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shopify us dropshipping

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

How to Start Shopify Dropshipping Using a US Supplier

as of right now when I'm currently,filming in this video using the regular,a package shipping method to drop ship,from China is not really an option due,to recent world events so in this video,I'm gonna go over a workaround for that,and then actually start a full-on drop,spring store from scratch live using the,exact method I toked about which,involves using a u.s. supplier it is,actually a lot more simple than you may,think,so if you're watching this video I'm,gonna assume that you already know how,the Aliexpress shop by drop shipping,business model works I mean if you don't,it's essentially just finding under,priced products from China and selling,them for more on a website you build on,your own and then when you sell,something you haven't shipped from the,original Chinese supplier to your end,customer you know I got in the wrong,career so as I'm sure you can see from,this explanation a major factor in this,business model is that you rely on cheap,shipping from China to the rest of the,world usually you're using a shipping,method called a packet which allows you,to ship small packages from China it's,almost anywhere in the world and a,decent amount of time with online,door-to-door tracking which is great but,due to recent world events there has,been a major slowdown in the shipping,process since there's less flights,coming from China to the US and the rest,of the world no does this kill drop,shipping absolutely not you now,essentially have three options the first,is just to pause your store's use this,time to create new designs and new store,fronts new ads product research there's,a lot you can do with this extra time,but the problem with this option is that,you're obviously going to stop making,money depending on your situation that,might be fine and this might even be a,good option for you but during this,period when people are spending a ton of,time inside on their phones on their,computers of making more purchases,online than ever being able to sell,something online would be nice so your,second option would be to make a bulk,order of a product you want to sell from,China and ship it to a US fulfillment,center since the problem is getting,small packages to the US via a packet,once they're here everything is good,USPS UPS they're both still working so,you can get a large shipment of your,product into the US and have it shipped,to your customers from a domestik,fulfillment center and once this is set,up you'll get faster shipping times,happier customers and more returning,customers but the problem with this,option is that the barrier to entry for,beginners is pretty high since you're,gonna have to pay for bulk order of,products ahead of time which is,depending on your product and the,quantity can cost you a whole lot of,money and if you're beginner you don't,even know if you'll be able to,all that inventory the beauty of drop,shipping is that it's normally very,low-risk and has little upfront costs,the second option takes that away so,although this is definitely the move if,you have experience with the drop,shipping and are already selling it's,not great for beginners just getting,into the space so that brings us to the,third option which not many people know,about but there are sellers on,Aliexpress that have inventory in the US,and ship domestikally which is almost,the perfect solution now I say almost,because the only problem with this,option is that you're not gonna find a,US shipping option on Aliexpress for,every product out there but here's how,you can check which products do have a,u.s. supplier in Aliexpress in this,video as I said in the beginning I'm,gonna be starting a drop shipping store,from scratch and the product I want to,sell is this baby bottle spoon which,makes feeding babies easier less messy,and you can do it with one hand it's a,very convenient product that solves a,problem and not everybody knows about it,so it has a little wow factor to it so,once you're on Aliexpress you want to go,ahead and search up your product the way,you would normally do so let's type in,baby bottle spoon venture as you can see,we got all these options but now we want,to go ahead and hit this ship from,button hit United States and there you,go it's really that simple now you can,see all of the sellers were able to ship,your product from the United States but,you want to go one step further and go,ahead and sort all these results by the,amount of orders they have that way you,get the most reliable supplier so as you,can see this cell right here has sold,the most baby bottle feeding spoons out,of everyone that ships out of the US so,I'd probably want to go ahead and go,with him so let's click on this option,and over here we can go ahead and select,whatever color we want let's get the,blue one and now you select where you,want the product to be shipped from so I,want to shift from the US I'd hit that,our shipping is gonna cost three dollars,and six cents the product is gonna cost,two dollars so for five dollars and six,cents we can get this baby bottle,delivered to anywhere in the US within,four to seven days even in this climate,so there you go I now have a weight on,my order shipped out from within the US,without the upfront cost and risk that I,would have if I were to make a bulk,order to a fulfillment center and now,that we have a way to fulfill orders,let's actually test this product out,build a drop shipping story step one we,need to create a Shopify website for it,so I'm not sure why I closed my computer,there okay so it's now the following day,I have everything,complete so let me walk you through what,I got here beginning with a video ad I'm,gonna use since that's the first thing,that people are gonna see I just put,together some stok footage a really,good video on Aliexpress Tyler provided,as well as some stuff I found online I,kind of put this together to test the,product and see if it actually sells if,I were to end up scaling this product,I'd get some custom footage going but,here's what I have for now when someone,sees this ad and is interested in the,product they did the Lincoln bio which,would lead them to our product page,which looks like this let me show you,the mobile view I called the store a,spoon a bottle comm it's pretty crazy,that I was able to secure this domain,and with a.com ending all right I'm,gonna start the quicksand features I,have a combination of about four colors,throughout this whole website I have,this baby blue color that we have on the,header the white the pink that you can,see on these stars in the bottle and,then I also have the black text but,scrolling down I have the bottle listed,for $18.99 you can choose whatever color,you want let's see the white one this,top switches to the white one then I,have some images some text some images,some text and then a full product,description and then I actually threw in,a little flex here that says we probably,ship from within the United States which,is true we're using a u.s. supplier so,the products will be shipped from the,United States that's it for the product,description on the bottom here we have,some reviews I used the tone of pink for,all of the stars and all the writer,review buttons and if you're confused as,to where I got these reviews they're all,from Aliexpress I imported them a,straight from Aliexpress so the reviews,are for the product that the end,customer is going to receive whole lot,of picture reviews here people actually,really like this product which is good,to know but then you scroll down you can,hit you can hit show more to see more,reviews and then on the bottom here I,have the footer which is nothing fancy,it's overall I try to give it the cute,baby store vibe by throwing the word,munchkin in the description to keep it a,little casual and cool it really gave it,a brand feel that makes you go and I'm,just kind of showing you guys the end,result here if you really want to learn,how I personally create everything,step-by-step my personal strategies

How Shopify Dropshipping Works

There's a trendy e-commerce fad behind those obscure eye-catching products that fill our feeds on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.,It's called dropshipping.,It's definitely an industry that is growing.,You're seeing companies going public now just based on this premise of dropshipping.,The model relies on targeted ads designed to stop consumers from scrolling long enough to make an impulse purchase, usually from a Shopify store set,up solely for that product.,Many of those same younger consumers, they are also looking for creative ways to make money.,And this really is the rise of the young merchant.,It's like salesmen. Salesmen are like the old school version of marketing.,If you're a good salesman, you can sell anything to anybody.,At age 21, Ka mil Sattar's dropshipping sales topped 1.7 million dollars in 2020.,You basically only buy the product when you get the payment.,And then you get the product from a supplier in the U.S.,or China. Then they send the product directly to the consumer and you never see it or never touch it.,Some sellers say dropshipping is a get-rich-quick scheme to make easy millions without ever leaving your couch.,Others call it a serious business that takes major hustle to pull off properly.,There are more nefarious actors in this industry and there are legitimate ones.,We toked to some big name dropshippers about how they made millions with viral products and asked e-commerce experts how copycats and cutting,corners could tarnish the industry for everyone.,Dropshipping in its simplest form is when the seller acts as a middleman without ever touching the merchandise.,Nick Peroni does dropshipping full-time, sourcing sites like AliExpress for low-cost products available directly from suppliers, usually in China.,If you have a supplier you can trust, you can do the quality control with the supplier.,They can send me pictures of it, 3D video of it so that I can see exactly how it looks.,After a customer places an order on Peroni's Shopify store, he purchases the product from the supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer,,which can take some time.,If you find products that are unique enough, then people are generally willing to wait.,Take this laptop sleeve that I ordered on June 30th last year.,It shipped directly from China and took two months to get to California.,Products where it takes 30 days, 60 days, even 90 days to even get to you.,Now, that is what I call poor dropshipping.,Where people really tend to get annoyed with dropshipping is if they waited for two weeks and then they get their product and it sucks anyway.,I ordered these boots on October 28th last year and they arrived December 7th.,I never got a shipping or a tracking notification.,And when they did finally get here, they came in this ripped bag from China Post and they were stuffed loosely inside.,They smelled pretty awful and they were the wrong size.,I thought about returning them, but returns with dropshipped items from overseas can be pretty complicated.,I looked for a customer service number on the store where I bought these and I couldn't find one and I opted not to return them because I would have,had to pay for my own return p ostage.,False advertising is definitely a big problem in the dropshipping world.,The product is aligned with you, aligned with your interests, and you want to buy it.,So you buy it. And it does not match up at all to the product you're getting.,Dropshipping is also what's responsible if you order something from Amazon, but it arrives in a box from Walmart or any other major retailer.,The customer is confused, they're like I ordered something from Amazon, t his is not my product.,I got so many messages like, why did you send me this?,Bradley Sutton provides software for Amazon sellers and he test ed out dropshipping in the 2020 holiday season.,He sold things like RC cars on his Amazon page, dropshipped from cheaper listings on Walmart and elsewhere.,Part of Amazon's dropshipping policy is that you do not deliver with packaging t hat is from another retailer.,But my account didn't get shut down, I grossed over $500,000 dollars, but I've kind of stopped that test because it's just not a sustainable model,for me. Amazon has a long-standing policy against dropshipping from other retailers.,And a spokesperson told CNBC, "If a seller violates our policy, we will no longer allow them to directly fulfill customer orders.",So you have Shopify, you have BigC ommerce, you have WooCommerce, you have Amazon, you have eBay.,And if you get banned on one platform, you can move up to the next one.,The dropshipping that fills social media feeds isn't happening on Amazon.,It thrives on Shopify.,They made this one-stop shop for you to set up a store.,It's just super easy for you to start selling online.,And a lot of these dropshippers know it.,On Shopify's Help Center, there's an entire section devoted to tips and strategies for dropshi pping.,The main advantage of dropshipping is that you don't have to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.,In an analysis of more than 120,000 Shopify stores, online consumer protection company Fakespot found more than 25,000 that engaged in,some form of fraudulent activity like counterfeits, privacy leaks, and buying fake reviews.,Of those, almost 72 percent showed evidence of dropshipping tactiks being used in their business.,Fakespot has a Chrome plugin that alerts shoppers if a seller on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy or Sephora can't be trusted.,It recently added capabilities to detect untrustworthy stores on Shopify too.,Fakespot says most of the fraudulent stores appear to be China-based merchants posing as U.S.,small businesses. You want to support the local mom and pop store, but these s ellers are not from the United States.,They're from around the world and they're just utilizing this to make a buck.,Still, Shopify is home to the online stores of major brands like Heinz, Staples, Jenny Craig, and Gymshark.,With more sellers than ever before signing up for a Shopify storefront in Q3 last year, Shopify shares more than doubled in 2020, and its market cap,recently surpassed 150 billion.,Thirty five percent of young Americans started a side hustle during the pandemic.,Most of them are doing it on Shopify, which is why you saw more signups in Q3 than ever before.,But the way they're doing it is totally different.,They're using avenues like TikTok.,In a survey of more than 10,000 consumers, Shopify found that 54 percent of shoppers age 18 to 35 discover brands on social media and 28,percent made a purchase there.,These young consumers are going to be the shopkeepers of 2021, and the way they buy is going to be the way they're going to sell.,We're going for impulse buys with people that are not necessarily intending to buy something when they log onto Facebook or Instagram.,Marketing is probably 60 percent of the game.,Sattar sells 80 to 90 percent of his products through Facebook ads and the rest largely through ads on YouTube.,T ikTok ads can now play directly within Shopify stores, following a TikTok-Shopify partnership announced in October.,We have a video editor on our team.,And so when we have a product, we can put together a 30 to 40 second video that tells a story of what the product does, why it's valuable.,Choosing the right product takes a lot of legwork.,I always say to people, you're going to test around about five to ten products until you find something that actually does something.,This pineapple slicer and these dog grooming gloves are examples of products that flopped for Sattar.,It's all about finding things that people haven't tried before.,We have softwares that we use where they do AI tiknology and they tell us what are the best products at the moment, what's trending.,Sattar's breakthrough product was this iPhone privacy screen protector.,Soon after, another one of his items did a million dollars of sales in one quarter.,Many dropshippers find pr

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The BEST 10 Dropship Suppliers For Shopify Dropshipping

in this video you'll learn where to find,the best Drop Shipping suppliers to work,with if you want to start a drop shipped,online store,now first off there are three main ways,to find a Drop Shipping supplier,depending on your budget time,constraints and the types of products,that you want to sell first off you can,use a Drop Shipping supplier directory a,Dropship directory is a database of Drop,Shipping suppliers organized by category,and the directory owner typically,screens out potential Dropship suppliers,to ensure quality and charges a fee for,Access you can also use a Drop Shipping,Marketplace a Dropship Marketplace is an,e-commerce site that connects sellers,with Buyers sellers can find interesting,wholesale products to sell and have them,sent directly to the consumer and then,finally you can attend a drop shipping,and wholesale trade show by attending a,local wholesale and Drop Shipping trade,show you can form a direct relationship,with wholesale suppliers by meeting them,face to face now there's no right or,wrong way to find a Dropship supplier,but each method has its own pros and,cons which will be discussed in depth in,this video by the way if you're,interested in starting your own online,store sign up for my free 60 mini course,below,now what do you want to look for in a,Drop Shipping supplier because finding a,reliable supplier is crucial to running,a successful Drop Shipping business,here's a list of criteria to look for,when evaluating your supplier you got to,check the supplier reviews make sure you,check online review sites like the,Better Business Bureau to view any,outstanding complaints or negative,reviews against the supplier you also,want to check customer reviews does the,supplier sell high quality products and,make sure you check the consumer reviews,for the products that you want to sell,you also want to ask about the return,policy always ask your supplier how the,handle returns defective merchandise and,shipping and how quickly are shipments,made once an order is placed you also,want to ask about drop shipping fees,drop shippers will often charge a per,order Dropship fee to pack and ship,individual orders and make sure you,understand all the extra fees involved,and how they will impact your bottom,line,you also want to check product quality,before you sell any product you should,buy it yourself to see the quality and,observe the Fulfillment speed firsthand,be your own customer and make sure the,shopping experience is exceptional,finally you want to check for inventory,automation now managing inventory and,stokouts is an important factor when,running a profitable Drop Shipping Store,higher tier Drop Shipping suppliers,support EDI which allows for real-time,inventory tracking now with this,criteria in mind here's how to find the,best Drop Shipping suppliers online so,method number one is to use a Drop,Shipping directory A Drop Shipping,supplier directory is a database of,prevented wholesale suppliers who offer,Drop Shipping for their products now,directory can save you time and energy,by giving you instant access to,pre-vetted drop shipping suppliers who,are willing to fulfill orders on your,behalf now most supplier directories,charge a small fee ranging from thirty,dollars to three hundred dollars now the,primary disadvantage of using a,wholesale supplier directory is that,many of your competitors will likely be,searching the same database and using,your exact same suppliers it's also,important to note that A Drop Shipping,directory is just a listing of companies,you are still responsible for creating,your own Drop Shipping business,relationships and negotiating your own,pricing and payment terms now the first,Drop Shipping directory is worldwide,brands worldwide Brands is a pre-vetted,directory of Drop Shipping wholesalers,that collectively offer over 16 million,certified wholesale products for sale,including a apparel consumer electronics,pet supplies beauty products home goods,and more they also offer training,classes that teach you how to run your,own Drop Shipping business now while,you'll find suppliers from all over the,world most of the Drop Shipping vendors,in the worldwide Brands directory are,based in the US as a result almost every,drop shipping hold seller offers fast,shipping it's also important to note,that you can Leverage The Drop Shipping,suppliers that you find on worldwide,Brands to sell the US customers even if,you live outside the US now worldwide,Brands charges a single lifetime fee of,299 dollars,the next directory is called cell who,now sell who is a Drop Shipping,directory that is based in New Zealand,and unlike worldwide Brands salehu,provides a directory of international,dropshipping suppliers outside of the,United States so in other words you can,find Dropship and wholesale suppliers,all over the world now currently there,are over 8 000 trusted drop James,suppliers in salehu's database that span,over 2.5 million products and brands in,various niches such as consumer,electronics Personal Care clothing pet,supplies and more so who also offers an,AliExpress Drop Shipping integration,which will be discussed in the next,section now access to salehoose database,costs 67 per year,the next directory is called doba doba,is a hybrid Drop Shipping Company that,acts as both a directory and a,marketplace now as a directory Joba can,connect you with thousands of Drop,Shipping suppliers to Source Products,for your online store in addition doba,provides a complete Drop Shipping,Solution by managing all of your,ordering and fulfillment operations as,well here's how adobo works you search,dobis catalog for products that fit your,criteria you add these products to your,eCommerce store and then once a customer,places an order you make a purchase,through doba doba then passes your order,to the Drop Shipping supplier who then,fulfills your order now the main,advantage of doba is that they act as a,bridge to legitimate wholesale suppliers,and handle everything for you the,downside is that doba hides your,supplier information from you so you,can't contact suppliers directly as a,result it's difficult to form a,relationship with quality suppliers and,you must rely on the dobell platform to,fulfill all of your orders doba can,interface with all the popular,e-commerce platforms including Shopify,big Commerce and woocommerce now doba,charges a monthly fee ranging from 24.99,a month to 299 dollars a month depending,on the plan,the next directory is called wholesale,2B wholesale 2B uses the exact same,online business model as doba and that,they handle your Drop Shipping needs,from end to end there's no need to sign,up with any individual supplier,wholesale 2B handles all orders returns,and correspondence from the supplier for,you order fulfillment is essentially a,black box all you got to do is sign up,connect your eCommerce platform and,import products from wholesale2b to your,shop at the click of a button when an,order comes in wholesale 2B charges your,credit card and delivers the product to,the End customer there's full order,tracking and syncing with your shop and,you can instantly get access to over a,million Dropship products now access to,wholesale 2B costs 29.99 a month to,connect an existing online store 39.99 a,month to connect to a Marketplace like,Amazon or Ebay and 49.99 a month to have,your store hosted on their platform the,next directory is called spocket now if,you don't want to drive ship any,products from China spocket allows you,to find Drop Shipping suppliers from the,US and the EU using in the spocket app,you can instantly add spockets products,to your online store at the push of a,button and spocket also offers print on,demand options similar to printful,spocket's main advantage lies with their,product quality fast shipping and,real-time order tracking and in fact,spocket handles your inventory by,electronically linking your shop to,their inventory management platform as a,result you'll never accident

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How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

you made a goal to finally start your,Java shipping store but you're probably,running into a problem called,information overload you don't know,exactly where to start what strategies,that you should be using and you're,probably feeling very overwhelmed with,how popular Drop Shipping is becoming it,is now a high level skill that can be,making you some serious money online so,you want to know exactly how to start,with no confusion left on the table,that's why today I'm going to be,breaking down a beginner friendly,step-by-step tutorial on how you can get,started with Drop Shipping in 2023 so by,the end of this video you feel fully,confident in the ability to know exactly,how to get started and I'm not going to,just leave it at that once this video,reaches 1500 likes I'm going to give you,a product list of the top 10 winning and,training products that you need to be,selling right now so if you want full,access to this product list smash that,like button down below subscribe to this,channel so I can release all the links,to these products and help you get,started in the right direction so,without further Ado let's go ahead and,jump right into it,what's going on my name is AC Hampton,I'm an a-figure marketer who has,generated sales just like this all from,starting and branding drop shipping,stores while doing this I also get to,teach students from all over the world,how to generate results with their own,job streaming stores and make money,online if you want to experience what,being a student in my one-on-one,mentorship feels like each week I get to,hand out a free Consulting call to one,lucky winner so if you want the,opportunity of getting on this call and,go over anything you may be struggling,with and answering all of your questions,along the way all you have to do is,smash that like button down below and in,the comment section comment the word,Dropship with your biggest takeaway from,this video now there's a ton of,information out there in regards to,starting your own dropshipping business,but let's take it all the way from the,top and the top is creating your online,store you cannot run an online business,without a storefront so let's hop into,how you're going to get it and how,you're going to build it so we're,heading over here to Shopify and as you,can see you can start a seven day free,trial no credit card required in your,next three months on only costing you,one dollar by clicking on the link down,in my description now this is great for,you especially while just starting off,because you're immediately cutting down,on the expenses that start in your,online store can come with so make sure,to go ahead and check that out now,Shopify is a platform that your website,will be built on and where you'll have,the actual store from for the product or,products that you're selling now there,are other e-commerce platforms out there,that you may have heard of but Shopify,is by far the most reliable and beginner,friendly so I highly suggest that you,start there so once you're on this page,you're going to come down over here to,enter your email address and just go,ahead and enter that and then after,entering your email you're sending go to,start free trial then this screen will,come up you'll just do I'm just starting,click on an online store and click next,you can go ahead and skip this part,right here and then this is going to be,the next screen that you see and then,here you can go ahead and just name your,store and like I said I would not spend,a lot of time on this you don't want to,overthink this just keep this very,simple and very general wherever your,business is located you'll go ahead and,click on next continue with email create,your password word and then create,Shopify ID now we just open up a new,store with the free trial and you're,already 10 steps ahead of where you,previously were at the beginning of this,video because your store is officially,open now let's go ahead and get into the,build and everything that you'll need to,make sure that when customers are coming,to your store they always leave with,purchasing something and putting more,money back into your pocket now the,first thing that you want to do is head,over to your Shopify App Store and,search for an app called autods and it's,as simple as this you come over here to,apps you type in Auto DS and click on,enter and this is what the Shopify App,Store looks like and it's going to be,this one right here that says Auto DS,all-in-one Drop Shipping and autods is,literally an all-in-one Drop Shipping,tool that you need on your online store,this app will allow you to connect your,store to different suppliers that you,may be wanting to use to help sell your,product they'll let you browse through,potential products that you can be,selling and it even has the capability,to fulfill the orders you're getting on,your store automatikally and send out,tracking information directly to your,customer I mean Auto DS is going to make,running your job streaming business as a,beginner as seamless as possible I wish,I mean I wish they had apps like that,when I first started my Drop Shipping,Journey because automation is everything,and that's exactly what this app will,give to you I'm gonna go ahead and add,this app into my store and it's just as,simple as clicking add app and then,install app now that we have Auto DS,downloaded the next thing we need to do,is connect this with our Shopify store,so this is gonna be the first screen,you'll see you'll go to add store come,to this plus sign where it says ad store,at the bottom click on Shopify store and,click continue you come back over here,to your Shopify highlight the actual,HTML and then go ahead and add that to,your store and it's as simple as that,and if you want to make sure it's,connected you should see your actual,Shopify store right here at the top left,corner now before we head into the,overall build of your store and making,sure that you have all the necessary,instructions then get your store off the,ground and running my team and I do,provide Hands-On one-on-one guidance to,help you directly with learning,strategies of running your online store,that can help you make money not just,for short term but for a lifetime so if,you're ready to take action and start,learning with my team and I by your side,make sure you head over to my Instagram,at AC underscore Hampton DM me the word,mentorship or apply with the link down,in my description so I can reach out and,help you get started now that we have,Auto DS connected you're going to want,to start off with importing your first,product to your store but in order to,import a product you have to know what,you're looking for in a product that you,should be selling it is not smart to,come into Drop Shipping thinking you can,just sell any and everything because,that's going to cause you to spend a lot,of time and money into the wrong,direction when you're scrolling through,your products on autods and looking for,one that you could be selling you want,to make sure that the product is hitting,some very important key factors when,number one being that it solves some,sort of problem now this is because a,product that solves a problem is likely,to sell for a longer period of time,secondly that it can be sold for 25 or,more by doing a quick search for the,product on Google you can see on average,what your competition is selling the,product for and if it's being sold for,less than 25 dollars you'll find that,you're spending more money in ads than,what you're actually making from selling,it so let's take this product right here,as an example so this is the anti-theft,travel backpack and you can see when I'm,on Google and I'm actually searching for,this you can see that most of these,products are over 25 if not all of them,so this is telling me right away that,this is being sold for 25 or more across,the entire market and lastly you want to,make sure that there is demand in the,market for the product that you're,selling an

How To Find US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Business (eBay, Amazon, Shopify)

so a while back I made a video about how,to find drop shipping suppliers that are,based in the United States and since,making that video it's become the most,viewed video on my channel and,underneath that video I got a lot of,comments and different questions asking,about things that I failed to address in,in the video so in this video I'm going,to be answering all of those questions,I'm gonna be taking the most popular,questions as well as the things that I,think are going to help you grow your,business and that are going to fill in,the gaps so in this video I'm going to,show you the complete breakdown of how,you're going to find suppliers and then,how you can contact them and then start,working with them in the previous video,I showed how to find suppliers using,retail sites like Etsy Wayfarer and,House and still a method that I use,myself and I think it's actually a,really good method because you're going,on to these retail sites and you're,finally products that these companies,sell and then you're going in and,contacting these companies to see if you,can actually start working with them,another reason that I like contacting,companies on retail sites mainly that,our sites selling in the u.s. like house,and Wayfarer is that these companies are,catering to a mainly u.s. customer base,and I drop ship on Amazon eBay and I,also have my own website and most of my,customers are located in the US which,means I need fast shipping times high,quality items and I really most,importantly need to be able to reach out,to the company discuss if something's,going on maybe return whatever it is I,need to make sure that they're able to,understand me and that it's going to,happen effectively also in the previous,video I showed how you can find us,suppliers on Alibaba and on Aliexpress,now those are not exclusively us,suppliers most of those suppliers are,actually Chinese manufacturing companies,international manufacturing companies,and they just happen to have factories,and warehouses in the US that they can,go out and ship from still the shipping,times are relatively long and the,quality is not all that great so just to,reiterate what I went over in the last,video the way that I find suppliers is I,either use Google or if I really do want,to use these retail sites what I'll do,is is I'll go on the sites and I'll just,search for whatever selling best so Etsy,will typically show you what's a best,seller you can also search by category,and also a lot of Etsy sellers do sell,on Houzz so you might see some of the,same products and some of the same,sellers but typically I'll just go and,I'll find an item and they'll just,contact the supplier and,message them asking if I can actually,sell their products so on etsy what I'll,normally do is I'll go to a product I'll,go to the store page of this seller and,then on the store page either it's going,to give me their website if they might,also link their email or the also you,have the contact feature which you'll,see right here at the top of the page,and if you scroll down you'll see,contact shop owner and typically I'll,just do that and I'll shoot them a,message and sometimes they will reply it,sometimes they won't a lot of times,they'll say that they can't do it and,sometimes you might be able to find a,new drop shipping supplier that is,located in the United States now the,process is very similar on a lot of,other retail sites but just to show you,it on house typically I'll just go ahead,and I'll find an item you could always,go ahead and google the company if you,can't find it or if they don't really,have a contact feature another thing,that you can also do is on house,underneath product specifications you,just go and you'll see who it's,manufactured by and then you go ahead,and you open this link in another tab,and that will bring you up and then you,can just basically go ahead contact them,and follow them or you might even be,able to google them find their email or,find their website and contact them,using that method now this is a question,that I was asked a lot underneath that,last video this was probably the most,requested question that I got asked and,the question was how do you go ahead and,contact them once you actually find them,how do you actually start working with,them so the answer to this is actually,relatively simple I have a template that,I use that I will send to prospective,suppliers and the template is actually,relatively simple and it's mainly just,this what you see on the screen it's,hello and then you put their contact,name and then my name is and then your,business name we are and then you can,either put in home decor you could put,in a games whatever type of business,that you are then mainly sells on eBay,and Amazon again you can switch those,out for Shopify or you can put your,website or you can just put whatever,platform that you want to sell on,working with wholesale companies I am,contacting you to inquire about drop,shipping and selling your items we work,with a few other Etsy sellers or you can,say house or you can just say we work,with a few other companies as well as,other wholesalers we would only put the,items on the marketplace or again we,would like to start selling your,products looking forward to working with,you thank you now these are just a,simple template I use,anything like this I might even switch,it up a little bit depending on the,supplier but this is the initial message,that I will always send out to a,supplier that I find on a retail site if,I find them on Google if I find them,using Facebook if I find them using a,different method then I might send them,a different message so this is mainly,just if I find them off of Etsy if I,find them on house or if I find them on,a retail site that other customers are,going to be able to go on so just to,show you an example of sending a,supplier a message this was a supplier,that I found on Etsy who was selling,planters and I actually really wanted to,start working with them I thought their,items would do well on eBay and Etsy,especially since I do already sell a lot,of planters so I contacted them I shot,them a message and ultimately it,actually didn't work I heard back from,them but they told me that their items,were too expensive that they just,started and that they weren't really,interested in drop shipping so,ultimately they said that they would get,back to me but they never did and that,was in April and it never actually,started working now to put that into,contrast with a message that I sent on,October 31st which was not too long ago,and in this message I just contacted,another supplier I wanted to see if I,could start selling their items and then,they actually got back to me about three,hours ago before filming this video and,they said that they were interested but,they wanted to know more about how they,were going to do everything what were,the logistiks and that brings us up to,the next question because that was the,second most common request that I,actually got is how do you place orders,what do you do how do you work it out,what are the logistiks of actually,working with a supplier now the next,step for actually starting to work with,different suppliers as well as what you,do after the initial message is going to,completely differ,upon the different suppliers that you,are contacting some suppliers are,actually going to be bigger companies,that might already have a wholesale,website that they'll just basically let,you create an account then you can go,ahead and place orders and that is,extremely simple and that is basically,the easiest way that you can do this,another way is that they might just be a,small company they might only sell on,Etsy or they might sell on Etsy in-house,and then you contact them and they're,actually interested and they're going to,let you sell on eBay and Amazon but they,have no idea how to do this they're,asking you all the questions because,they've never done this you've never,done this so how do you co

Shopify Dropshipping Outside the US 🌎 Does it Work?

what's up everybody,Anton Corelli here from e-commerce,lifestyle calm and welcome back to the,e-commerce lifestyle podcast in today's,episode I want to tok about drop,shipping outside of the US and the,reason I wanted to tok about this today,is because we get a lot of questions,from people that are located all over,the world asking if they can still get,involved with dropship lifestyle if,they're not from the States and you know,on my end I think it's funny that we get,that question so often because I see our,stats right and between students at,dropship lifestyle between YouTube,subscribers and podcast listeners we,only have about 60% of our members that,are in the u.s. so 40% of our audience,which is hundreds of thousands of people,are literally located all over the world,you know we have a lot in Europe we have,a lot in Australia but we got people in,the Philippines we have people in South,America we have people in Eastern Europe,just literally all over the world so,pretty cool and the short answer again,is this business model does work,regardless of where you are and you can,choose to do business where you're,currently located you can choose to do,business in the States even if you're,not from here but again where there's a,will there's a way and our members from,all over the world have proved that the,dropship lifestyle business model can,work just about anywhere so what I want,to get into in today's episode are some,things specifically that I think that,you should look for and look into if,you're located outside of the US and,you're looking to get into dropshipping,so the first question you should ask,yourself is should I do business in the,States or should I do business in,another country or another region,well we actually get a surprising amount,of people ask us hey I'm from the States,and I'm currently studying abroad or,teaching abroad or currently living in,another country should I wait until I,return to open a business and if that's,your scenario again if you hold a u.s.,passport or a citizenship and you're,just somewhere else in the world the,living or working or whatever just do,business in the States you don't have to,be here I lived abroad for like five,years as I ran all my businesses that,were based in the States so yeah don't,worry about that again if you're are you,citizen you're living somewhere else,just do business in the States it's easy,and that's what I would recommend now if,you're located somewhere else and your,citizenship is somewhere else,then you have to decide should I set up,a business in the States or should I do,business where I am and there's a couple,things that you want to ask yourself to,make that decision,the first is are people already buying,online where you're from so you would,know this because you're from there,hopefully you pay attention to what you,do and what your friends and family do,but are people already comfortable,buying online to people where you live,have credit cards and debit cards and,you might be thinking like yeah I'm in,New Zealand of course but I'm promising,you some people are watching this and,they're like oh you know what no we,really don't buy online or we pay for,things cash on delivery where we buy,things online yeah I didn't get,delivered and we have to pay cash for it,so if you're finding yourself in that,situation then I would not recommend,doing business where you're currently,located or where your citizenship is,again if buying online is not yet a,thing if people don't have credit or,debit cards then I would not recommend,doing business where you're currently,located and instead doing business in,the States now a good way to kind of,just check this if maybe you're on Shore,maybe you're thinking like well people,do buy online but not everybody I don't,really know what I would recommend you,do is go check out Shopify payments and,I'll post a link in the podcast,description but Shopify payments is,basically a way you can accept money on,your Shopify store they allow you to,accept credit cards debit cards Google,pay Apple pay and a whole bunch of other,stuff and they are accepted in a whole,bunch of different countries and the,countries that they are in the countries,that they support are typically the,countries where people are binding,online so again if you're unsure look,for the link in the description go to,the Shopify payments page see if your,country is supported and if it is that's,a good sign and that will show you that,enough people are interested in buying,online that they're actually making,their services available to you and to,your country and I'll just say one more,quick thing about Shopify payments,that's pretty cool because it does work,worldwide they actually adjust payment,options that they accept in different,parts of the world so for example there,are parts of the world,where most people pay via we pay right,lots of places in Asia and if you have a,Shopify store in Asia and you're using,Shopify payments you can actually accept,we pay also and the same thing goes for,Central America South America all around,the world so not only will they allow,you to accept money but they'll allow,you to accept money in the way that,people that buy in your country are most,comfortable already paying which is,super helpful ok so once you confirm,that people actually are buying online,wherever it is that you're located the,next thing that you want to look for is,is there enough demand where you are and,by demand I mean are there enough people,buying the thing that you want to sell,so in the US right we have 330 million,people that's you know gross that's,everybody including little kids but,there's a lot of people here that spend,a lot of money in the UK I think there's,66 million people again that's a lot of,people that buy online in Ireland though,there's a little less than 5 million,people so this is the way I want you to,think when you're deciding where you,should do business so let's just say I'm,at a stand-up desk now if I wanted to,sell standup desks in the US I'm dealing,with a subsection of 330 million people,in the UK still 66 million people that's,a lot of people but then if I wanted to,sell standup desks in Ireland I'm,dealing with a small subsection of only,5 million people so even if standup,desks were trending and going crazy in,Ireland if that's who my store targeted,if that's the only market I served then,guess what my potential sales are going,to be limited because there's just not,enough people there's not enough,consumers not saying there's not enough,to make any sales and to make any money,but you have a lot chance to grow a lot,bigger when you have more potential,customers so what I want you to think,about again is how big is the area that,you'd be serving how many people are in,the country or region that you'd be,marketing to and if it gets smaller and,smaller and smaller and in the example I,just gave if it was like 5 million,people like in Ireland if I was based in,Ireland and I want to sell standup desks,well then I wouldn't build standup desks,Ireland com I would build maybe standup,desks calm and sell them either in,America,or in the EU or maybe even in both right,that's something you can figure out but,you want to make sure again that the,addressable market is big enough so that,if your store does well you can actually,make real money so keep that in mind now,one thing that you'll want to look into,this is coming from me as somebody that,does business in the States so I don't,know much about this but you'll want to,look in to if you can sell to your,country and also neighboring countries,if it's someplace like the EU where,you're literally you know driving an,hour and you're in another country if,everything is closed like that,geographically then what you want to,look into is are there different fees,and taxes and tariffs if you're going,from country to country I'm not sure how,it works with the whole brexit thing now,that the UK is separate like if t