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Shopify Swell: Boost Your E-commerce Game

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Welcome to our Shopify app review channel, Eco Expert, where we review Shopify apps so you don't have to install them and clutter up your team and notice that's not what you need.

- This week, we will be looking at Swell, an alternative or a competitor to Smile.io, and they do our rewards program.


- Installation is simple and integrated with your Shopify shop five plus account.

- Choose the actions to reward your customers for, such as referral program, points for purchase, and happy birthday gift.

- Set rules for your rewards program, such as rewarding customers with points or coupons.

- Set email preferences, such as points reminder and thank you email.

- Choose from three beautiful pop-up templates if you're a paid member.

- Pick a plan depending on your needs, such as bronze, silver, or gold.


- Earning points and spending points can be easily managed.

- Rewards pop-up can be customized to fit your overall website.

- Referral program and newsletter sign-up can be customized.

- Email notifications can be managed and customized.

- Swell is a great app that allows you to easily create stunning and functional campaigns with all the analytics you need.

- On a free plan, you can do a lot of things, but if you want to take your campaigns to the next level, you have two more plans to choose from.

- If you need Shopify work done, don't hesitate to contact us at ECOM experts dot io.

Smile.io vs Yotpo Swell vs ReferralCandy vs Growave: Shopify Loyalty & Rewards Apps 🔶 E-CASH S2•E91

In this article, we compare and contrast four loyalty and rewards programs for e-commerce businesses: Smile.io, Yotpo (formerly Swell), Referral Candy, and Growwave. We begin with an introduction to customer loyalty programs and their benefits for businesses. We then discuss the components of an effective loyalty program, including specifying actions that will be rewarded, explaining how customers can redeem rewards, offering a variety of rewards, and having clear rules. We also provide tips for creating an awesome e-commerce loyalty program, such as personalizing it and building a sense of community.

Next, we review Smile.io, which offers sophisticated rewards and loyalty programs, including points, VIP status, and referrals. Smile.io integrates well with platforms like Shopify and has garnered positive online reviews. Yotpo, formerly Swell, focuses on loyalty and referrals and offers customizable rewards and referrals programs. Its simplicity and automation have earned it positive reviews and integrations with popular marketing apps. Referral Candy specializes in word-of-mouth marketing through referral programs and provides a complete set of building blocks for referral marketing models. Finally,

Swell Ecommerce Demo – B2B/Marketplace Platform

Swell is a flexible commerce platform designed for innovative brands, startups, and agencies that aim to provide their customers with compelling shopping experiences. In this article, we will discuss some of Swell's key features that can help expand your business with B2B functionality.

B2B Functionality:

With Swell's B2B functionality, you can offer personalized pricing using Swell's customer groups functionality. For instance, you can set up a customer group called wholesale when you are looking to sell your brand's products to other businesses. You can also enable business customers to differentiate between businesses and individual customers, which is helpful if you want to collect a value-added tax number for business customers.

Using Customer Groups:

To set up group-specific pricing that applies to your various customer groups, head over to the particular product you'd like to edit and add a price rule to indicate how much you'd like to charge a customer in a specific group. Now, when a customer within that particular customer group is logged in, they'll see the specific pricing you've set up for that group in their cart. Using customer groups is a great way to set up a B2B business within Swell, and it's a flexible feature that you can use in a number of ways depending on how you'd like to run your business.

Volume-Based Pricing:

If you'd like to offer a bigger discount to customers who place large orders, you can do that using price rules by making a volume-based price discount. This is also useful if you don't want to create a separate customer group but would like to offer a discount to any customers who place large orders. To do this, you'll add the price you want to charge them at this level, choose the customer group that you'd like it to apply to, then input the minimum quantity the customer would need to purchase to get this price. You can also include a maximum quantity, which can be helpful if you'd like to set up multiple tiers of volume-based pricing.

Sending Invoices:

Swell makes it easy to send invoices to customers. Simply navigate to any unpaid order in your system, click actions, and send an invoice. You can edit the email subject and send this off to the customer to collect payment. You're also able to edit invoice text and design by navigating to the notifications section of the sidebar. Here, you can edit all the notifications that are sent out, including the invoice emails. Edit the fields, the template, and even send test notifications to your team.

Tax Configuration:

Swell integrates with third-party tax solutions like TaxJar and Avalara, but you can also configure tax rules directly within the platform. Under the settings section of the sidebar, choose taxes, and you'll see a wide array of options to make sure your taxes are configured just right. Click add a tax rule, give it a name, and indicate the priority. Taxes are added with other tax rules with the same priority and compounded with those with a lower priority. This is useful when setting up state and local level taxes, for example. Then add the tax rate. You'll also see an array of calculation options by clicking show advanced options so that you get the fine-grained control you need to manage your taxes correctly.

Built-In Integrations:

Swell has a number of built-in integrations with apps that can help take your brand to the next level. In addition to this, you can connect your ERP or other system you already use and love to Swell by using our flexible API.

User Permissions:

Keep your business information confidential and ensure your team members have the data they need by utilizing Swell's built-in user permission types. You can edit the permissions of the default user types by clicking on them or create a new role and customize it to fit your needs.

Swell is a powerful and flexible commerce platform that can help you expand your business with B2B functionality. By using customer groups, volume-based pricing, sending invoices, configuring taxes, and utilizing built-in integrations and user permissions, you can take your brand to the next level. Contact Swell's ecommerce experts to explore what Swell can do for your brand.

B2storefront headless commerce for shopify/bigcommerce/swell

Hey there, my name is Anton and I'm the CEO of B2 Storefront. We are a headless e-commerce storefront that is built for performance. It is a cross-platform solution that will work with any e-commerce platform. For now, we have integrated with Shopify, Big Commerce, and Swell, with more platforms to come. So, what is B2 Storefront?

B2 Storefront:

- B2 Storefront is a layer on top of your e-commerce stack that allows you to take full control of either one or multiple aspects of your customer experience.

- It is not only a way to have full control on a specific segment but also making integrations with third-party apps easier.

- It even unlocks the possibilities that would be other way not possible to implement.

How it works:

- We enable a headless storefront layer on top of any e-commerce platform of your choice.

- It works on top of your current solution and allows you to improve the area of your choice through unlocking the possibility to fully control and customize a piece of customer experience that is important for you.

- Each store is unique, and the main goal is to stand out. Everyone has its own strategy to accomplish this goal.

Optimizing Customer Experience:

- If your main landing page for marketing campaigns is a product details page, improving performance on this page will dramatically increase conversions.

- On top of it, using B2 Storefront, you will be able to roll out updates to look and feel partially or to a specific designated group of your visitors, as well as making a/b testing.

- If your store has a lot of SKUs, and navigation through the products is important, then optimization for collection page will play a big role in overall customer experience.

- If you realized that some of your customers have issues while using search, by enabling B2 Storefront in that area of your store, you can get full control and ability to tweak the search experience for your customers.

Shoppable Content and Marketing:

- Shoppable content and marketing through blog posts is your strategy. Then thanks to B2 Storefront, you can enable those blog posts with shoppable content embeds.

- You can expand capabilities of those standard blog postings through the extended connected professional CMS.

- Maybe you're using landing pages. Not a problem. Through connected CMS from where B2 Storefront will pull content sections and render each landing page, you can create rich experiences and they will be still performant and fast.

Customer Dashboard:

- If you are focused on returning customers and delivering the best experience for them, creating a customer dashboard that increases the reordering or allows them to easily reorder the products they already bought and boost the post-purchase experience, then a segment with an improved customer dashboard is where B2 Storefront can serve you best.

B2 Storefront unlocks the ability to custom tweak specific segments of your store to provide the best performance and user experience for your customers. It also expands the technical capabilities of what can be achieved on a specific platform, like custom URL structure, product builder wizards, bundling, and more. We can talk about further topics in the next videos. Thank you very much, and I'm inviting you to visit b2storefront.com. Bye.

Swell Demo - Headless Ecommerce Platform | Swell.is

Swell is a commerce platform designed for innovative brands, startups, and agencies looking to provide compelling shopping experiences for their customers. With a suite of ecommerce tools, Swell makes it easy to manage your back office, set up products, offer add-ons and customizations, and even integrate with your favorite third-party apps.

Features and Benefits:

- High-level overview of your ecommerce operation, including orders, reports, and sales by product

- Native support for physical and digital products, bundles, and gift cards

- Unlimited products and variations

- Media and content options for each product

- Upsells and cross-sells to help customers find the perfect item

- Localize everything to reach a global audience

- Built-in functionality for product add-ons and customizations

- Native subscription support with flexible pricing and multiple plans

- Native support for coupons and promotions with full control over discount types

- Integration with top productivity tools, CMS, and third-party apps

- Powerful developer tools to customize anything you like

- Swell's built-in themes and editor to create a unique storefront with a hosted checkout or link to your own site

Swell offers a flexible and customizable commerce platform that empowers brands, startups, and agencies to provide compelling shopping experiences for their customers. With native support for products, subscriptions, coupons, and promotions, Swell makes it easy to manage your ecommerce operation and integrate with your favorite third-party apps. Whether you're looking to create a unique storefront or customize your back office, Swell has the tools and features to help you succeed in the modern era of commerce.

5 Lessons I Learned About Headless Commerce So You Didn’t Have To with Shopify's Victoria Duggan

Hey campers! I'm Victoria from Shopify, and I'm here to share with you the five lessons I've learned about headless commerce.

Lesson 1: Offload Complexity

Offloading complexity is the key to building a successful headless commerce experience. It allows you to focus on building unique aspects of your business, while Shopify handles the difficult aspects of e-commerce capabilities and scale. You can use the Shopify Storefront API for headless commerce, which is a GraphQL API that can be used in all of your projects, not just on the web.

Lesson 2: Resourcing

To build and maintain a headless commerce site, you need a strong internal development team. The businesses that have the most success with headless commerce plan for this and take on one to ten more developers for long-term support.

Lesson 3: Phased Approach

It's important to test

Build an ecommerce site using NextJS and Swell

In this video, we learned about the benefits of using Swell as a headless API-first e-commerce platform with built-in support for native subscriptions and marketplace. Swell allows developers to choose any front-end technology they want to use with the backend. Swell's native subscription support makes it easy to sell products on subscription without the need for third-party plugins. Swell also supports creating a marketplace where vendors can bring in their products and buyers can come and shop. We also saw how easy it is to interact with Swell's front-end API to fetch products, categories, and filters. With Swell's extensibility, developers can build custom solutions for bringing in new customers or creating different pages and sections for the admin and customers. Overall, Swell provides a powerful and flexible e-commerce solution for developers and non-technical users alike.

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