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shopify tap & chip card reader

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

What you should know about the SHOPIFY TAP and CHIP card READER | Pop-up shop

[Music]. so today we're going to be discussing the shopify card reader, which is now my favorite card reader. my first favorite is the paypal. you know in the beginning, as you guys may have watched in my previous video- if you haven't watched that video yet, go ahead and watch it right up there, okay? so the first thing i want to say is: the shopify car reader is a game changer. all right, let me tell you why it's a game changer. it's a game changer because i have a shopify website. now, if you don't have a shopify website, i don't think this could work with you, because this is the. the program is for a shopify, the shopify app- and you'd have to have a shopify account for that. so it wouldn't make sense for you to have another website and try to use a shopify card reader. that's not going to work. if you have another website that does not come with a card reader, try the paypal card reader. you know i'll link it below. try that one, okay. so if you do have a shopify website, then using a shopify card reader is the best decision you can make, because guess what it's so organized like. it's amazing. the type of shopify card that i have is the tap, i have the tap chip and swipe card reader, boss, moves. like you literally have everything that the store has. like you can take apple pay, you can take everything that, anything, anything your customer comes with you got it covered. you don't have no reason. you literally can take any payment possible. like you've got this with a shopify card reader, so you know. but this one is the more expensive one, it's not a cheaper one and it's a great investment. like, go ahead and just buy it. if you want something cheaper and you have a shopify store, then get. you can get. though like it's a different swipe on that they have you can go ahead and get that. but let me tell you something: having the dip, tap and swipe, you can collect payments from all around: apple pay, samsung pay, google pay, everything to come- and then just tap your phone right, pantapad, why not? why would you not have it? okay, all right, if it's not affordable, you might not be able to have it. so that's fine, no judgment, just get the paypal one or get the cheaper version. but if you don't upgrade, okay, i want off, because you want to have that type of vibe. this is it here. it is, you know, the good guru, the good one, the shopify card reader- kind of dusty, you know, deep tap and does not swipe. it costs. it costs 49.. now, that might be a lot to a lot of people, no judgment, it might be a lot. if you cannot afford that, that is fine. you can get the their cheaper version, which is, i think, that's the swipe one. that's fine. you know, use what you have until you're able to get the upgrade. now, if you can't afford this, a 49 one, i'll say it is, as i said previously- and i keep saying, i'm going to keep saying it- best investment you could ever make, especially if you have a shopify store. and if you have a shopify store, this is the only reason why you should be using this. so yeah, if you don't have one, don't even bother. i don't think it will work with it. it is a little bit bigger than i think. if you have a square card reader, it is the same size as this. if you have a paypal card reader. you know these are the size difference, but it's not that much of a size difference that you won't want it, you understand. so it is a bit bigger, but it's light. it's still very light. it's still compatible. you, you know it's compact. you can still take it wherever you want. you can still. i can still fit this in my back pocket. you can still put it in here if you want. you can literally take this any and everywhere. once you have a bluetooth connection, you're good to go. make sure you charge it from the night before. i have never been out with this and it died on me before, so you don't have to worry about that. battery life turn up so good because it uses the usbc charger. that's the charger that the new androids use, which is, i think that i have the samsung s9 and it uses that type of charger. i'm not sure if the iphone. no, the iphone charger is completely different, i don't even think about it. but if you have, like, a lot of new devices, gadgets are coming out- they have the usbc charging port, so it's compatible with those chargers. i'll show you here- this is what i'm toking about: the usbc [Music] focus. okay, there it goes. yes, so it's compatible with that and you won't have to worry about, you know, finding a charger or anything like that. once you charge it a day before, you're good to go. it's also bluetooth connection is compatible with iphone. it's compatible with android, compatible with tablets. you know, when you download the software app to your phone or to your tablet, it's it's called shopify store or shopify pos. yes, so it's called shopify pos. you download it. once you download it, you open it up and you sign in. once you download it, open it up and you sign in with your shopify website login. what that does is that everything that you have in the website is it's can be available on the store. all you have to do is go on your website and you can say: available here, available what you want to be available. you know if you have it because on shopify store it has the option to where you want your products to be available. if you have it to be available everywhere, then it will be there. you can make it only available on the store, that's fine. you can make it only available on online, whatever you want to do, but once you make it available when you sign in, everything is there. so what that means is accurate inventory tracking. so you're tracking the inventory that you have there and on the website. so if you sell, it's going to tell you. you know you have two locations when you pop up and what's on the website. if you're selling directly from whatever is on the website, that's fine because it will deduct from that as well. not only that, it makes it easier for inventory tracking, but it also makes it easier on your analytiks. you can check how much you're making. all of that it will tell you how much you're making here, how much you're making there. if you want to take cash and record it, that will be added to your analytiks so you'll be able in to add that to your monthly sales or for your finance statements. that will be added, you know, to your monthly sales, weekly sales, yearly, whatever it is. you won't have to worry about, you know, double recording or anything like that. so that's a that's a perk as well. i think that's pretty good, very convenient, especially if you have an e-commerce business like- why not? and you're selling in front of people, why not? the battery, um, as i mentioned earlier, last for quite some time. it lasts for about a week and i i think that's all depending on how often you're using it. so i use mines every weekend two times: saturday and sunday. i don't really charge it all the time and i haven't had it died on me, but sometimes i'll try to charge it from the day before. it doesn't really take that much longer to charge. so charge it from the day before and then i'll take it with me so you really don't have to worry about battery life with it. now it takes about a minute or two to connect. so the thing with the shopify card reader is, if your location- i think the paypal here is like that- so if your location isn't on, it will not connect. so you have to turn on your location, turn on your bluetooth, and then you're able to connect. when you start out your day you'll go ahead and press this button right here- yeah, this button once, and then you open up the shopify card reader- if it's not already open, and you'll see like an orange thing that comes up and say: hey, you know you're connecting. i'm going to show a video of me doing it here. so the first thing you want to do is press this blue button on top here and, as you can see, it shows you two lights. that means it's almost time for it to charge. so the next thing you want to do is turn on your bluetooth. scroll down, oh, as you can see, that pops up. you can click done, because now you also have to turn on your look, so while this is on, i usually just leave it beside it and then i'l.

How To Run A Business From Your IPhone | Shopify POS

[Music]. thank you, hey there, welcome back to my channel. my name is Brittany bundles, and today's video is going to be all about tap to pay on iPhone. this is now available on Shopify POS. um, I'm going to be rolling over just like a brief overview of what tap to pay on iPhone is, and if you do want more information in regards to this feature, be sure to check out shopify's help center. I will have a link down below to Shopify if you want to go ahead and try it out. you know, see how Shopify Works before you decide to switch over again. that link is down below. a lot of times they have free trials or discounted trials, so click the link to see what they're offering, and if you are interested in videos like this, be sure to give it a big thumbs up. please make sure that you are subscribed and let's get right into it. so tap in Shopify POS for your in-person sales with this holiday season with tap to pay on iPhone. so pretty much, with this option, you can accept payments right through your iPhone. um, I mentioned before that Shopify is really, really good with staying Innovative, so they're constantly coming up with ways to make our job as entrepreneurs, as e-commerce owners a lot more seamless, while still making it very, very um easy for our customers to navigate and be able to purchase as well. so, as you can see on the screen- I just kind of scrolled down, but you could see the two phones pointing at each other- this gives you an option to be able to not have to haul additional equipment to pop-up shops or to your in-store location and kind of be able to just take payments literally from your phone wherever you are, which is really really convenient. I'm thinking back to when I was running my salon and if I would have had this option, it would have been so, so convenient, because what I would do is, when anyone would make a purchase, I would go up to the register and, you know, check out, like that. but just thinking back, if we all had our phones connected to the Shopify system, we could have been able to sell bundles- except payments for different hairstyles and products- right from our phones, without necessarily having to leave stations or having to go back up to the front of the store. so this is something that is really really convenient, in my opinion. also, you don't pay any additional fees. here is a quote from someone. they just love the convenience of having everything they need to sell in person on their iPhone. you don't have to stress about card readers and can just focus on the person in front of them. now I'm not sure if this app is available on Samsung devices. I have no clue. I'm sure that's something that I can research and find out. if you know, please leave a comment down below. but I am thinking based on the title of the email that I received and also just based on everything that I was, you know, kind of going over. I don't think that it is extended to Samsung at this point. I believe it's just for iPhone. so if you're not an iPhone user, I would um check back with this video and see if anyone has left a comment down below as far as if it is available, um, but if you are using iPhone, then this is something that I believe will be very beneficial for your business. it says: get creative, so offer unique ways for local customers to shop with you, and they also have some videos on how it works. so there is an activate tab to pay on iPhone in a simple few steps, or simple tabs. there is a um kind of lost my train of thought, but there is a guide on how you can set this up on your phone. so you download the Shopify POS for iOS and activate tap to pay on iPhone, you can go ahead and fill the cards and then you can have the checkout process very seamlessly. a lot of times with Shopify, I know that. um, one of the big perks that a lot of people Rave about is being able to have all of your systems connected. for example, um, I bought a printer and I can connect my printer right to Shopify. um, you know, if you have your tablet, you can connect that right to Shopify POS. so it just it's a it's a great platform to be able to connect all of your devices. one of the reasons that I do enjoy using apple- and I'm probably- I'm pretty sure that you could probably do this with Samsung as well. so I'm not trying to get into like a warp Samsung versus iPhone on this video, because I know it can happen. um, I've had some of those comments and other videos when I did, uh, like what's on my iPhone and comparison between the Samsung that I had on the iPhone. but, um, you know, one thing that I do like about the iOS system is the fact that you can connect, like your watch, your phones, your, you know, your laptop, your your um computer, and that it reminds me of Shopify, the fact that you can kind of kind of connect everything together, and what's really cool about that is you can really see all of your information pertaining to your business right from the device that you're using. um, right now I'm kind of going over, you know if I'm showing FAQs, So, like um, which iPhones are compatible? um, the questions also consist of: um is it secure? um, you know, can you accept all contactless debit and credit cards, Apple pay? uh, you know just all the information that you may Wonder or questions that you may have. Shopify does have those um questions or a lot of those questions linked below. so there may be a question that you don't know the answer to or you know, need additional information on, for example, like the Samsung. I don't think this is available to Samsung uh yet, but again, that may be a question you may have. if you don't see the question that you're wanting to know the answer to right here, you can definitely decide to choose a chat so you can start chatting and figure out, you know, um the answer to your question. Shopify does have an option for you to chat with a representative. you can also go into their help center. they also, I believe, have forms where you can go and post your question and have other people come back and answer it. so there's just different options to get your questions answered, which I also like. uh, just tap to pay on iPhone work on your iPad? it says no, you can only use an iPhone to accept payments with tap to pay on iPhone. so that answers the question that we were going over. so if you do have a Samsung Note, it's not available. this is just for iPhone. you're not even able to use your iPad for this partikular feature. if you do want to use like a tablet, what I've done is I have logged into my Shopify and I have created like manual orders through my tablet so that I can accept orders anywhere that I am. but this is going to make it so much more seamless, being able to not have to haul around any equipment, like it mentioned, and just be able to accept payments right from my phone. so if you do want to set this up, if you already have Shopify, all you have to do is log in to accept the Shopify tap to pay. um, you can also check your email to see if you received this type of email. Shopify does a great job with sending out emails letting us know what they're doing, uh, what's available, what's not available, how to's um. you know different trainings, uh, and I don't know if I'm. I'll probably receive the trainings because I'm a Shopify partner. however, they still do send emails to people that are Shopify customers as well, so this is something to take a look at. um, right on the screen, it does say there's a free trial, so click the link down below. again, I don't know if you watch this video, um, and I'm saying again because I've said this in some other videos- but if you watch this video later than today or this month, it may not be the same promotion that they're offering. so just go ahead and check out. um, you know what the link is offering. you have to click it to see and go from there. if you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below. thanks so much for watching and I will see you all in the next video. bye, [Music].


Shopify POS - full review 2022

hey guys, welcome back to mobile terminals YouTube channel, the channel where we help you find the best Payment Solutions for your business. today we will be toking about Shopify, the world's number one e-commerce platform for all businesses. you've certainly heard about Shopify already, as they Empower more than 1.5 million online businesses, but did you know that Shopify also offers solutions for physical retailers? in fact, as more and more businesses sell both online and in-store, Shopify has developed its own tools for Brick and Mortar businesses. they now offer their own card reader and point of sale solution. help your company become multi-channel as it grows. but as shopify's install payment solution really worth it, do you need an e-commerce website to start using shopify's POS and, of course, it's Shopify pis the best fit for your business. all of these questions will be answered in this video. we also wrote a detailed artikle reviewing shopify's install payment solution to help you make a fully informed decision. the link is in the description. don't hesitate to check it out and, of course, please subscribe to our Channel if you want to get more of these videos in the future. getting started with Shopify install is pretty easy. if you have a Shopify eCommerce website, then your current plan already includes the Shopify POS app. you don't have a Shopify account yet. you can simply create one online and choose the plan that best fits your needs, as all of them include basic peers options. to start accepting install payment with Shopify, the first thing you'll have to do is install the Shopify retail POS app, available on most Android and iOS devices. once you are logged into your Shopify account, the POS app will provide you with an all-in-one solution to run your store, from inventory tracking to staff management and many more. as mentioned, shopify's POS app is already included in all shopify's plans, so you will not be charged anything extra to use the app. nonetheless, if you need a more advanced POS solution with complete business management tools, the Shopify POS Pro app comes with an additional 89 euro per month for establishment. this will enable you to expand the possibilities of your point of sale but Advanced Logistiks, staff management and operation tools. once you're all set with Shopify POS, you simply have to enable Shopify payments in your account settings. enabling Shopify payments means you allow Shopify to process payments for you both online and in store. as a result, all your online and install transactions will be Consolidated on the Shopify platform. now that you have set up Shopify POS and enable Shopify payments. the last thing you require is, of course, to get your card reader. Shopify currently offers a single card reader model in Europe called the wise pad free reader. it can be bought directly on shopify's website for 59 Euros Plus v80. it is a compact, calculator-like device that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet equipped with the POS app. it is important to note that the wise pad free reader can only connect with an iPad or iPhone that is running iOS 12 or higher, if it's not compatible with any Android devices. while you can use the Shopify POS app on most Apple and Android devices, the wise pad free reader is limited to recent Apple products only. once you've connected your Apple device with your wisepad free reader, you are ready to accept payments via tap or chip insert. the wise pad 3 currently supports most popular cars such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, and mobile wallets such as Apple pay and Google pay. payment methods like discover, JCB and Union pay are not supported yet. finally, if you are running the Shopify POS app on an iPad, then you might also be interested in getting the Shopify retail bundle. this includes the wise pad free reader as well as an iPad. stand for your countertop the bundle on shopify's online hardware store for 169 Euros, Plus v80. please note the stands compatible with 9.7 inch iPads only. shopify's pricing plans are very transparent, so it is quite easy to know how much you will be paying in total based on your sales volume, no matter the size and type of your business. Shopify offers three different pricing plans, with the monthly fixed fee and a blended transaction rate on all payments. the basic plan costs 24 Euros per month with 1.7 transaction rates. the Shopify plan is 69 Euros per month with commissions of 1.6 and finally, the advance plan costs 289 Euros with transaction rates of 1.5 percent. as you can see, decreasing transaction fees are balanced by larger monthly fixed fees, so you can calculate easily which plan is the most affordable for you based on your monthly card income. remember you will have to include an additional 89 euro per month if you go for the POS Pro app. all Shopify plans are no commitment, meaning you can cancel at any time and nothing will be charged. though if you pay upfront annually but cancel earlier, then the fees are non-refundable. as Shopify plans- our all-in-one offers- you might also want to choose your offer based on how advanced the features included are. you can check out shopifycom pricing to get the details of all free pricing plans and functionalities. all plans include more or less Advanced tools to manage an online and in-store business, fully integrated as part of the Shopify ecosystem. and that's the best part about Shopify POS. it was designed as an integrated brick in your Shopify workflow to make in-store payment seamless. as your POS and card reader are directly connected to your Shopify product catalog, you can push customer cards directly to your terminal to facilitate payment and avoid the risk of Errors. payments are then registered in the POS app, meaning you do not have to spend time reconciling numbers between your POS and payments processor. the great advantage of using Shopify tools is that they remove the barriers between online and in-store sales. this will enable you to offer The Best of Both Worlds to your customers. as an example, they can buy online and pay you in store, or even buy in store and have their products shipped directly to their home, Etc. to conclude, shopify's all-in-one solution will be most relevant if you are a multi-channel business. it will provide you with complete tools to manage online and in-store activities from a single platform, including inventories, Logistiks, customer profiles and much more, and it will remove all barriers between physical and distant sales to help you focus on what matters your customers. now it's shopify's POS the best fit for your in-store business. well, shopify's POS solution was specifically designed for merchants who sell both online and in-store and want to manage their business in a simple and integrated way. if you already have a Shopify online store, you simply have to install their POS app and get their card reader to start accepting in-store payment services already included in your monthly subscription, so you will simply be charged transaction fees on top of that. Shopify POS is therefore an incredible solution for Shopify online Merchants who make a few in-store sales. nonetheless, if you make significant Revenue in store, then Shopify will probably not be the most suitable offer for you. with significant monthly fees, limited payment options and high transaction rates, Shopify is a less attractive offer for starting or established in-store businesses. you might then want to consider more specialized Payment Solutions that fit your needs better. we hope this video helped you learn more about shopify's install payment solution and how it could help your business grow. don't forget to check out our artikle about Shopify POS if you would like the full details of their offer Link in the description. if you have tried shopify's POS, please let us know in the comments, as we would love to hear about your experience. thank you so much for watching and we will see you very soon on mobile terminalorg. foreign [Music].

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Shopify POS Card Reader for Vendor Events & Retail

[Music]. hey guys, welcome back to my channel. so for today's video, i'm going to walk you guys through just how easy it is to collect payments using a pos card system reader. now, if you are thinking about getting into more of a local market, either partikipating in pop-up events or vendor shows, then you need a physical card reader system to collect your payments now. if you are considering getting into this market, i strongly urge you to do so, because it's a great way to expand your business and get more of a local customer base. even if you're traveling out of town to hold a pop-up event, you're able to tap into that local market and expand your business. so you need a pos system and these in these situations to collect payments seamlessly for your customers. so that's what we're going to tok about today. now, first, if you don't already have an online platform to sell your products through, then you need one. i'm assuming that most of you probably already have an online website where you have your store and you already have a platform. but if you don't, i'll just quickly plug shopify. i love shopify. i've been using shopify since 2017 and i've even purchased shopify stok, and i purchased that back in 2018, so i can honestly say it's doing super well for me. i just love shopify all around. they are the best platform you can use, the best ecommerce platform you can use hands down. so if you want to learn more, i will link to them down below. but let's get back to toking about pos systems. so i recently attended a vendor event through her market. now her market is a really fun, great vendor market event or market that you can partikipate in in atlanta. it's specifically for women-owned businesses, so gotta love businesses that support women. so this past august they assigned me to pop up in their brand new store. so her market has a store called village supply by her market and this is basically just a store where groups of vendors can come and sell their products year round. the concept was created to give luxury and contemporary women owned brands, especially women of color, an opportunity to be represented in a luxury retail shopping district. so her market has vendor events once a month in the shops of buckhead, which is a high-end luxury shopping center. it also just so happens to be about half a mile from where i live, so it's a great vendor mark for me to partikipate in. i was able to set up my booth inside of their store and collect payments from my ipad and my pos system. now, when i first started to hold pop-up events, i actually used my cell phone to collect the payments. there are two different ways that you can do this. the first one is to download the shopify pos app and connect it through bluetooth to the pos card reader. this allows you to add custom sales or select products directly off of your website to add to your cart and check out. this app also has a barcode feature if you use barcodes on your tags to scan them, and basically this makes selling products so easy and efficient, which is what you need during a very fast-paced vendor event or pop-up. you can also assign different pins to different workers to sign in every time they check out, every time they check someone out, if you have multiple people helping you out. now there was one vendor event where, for some reason, my pos system wasn't working. i can't remember if it was either just dead, i didn't have the charger, or i had an issue with bluetooth or something something like that. but in a situation like this, this is where you would use option number two and you can basically just use the shopify app- the regular shopify app and add custom sales to the app and then you can manually enter everyone's card on the app. you'll be able to collect payment, or there's also an option to send an invoice over email. if you collect payment by manually typing in their card, you can see that they encourage you to collect as much billing information as possible. this process can be very time consuming and kind of seem unprofessional. it can even hold up your line if you have a lot of customers trying to check out or customers who are trying to ask you questions. it can frustrate your customers. in the time that i didn't have my pos system working, my card reader working, i mean during my pop-up, i definitely lost out on some customers because they were so impatient. so you want to make sure that you're giving your customers a seamless, easy, quick experience and it can also be kind of suspicious if you are manually entering in your customers credit card numbers on your cell phone or ipad. i mean, i think people generally will trust you as a shop owner if you're, if you're holding an event through a large group, but it's just one of those things where it's going to be a much better experience for everyone involved if you have a physical card reader to check people out. so do not miss out on inpatient customers because you're having to manually type everyone's credit card in. just get a pos system. come on, guys. [Music]. so when shopify came out with their own card reader system, they actually came out with this model and they offered it for free for a group of customers who signed up right away. now, at this point i wasn't even holding in-person events, but i knew it would come in handy one day and i'm so glad it did so i went ahead and just opted in. i think now you can get this model for 29 as of the time i'm recording this video. but they've also come out with newer models that have newer features. um, like the tap feature- this one- you can't use the tap with your credit card. you have to insert it or swipe. but let's go ahead and see it in action. okay, so here you can see my setup. you can see the ipad and the chip reader to the right. all i have to do is click on this add custom sale button. from there i can type in the price of the item and i could also have a title, but i'm going to skip that and click next you can update the quantity, it'll default to one. i'm going to click add to cart and then you can check out. here you have some payment options. you can pay with cash, you can manually enter a credit card or you can simply insert your credit card into the chip reader and from there it will process your payment. it's then going to have you pass it to the customer to have them sign it and from there the customer can choose to receive a receipt or no receipt, and that's it. so there are some other models and some other companies that have come out with other models, but let's take a look at what shopify's currently offering. there is the tap and chip card reader that is currently priced at 49. like i mentioned, this one's a little bit more advanced than my current model. there's also a dock that you can purchase for the card and chip reader for an additional 39, and all these prices- once again, they are the current prices at the time of filming this. another option is the shopify retail stand for ipad. so this is great for brick and mortars who want to service customers better at the counter and around the store. it can flip around for the customer to view and sign, and it also detaches for workers to be able to walk around with. so you've probably seen in lots of stores these days that the associates will be walking around with an ipad to be able to show you different products. um, i was at creighton barrel the other day and we were toking to an associate who's walking around with an ipad who was able to pull up different models that they had at different stores. so ipads are very handy to have in person if you do have a brick and mortar for your sales associates. and then there's a couple of other options that shopify has available. they have full retail kits and hardware accessories like barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers and more. i will link to all of these products in the description bar down below. so now are you excited to get ready for your first in-person event? if so, i have a ton of great videos where i walk you through everything you need to do to get ready for these types of in-per.

Shopify Payments Setup 2022 | Shopify For Beginners

shopify payment setup. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video, i'm going to be telling you how you can set up payments within shopify. so, having said that, let's just jump into the video. so i'm over here on shopify right now and what you'll do is just simply log in right now, if you already have an account, you can just simply log in. if you don't, you can just sign up by entering in your email address over here and starting your free trial. uh, there is a pricing plan, however, so let me just show you, if you were interested in that one. so, over here, as you can see, these are the plans. we have: the basic, the shopify and the advance. you can see their payments over here, how much they cost. the basic one is going to be 29 per month, the shopify is going to be 79 and the advanced one is going to be 299, and you can see all of the rates and features that they have over here, and if you scroll down, you can see more stuff as well. over here, you can see more features as well within each plan in a more comprehensive and detailed manner, so that you can know which plan you want to try out. but yeah, then you're good to go. so first, i'm just simply going to go ahead and log into my store and i'll show you how you can set up payments. so we'll just simply log in into my store over here now. once you have logged in, you've arrived over to your dashboard, or your admin. what you're going to do is you scroll down. what you're going to do is just navigate yourself over here at the bottom left corner, click on settings and open up settings, and over here you will see you have billings plans, payments, checkouts and all of that. just simply click on payments and over here you will have three options. you will have payment providers, supported payment methods and manual payment methods as well. so, over here, choose whichever payment method you want and then, for example, if you wanted to have like payment providers, you just simply click on choose a provider and choose a provider from this list that you can see over here. if you want to add a payment method yourself, you can add that. over here. you can search for a payment method. over here, as you can see, we have visa, mastercard, diners and all of that. let's say you want a visa, mastercard, right, and then you will have skrill, ocean payments, ping pong checkouts to check out, convert plus i pay, hit pay, credit card, debit card- all of that. you can choose that, or you can add like a manual payment system, like a bank deposit, money order or cash on delivery. it all depends on you. so for me, i think that going into payment providers and choosing one of these is much better. like you will see, you will have if a payment method is not available in your country, it will just say unavailable within your country and it will show you the ones that are available at the top. so currently, to check out is available within my country, so i'm going to be choosing that one. it does support a very large number of cards, such as visa, mastercards, american express, discovery, jcb and diners club as well. yeah, so we're going to click onto checkouts account. we have a server error, but it still works. now. over here, you can choose which type of card you support, so i'll just support all of them and then, over here, they basically give you like a set up instruction on how to get it working. so they have like a 10 step account which is very simple to you know. get started. so, first things first, we have to create a to checkout account, so let's go ahead and click over here. actually, i need to open it up in under the tab so that it's much more convenient, so i'll just open it up in another tab over here. so over here, it's very simple. you can sign up for free by just simply clicking on this button over here and adding in your details, such as your first name, your last name, your business email, password, website and your country, and it's very easy. so over here, i'll just say i'll just enter in john doe and then, over here, we'll add in our business email, which is my temporary email. so i'll just go ahead and do that. i'll copy the email, come back over here and paste it, and then i'll enter in the password. and for the website, we'll just, you know, copy this one, copy the link address and come over here and paste it. i'll get rid of that. yeah, that looks good. then we have our country, we check the robot and then we click on. get started. there you go, it's done. now what we need to do is: what type of products do you want to sell with? to check out, online service, digital products for retail, offline service or others, since this is a shopify store. so we'll just say retail and we'll click on create account. now i do have to mention that creating a to checkout account is not easy, like it's not. it is easy, but it's just not very, you know, short. it's very detailed. you got to do a lot of things. you got to input a lot of information to actually get started with two checkouts account, which is pretty. you know hectik. they just ask you for a lot of information in order to actually get started with it. so over here they're: basically, if you are a partner slash seller, click here. so i don't think this is it. i haven't created my account, but i'll, let's see. yeah, okay, that works. so now we are here, we just have to activate our account. now, in order to activate your account, it's very simple: you have to input all this information, right? so before you start, you gotta provide this. you gotta add information about your business: you know your company name, your business type, where it is address, all of that. then you gotta input your financial details, such as the company registration id, uh, tax registration, ad id, annual online transaction volume and everything else. you will also have a stakeholders option over here. if you have some, you can go ahead and add your stakeholders over here. if not, you are good to go. then you have about your products and services. so you have to input your information about your product and all of the services that you provide. then you have account settings- okay, and then you have your documents as well. so you got to input your business document, company ownership document, tax identification, valid proof of address, other documents, and then, down below, you will have your summary. so you gotta make sure you input all of these information. then, once it's done, once you've submitted it, you wait for a couple of days to hear from to check out. they'll send you an email and then they'll activate your account and you are good to go. but, uh, since i don't have time for that and i don't have all this information, we'll just save that for later and i'll show you how you can basically activate it, right? so to activate it, as you can see over here, we have to log into a checkout account. once we've activated it, we have to access the integrations option. then we have to go into web hooks and api sections in your cpanel. all right, so let's go over there- integrations. over here on the left side, and underneath integrations, we have web hooks and api. we'll go into there. there we go, as you can see right here now. next, under api section, copy the merchant code and paste it within the merchant code field on this page over here. as you can see, we have the merchant code over here and we have the secret word over here. so over here you will see, underneath api keys, this is the secret word right here, this is the ins and we have it over here and this is the secret key and this is the merchant code. so we'll just copy the merchant code. we'll come over here and paste the merchant code right here. then we have to input the secret word. so, over here, go back, scroll down. this is the ins sacred word. we just have to click on generate to generate the word and click copy and then click on save. there we go, it's saved. then we just come over here and we paste it right here. then, over here, what we need to do is- we've already done save settings, yeah, and then in the redirect url section, click enable return after sale. so scroll down below over here. this is the ins notification. we don't need to do that, we need to d.

How to set up the WisePad 3 card reader || Shopify Help Center

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’re demonstrating the simple and easy setup process for the WisePad 3 card reader. Keep watching to learn how to set up your card reader and how to accept tap and chip payments. Hey everyone, it’s Aly with Shopify. Before we get started on the WisePad 3 setup, there’s a few important setup requirements we need to go over first. For full details on eligibility and card reader setup requirements, see the links in the description. First, this video discusses the WisePad 3 card reader. To follow along, make sure that your reader matches what you see here. Next, make sure that you’re using a compatible iPad or iPhone running on the software versions linked below. You also need to confirm that both your device and Shopify POS app have bluetooth enabled. Open the “Settings app” on your device and tap “Bluetooth”. Be sure the Bluetooth button is toggled on. Then scroll to the Shopify POS app and toggle on the Bluetooth button here too. Then enable location settings for your POS. Don’t worry, if you don’t see location settings right now. you’ll be asked to enable locations when you connect the card reader later. Next, you need to set up Shopify Payments as your payment provider, with test mode disabled. For a full walkthrough on how to set up Shopify Payments: see the links in the description. After this is done, we need to enable Shopify Payments in the POS app. From your POS app, tap the “menu icon” and then tap “Settings”. On the new page, tap “Payment Settings”, then “Credit/debit”. Make sure the button for “Accept credit cards at checkout” is toggled on. Now you’re ready to set up your reader. Tap “Back” to go back to the “Settings” page. You can connect your reader in a few different ways. The first is tap connected in the bottom right and tap “Set up hardware”. The second is to scroll to the “Hardware” section on the “Settings” screen and tap “Set up hardware. Either method brings you to the same screen. Select hardware type From the list of hardware, tap “card reader” and then tap “WisePad 3”. Follow the on screen prompts and press the power button on the front of the reader. This action enables Bluetooth pairing mode. When the reader is discovered by your device, the name of the reader appears with a device number. Confirm that the correct reader is being paired by checking that the last four digits of the serial number on the back of the reader match what is showing on the POS app. After you confirm that the numbers match, tap “Connect card reader”. The device will take a few seconds to pair. You might also see a prompt to update the reader’s softwareTap “Continue” if you see this screen, so the software updates in the background. Otherwise, tap “finish setup”. Next, the Shopify POS App shows you an overview of the card reader. Tap “Next” or “Skip” to move through the screens. Then tap “Connected” to see the connectivity status of your reader. Here you see the WisePad reader we just connected. Tap on your WisePad to see more details like the battery percentage, serial number and to get help. After the card reader is paired, it stays connected unless one of the following scenarios takes place: 1 - You close the Shopify POS app, But the card reader should automatikally connect once you open the Shopify POS app again. 2. - You select “Connect card reader” even though the reader is already paired. This triggers the connection process to start over. Or 3. - You select “Forget card reader”. If any of these scenarios take place, follow the steps outlined in this video to connect the WisePad again. Now that your card reader is connected, it’s time to take a payment For full details on how to customize your cart, like adding products, customers and discounts. then see the link in the description for a full walk through. Now let’s look at an example of accepting payment. Here we have an order with a t-shirt in the cart and the customer’s information is already added. Tap “Checkout”. If the WisePad 3 terminal is connected and ready, the tap or insert card option becomes available on the reader To use the chip. instruct your customer to insert their card. A screen prompting them to enter their PIN appears. This example is with a credit card, but if the customer is using a debit card, the options will be slightly different. When the transaction is “Approved”, the customer can remove their card. If the customer chooses to tap their card, they need to hold their card against the face of the WisePad until it beeps. The transaction will then be authorized and approved. Tap payments can have purchase limits depending on the payment type and country. If your customer is making a large purchase or they’ve exceeded their tap limit, have them insert their card and use their PIN instead. After the transaction is approved, choose whether to provide a receipt and the customer’s preferred delivery method. Now you know how to set up your WisePad 3 and how to accept payments. For more videos on Shopify POS card readers, subscribe now And for more information, helpshopifycom.