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shopify staff account login

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to Create Staff Accounts on Your Shopify Store

hey everybody, today on this Shopify tutorial, I am going to teach you how to add staff accounts for your Shopify website. so let's say that you run a business where you have staff accounts and you want to add them so that they can go in and add product or make changes to the site or what have you. I'm going to show you how to do that with Shopify. it's actually quite simple. so what we're gonna do: weave on, weave logged in, we're at our sort of main screen here, we're gonna go down to settings and we're gonna go to account and you can see the account overview. this is basically your information. the account owner- that's me. in your case, it'll be you, and here we have staff accounts. so let's say we want to add a staff account, we're gonna click there, we're gonna add a first name in here and we're gonna add an email address. obviously, make sure that you type in the correct email address for the person or they won't get their invitation. so I'm going to take a type in a fake address here, okay? and we have a checkbox here that says this staff account will have full permissions. that means that they can do everything in the store on the site that you can do. so you might want to think about that- what kind of ability you want your staff to have? so if we uncheck that box now, we will see what kind of permissions that we can give them. so, in the online store, do we want them to be able to change and work with the themes? do we want them to be able to create blog posts and pages, navigation, so that's the menu domains. can they work with domain names? so let's say we just want them to be able to create and edit blog posts and pages. so we'll give them that permission. now let's see what we want them to do in general. do we want them to be able to access orders? probably, if you want them to process orders as orders come in, you can allow them to work with orders. you can allow them to view customer data. you can allow them to work with gift cards, create discount codes. let's say you don't want them to be able to change settings or view report sales reports. maybe you do. maybe you may want them to be able to view and print reports to go over with you. so you can basically set what kind of permission the staff account has, what you would do then once you're happy with the information- the person's name, email address and what kind of permissions they have on the site- then what you would do is you would click send- invite that user. that staff member would then get an email saying they've been invited to be to join the site as a staff account. they would click a link in their email and then they would be able to sign in. they'd have to create a username and a password and then they would be able to sign in to accomplish all the tasks that you assigned to them. I'm not gonna do that because obviously this is a fake email, but that's how the system works. so that's how you can add a staff member to your Shopify store. now, if you would like me to build your Shopify website for you for free, check out the link down below. there's a form for you to fill out on Google Forms with some simple information about how I can contact you and a little bit about your business and as a Shopify partner. I will build your Shopify website for free, so check that out. hope to be able to work with you, hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I also hope you have a great day.

How to Add User & Staff to Shopify Store

hello and welcome. my name is amulya and you are watching tubemint. in this video i'm going to show you how to add users and staff to shopify store. so let's get started. so first thing, first go ahead and log into your shopify admin area and then click on this setting settings tab here on the left bottom and you will see there are so many options here. so click on this- users and permissions- and now you would be able to add stuff by clicking this button here. so this number may vary depending on what plan you have. i am on developer plan and i do have the right to create like up to 15 staff members. so let's go ahead and click on here. so click add staff. type in the first name- it could be any name, right- and here you simply type in the email address. so let me type my email address, suppose this is the email address. now i can go ahead and give this user permissions to do stuff on my line, on my store, so you can see online store. if this guy is just a themer and you just want give him permission to make or customize themes, so this is the section you want to check all here, and if you want this person to kind of manage your store. this guy can create, edit products and do other stuff. so you simply go ahead and check everything here. you can go ahead and check all like this and then uncheck the boxes that you do not want to get this person. so you definitely want- don't want to give this person right to add and remove stuff. payment: okay. so if this guy has something to do with the payment setup, then you do want to give this permission. emails: no view private apps. this is perfectly fine. so this: there is one client [Music] users- okay, here we go. and then you simply go ahead and say send invite and this person will get an email from you and a link in it and this person will be able to kind of click the link, set up the password and will be able to sign in to shopify store. so this is how you add users, staff and assign permissions to your staff and users on shopify store. that's it for this video. thank you for watching. bye for now. please subscribe to my channel channel if you haven't already. bye.

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POS: How to create POS staff accounts || Shopify Help Center

when you have staff working at your location, you need to add them as point-of-sale staff so they can use the Shopify POS. there are three different ways to add staff to your store, and today we'll guide you through each of them. hi, everyone. its alli with Shopify. before you start adding new staff members, you need to create staff roles. each staff role has a set of permissions assigned to it. for example, you can create a role like associate that has permissions to process orders and access customer information. you can have another role for senior staff, like assistant manager. the assistant manager role can have permissions to manage location settings, payment settings and cash tracking. check the description below for a help artikle about setting staff permissions. here you see the associate role set as the default, but you can rename and edit the default world how you see fit. after you're done creating staff roles, you can start adding staff accounts. you can create a staff account with access to only the POS app, or you can create a staff account that has access to the Shopify admin and the POS app. staff accounts that have access to the POS and Shopify admin count toward the total number of accounts available on your Shopify plan. your monthly subscription plan determines how many staff members you can have in the Shopify admin. the first way to add a staff member is through the Shopify admin settings page when you create a staff account. this way, the staff member will have access to both the POS app and the Shopify admin. to start, click settings on the new page. click plans and permissions. then click Add staff account. from here, enter our first name, last name and an email address for the new staff member. make sure that the staff has full permissions. checkbox is checked, otherwise they won't have access to the POS. up to finish, click send invite. an email is then sent to the staff member. your new staff member needs to click the link in the email invitation to setup their account. the second method to add a new staff member is through the POS sales channel and the if I admin. if you use this method, the staff member only has access to the Shopify POS app and can't plug in to the Shopify admin. to start, click point-of-sale under sales channel and then click staff. next, click Add staff. enter the first name, last name and email address of the new staff member in the drop down menu. choose the POS role that you want to assign to them. if you don't select a role, then the staff member is assigned automatikally to the default role. click generate new pin to assign a unique personal identification number or pin to your staff member. you can also enter a pin number manually if you want a specific number. you'll give your staff member this pin so they can log in to the Shopify POS app. to finish, click Save. the new staff member can now use their pin to log in to the POS app. the third way to add a new staff member is directly in the Shopify POS app. if you use this method, the staff member only has access to the Shopify POS app and can't log in to the Shopify admin from the home screen of the POS app. tap the menu icon, then tap staff and then tap add stuff. next, enter the contact information for the new staff member. if you need to change the staff members default role, tap Edit in the POS app access section. here you see a list of all the POS staff roles that you created. to see a list of permissions for each role, select the role and then tap view permissions. back on the POS role page, select the role that you want to assign to your new staff member and tap save if you want to create a new pin, then tap Edit in the security section. tap it- generate random pin to assign a unique pin to your staff member. you can also tap clear pin and manually enter a pin if you prefer. the staff member will use this pin to access the Shopify POS app. to finalize the pin, tap save. tip, tap save again. your new staff member can now access the POS app using their pin. now you know how to add staff members to your store in three different ways. don't forget to subscribe for new videos from the Shopify Help Center every week and if you have any questions, comment below or reach out to us directly at help Shopify comm slash questions.

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How to Add an Employee to Shopify and Manage Permissions So They Don't Take Over Your Store

how to add an employee to shopify and manage permissions so they don't take over your store. do you want to add a virtual assistant to your store or an employee or create a staff account and you're concerned that they might have access- too much access- to your account and maybe, maybe even take over your store? in this video, i'll show you how to create a staff account on shopify for your, for your employees, staff, for virtual assistant or partners, and limit their account so they only have access to the information you want them to have. so let's jump into our store here, and this is our demo store. so here we are in our our demo account. so first thing you want to do is, you know, log in as administrator. so you're on the admin panel of your shopify store and in the bottom left you will see where it says settings, the little gear which says settings. click on settings and you get the, the settings for your store right over here. where it says in the upper right it says plan and permissions. that's what you want to click on. click on there and then you're going to scroll down to. you see that there says the store owner account and we're going to come right down here to where it says add staff account. now, depending on what plan you have, you may only be able to add. if you're on the basic plan, you can only add two staff members to your account. so click on add staff account. put in their name. so i'm actually going to just put my name in here and then put in their email. there we go. and if you want to allow the person to have a full permissions to your store- say if they're your partner, then maybe you'll want to do this. or if someone you you really trust, maybe a family member, but still want to be careful on what permissions you give, so in this case we're going to give limited. didn't even do that. right, let's put in the email. there we go and i'm going to limit the permissions so you can see right here. for this staff account you can either give full permissions or permissions to specific parts of the store. so let's just say you have a virtual assistant and you want them to. they're going to take care of your customer service, for example. so you, if they're going to do customer service, then they would need access to your theme. they wouldn't need access to your blog post or the navigation or the domains or manage locations. you want to have them have access only to the orders because they're gonna have to look up the orders on your store. so of course you want to give them access to the orders if you want to allow them to edit. they can't edit the products on there without a special app, but what they can do is ch update the customer's address. so you do want to allow them to edit the orders. otherwise, if a customer emails in and they need to update their shipping address, for example, you want your virtual assistant or employee to be able to do that, so that you'll need to give them access to edit the orders for draft orders. this is if you they're going to be creating, say, a customer messages in and says: you know i want to buy these 10 items, can you offer me a discount? well, your, your virtual assistant or your employee can actually create a, an order for them with a, give them a special discount on that order and send them an invoice, for example. so that's a a good option. you'll want to give your customer service person this access to draft orders. if you want to allow the customer service person access to change information on the product page, then you'd want to give them access to products. if you don't allow them to create gift cards, which would give them credit on the store, then you can give them access to create gift cards. you want to be able to give them- a customer service person- access to your customers so they can make any up, look up the customer and be able to make any changes to the account, maybe change their email address. maybe the customer contacts us on the contact form and says: i didn't get my receipt. well, you can double check with them to see that they provided the correct email address and, if you need to, the customer service employee can update that on your store. if you want them to create reports- you know, probably a customer service person, maybe not- you know the dashboards. they probably don't need access to dashboards or marketing discounts. if you trust your customer service person- and you should- you know you want to make sure that that if they're dealing with your customers, you want your customer service person to be someone that you trust. make sure that you- because they can create discounts to any for anything they want. you know, actually give people things for free if they wanted, but you need to trust your customer service person because they're the ones that are going to be representing your company when they are online, so you can give them access to the discounts. you probably do trust them to give them access there. they don't need access to your apps and they don't need access to your settings. so that's all of your customer service person would need for access. they won't be able to add any other anybody else to your store or anything like that. they'll just have the access that they need to perform their duties as your customer service person. now, if this was going to be an account for a someone that's going to be fulfilling orders for your store, so i have a separate virtual assistant that does order fulfillment. so that person has access to different things. so they have access to the, to the home page, which is when they log in. they see the admin area. i i do give my fulfillment person access to the orders. i do, but they don't actually edit any orders. i do give them access to draft orders. they have access to the products. they have access to the customers and the reports and the dashboards and the apps. so the end, the settings. so this is what i give my fulfillment person: access to these things right here and you know they don't have to have access to the customers because they're just fulfilling orders, right, they, i have them. i give them access to reports because my fulfillment person is actually running my reporting for me also. so i want them to go to run the reports because my fulfillment person does a little bit more than fulfillment. so as you come in here, if you want to give them more and more access, you can come back in here at any time and give them more access. so my fulfillment person also makes any updates to my products. so i have them access to the products. i let them make any changes to the theme that needs to be changed. uh, you know, add any special uh discounts or things like that within the theme, like in the upper bar- that's in the top, the announcement bar. i'll i give them access to navigation. so if they need to make changes to the navigation, we add a collection or something like that, i give them access. that's pretty much all i give them access to. i haven't had any need. the only people i'd give access to manage locations is a partner. same thing with domains. uh, you rarely use that anyway, so you might as well just, i mean, keep that to yourself and fix that. unless you're completely hands off, then you want to give that to your manager, whoever's managing the store, that's who you're going to give that access to. and then, if you have a content creation person, maybe you would only give them access to blog posts and pages and maybe navigation, if you want them creating the navigation structure on your store. in that case you probably they would not need access to any of the orders, any of the products, maybe the products. if they want to integrate a product or mention a product inside of one of their blog posts, they can put that in there. they could probably just get that link from the page if they navigate it to your store. anyway, i probably maybe give them access to the dashboard, make it easier for them to navigate around and probably would not need access to apps or settings. so you have a content creation person. this is really all the settings that they would need right there. so actually for

How to add an employee or staff account on your Shopify store

hey, everyone here from av digital. so today's uh tutorial we're going to be showing you how to add a staff member or an employee. that way you can basically give them access to the entire setup that you have as your as an admin. or if you want to just give them specific access to say just uh, you know products, customers, just all that different stuff, you can basically um like mark the boxes on what you want them to see. so the way to get to that is you're going to go down here to settings on your admin and then, once you're here on settings, you're going to go to plan and permissions and you will see yourself here as a store owner and then does your last login, yada, yada. anyways, right under it you'll see staff account and i'm this store that i have here. i'm just playing with uh as an e-commerce project, but i have the smallest plan at 29 a month. that plan only allows up to two staff accounts. if you do want more staff accounts, you have a bigger team. you do have to upgrade um to the larger plans which, you know uh do allow you more staff accounts. um, not just that, but a bunch of other benefits, you know: discounted shipping, all that stuff. so, anyways, here you're gonna add a staff account, type in the first name, uh, and then last name, and then simply an email, pretty simple here, um, and then essentially this is always checked automatikally. this staff account will have full permissions. a lot of people don't realize is you can uncheck that and it'll edit permissions. essentially, this is that part i was telling you about where you can check every single thing you want them to have permissions to. so if you only wanted them to have permission to view reports and dashboards, you go there. or you can do just like customers, products, essentially everything, if you don't want them to do something with them with numbers here, you know, just kind of selecting all this stuff here that doesn't have to do with your business, financials, um, yeah. or if you want someone to just edit, basically do small changes to your theme, you would simply just select that send, invite. the invite is going to send them an email. that email is essentially them. they're just going to be clicking a button: accept staff account. it's going to say something like in this case it'd be: eternal body jewelry is inviting you to create a staff account, and then they'll basically confirm their information there and once they click approve or accept- can't remember what exactly it says- um, they will have access now to the themes and everything else over here. if you didn't give them access to specific stuff like, say, apps and discounts. if you uncheck those, it'll just be grayed out. they are not allowed to click on it. um, yeah, so essentially that's the only thing with adding a staff account- pretty, fairly simple um. if you have any questions about staff accounts or even collaborator accounts, or if you have a developer working on your store, um, or just questions, you know what access you should give your team that sort of stuff- just leave a comment below and i'll be sure to get back to you. thanks again, guys. appreciate it, adios.

How to Add, Edit and Delete a Shopify Staff Account | Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | ShopiDevs

hi everyone. this is rahat from shopee devs. welcome back to our channel. in this video, i will show you how to create shopify stuff accounts and how you can manage them. from the bottom left corner of your shopify dashboard you will find settings. click on it. now you have to click on users and permissions. here you will find the information of store owner and below that you'll find stuff. as you can see, in this current plan, i'll be able to add up to two staff members to my store. if i uh migrate to another plans, i'll be able to do add more stuff members in my store. so let's add staff member. click on add stuff. here i have to put stuff details after putting name and email address. now you have to give the permissions to your staff member. you can give the 100 permission to the person by clicking on select all, but this is not necessary for most of the case. if you hire a content writer for your store, you may only give him? um access to your blog post and pages, maybe navigation. if you? um hire a marketing expert, maybe you'll need the access of marketing customer information and maybe even discounts. if you uh have a staff member who help you handling your customers. maybe he or she will need the information or the access of orders, edit orders, edit the products information, even reports. so you have to uh, identify and give the specific person the permissions based on their role. so for this video i am giving random access like um, two, three, four. okay, you can also give a specific permissions for apps and channel. so consider this. after completing this form, you need to click on send invite. by clicking send in invite, you will send an invitation to the specific staff member. so i'm clicking on send invitation invite. all right, the person has already confirmed the invitation. as you can see, the status has changed. so i have created the staff account successfully. now i will show you how you can manage the stuff account. so click on the name and in this page you will get all the information regarding this stuff account and you can manage them. in the permission section you can see the permissions you have already given to the person. so if you want, you can give more persons, more permissions to the person. you can also uncheck the previous permissions so that the person will no longer get the access to them. you can also see the recent activities of the person. here you can manage the access. you will have the power to revoke excess suspend access if you want so. if you find that you need to suspend the excess for certain time, you can do that. you can also revoke the access for any occurrence. if you think the staff member account will no longer necessary, you can remove the account permanently from your store by click on remove. so this is more or less everything that you need to know to manage a shopify staff account. all right, this, all for today. if you like this video, give us a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel. keep watching our videos to learn more about shopify.