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shopify ux agency

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best agency sites that the author has personally found. The author will go through seven amazing agency sites and provide an overview of their unique features.

1. Mubian.com:

- As you scroll, a new project is loaded on top of the previous one.

- Clicking on view takes you to the individual case study page.

- The site showcases their work in big images.

- The nav bar has different sections, including method, which explains how they work.

- The start your project now button has a cool animation of their most recent projects.

- The contact form is simple but well-designed.

2. Mil3 Studio:

- All of their best work is displayed in a single screen.

- As you scroll down, you get a little bit about their approach and what kind of work they do.

- Clicking on projects in the nav or footer takes you to a more detailed intro to their project.

3. Lang Mobile (likelystory.com):

- There is a huge emphasis on imagery.

- A short piece of text explaining the project would be helpful.

- Clicking on a project takes you to an entirely different website.

- The site has a side-scrolling feature that shows more projects as you scroll.

4. The Craftsman:

- The site is composed of a grid system.

- There is a cool animation that expands the services as you scroll down.

- The contact section is huge, with a send button as big as an image.

5. The Future Forward:

- The site has a cool x and y axis animation that triangulates the circles depending on your mouse movement.

- The projects scroll up as you scroll and get stuck to the bottom one.

- The site tells you whether it's a case study or a live site, which is essential for knowing the designer's full capability.

6. Motion Design School:

- The site has a cool x and y axis animation.

- They talk about what they can do (UI/UX, web design, brand design, graphic design, workflow development, no-code automation, ecommerce, etc.).

- There is a section that talks about their prices and what they can do for a monthly fee.

7. Glueter:

- The site showcases their work in a unique way.

- As you scroll down, you get a sense of their approach and what kind of work they do.

In conclusion, these are some of the best agency sites that the author has personally found. Each site has its unique features that make it stand out. Some sites showcase their work in big images, while others use a grid system. Some have cool animations, and others have a subscription-based pricing model. Overall, these sites are worth checking out if you're looking for inspiration for your agency site.

Working with a Shopify agency - Development & Implementation

In this article, we will be discussing the role of a technical leader in e-commerce, the benefits of having a developer for Shopify development, the difference between front-end and back-end development, private apps, and the use of GitHub in Shopify development.

Benefits of having a developer for Shopify development:

- Shopify is easy to use but a developer's help is needed for additional functionalities.

- A developer can bring extra UX and do back-end work.

Difference between front-end and back-end development:

- Front-end is what the customer sees on the browser.

- Back-end carries out processing tasks that the customer cannot see.

- Back-end can talk to Shopify APIs and do extra activities such as special promotions and email marketing.

Private apps:

- Most of the apps developed at Zeiber are private apps because each business has unique cases.

- Private apps are necessary when there are extra services that need to be integrated.

Use of GitHub in Shopify development:

- GitHub is where the team's code lives.

- Shopify has a native integration between GitHub and Shopify.

- GitHub helps in merging tasks into one piece of code.

Advice for merchants migrating to Shopify:

- Be ready with the existing data and how you want to bring them across.

- Upgrade to Shopify 2.0 for speed improvements.

- If using a free theme like Debut, a rebuild might be necessary for 2.0 compatibility.

Having a developer for Shopify development is necessary for additional functionalities, and private apps are essential for unique business cases. The use of GitHub helps in merging tasks into one piece of code. When migrating to Shopify, it is necessary to be prepared with existing data and upgrade to Shopify 2.0 for speed improvements.

What is Marketing UX? – Inside Marketing design at Shopify | S02E10

Welcome back to Inside Marketing Design with Charlie, the creative director at ConvertKit. In this episode, Charlie speaks with Lucy List, the design manager on the core product marketing team at Shopify. Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform used by businesses all over the world to host their online stores. In this episode, Lucy shares insights on the Shopify brand, team structure, and the process behind the launch of the latest Shopify product, Hydrogen.

- Charlie introduces the episode and welcomes Lucy List from Shopify.

Team Structure:

- Shopify has 500+ UXers, including 140 marketing UXers (MUX).

- MUX team includes four disciplines: design, content, development, and production.

- Lucy leads a team of four designers under the core product marketing team, which falls under the UX director, Maggie Foster.

Marketing UX:

- The MUX team is responsible for the creative and strategic marketing of Shopify's core product portfolio.

- The team is focused on the awareness, adoption, and advocacy of Shopify's core products.

- Lucy's team is responsible for the visual storytelling aspect of marketing.

Decentralized Model:

- Shopify used to be a centralized marketing team, but they became decentralized to be closer to product.

- The decentralized model allowed them to have a seat at the table and get more involved with product.

- The team is now focused on improving processes and systems thinking to connect all the marketing teams.

Collaboration with Product:

- Lucy's team worked closely with the product team on the launch of Hydrogen.

- They needed a deep understanding of the product to build out the brand and visual assets.

- They researched the audience and developed a concise voice for the product's value proposition.

- Shopify's MUX team is responsible for the creative and strategic marketing of Shopify's core product portfolio.

- The team is decentralized to be closer to product and improve collaboration.

- Lucy's team worked closely with the product team on the launch of Hydrogen, which required a deep understanding of the product and its value proposition.

ADWS AUS: 6 Keys to Building an Ecommerce Agency // Dylan Whitman | Shopify Partners

During an event, the speaker expressed his gratitude for being invited and acknowledged the organizer's efforts. He also discussed his experience in the e-commerce industry and how his company, BV Excel, has been growing rapidly. The speaker then talked about why he chose to work with Shopify and why he believes it's the best platform for success in the retail industry. Lastly, he shared his insights on the six key things that can help an agency achieve scale and profitability.

Bullet Points:

- Find a blue ocean or a niche

- Timing can make all the difference

- Avoid shiny object syndrome

- Productize your service offering

- Move to adjacent opportunities only once you master what you have

- Create an operational execution plan that makes sense

The speaker emphasized the importance of staying focused and intentional while building an agency. He highlighted the significance of finding a niche, timing, and avoiding distractions. Additionally, he advised the audience to have a repeatable service offering, invest in quality legal and financial services, and create an intentional culture. By following these six key things, an agency can achieve scale and profitability.

Working with a Shopify agency - Web & Graphic Design

- Ashley, the web and graphic designer at Zybar, talks about her role and responsibilities in creating and designing eCommerce websites.


- Ashley discusses the process of receiving a brief from the project manager and gathering brand guidelines, logos, color palettes, and fonts.

- She also talks about researching themes, using Figma to design the website, creating an asset board, and grid matching.

- Ashley highlights the importance of strategically placing call-to-actions and using data to understand customer behavior and flow.


- Ashley talks about the challenges of working with clients who have different design visions and preferences.

- She also discusses the importance of avoiding design revisions to stay within budget and go live as soon as possible.

Advice for Merchants:

- Ashley advises merchants to provide brand guidelines, good quality content, and to be open-minded about data and feedback.

- She suggests using Pinterest for inspiration and investing in high-quality photography.

Tools and Inspiration:

- Ashley mentions Figma as the primary tool for designing websites and Adobe Illustrator for vector designs.

- She also uses Pinterest for inspiration and suggests being prepared with as many ideas as possible and looking at competitor websites.

- Ashley's role as a web and graphic designer involves creating and designing seamless eCommerce websites while also working closely with project managers and developers. Her advice to merchants is to focus on brand guidelines, good content, and to be open-minded about data and feedback. She also suggests using Figma and Pinterest for design inspiration.

How Your Agency Can Maximize Marketing With Any Budget: Partner Panel (Shopify Unite 2017)

is important to understand your audience and create content that speaks to them. Some other lessons include:

- Consistency is key. Regularly publishing high-quality content can help establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

- Quality over quantity. It's better to have a few pieces of really great content than a lot of mediocre content.

- Don't be afraid to repurpose content. You can take a blog post and turn it into a video or infographic, for example.

- Use data to inform your content strategy. Analyze which types of content perform well and adjust your strategy accordingly.

- Collaborate with other brands or influencers to expand your reach and tap into new audiences.

Overall, the goal of content marketing should be to provide value to your audience and establish your brand as a trusted resource in your industry.

The importance of UX content on your Shopify E-commerce store.

- Abhi from Digital of Things is joined by Brooke, the CEO and Co-Founder of Digital of Things, and Emily, the Product Manager at Creative971 to discuss content.

Difference Between Content Copywriting and UX Content:

- Copywriting encourages customers to purchase products, while UX writing focuses on guiding customers through the purchasing process.

- Error messages and 404 pages in UX writing should be short and to the point, without making customers feel lost.

- Copywriting is for the business approach, while UX writing is for the customer and consumer.

Complementing Marketing Efforts:

- There should be an alignment between online and offline touchpoints in establishing a brand.

- While marketing and advertising can be more creative, UX writing should focus on the end user and helping them achieve their goal as quickly as possible.

- The tone of voice should still align between the two.

When Should Content Be Drafted:

- UX content should be considered during the design phase, not after development.

- Some argue for a content-first approach to guide design, while others recommend writing content after design is established.

Frequency of Content Updates:

- There are no hard rules, but clients should update content as often as they can.

- Updating content depends on customer needs, new collections/products, new topics/events, and new marketing campaigns.

- Micro copy, like error messages and call to action buttons, may not need to be updated as frequently if they are working.

- It is important to keep web pages and websites fresh with new information and content to keep customers coming back.

- If there are any questions or requests for more information, feel free to leave a comment and subscribe.

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