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shopify store not found

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How to Fix 404 Page Not Found Errors in Shopify

hello and welcome. my name is amuly and you are watching tubemint. in this video i'm going to show you how to fix 404 page not found error on shopify store. so let's get started. you can see this is very common error that you might get on on your shopify store. if you have a very large site store and you're getting multiple 404 errors, then it's not good for seo, not good good for your business. also, it's not good good user experience and that's why you want to fix them as soon as possible. so let's go ahead and see how to fix 404 error. so suppose this is the error that is throwing this 404 page not found error and you've got it through your webmaster tool. it could be search engine like google search console, hd, sem, rush, and there are so many tools these days people are using. so go ahead and simply log into your shopify admin area and then go to online store under here. you simply click on this navigation. so it's very simple. log into your shopify store, online store, then go to navigation and here on the right tab you'll see you have url redirects. so to fix 404 page, what we do? we apply redirect. so we, which are basically you, are directing that 404 page, which is not available anymore on your site, to a different url which is available or maybe similar to the 404p that you had previously. so the best idea is you should always redirect this 404 page to a similar page. if it's not, then you simply go ahead and redirect it to a hook, your home page. or if if it was a products page, then you simply go ahead and put it on the collections or catalog. if it's a blog post, you put that to a similar blog post or the category. so we are going to create a url redirect. so simply go ahead and log into your admin area, go to online store, navigation, then view url redirects and then create url redirect. so from this is basically the page you we want to redirect to- uh, let's say we want to redirect it this or we have news. so from one to simple news now. okay, so this has been saved. you see, it was created. i can go back. so url redirects take a little longer time on shopify, i think it's just because it's on the cdn and it takes time to update it. okay, let's go back here to online store and then to navigation and view url redirects. okay, now, it's back on now. if i go ahead and refresh it, it takes me to this news instead of just news one. so this is how you can go ahead and create redirect pages on your shopify store for all four or four pages that you have on your website or online store. so that's it for this video, guys. if you have any questions, suggestion, leave in the comment below. thank you for watching. bye for now.

How to Fix 404 Page Not Found in Shopify

tia here with mastering pop, and today i'm going to show you how to fix a broken link, also known as a 404 error, in your shopify store. [Music]. hey everyone, my name is tia jones and i'm the founder of mastering pop, which is mastering profitability over popularity. i'm also the creator of the no fail- mastering ecom workflow bundle, which is a digital marketing course that's available right now. today, i'm going to show you how to fix a 404 error in your shopify store, but before i do that, go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the notification bell so you can be notified when i upload a new video. i create videos on things you can implement to level up, uh, your ecommerce games. if you want to become a top performing ecommerce merchant, making seven plus eight plus figures, uh, annually, then, uh, you definitely want to subscribe to my youtube channel. again, today i'm going to show you how to fix 404. uh, we all have 404s, um on our website. um, they happen. you either have a product, that product page, that you've deleted. if you deleted a product page and you and you don't fix it- meaning you don't redirect it to another page, that product to a similar product, or the home page, or a collection page, then you will have a 404 error page, which is a broken link. um, and a broken link just indicates that the web page that you're trying to reach can't be found, right. so, um, i'm going to show you how to do that. it's really easy. uh, here we go. so, right, here is a a 404, right? you've seen this before. um, so this product no longer exists. so this king classic disposable lighter 50 count doesn't exist anymore, and i want to redirect it either to a similar product or a collection page or the home page. i know for a fact that i won't be getting these back in. uh, i will not be purchasing any more inventory for this product, so i'm gonna go ahead and redirect it to, uh, the lighters collection. so i have a lighters collection. so, on the back end of your shopify store, uh, you wanna go to online store navigation. then you want to click url redirects and you're going to click create url redirect, all right, so you're going to put the old url, which is the broken, the broken link, right here and, uh, the new url that you basically want to redirect to, uh, which is, for me, my lighter collection. oh, we don't want it to be clipper lighters. we want it to be lighters. see, boom, boom. that's when you know off the collections, really. well, okay, so we're gonna grab this and we're gonna enter it here and then we're gonna hit save, redirect, all right, so so that's fixed right. so this is a page, right here you can see a king classic disposable lighter. i'm gonna refresh and it should redirect to my collection page for lighters. so now that's fixed. so let's just say you have a product that's out of stok and, uh it, you probably you're not going to be getting it back in stok anytime soon or at all, so you want to redirect this. right, it's not a broken page, but it's showing unavailable. so either you're going to redirect it to a similar product or a collection again or, uh, the home page. so i'm gonna redirect this to- hmm, i'm gonna do. i'm gonna just go ahead and redirect this to the lighter collection again. so i'm going to click create another, redirect- old, new, save, all right. so that's saved, right. but when i click refresh, it still appears. so it's going to continue. it's going to appear because you have to go back to this product on the back end of shopify and you have to save this page as a draft so that the redirect works, right. so we're going to go to our dashboard. we're going to find the product right here. more actions set, draft set as draft. all right. so now, this is now a draft, so we are going to go back to the product. we're going to refresh and boom it. uh, it takes some redirects into the lighters collection. so you can do redirects one at a time, or you can also upload in bulk. so the way to do that would be: you would go to actions and you would hit import and you would have to use an excel spreadsheet, right, so we can, let's, let's go ahead and do one. so let me see, i know i have other lighters that let's see that i can redirect to. so this is sold out, special blue. we'll do this. so here's a product that i want to redirect, so i'm going to redirect this one. open up my excel spreadsheet, so redirect from column a, redirect to column b, so column a, i'm going to throw in my old url and then i want to go ahead and redirect it to lighters. okay, so my lighters collection, all right. so we're going to go ahead and save this and you have to save it as a csv, right, so csv, i'm gonna say all new to all new- to save desktop. save it to my desktop. boom, all right. so it's saved to my desktop. i saved it as a csv. let me just double check that i did that. i know i did that. yep, csv, perfect, and we're now going to upload. so upload the csv, all right, i know it's on my desktop. boom, let's see. i got a lot going on my desktop on youtube, right there. boom. so that's all new to csv, right here. upload file, all right. so here's the redirect, right, and then we're gonna hit import redirect. all right, one redirect has been added to your store. so now we can view the redirect. let's see and refresh, make sure it's the correct one, because what we did was special blue. oh gosh, you kidding me. the, uh, the spreadsheet disappeared on us. so this is what we were redirecting right here: special blue. wow, what happened to the spreadsheet? let's see, we'll just look for it real quick. old new too. wow, that just really just closed, closed out on us, huh, all right, so we're gonna open this back up. wow, this is moving real slow. i'm sorry about this. let me hit. let me just fix this really quick and get back to you, all right. so i got the spreadsheet back open. so what we did was we uploaded the uh redirect, right, so, special blue, and we're redirecting it to, uh, the lighters collection, right. so i went ahead and refreshed and here it is, right, here, this is, uh, the redirect that we just uploaded in the spreadsheet, uh, so now we're gonna go back to the product. right, this is the product. and once you hit refresh, you still see the product here. why? because even though you redirected it, you still have to, you still have to save it as a draft, right? so here we go: boom, boom, boom, all right. so now that it's saved as a draft, we're going to refresh it again to make sure that it is redirecting to the lightest collection, right? so we're going to refresh. all right, there we have it all right. so that's how you do it. uh, that is how you redirect, either in bulk, using a spreadsheet. again, you just need two columns: redirect from and redirect to. this is old, this is new. you need to make sure you save it as a csv. uh, then you're gonna go to the back end of your shopify store, you're gonna go to online store, you're gonna go to navigation, you're gonna click uh url redirects and if you wanna bulk upload, you're going to hit actions and import, or you can just simply create a url redirect, one at a time, right? so that's pretty easy, extremely easy. but a lot of people they don't know that they need to redirect their product pages and they just have a bunch out there living in google, a bunch of broken links, which, again, google doesn't like that and it does affect your rankings, which is what you don't want. you want to rank well, uh in google and you want to offer a good user experience to the your site visitors, and having broken pages, uh, is definitely not what you want. all right, i hope you got value out of this video. again, my name is tia jones. i own multiple e-commerce stores. uh, i am the creator of the no fail mastering ecom workflow bundle breaks down email marketing, conversion optimization, link building, partnership marketing, content marketing, uh reporting, um business legalities. if you're getting ready to or considering um starting an e-commerce store or an online store, i have everything you need as far as what you need to set up business-wise available in this bundle. but, um, again, thank you for watching the video and i'll be uploading another video soon. [Music]. thank you.

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How To Redirect 404 Error Pages in Shopify

hi, in this video i'll show you how to redirect 404 pages in shopify. and, as a brief recap, 404 page is basically a non-existing page on your website and there could be many reasons why. what happens? potentially you had a product in the past on this page and then you discontinued it or you stopped selling it and you totally removed the product from your website, which means that the link which originally, uh, the product had, circulates the web. maybe it was shared on social media or forums, reddit and other social platforms, and visitors also- maybe not many, but they still click on that link. they'll lend you your website and they're basically greeted with the 404 page- not found. and most likely we're going to do is simply leave the website, and your goal is to show your visitors most relevant products. so in my case, i have a product called cream sofa set which obviously doesn't exist- 404 page- and i want to redirect the this link to a similar product and on my website i have this- another great product called gray sofa. and how? how should i redirect it? very simple, i'll show you how to do it. basically, you have to be log into your admin panel, click on online store, then look for navigation. click on view url redirects at the top corner and here just look for create url redirect. then look for the 404 page and simply copy the path. in my case it's slash products, slash cream sofa, not the actually full url but just the path and we'll paste it here and redirect to. let's redirect it to my other active listing again. we just copy the path for the active listing, redirect 2. so creamsofa set redirects to gray sofa and save redirect. so now we go back, we click refresh and here we go. as you can see, the 404 page redirects to the active listing of gray sofa. sometimes it may take several minutes to process due to cdn and stuff like that, but generally if you set up your redirects correctly, it should work and, for example, if you do not do not have a similar product you can recommend to your customers. you can simply, instead of putting them full path to an active listing, you just can leave a slash here and it will simply redirect your customers to a home page. and let's just do it here right now: save redirect. let's copy the link [Music]. here we go, as you can see, i changed the redirect path to home page and if anybody lands on cream sofa, they're greeted with my plain homepage and, again, it's a development store, so you won't really find anything much here. so i hope you found this video useful and if you would like to learn more about shopify, please ensure describe my channel. thank you.

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Shopify Product Page 404. How to Edit and Fix It. [EASY TUTORIAL]

what's going on. everyone? it's jamie here from shopify masterclass and today we'll be toking about four or four errors. what are they and how you can fix them on your shopify store extremely easily. so make sure you stay to the end of the video as we do a full explanation here. before i dive into it, i just want to thank our sponsor, profit calc, the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. it's going to come with a 15 day free trial and there's a link in the description below. i'm also going to show a quick video detailing their full feature set. discover profit calc, the affordable and easy to set up shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the shopify app store today. before we dive in how to fix some, let's go over what is a 404 error, and so a 404 error is an error code shown by websites. here we have a short description of different ones so you can get from the 100 all the way to 500. these all essentially mean different things. so 100 means generally made of information requests. the 200 range is successful request 300 is used for redirects and the 4-4 error is to show client errors. this typically means that the page was not found, so the content was not found in that url. it's like if you went to the wrong address and there was nothing there in. 500 is just generally for server errors. so, for example, i'm on the home page of a test shopify store here. the url i am on now it's just the store namemyshopifycom. now if we were to go to catalog, it's going to show this. so it's going to show collections, all. so this is a valid url with content that's going to load behind it. so it's going to load this page. let's say, for example, i just add a bunch of random characters to it. it's going to load the involved url and when that happens it's going to show a four or four page not found. so this is the error we were toking about. it doesn't really look great. so let's go into what it does to your website. if you have a lot of these and so a 404 error page will damage your search engine ranking. a 404 error for not found pages will increase your bounce rate and decrease your dwell time. these are two metrics that are important for google's rankings. having a lot of these four or four errors will also make your website look abandoned. this is four or four pages simply. the error handling page is going to redirect all unknown urls to this page here. so, in terms of getting rid of it, if you know the url that has a 4-4 error, you can simply head into it. let's say there's an error in your navigation and you go simply adjust the url here to make sure it's pointing at the right place, making sure that link is pointing at something that actually exists in your shopify store. you might have accidentally removed a page, so you can simply add it back in this page. for example, you can see the url is going to be: pages slash test page- maybe remove this page. you want to add back the title to match what the url is going to be, but this can be a tedious process and a lot of times you're not even going to know which pages are leading to a 404 error. so the best way to get rid of that is to simply search for four or four in the shopify app store. here it's going to show you apps which can automatikally detect any four or four errors and fix them for you. i've already downloaded an app to this test store here and it's called broken link 404 and three or one redirects and it's gonna give you reports on if four or four errors are found and it's gonna allow you to fix them automatikally in bulk. so i'm gonna send you reports if there are a lot of four or four errors as well. as you can see, there is one unsolved 404 error now. it is loading now, but that is because i entered a random url and a 404 error showed up. so overall, we can see it's working and it makes the process much easier, as most of the times if a customer discovers a 404, they're not going to be letting you know about it. they're simply going to go to a different website or be frustrated and navigate around that. so you want to prevent them. so using an app makes it really easy. as you can see, there are quite a few apps. we can see easy redirects four, four, link monitor and quite a few seo apps on the shopify app store also have link redirect capabilities. so this concludes the video on how to fix a four or four errors for your shopify store. i hope you enjoyed the video? if you did, i would love it if you hit that like and subscribe button below. that really helps the channel out. i also want to mention profit calc again, the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. it comes with a 15 day free trial and there's a link in the description below. thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in our next video. you.

Can't Load Online Store | Shopify Website Not Working ✅ Fixed

hey there, welcome to even my youtube channel. in this tutorials i am going to show you how to fix their a tiknical problem with shopify that has prevent the space from loading. if you are shopify user and face such problem that you cannot visit your store after login and getting a error message- this one: there was a problem connecting to shopify. try reload your browser or checking back later. then you can continue this video here i am going to share easy and step-by-step solution to fix it without hiring any developer. so let's get started. [Music]. here is the real problem that i have faced. there was a problem connecting to shopify. try to reload your browser of checking back later, and first i have log in my shopify partner account. then try to log in one of my client website. then i face this problem. okay. so to fix it, first i have to clear cookies and histories. so step one, we have to reload. so i'm going to click ctrl f, not ctrl r, from my keyboard. okay, it does not fix. then i'm going to close my browser and reopen my browser again and login to my partner account. then again click on the login my client oil site. they are same problem. now i am going to log in with private browser. so close my browser again. open a new private browser. go to the partner account now. log in my client website. we have failed to fix this issue in two way. now we are going to restart our computer and internet connection. okay. now we are going to try access by different browser. so i'm going to open mozilla. log into partner account. access my client, my site again. finally, we have fixed the issue. so thank you for your time to watch this video. if you think this video is helpful, then click on the like button and subscribe to my channel, and if you need any service or support, relevant shopify or wordpress for your ecommerce business, then you can contact with me. have a nice day, bye.

How To Redirect 404 Error To Home Page ✅ Non Shopify URL To Home Page

hey, dear, welcome to you in my youtube channel. in this tutorials i am going to show you how to redirect 404 error to homepage or non-shopify url to homepage. so if you are looking easy shopify tips and tricks and guidelines, then you can continue this video. so let's get started. what is 404 euro? the http error 404 are more commonly called 404 euro, means that the page you are trying to open could not be found on the server. this is a client-side incident which means either the page has been delayed or moved and the url has not been modified accordingly, or you have misspelled the url or type at the wrong url. for example, this is my product page url but if i type this url with any miss scale like edit travel, if click on the enter, it's so for zero. for page not found, that's mean this page has been delayed or removed or does not exist in my shop. i wanted to oil someone do this type mistake. i'll show any forces. for page not found error, there will be redirect automatikally in the home page. to do this, i am going to my shopify admin panel- here is my shopify admin panel- and click on the online store, then click on the action button, click edit code, then open the layout folder. click on the theme liquid file to open it. here is the theme liquid file and add a code right here. here is my code. i am going to copy this code and add this code right here, then click on the save button. okay, now i'm going to visit my eyesight and again go to this product page and, for example, i type missy spell or any rung url: wow, now 404 page, automatikally redirect on the home page. for example, i am going to catalog page. if someone type in wrong url and click on the enter, this 404 is automatikally redirect in the homepage. so thank you for your time to watch this video. if you think this video is helpful, then click on the like button and subscribe to my channel. have a nice day, bye.