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Shopify Tutorial Creating Drop Down Menus and Smart Collection

Published on: December 21 2022 by Kevin King

Creating an organized and user-friendly website is essential for any online business. One important aspect of website design is the use of drop-down menus and smart collections. In this Shopify tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating these features to improve your online store's functionality.

Step 1: Create a drop-down menu

- Click on Online Store in your Shopify dashboard

- Select Navigation and click Add menu

- Name your menu and select Main menu or Footer menu

- Click Add menu item and name it

- Click and drag the item slightly to the right to make it a sub-item

- Repeat for all sub-items

- Save your menu

Step 2: Create a smart collection

- Click on Products in your Shopify dashboard

- Select Collections and click Create collection

- Name your collection and add conditions for products to be automatically added

- Choose the sort order and display options

- Save your collection

Step 3: Add smart collection to drop-down menu

- Go back to Navigation in your Shopify dashboard

- Click on the drop-down menu you created in Step 1

- Click Add menu item and name it

- Click Link and select Collections

- Choose the smart collection you created in Step 2

- Save your menu

By creating drop-down menus and smart collections, you can make it easier for customers to navigate your online store and find the products they are looking for. This tutorial has provided step-by-step instructions to help you implement these features in your Shopify store.

In this tutorial, Kevin from Pinehurst Websites will show you how to connect a collection to a navigation menu on a Shopify website. He will demonstrate how to create smart collections that automatically add products to a collection based on specific criteria, and how to link these collections to a navigation menu.

Connecting a Collection to a Navigation Menu:

1. Change a regular manual collection to a smart collection.

2. Sort the collection by vendor (in this case, Lucky Feathers).

3. Save the collection.

4. Edit the navigation menu and add a new link.

5. Connect the link to the Lucky Feathers collection.

6. Save the changes.

Creating Sub-Link Lists:

1. Create a new link list at the bottom of the navigation menu.

2. Connect the link list to a smart collection (e.g. Lucky Feather Charms).

3. Create a new smart collection based on specific criteria (e.g. Lucky Feather Charms).

4. Edit the sub-link list and connect it to the Lucky Feather Charms collection.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each sub-link list (e.g. Lucky Feather Bracelets, Lucky Feather Chain Necklaces, Lucky Feather Rings).

6. Save the changes.

By following this tutorial, you can easily connect collections to navigation menus on your Shopify website. Using smart collections and specific criteria, products will automatically be added to the relevant collections, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

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