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shopify trump citing support for

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

- Silicon Valley's systematic deplatforming of the President of the United States is the single greatest power grab in history

- Partisan politics are blinding people to the danger of this censorship

- There is a need to support alternative tech platforms to combat censorship

Main Points:

- Silicon Valley has unpersoned the sitting President of the United States and no one has stopped them

- This is a dangerous power grab that could have long-term consequences for communication and freedom of speech

- People on both sides of the aisle are reacting emotionally to the situation, but most are not mad for the right reasons

- The banning of Donald Trump is a red herring compared to what is really happening

- Silicon Valley companies acted in unison to squash competition, especially with Parler

- The monopolistic move by these companies is a cause for concern

- People demanding more censorship are being short-sighted and dangerous

- Amazon workers are now demanding that Parler be removed from their hosting service

- Partisan politics are hindering people from seeing the bigger picture and acting against censorship

- There is a need to wake up and see the danger of Silicon Valley's power grab

- Supporting alternative tech platforms is necessary to combat censorship

- Partisan politics are blinding people to the bigger issue at hand

Will Trumps New Policy Kill Dropshipping? The Death Of E-packet Shopify Dropshipping

Could Trump's New Attack on Shipping Hurt Dropshippers?

In a recent announcement, President Trump stated that he wants to end packaged shipping from the US, which could potentially hurt dropshippers. However, this article argues that the impact of this policy may not be as severe as some believe, and that dropshippers can still thrive by exploring international markets.

Reasons why the impact may not be severe:

- Trump is unlikely to completely eliminate packaged shipping, as trade with China is too important for the US economy.

- Even if there is a price increase, it is unlikely to be significant enough to hurt dropshippers.

- Dropshippers can still compete by establishing themselves as reliable and experienced suppliers.

Exploring international markets:

- There are many countries that are equally capitalist and wealthy as the US, and have a lot of potential for dropshipping.

- By focusing on markets outside of the US, dropshippers can avoid the fierce competition and take advantage of favorable rates from suppliers.

Despite Trump's announcement, dropshippers should not panic as the impact may not be as severe as expected. Instead, they should start exploring international markets and establish themselves as reliable suppliers to thrive in the industry.

Trump's Next Target: DROPSHIPPING [Trade War UPDATE for Shopify and Amazon FBA Sellers]

President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the US from the Universal Postal Union treaty, which allows foreign shipping to be subsidized, making it cheaper to ship goods into the US. This move will have a significant impact on ecommerce sellers, especially dropshippers.


- Less counterfeits and hijackers for Amazon sellers

- Levels the playing field for US sellers

- Gives US sellers a price advantage on shipping domestically


- Dropshippers who ship directly from China to their customers will have their margins affected

- Shopify dropshippers will be hit the hardest

What to do:

- Amazon sellers who source in bulk should not be affected

- Dropshippers should consider building a brand and sourcing from the US to avoid high shipping costs

- Long-term sustainable business practices are key to success in ecommerce.

This Is The Worst Company In The World

PayPal and the Dangers of Centralized Financial Services

- PayPal has a terrible reputation due to its centralized financial services

- Financial companies must prioritize shareholders, which can lead to bad PR and risks

- Money should remain neutral, but PayPal's acceptable use policy limits users' freedom

- PayPal has been involved in financial censorship and has even censored cryptocurrency payments

Problems with PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy:

- PayPal limits what payments require pre-approval and what payments are not allowed

- Transactions involving certain items or keywords can be flagged and rejected

- PayPal has frozen accounts and halted payments to innocent individuals and organizations

- PayPal's censorship has political and economic incentives

The Dangers of Financial Censorship:

- Financial censorship can lead to innocent individuals and legal transactions being caught in the crossfire

- Centralized financial services enable financial censorship and limit user freedom

- PayPal's expansion into China raises concerns about further censorship and control

The Solution: Decentralized Cryptocurrencies:

- Decentralized cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Monero, offer a permissionless and neutral financial system

- Encouraging businesses and individuals to accept decentralized payments can fight off financial censorship

- Monero offers financial privacy and low transaction fees, making it an ideal payment option

- PayPal's centralized financial services limit user freedom and enable financial censorship

- Decentralized cryptocurrencies offer a solution to these problems

- Encouraging the adoption of decentralized payments can help fight off financial censorship and promote financial freedom.

Facebook, Instagram ban Donald Trump indefinitely after supporters storm U.S. Capitol

Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook and Instagram will indefinitely block President Trump from using their services due to the risks of allowing him to continue using the platform. This move is significant as Zuckerberg has previously championed free speech and called for regulation to limit speech on the platform.

There are concerns that Facebook was not quick enough to remove content that incited violence during the recent Capitol Hill riots. This has led to criticism of the platform and questions about its ability to prevent the organization of violent events.

The decision to block the president is an extension of a 24-hour block that began last night and will continue until the peaceful transition of power is complete.

Zuckerberg's shift in stance shows a move towards greater regulation and a recognition of the risks posed by allowing incendiary speech on the platform.

Facebook has previously tried to elevate reputable news content in users' newsfeeds, and it is unclear whether they will revisit this policy in light of recent events.

Overall, this is a bold move by Zuckerberg and Facebook, reflecting the changing attitudes towards free speech and the need for greater regulation in the tech industry.

Stop Making T-Shirt Clothing Brands w/ Shopify Print On Demand

- Shopify and print on demand are popular ways to start an online business.

- However, not all strategies are equally effective.

- In this article, we will discuss the best strategy to use for success.


- Start by choosing a niche and making niche designs.

- Use Facebook ads to promote your products.

- This is the quickest way to get your brand new store off the ground and make real money.

- Alternatively, you can start an Instagram page for your niche and use highly targeted hashtags to grow your audience and get free traffic to your store.

Why this strategy works:

- Print on demand and Facebook ads rely on emotion to sell products.

- Your design must cause an emotional response in your audience to get them to buy.

- Simply promoting a clothing line with a random logo is unlikely to succeed.

- Choosing a passionate niche and making products based on that niche is the best strategy for success.

Examples of what not to do:

- Basing your entire store around a logo.

- Reliance on Facebook ads or other strategies to attract customers to a brand they've never heard of.

- Relying on print on demand apps to create t-shirts rather than printing them yourself.

- The best way to succeed with Shopify and print on demand is to choose a niche and make niche designs.

- Use Facebook ads to promote your products to your audience.

- Invest time and effort in growing your brand organically through word of mouth in your community.

- Avoid relying on logos and Facebook ads alone to attract customers to your store.

The SAD Truth About Shopify Print On Demand (Beginners Beware)

Hey, Joe here! In this video, I'm going to show you some real print-on-demand stores and highlight some things that I advise not to do. I got all the stores from my print-on-demand Facebook group, and I'll also be showing some awesome print-on-demand stores.

The Sad Truth About Print-On-Demand:

1. Don't create a clothing line with your name and logo on it.

2. Avoid creating stores with really abstract designs placed on a bunch of different products.

3. Print-on-demand is best done with direct response marketing.

4. Print-on-demand is all about creating tacky niche designs.

5. Print-on-demand is about creating impulse purchases with people on social media to buy tacky niche designs.

If you're jumping into print-on-demand, the sad truth is that you have to choose a niche. You can't do abstract art, and you actually need to create a niche-specific item. Print-on-demand is an amazing business model, and if you wanted to get started, choosing your niche would be the first step.

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