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Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

If you're running conversion ads, your landing page is a critical part of converting traffic. A bad landing page can bottleneck traffic, while a good one can convert visitors into customers. Today, we'll walk through how to set up a landing page for Spotify using Toneden, a favorite service for setting up landing pages.

Setting up a landing page with Toneden:

1. Log in to Toneden or create an account.

2. Click on Campaigns and then Create New Link Campaign.

3. Select Music Campaign and choose an existing release.

4. Copy the song link and paste it into Toneden to create a link.

5. Replace the link with a link to your Spotify profile.

6. Customize the landing page and select your domain.

7. Add tracking information, including your Facebook pixel.

8. Give your link a name and create it.

Benefits of using Toneden:

1. Easy to set up links.

2. Clean and seamless landing pages that load quickly.

Toneden is an excellent tool for setting up landing pages for Spotify. By following these simple steps, you can drive traffic to your profile and grow your following. Using Toneden's easy-to-use links and clean landing pages, you can convert more visitors into followers.

How to Fix Meta Facebook Pixel Errors and Test Your Events

Hey, my name is Cedric from Vertex Marketing Agency, and in this video for MeasureSchool.com, I'm going to show you how you can verify that your events are properly coming in inside Events Manager.

Why Verify Your Events?

Verifying your events is something that you should do every time you start working with a new client to make sure that the events they care about are probably being sent to Events Manager. Additionally, if you've made a lot of different changes on your website or you're changing from WordPress to Shopify, you might want to go through the process that I'm going to show you today to make sure that your current setup and your system is still sending everything properly.

How to Test Your Events:

To test your events, go to Business Facebook and click on the hamburger menu called All Tools. Then click on Events Manager. Once you're in Events Manager, click on the Test Events button. From there, you can test your browser events or your server events. In this video, we'll only be testing browser events.

Testing Browser Events:

To test browser events, enter your website URL and click on the Test button. If you're not receiving a page event, download the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension to make sure that the pixel is installed properly on your website.

Testing the Purchase Process:

To test the entire purchase process, add a product to your cart, view your cart, and then check out. Make sure to add a value and currency to your purchase event to avoid any error messages.

Fixing Warning Messages:

If you receive a warning message about new domain sending data, click on Manage Traffic Permissions and create an allow list. This will ensure that your pixel is only accepting data from specific domains.

Verifying your events is crucial to ensure that your system is sending everything properly. By following the steps outlined in this video, you can easily test your events and fix any warning messages that you might receive.

Create Branded Short Links with ToneDen

- Branded links are important for showcasing your brand and increasing click-through rates

- Custom branded links can be created using Toneden

Steps to Create Custom Branded Links Using Toneden:

1. Connect your custom domain to Toneden

2. Go to Toneden and sign up for an account

3. Click on the link icon and select create new link campaign

4. Choose link shortener and enter the link you want to send someone to

5. Customize the metadata and select your own custom domain

6. Add your own pixels if desired

7. Click create link and your link is set up

Benefits of Using Custom Branded Links:

- Increases click-through rates by up to 39%

- Effective for marketing and branding

- Free and easy to set up using Toneden

- Can track and retarget people who click through the links for future ad campaigns

- Custom branded links are a valuable tool for any brand or marketer

- Use Toneden to create your own custom branded links and increase your click-through rates

- Don't forget to connect your custom domain to Toneden before setting up your links.

How To Pay For Music Streams Like A Record Label (No Bots)

In this video, the speaker discusses how a music artist or rapper can blow up their Spotify using Spotify ads. They explain why it is better than using Facebook ads and how it is a way to generate streams.

How to Blow Up Your Spotify:

- Use Spotify ads instead of Facebook ads

- Pay for ads through a website called main-panel.com, which doesn't use bots

- Paying for ads generates streams, but you won't make money

- Record labels pay for streams to generate artists and make money from shows

- Spotify ads are an ad product that generates fame and streams

- The speaker shares a link to a Fiverr seller who can help with location targeting

- The speaker emphasizes that this is the only music marketing video they will do because the industry has toxic people

Paying for Spotify ads through main-panel.com is a way for music artists and rappers to generate streams and fame, but it won't necessarily lead to making money. The record label industry pays for streams to generate artists and make money from shows. The speaker shares a Fiverr link for location targeting and emphasizes that this is the only music marketing video they will do because of the toxicity in the industry.

Connect Your Domain to ToneDen (For Free) - Facebook Ads & iOS 14

How to Connect Your Custom Domain to Toneden for Free

- In this article, we will go through the steps to connect your custom domain to Toneden for free.

- This is the last missing piece to be compliant with Facebook Ads changes for iOS 14.


1. Go to Toneden.io and sign up for a free account if you don't have one.

2. Click on Settings and then Advertising.

3. Click on Add Domain and enter your custom domain name.

4. Configure your DNS settings to point your domain to Toneden's servers.

5. Wait for the domain to propagate and connect correctly.

6. Modify your landing page URL and update your Facebook ads with the new URL.

7. Verify your main URL to automatically verify any subdomains attached to it.

- By following these steps, you will be fully up to speed with Facebook Ads changes for iOS 14.

- Toneden's new feature allows you to add your custom URL to their landing pages for free.

- This is a one-time change that guarantees compliance with the new system.

- Remember to join our live events every Friday at 1 pm central time for music marketing, branding, and business discussions.

Inside My New Facebook Conversion Ads for Spotify

Over the past month and a half, I have been retesting conversion ads to grow my audience on Spotify. Prior to this, I had been using traffic ads for quite some time because my original conversion ads started to perform poorly. After running traffic ads successfully, I decided to start retesting conversion ads to see how they fared. In this article, I will show you how I set things up and how it's been going.

Overview of Traffic Campaign:

For the majority of 2022, I have been running a traffic campaign on Spotify. In the month of May, I received 791 link clicks at an average cost per click of 37 cents. My click-through rate was 1.59%. The ad sets I tested in May were Tier 1A and Download Tier 1A.

Conversion Campaign:

Since the beginning of June, I have been running a conversion campaign. I received 1500 link clicks at a cost per click of 31 cents. My click-through rate was 1%. The cost per view content was 29 cents compared to 37 cents for the traffic campaign. The cost per click was 20 cents compared to 37 cents for the traffic campaign.

Granular Level:

I tested several ad sets on a more granular level. Tier 1 targeted the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. The age breakdown was 18-34, and I used cold targeting for all ad sets. I targeted Spotify as the primary interest and narrowed down for electronic dance music, Linkin Park, and rock music. I tested other ad sets like Cities and Top Ad Set Hero All.

Conversion ads have been performing better than traffic ads for me. I plan to test an ad set targeting just the top four English-speaking countries and other ad sets that narrow in on different sets of countries. If you have any questions or want to learn more, you can find help on my website. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications to stay updated on future videos.

3 Easy Ways To Lower The Cost Of Your Facebook Ads Today | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

How to Cut Facebook Ad Costs in Half

In this article, we will discuss three effective tips for reducing Facebook ad costs and scaling brand new campaigns.

Tip #1: Ensure Equal Audience Reach Across Ad Sets

- Equal audience reach guarantees equal spending across all ad sets

- Avoid targeting vastly different audience sizes, as larger audiences will consume more of the budget

- Narrow down larger audiences by using more specific traits or interests to reduce spending

Tip #2: Cut Underperforming Ads and Replace Them Instantly

- Facebook will identify underperforming ads and offer suggestions for better-performing alternatives

- Don't get too attached to specific ads or offers; constantly test and make educated decisions

- Spend more on the offers and creatives that work, and rework and retry the ones that don't

Tip #3: Spend a Portion of Your Daily Budget on Retargeting Ads

- Retargeting ads target warm traffic that has already interacted with your brand or website

- These ads have higher conversion rates and should be given a smaller budget than cold traffic ads

- Start with a $5/day retargeting ad budget and increase as traffic on your website grows

Best Practice: Use a Cashback Credit Card for Business Expenses

- Cashback credit cards offer 1-5% cashback on business expenses, including Facebook ads

- Use a cashback credit card like a debit card or business bank account for all business expenses

- Look into different providers for special benefits and perks that meet your needs

Implementing these three tips and best practice can significantly reduce Facebook ad costs and improve campaign scalability. Remember to constantly test, rework, and make educated decisions for the best results.

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