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shopify tap and chip reader not connecting

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

What you should know about the SHOPIFY TAP and CHIP card READER | Pop-up shop

[Music]. so today we're going to be discussing the shopify card reader, which is now my favorite card reader. my first favorite is the paypal. you know in the beginning, as you guys may have watched in my previous video- if you haven't watched that video yet, go ahead and watch it right up there, okay? so the first thing i want to say is: the shopify car reader is a game changer. all right, let me tell you why it's a game changer. it's a game changer because i have a shopify website. now, if you don't have a shopify website, i don't think this could work with you, because this is the. the program is for a shopify, the shopify app- and you'd have to have a shopify account for that. so it wouldn't make sense for you to have another website and try to use a shopify card reader. that's not going to work. if you have another website that does not come with a card reader, try the paypal card reader. you know i'll link it below. try that one, okay. so if you do have a shopify website, then using a shopify card reader is the best decision you can make, because guess what it's so organized like. it's amazing. the type of shopify card that i have is the tap, i have the tap chip and swipe card reader, boss, moves. like you literally have everything that the store has. like you can take apple pay, you can take everything that, anything, anything your customer comes with you got it covered. you don't have no reason. you literally can take any payment possible. like you've got this with a shopify card reader, so you know. but this one is the more expensive one, it's not a cheaper one and it's a great investment. like, go ahead and just buy it. if you want something cheaper and you have a shopify store, then get. you can get. though like it's a different swipe on that they have you can go ahead and get that. but let me tell you something: having the dip, tap and swipe, you can collect payments from all around: apple pay, samsung pay, google pay, everything to come- and then just tap your phone right, pantapad, why not? why would you not have it? okay, all right, if it's not affordable, you might not be able to have it. so that's fine, no judgment, just get the paypal one or get the cheaper version. but if you don't upgrade, okay, i want off, because you want to have that type of vibe. this is it here. it is, you know, the good guru, the good one, the shopify card reader- kind of dusty, you know, deep tap and does not swipe. it costs. it costs 49.. now, that might be a lot to a lot of people, no judgment, it might be a lot. if you cannot afford that, that is fine. you can get the their cheaper version, which is, i think, that's the swipe one. that's fine. you know, use what you have until you're able to get the upgrade. now, if you can't afford this, a 49 one, i'll say it is, as i said previously- and i keep saying, i'm going to keep saying it- best investment you could ever make, especially if you have a shopify store. and if you have a shopify store, this is the only reason why you should be using this. so yeah, if you don't have one, don't even bother. i don't think it will work with it. it is a little bit bigger than i think. if you have a square card reader, it is the same size as this. if you have a paypal card reader. you know these are the size difference, but it's not that much of a size difference that you won't want it, you understand. so it is a bit bigger, but it's light. it's still very light. it's still compatible. you, you know it's compact. you can still take it wherever you want. you can still. i can still fit this in my back pocket. you can still put it in here if you want. you can literally take this any and everywhere. once you have a bluetooth connection, you're good to go. make sure you charge it from the night before. i have never been out with this and it died on me before, so you don't have to worry about that. battery life turn up so good because it uses the usbc charger. that's the charger that the new androids use, which is, i think that i have the samsung s9 and it uses that type of charger. i'm not sure if the iphone. no, the iphone charger is completely different, i don't even think about it. but if you have, like, a lot of new devices, gadgets are coming out- they have the usbc charging port, so it's compatible with those chargers. i'll show you here- this is what i'm toking about: the usbc [Music] focus. okay, there it goes. yes, so it's compatible with that and you won't have to worry about, you know, finding a charger or anything like that. once you charge it a day before, you're good to go. it's also bluetooth connection is compatible with iphone. it's compatible with android, compatible with tablets. you know, when you download the software app to your phone or to your tablet, it's it's called shopify store or shopify pos. yes, so it's called shopify pos. you download it. once you download it, you open it up and you sign in. once you download it, open it up and you sign in with your shopify website login. what that does is that everything that you have in the website is it's can be available on the store. all you have to do is go on your website and you can say: available here, available what you want to be available. you know if you have it because on shopify store it has the option to where you want your products to be available. if you have it to be available everywhere, then it will be there. you can make it only available on the store, that's fine. you can make it only available on online, whatever you want to do, but once you make it available when you sign in, everything is there. so what that means is accurate inventory tracking. so you're tracking the inventory that you have there and on the website. so if you sell, it's going to tell you. you know you have two locations when you pop up and what's on the website. if you're selling directly from whatever is on the website, that's fine because it will deduct from that as well. not only that, it makes it easier for inventory tracking, but it also makes it easier on your analytiks. you can check how much you're making. all of that it will tell you how much you're making here, how much you're making there. if you want to take cash and record it, that will be added to your analytiks so you'll be able in to add that to your monthly sales or for your finance statements. that will be added, you know, to your monthly sales, weekly sales, yearly, whatever it is. you won't have to worry about, you know, double recording or anything like that. so that's a that's a perk as well. i think that's pretty good, very convenient, especially if you have an e-commerce business like- why not? and you're selling in front of people, why not? the battery, um, as i mentioned earlier, last for quite some time. it lasts for about a week and i i think that's all depending on how often you're using it. so i use mines every weekend two times: saturday and sunday. i don't really charge it all the time and i haven't had it died on me, but sometimes i'll try to charge it from the day before. it doesn't really take that much longer to charge. so charge it from the day before and then i'll take it with me so you really don't have to worry about battery life with it. now it takes about a minute or two to connect. so the thing with the shopify card reader is, if your location- i think the paypal here is like that- so if your location isn't on, it will not connect. so you have to turn on your location, turn on your bluetooth, and then you're able to connect. when you start out your day you'll go ahead and press this button right here- yeah, this button once, and then you open up the shopify card reader- if it's not already open, and you'll see like an orange thing that comes up and say: hey, you know you're connecting. i'm going to show a video of me doing it here. so the first thing you want to do is press this blue button on top here and, as you can see, it shows you two lights. that means it's almost time for it to charge. so the next thing you want to do is turn on your bluetooth. scroll down, oh, as you can see, that pops up. you can click done, because now you also have to turn on your look, so while this is on, i usually just leave it beside it and then i'l.

SHOPIFY $49 CARD READER #shopify #pos #brickandmortar #storefront #cardreaders

hi everyone, welcome back to my youtube channel. today i got a video that i wish i would have found out there before i started merging my brick and mortar with my online, because this was a struggle. i went through multiple pos systems, um, and simply there were certain things that i was looking um for my online store that i needed to keep, like certain apps- i'm sorry- that weren't compatible with other system that i was trying, that i thought were easier for me. not necessarily they were bad systems, they weren't just. they just weren't systems that were fitted for myself and the way i run my business. so i ended up going back to shopify. shopify is my eternal love. that is the platform which i started my online boutique and, like i said, i tried merging it to two different platforms. it didn't work out. i went back to shopify, um, and i ended up purchasing the shopify hardware so you can take card payments with this, insert the chip, you can tap apple pay or you can swipe with this, and it is only fifty dollars. so in this video, i want to show you how you can have a an affordable pos system, because there's so many pos systems out there that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars and you can literally run your brick and mortar and you're online from your iphone, your ipad. i'm pretty sure they're compatible with android, i'm not sure, though. um. so i currently have the 70- 79 shopify plan that allows me to add um access up to five staff members. it gives me more shopify discounts um it goes more in depth in that to my analytiks um i can use my hardware so i can check customers out physically in store um this plan. online it charges 2.6 um on the transaction online plus 30 cents um. physically in store it charges 2.5 and it doesn't charge the 30 cents that it charges online. if you take the plan yearly, you save 25. if you take this plan yearly, pay it out once it's um, you save 25. so i didn't check how much it was. um. like i said, there are different types of hardware. so when you go on to- i'm going to tok about shopify right now- when you go on to the shopify um hardware website, there are multiple pos systems. so you can kind of find the pos with the ipad and the other one that's like this big and it's you can like, just really like. it's like a little computer, right, and then you can check out, um, but these things cost hundreds of dollars. now, if you got the coins to spend on them, great. i don't got the coins to be spending on unnecessary equipment that i do not need right now. so i run my my business from my ipad- sorry, my microphone, um, all you have to do is download the shopify pos app onto your device and this is- i'm sorry if it's dirty. this is what it's going to look like. so i run my physical store through my ipad and i charge customers through this device. it is bluetooth connected, super easy, and it's 50, like i mentioned before. but when i bought it, i don't know if it went up, because everything has gone up, um. so basically, um, i use the shopify pos app to run the store. um, if i need to add anything manually, i can do so, or i'll just search up the products, like i normally do, um the name of the product [Music] and add it to the checkout list for the customer. there's more fancy ways to do it. you can buy the barcode scanner and put you know barcode on all of your clothes. that's a little too fancy for me right now and quite pricey. like i said, there's more options, but i am telling you the affordable way. that has been working perfectly fine and i don't mind just looking up my items i use. i put my items by code, so any top is going to say top. so when you write top, they're all going to come up. jumpsuits, they're all going to come up rompers, jeans, etc. like i have a keyword at the end. so if i have an employee, all you have to do is write a top or a gene and it's going to give you the list and clearly you're seeing the item and they all have pictures. they're all listed in the system, which i put them through the shopify app. so please keep in mind there's two different apps: shopify and shopify pos. so, on, the shopify app is where i actually like, really add all of my items, i do all of my editing and i really only use the shopify app to check out customers. um, this is it for today. i tried to make it as quick and short as possible. um, like i said, this is what's worked out for me. i try to work, check what's more economic and there's not many videos of this out there because i struggle to find a perfect combination of an online and a brick and mortar pos system and shopify is it. this is not sponsored. i use square. before i did use square, however, i didn't find that square was as advanced as i needed it to be. um, at that time- this was at the end of last year- um, i needed a more advanced online system because most of my sales come online, obviously, so i need that to be very strong. i tried wix. i found it to be extremely too complicated and i just didn't feel comfortable using it. back then the shopify hardware was out of stok. this is why i did those changes into trying other pos systems, but thankfully it came back into stok and i purchased it and i just went back to my website and everything has flown smoothly ever since. so i'll catch you guys in the next video. thank you so much. so much for watching and please like and subscribe to help my channel grow.

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POS: How to connect Chip & Swipe card reader || Shopify Help Center

setting up your card reader to accept payments of an all-new Shopify POS doesn't have to be complicated. keep watching for a complete demonstration on setting off the chip and swipe card reader. hey, everyone, it's Jamal with Shopify. before we get started with the hardware setup, there's a few important details about setup requirements we need to cover first. this video discusses the chip and swipe card reader. make sure that your Hardware matches what you see here. to follow along, the card reader is available to you depend on where you're located. for more information about what card readers are available in your area, click the link in the description. you also need to confirm that both your iOS device and Shopify POS app have Bluetooth enabled. open the Settings app on your device and tap Bluetooth. be sure the Bluetooth button is toggled on. then scroll to the shop provide POS app and toggle on the Bluetooth button there as well. next, to use move the Shopify card readers with POS, you need to set up Shopify payments. to see if you're eligible to use Shopify payments for card reader transactions in your area, check the description below. once you've taken these steps, you need to confirm that the Gateway is enabled in the POS app. from the POS app, tap the menu icon and then tap Settings. on the new page, tap payment settings and then tap credit debit for Shopify payments. make sure that the button for accept credit cards at checkout is toggled on. now you're ready to set up your carburetor. tap back to go back to the settings screen. you can connect your Hardware in a few different ways. the first is to open the connectivity section and tap Add Hardware. the second is to scroll to the hardware section on the settings screen and tap to setup hardware. either method brings you to the same screen. on the hardware screen you see a selection of hardware to choose from. now tap card reader and choose chip and swipe. follow the on-screen prompts and hold down the white button located on the side of the card reader for 4 seconds. this action enables bluetooth pairing mode. when the card reader is discovered by the device, you'll see the name of the hardware pop-up with a device number. you can confirm that the correct reader is being paired by checking the device number. on the card reader itself, next to the charging port, there's a four digit number that should match the card reader number you see on your Shopify POS app. once you've confirmed that the card reader is the correct one, select pair card reader. after a few seconds, the card reader will connect to the POS app. when it's connected, tap finish setup and read through the hardware overview. on the next few screens you can check all of the connectivity of your devices in the hardware connectivity manager. here you see the chip and swipe card reader that we just connected. you can tap the card readers title for information like the battery percentage, serial number and support on how to use the device. once your card reader is paired, it stays connected to the POS app unless one of the following scenarios takes place: first, the Shopify POS app is closed. second, a user selects connect a card reader even though the card reader is already paired. this triggers the connection process to start over. or third, forget card reader is selected. if any of these snares happen, follow the same steps outlined in this video to connect the device again, and that's it. your card reader is now connected and you're ready to accept payments in person. for more videos on Shopify POS Hardware, subscribe now. if you have any questions, comment below or contact us directly at help Shopify comm slash questions.


FREE Shopify Chip & Swipe Card Reader Set Up Tutorial

[Music]. welcome to my youtube channels. the one and only miss chin from jin tsunami care, and in this video i'm going to be teaching the out there. so how to set up your chip and so swipe card reader from shopify and all to get it for free instead of paying 30. stay tuned like subscribe, do all that great stuff now and yeah, keep watching. okay, really, really quick. this right here is the shopify card reader packaging contents. of course, it comes with your charger accessories as far as the charger base and the cord, and then, of course, you get your shopify card reader with the opening and the shopify engrave and then, best of all, your travel case. this superstar package, to me at least. i love this thing, i love this game. overall. in hindsight, i really do think this is the superstar of the chip and swipe card with the packaging, because they're able to package all of your contents nice and easily. it's nothing big or heavy, so you can conveniently put it in your bag and, best of all, it can really facilitate in-person sales at a different spectrum without worrying about adultery. y'all telling you: oh yeah, this will come back. man, go to atm. no, siri, swipe the card right here. so just like that also really quick. you're not gonna really need the charging base on the cord once this bad boy gets up to about 60, because by then you can use it without it. so you can use it as is so for in-person transactions. don't worry about plugging it in once this is at 60 or better. same thing for pop-up shots. you don't want to ruin your tables, look by having bare cords and crop on your table. you just want to have this there. you can do that once the card reader is actually. this entire chip and swipe card reader by shopify is online at shopifycom for thirty dollars valuing. but why pay for something if i can't get it for free? because me know me not here for for free. i actually got my chip and snipe card reader for free just by entering my website, shopify website- onto cardreadershopifycom, and the process is very easy. it delivers it to your desired address, you get it within two or three business days and you're up and running. okay, as the boxing permits, you will be able to use your shopify chip and swipe card reader by downloading the app shopify pos. that will be able to connect wirelessly to your phone, your tablet or whatever the device you want to use while using this to track your transaction. the app is actually really easy to find. you don't even need to type out point of sale. you can just type in shopify pos, like the letters pos, as. so you'll be able to download it in no time. and this right here is just me. i tap the on the open side just to open up the shopify pos app so we can get started, and this is where you're going to put in your information for your account here. i have logged in to the shopify pos app on this device and, as it shows, payment cards and passes in your wallet will network, which means if you have this working and you had to publish up your apple pay, everything that's in your apple wallet will not be working while you have this work. i'm just going to press okay and give you a little tutorial on the app. you guys can always come back and see that. that right there just sees like what your display preference is. for the purpose of this video, i'm going to click light. i prefer the dark preference. i just want you guys to see everything clearly. and now it's loading, okay. so here this is the homepage of the app. you have your add customer, add custom sales, shopify, pos, your and then your business name. this is this. right here is the home page in the app. you're just gonna click the three tabs over here in your left lower hand corner. you're gonna go all the way to settings. once you get to settings, you're gonna scroll all the way down- so this is the top of settings. scroll all the way down. you're gonna click set up hardware and then you're gonna be able to click if you wanna do the receipt printer, barcode scanner, customer view, and you're gonna click the card reader. you find the type of cardboard that you got. for this case we're using the shopify chip and swipe card reader, which is such and such like this like day. i really love that lady. anyway, it already found it because i already turned it on. so all i'm going to do is going to click connect um card reader and boom, that is it. i'm going to click done and i'm able to accept visa, mastercard, express, um and discover payments. really nice and easy. you're able to insert the chip, or over here in this slot right there, or you can pay by swiping the card right here, putting your card through there. you can wake the reader up just in case it sleeps just by pressing this button over here. and then, of course, these are just the signals as it shows with the chip and swipe reader and that is how you set it up: literally that quit. you just go ahead and click the item, add it to cart or, if you have the preference, you can search whatever item you want in your business, add it to the cart, go ahead and leave out. go to the home. you see your item cart right here. it says one item. get to your item. it says check out, get to check out. and you see how it says: insert a swipe card. you don't look at any of these things. you can ignore all of this. you just go ahead and insert the payment, swipe, the card and you're good to go. and that's it. this right here is going to tell you if it went through or not. and, if you want, if this is giving you any trouble, you can always enter the card manually with the card number, the expiration date, the cbv, the name, and the um, the zip code. it's actually really easy just to set this up. to be honest, ultimately, i hope by watching this video you were able to learn some things about chip and swipe card readers from shopify. i hope i helped your business out and if you don't have a business and you're watching this and you know somebody with a business, go ahead and send this to them. save them some money. all these expensive ass card readers out here. and, um, yeah, go ahead and like, share and comment. um, let me know how you guys feel about this video. and oh, yeah, go ahead and check out my business.

How to set up the WisePad 3 card reader || Shopify Help Center

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’re demonstrating the simple and easy setup process for the WisePad 3 card reader. Keep watching to learn how to set up your card reader and how to accept tap and chip payments. Hey everyone, it’s Aly with Shopify. Before we get started on the WisePad 3 setup, there’s a few important setup requirements we need to go over first. For full details on eligibility and card reader setup requirements, see the links in the description. First, this video discusses the WisePad 3 card reader. To follow along, make sure that your reader matches what you see here. Next, make sure that you’re using a compatible iPad or iPhone running on the software versions linked below. You also need to confirm that both your device and Shopify POS app have bluetooth enabled. Open the “Settings app” on your device and tap “Bluetooth”. Be sure the Bluetooth button is toggled on. Then scroll to the Shopify POS app and toggle on the Bluetooth button here too. Then enable location settings for your POS. Don’t worry, if you don’t see location settings right now. you’ll be asked to enable locations when you connect the card reader later. Next, you need to set up Shopify Payments as your payment provider, with test mode disabled. For a full walkthrough on how to set up Shopify Payments: see the links in the description. After this is done, we need to enable Shopify Payments in the POS app. From your POS app, tap the “menu icon” and then tap “Settings”. On the new page, tap “Payment Settings”, then “Credit/debit”. Make sure the button for “Accept credit cards at checkout” is toggled on. Now you’re ready to set up your reader. Tap “Back” to go back to the “Settings” page. You can connect your reader in a few different ways. The first is tap connected in the bottom right and tap “Set up hardware”. The second is to scroll to the “Hardware” section on the “Settings” screen and tap “Set up hardware. Either method brings you to the same screen. Select hardware type From the list of hardware, tap “card reader” and then tap “WisePad 3”. Follow the on screen prompts and press the power button on the front of the reader. This action enables Bluetooth pairing mode. When the reader is discovered by your device, the name of the reader appears with a device number. Confirm that the correct reader is being paired by checking that the last four digits of the serial number on the back of the reader match what is showing on the POS app. After you confirm that the numbers match, tap “Connect card reader”. The device will take a few seconds to pair. You might also see a prompt to update the reader’s softwareTap “Continue” if you see this screen, so the software updates in the background. Otherwise, tap “finish setup”. Next, the Shopify POS App shows you an overview of the card reader. Tap “Next” or “Skip” to move through the screens. Then tap “Connected” to see the connectivity status of your reader. Here you see the WisePad reader we just connected. Tap on your WisePad to see more details like the battery percentage, serial number and to get help. After the card reader is paired, it stays connected unless one of the following scenarios takes place: 1 - You close the Shopify POS app, But the card reader should automatikally connect once you open the Shopify POS app again. 2. - You select “Connect card reader” even though the reader is already paired. This triggers the connection process to start over. Or 3. - You select “Forget card reader”. If any of these scenarios take place, follow the steps outlined in this video to connect the WisePad again. Now that your card reader is connected, it’s time to take a payment For full details on how to customize your cart, like adding products, customers and discounts. then see the link in the description for a full walk through. Now let’s look at an example of accepting payment. Here we have an order with a t-shirt in the cart and the customer’s information is already added. Tap “Checkout”. If the WisePad 3 terminal is connected and ready, the tap or insert card option becomes available on the reader To use the chip. instruct your customer to insert their card. A screen prompting them to enter their PIN appears. This example is with a credit card, but if the customer is using a debit card, the options will be slightly different. When the transaction is “Approved”, the customer can remove their card. If the customer chooses to tap their card, they need to hold their card against the face of the WisePad until it beeps. The transaction will then be authorized and approved. Tap payments can have purchase limits depending on the payment type and country. If your customer is making a large purchase or they’ve exceeded their tap limit, have them insert their card and use their PIN instead. After the transaction is approved, choose whether to provide a receipt and the customer’s preferred delivery method. Now you know how to set up your WisePad 3 and how to accept payments. For more videos on Shopify POS card readers, subscribe now And for more information, helpshopifycom.

How to wake up or reconnect card reader

guys. so i'm going to show you guys how to fix the card reader if it stops working or if it falls asleep and you guys need to wake it up. see how it says: wake up card reader. so what you're going to do first is you're going to slide your card reader out. you see this little hole right there. you're gonna get something small, so like something like this will work, or a little paper clip. you're gonna stik this in the hole and you're gonna hold it there for a second until this starts flashing blue or until you hear it beep. so now that it's flashing blue or red- sorry, you're going to come up here. you're going to click your home screen, you're going to click settings and then you're going to scroll down to manage connect devices. so then now you're going to delete the card reader. you're going to click forget. you're also going to make sure that you click forget down here in the settings. so you're going to go to settings. after that you're going to click bluetooth. you're going to click tap and chip. that's our card reader: forget device. now you're gonna act like you forget device and you're gonna go back up here to setup hardware. you're gonna hold this blue button down after you click the card reader. our card reader is a tab and check. so now you're gonna hold this button down until you see it, the blue. so just give it one minute. now that you guys see the blue blinking dots, it should pop up in the screen after it finds the device on the ipad. this may take one to two minutes, depending on how long, but please be patient with our card reader. this is very important because when you guys manually do it, it charges. just it charges us more than what it would normally charge us, at least a card reader a little longer. you can always click cancel and you can click cancel and you can click tap and chip again and it should pop up the card reader. so this is our card reader. what you're going to do after this. you're going to click connect card reader and it's going to be connecting and since we deleted it through the device, always make sure you delete it through settings or it won't connect to the app either. so that means going through bluetooth and forgetting the device on the shopify app as well as our normal ipad settings. so click pair and then, after you click pair, it should be all good to go. you're going to slide your thing back into the device, the charging port, make sure it snaps in and after it's done connecting, you should be all set to go. i have two different card readers so if one didn't work you can always go in the back and grab the extra one which is in the back. that one's name is tap chip, five, three, four or five, three, one, four, and that's the one that's up front right now at the moment. the other one is in the back and it's right next to the ipad 2 as well, so everything's together. you will notike. once it is done connecting, it's going to say tap, chip connected. so you're going to click done and it's going to give you a little follow through. you guys don't need to look at that or anything. so you guys can just click skip and you guys can return as normal and the card reader should work for you. if you ever wanted to make sure that this card reader is working, you can click home, set it up- sorry, settings, manage, connect, setup and the tap. the tap and chip is working and it's at 85, but it's on the charger right here. so that's how you guys do that one.