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shopify themes 2016

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Themes from Template Monster - Watch Me INSTALL a Theme!

hey, this is ryan from web eminence, and in this video i'm going to show you an option for finding Shopify design themes that you probably didn't even know existed. Shopify is a fast growing e-commerce platform that hosts over 300,000 stores. at the moment, most new store owners browse the Shopify theme store to find a design for their store, and there are some great themes there. I can actually link to another video I created that highlights some of their themes. but what many people don't realize is that template monster, one of the Internet's largest sources for web design templates, actually sells Shopify themes. template monster actually reached out to me and asked if I would cover their Shopify themes in a review video. so here's my honest review of purchasing and installing a Shopify theme from template monster. now I'm on the template monster homepage and, as you can see, they have a ton of themes in different categories, like WordPress themes, joomla templates, PrestaShop themes. i'm going to go under the e-commerce template category and click on Shopify themes. you can see today, at the time of this video, and they have 251 themes. I think on the Shopify theme store there's under 100 themes, so obviously you're getting a big selection by choosing or browsing themes from template monster. so here's a look at some of their themes. you can view them by category here on the left and then you can click on any of these themes and view a live demo. after browsing some of their themes for a while, I chose this one called handbag boutique. like some of the features on the homepage, this image here on a transparent parallax background is pretty cool. at the top you can see there's this drop-down menu that can be hidden. they have some featured products, another parallax image at the bottom with a newsletter. so a lot of this can be customized in Shopify. most of their themes are $139, for Shopify at least. I'm going to go ahead and purchase this by clicking buy now and you'll see on the Left. they do have a bunch of add-ons you can purchase, like installation or color changes. you can purchase some of the image files to go with the theme. I'm going to just purchase the single site license for $139. so I went through the ordering process. it was pretty simple to enter some information and then I did. a PayPal payment took me back to this page where it says: please keep this page open. we may give you a call to confirm your order. so I'm just going to pause the video and wait. I assume they do this for security reasons. okay, someone from template monster did call me to verify my name and the fact that I had purchased something on template monster, and then I was able to verify my email address and then I was able to go back to my account and go to the downloads page and that takes me here where I can download the Shopify theme. it looks like there's documentation here which I'm going to take a look at first, and that just takes me to Shopify comm and information on installing a Shopify theme. so in our case we're going to be using the upload a theme from your computer. so first I'm going to go back to my downloads page on template monster and click download and while that's downloading a zip file, I'm going to go back to the documentation. it says to go to online store and themes in Shopify. so I'm going in the Shopify test account, go to online store and themes and then I click upload theme. so now that the theme is done downloading, I'm going to click Choose file. back in Shopify I'm going to choose the zip file that was just downloaded and Shopify was telling me the selected file is too large, but I realized that I am trying to install the, trying to upload the entire zip file, when I only need to upload one zip file. that's inside the zip file. so the one that you want to upload is this one. here it's theme with three numbers after it, and I realize this by opening this documentation file, which is a template monster documentation on installing the Shopify theme. so right here it says select theme with three digits zip. so now that I unzipped that theme file, I'm going to go back to Shopify, click Choose file and choose the theme to 3 to file. click upload. looks like it's uploading here and it appears it's done uploading because theme 232 is showing in my Shopify themes. so the last thing I need to do is click publish theme, click publish again to confirm. so right away I can see that animation from the theme on the page that looks like it's finished. I can click customize theme to go to the Shopify theme editor. this is a good way to kind of get familiar with a new theme. so one of the first things you're going to want to do is go through this theme editor and go through each section, familiarize yourself with it just to see what options are available with the theme you just purchased, you'll be able to change things like color, typography. this one has general settings, layout and content, promo banner, mega menu, custom blocks, Google Maps and other things. every theme will be different depending on how it was developed. so if I go back to Shopify, I can open my store and you'll see that the homepage of the store looks pretty much like the demo, except for the fact that I don't have any products added to this store. so that's how easy it is to buy a Shopify theme from template monster and install. it should just take you 10 or 15 minutes and it opens up your options to a couple hundreds Shopify themes from different developers and you don't have to just limit yourself to the Shopify theme store. so I hope you found that helpful. make sure to check out my youtube channel for some other Shopify videos.

Shopify UNITE: Best Practices for Building Shopify Themes

hey everybody, thanks for coming out. my name is Carson. I've been building Shopify themes and working on themes related projects for about two-and-a-half years now and by the end of this tok, after toking a little bit about how we build our themes, you're gonna have a better development workflow, a better idea of how we build them internally and a few tools that I think you can take back with you that are really gonna help you in the future. but no good tok is anything without a bit of history. first, back around the time I started 2013, there was definitely a little room for improvement in our theme store, in our free offerings. we had no team dedicated to building these themes. it was people that would do them on their free time, on like hack days or something, and we'd release them, or we bought some from partners and released those is free. if you look in the bottom corner, we even had mobile only themes, which, if you tried to pitch that today in a meeting, you get laughed out of the room. so one day I was on a walk with one of our long-standing designers in Toronto and we started toking about themes. he had an ulterior motive: he was trying to build a themes team and he wanted me to join and he really convinced me in a way that I think is handy to share with you a little bit, by the numbers. this is already outdated. we have over two hundred forty-three thousand merchants. the majority of them have an online store, which in turn, means they have a Shopify theme. you've heard the number twice already today, but twenty billion hits two themes or two storefronts a year. that's incredible, and we had no team dedicated to building them. numbers are only so good at proving a point. really, these are entrepreneurs, these are small businesses, these are people that are trying to solve a problem or really just hated their nine-to-five and want to do their own thing. well, the theme is gonna be part of that journey and three years ago we were taking that way too lately. so we started the themes team and we built this theme called supply, and it was pretty hard. liquid was brand new to me. I had some PHP background. don't throw anything. our documentation, I would say, was adequate. it was there but needed some work. the free themes that we had available, like I said, all built from different people. these were full of spaghetti code. I didn't know the difference between what was the best practike and what was just an absolute liquid hack- and in general, ecommerce is kind of tough. it's a little different than what I'd built in the past, wasn't impossible. we built a theme. it's pretty great. so what helped? you've all seen this. if you built a Shopify theme, this cheat sheet gives you pretty much every insight into liquid that we have. this was built and maintained by a long-standing shop, a folk pretty much on his free time. I actually got to sit beside him while I was building theme, so that was a fantastik resource. very similarly, I got to work in house. I know it's a little unfair to some of you, but I got to sit beside a designer that had built a theme before. he knew the ins and outs of Shopify and e-commerce sites. I had a theme support team that I had on call. it was fantastik, and that's something that I think this entire conference is about, and especially this tok is really sharing that love with you guys. now I'm not gonna be jumping around the stage, but I really do, as a developer, like to make my life a lot easier and, in turn, my entire team, and that's what I want to really extend to all of you today. anyone that's building a theme on Shopify. I'll do that today, mostly by walking through our development process a little bit and giving you the insight of how we build our themes. along with released a few new tools, we have a new cheat sheet for you. we have themed kit, which is going to be a new cross-platform theme synching tool, and, lastly, what I'm most excited to tok about, slate, a new toolkit for really optimizing your theme development workflow with a starter kit theme. so let's tok a little bit about this process. at first, we were a team of two designer and a developer. we could move really quickly and we did. we got a lot of themes out in a very short amount of time, but we did this not in a very structured way. if I could scale this out and go through all the pages, there probably four or five of these that had absolutely no structure to them. I think one of them says remove console dialog. there was no oversight by other teams. we kind of had free rein to just go do what we wanted. when our team started to grow in August 2014, our pace slowed down a lot. we hadn't really figured out how to work with these larger numbers more accurately or probably even more honestly, I had, de nieve thought that every developer that joined my team was going to work in the exact same unstructured way as me. I was pretty wrong. it was clear pretty quickly that we needed some sort of system in place to handle this growing team. as of today, we have over 20 people in five different cities. that includes themes, support and people working on new themes. one repo for 14 themes and more in development. it's kind of crazy. we handled this potentially disastrous situation by having a pretty well planned out workflow and the same one is gonna work for a team of two and a team of 50. it scaled really well for us so far, and this is what you really need to remember as a developer. anyway, your jobs gonna start well before you start coding. you've all done the water flow approach, where a designer hands you something and then they say: build it. you don't want to do that. you have your own ideas right that we're really gonna benefit the product. at Shopify, we work alongside our designers from the get-go. when we're doing a project brief - wireframes -, low and high fidelity mock-ups. we're toking to our designers daily, either in-person hangouts or on envision all the time. we call this the explore phase, the explore phase, is all about answering questions. you're trying to look ahead and see what roadblocks, what walls are gonna be in your way when you go to build some of this stuff. we're gonna figure out what's gonna be reused so we don't have to write the same code multiple times. how long is some of the stuff gonna take? what kind of code are we gonna need? is this liquid? is this JavaScript? is this some external API? and potentially the most important one here is this: gonna work everywhere for everyone really quickly? we're gonna do this by breaking things down into modules. I'll use the word modules kind of liberally. it's any piece of code that you can build aside from any other piece of code, whether it's a header, footer, a little product card or a feature like infinite pagination. by breaking those Mach things down into modules and with this help of the very beautiful spreadsheet, we're gonna put some numbers beside these. now, the numbers themselves don't mean anything. it's really just a ballpark of the level of effort each module is gonna take to build. one is something that's gonna be really quick, maybe an hour to a3, a few hours here and there, five a day or two. it's very rough, and at eight you. you don't really know. there's some unknown questions that you need to still figure out. once you add these numbers up, you know you can get a pretty good idea of how long this is gonna take you to build, which is nice. set yourself some goals. but mainly we're really trying to validate that the ideas and areas that are taking a really long time to build are gonna be directly in line with the key features of your theme. now there's no point of building something out for a couple days if merchants and users aren't gonna really benefit from it. so try to avoid those things. by the end of this explore phase you should have a pretty good idea of how you're gonna build most of this stuff. but the eight, like I said, is kind of an unknown. it's kind of a. you don't know exactly how you're gonna build it yet, so you can prototype it. now. it doesn't matter how many meetings you go to, how many mock-ups are gonna look at you'r.

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Best Shopify Themes on Envato Market In 2022

best Shopify themes on envato Market. hi guys, in this video, I'm going to be showing you some of the best themes that are available on the market. I'll also explain why you should purchase those themes from The Invader Market. so let's just get to the video without wasting any more of your time. themes are therefore crucial for Shopify, am I correct? so we have a few different themes over here. I'm currently at the Shopify theme store, where you can see that there are only 10 free themes to choose from among the 70 paid themes available, and while the 10 free themes are decent, they aren't the best right. they are quite basic. they are fairly simple. there aren't many customization options available, Etc. the paid themes appear to be superior, but they are no more advanced than the free ones, and there aren't many options for customization either. although you have variety of styles, your options are limited. only three remain. we must therefore look elsewhere to find some better themes that will be crucial for our business. just for this reason, let's visit the envato market now. so this is how the market currently appears. a pretty amazing website is in Vado. they have a wide variety of choices. they also have sections where we can purchase additional goods and additional graphical templates, but that is a different platform used for a different function. you must visit the invato market if you want to use themes, HTML codes or other items like that. therefore, as you can see, I'm over here and we need to go check out some Shopify themes. therefore, to do that, simply click on e-commerce over here and then click on Shopify down below. now we're going to have all these different themes over here. so, in addition to the weekly best seller, the hot under 49, the new best sellers, the top fashion items, the top fashion themes and so forth, there are also new releases, Rising Star, top rated, top selling and other items of that nature. then there is also under sixty dollars. thus, it is clear that we have a wide range of options. in the fashion industry, there are 291 themes listed here at the top. we have 278 in the retail sector. there are 122 in the category of Health and Beauty, 88 in the category of other, 66 in the category of tiknology and 49 in the category of entertainment. therefore, as you can see from the statistiks alone, we offer more theme options than Shopify itself. so let's move on to the most popular themes. therefore, we currently have the most popular Shopify themes here. since we are already over here, let's simply click view all to get a better view of all the other themes. we have 1280 themes in total, which is a lot of themes, but we won't be looking at them all. thus, we must consider a few different factors. at the top right before choosing the theme, we must consider the number of ratings, the number of sales and the most recent update date. since it was last updated on October 8- 2021. it has 22.6 K sales over here. October 10th is currently so at the time of this recording, it had been updated two days prior. additionally, it has a 5 star rating and over 630 reviews, which is a sizable number. therefore, this website must be pretty amazing. guys. keep in mind that checking the last updated option is crucial because it verifies that the website is active and free of bugs and other issues. Additionally, the website's designers and developers will fix any bugs if they arise. now, if you find a theme that is extremely out of date and was last updated in 2018 or 2016.. you probably shouldn't purchase that website because there is a good chance that it will have a lot of bugs. decide on a website that is frequently updated, as you can see over here. this one was updated on August 29.. this was updated on October 13 instead of today. I'm sorry, I actually ruined my date. thus, this one was posted on October 8 and updated on October 13, which is the day that this recording is being made. therefore, it follows that this website is extremely active, so we must consider the date and other pertinent information. we'll just look at the first website we have over here for now. it is known as Ela because it's a multi-purpose Shopify section theme. it has numerous page layouts, strong theme features, a drag and drop Shopify theme section, amazing UI and ux, and is also mobile optimized. so those are some pretty awesome pluses. so let's simply proceed and look. we therefore have some recent updates here. therefore, this is how Shopify 2.0 appears to be its home pages. here is the product page and this is the category page. I therefore simply clicked on it and this is how the website appears. you can see that it's a pretty cool thing. it's pretty incredible. it's incredibly lovely. we also have quite a few different home pages, as you may know. as a result, we have access to more than 22 different home pages and layouts. additionally, we will have access to the entire home page if we purchase this theme, thus the home page for surfboards at this time. so this is how it appears. the supermarkets website is located over here. it has a cool appearance. it has a wide range of potential applications. then there's the one from the grocery store. this was the one, and this was the two. therefore, if we operate an online store and deal with a sizable number of products that we drop, ship or sell online but don't fit into a partikular category, such as we do, we deal with a sizable number of products ranging from mobile phones to cars, from home decor to many, many more, like Alibaba and AliExpress. so if we already have a website, we can use it alone with this one. following that, we have a flower shop, fashion and a good number of other themes, so it appears to be quite amazing. additionally, we have page layouts, features and child themes up here at the top, so let's quickly look at them as well. we therefore have a wide range of options in the child themes, so we have headphones, jewelry, bicycles, pet cars and much more. we also have a website dedicated to bags. you can see that it's quite amazing. this website's Creator put a lot of effort into it and updated himself constantly. it's therefore pretty amazing. as you can see, this is what I was referring to. these are the things, in other words, that are really crucial when searching for themes on the Shopify homepage. we don't get these advantages. this was Ella, then. it appears pretty incredible. it has a cool appearance. it's very simple, so before we move on to the next one, let's just check out the first one. therefore, if we click on it and want to visit this partikular website, we will be taken there. consequently, this is a website. it appears to be extremely cool. it functions quite well and has a similar appearance to AliExpress. as an illustration, over here are the products that are currently on sale. over here are the products that have just been added, and down below we can quickly view the products. as it all seems pretty cool, we will have our sales and more products over here, like. it's pretty straightforward, cool and Incredibly enjoyable. let's check out a different website right away. let's take a look at this website over there. the website is thus this: it is called gentleo, so it has a cool appearance. this is for things like suits for men. as a result, as you can tell, it looks fantastik. similar to this effect here. consider the background, for example. for example, if we scroll down, the other image over here changes to this one. additionally, as we scroll down, the suit changes, giving the impression that the man is changing clothes or that we are moving to different portals. as a result, as you can tell, it looks fantastik. it appears to be extremely smooth. I rate it 10 out of 10. overall, this website is pretty amazing. to be honest, Ella has put in a lot of effort over here. for example, this is the reason we should visit the envato market and check out some Shopify themes, as the other themes that are offered by Shopify are bland, uninspired and extremely simple. we don't have a lot of options to choose from. we only receive three Styles, which is absolutely terrible, and they are:

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Shopify Theme Review - How to choose the best theme for your shopify store

Shopify and, in case you're wanting to beginning a Shopify Store, you're presumably pondering what your store site will look like when it's all done. let me give you a fast take a gander at Shopify plan groups, which are the establishment for the look of your online store. so, on the off chance that you need to look at the Shopify topics, you have to go to the shop by group store and that is anything but difficult to find at topics Shopify website and that is the place I am at this moment. on the off chance that you scroll through here, you'll see a portion of the topics that are accessible in notification at the top. they do have free topics, have premium subjects, so customer has outlined a number of things that they provide for you for nothing for use on your store site. on the off chance that I click nation to show me, just the three groups- and there are around 20 in the free subjects have a tendency to be a tiny bit more basic. however, the vast majority of them are splendidly appropriate for most e-trade sites and I'll be demonstrating to you some of the elements of a cracking and a premium subject to give you a thought of what's accessible as far as elements and general configuration. something I adore about Shopify is the configuration groups are superb, so individuals can, without much of a stretch, make a site with Shopify and give it a truly cool look utilizing these outline groups. one of the reasons the outline groups are so awesome is that shot by permits outsider fashioners to get required in outlining these topics so they can offer their topics on Shopify the site. so as we scroll through these subjects you can see costs: on the base, right hand side, $180, $160, and after that some of them will say free altogether. there appeared to be over a hundred topics and, like I said, there's in regards to a quarter century that are free and you can discover tyke battle scenes outside of the group store. for instance, if your Google Shopify things, you're going to see the shop by group store and different locales like ThemeForest, format Monster. in the event that we go to ThemeForest, it says there's a hundred to Shopify subjects there right now. you see some of them are under $60. you will need to check surveys, the group's general and their backing some time. recently you buy a subject. chances are you're likely going to show signs of improvement backing from the subjects that are in the Shopify store 'cause they're firmly connected to Shopify. furthermore, likely more generally utilized, so will probably show signs of improvement results, in spite of the fact that I can't say I've tried any topics from obtaining somewhere else. so when I highlight a couple distinctive topics for you, genuine fast, just to show you something other than what's expected elements that you can discover and the distinction between free things in the premium topics. so this initial one is called negligible. in this is bolstered by Shopify. so on the off chance that you scroll down here, you'll see this topic is authoritatively bolstered by Shopify and again, it's a free topic. most groups have diverse styles included to this. one has three distinct styles and they have names and once you introduce this subject or anything, you can rapidly switch between the distinctive styles, even after your site is live in a tik, the View demo on this group, which you can do with any topic keeping in mind the end goal: to view it live. so this subject is called insignificant and that is precisely what it is. you can see. it's entirely straightforward: white background with clean lines and part of additional space. nothing's excessively swarmed except for has a homepage slideshow, which most groups have, and some of them have diverse elements inside a slideshow. this present one's truly fundamental, which are going to discover inside the vast majority of the free things which young lady down. you'll see the highlighted things on the landing page and a further. in the event that I tap on one of the things, it opens an item page. one thing you need to pay consideration on when survey shop things as how images are taken care of- this one, when you tap on it, june's in a slideshow. you can close that and you can click between the diverse thumbnails. a portion of the group's I'll appear. you will handle images diversely. here's an item page. you can pick a size and tap on Order. Now catch appears as though we're in an alternate dialect right presently, for reasons unknown, when they ought to call attention to is. the card is typically going to have a striking resemblance once you get to the checkout stage, since that took care of by the Shopify, you're shopping basket, so it's not going to look to changed with the diverse topics. there might be distinctive hues and styles, yet generally speaking, the truck has a striking resemblance, terms of the evaluating and format. so that is insignificant. and on the off chance that we go back to the subject page, you'll see this little cell phone of you hear all the configuration groups on the Shopify store, our portable responsive, as far as I probably am aware. so I just to look great on littler screens like on cell phones and tablets, and the shopping basket really modify it. additionally, portable responsive, so it's truly simple for clients to look at on the cell phone. scroll down on the subject page you'll discover surveys. so make a point to look at those, the changed group pages. the following thing I need to show you is called hues and it's a premium subject. what's more, it costs $180 and it's upheld by an organization called little triumphs. so if you take a gander at the live demo for this shading plan, you can, as of now, let us know a little bit more. propelled outline: tiny bit streak year and still clean in cutting edge, yet only a tiny bit more progressed in the outline as I scroll down to see there's an extensive image. there's no primary menu, so launder up top with simply these images symbols. up in the right corner there's a truck and inquiry symbol in the menu is really these three lines over the upper let so it pops alone for vertikal route on the left hand side. you can then shut so that keeps the general look clean the scroll down the landing page. you'll see a few products item classifications really included. here's the whole list which you can sort by the distinctive categorias. there's somewhat harder activity. it turns green tad bit when you go over the products. are some more on the homepage. release me ahead and click on an item. we can see what that resembles. that is exceptional to in light of the fact that, as opposed to opening another page when you tap on an item it just scrolls you down to the data and for that item, right in agreement. so I can tap the X to finish off and retreat. so it's truly appear to be not as much as sort of intelligent experience. looking for products on these vary on this landing page. indeed, even the item portrayal as a tiny bit more adapted with this round Add to Cart catch to choose a material notike, the image changes. when I chose for material, like the settlement, you can navigate the distinctive images from an add to truck saw the present opens tad bit in an unexpected way, kinda like the menu just on the right side. had enough, I clicked checkout. it takes me to the standard Shopify checkout page. so the auto can really be distinctive relying upon the topic you are utilizing. yet the checkout is continually going to be a genuinely comparative- and i wanna fly through three other premium subjects- genuine brisk just to demonstrate to you some different components. this present one's called pipeline and it's upheld by stopper 90. this group looks a bit more customary at first got the logo in the menu at the main. one thing I need to call attention to is this menu here that opens truly extensive. this would be known as a Mega Menu. odd opens as a sub menu. yet it's demonstrating many things. its full with the shout. so this is a truly incredible approach to demonstrate your guests, every one of your products, for all your

Top Shopify Themes available on Envato (2022)

the visual presentation, layout and the UI and ux of a website, to name a few, are crucial to attracting customers and visitors to your site. thanks to the Speedy advancement of tiknology, we don't have to design an amazing site from scratch to improve features on our websites. there are now markets available that offer themes that you can easily apply to your website, such as your Shopify site. this is the digital guide, and this video is going to take you through envato, a market where members May purchase and sell rights to utilize digital assets, including website themes, which are the best ones for Shopify. themes are crucial for Shopify, correct, so we have a few different themes over here. I'm currently at the Shopify theme store, where there are only 10 free themes to choose from out of 70 premium themes. those 10 free themes are okay, but not the greatest right. they are really basic, straightforward and don't provide many customizing choices. although the premium themes are superior, they are exactly as simplistik as the cost for you ones and provide fewer customizing choices. there are several distinct Styles, yet there are only three different possibilities. we must go elsewhere to get some excellent themes that will be crucial for our business. let's visit the envato market now. you may access the envato market by typing themeforestnet into your browser. envato is a fairly wonderful website. it offers a wide range of Alternatives, as well as elements wherein customers can purchase additional goods and other visual layouts. however, if you want to utilize themes and need HTML codes and other related things, you need to use another platform that is intended for a different purpose. you must visit the envato market easily. click on Shopify from the drop down menu that should display when you hover your cursor over e-commerce to view the Shopify themes. we will be able to view the weekly bestseller, the hot under 49, the new best sellers, the top fashion items, the top fashion themes, the new releases, the rising star, top rated, top selling and all other topics under certain categories. you get the idea. we can see that we have a wide range of Alternatives. the number of themes in each category is also visible here at the top, though keep in mind that it may have changed since we shot this video. for example, there are 326 themes in the category of shopping, 321 themes in the category of fashion, 147 themes in the category of Health and Beauty, and so on. based on these figures, envato has more theme Alternatives than Shopify. let's move on to the most popular themes for Shopify, which total of 1562 themes. this is a sizable number of themes, making it time consuming to check each one individually. as a result, we'll take into account the following sales ratings and the most recent update to the theme. we would have a better understanding of the experience with a theme if there were a greater number of ratings and reviews from various individuals. the update timestamp would provide us with reassurance that the website is live and that its developers and authors are on the case. if there are any issues, it's definitely advisable to avoid using a really outdated theme that was last updated in 2019 or 2020 or 2016.. as there is a good probability that it has a significant number of issues. therefore, be sure to choose a website that is updated frequently to avoid bugs. for instance, at the time of this recording, this theme has 21.3 000 sales, 437 ratings and reviews, and the most recent update was on August 30 2022, which was just five days ago. Anyway, by simply selecting the settings on the left side of your screen, you may filter through all of these themes. okay, before we check out the website themes envato has to offer, are you enjoying this video so far? if so, leave us a thumbs up and interact in the comments below. well, let's check out the first website. Ella, a multi-functional Shopify section theme, is the first item on the list of the best selling items. it has a variety of page layouts, strong theme features, drag and drop a Shopify theme area, amazing UI and ux, and it is also mobile friendly. those are some really awesome advantages. click on this and, once it has loaded, you may click here to see a live preview of the theme, which we'll explore later on this video. when you purchase this theme, you'll also get access to a sample of a few of the several homepage designs that you have to offer. you may personalize with over 30 themes to fit the specialty of your Shopify account, to keep up with the most recent website Trends. try the trendy style or the supermarket layout, for example, if you're into high fashion. there are countless other options as well, including the high fashion option and the trendy style, which caters to items that don't necessarily fall into specific categories. let's look at the live preview, where we can see the many clickables such as home page layouts, Etc. at the top of the website. however, we're going to check out the child themes, because they provide a wide range of possibilities. in addition to many other products, they provide layouts for eyewear, jewelry, Athletik, Apparel, beauty products and personal care items. you can tell that the website's developer put a lot of effort into it and that it is updated pre-complete. this is the very thing I said previously when searching for themes on the Shopify homepage. these are the aspects that are incredibly important but that we don't see. let's check out one of the home pages now. select home from the menu at the top. after the page has loaded, scroll a little lower to see the entire home page. therefore, if we click on any of the themes, the website will be sent to us and we will experience it exactly as our clients or site visitors would. it functions really well and has a really interesting aliexpress-like appearance. by scrolling around the website, we may view items, products on sale, a catalog of every artikle of apparel and recently added products. hovering over the elements includes viewing a new image of the product. now let's check out Ella's other website. since the website is called gentleo, it is obvious that it specializes on men's fashion. you'll notike that it has a modern, Sleek feel about it right away. the corresponding scroll to reveal website design, which exposes a new photo in the background as you scroll gives your website additional personality and appeal. this theme is an elite design, especially when thinking about a niche like this. Ella built this theme with some great skill. anyway, that was Ella, as you have seen. it essentially contains everything you may require and includes a variety of themes that would perfectly fit your ideas and select a niche, and while all of the other Shopify themes are actually more on the mediocre side, you should visit envato market and check out their top-notch Shopify themes. there aren't many Alternatives available to us. there are just three, which is pretty limited. the terrible ones are actually like this theme, which is worth hundreds of dollars, and this one and this and these sites on the envato market were worth like 80- 60 dollars, and they are honestly so much better than the ones Shopify gives. the price difference between them is astronomical. as you may have already seen, the themes on Shopify cost more than 200- 300, while the ones on envato market cost considerably Superior in terms of UI, ux, customization choices and homepage layouts, and are just like 90 or so. hence, head over to envato and choose a theme that works best for you and your business and with that, if you like this tutorial, please like, share and subscribe for more marketing tutorials and videos. I have been your digital guide. I'll see you in the next one.

California Shopify Theme Review

hey guys, welcome to shopping on. my name is Jeremy shred and today i'm with my beautiful wife taken, and today we are actually reviewing. we've got a theme called California, California, California is our penal display right template that works great on mobile and tablet device. oh, and everything's moving to mobile and tablet, so it's always good to have something that's compatible exactly. and this is developed by a company with very cool name: small victories. I like the name. we do like small victories. thanks, aunt Lee. we're trying to not to go for big victories anymore because we end up losing anyway. so it costs for cool styles. without California, Carter maps, Sundays and Kent, you can do- and these are funny one because we made this review before on the hard drive died- yeah, it did. so we're redoing our review. exciting and you fell in love with can't. yet does wife online feel like love it kentia, and sorry, if we can, we click on it with a bootlegger net because I think it's so pretty, but then you realize is pretty because. why it's pretty? because it's covered in plants and I tend to look at things without looking past the superficial prettiness of something. exactly. so here we have a county and Kenya is one of the parts of the otha California style. so before we do this, let's go back a little bit and let's tok about the different styles that we have. we have California, Carter maps, Sundays and Kent. yeah right, yep. now let's look at candy for two seconds. and originally you fall in love with the holiday of the images I did. I love the big image at the top. I love the fact that it's got plants all over it, so that works really well. I like the simplicity of the gallery style of images. yeah, actually is a pretty cool team and he's actually very simple to see it any worse: kind of like like a gallery, like a like an art gallery, very easy to understand and this kind of thing will adapt to so many different stores out there. that's a, and I love simple Thames, things that are easy to navigate. this one is one of the easiest themes are there. now here is one of the parts that we have like a small issue. I have an issue with these and is the way the images are displaying on the left side and it kind of drives me crazy how much space we are not taking advantage. I'm a guy that wants to use all the space- space. what about you? do you, you mind this or not? well, I like the gallery images on the side there that scroll up on the left, but you do need a lot of content there to be able to bulk the pager, because there is a lot of white space that's not being used exactly. so overall, I mean, is it's pretty funny, because sometimes you get great collections where you can see all the products, like in this case, but some things may not give you what you need when you're actually seeing the product. so this is kenya. let's have a quick look at oopsie. let's go and have a look at the original one. this is California. they look, all of them, they look pretty similar. this for styles, once again, for one hundred eighty dollars. and this is a demo of California. very similar photo changes. right, it is answer: the future products. browse more products. has this? you love this? right? oh, I love the Instagram integrated sections. yes, so cool. I'm in your case because you're actually launching a fashion store. this is gonna be super important for you, right? solutely, I definitely want the Instagram section. that's got to be your main market. so you got reworking my little market war in Instagram or Facebook was not to be your biggest market. you think marketing channel? um, probably Instagram, I think, yeah, they're interesting. okay, so here are, these are all the catalogs that we have, all the products, and once we click this is what happens: boom, I mean, they lose me here. but overall, I mean, I think for some people this is going to be absolutely a perfect team. so once again, madam tell us was a name of the team. we've got California one hundred and eighty dollars by small victories and this for styles, California car max some days, and kentia, and these guys of small victory had tons and tons and tons of good reviews. yeah, great reviews there. they're everywhere. we've got some stores there that are demonstrating using this theme. yeah, from from socks to to vegetables, to do posters, to books, to overall 180 loss. how many times actually going to give you these? I'm gonna give this a 2. I like how its set out and as long as you've got enough content to bulk the pager, you'll be fine. if you haven't got that content, there's just a little bit of a downside. exactly, i'm going to give it also two times up. I want to be straight. I mean, like you are, it works. for me is depends on the product and i think the pens, also on the amount of content, like you say. so overall, to start, i mean two thumbs up / 3, not bad at all. and if you guys want to check more information about what we do- me and beautiful thing- and go to sharpie hong com. we're just starting. we have tons of review, stuff is exciting content and hopefully we'll see you there. all right, absolutely check us out. bye, see ya.