new section called image and text section

- Select the dynamic size chart image meta field as the source

- Add instructions related to measuring foot dimensions

Method 2: Gallery Section

- Create a new section called gallery or collage

- Choose the size chart image meta field as the source

Method 3: Pop-Up Size Charts

- Create a meta field called size chart page

- Create a size chart page with a table of information

- Assign the size chart page to the relevant product

- Add a new pop-up block under the product information section

- Select the dynamic size chart page as the source

Providing size charts can help increase your store's conversion rate and lower return and exchange rates. Use the method that works best for your store and ensure that your size charts are professional and informative. Don't forget to sign up for my free workshop on creating a sustainable ecommerce business.


Hey y'all, it's Trey Monet back with another exciting video. Today, we're talking about how to add size recommendations for clothing to your website using the Shopify app, Sizeify. This AI-powered clothing size recommender can help decrease returns, increase conversion rates, and provide a better overall shopping experience for your customers.

- Day three of the Shopify series

- Importance of having accurate sizing for clothing

- Introducing Sizeify and its benefits


- How to download and set up Sizeify on your Shopify store

- Creating size guides for tops and dresses, and bottoms and skirts

- How Sizeify works to provide accurate size recommendations for customers

- Manual entry and image-based imagery options for customers to input their measurements

- Benefits of using Sizeify for reducing returns, increasing conversion rates, and providing a better shopping experience

- Sizing matters for clothing retailers

- Sizeify can provide a solution to common sizing issues

- Adding Sizeify to your Shopify store can lead to increased customer trust and higher sales

- Take advantage of this amazing tool to improve your online clothing store.

[2022 FREE] How To Add a SIZE CHART To SHOPIFY Product Pages - Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

In this video, Andrew from ecom experts dot io demonstrates how to add sizing to product pages on Shopify. He walks viewers through the steps to add a pop-up size chart to their product pages.

- Andrew introduces himself and the topic of the video

- He mentions that viewers who sell fashion brands or products that require sizing information will benefit from this tutorial

Steps to Add Sizing to Product Pages:

- Create a new page and name it size chart

- Build the size chart using a table and add it to the new page

- Make sure the size chart page is set to visible

- Edit the product template code to add the size chart pop-up above the add to cart button

- Add styling for the pop-up using CSS

- Add vendor-specific code for the pop-up using JavaScript

- Preview the changes and make any necessary adjustments

- Andrew thanks viewers for watching and encourages them to check out his other videos

- He reminds viewers to subscribe and engage with his content

- Andrew signs off and expresses his appreciation for his audience.

How to add size chart on #shopify

Welcome to the final eCommerce video, sponsored by the PDF invoice order printer app. With this app, you can easily print your invoices, package slips, and orders. Try it out by clicking the link in the description. In this video, we'll show you how to add a custom size chart to your Shopify store.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to your Shopify store and search for the Clean Size Chart app in the Apps section. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can find it in the Shopify App Store.

2. Once you've installed the app, go to your dashboard and select Add Size Chart to customize it.

3. In the Content section, choose the template you want to use and add the text you need.

4. In the Style and Position section, you can customize the appearance of your size chart by changing the position, background color, and text color.

5. You can also add an image to your size chart by pasting the image URL. To do this, go to your Shopify store settings and upload the image to the File section.

6. In the Placement section, choose either Fixed or Inline link.

7. In the Product section, select which products you want to show your size chart for. You can choose to show it for all products or only certain ones.

8. After making all the necessary changes, save your draft and publish it.

By adding a custom size chart to your Shopify store, you can provide your customers with important information about the size of your products before they make a purchase. It's an easy way to improve your customer experience and boost your sales. Thanks for watching!

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