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shopify trump.

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Removes Donald Trumps Stores From Its Platform | Discussion On Owned vs. Leased Stores

shopify has pulled donald trump shopify stores off of its platform. donald trump's uh apparel or merchandise stores are offline, and that's what we're going to be toking about in today's video. you guys have tuned into rules for rebels. now, before we get into this story, i kind of want to use this story to highlight an issue that i've actually been toking about for a couple years, and it's the idea of being reliant on a third party for your ecommerce website. now, it's one thing if you sell on a platform like ebay or amazon- right, there's benefits that come with being on a platform. you have this huge pool of shoppers. you have this traffic that's coming towards you. you're putting yourself in a place that a lot of people go now. traditionally, when you opened up your own e-commerce platform or your own website, uh, a couple years back, the big thing was: i want to own and control my own website. right, i don't want to be reliant on or dependent on a third party. that's the whole point of having my own website and getting off of a platform. now, in the past couple years- shopify, big commerce, volusion, square up, squarespace- a lot of these platforms have gotten really big, and the direction that ecommerce has gone is, rather than owning your platform, you rent a platform and the benefit of doing this is for bigger companies- they're not wasting as much time and energy and resources on coding and programming and making their own custom websites- and for smaller e-commerce shops, uh, kind of the same benefits. you're not having to hire developers and all of this. but also somebody who's not great with web design doesn't have to code their own web design. you can go to a platform like shopify and for 29 a month you can have a really clean looking, really professional, really well functioning website. and you're also not having to worry about the security. right, shopify is ssl encrypted. they kind of handle the security, so you're not having to worry about any of that. now, a couple years ago, i think it was about, uh, i guess we've been in quarantine for the past year, but uh, the year prior in the fall, i went to an event called lpx chicago, put on by google, and there was a speaker from big commerce who kind of toked about how the e-commerce industry has moved from an owned model- again of having and controlling your own website to a leased model. uh, where you're, you know you're leasing or you're renting your website. now the danger with this is you're reliant on third-party companies. now, up until recently, uh, shopify and most other companies have kind of stayed out of the way, right like it's not really our job to deter. you know shopify is nothing more than a website builder. you know it's not really our job to determine who can't have a store and who can't sell a store. you know if, if you're selling illegal drugs or doing something illegal on shopify, they may take your account down. but, short of that, everybody's allowed to have a shopify store and the only issue you might run into is shopify payments. uh, which is run through stripe, may not allow you to sell certain products. you might not be able to sell supplements, you might not be able to sell weed, paraphernalia or vapes, uh, through shopify payments. but shopify payments isn't going to make any moral judgments on what you sell and decide to take down your store. well, this kind of pulls the rug out from under all of this and i realize some of you are probably going to say: well, you know, i have a shopify store, but i'm never going to encourage people to storm the capital, so i don't have anything to worry about. this is where it kind of becomes a slippery slope. so, um, and this is actually- shopify has kind of reversed their stance from before in the past. uh, you know every, you know we're living in a society of cancer culture: everybody wants to cancel everybody who they disagree with. and in the past shopify has kind of taken the stands that, like you know, look, it's not really our place, uh, to decide who and who who can and who can't have a store. um, you know, we're gonna kind of stay out of it. whoever wants to have a shopify store can have a shopify store, and it almost in some ways went too far. a couple years ago, uh, i had a, a shop selling collectibles and i was selling like old stok certificates and things like that, and i had reached out to, uh, my normal supplier was having trouble getting the inventory and i just happened to one day stumble upon a shopify store that was selling something i needed. so i placed a big order with them- i think it was about five thousand dollars. the guy never shipped anything, was ignoring me. finally, i started getting pretty aggressive with the guy and ultimately the guy wound up sending me a package. what he sent me actually wound up being counterfeit items and it liked really bad counterfeits and i ultimately did a chargeback with my credit card company. i got my money back, but i called shopify support and i said: look, you know, this store is an outright scam. after i got scammed, i found three or four videos on youtube of other people who'd also been scammed on this store. i also found a number of blog post, forum post, reddit post, facebook posts of other people who'd been scammed by this store. and it was a big headache, right like the guy wasted my time. i had to do a chargeback. so i was pretty upset. so i called shopify and i said: look, you know, this guy is running a scam. i was scammed and i'm not the only one like this is. you know, this guy has scammed a lot of people. like you. guys need to take a store offline. and they said: file a charge back with your credit card company. i said, well, you know, i did that. i got my money back, but you know, i want to save other people from having to go through the same headache. can you look into this or do something about it? and they didn't do anything. they said: you know? they said if he gets enough complaints with uh chargebacks, eventually his store will wind up getting taken offline. i think, really, they ultimately meant he'd lose processing, and it's not their problem, it's the next processor's problem. but if shopify isn't willing to take down a scam, you know shopify was, you know, playing pretty loose and willing to let pretty much anybody run stores. now, for the sake of this discussion in this video, let's completely take the fact that this involves donald trump out of the equation. i think donald trump is not only one of the most divisive uh people in the world right now, but i think just the topic of donald trump is one of the most divisive topics. let let's forget that it's donald trump. forget your feelings about donald trump, whether you like him or hate him. let's get into this story. this one comes to us from tikcrunch and it's titled: shopify pulls donald trump stores off of its platform. facebook isn't the only big company taking action against donald trump's web presence. in the wake of yesterday's riots in dc, shopify, which hosted shops related to trump's campaign paraphernalia and the outgoing president's personal brand trump store, has apparently taken down both of those properties. shopify doesn't tolerate actions that incite violence. based on recent events, we have determined that the actions by president donald j trump violate our acceptable use policy, which prohibits promotion or support of organizations, platforms or people that threaten or condone violence to further a cause. a shopify spokesperson wrote in a statement to text crunch. as a result, we have determined stores affiliated with president trump. uh, news of the move was first reported by the wall street journal. it's a reversal. it's a reversal of policy for the company, referring to shopify, which had previously defended the rights of any customer to use the platform. we'll take a look at that artikle in a minute. and a refusal to engage in what the chief executive, tobias lucky, term censorship. uh, shopify ceo attempts to defend continued hosting of breitbart's online store. i think that's another artikle in a now deleted letter lucky had authored back in 2017. the shopify chief, ex.

Will Donald Trump's Tariffs Kill Your Shopify Dropshipping Store?

what's going on YouTube. my name is Matt Wasik. welcome to my channel today. a little bit different video than I would typically share here on my channel regarding my Shopify and digital marketing agency journey. but there was a huge, huge, huge piece of news that was released today regarding Donald Trump announcing a big tariff basically being put on products imported from China- about fifty to sixty billion dollars worth of imports- and if you're someone watching this video, chances are you're probably either- a- you own a drop shipping store, or B- you're looking to start one, and you really need to pay attention to this. normally, I'm one that does not watch the news. I don't care about politiks. this stuff is just negativity. all its gonna do suck away your time from focusing on either a- building your business and making your life better, hitting your goals and making more money- all that type of stuff- or B- it just makes you mad and then your quality of life just drops. I mean, who wants that at all? I have a real, but anyways, you got to pay attention to this and this is why it actually stood out to me and that's why I figured I needed to make a video on this topic, because this can definitely affect your business if you are someone drop shipping from China or if you're doing Amazon FBA and you're bringing in products from China to then sell your US customers. but basically, really, what it comes down to is, if these are implemented, the costs of the products that you are shipping to your customers are going to rise. it just comes out to it and, as you can see the irony of it, there's no Express ad right here on this page about imports from China- kind of funny because I was surfing Aleks press earlier for products you add to my store. anyways, what it comes down to is how are you going to manage your business after these are implemented if prices go up? for, say, this necklace right here, it goes up to five bucks or something and you can only sell it for ten. that leaves very little room for advertising spends. so basically that shrinks your margin. and what can you do? if you get product margin strengths, you can certainly increase your price, but how many people are still going to buy that partikular product and see the value in that product if the price skyrockets from, say, ten bucks up to fifteen or twenty? what it's gonna really come down to is building a very strong brand, building a loyal following on social media, building an email list that actually opens your emails, a messenger list that will actually open up the messages, that what you send to them, and really just creating a strong brand and making you build a loyal client based, your customer base, because then you can be able to: one sell them this partikular product at a high margin and still make your money, and they're also happy. or you may have to totally make a pivot and change your entire business model, whereas you were selling just whatever from Aliexpress and you may have to move to a print-on-demand type model. or you find a manufacturer- if you're selling jewelry or something in the United States- that can make the similar products for a good price point, or maybe even a little bit less or maybe more, depending obviously on the manufacturer. but advantage with it is that the shipping times would be a lot less if it's coming from the US to someone in the US versus China to the US. so this may end up actually being a good thing somewhat. I'm not saying throwing taxes on any type of products we import into the us is a good thing, but but it may just weed out the people that are weak and only focus on the front end, whereas the people that like me- or hopefully you, if you're watching this- are focusing on the back end and you are looking towards that post front end sale and you're looking for the one month, two month, three, six month line where you can make 5x or 10x return on how much it costs to actually get that first sale. this is something that you don't want to react to and go spend a whole bunch of time commenting on news artikles on Facebook, like I see people do it. they're up in arms and then they just do nothing about it. but if you're a business owner, you cannot afford to be wasting your time doing that. so my last point with this is that if there is one thing that you can always consistently come when it comes to doing some kind of work on the internet, I don't care if you're selling physical products through Shopify, info, software services to clients or whatever else. the only thing that stays constant is change. the internet constantly evolves all the time, and what worked three years ago when it came to selling things does not work anymore today. you can no longer link to a sales page for an info product for a hundred bucks and get tons and tons of sales. it just doesn't happen like that. you have to basically nurture your audience, and there's a whole bunch of videos here I might Channel all about that, and they'll be more in the future. but that is just one of the ways that the Internet has totally changed things and social media is constantly changing, and algorithms and Facebook terms of services, and there's so many different things that can change. in just a note that you have to be ready to adapt and pivot when needed, because otherwise your business is going to be toast. so if you like this kind of video, be sure to go down below and hit that like button. if you have any questions, leave a comment down below. and, of course, if you want to stay up to date on my shop, my journey, be sure to click the subscribe button and be sure to tap the Bell from notification so that way you know what all the newest videos are uploaded here on to my channel. so thanks for watching and we'll see you tomorrow in the next one. [Music].

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Shopify Hypocrisy: They Took Trump's Store Down But, Latin Kings, Bloods, Crips, and BLM Have Stores

hey, what's happening guys? what's going on youtube? uh, the purpose of today's video- and this one's gonna be a pretty short one, but the purpose of today's video- is to kind of highlight the hypocrisy of shopify. so i put up a video earlier today that uh, but by my standards, got a quite a bit of engagement and comments. normally my, my- videos don't get too much engagement or comments. uh, about half thumbs up, half thumbs down, a lot of comments, a lot of discussion going on. uh, the video was essentially about how shopify pulled down donald trump's shopify stores and, uh, this is kind of a big change. in the past, shopify payments may kick you off of shopify payments, but shopify uh pretty much let anybody in any stores stay up. uh, there was actually some controversy a number of years back when breitbart had a store up and you know, with the cancel culture and everything going on today, everybody was calling on shopify for them to take down breitbart store and shopify's ceo actually stood up and said: look, you know, i think commerce is a form of expression. it's not really our part to to make moral judgments on who's selling or what people are selling, and as long as what people are doing is legal, their stores are going to remain up. well, shopify uh has kind of deviated from that and they wound up pulling down uh, donald trump's store. now, before we get into this, let me just say i don't really have a dog in this fight. i hate the two-party system. i don't care for republicans or democrats. i would consider myself a libertarian. i don't like government. i think government should stay out of our lives as much as possible. if i had to lean one way- i mean i am fiscally conservative. uh, there are issues i i probably fall on the conservative side for, but i mean i'm also for like legalizing drugs. i think wheat should be legal, gay marriage should be illegal, all that type of stuff. so i would consider myself somewhat of a joe rogan. that you know. i don't follow along party lines. i don't get tribal. um, i kind of i'd like to think that i have my own views. so, uh, by no means am i stiking up for trump here. and really, this isn't about trump. it's not about left first right. uh, it's not republican verse, democrat. it's about calling out [ __ ] and, uh, you know, i i think i have a pretty good track record of that. that's why you don't see me selling drop shipping courses about how to make fifty thousand dollars a week, because i really just don't go for [ __ ]. i, i could have been a millionaire, uh, had i started doing that way back in 2014 or 2015, uh, when, uh, when i started this channel. you know, i try to be intellectually honest. uh, i try to be consistent. i think we all have biases, we all tend to be somewhat hypocritikal, uh, but you know, let's judge everybody by the same merits, let's hold everybody to the same standards, and so, in this video, what i wanted to show you is shopify, and we'll take a look at this. uh, shopify has said that shopify does not tolerate actions that incite violence. based on recent events, we have determined that the actions by president donald j trump violate our acceptable use policy, which prohibits promotion or support of organizations, platforms or people that threaten or condone violence to further a cause. now, uh, some people might say black lives matter. uh, engaged in a lot of violence over the summer. uh, we got a black lives matter shopify store here. a shopify store here, a shopify store here. um, and i get it right, a lot of people are gonna say, well, black lives matter was a lot more of a just movement. or donald trump himself called for people to march on on the house: uh, but black lives matter. even though their events and protests dissolved into fire and riots, it wasn't necessarily the organization doing it. now, i don't necessarily agree with that statement, but i know that some people are going to make that argument. well, how about latin kings? we got shopify selling latin kings flags. uh, how about this one? uh, shopify selling blood gang. uh, blood gang. uh, men's cut t-shirts. uh, we got, uh, let's, you know, let's not discriminate. we can't just have the bloods, we gotta have the crips too. [ __ ] cola, and i know, i think that's. uh, you know, i could probably find a bunch more. and honestly, at the end of the day, i'm, you know, i'm doing this to kind of make a point. i realize, with amazon and ebay, all these platforms, when they have thousands, if not tens, if not even hundreds of thousands of sellers, i realize some things are going to slip through the cracks. these stores i'm showing you right now are kind of small, crappy stores. so, um, you know, if this store rose to huge prominence and huge popularity, maybe shopify would take it down. i i don't know if they would or not. um, but when we tok about you know they're essentially saying trump uh called on people to commit violence. now i think we could. you know i'm not gonna stand up for trump. trump yesterday was a bad look. uh, there's really nothing to condone, there's nothing to say that it was okay. did trump outright call for violence? you know, trump. trump had promised that yesterday was going to be a wild day and a wild protest. uh, you know, we might be able to read something into that. uh, when trump called on people to march to the house, he didn't call on people to commit violence. you know, if we really dig into it like you know, could we assume that something bad might happen with with trump riling people up? you know, okay, i'll, i'll give you guys that. uh, but if we look here back to the blm things, i forget this woman's name, but there needs to be unrest in the streets. uh, kamala harris, the future vice president, says protesters should not let up. nancy pelosi says i don't know why there aren't uprisings all over the country. maybe there will be. if you see anybody from that, this is kind of cut off. if you see anybody from that, i'm guessing like group or something or organization in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, get out there and get in their faces, form a crowd and push them back and tell them that they are not welcome here anymore. so i'm guessing the democratik party or certain democratik candidates have shopify stores. are we now going to consider the democratik party a hate group because of these statements which, which seem to promote hate and violence? or how about we got kathy griffin here holding up a decapitated trump head? here we have trump protesters storming the uf capital again. i'm not going to stik up for them. it is kind of funny how they're walking in an organ organized single file line, uh, respecting the velvet ropes, and here, as cars are demolished, fires are burning in the background. people have been raped, people have been put in the hospital. there have been deaths. it was a fiery but mostly peaceful protest after a police shooting. um, you know, i don't know if you guys are kind of seeing the point here, not excusing anything trump did yesterday, but if shopify wants to take down donald trump's store, i think they should maybe also take down any stores that promote the democratik party or any of these democratik candidates, uh, that have called for violence and uprising, and they should probably. you know, the the black lives matter, one will say is debatable. i i do think that, um, they were kind of a violent organization over the summer. i mean, even statements from black lives matter was that like, look, we've been asking for decades for respect and not to be killed and not to be murdered, to be treated fairly, and we're sick of it. it's time for violence. so you know, some people might say that black lives matter. some people might try to make the argument that black lives matter is a more just cause than trump crying about a stolen election. uh, but at the end of the day, who's the person who gets to make that, that moral judgment about what's a just cause and what isn't? but even if we want to get past the black lives matter stores that all still have shopify stores up, i don't think there's any arguing that the latin kings, the bloods or the crypts are are not organizations that use vi.

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Will Trump Affect Shopify Dropshipping? | Politics And Entrepreneurship

[Music]. I'm brainworks. some of the loudest chatter I'm seeing right now on Facebook, especially Facebook groups with entrepreneurs, is how the current politiks are gonna affect entrepreneurship. and then, especially with the e-commerce- you know I hear all the time is having Trump as our president- is that gonna affect drop shipping and how we do things? and, frankly, you know, it's definitely a big problem that I'm seeing in the Entrepreneurship world right now is that people are focusing on the wrong things. so the first big thing with politiks, guys- yes, it can affect entrepreneurship and it can affect ecommerce, everything like that- do I think that there's any big changes happening right now from it? absolutely not. you know there's a few different changes coming out that we need to focus on. you know I've already mentioned GDP, our rules, everything like that. if you're into drops shipping in e-commerce, do you need to be worried about stuff like that? but you know these are micro details. the other big problem- and this is even bigger than this one- is that I'm seeing entrepreneurs focus on other people's successes and you know this is hard to do for anybody starting out. you know. you see all these youtubers, you know buying the Lamborghinis, everything like that. one thing I get, I see all the time is discouraged entrepreneurs because they see everybody else's successes and they haven't gotten that yet. they might be in the grinding phase. you might be in the grinding phase right now. you haven't had these successes yet. you haven't become, you know, profitable. you haven't even been able to leave your nine-to-five job. guys, it's okay, stop focusing on what everybody else is doing. focus on you right now. focus on your business and building up your business, and then you'll get to that point. everybody, almost everybody, not everybody- Pilar born into it or, you know, just got lucky essentially. but for most people, most people go through that hard spot. they go through the spot that it you're grinding, you're hustling every day, you're trying to make things happen and then all of a sudden, you get to that point over time that you do have you know the successes. you get to the point that you have more comfortability, whether the financial freedom, time freedom, whatever. but you know, right now, don't be focus on. you know all these other youtubers and what they've got. you know, don't be focused on. you know if your friends gone ahead and they've already built up a big business and you haven't yet, don't worry about it, guys. focus on you and you'll get to that point that this is a big problem I'm seeing right now with entrepreneurship is that everybody's focused on everybody else when you need to be focused on yourself and all the people I've met networking and you know being in the entrepreneurs face, you know, I've met, you know people on both sides and some of the really really successful entrepreneurs are the ones that don't care about everybody else's success is. they're worried about what they're doing, the businesses they're building and what's going on right now. so that's what I want for you guys. I want you guys to be able to be focused on what you're working on now, be encouraged that you guys will get to that point. you guys can get to that point. I know you guys will. but don't go ahead and focus on what everybody else is doing and this has to do. you know. don't be focused on right now how's politiks gonna affect entrepreneurship? just like I said, guys, right now there's not any big changes coming out, but you know you want to stay up-to-date with everything. don't focus on that stuff. don't focus on everybody else's successes. focus on you. focus on building up your businesses, getting things done. I hope you guys found some value in this video. if you did, please go ahead. smash that like button. if you're new here, please go ahead and subscribe. hit that notification bell. leave a comment down below if you've got any questions. I'm here for you guys every day to help you grow. your business is successful. numbers keep grinding out and I'll see in the next video you.

What a Trump trade war would mean for Amazon FBA and Shopify sellers

hey guys, andrew henderson from nomad capitalist in bali, indonesia, been hanging out uh at uh our villa for the last week with some former clients, now friends, who are in the amazon, fba and e-commerce space and uh what? what a lot of folks don't understand at first glance is that uh doing no man capitalist these days. for me, uh really isn't about the money- never really was. this is kind of supposed to be my retirement project and it's a lot more about meeting interesting people and hanging around villas discussing the next business idea, and that's what we've been doing. but wanted to share a follow-up to some controversial thoughts that we toked about earlier regarding president trump. earlier we toked about the muslim ban and that got people fired up, but wanted to tok a little bit about the potential trade war with china, mexico, other countries and how that affects those of you who are selling stuff online, which is a lot of folks that i help people selling stuff on fba, shopify etc. and so i was toking to these folks over the last couple days and saying, hey, you know what happens if trump does actually go through some kind of trade war on china. what's gonna happen? uh, are you gonna be affected? and their first thought was: well, no, if there's a tariff, things will come in and they'll be imported and we'll all pay the tariff. we'll all pay the 20 or the 30 or whatever it is, and so our stuff will be more expensive. the next guy's definitely more expensive and that's cool. that's one school thought. my devil's advocate suggestion was: especially if the us economy gets worse- but even if it doesn't, uh, people are probably gonna be less interested in buying, you know, plastik bowl figurines or paper mache tigers when they're 30 more expensive, their stuff people will buy for fund at eight dollars that they won't buy for 13, and so i think that definitely that's something to keep in mind. if you're selling on e-commerce, uh, in the us, not much that a nomad strategy can do for you in that regard. but i want to tok to you about uh, a nomad strategy that we do at nomed capitalist that i think can really help your e-commerce business. now, the folks who i'm here with now have already done this. that's why they're hanging out with me. but if you're doing e-commerce and you're living in the us, you're living in the uk, you're living in australia, you're like so many of the folks who come to nomadcapitalistcom and who apply to: uh, work with me and you're paying all the taxes in that country that you're living in. some folks are paying as much as 50 of their income in tax for their e-commerce business and that really affects their ability to reinvest in new products. really invest stops their ability to invest in, in creating new products, get the word out about their existing products and it forces them in some cases to charge higher prices for their products than they would otherwise. so whatever trump does- and i always tell you: be divorced from politiks. i'm not pro-trump or anti-trump. i'm a business person. i'm pragmatik, always have been. but what the secret sauce and what the secret weapon really, i think, for e-commerce sellers is setting yourself up with a offshore strategy where you can reduce your tax or even eliminate in some cases, but at least reduce it as low as possible. don't pay 50, don't pay 40 percent, don't pay even 30 percent. and i've seen and toked to so many people all around the world from california and all the high-tik places in europe and australia and canada, and they're having a harder time than some of their competitors in other countries. so imagine you've got a competitor, you're in california, you're paying 40 or 50 income tax and that's coming out of every time you make a profit selling stuff and that impedes your ability to reinvest into new product development and into buying more products to lower your, your price point, increase your margins, all that stuff. now you've got another guy who's offshore. he's living somewhere where he pays five percent tax and he can charge lower prices because he doesn't need to make as much money. he can buy more product in advance because he, every time he makes a profit, less of that profit gets siphoned off to go to taxes and so his business grows exponentially faster. the guy who's paying zero percent, five percent, even 10 percent than the guy in the western world is paying 40 or 50. whatever trump does is one thing. we can't really control that other than going and selling on other amazon stores or selling other countries. but to keep the same strategy of doing fba, doing shopify, selling to people in the united states- so many people are doing this in the e-commerce world- if you want a secret weapon, it's setting up an offshore company, setting up a legal tax strategy where you can go and live somewhere or just travel the world and be able to reduce your taxes, like i said, sometimes to zero, sometimes to very low amounts. by doing that, you put so much money in your pocket and every single time you make a profit, all that money goes back into the business, much more so than is now, and that is what, in my opinion, really allows you to jump over the competition. so you're not worried about what's trump going to do. you're not worried about this event or that event. you're worried on you. it's something that you can do to put a lot more money in your pocket. i've seen so many amazon guys in shopify guys who have come to me. we've saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally. that's what we're toking about here in the villa in bali. if you're selling online, i definitely encourage you to check us out at nomadcapitalistcom. find out how much money you could save to put back into your e-commerce business and not have to worry about external events, but rather control the events yourself.

☠️Will Trump KILL Shopify Dropshipping In 2020

in today's video, I'm going to be giving you the latest news on how the China vs US trade war is going to affect your drop shipping business. now, I've been highly requested to do this video from my subscribers and from my facebook group, and the links my facebook group will be in the description below. so I'm going to bring it to you guys now and exactly only toking about how it's going to affect your drop shipping business and what you can do to stop it from overly, overly changing your drop shipping business. now the short answer to this question: will it affect my business? it actually really won't affect your business that much. there's a small group of people that will see a small change, but for the majority you really won't see a massive difference. but it is very, very important that you watch this video till the end, because I'm gonna be going into the whole trade war and how it is exactly gonna affect certain people's businesses, and you might be one of those that might get slightly affected. so please watch this video till the end. you need to stay on top of this news. you need to understand why it's gonna make a difference, because if you don't- and you're not prepared for it, you're gonna take a hit and you're gonna lose a lot of money. so please watch this video till the end. please match the like bugs. I took a lot of time out to research this. understand it. so I can bring it to you guys as well. now, if you want to be entered to win the next winning product list- so I'm gonna give people and know they were lists of 70 winning products- all you need to do is comment the econ King 10k sobs and you'll be entered into the giveaway. now we're gonna dive straight in to how this trade Wars gonna affect your business. so let's start off toking about what is an actual trade war. so, for those that don't understand what trade war is, you need to understand what it is because of the day, trade wars are things that happen in business. it's normal. don't worry about it now, as you're an online business and you're going from and you'll get supplies from different countries. it's important that you know son trade wars in case this happens again in the future. so what is a trade war? trade war is when, for example, the USA- because the USA are the ones that did this- increases the teres, an import taxes on products imported from China. so the US are said to shine a look, we're going to put a price on what you'll put into the country to discourage people from importing them in the first place. of what this does is it slows down their- their economy, basically in terms of importing Goods, and I'm gonna get onto this a little bit later on the reason why US did this. so, in relation to this, obviously China is not going to be okay with it. so they've done exactly the same to the US and said, look, winded, saying to you now, and they go back and forth till they go on mutual grounds. so that's exactly what a trade war is, guys. and the reason why the trade war started is because Donald Trump, the president of the USA, has started this all by saying to try and look, we're fed up of you guys taking all our money. the US has lost a lot of money, a lot of jobs from this, so we want to bring America back to where it was again. also, Trump is also worried that China's gonna rival the economy, because the number one economy in the world is the USA and second is China, and they are closing the gap between the US and themselves. so Trump is a little bit worried about that. so he's trying to slow China down, which is by him doing certain things like this, and the reason why he's doing this is because he wants more jobs for the USA and again, you won't see your kind of need to be as strong as it can be and the strongest of them, or which it currently is. but if he doesn't slow trying it down, they're gonna start to take over, which it doesn't want, and he's complained about this before, about China taking all the money away from them, and that's the reason why he's doing this. so now let me tok a lot about the following topics long ago over. so we're going to go over. tariff thresholds, product pricing and shipping costs are basically how this trade was going to affect those three things, which is tariff thresholds, product pricing and shipping costs. normally, packages price lower than $200 are exempt from this duty. so basically anything that you're selling thus under $200 are exempt from these tariff problems in a trade war. basically because the us don't want to compete with China on low tiket items. so basically the us is saying: this products are priced under this 200 threshold of dollars. we're not going to do anything with them. we're going to keep them as normal products. we're not gonna add anything to them. we're gonna keep them going as normal. now again what I was going back at the start of the video: this isn't going to affect as many people because the majority of dropship is are not signing products over $200. the majority people are selling products way under $100, so the majority are going to be completely fine. now the US doesn't wanna compete with China on low tiket items. it's simply because they just can't compete with them and then, no, there's no money in low tik items, so they're not worrying about the low tiket items. on the trade war, at the end of the day, the majority of the drops appears, like I said, are selling products way under $200. you will not be affected. so, like I said, if you're one of those are some perks under the $200, you will not be affected. you will not see any differences really with these new tariffs or product pricing. the shipping fee are so much cheaper than the you and then using a us supplier. so what I'm trying to say here is: even if you are having problems with tariffs and some products that you're getting- I have got swati's slightly interested tariffs- then it's still going to be a lot cheaper. then go into a us supplier anyway. so even though these tariffs are in place- and let's say, one of your supplies does get hit with a tariff, it's still going to be cheaper and using a us supplier. so, the end of the day, China's a lot cheaper than the us. is what I'm trying to say here. the cost of a package shipment from China to the US residential customer is dramatikally cheaper than the us local shipping options for the same package. so what I'm trying to say here is: so to ship from the us to a customer in the US, it's a lot more expensive than shipping from a packet to the US. so basically, what I'm trying to say again is: doesn't matter, China's still going to be a lot cheaper than using a us supplier, even if you're selling goods over the tune of dollar mark. you just need to add the extra cost to your product. so the consumer pays the tariff duty. so what I'm trying to say here is: if you are in that small group of people that are selling products over the 200 dollar threshold, which are the ones that are going to get hit with the tariffs, then all you need to do to prepare for this change is add the tariff duty pricing into your product cost. now you're probably thinking, Camille, if you do that, that I'm not gonna get any sales. now let me go into the next point, cause it's gonna make you think twice about what you're thinking already. so 90% of the businesses will be doing this, including apples. so what I'm trying to say is: if you are selling products over $200, don't worry. if you're gonna be increasing prices because of the, because of the trade war, juries don't work, because the majority of businesses anyway will be doing the same thing. now Apple is one of them. now Donald Trump's had back-and-forth arguments of Tim Cook about tariffs and judy's and whatnot, and he said: look, Apple, you're still going to receive the same duties as everybody else. now what do you think Apple's going to do? do you really think Apple is going to take the loss themselves, or do you think they're gonna import the duty costs into that product pricing? exactly? they're gonna do exactly the same as what everybody else will be doing, while I say the majority people be doing.