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shopify test site

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

hey, everyone davey here, welcome to our first video of 2022. today we're going to go through my 10 favorite shopify apps. shopify makes it so easy to install apps. it's one of its super powers. apps can increase conversion rate, increase average order value and make you a ton more money. apps need to come with the warnings, though. if you use the wrong apps, it can slow your website down and leave a ton of money off the table. for those that have been following along in our lemon scrub series, you know that we've got our website all set up. now it's time to install apps. if you haven't been following on, that's okay. i'm just going to use the lemon scrub as an example in this video. none of these apps have paid me for this video. there are a couple of affiliate links down below, but i'm going to give you lots of alternatives and outline the pricing so you can make the best choice for your business. let's get into it. the first app that we're going to cover today is perfect if your product is low average order value, so basically under 70 or so. with products like that, shipping costs a lot of money compared to the actual revenue that you can bring in per order. the app is called ship scout. it's always difficult to understand when you launch your product whether you should offer free shipping or charge a little bit. free shipping should be more appealing to customers and therefore increase your conversion rate, so the more people that go to your store will actually end up checking out. a lot of brands will actually just add the cost of shipping onto the price of their product, making their product just a little bit more expensive. to cover that cost, what ship scout does is it allows you to actually split test that concept. what this allows you to do is actually test shipping thresholds. for lemon scrub, for example, if we're selling for 40 and we have a free shipping over 50 offer on the header bar, it would entike people to actually purchase two of the product, drastikally increasing our average order value. naturally, with all split tests, if you're trying to raise prices- which in this case you are- for the people that only wanted to buy one lemon scrub because you're going to charge them shipping, you should expect a conversion rate decrease because less people buy, because there's less value. i've been following along on twitter and there's been some really strange results for this app. not only have people been receiving an aov increase with their orders, but a lot of people are actually reporting that conversion rate also increases, which is completely counterintuitive. one theory behind this is users are just thinking they're getting a better deal with a free shipping offer over the threshold. if you're currently charging free shipping and you've got low margin products where people can buy a couple of them, i definitely recommend trying it out. to find the app, all we need to do is go to the app store right in ship scout and it's just here. there isn't a huge amount of reviews on it yet because i do think it is still early. the reviews are good. we can just add the app. as you can see, it's 49 a month and a seven day free trial. so maybe try to run a significant test within that seven days to hedge your bets. as with installing all new apps, if you are doing a lot of traffic through your store, you may need to vet the app from a speed perspective first. you can have a dummy store and install the app and check the speed in google analytiks. one disclaimer about this app is that you will need to be using the advanced shopify plan, which is 299 dollars a month. so if you are a new brand, then it may not be right for you. one option is that you can upgrade your shopify plan to the 299 option, use the free trial of ship scout at the same time and then just revert your shopify plan back. so the actual cost of using the shopify app is just the difference between the basic and the advanced shopify plan. the next app that i highly recommend that you use this year is called dexter, or neat a b test. both of these apps are incredible at split testing pricing. pricing is one of the most underrated split tests that entrepreneurs just refuse to do. there's a few reasons why they refuse to do this. firstly, they're worried that customers will see both pricing. this is very unlikely. even if you're a huge brand, customers definitely don't pay this much attention to your business. much like ship scout, price changes will affect a few things. they'll affect conversion rate, but they'll also increase the revenue that we can create per visitors. so therefore the profits. i suggest using these apps to split test pricing in intervals that are relative to the product price. for example, if your product is around fifty dollars, split test the pricing by five to ten dollars. if your products five hundred dollars, maybe you wanna split test by fifty dollars. this is great to do early on, but also as your brand adapts over time, especially with the current fears of inflation, what will happen is prices will go up across the board. this is the perfect opportunity for you to raise prices because your suppliers, your freight forwarders and your couriers- they're all raising their prices. so you need to pass those costs on. reasonable price raises shouldn't affect your brand as much as you think. one of the worst things that you can do is just constantly keep absorbing those costs until your business stops being profitable and therefore you actually go out of business. so to find these apps, i'll start with neat a b test. neat a forward slash b, and it should be this first one just here. so it's got 39 reviews. you can see the dexter app is an ad above it, um, which is the other one that i have used. um, that's that one is actually charged out at 3.99 per 100 visitors approximately. so the more people that you use the split test with, they'll actually charge you, which can add up to be quite expensive, but it is a really effective app. i like it. and neat a b testing is around 29 a month, um, and you get the the 14 day trial there as well, so i'm just going to add that up to our store so we can use it later. the other option that you do have with split testing is to use a big, robust tool like google optimize or optimizely. google optimize is free, but it is quite hard to use. you will need to use something like google tag manager to set up events. if you've got a clothing store, google optimize can be a really good way to split test all your pricing at once. you can actually duplicate all your products and create a split test, pushing people to one collection page of one pricing and the other page with the new pricing. these apps that i just mentioned, though, are far simpler, and you can just test single product variants very, very easily. the next app that i recommend is okendo. these guys are doing some really cool stuff. reviews are incredibly important to make your shopify look trustworthy and increase conversion rate. a kendo seems to be a really robust tool that is offering lots of customizable review options, so, for example, if you're a clothing store, you can actually ask people to review things like the fit- is it true to size, or even the softness- is it comfortable? these reviews can then be paired with photos and videos to really make sure that the customer believes the review is real and guide their decision making. a kendo starts at around 29 a month. the alternative that a lot of people use is luke's. however, what seems to be happening with luke's is a lot of dropshippers are actually using the brand, which is decreasing the credibility. there are a lot of review apps out there. make sure that your one isn't slowing down the website speed so we can come into here and go ekendo and you can see the product reviews right here. it's got 424 reviews at 5 stars. people are loving it. the customer service is really, really strong. the alternative they did mention was luke's, which is here. it's obviously far more popular at this stage. definitely hit scale, but a kendo might catch it. luke's is cheaper, at 9.99 a mont.

How to test your store and place an order in shopify!

congratulations. you've pretty much set up everything you need to in the store to start thinking about launching live- and something that i have all of my clients do, no matter how big the store is, no matter how big- and i have multi, multi-million dollar stores that i do consulting for- i always have them go through and do a test order. you will always learn something if you take on the perspective of your customer. so this is so important. let's make sure all those pages- the order processing, the taxes, the shipping, the email notifications- are all set up, and not only just set up, but set up to your liking and customized to your liking. this is important. this is from the customer's perspective and we want an amazing customer experience. remember, you cannot do this from a free trial, so make sure you upgrade your store before you do an actual test order. and also, of course, your test order won't be successful unless you're set up to receive payments as well. so make sure you set up your credit card processor. so if you're using shopify payments, which most of you are to start, we're going to do the order in test mode, which is the easiest, but what i usually recommend to people is actually that they place a real purchase order with their real credit card and then they give themselves a real refund, etc. to make sure they know and understand how it all works. so by placing an order in test mode, you're not going to be charged. you know. nothing's going to go through, etc. the only thing that could happen is if you try to print a shipping label for it, you will be charged for the shipping label. so i don't recommend doing that. so for your shopify test order, go down lower left to settings, and then let's go up into payments, and then we're going to want to click manage under shopify payments, or rather complete- oh whoops, there it is- manage. and then you just cruise to the bottom and click enable test mode and of course, you're going to want to click save. obviously, if you get error messages like this along the way, you need to fix them. all right, let's try that again. all right, test mode is enabled. so you know test mode is enabled because it has this little banner here. keep in mind: when this is enabled, you actually cannot use a real credit card to place an order. so i actually want you to go to your store now. add a few products to cart. make sure you pay attention to the user experience and some things to your liking. let's add this one as well. you're looking at your cart page. you like the way it looks. let's proceed to check out. and here's where the real test order work begins. um, this is where you put in your email. i'm going to fill this out. this is where customers select if they want to receive email updates. so i've entered some of my info and if you want to test your shipping for like a certain area, make sure you use an address for that area you want to test shipping in. go ahead and click continue to shipping and check over your shipping methods. i have a flat rate set up here and you know. make sure you like the way your logo looks and all that. click continue to payment. so here's the deal. um, below this video i placed these. these are the test credit card numbers you want to use to check out. when you're in test mode, you can put your name, make up an expiration date and make up a security code and click pay now and you can test discounts and just make sure it all goes through and you get the emails the way that you want to. you can also test a credit card number. that doesn't make sense if you want to see what a declined transaction looks like as well. so after you place the order, you'll be brought to a page that looks just like this. make sure it looks good to you. you don't have much control over this page and that's okay. they do a really good job with it. and then next you're going to want to come here to orders and you should see your test order in the all orders section. it'll look something like this and it'll say test order at the top. and remember not to print a shipping label for the test order unless you want to get charged, which i'm sure you don't. and once you're done with test mode, you can come back in here to payments, click on manage- i got that wrong last time- and then you want to come down here and disable test mode and always click save. so now you know what you need to fix, or maybe you're ready to go- and if you need help fixing anything- that is the reason why i started the facebook group. there's links to it below most of the videos, and make sure you ask me if you have any questions. so now that we've placed a test order, let's get in there and launch that store, woohoo.

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How to Test Your Shopify Checkout WITHOUT Using Real Money (Shopify Bogus Gateway)

in today's video, i'm going to show you how to test your store's checkout by using shopify's bogus gateway. with this gateway, you can purchase your own items from your own store without spending a dime of real money. this will show you how the checkout process looks for your customer and ensure everything is working properly. before we get into the video, if you like videos about winning products, drop shipping, shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. alright, so to set up the bogus gateway, log into your shopify dashboard and click on settings and then payments. now, once you get here, if you have shopify payments set up, you should see a manage link right here. if you don't see that, no worries, i'm going to show you what to do in that scenario in a minute. so after you click manage, scroll right down to the bottom and click enable test mode. also, if you don't have a phone number entered in here, you will need to add that in. it is a required field to continue. once that is done, click save. now click on switch to third party provider [Music], click the button and then we want to select the bogus gateway. if you don't see it, then you can use the search bar to find it. now, in order to use this gateway, we need to deactivate shopify payments. so to do that, scroll down to the bottom. then they want you to select a reason why you are deactivating. so from the drop down i selected other and i typed out that i was testing. now my button says reactivate because i previously had the bogus gateway installed, but for yours it will likely say activate. either way, go ahead and click the button to enable and then you are done. now, if you were in the scenario where you didn't see the manage link, what you need to do is click see all other providers, select bogus gateway and then click this button down here. congratulations, your bogus gateway has been set up. now let's test it out by purchasing something in our store. so here we are in our test store. let's go ahead and purchase one of these items: [Music]. [Music]. all right, so here we are at the payment portion of the purchase, where it says credit card number. you only write one number: type number one if you want the test purchase to go through successfully. type number two if you want the purchase to fail. or type number three if you want to say there was an error with the provider, i'm going to type a one so that we can test a successful transaction. for the name on the card, you can type up any made up name. i'm going to type jane doe. for the expiration date- any date in the future will work- and then for the security code, any three digit number works, so you can type one, one, one, two, three, three, two, one, whatever three digit number you want. after that you can click pay now and here we go. this test order has been successfully completed. this is verified in your order section as well. if you go here, you can see our test order is right at the top here. now let's do one more, and this time let's fail the transaction. all right, so here we are again, but this time in the credit card number spot we are going to type the number two to simulate a failed transaction. let's go ahead and pay and here we see the notike that our transaction has failed. once you're finished testing your checkout, make sure to disable the bogus gateway. to do that, click settings, payments, manage and click deactivate bogus gateway. click it again and then the gateway has been deactivated. if you found this video helpful. do me a favor and give this video a thumbs up. if you have any questions, you can leave me a comment down below. and because we post a lot of time-sensitive content, such as winning products on this channel, make sure to subscribe and turn notifications on so that you can be one of the first to market when we post those videos.

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How to Create an A/B Test in Shopify

Josh here from digital, does calm, do you today? and where she had a split test in Shopify. it's a challenge. a lot of markets, designers, agencies- have experience partikularly with the revenue tracking, third party first part cookies, with the checking out shop fire domain when going to purchase more on. that is revealed in the blog post on shop fire calm which I'll link to in the VA. but coming back to the split test that this video is about, go to set an example here of a Shopify store, dr axe. they sell a lot of natural supplementation, so we're going to test some elements on this page. we go to the convert experiment tool- you, if you'd like, to sign up its Add to convert calm remain the experiment dr axe- and going to paste the experiment URL. so the process is similar to a lot of other tools. and today we're going to test the usability of the Add to Cart button. so while it's loading the axis of inter interaction here. as for users, people selecting their quantity and then adding to cart, I've seen some stores- this line here as a user interacts- have had success with it. but of you'll see, with stores like Amazon- I've got an example here- they prefer add more vertikal interaction. so we're going to test this here on the store. sometimes the test elements do not load. that's fine, not their egos, doesn't matter. select the variation, make sure that's selected, then add CSS- and I've got some pre-built CS here. apply it, we'll see that it's pushed down and full width. so that's literally a slide from the setup code for the software and additional, maybe Google Analytiks integration, which I'll explain in the artikle. that's all you need to run tests. we'll also create a new variation just to show you a different process. I'm going to test this search data here. so the search field. if I select the element and then go to edit HTML, I'm going to test the different placeholder text. it's copy and paste that there. so this here. I would have had good success with this in increasing accuracy of search inputs based on the internal analytiks which you can collect from. if you want to do it yourself and collect from internal Site Search report in Google Analytiks. so this say that and unfortunately it doesn't quite fit in the width of the field. so again, we'll go to this variation and add some CSS just to correct that. done so, when you're creating these tests, obviously, just like with AE, any development design, you want to go through a QA process- quality assurance- to make sure the functionality on mobile tablet is good in terms of the test creation, like we could have this test up live now. so you see here on page four, the first variation, we've got the Add to Cart button beneath the quantity and for the second variation, we've got a search box. obviously this variation isn't perfect, given that it's unique to this partikular page, so we'd want to run a new site. why test? but I'm just using it to demonstrate the setup process. so they have it. if you need any more help in creating a split test in Shopify, see the link in the video and this. I go into more depth and different scenarios and more help. if another operation is to check out my book Shopify conversion rate optimisation, it's free download and goes with a lot of a lot more advice of what to test, how to optimize, and you can get that from my website, digital dot-com that. I hope this helps and get testing you.

How to Place a Test Order on Shopify | Development and Live Store

hello, today I wanted to show you how to place a test order both on a development store and on a live store in Shopify. so first thing you're going to do is add a product to your part, your cart, like I have here, and then the next thing you're going to do is go over to your admin dashboard, go over to settings- and this is for the development store- and then you're going to go down to payments and then you can see development stores can only process test payments, which is what we want. so we're going to say: activate the test payment provider and it's going to take you to this, this page for the bogus Gateway. so the bogus Gateway is a testing provider for payments that allows you to both to assimilate An approved transaction, a declined transaction and a payment failure with different card numbers: one, two and three. so what you're going to do is you're going to go into check bogus for testing if it's not checked already, and then I've already activated it. so it's going to say reactivate, but yours is just going to say activate. so I'm gonna go ahead and activate it. perfect, so now it's activated and you can go back over to your shopping cart. you're gonna check out and it is going to load here and show you that it is in the testing Gateway. so I'm going to go ahead and enter some bogus information here, just so that I you don't see my information, and I'm going to show you what the checkout process looks like afterwards. okay, so I filled out some bogus information here and I'm going to go ahead and press continue to shipping. perfect, now I'm going to go ahead and choose my shipping method and continue to payment. now it says here: the store can't accept real order orders or real payments. this is because it's a development store and this is what we want. so I'm going to go ahead and simulate a successful transaction by putting in one here and we're going to put a bogus name here and then an expiration date sometime in the future. so let's put August 2025 and any number of three, any three digit number, here to simulate the security code, and I'm going to go ahead and press pay now. and while it's been processed here, I'm going to go ahead and get over to the orders page. perfect, so it's been processed. now I'm going to come over to the orders page and you're going to see here it is. here's the order. it says this is a test order created in the payment Gateway, was in test mode and you can treat it as a normal order. during your testing using the live store, you're never going to actually turn on the bogus Gateway. what you're going to do is take your card or your other payment method and purchase normal order as if you were purchasing as a customer. then what you're going to do is head over to the orders page here that shows all the orders and click on the order and then you're going to click refund up here in the top right now. although this says this is a test order, you can still treat it as a normal order and this is going to look almost exactly the same as a normal order will. and so, once you have finished your testing, you're going to press refund and then you're going to go ahead. and well, in this case there was no refund because it was a test order. so I'm going to say reason for refund. I'm just gonna put refund here and I'll put one dollar, just manually refund it here and press refund and perfect, the order has been refunded. perfect. so it says partially refunded up here. you're going to go ahead and get a fully refunded tag if you put in the full refund amount, for a refund amount that is equal to the full amount paid by customer. so I hope this video helped. if it did, please leave a like And subscribe.

How to A/B Test Your Shopify Store with Google Optimize

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