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Shopify to Require Vaccination for Employees

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Today, we will discuss the best methods to find influencers to promote your e-commerce and dropshipping stores. These methods will help you get more traffic and sales.

Method 1: Instagram Influencers

- Search for a string of characters related to your niche on Google

- Look for accounts with at least 10% engagement rate

- Use actual influencers who create their own content for better results

Method 2: Up Promote Marketplace

- List your store on the marketplace to get exposure for your affiliate program

- Upgrade to the growth plan to access their database of influencers and affiliates

- Reach out to them directly to start promoting your products

Method 3: TikTok Influencers

- Search for a hashtag related to your niche

- Use videos to display your products in the best possible way

- Offer lifetime commissions on a particular product to get them interested

Method 4: Facebook Group Admins

- Search for groups related to your niche on Facebook

- Reach out to admins to promote your products

- Offer them a commission on every sale

Method 5: YouTube Influencers

- Search for videos related to your niche with 5-40k views

- Send them a free product to review on their channel

- Retain your influencers by creating an affiliate newsletter and keeping in touch with them

By following these methods, you can easily find influencers to promote your products and increase your sales. Use these tactics to build a strong network of affiliates and watch your business grow.

CityBiz: Massive market volatility, Shopify trading at 16-month low

In this business news segment, Mike Apple discusses the downward trend in the stock market, the decline of tech stocks like Shopify and Bitcoin, and the impact of citrus greening on orange juice production.

Main Points:

- The stock market is experiencing a downward trend due to geopolitical risks, rising interest rates, and quarterly earnings reports from major companies.

- Tech stocks like Shopify have seen significant losses in value in a short amount of time.

- Bitcoin has also experienced a 50% loss in value, but some investors see this as a buying opportunity.

- Orange juice production in Florida is expected to be impacted by citrus greening, which is a fungus that can kill trees and reduce crop yields.

The current business climate is uncertain and volatile, with many factors contributing to market fluctuations. Investors and consumers should stay informed and make careful decisions to navigate these challenges.

New Rule: Let the Population Collapse | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

The recent report that the population of the earth will hit 8 billion in November of this year is not good news. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, of all people, said that welcoming our 8 billionth person was an occasion to celebrate our diversity. But is it really something to celebrate?


- We are facing multiple crises caused by overpopulation: climate change, food insecurity, water scarcity, extinction crisis, and collapsing ecosystems.

- Tracy Stone-Manning, the director of the Bureau of Land Management, suggests that we need to consume less and breed fewer consuming humans.

- Elon Musk claims that population collapse is the biggest problem the world will face in 20 years, but this is not true. Nature World News just reported an unprecedented global extinction crisis with more than a million species expected to die off in the next few decades.

- The argument that we can keep adding people with no consequences is the same as the one used for Bitcoin. We need to face the facts that the planet's resources are finite.

- It would take almost an entire other earth to produce the resources we need to sustain the population we have now. We need to figure out a way to be happy without always having to grow and keep growing.

- Running out of water is a big problem, but running out of resources is even bigger. We need to stop forcing ourselves into an economic model where businesses need ever more customers.

We need to stop regarding overpopulation as something to celebrate. We must consume less and breed fewer consuming humans. We need to find a way to be happy without always having to grow and keep growing. We need to face the facts that the planet's resources are finite and figure out a way to live within our means.

End of IDEL COVID Layoffs, Shopify Severance Pay and Forced Retirement

Ontario's Infectious Disease Emergency Leave was put in place in March of 2020, allowing workers to take time off for pandemic-related reasons. It also allowed employers to adjust the hours and pay of their employees. The paid sick days element has been extended to the end of March 2023, but other components have now expired.

What has been extended:

- Paid sick days have been extended until March of next year.

What has now come to an end:

- The ability of employers to put employees off work due to COVID-19 has expired.

What this means for workers:

- Employees who have been off work due to COVID-19 must be recalled back to work.

- Employers cannot put employees on a temporary layoff anymore. Employees not called back to work can treat it as a termination and get their full severance.

- Layoffs: Shopify recently laid off 10% of its workers, offering them 6-16 weeks pay plus an additional week per year of tenure. This may not be enough severance pay for a mass layoff, as full severance entitlements can be several times that.

- Retirement: People 55 years of age and older are retiring earlier than before, likely due to the pandemic. A legitimate retirement that is voluntary and unilateral does not entitle the person to any compensation or severance from their employer.

Employees who have been off work due to COVID-19 must be aware of their rights and what they are entitled to. Employers cannot put employees on a temporary layoff anymore, and employees not called back to work can treat it as a termination and get their full severance. When it comes to retirement, it must be voluntary and not forced by the employer. On your own terms is always the best way.

Employment lawyer on federal government lifting vaccine mandate for employees

Employment lawyer Leor Samfuro provides clarity on the recent news regarding federal workers in the air, rail, and marine transportation sectors. He also discusses the impact of the government's decision on federally regulated employers and the potential consequences of implementing vaccine policies.

Key Points:

1. Unionized employees are legally required to be brought back to work based on seniority, while non-unionized employees may face termination or severance pay.

2. Federally regulated employers can no longer use the government's mandate as a justification for implementing vaccine policies, and may face wrongful dismissal claims if they insist on such policies.

3. Reasonable notice must be given to employees before requiring them to return to the workplace.

Employers should always consider the necessity of implementing vaccine policies and be prepared to provide reasonable notice to employees. The government's decision has strengthened the position of employees who may face wrongful dismissal claims, and employers may face significant liability if they insist on policies without government guidance.

California's big vaccine incentive giveaways begin tomorrow

California has launched the largest vaccine incentive program in the country, offering big cash prizes to vaccinated individuals. The state hopes to encourage more people to get vaccinated and reach herd immunity.

Details on California's Vaccine Lottery:

- $116 million is on the line over the next few weeks

- 15 lucky vaccinated Californians will win $50,000 each on Friday and for the next few weeks

- On June 15th, 10 vaccinated Californians will win $1.5 million each

- Winners will be selected at random from the state's confidential vaccine registry

- Eligibility includes being over 12 years old and having received at least one dose

- Prize money for minors will be held until age 18

Efforts to Reach Herd Immunity:

- Governor Newsom aims to have 70% of all eligible people vaccinated

- State data shows 64% of Californians have received at least one dose

- Public concerns about side effects and safety are major reasons for vaccine hesitancy

Getting Vaccinated in Kern County:

- Free vaccine clinic at Compassion Christian Center on Saturday, no appointment necessary

- Public health's mass vaccination site at Kern County Fairgrounds is open

California's vaccine incentive program is a unique and innovative approach to encourage more people to get vaccinated and reach herd immunity. With big cash prizes on the line, it's an exciting time for Californians to get vaccinated and protect themselves and others from COVID-19.

COVID-19 - Effects on E-commerce, stock market, and more. ft. Jason Wong & Melisa Vong

The coronavirus outbreak has become a major concern worldwide, affecting not only public health but also the economy. In this article, we will discuss how the coronavirus is affecting e-commerce, particularly dropshipping and Amazon FBA, and what steps businesses can take to prepare for its impact.

General Information:

- The coronavirus is highly infectious and affects the respiratory system, making it difficult to breathe. People with weak immune and respiratory systems are more susceptible to death from the virus.

- The outbreak started in Wuhan, China, and has now spread worldwide, particularly in Europe and the United States.

- The virus has a four-day incubation period and can potentially double every four days until it reaches a peak.

- There is currently no vaccine for the coronavirus, and the best way to prevent its spread is through washing hands, wearing masks, and avoiding public areas.

Stock Market:

- The stock market is plummeting due to the fear of the coronavirus outbreak, causing people to liquidate and pull out their investments.

- The market is predicted to continue to drop, making it a bear market or the beginning of a recession.

- Businesses with liquid assets can take advantage of the market and invest in stocks during this time.


- Production and shipping times from China have been affected due to the shortage of workers and delivery times.

- It is important to inform customers of longer delivery times and take extra precautions to avoid chargebacks.

- E-commerce businesses should be prepared for slower delivery times and increased costs.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected various aspects of life, including public health and the economy. Businesses should take extra precautions to prepare for its impact on e-commerce, particularly dropshipping and Amazon FBA. By being informed and taking

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