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Shopify Stock: A Smart Investment Choice

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Shopify is a popular e-commerce service that many people love. However, just because it's a great company doesn't necessarily mean it's a good investment. In this article, we'll use our eight pillar process to analyze Shopify and determine whether or not it's worth investing in.

Pillar 1: P/E Ratio

- We want the five-year P/E ratio to be under 22.5

- Currently, the P/E ratio is 135, which is too high

Pillar 2: Return on Invested Capital

- We want the five-year return on invested capital to be greater than 9%

- Currently, it's only 1.2%, which is not good

Pillar 3: Revenue Growth

- We want to see revenue growth over the last five years

- Shopify has had massive growth, from $200.7 million to $4.8 billion in the last five years

Pillar 4: Net Income Growth

- We want to see net income growth over the last five years

- Shopify has gone from a loss of $42 million to a profit of $180 million in the last five years

Pillar 5: Share Outstanding

- We don't want the company diluting us owners by issuing more and more shares

- Shopify has increased its shares outstanding by 33%, which is not good

Pillar 6: Long-term Liabilities

- We want long-term liabilities to be less than five times their five-year free cash flow

- Shopify's long-term liabilities are almost double what we want

Pillar 7 and 8: Free Cash Flow

- Free cash flow is cash from operations less capital expenditures

- We want to see a low price-to-free-cash-flow ratio

- Shopify's price-to-free-cash-flow ratio is too high

Based on our analysis, Shopify does not currently meet our eight pillars criteria for a good investment. However, that doesn't mean it won't be a good investment in the future. It's important to do more research and make informed decisions about investing.

Is Shopify a long-term hold?

Hello, my name is Dante and I am calling from South Florida. Today, my question is about Shopify. I picked up some shares of Shopify for about $1065 a share earlier this week. I know we are entering this unpredictable and very unstable environment when it comes to interest rates. I just want to get your opinion on whether you guys think this was a good entry level for a long term hold with the whole Christmas shopping season being incorporated into the next earnings report and hopefully looking promising, or if this is a situation where the risk just outweighs the reward.

Points to consider:

- Shopify's stock price has been on a monster run for the past five years

- The stock has been declining since November, which has taken it down in terms of 12-month performance

- Shopify is trading at a pretty lofty valuation, which isn't in favor

- High valuation names are just kind of a sticky tricky place to be in this first quarter

- The right valuation for a company like Shopify in this environment is uncertain

- Day trading the stock can lead to making a lot of money

In conclusion, it seems that Shopify's stock is a bit too high in valuation, and it may be a tricky place to invest in the first quarter. However, day trading the stock can lead to making a lot of money. As for whether it was a good entry level for a long-term hold, it's uncertain, but the risk may outweigh the reward. It's important to keep an eye on the technicals and be ready to trade instead of invest.

Cathie Wood Expects Shopify to Be 'Spectacular' Stock

Kathy Wood, the founder of Arc Invest, recently announced the launch of three ETFs managed by her team, which are now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. During an interview with John Ehrlichmann, Wood discussed disruptive innovation opportunities in Canada and shared her thoughts on the future of the market.

Key Takeaways:

- Wood is betting on Shopify and believes that the concept of social commerce is very interesting. She thinks that Shopify will be a big part of the metaverse, which is the future of social commerce.

- Canada's historical strengths in commodity and industrial base make it a great diversifier. However, innovation strategies are crucial for growth in the future.

- Wood believes that autonomous taxi platforms will be one of the biggest innovations of our generations. She predicts that the cost of transportation will decrease, leading to increased access.

- Genomics and artificial intelligence are also crucial areas for growth. Wood believes that DNA sequencing will allow us to identify and edit programming errors, potentially leading to functional cures for diseases.

- Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are happening faster than expected, leading to a compression in costs and allowing the creator community to explode.

Kathy Wood is optimistic about the future of disruptive innovation in Canada. She believes that Shopify, autonomous taxi platforms, genomics, and artificial intelligence are crucial areas for growth. With breakthroughs happening faster than expected, the future looks bright for the creator community.

Shopify Stock - Things You Must Know Before Investing!

Music shopify has been one of the top stocks that have benefited from the e-commerce boom globally, which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the past few months, its share price has crashed by more than 80% from its peak. The senior management team, including the CEO Toby, said that the shopify stock was oversold and that he would be buying the shares personally.

What does shopify do?

Shopify provides merchants with the essential internet infrastructure for commerce, offering them various tools in a one-stop commerce platform for them to start, grow, market, and manage their retail business. The core offering is a subscription software for merchants to create e-commerce websites and sell online easily.

Why is shopify well-positioned to benefit from the growth of the e-commerce industry?

With the rise of the internet and digitalization, e-commerce penetration has been increasing globally over time. The COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 basically accelerated the e-commerce adoption, and there's no going back to the older way of doing business offline. This trend towards multi-channel selling, where the number of sales channels has increased significantly compared to the past, serves as an industry tailwind for shopify's business.

What are shopify's offerings in more detail?

Shopify basically offers an enterprise-grade e-commerce platform with many features that used to be accessible only to large enterprises to all merchants, even if they are small merchants. The platform is designed with simplicity to make life easy for merchants.

In terms of competition, what makes shopify different?

Shopify serves both the smaller SMB and the large enterprise segments and can fulfill the merchants' growing and different needs as they grow throughout their life stage. Unlike providers targeting mainly only SMEs like woocommerce, wix, and squarespace, shopify can grow its customer base by not only selling to merchants that are already big, but it can also sell to smaller SMBs which have the potential to grow and become large enterprises in the future and adopt the shopify price solutions.

Shopify is an essential platform for merchants to start, grow, market, and manage their retail business. It is well-positioned to benefit from the growth of the e-commerce industry, and its offerings are designed to make life easy for merchants. Its scale and focus on just e-commerce could help it to provide better solutions within the common space than the others, making it a wonderful company to own for the long term.

Is Shopify Stock A Good Investment? 🛍 | Shopify Analysis Using Our Investing Framework

- Introduction to the topic of the video, discussing Shopify and its importance in the e-commerce industry.

What is Shopify?

- Overview of Shopify as a global leading e-commerce company

- Discussion of its services, including platform creation, app store, payment and point of sale solutions, shipping and logistics, working capital management, and Shopify Capital

- Focus on its growth and success in adding large clients such as Heineken, Gymshark, and Heinz

Business Model

- Explanation of Shopify's revenue model through subscription and merchant solutions

- Discussion of how the success of businesses using Shopify's solutions benefits Shopify

- Emphasis on the company's success in generating revenue through its merchant solutions

Investing Framework Analysis

- Overview of Shopify's performance on the investing framework

- Discussion of its score on brand and customers, product and reputation, innovation, economic modes, personal opinion, leadership, financials, outlook, and valuation

- Explanation of why Shopify received such a high score of 87 out of 100

- Final thoughts on Shopify and its potential for growth in the future

- Encouragement for viewers to leave comments and discuss their thoughts on the topic

Shopify (SHOP) Stock - What You Need To Know BEFORE Investing

- Shopify is a successful online software as a service company that allows businesses to integrate a shopping cart within a website.

- It has been on a tear in the past few years, with a market cap of around $103 billion.

- The company has partnered with Walmart to expand its reach and compete with Amazon.

Background on Shopify:

- Tobias Lütke is the founder and CEO of Shopify, a German-born Canadian billionaire entrepreneur.

- Shopify has over 1 million businesses and 175 countries using its platform.

- Gross merchants volume exceeds the US of $41.1 billion.

- Shopify offers a streamlined solution for businesses to sell their products to different consumers.

Shopify's Partnership with Walmart:

- Walmart has announced a partnership with Shopify, which would bring a lot of value to both companies.

- The deal will allow Shopify small business sellers to install Walmart's marketplace app from Shopify's App Store.

- Walmart's marketplace has 120 million visitors, giving participating brands a broader reach.

- The partnership is a direct shot at Amazon, promising to help sellers compete with Amazon's fulfillment service.


- Shopify is a growth company that continues to invest back into the business to expand its presence.

- The company isn't profitable yet, but it is growing its cash position and scaling up its operating expenses.

- The ebit is fluctuating until the company reaches profitability.

- Shopify has a lot of potential to continue its success and compete with big players like Amazon.

- The partnership with Walmart is a significant step in expanding its reach and value to businesses.

- Despite the risk associated with the company's growth and pricing, Shopify's financial health and future growth prospects are promising.

Shopify Stock will Make Me a Millionaire (My Investing Strategy)

- The article discusses Shopify, a stock that the author believes is a millionaire maker.

- The author discloses their personal investment in Shopify and their cost basis.

- The article covers important updates from Shopify's Q2 earnings report and why the author is bullish on the stock.

Why Shopify is a good investment:

- Shopify is uniquely positioned to take market share away from Amazon in the e-commerce space.

- Shopify is friendly to brands and allows businesses to build brand awareness, unlike Amazon.

- Shopify is a good investment because it allows customers

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