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Shopify Slideshow for Mobile Devices

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Hey, what's going on econ grads! In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to show different images based on the device. This is an easy and quick file that should work for most themes. Let's get started!


1. Join the econ graduates group to access the file and future tutorials.

2. Open the file in a text editor of your choice.

3. Copy the inline style and settings.

4. Go to your Shopify store and navigate to the main theme.

5. Click on actions, edit code, and then sections.

6. Add a new section and name it something recognizable.

7. Paste the inline style and settings into the new section.

8. Click on customize theme and add the new section.

9. Select image with mobile filter and choose the mobile image.

10. Save and repeat for the desktop image.

Now you know how to show different images on different devices in your Shopify store. Join the econ graduates group to access the file and future tutorials. Let us know if you have any tips on how we can improve our tutorials and content. Thanks for watching!

How To Add Slideshow To A Page In Shopify | Easy for Beginners (2022)

How to Add Slideshows in Shopify

Are you looking to add an image slideshow to your Shopify store? In this article, we will guide you on how to do it easily and quickly. We will cover two basic ways, one for tech-savvy people and the other for beginners who don't want to edit the code.

Method 1: Editing Code

- To start creating your Shopify store, go to Shopify.com and click on Get Started or input your email address to get started with your online ecommerce store.

- Click on Online Store and then Themes. Click on Actions and then Edit Code.

- If you're a beginner, click on Duplicate before editing the code to make a copy of your website code in case you make a mistake.

- Click on Templates and then Add a New Template. Leave it as is and click on Create Template.

- Remove all the text and paste the slideshow section code. Save it.

- If there are errors, click on Create a Liquid One and paste the code. Save it.

- Click on View and then Edit Homepage. Click on Add Section and find your slideshows. Add them to your website.

Method 2: Using Applications

- Go to the App section and click on View More Apps in This Collection.

- Choose an app that suits your needs like Smart BN Banner Slider or Product Image Slider Carousel. Install the app.

- Click on Add Slider and add the height, width, and mode of the slider.

- Choose the images for your slider and add them. Follow the instructions provided to insert the script code into your Shopify store.

Adding image slideshows to your Shopify store is a great way to showcase your products and attract customers. Shopify offers two basic ways to add slideshows, editing code or using applications. Choose the method that suits you best and get started with your ecommerce store today. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to our channel for more helpful videos.

How to CUSTOMIZE Shopify Video Slider (Remove White Box, Remove Text on Mobile, Edit Spacing)

A while back, I made a video tutorial on how to turn your hero banner into a video hero banner. Since then, I have received many questions and requests, such as how to show the text on desktop but not on mobile, how to remove the white box surrounding it, and how to change the spacing below the banner. In this article, I will answer all those questions and show you how to adjust the video banner code to look exactly how you want it.

Questions and Answers:

1. Why isn't my video link working?

- Simply click on the link to solve the problem.

2. How do I remove the white square around the text?

- Dive into the code and change the background to none or change the color to your preference.

3. How do I remove the text when viewing it on my phone?

- Edit the code under the at media screen and max with 767px section.

4. How do I fix the spacing between the video and the section below it?

- Add a line of code for padding-bottom.

Adjusting the video banner code can seem daunting, but it can be easily done by following the steps outlined in this article. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out for help. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more time-sensitive content on winning products, dropshipping, Shopify themes, apps, and tutorials.

How to Reduce Slideshow Photo Size ✅ Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to resize the slideshow photo size in Shopify and restore it. This is a quick and easy tutorial that will be helpful for those who are using Shopify for their own instrument.


1. Log in to your Shopify online store.

2. Open your website homepage.

3. Select the slideshow you want to resize.

4. Click on the inspect button and select an element.

5. Change the height into max height.

6. Resize the image by entering the desired size.

7. Copy the rule and go to your dashboard.

8. Click on the online store and select edit.

9. Open the CSS file and go to the bottom.

10. Paste the rule and set the max size.

11. Save the changes.

12. Reload the page to see the changes.

That's it! With these simple steps, you can easily resize the slideshow photo size in Shopify and restore it. If you found this tutorial helpful, don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips and tutorials. Thank you for watching, and have a nice day!

Shopify - Slider con diferentes imágenes para móvil, tablet y desktop (Parte 1)

How to Create a Responsive Slider using Sophie File CMS

Creating a responsive slider can be challenging, especially if you don't have the technical know-how. However, with the help of Sophie File CMS, you can create a flexible slider that works seamlessly on all devices. In this article, we'll take you through the step-by-step process of creating a slider that you can manage without the help of a developer.


1. Add a new section: The first thing to do is to add a new section where you'll create your slider. You can customize the section to your liking.

2. General Configuration: The next step is to configure the general settings of your slider. This includes the height, navigation type, color, and auto-rotation.

3. Slide Configuration: You'll also need to configure the settings for each slide in your slider. This includes alignment, content position, and text configuration.

4. Button Configuration: Lastly, you can configure the style and link of the buttons on each slide.

Creating a responsive slider is now easier than ever thanks to Sophie File CMS. By following these simple steps, you can create a slider that is flexible and works seamlessly on all devices. Don't be intimidated by technical jargon – anyone can do it!

Shopify Product Images Slider | Carousel No App | Copy & Paste FREE

How to Create a Product Image Slider on Your Shopify Page

In this video, the creator demonstrates how to create a product image slider on your Shopify page. The slider allows customers to easily view multiple images and variants of a product.


1. Go to your Shopify store dashboard and click on Themes

2. Click on Actions and then Edit Code

3. Click on Templates and then Product.liquid

4. Replace the existing code with the new code provided in the video

5. Save the changes and refresh the page to see the new product image slider


- Arrows to navigate left and right

- Multiple images that slide

- Variant selection on the right-hand side

- Compatible with the Brooklyn theme, and potentially other themes

Creating a product image slider can improve the customer experience on your Shopify page and increase conversions. With the steps provided in this video, it is easy to implement this feature on your own page.

Shopify Code Editing: How to Make Changes for Mobile Only

In this article, we will be discussing how to hide a section on a Shopify store's mobile view while keeping it visible on the desktop view. We will be using CSS and HTML to accomplish this task.

Steps to Hide a Section on Mobile View:

1. Find the HTML element for the image with text section using the arrow button on the HTML inspector. Copy the ID of the element as we will need it later.

2. Click on the theme SCSS link on the right side of the CSS rules in the HTML inspector. This will take us to the source code of all the CSS used for our Shopify store.

3. Start a new line inside media brackets and enter max-width: 767 pixels. This means the following CSS rule will only apply to devices with a screen width smaller or equal to 767 pixels.

4. Paste the ID we copied from the HTML element after a hash. This is a commonly used CSS selector to find an element by its ID.

5. Put display: none in the CSS rule. This will hide the image with text section on the mobile view.

6. Copy the code and paste it into the code editor in Shopify. Search for CSS in the search box and click the theme min CSS. If you are using a different theme, the CSS file name may be different.

7. Scroll down to the end of the file and paste in our code. Save it and refresh the home page to see the changes.

By following these simple steps, you can hide a section on your Shopify store's mobile view while keeping it visible on the desktop view. This will prevent confusion among customers and improve their overall shopping experience.

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