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shopify social media

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Social Media Management 2022

what's going on everyone? it's Jamie here from Shopify masterclass, and today we'll be going over social media management for your Shopify store. we're gonna be going over why I should be using social media, which platform you should be choosing, how to set an overall strategy and what types of content you should be posting so you can grow your social media profiles. as we all know, PPC can be really expensive. it's an amazing way around. that is going to be to utilize social media tools, create that organic engagement and get customers or potential customers to engage with your content, eventually leading towards a purchase generating sales for your Shopify store. focusing on really good social media management is also a great leading factor for creating Authority for your brand. if you take a look at two different brands: one has two million followers on Instagram. one has 500. which brand are you gonna trust more just by the follower account? creating a social media presence is essential to establishing trust with your customers online. so we're gonna go over all that today, so make sure you stay until the end of the video. before I dive into it. I just want to thank our sponsor, prophetcalc, The one-click Profit calculator app available on the Shopify app store. it's going to come with a 15 day free trial. this will be a link in the description below to check that out, and it's going to allow you to skip those spreadsheets and get back to Growing your store. here I'm going to show a quick video detailing their full feature set. are you a Shopify business owner who spends hours doing your accounting? have messy spreadsheets kept you from growing your business? discover profit cap, the affordable and easy to set up Shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the Shopify app store today. so let's dive into social media management, and the first thing we're going to look at is why social media, as we mentioned it's amazing for driving traffic and sales. with free, organic traffic here, it's also going to allow you to build brand awareness. you can also utilize your social media to contact and interact with different influencers, ones that are targeted towards your brand. maybe you sell snowboards. you want to Target some influencers who are centered around snowboarding, getting them to repost your content or link back to your social media pages, and this can be a great way to build your audience. you can also amass an Engaged audience here. so if you have a number of followers on Instagram or tiktok, let's say, it becomes much easier to reach those followers. you don't have to send them email campaigns, you don't have to pay for new ads to reach them. again, having a wrong social media presence makes it really easy to Target these customers. maybe you're having a new sale or you want to do a giveaway. it makes it much easier to promote your content. also, if you're enjoying any of the content along the way, I would love it if you hit that like And subscribe button below, as that really helps the channel out. so next let's look at which platform to use, and so there's gonna be many platforms here. you have big tok, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, even LinkedIn and YouTube as well. it's also going to be Twitter, and all these platforms will help you reach your goal of engaging with different customers and spreading your brand and awareness. so you get to decide which platform you want to choose, because typically you don't want to be on all of them. each content is going to have its own nuances, frequency, as well as the types of content you can post on each platform. so you want to make sure you're spending some time beforehand doing research on your target audience. you're going to look at the locations, demographics, age, gender, interest and decide which platform is best for your Shopify store. you can also look at your own products and think about what type of content do you want to create. do you want to create long-form video content or short form video content? maybe you want to stik to just photos? taking a look at all this beforehand is going to make it easier to decide which platform you should be using. you can also look at what social media platforms you're using, as you might have a better feel of what content to be posting. that's going to give you an easier plan to grow. next, let's take a look at overall strategy for your social media management. the first one is going to be to set goals with metrics and kpis. these are going to give you reachable Milestones, so it could be follow account, the number of posts student generate each week, the number of content of other influencers you can interact with. so if ignore the first one there- follow account- you can't really control that. you should rather be focusing on your inputs, content and engagement in measuring those there so you can keep yourself to a good schedule. the next part is going to be identifying your target audiences. you would have done this in the ad platform section when deciding which one to use, but you want to really be narrowing down only different accounts. you want to Target in a certain demographics you want to be targeting on the platform. you can tailor your content around that. the last one is going to be to Simply create a system in a schedule. so you could say on Instagram, we're going to post seven days a week, once every day at a specific time. we're going to engage with 20 different posts a day, whether that's liking or commenting. if you're on YouTube, it could be a said schedule once a week and then you're engaging with your comments on a daily basis. certain platforms like to see a schedule, especially problems such as YouTube. as you can see that you're consistently coming up with content at the same time and sharing it with your subscriber base, I can help your rankings there for YouTube and it can give your followers something to expect. let's say, you come up with really educational content twice a week. maybe it's more promotional the other days, but at least your followers know what you're expecting and that should hopefully make it easier for them to engage with your content. lastly, let's take a look at white types of content you can be posting to your social media platform. so it's going to depend on the platform itself, but it could relate to news, inspiration, education, products. so this could be Product Promotion. so contacts and giveaways- so let's say, you're running a giveaway for a t-shirt that can help build your follower account- and to influencer content. here, where you're working with an influencer, there's gonna be community events. maybe you have an online chat room or an online Zoom meeting where you can bring in different customers or something like that around certain topics and events. you can use user generated content, so maybe it's reposting customer photos. if you're a fashion brand, you can repost what customers are doing when they're wearing your products, how they're wearing it, how they're styling The Outfits. they can create really strong ambassadors for your Brands, as customers are going to feel really lucky that they've been featured on your page and they could, ever to like, get their friends to like it. they're going to show friends and family. that's going to help spread the message there. the different tips and tricks: maybe you're a Barbecue Company. you want to post tutorials on how to use the barbecue. you can have short form tiktok videos- some more content to help educate the customer on how to use your products. then you can subtly link your products in the videos. there's also different live streams. almost every platform has a way to do that now, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, tik tok or YouTube. there's also Q A's. maybe your products lend themselves nicely to having questions and answers. let's say you sell laptops or something m

How I Make $3,092/Week With FREE Traffic On Shopify (No Ads)

trying to run ads as a new shopify store owner can get expensive really fast, but thankfully, there's a few ways to get sales for a hundred percent free, and from using these methods i'm generating an extra three thousand dollars a week with my shopify store. in this video, i'm going to share my exact free traffic methods and how you can set them up yourself and start making sales this week. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my e-commerce brand. so if you're interested in starting your own online store and you want to support your boy, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. all right, let's get started. before we get into the methods, i just want to show you the results that i'm generating using these, so let's take a look. so this is my profit dashboard on shopify and, as you can see, in the last seven days, my store generated around twenty nine thousand dollars in sales, with seventy two hundred dollars in profit. now, some of these orders obviously came from my ads, but if you look at my analytiks app, which shows where my traffic comes from and where i'm getting sales, you'll actually see that the ads only contributed for sixty percent of the sales. there's another thirty to forty percent of sales that is coming from free traffic. if you look, this first method has brought me in three thousand dollars, the second method four hundred and ninety dollars, and the third method almost twelve hundred dollars, and this is all without spending any money on ads. so what are these three methods? the first method that i'm using to generate free traffic is affiliate influencers. now, you might not know what this is, but it's really easy to set up and i'm gonna explain it to you in full detail. the second method is viral content on instagram and tiktok. this method is wildly underrated and surprisingly easy to set up, as long as you have a little bit of work ethic, and i'm even going to show you a brand that's doing six figures a month, with primarily viral content and next to no ads. and the last method is organic search traffic on google. alright, let's begin with the first method: affiliate influencers. basically, all this is is sending out your product for free to influencers that have a small to medium sized following on youtube. along with the product, you provide them with a link that gets them 20 to 30 commissions on every sale that they generate. this is exactly what amazon does with their affiliate program, and this program generates billions of dollars per year for amazon. there is a ton of people who make these type of videos and they're constantly searching for new content. as long as your product is somewhat cool and unique, there's a very high chance that they're actually going to be interested in doing a review. you're helping them out in two ways: you're giving them a product that they can make a video off of and you're providing them with a link that they can make money with. ideally, you want to look for smaller channels that don't have a big following, because they're easier to get in contact with and they're not going to press you about a big upfront payment. this guy's actually a really good example: road gear reviews. i just saw him on the search tab here, so this is a great example of one of his videos. he literally put the product link and his special discount code right there and he's making affiliate commissions on every sale. this is an absolute no-brainer way to make sales without spending any money on ads. you're gonna have some failed attempts, people aren't gonna reply to you, they're not gonna hit you back, but all it takes is five to ten people that post videos about your product for you to be consistently making fifty to a hundred dollars a day with no ad. the app that i use to manage all this is called go affiliate pro, and if we look at the dashboard, you'll see that in the last 24 hours i made around 196 and in the last seven days i made around a thousand bucks just from these free affiliate videos. so don't sleep on this method. take some time, write out a list of the top 50 people that might promote your product and start hitting them up today. when it comes to viral content, this is something that i'm still getting better at, but there is so much potential if you have even an ounce of creativity. i know you guys are sitting watching tiktok videos for at least 30 minutes to an hour a day, and there's so many trends that are popping off every single week. if you're able to ride these trends and attach it to your product in a creative way and you hit that for you page, you can take your brand to the next level without spending a penny on ads message. i think the best example that i've seen of this recently is from this brand called zen bodies. they sell this shower head that has been around in the drop shipping space for years. it's nothing innovative, but they make these really sick pieces of content. check this one out. you see this. we want this, we love this, we need this. but this, yeah, we don't need that. they're literally just going off the trend from other videos, but they're relating it to their product so it fits with the tiktok landscape, but it also markets and sells their product. this is another perfect example of them riding a trend. they're literally taking a style of video that's already working on tiktok and applying it to their product [Music]. you get the point. like i said, this is something that i'm still trying to master, but this alone is making me an extra 100 to 300 a week and is super underrated. tiktok literally shows you the trends that are going viral every single week. you just have to take them and apply it to your own brand. i would highly recommend that you guys go check out this brand- zen bodies- and get some inspiration from them, because they are absolutely killing it. and then, for the last method, i'm using organic search traffic. this is basically people that are just looking up your brand and trying to find your product. now, the other two methods that i shared fuel this one. if you crack the code on those two people are going to be looking up your brand constantly because they're not going to be able to get away from it. the best tip i can give for this is using a unique brand name that doesn't have much competition. if your brand name is very similar to a competitor that's doing well, it's gonna be so difficult to rank and compete with him. your goal is ideally to rank on the first page for your brand name and for the type of product that you're selling. this just happens over time from running your business and getting more traffic, but there's a couple things that you can do to accelerate the process. this app right here called seo optimizer is super helpful. it literally adds a bunch of different things to your site. that gets it to rank higher in google, just like that. and also a real cheat code is getting as many people as possible to post your product, because what happens when somebody posts your product on a youtube video or a blog post is that google creates a back link for your product. the more back links that you have, the more trust that your brand has in the eyes of google and the higher that they're going to rank your product, so hopefully you can now see how these all go hand in hand. you should be sending your product out to influencers hoping for them to review it. you should be making viral content to build your brand identity and get it to blow up and, in turn, people are gonna know about your brand. when they search for it, they're gonna be able to see people reviewing it, so it's legit. and you're gonna pop up on google, which creates this perfect storm that allows you to make a bunch of money from free traffic. now, none of this can happen overnight, and that's the benefit of running paid traffic. if you launch a facebook ad, you can start getting sales as soon as 30 minutes to an hour, but not everybody has the money for that, so this is a great way to get started with free traffic for your store. there's one mor.

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How To Add Social Media To Shopify (Step By Step)

hi, for today we are back again to our quick and easy video tutorial on how to add social media to your shopify account, and this is a step-by-step process, so stay tuned. so before we really dive into this tutorial, i just want to discuss about shopify. so shopify is a description based software that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their product. so shopify is a e-commerce platform that offers a way to quickly launch your dream business and start selling to your customers. so, wherever they are, they could actually avail it online. and if you want to customize your store or even build it from the ground, the shopify application store or the apis make that very easy to do. and here, as you can see, all you have to do is to log in into shopifycom and it will lead you here. so, as you can see, you could use a free trial and if you are comfortable with the store or the setup of shopify, then you can avail their plan. so, as you can see here, for the basic e-commerce or the new e-commerce businesses with occasional in-person sales, you could avail it to 29. and for those growing business and selling online or in-store, you could avail it 79 dollars per month. and for the advance to those who are businesses that are scaling and that requires an advanced reporting. you could avail it for 299 dollars per month. so, as you can see here, you could log in for free trial, um, log in your email and then just answer some few questions about your um growing business or what is your business all about, and after that you will have your very own shopify account and here you will see my home page. so they really encourage you to buy their very own plan for because plan are very nice, because you could avail more features to the website. so basically, shopify is where you could sell your stuff online and here, as you can see, um, you could sell five products in maximum in starting for shopify and if you sell more than five, then you will need to avail a plan, so you need to pay for plan. so here again, you will see this and on the left side, under the sales channel, you will see your online store. so here you will see themes, current themes, and basically there is a pre-made theme here. it's called dawn and you can see it like that, so it is available in both cell phone and desktop. so here on the right side, you will see customize, click on customize and then here you will see your home page for your application and basically this will be your store. so people will be coming here and see for your store and you could actually edit here. as you can see here. these are the tools that you could use to create your account and here you will see your featured products. for example, you have a new arrival products or those products that are mostly purchased. you can put it here to give more advertisement for that product and here you could add your store cover page or your code and also your name for your store and here you would see the catalog. so this would be the products and contacts for if they want to avail or to buy something from your store. so here you will see on the home page. if you scroll all the way down here you will see the different types of payment you could avail. you could avail it through apple pay, google pay, mastercard, paypal and many more. so on the left side you will see theme settings on the bottom part. so you click on theme settings and under theme you scroll all the way down until you see social media and you will see you could actually connect your social media account for your store. if you created a twitter account for your store for advertisement for your products in promoting your store, you could actually copy the link for that twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, tiktok, tumblr, snapchat, youtube, vimeo and and, for example, um, let's say, you're gonna use your instagram, so all you have to do is to copy the link of your instagram, or just simply copy this and then add the name of your account. let's say this: one, click, enter and then you just input all the link for your facebook, pinterest, twitter and the like to your business and then control save. so maybe you're wondering if what is the importance of creating a social media for your business or connecting your social medias for your business. so, basically, the social media can help your business to attract more customers and get customer feedback and build the customer loyalty, and it also increases your market reach, including the international markets. so basically, through social media you could reach um clients that are very, very far from you and you could also do market research and reduce your marketing costs. so maintaining a social media presence is less expensive than the traditional advertising. so it opens the lines of communication with the prospective and current clients and it also provides a platform to share your story, testimonials and advice from your business. and if you're wondering, how can social media attract customers? so you could attract the customers through creating video content that addresses their concerns and questions. and now, if you scroll all the way down, you will see this instagram icon and basically, if you input these or other um social media, it will come out here, and if your customers want to visit those social media, all you have to do is just to click on it and basically they will be directed to that social media account and basically that's it and that is all for today. now you know how to add social media to your shopify, step by step. i hope this video was beneficial to you. make sure to like this video, subscribe to the youtube channel and leave a comment below with the best tips and tricks that i have taught you in this video. also, please share this video to your friends and family, as well as other creators or entrepreneurs or those who are starting off their business, because this is a huge help for them. so i hope this was useful and please leave a comment below if there is anything else you'd want to contribute, and i'll see you in our next video. thank you for watching.

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hey guys, happiness here, welcome to my channel. and this channel is all about different shopify's tutorial, small businesses tips, as well as entrepreneurship in general. so if this is your very first time in my channel, hey there, welcome. so in today's video, i am going to be showing you guys how you can go ahead and add social medias icon on your shopify stores. so, pretty much there will be um instagram, tiktok, facebook, whatsapp, um what else? pinterest, etc. and this will help you a lot to stay connected with your customers, not only on your shopify stores, but as well as on the social medias. so, before i go ahead and start showing you how you can go ahead and add these social media icons on your shopify store, i am going to tell you the reasons of why, um, you need these links on your shopify store. these links, they are very, very important and this is why. so, number one: social media buttons. they are a great way to show your customer that you have a solid online presence and they can reach you on the platform that they are most comfortable with. and the second reason: having social media buttons on your shopify store can allow your customer to easily share different purchases and comments on your products, and with this, you'll get an automatik free advertisement from your customers. so this is why social media's icons on your shopify store: they are very, very important. so before i go ahead and start showing you how you can add this social media icons on your shopify style, please don't forget to smash the like button, subscribe on my channel- if you haven't done so, for more tutorials like these, and leave me a comment down below to let me know what you think about today's video. and, without further ado, let's jump in today's tutorial. so here we are on our shopify store and this is our homepage. so to go ahead and start adding our social media links, we can go ahead and click here on the online store and this page will take us straight on the dim page and, as you can see, our current theme is down. so if you want to know how to customize this theme, i have another video. i will link up the video up somewhere. so go ahead and check it out so you can go ahead and start customizing your done theme. so to go ahead and start doing this, go ahead and click customize right over here. so i'm going to click customize and this is how our done themes looks like on the inside and we are going to add our social media links, which they will appear right over here, on this side or over here, so let's just go ahead and start customizing it so you can see where they're going to be on your store. let's go ahead and click the settings right over here and, as you can see, there are so many things going on here. but basically, on this video, we're just going and add our social media, so we'll go ahead and click social media. if you want to know how to customize your colors, um, your typograph and stuff like that, make sure to go ahead and watch the customization of down theme, because i explained all of them there. so go ahead and click social media. and once you're here, you have so many options to add: either a twitter account, facebook, pinterest, instagram, tiktok, snapchat, youtube and etc. so let's go ahead and add our instagram page first. so, if you have your instagram page, go ahead and log in on your instagram page. now let me go ahead and start showing you how you can go ahead and add your instagram link, okay, so, first of all, make sure you're going to your instagram account and log in. once you log in on your instagram account. make sure you click your account so you are on the page of your account. by the way, this is my instagram page. there are so many cute styles in here. uh, please go ahead and follow me and shop my styles. i'll leave a coupon code down below on my description, um, anyways, yeah, so make sure you are on your homepage, on your instagram page, and then click right over there and copy the link and then go back on your shopify store, paste the link there. the link has to start with h ttp. okay, as you can see here, that is how it has to start with. and then, when you're done, let's go ahead and add our youtube. and here i am on youtube. uh, make sure, again, you're going to click the name of your channel, if you have a channel, and then, once you are on your homepage, on your youtube channel, go ahead up here again and copy, copy the link and then go back on your shopify store and click your youtube box and then paste the link. okay, we are done with that. now let's go ahead and add one more and then i'll go ahead and show you how it's going to look like on your shopify store. so let's go ahead and add pinterest. so, again, if you have a pinterest account, make sure you're logging in and sign up as well as go to your home page of your pinterest account and then copy the link of that and then, after that, go back on your shopify store and then paste the link. so this is how you add all the links of your social medias. so if you have a facebook, twitter, snapchat, um, you can go ahead and add them, just like how i showed you, uh, how to add youtube, instagram and pinterest. so once you're done, go ahead and click save so we can save our walk. okay, so once you're done adding your social media links, go back here and then we'll go ahead and click this footer menu right here, because this is our footer menu from here to here. so go ahead here and you can see what we have here. so let's go ahead on social media icons. it says to disparate your social media accounts, link them in your shopify setting, which we did, and then, if we want these social media to be seen on our photo menu, we have to go ahead and click this box here. so i'll click that and here we are. social media accounts are right over here. so if you don't select that, then the social media will not be shown here. so let's go ahead and click that and then go ahead and save. so now we have pinterest here, instagram, as well as um youtube. so now let's go back to our shopify home page so we can go ahead and view our store. so, to view your store, you have to go on the online store and next to online store there is an i thing. so go ahead and click that so you can go ahead and view your store. so i'm gonna click that and let's scroll all the way down and see if our social media icons are over there. yes, our social media are right over here, so let's go ahead and click them and see if they're working properly. there we are, as you can see. uh, instagram link is working. let's go back and let's try our youtube. so let's click youtube and, yeah, the link is working as well. okay, so this is a good sign. it shows everything is working. let's test pinterest here as well. okay, and pinterest is working as well, so this is good. so, yeah, guys, this is how you can go ahead and add your social media links on your shopify store. it is really easy, very simple and quick. i really recommend you to go ahead and do it, because this way you can be connected with your customers easily and on the platform where they are comfortable with. so if you like my today's video, please don't forget to smash the like button. subscribe on my channel for more tutorials like these. um, leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think about today's video, and if you have any video recommendation, you can go ahead and let me know on the comment section. and that's it, guys. i'll see you on the next video.

6 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Marketing Tactics To Promote A Product

you could be offering the best product around, but if you don't promote it properly, your sales will definitely suffer. there are tons of marketing tactiks out there and i know could probably feel a little bit overwhelming, like maybe you don't know where to start. now the truth is, an eclectik mix of tactiks doesn't make for a compelling overall strategy. what you actually need is focus. so today we're going to show you how to get results fast by going through highly effective marketing tactiks to promote your products and skyrocket your sales. welcome to learn with shopify. if you're just stumbling upon this video and upon this channel. learn with shopify is the place where ecommerce entrepreneurs start to learn. so if you are starting running, growing an online business, and you're wanting to learn some marketing tactiks or just general tactiks on growing your ecommerce business, this is the place to be. we have, you know, videos on how to run facebook ads, how to grow on tiktok, so if that is your journey right now, make sure that you are hitting subscribe so that you're not missing out on any future videos. but without further ado, let's hop into the video. so these next tactiks that i'm going to tok about, these are digital marketing tactiks that actually work. but before we dive into the specific tactiks, i think it's essential to understand your audience um before you actually go ahead and market a product to them. so make sure that you're taking the time to do some competitor research, do some market research so that you can choose the best tactiks that work for you and your business, and also make sure that you're picking from this list a tactik that's, you know, enjoyable for you. you want to make sure that you're having a good time running your business and then you know, once you choose that one that makes the most sense for your business, you're gonna take it and you're gonna run with it. so tactik number one is press coverage. getting featured by a popular publication or a popular instagram account can result in a surge in sales, especially if you share the same target audience. so, for example, bay area based startup lark- they sell self-cleaning water bottles and the founder, justin wang, used its innovative features as an angle to get covered by forbes, by wired and by business insider. so who is this tactik right for? well, if you have an innovative product or if you have a knack for storytelling, press coverage will be right for you. editors are always on the hunt for a good story. so if you can make their job a little bit easier by presenting them with, you know, a really well told story wrapped up in a nice little ribbon for them, then you might wind up in a best of list, like this one over here. or you can end up in an artikle that's written just about you, like this one over here. so how can you get started? well, you can hire a pr firm, but if you're trying to save a bit of coin, you can start out by checking out the editors of the publications that you would like to be featured in. so you can begin by connecting with them. you know, you could follow them on instagram, you could dm them, you know, chat them up a little bit, start building a relationship. this is definitely a bit of a more long-term strategy. it's a longer term play, but it's a proactive tactik rather than, you know, just waiting around, hoping someone will pick up your story and hitting the right audience at the right time with the right content could result in a huge worse in sales and brand advocacy. the next tactik is leveraging marketplaces. so having your products available on marketplaces like etsy can be a passive yet effective way to make more sales. so, for example, theresa mondelli. she is the founder of restoration paints, etc. and she uses etsy to sell her home decor goods. she uses etsy as a way to get in front of new customers that would have never known about her brand otherwise. this powerful e-commerce business is a one-woman show, but she makes hundreds of dollars a day just because etsy is helping her make those sales. so who is this tactik right for? using marketplaces is perfect for those that are looking to start building out their marketing funnels. what i mean by that is having a presence on popular marketplaces can be a part of a larger strategy. a marketplace can make new customers aware of your brand and over time, you'll lead them to your shopify store and turn them into loyal customers. so how can you get started with this tactik? so start by standing up for popular marketplaces. you should try etsy, you should try fair- those are going to be really good for artisans and makers. and now amazon, for example. that might be more suitable for drop shippers. so the next tactik is using paid advertising. so using paid advertising, like facebook ads or like google ads- this can literally increase product sales overnight. so, for example, ace runes- he's the co-founder of threat heads. he spent 200 000 in ads, but he generated 1.8 million in revenue. so who is this right for? this is right for entrepreneurs that have the capital to shell out in order to see big results. spending thousands of dollars a month is not uncommon. so how can you get started? you can start, you can literally start today by educating yourself on how to run facebook ads. so you can check out our facebook ads for beginner video right up here. that's just gonna walk you through how to set up your first campaign. if you're not really in the market to learn an entirely new skill, then you should check out some agencies and they will be able to help you. and you can also work with freelancers as well, all right. so next tactik: working with influencers. so, working with influencers that are passionate about your industry and they believe in your product and believe in your industry. that's going to really help expand your audience and it's really going to make you some sales. so, for example, amy liu: she is the founder of beauty brand tower 28 and what she did was she sent out 200 packages in the early days and she sent out packages to um huge youtube influencers. she didn't even think that some of these people would ever tok about her, but this one youtuber named nicole guerrero. she posted about the brand and that helped tower 28 make 150 orders overnight. so who is this tactik right for? so this tactik is pretty much right for anyone, any product, any industry. this is one of the most accessible marketing tactiks because you can work with huge influencers. you can work with micro influencers. you can work with huge budgets. you can work with tiny budgets. no matter who you are, no matter what you're selling, you can leverage influencers to help you promote your products and help you make more sales. so how can you get started? start by finding influencers across different platforms and, you know, just start reaching out to them. send them products in exchange for the content they create. or, if you actually have budget, you can, you can pay them for a shout out and that will give you a more in-depth shout out. as we've probably gathered by now, marketing is a deep topic, so if you're interested in learning more, you know, even you know just beyond the scope of this video- register using the link in the description box. i will drop that there for you guys- and that's going to give you access to a free 30-minute webinar that will help you level up your marketing. it's going to help you change the way that you actually think about your store's marketing funnel. you're going to learn how to go from first day to for sale in this free training course, so i will make sure to drop that link for you guys in the description box if you do want to join building facebook group communities. so build a facebook group and include your die hard fans and your loyal customers. you're going to want to include them in the behind the scenes of your business. maybe you want to give them some sneak peeks or some exclusive perks, because building a community is going to help foster brand advocacy and it's also going to foster word of mouth and all of th.

How to Edit Social Media Links in Shopify

when setting up a Shopify store, there are a ton of different things to get done on your to-do list. one of those things is editing or swapping out the social media links. they come with your Shopify theme. Now, by default, these links will likely point to the Shopify social media accounts, or perhaps to the author's accounts, whoever created the theme. my name is digital girl, and in the Shopify tutorial for beginners, I'm going to show you how to edit the Shopify URLs or links in your Shopify store. so if we have a look at the social media icons that are placed in the footer of our website, we can see that they're currently not pointing to our social media accounts. so what we're going to do is head on over to our Shopify admin, so make sure you're signed in, and then, in the left hand side, we're going to click on online store underneath sales channels. from there, this is going to take us to the theme section of the admin, where we can click on the green customize button. as you likely already know, this is where you edit and modify your Shopify store and its settings, and, as you can see here, it gives us a bunch of different options when it comes to editing our home page. now, while it does give us the option to edit the different content boxes within our footer, it doesn't actually give us the option to edit the social media links. so to do that, we're going to head on down to the very, very bottom of the page, which is theme settings. so go ahead and click on theme settings in the bottom left and then from there, on the far right, we're going to expand the social media accounts section. so we've got a bunch of different social media accounts here, from Twitter to Facebook, Pinterest and so on, and, as you can see, they're currently pointed to Shopify. so I'm just going to go ahead and replace the URLs here, starting with Twitter, and then I'll go ahead and update Facebook, Instagram. of course, you go ahead and plug yours in and then, if you want to go ahead and delete one of the current icons, you certainly can do that. so, for example, we don't have a tiktok account currently, so what I'll do is highlight the URL and then simply just delete it. and, on the flip side, if you had a social media account that wasn't currently in the footer, you can certainly go and grab the URL from that account and plug it into the correct field. so, for example, I'm going to go ahead and grab our Pinterest URL and just plug it into the Pinterest field on the right. all right, so go ahead and just edit the rest of the fields, whichever ones are appropriate for you and the social media accounts that you currently have, and then, when you're done, go up to the right hand corner and hit the green save button. now, if we head on back to our website and simply refresh the page, you'll notike that the correct icons are now displaying and if you click on them, they actually go to our social media accounts. now and there you have it. you now know how to edit the social media links on your Shopify store. I hope that you found the Shopify tutorial helpful and, if you did, please do give it a like and stay tuned for more Shopify tutorials, along with Ecommerce videos.